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Aaah, the Lethifold! One of my favourite creatures from reading the book as a child. Thanks to @zinfandelli for suggesting it as a creature, I was psyched to draw Credence with one. 
(And of course I saw the official design on the bluray just as I was about to start colouring, and had to change up a bunch of stuff from my sketch haha)
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I’ve wanted to draw me and some of my friends in Heathers style for a while now, and then i noticed that there’s literally nothing stopping me

First one is me as one of the heathers, then @cha-ray as a quarterback, then @dexvampire as something similar to Jason uvu


Hello, people.
If anyone know or may not know that I am working on my personal project that is called ’ ONJU ’. I ever once told to everyone that you are freely to design your own dragons to be put into my story, but the thing is I am very busy with school work and don’t have time to check my emails or my tumblr or deviantart mentioned/submission inbox.

To make it easy, I’m going share you guys a folder for you to put your dragon designs with some detailed description in ‘GOOGLE DRIVE’.
Everyone with the link will get to submit your dragons design in the folder.
NOTE: The folder link is shared with everyone, so please do not deleted or edit people’s document or I will never put your dragon designs into the story!

Here’s the link for the Folder:…

Here’s the link for an example in one document:…

Thank you for reading this, I will look forward you dragon design through this Google Drive.



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can you just stop acting like you care about trans women considering you do the same violently transmisogynist taako designs literally half the fucking taz fandom does

????? would you mind explaining what you mean by this anon? don’t attack me on anon without telling me what you see wrong with these designs, please. i’m willing to apologize and change but i need to see your pov first? also i’m not sure what you mean by trans women when taako is a man

Old art, but at least it’s not obscenely old
A draw of Kaiya

I need to update all my character references

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Are you the person who designed Water Snake for New Warriors? Her design is my favourite. I loved your art for that series. The way you drew Silhouette was amazing. I could see where her weight was at all times, which helped me see HOW she was doing her awesome moves. Loved it.

I did design her :) thank you so much, I loved how she turned out

The Ethical Sugar Baby

Brilliant news – your Sugar Daddy wants to take you shopping for some new designer gear -but wait – how do you know which designers are ethical?

It’s a complete myth that every Sugar Baby dreams of owning a fur stole and python skin handbag; there are plenty of Sugar Babies that don’t support the fur trade or cosmetic testing on animals, many more are concerned about environmental factors and the issue of child sweat shops.

With this in mind this article will provide you with a list of cutting edge and luxury designers, who won’t put a blot on your conscious.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart (Vaute Couture) – the former Ford Model’s brand Vaute Couture (the v stands for vegan!) aims to create high-end fashion that is vegan, created from recycled fibres and produced locally. The brand is favoured by the likes of Emily Deschanel and Alicia Silverstone.

Vivienne Westwood – Doesn’t use real fur in any of her designs.

Tommy Hilfiger – Stopped using real fur in 2007.

Calvin Klein – One of the early adopters of animal friendly designs, Calvin Klein has opted for fake fur since 1994.

Shrimps – The zany London brand uses bright colours and faux fur to create a bold statement. A coat will cost around £600

Huit - an ethical swimwear brand committed to transporting goods by sea rather than air thus reducing their carbon footprint. Celebrity fans include; Kate Moss, Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller.


Olsenhaus – Brainchild of Elizabeth Olsen, Olsenhouse creates shoes that are animal product free. Shoes range from £100 - £250.

Beyond Skin – Brighton based company selling vegan footwear. There’s a wide range of styles available. Prices start from £80 – £250. Natalie Portman has also been spotted wearing them.

Noah – Italian vegan leather - sounds like a dream come true! Noah offers a range of hand-made Italian shoes that are 100% vegan. Prices start from £100 - £250.  

Cult of Coquette – Vegan shoes that are made out of the most environmentally friendly materials available. The brand states its handmade shoes are for women who aren’t afraid to rock a heel.


Stella McCartney – A lifelong vegetarian, Stella McCartney doesn’t use any fur or leather in her designs.

Matt & Nat – The name Matt & Nat stands for Mat(t)erial and Nature, which is the ethos of the company. Patrons of the brand include Charlize Theron and Natalie Portman.

Melie Bianco – An affordable, chic, animal friendly range of handbags for every occasion; think Balenciaga, Celine and Miu Miu styles, but without the cruelty.

Wilby – All products are animal friendly and the brand is well known for being eco, and environmentally friendly. Prices Range from £40 - £120.


Mirabelle - Worn by the likes of Kate Middleton, Mirabelle makes handmade fair trade jewellery. Think pretty pendants at reasonable prices.

Helen Moore –brightly coloured, patterned and innovative designs. She creates faux-fur clutches, muffs, collars and scarves. One of these fun accessories will cost £40 - £150.

Polly Wales - Polly uses vintage and rough jewels to produce unique and imperfectly perfect rings, necklaces and earrings. Her designs use ethically sourced gems that shun the use of child labour in diamond mines.

Please be aware that this guide is not exhaustive and is subject to change at any time. If you’re in any doubt – it’s best to e-mail the customer services department of the brand you are interested in and ask for their policies and commitments to animal and human welfare.

I hope this guide was useful and you (or your Sugar Daddy!) can enjoy shopping for some ethical high-end luxury!

~ KittensPeach ~ x

How To Make a Poster

It’s beginning to look a lot like recital season! Something a lot of people don’t consider when thinking about their recital is posters. A good poster may not just improve attendance at your recital, but also be a very nice addition to an eventual website portfolio. Plus, it’s just nice to have something that looks professional and neat.

First, there are five basic things you need on your poster: your name, your instrument, the date and time, the location, and the names of anyone else playing in the recital. Without this information, people won’t know what the poster is actually trying to tell them. Check out other recital posters to find the order in which to list those things.

If you aren’t making the poster yourself, it is IMPERATIVE that you tell your graphic designer that all of that information is mandatory. Make sure they actually have the information, too. If you are making your own poster, your name should be a main focus, and everything else should be clearly visible and easy to read. A dark purple font on a black background may be Edgy and Cool, but it will not be fun for people to read, and that’s the point of a poster! I recommend putting your text on a solid color background, just to keep things simple. A border or a block of color in one corner or along the bottom works well. Keep the majority of the text in the same font. Your name can be in something fancy and different if you really want, but everything else should be in the same, easy to read font. If you have to squint even a little to read it, it’s not a good font.

When it comes to pictures, you should choose a poster picture based on two major things. First: do you actually own the rights to use the picture on a poster? Hint - if you got it off the internet, probably not. Have someone take a good photo of you, or of your instrument, or maybe just of something related to your recital, specifically for your poster. Using photos not designed for a poster, or that you don’t have explicit permission to use, can result in Problems like copyright issues and lazy-looking posters. That’s bad.

The second consideration is this: if the picture was seen by a potential employer, would it give them a good first impression of you? Posters are meant to be seen by people. Some people who see your poster have probably never heard of you before. They should come away with a good impression. When you’re out in the World, people who see your posters will be random, instead of being your classmates and professors. In the World, these people may choose whether or not to attend your concert after seeing your posters. Some of these people may even be in the market to hire musicians! Either way, the general music-loving public is going to be funding your income - that makes them close enough to an employer that you should care about giving them a good impression! When in doubt, just ask your teacher if it’s appropriate.

Finally, get your posters printed somewhere good. Kinko’s is okay, but I’d bet your University has somewhere you can get posters printed on good paper for cheap. Find that place and you will be much more pleased with the result than just printing them out with a private printer. This is about professionalism. Good-looking posters are worth it.

So that’s how to poster! It’s not as intimidating as it sounds. With a decent photo-editing software, you can make your own in about an hour. Good luck!

An Appointment with Loki (Mature)

Ok guys.. these scene has been in my head for three days. Seriously thinking about an actual fic, but for right now enjoy this.

You are after the perfect dress for an important function, and your best friend Melissa referred you to the tailor/designer on 8th street. And wow, this might be the best dress fitting of your life.


<Well> you think to yourself. <everybody says he’s the best designer in the city. And if my dress isn’t perfect I will never live this down.>

You sigh anxiously, glancing around the room, with its floor to ceiling mirrors on three walls and couches lining the fourth. Is it right for a tailor to have such an intimate room for fittings? The lights seem a little dim, the soft music a little too jazzy to be professional.

The cute little assistant <Darcy? Was that her name?> had helped you change into a dark green silk robe, and left with your street clothes, assuring you that Mr Laufeyson would see you in just a few minutes.

<he might see a little too much of me> you think uncomfortably. The robe only falls to mid thigh, and you hadn’t thought about wearing practical underwear today, no you were wearing that ridiculous push up bra Mel had insisted on buying for you, and the matching bottoms that were really barely bottoms at all. <maybe I should just leave.>

“Ah, there you are darling. So sorry to keep you waiting.” You gulp audibly and stare at the reflection of the man walking up behind you.

He is beautiful. All long limbs and shifting muscles beneath tight black dress pants and a white button up that wasn’t nearly buttoned up enough. Black hair that is just on this side of too long, and when he lifts his head to meet your eyes, you nearly melt staring into emerald green orbs.

“You are looking for a gown, is that right?” He asks, and a tremor runs down your back. His voice is low and soft and maybe british? But do British guys sound like sex like this?

<pull it together, dumbass. Voices don’t sound like sex> you scold yourself, and almost as if he hears your thought, his lips lift in a slow smile.

“There’s no reason to be nervous.” He moves to stand in front of you, and he is TALL but up on the raised little stage, you are nearly eye level with him, and it is disconcerting, having him staring right into your eyes. “I will create something perfect for you, something as lovely as you. Perhaps in green? This robe on you is simply….” long fingers trace the collar of the robe, tugging just enough to part the material, stopping right before he exposes your bra. “No.” He seems to make up his mind then. “Something in blue. A delicate crystal blue. Like the color of glaciers in the sun. But silk. Do you like the way silk feels on your skin, sweetheart?”

you just nod dumbly, and he smiles again.

“Yes, silk. Slippery and smooth… raise your arms, love, let me get an accurate measure of you.”

You raise your arms automatically, and he pulls a tape measure from around his neck, running it through his fingers slowly before reaching around you to slide it around your back.

“So slender you are.” He murmurs, bringing the edges of the tape together, then tightening it over your breasts. “Just exquisite really. But you know this, don’t you?” He sounds amused, perhaps pleased and you take a quick breath in. Those green orbs flick downward, the tape wrapping tighter around your chest until his knuckles are resting right against you. “Perfect size.” His tone drops into something darker and you bite your lips to keep from sighing. But he might have heard you, because he moves a little closer, his thumbs brushing over the curve of your breasts, and this time you absolutely DO moan, and he ABSOLUTELY hears it.

<son of a fucking—> you close your eyes and curse yourself over and over, because he’s loosened the tape, pulled it away from your skin, backed off a step.

“Arms down, please.” He says mildly and you drop your arms, unable to look at him, just so embarrassed you could die.

But then–

“Darling.” His voice is still that deep dark rumble and you force your eyes up to his.

<oh> those emerald eyes are blown wide, dilated to nearly black, and his shirt is definitely less buttoned than it was a moment ago.

“Darling, I would love to touch you just here.” He reaches out with one graceful hand, almost but not quite touching you, barely skating over the rise your breast, down your stomach and over the swell of your hips to rest on your ass. “Would you let me?”

“I think you already ARE touching me.” You manage, then kick yourself mentally because honestly, you couldn’t have said something smoother?

“Forgive me.” He steps up into the platform then, and you realize in surprise that he stands at least seven inches above you, and you are suddenly feeling… tiny. “You are so delicate, a woman like you should only be touched with reverence, and I so badly want..” he leans down, until his lips are almost to yours, and only every single scrap of your dignity keeps you from standing up on your toes to kiss him already. “I simply cannot wait to hear that lovely little sound from you again. That soft little moan, from earlier, can you do that again for me? Perhaps if I touch you like–” his hands <big hands! I wonder if the rest of him is–> bring you against his body and it’s all you can do to keep your reaction to JUST a little moan, when you want to scream and cheer because the whole hand-size -in -relation-to -everything-else is SO TRUE.

“Beautiful.” He whispers. “Shall we see if we can do that again. Perhaps louder this time? Perhaps longer?”

“Do I have to stand the entire time?” You mumble and he has almost kissed you, but leans back and laughs, an entirely delighted sound that makes your heart race even faster.

“Of course not, my pet, we can retire to my back room. But first–” he finally brings your mouth to his in a long, slow kiss. “First, could I touch you just… here?” He eases his hold on your ass and with a quick jerk has you turned facing the mirrors, your hips firmly pinned to his, and he is smiling just wickedly over your shoulder at your reflection.

“Just… just where?” You ask, licking your lips nervously.
He licks his lips as well, but it’s not nervous at all. No, the motion is a slow easy slide of his tongue up and over that perfect mouth, his mesmerizing eyes nearly burning into your own.

“Oh, just here, darling. Could I touch you… here?”

And his hand rubs over your hips, across your stomach and down and –

is the last thing you think.

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Did you do the design for b4nny's logo?

I’ve designed a lot of logos for comp TF2 stuff but did not design b4nny’s logo, no. Kudos to the designer though, considering before this design came about, he didn’t want the b just being a reverse 4 or the 4 being considered a highlight of his brand.

Some questions for you peeps because i love asking you things-
Are my designs likable?
Would you ever want to see a tutorial and or get tips on something art related? If so, of what?
Should i ever do a neat comic of my non Pot Dog OCs? Or some kinda story i could publish on here?
Do you like pasta?

You can answer by replying or sending in an ask, whatever floats your boat, my good peeps~

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6, 15, 19?

🎨 6. When creating a character, do you come up with the visual concept or the written concept first?

Always, always, the visual concept first. I think that a character’s design should be able to say what there is to know about that character at a base level.

🌻 15. Which character is your guilty pleasure?


🏆 19. What’s more important to you: visual design, unique personality, a trendy character aesthetic, etc? If you’re not sure, then what’s the first thing you usually nail down in a character?

I think what’s most important is to get all of these to work together! Since my character designs come before they’re really even a character. I tend to create a wide variety of designs, and if one sticks out, I’ll revisiting it. I tend to figure out what sort of personality they have, and what kind of character based on the design and expression. I let this shape how I draw them in the future until i settle on something that looks and feels right!

Fast From Wrong Thinking: "I Just Can't See Things Getting Better"

Today we are fasting from the thought that says, “I just can’t see things getting better.”

No matter how bad it looks in your life or in the world, God has promised that YOUR life will get better!


1. Better is God’s idea. As New Testament believers, we have a BETTER covenant (Hebrews 8:6). BETTER promises (Hebrews 8:6). BETTER things (Hebrews 12:24)—established by BETTER blood—the blood of Jesus. This is God’s pattern.

2. Expect your ending to be better than your beginning. In Ezekiel 36:11, God says, “… I will do better for you than at your beginnings.” HE WILL DO IT!

3. Better is in your spiritual DNA. You are designed by God to go from one degree of glory to another. Better is in you, as a child of God. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, “… our lives become brighter and more beautiful … as God enters …” (The Message)

4. You are the righteousness of God, in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:21). And the path of the righteous gets brighter and brighter until the full day (when Jesus returns)! (Proverbs 4:18) Expect things to get better until Jesus comes … starting today.

5. See yourself as God’s beloved son or daughter. “Bring the best robe and put it on my son.” (Luke 15:22) See what God does for His sons and daughters? Love ALWAYS makes things better.


It is God’s desire to make my life better and better! It is His idea. He will do better for me than at my beginning!

Getting better is in my DNA. I’m designed by God to get better spiritually, physically, emotionally, financially, and in my relationships. Everything is getting better and better in my life, beginning today! My path is getting brighter and brighter, until Jesus comes back! Amen.