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I feel like some bloggers are trying to invalidate peoples' feelings and calling everyone who is slightly annoyed by this dumb and dramatic. Like yeah obviously I know Harry loves the boys and loves being in One Direction, but it's the APPEARANCE of removing the photos. The gp goes by appearances and this just feeds into the narrative. GP doesn't actually care to take the time to figure out that Harry loves the boys, they just take what they're given, and this is what they see.

that’s exactly what’s going on and it’s not a good look.

tbh for me it’s not even about the GP it’s about the fandom and the kind of nasty behaviour it encourages and enables. this only feeds the ‘harry hates his band mates/harry vs ot3 image’ that i’m positive harry does not want or agree with. i think it’s a dumb, tone deaf move in a fandom that’s already so divided and toxic.

i don’t care if people don’t agree with me or have a different interpretation of what’s going on that’s totally normal and to be expected especially in a fandom this size.

but having a different opinion is not an excuse to act like you’re still in high school and to make passive aggressive text and tag posts trying to shame the people you disagree with. 

unless someone’s opinion is actively harmful or damaging then just roll your eyes and keep scrolling past posts you don’t agree with. 

lbr is it really a surprise so many people are afraid to express their opinions on their blogs when they know they’re going to get mean girl’d in response?

i’ve been thinking about the psychic thing/knowing alex was gay thing and i have thoughts

and wow this ended up more undeveloped story like and also near to 1000 words i hate myself i’m so sorry and it is under the cut sorry mobile users, if you see this

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I love your "Off the Pedestal" comic because it shows only one aspect of their living together. I like seeing Victuuri have their little domestic moments, any couple will have them. It's when creators make domestic arguments the main highlight of their relationship and they turn Victor into some airhead or make him completely incompetent that I get annoyed. I hope your comic gets a lot of notes because I feel like a lot of the fandom needs to see it!

Thank you, that’s sweet of you! 

I didn’t create that comic to make a point, since this idea has actually been sitting on my to-draw list for over 1.5 months now, but I posted it fully aware of the recent tension in the fandom surrounding Victor’s depiction in art/fics/headcanons, and also more specifically, the contention over “dishcourse”. I was unsure about  addressing the matter before, but since you’ve brought some of it up, I’d like to take this opportunity to voice my thoughts on it in this post, and I hope you don’t mind.

(Please note that when I use “you” in the following text, I’m actually addressing people of the fandom as a whole.)

I think the phenomenon that allowed this tension to rise was overrepresentation, especially the overrepresentation of a not 100% flattering depiction of a beloved character that has many other wonderful facets yet to be explored. There is nothing inherently wrong with a post that pokes fun of a character, or one that derives humour from two characters in a heated argument where one ultimately loses. It is when we keep seeing the same kind of representation we become convinced that the fandom is only interested a specific kind of character/relationship depiction.

I think it’s important to remember that each creator in the fandom jumping on the bandwagon and making a single post about a popular joke (as is their right) at Victor’s expense is enough to create the illusion that the fandom is entirely and continuously obsessed with painting Victor as an incompetent airhead. The accumulation of posts with Yuuri sassing Victor probably also makes Yuuri out to be quite a horrid fiancé…despite the fact that these posts were probably individually created out of great fondness for both characters and their relationship. A while ago there were a few compilations of instances where Victor was quite savage towards Yuri/Yuuri in canon (often hitting where Yuuri has low self-esteem), but nobody would interpret that as the OP wanting to depict Victor as a generally mean person. We don’t read the comics/headcanons about “I don’t feel like it kissing it if it’s not gold” and think Victor is being emotionally manipulative (because he’s not; Victor knows in that situation what he says will not affect Yuuri’s certainty of his love for him) …until we think there are too many of them, and Victor making Yuuri feel bad about his silver is all we see. 

I truly believe this depiction of Victor and focus on arguments are trends that will change with time. I don’t think creators who write/draw them having arguments think that it’s the only aspect of the relationship worth exploring; it just happens to be popular right now. These very same creators have drawn/written lots of content about Victor and Yuuri being loving dorks, or Yuuri being the butt of the joke before, and they will continue to do so. In fact, the two of them being disgustingly and happily in love is something that has a lot of creations about and never seems to feel “overrepresented”. Admittedly, some trends - like the two discussed - stick longer than others, and it’s understandable. People find depictions of arguments in relationships relatable, and enjoy the assurance that no matter how bad an argument gets, Yuuri and Victor will not stop loving each other. People also find humanizing characters first presented as god-like extremely satisfying, and go to extremes in doing so: the more invincible and untouchable a character is initially depicted to be, the more the audience is determined to make him out to be a clueless idiot. This is also a beloved trope in anime: genius character is completely useless/incompetent in what they don’t specialize in, which is everything else.

In the end, when it comes to enjoying the character/ship, the interpretation “Victor can’t do chores to save his life because he neglected every aspect of his life outside of skating for 20 years″ is as valid as “Victor does all the chores regularly because living alone has made him responsible”, which is just as valid as “Victor knows how to do chores well, but because he is human, he’s lazy about them, and living alone has previously allowed him to get away with letting the dishes pile up and washing only the minimum amount of utensils needed for each meal, but now he has a fiancé to share the dishes with so his lifestyle needs adjusting”. There is no right way to have fun with a ship/character.  Some people might be new and find the popular joke funny and want to contribute to it when you are already tired of it. Some people might just enjoy the joke longer.

What we can do when we feel like something is overrepresented is to encourage the representation of something else. If you are a creator, draw/write something with a different focus, a different interpretation. If you’re not comfortable with making art/fic/headcanon posts, go around the fandom and talk about it. And perhaps, if your new focus relates to social justice, go to the creators, explain why this new focus is important, and (very) gently ask if they would explore a bit of it in their work. 

This is just my view on the matter. I am not, in any way, trying to force this view on the fandom, but I’ll be super happy to discuss it.

Oh and, I’m sorry, viktorniliforv, that you paid me a super nice compliment and I sort of sprung this rant on you. Your message means a lot to me and I write all of this with the utmost respect. 


And yes, I mean all. I don’t care if you’re the ones hating or not but this fandom needs to clean up their act. From starting fandom wars, to the masturbation video, and now hating on Hoseok’s sister because she posted a picture with somebody who looked REMOTELY like one of the members?! How much worse are we going to get? We might as well start showing up to their dorm and start harassing them in person. I don’t see how you could go any further without it being fucking illegal.

Let’s start with the little stuff. Stop commenting on other videos about BTS. Just fucking stop doing it. I don’t want to hear your excuses as to why you’re doing it, it’s annoying and disrespectful. Do others do it on BTS’s videos? Yes. But do they do it so much that you can’t even see things about the actual artist the video is for? No. They don’t. That is why we are targeted, because we don’t know when to stop. So I’m telling you, STOP. Let’s also stop assuming that every damn artist in the Korean music industry is copying BTS. Sampling is legal, things get recycled, and I can promise you that not one of Bangtans songs, as well as any other artists, are completely, 100% original. So shut up and just enjoy the music.

Now, the things listed above are annoying, but they can be ignored. Sending a video of yourself MASTURBATING ON YOUR MENSTRUAL CYCLE straight to the boys is NOT okay. It never will be and its fucking sick. I have never been more disgusted in my life, nor have I ever seen something like that in any fandom (and I’ve been in many). I can’t even express in words how terrible that is. And the fact that there were ARMYs who wanted that person to send more is absolutely revolting as well. Learn some fucking self respect as well as respect for others. Sending videos like that and telling the boys how much you want to fuck/rape them is sexual harassment and you could face some serious charges for that. Stop doing/promoting such disgusting acts.

Lastly, stop hating on Hoseok’s sister. What gives you the right to do so? You don’t know Hoseok, you have absolutely no connection to him whatsoever. You’re his fan? Good for you, so are millions of others. You are not special and you DO NOT have some kind of permission to tell Jiwoo what she can and cannot do just because you’re “Oppas fan”. Jimin, Jiwoo, Hoseok and all of the rest of Bangtan can do whatever the hell they want because you do not own them, and they are people too. Stop the assumptions and set yourself straight because the world does not revolve around you. Life is a bitch and unfortunately, the one you’re living does not entitle you to tell any of the boys or their family what they’re “allowed” to do. Grow the fuck up.

(If all of this does not pertain to you, thank you. You’re doing it right. I would still appreciate if you were to spread this as I know the ones who have done wrong will not.)

(UPDATE: I am aware that the girl who sent the video to BTS was not an ARMY, but ARMYs are still at fault for encouraging her to post more and applauding what she did. Just because she wasn’t an army doesn’t mean we don’t need to be mature and take responsibility. The reason she even got so popular was because of how much attention ARMYs brought to her, both good and bad.)

Sometimes I really feel for middle school kageyama but I also feel like people in the fandom are getting the wrong idea about why he was ostracized and why his current team’s acceptance is so important. He wasn’t picked on because of his looks or something arbitrary and out of his hands like yamaguchi, he was left out because the people around them genuinely disliked who he was and found him hard to get along with. So kitadai. Let me start off by saying that I’m not completely convinced kageyama’s old team was wrong about everything; there might have been a better way to handle it, but they were also at the end of their rope. Was there any reason kindaichi and the others had to like middle school kageyama? No. Judging by the bits of him we see, his teammates reactions, and his underclassmen’s downright fear of him we can probably conclude that middle school kageyama was a dick. He had no restraint, no respect for other people’s limitations, and no intention to compromise on anything ever. His entire team probably felt super disrespected. That’s not to say kageyama meant to be difficult; I don’t doubt that he never meant to harm or scare anyone. He just did not see anything wrong with what he was doing and even when it was explained to him he didn’t understand and couldn’t accept it. So in that sense he really was innocent. But what did that mean for his team? That didn’t make him any easier to work with. It didn’t make being screamed at every practice any easier to deal with. It didn’t make them any less annoyed and/or intimidated by him. I think kindaichi, kunimi, and the coach at least knew that kageyama just didn’t understand but they couldn’t get through to him to make him. At some point they probably got fed up enough and stopped trying. And then they got fed up enough to really stop trying. And objectively from a reader’s perspective? I think it was a good thing that the team decided altogether to tell kageyama “no we’re not with you”. Words and gestures don’t always get through to the ever dense kageyama so he did need to learn somehow. If everyone you know has a problem with the way you are to that extent, I feel like anyone would realize that it’s time for a bit of soul searching. And to his credit, that’s exactly what kageyama did. He had to learn to respect boundaries and he had to learn to compromise. But after unlearning the actually bad stuff, kageyama is naturally just someone that’s hard to read and hard for a lot of people to get along with. Kitadai wasn’t the sort of team that could handle that.

Enter karasuno. Karasuno doesn’t care. Their entire team is full up of people who are hard to understand/get along with for normal people. They’re fluid people, in a word. Not only fluid in their playing, but also in their personalities. That means that not only can they accomodate kageyama on court, they can do it off court too. That’s not to say they have to get along with him, that just means they accept him. At kitagawa daiichi it was like two opposing forces; they could not accept kageyama, they didn’t know how. But in karasuno, there is a space kageyama’s welcome to occupy. Even tsukishima very quickly carved out a place in his life for kageyama. Sure he might not always like the guy, but there he is. He exists. We play together. And tsukishima can deal with that. Hinata despised kageyama but he was able to accept him even faster than tsukishima. Same with all of karasuno. Whether or not they get along with kageyama, they accept him being there. Ofc that isn’t to say kageyama didn’t need to change at all. We saw him revert back to his rude, unyielding king mode recently in the manga. And while karasuno easily accepted the spirit of what he was trying to accomplish, we often gloss over the fact that they also let him know that he was being rude as hell and they weren’t going to pay him any attention if he kept straight up screaming at them and overstepping boundaries. They put him in his place and middle school kageyama probably wouldn’t have been able to accept that but current kageyama was. So its a combination. Kageyama did have to change, I can’t think of any team that could have properly worked with his past self. But he also needed to find a team that could accept him. Karasuno is willing to let kageyama be the king of the court with conditions applied. The team brought the acceptance and kageyama brought his new willingness to compromise. And that’s so important. It’s important that kageyama learned from his experience and it’s important that he met people who were able to easily bring him into the fold.

Nico and Frank are Dorky Nerds

- It all begins when frank and Nico find out that they both like mythomagic, and it escalates from there

- They constantly play against each other, compare cards, and are always on the search for new/special additions of cards

- Nico is reluctant to buy figurines though, unlike Frank who’s always on the search for them. But Nico always goes along with Frank to search for them (battling with the insane worry that Frank will somehow die during that time) and picks up ones he sees for Frank when he’s out and about

- And then Frank introduces Nico to Star Wars and Star Trek, and it becomes a nightmare

- Nico slowly morphs from ‘that scary emo kid’ to 'that weird nerdy kid who’s kind of adorable and never shuts up’

- His wardrobe changes completely from basic dark clothes to Star Wars / Star Trek shirts, and thanks to his Dad having unlimited money, he’s basically bought all the merchandise possible for them

- And he did the same for Frank, and Frank couldn’t believe it. He was torn between hugging Nico and demanding he take everything back when he finally noticed how much Nico was buying for him

- Nico refused to take anything back

- They have regular marathons, where they’re both curled up on Frank’s sofa in their pyjamas with plenty of sweets, under a warm blanket. And if they so happen to be cuddling during that time, who’s any the wiser?

- While Frank introduced him to the movies, Nico is the one to properly introduce Frank to the fandoms

- It started with Nico deciding that he shipped Captain Kirk and Spock, and just wanting to see if anyone else shipped it, and got to the point where he’d be texting/calling Frank up at ungodly hours to say 'Frank you have to read this fanfic/see this fanart!“

- Frank finds it adorable and happily gets sucked into the fandom

- They make a blog for Star Wars + Star Trek which both get pretty popular (especially when they manage to rope Hazel/Rachel into drawing fanart for them to post)

- They start going to Comic-Con together and always have a great time (even if they were surprised to come across Will, Percy and Leo dressed up as Doctor Who characters that one time). Frank is too shy to go all out, but Nico is always determined to have the best cosplay ever

- Frank nearly has a heart attack when he sees how much Nico pays to be able to do all this

- They have an instragram account purely to show off Nico’s cosplay to their friends, but it got pretty popular, and tones of people thought they were a couple… they never deny it

- Nico has a habit of sprouting out quotes, and gets annoyed when Frank’s not around to appreciate them

- Hazel ships them hardcore ever since they went to Comic-Con dressed as Kirk and Spock

- They’re both massive nerds who can talk for hours and hours about hcs etc, and get into daily discussions on who the best characters are/who they should be shipped with, etc

- They both cried when they heard that Carrie Fisher had died (Nico adored her) and Nico literally went on a search for her soul just so he could say thank you for all that she had done, and to show off to Frank

- He managed it… somehow. They still don’t quite understand how because Nico shouldn’t be able to mess with the dead of other religions etc, but they don’t think too much about it

- It was one of the best days ever

- Nico always steals Frank’s shirts ("Um, Nico, why are you wearing my shirt?” / “Because I like it.”/ “You have the exact same one, in your size, in the wardrobe.” / “…Shut up.”)

- They move in together because no one else can handle their 'nerd out’, and it literally looks like an explosion of Star Wars and Star Trek

Um yeah, nerdy Frank and Nico guys. I love it.

                                      Regarding Shipping

Okay since I’ve come back into the Johnlock fandom (been a fan since Granada;) I’ve noticed a very toxic attitude towards anyone who doesn’t ship Johnlock especially since + I love you line in the trailer.

Now personally I think it might link to Sherrinford Holmes (which I have waited literally a decade for, the smartest of all the brothers exciting :D) and I have lots of different theories on that one line not just johnlock;)

I would point out all the evidence for Johnlock but I’m here to view the other side as well so watch TJLC & her many theories on Johnlock (highly recommend)

But I have noticed that SOME BBC Johnlockers have been very over defensive of the ship to anyone who has a different opinion on the show.

Throwing around words like “Troll, heteronormative etc.” to anyone who doesn’t believe in that ship.

I saw one rude post saying how Canon Sherlock book readers only like straight ships(untrue Johnlockers are older than spock x kirk) and didn’t understand being gay back then…… didn’t know you were a time traveller! On a serious note all us book readers get times were different then!

I even saw one YouTube comment say “If you believe Sherlock is asexual or just friends your homophobic”

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

This is one of the most disgusting things I’ve read!

Being asexual myself this upset me.

Also the misuse of the word homophobia which a serious issue being trivialised and used in completely the wrong context.

Thus it prompted me to write this post.

I can tell that Benedict is playing an Asexual he has even said so in interviews.

BUT this does not mean that Johnlock cant be real. Asexual’s can be very romantic actually :)

Sherlock for my me has always been my asexual hero he doesn’t need to have a GF or BF his love is his work :) This pic describes me perfectly!

Like Sherlock I have had the if you don’t have a BF you must be gay Q before. How about asexual’s aren’t intrested in anybody!

Originally posted by merindab

As TPLOSH says “Your being presumptuous.”

If you ship Sherlock as gay, asexual(lots of evidence for both) or straight(evidence for this too as Sherlock said he has though of taking a wife , also Irene adler) I’m happy with that btw <3

People are allowed to ship people as just friends I mean heck I ship Frodo and Sam as friends. Some ship them as lovers fair nuff :)

Even I have shipped Johnlock as a friendship depending on which show I’m watching.  

If people like Sherlolly or sheriarty let them ship it ffs nothing worse than ship shaming!

What I want people to understand is just because 2 people are friends doesn’t mean they are just friends or on the other hand in love.

I have had friendships like ‘Johnlock’ and people shipped me and the person but were we up to anything. Not a jot!

Eve contact ,hugs etc even friends say I love you just as families do yet again lovers do that too!

 Relationships are far more complex than subtext allows!

Also the classic oh if they are a boy & girl they would /must be together. That trope must go #justsaying

Though on a serious note the obsessive nagging got to one of my friends (really frustrated and annoyed them as it did me)

So if you ship people in real life and they say they are friends, no matter what signals you think you see take their word for it!

We will all see what happens in the next two eps personally I don’t think they will kiss.

If they do kiss I will jump for joy <3

I think it looks like John and Sherlock will go their separate ways and then in 10 years (which I think they are hinting at in interviews) We will have old Sherlock like the Mr Holmes movie!

 Regarding representation in the LGBTA community yes we need more representation but we need more new main characters who being gay or asexual isn’t their biggest trope.

E.g Sherlock asexual but everyone knows him as a detective

So whoever you ship or however you view a character that’s fantastic its your imagination I encourage it!

Please don’t burn other peoples ships or opinions !!!!!

Maybe look at their opinion a little more than throwing it into total disregard or using cores out of text language to shut down the conversation.

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Mysterious; Part 1

Title: Mysterious

Genre: Fluff(?), one shot

Member: Sehun

A/N: This was written several years ago for a different fandom. I felt I really needed to post a scenario, so I quickly edited this one. Originally, it was a multi-chaptered story, but since it was so specific about characters in later chapters, I will probably not post another part for this.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

Originally posted by sefuns

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i'm having an internal dilemma- who'd be more clingy alec or magnus? at first i thought magnus bc magnus is very outgoing but then again like once alec gets comfortable he's super loyal like he hugs izzy all the time help

They both are high up on the clinginess scale, but Magnus is definitely the clingiest. No doubt. I think it’s a universally accepted truth among the fandom that he is Weak when it comes to Alec. Lets discuss

- Whenever I think of magnus wanting Alec’s attention, I think of a pet cat annoyed at being ignored. really, imagine him purposely stepping on Alec’s heels when theyre walking together because alec has gone more than 10 seconds without looking at him, or draping himself over alec like he’s liquid; hanging off alec’s back when alec is making coffee and nuzzling into the warmth of his neck, and laying across alec’s lap on the couch and sighing loudly when alec ignores him because he cares about the book he’s reading more (truthfully alec is so immersed in the book he doesn’t even notice magnus trying to get his attention, but magnus likes to add a dramatic flair to his narrative)

- “Oh? So you’re just that friendly with everybody, is that it?”

- I mean, magnus has been clingy since the very beginning.

- Sitting with alec all through the night and into the morning the first time he healed him (dude that was the second time he ever interacted w alec hes in way too Deep)

- Mr. I’m-The High-Warlock-Of-Brooklyn-Who-Dares-Disturb-Me doing millions of things for free and protecting alec and his friends and family and fighting in a war that has nothing to do with him, just to see alec

- “Still I pictured having you for fifty, sixty more years. I thought I might be ready then to let you go. But it’s you, and I realize now that I won’t be any more ready to lose you then than I am right now. Which is not at all.” Sure this is heartbreaking and all but…, clingy much?? C’mon dude that’s gay

- This isn’t exactly an attribution to his clinginess but magnus is always so proud of alec for everything he does, whether its getting an amazing shot off his bow or making pancakes. He follows alec around with fan signs and applauses alec every time he breathes

- When he misses alec (24/7) he just talks about him. To anyone. His cat. Tessa. Jem. Isabelle. An annoyed client. A nosy demon. eventually ragnor and raphael both learn alec’s schedule so they know to ignore magnus’s calls when alec isn’t home

- It’s an official rule that alec kiss magnus the second he gets home

- When theyre not together (and sometimes when alec’s only a room apart from him) magnus texts alec constantly. Especially when alec’s working. Alec ignores the messages until he’s done with work, and then he reads through all of them, smiling at all of the where are you’s and the come home already’s and the I’m so lonely the chairman wont let me pet him please come home so I can hug you’s. magnus never texts, are you safe? or please don’t take unnecessary risks tonight, I miss you too much, because he’d rather alec think he’s clingy than upset alec with his worry

- When hes home alone and has nothing else to distract him he’ll show up at the institute to watch alec train, and when alecs done magnus will kiss the part of his forehead with the least sweat and give him a bottle of water. He ignores alec’s “sorry I was busy” and “I know us hacking at dummies is boring” and says simply “I wanted to see you”. alec may or may not drop whatever weapon he picks up next because hes too busy blushing to think clearly

- Or instead magnus will stay home and go through pictures of him and alec together, he sends alec his favorites with captions like, “remember this?” and, “god, this was my favorite day with you” it helps when he misses alec and he likes the satisfaction of knowing alec gets flustered when he gets the texts

-  “do you even want me here” “magnus, its our wedding night. Of course I do” “then why won’t you hold my hand” “i’m eating” “Alecccccc”

- Alec taking max out for a father-son playdate and magnus responding to the picture alec sends him of the two of them “you guys look like youre having so much fun without me ://” alec: “we’ll be home in 10 minutes. Max got you a present” magnus: “I’ll make cookies”

But im completely lying, because alec has been head over heels for magnus from the beginning and being unsure about them and himself doesn’t stop him from always wanting to be with magnus

- Alec my city is under attack and people are dying all around us and theres a good chance we’ll die but I need to know RIGHT NOW why you never called me back Lightwood

- Alec whining throughout the entire process of magnus putting on makeup (but he likes to watch and sometimes magnus lets him pick colors)

- completely wrapping himself around magnus like a human pretzel on the mornings alec is free but magnus has clients. “five more minutes” “i’m already ten minutes late” “please” (giving up with no fight at all) “okay.”

- he misses magnus so badly when he works. usually magnus waits up for alec to get home, but sometimes its so late when alec gets home he’s already in bed. alec will strip and climb into bed as quietly as he can, content to be near magnus. but sometimes he can’t wait for the next morning to talk to him so he’ll wake magnus up if only to say goodnight. after, alec wraps his arms around magnus’s chest and they both fall asleep smiling.

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i come to rant because i saw someone say that they don't ship deanxcas romantically because they value their friendship too much to degrade it and i'm really mad, how can they becoming a couple would degrade their friendship? it would only add to it, why some people think of romantic love as inferior even filthy that ruins a friendship, for most their romantic partner is their best friend, btw im justtalking of people that have no problem with shipping dean or cas romantically with someone else

Yeah, I guess that’s an endless debate, romantic versus platonic. :p I agree with you though, and especially because we’re talking about a m/m couple, this can get frustrating. 

It basically reminds me of that text post on tumblr: 

‘tbh queer romance is held to a much higher standard than het romance like a man can cry over another man, be close to another man, protect another man repeatedly, give up everything for another man, and there will still be people saying that a romantic interpretation is “completely baseless” and “it’s great that platonic love can be so strong” and “don’t erase friendship, i’d do all that for my friends!” but then a man and a woman share a pencil and suddenly romance is alive’

Which is probably one of the main reasons why this gets annoying. It’s okay to not ship a couple, but to give the obvious excuse ‘it would ruin their friendship!!!’ when it’s about any not-straight couple, eventually that gets old.

But I guess that’s not going to change anytime soon, lol! 


Jimin sat there in a bit of disbelief. He stared at the texts. He never meant for it to get that out of hand, but there was a part of him that just felt like you didn’t appreciate him as a friend. 

He had been counting down the days until you graduated from university so that the two of you could finally be back in the same city. But then you dropped the bombshell that you were going to the States. He tried to tell himself that it would be okay, that the two of you had been long distance friends for so long, but a part of him broke. 

The day you left, he didn’t go to practice, he continued to debate how he would say goodbye to you. Then he got a text from you saying you had left. He regretted not just leaving and seeing you off. But he was angry and upset. He spent the days after that crying and falling apart. The rest of the group worried about him, he didn’t eat, he didn’t sleep, he just sat in his room, dazed and puffy eyed. 

However, he never thought of how you felt. He never tried to put himself into your shoes. The years prior, when you were in Busan, and you would bend over backwards to see him, just for him to tell you that something came up. Jimin hit himself for not realizing earlier. He couldn’t keep you in this little bubble. He wanted you to see the world, too. 

Now you were gone. You were enjoying yourself in a new city. You were meeting new people, trying new things, learning to be an adult. Jimin looked in the mirror, a part of him only saw the young teenager who left his hometown, he had changed in appearance, but not in personality. He was still scared of rejection, he was scared of judgement, but most of all, he was scared of losing the one person who always supported him. You. 

He looked at the calendar. BTS was allowed to have two weeks, unsupervised vacation. However, they all had to go to the same place together. It was a huge debate among the 7 of them. But now, Jimin walked to the common area with a purpose. As the remaining 6 sat and scrolled through their phones and laptops, Jimin made an announcement. 

We are going to Chicago. That’s all. He turned on his heels and left the room. Jungkook and Hobi looked a bit astounded, Yoongi seemed annoyed, but Jin and Namjoon smiled at one another. They knew exactly what Jimin’s plan was, so they told their managers and the flights were booked. 

You didn’t know it. But you were about to have the face to face reunion you had been dreaming of, but at the most inopportune time. 

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To be honest I tend to stay away from forum's for BioWare it gets really toxic in there. It's like Jesus take a chill pill people. There are way too many complainers, sexists, racists, threads about SJW pandering. That's why I much prefer Tumblr accounts like your own, a much healthier environment to discuss good, bad and could be improvements parts of a game we all love.

I thought BSN was better than most forums? I know cool people participate a lot there. I would, but I don’t exactly have the time. But I guess everyone goes to specific blogs to get a certain perspective. So uh, thank you ;) 

I do think all fandom spaces have the potential to be annoying. I was happy to go back to checking the tags but immediately I was seeing posts like “I want to see that character die” or “I hate her what is the point of her?”
Picture me looking at the camera like I’m on The Office. That was my reaction. Like “really? I haven’t been there for five seconds and I already see this????” 

I keep seeing people getting baffled at best and annoyed at worst by how Kaylie acted last episode and I’m starting to feel like there’s a hidden camera somewhere and I’m being punked or something, because that is… that is not exactly a subtle or complicated character choice there, that seems like a very very very easy to understand and extremely believable response.

I definitely don’t wanna rag on folks who have trouble with sympathy/empathy (especially when it comes to fictional characters!), because that can be an excruciatingly hard thing to learn for all sorts of reasons, and I guess this stuff can also get easier to contextualize with life experience, and there are always nights where you have a bit of a brain fart and it takes a second to clue into what’s going on, but I’m a little disturbed when that sympathy/empathy becomes hyper-selective and entirely focused on the woobified dude of the week. I just—and this is probably unfairly hyperbolic—worry that these folks are so stuck inside their own heads that they go out into the world with these impregnable walls around their sense of sympathy/empathy for anyone who doesn’t fit a very narrow range of behaviors that they have personally experienced or decided to find laudable in media.

One of the things I really appreciate about this show is that, much as it occasionally leans a little on a familiar sort of artificial narrative structure, the relationships between the characters really do have an unusual depth and maturity (…it feels so weird to say this about a D&D game) because there are real people at the helm of each and every one of them. 

Nobody’s content with being shuffled off into a two-dimensional stereotype because nobody wants to spend four hours a week for years at a time completely dedicated to playing out somebody else’s understanding of their character, so there’s all these amazing sort of ping! moments where somebody’s preconceived character arc ricochets off the honest-to-goodness real person sitting across the table from them (Scanlan’s proposal was a great example of this). It takes two to tango, and having to keep both sides on board—not just for romance, but for friendship or rivalry or conflict—means everyone’s putting in a huge amount of effort to make things feel realistic, to communicate. And sometimes those ping! moments happen when there’s a ricochet off the fandom-composite versions of these characters.

From where I’m sitting, Matt’s great strength as a DM is his empathy; he clearly has a real feeling of responsibility toward the story he’s telling and the characters he’s building, and he’s extremely good at nudging his players from time to time to remind them that they don’t have to go the easy route just because it’s the way a story like this would normally go. Kaylie’s not gonna wholeheartedly support her father with no reservations whatsoever, she’s not gonna go through this without having to wrestle with a hell of a lot of resentment and ambiguity, because any other choice for a character like that would be dishonest and over-simplified and would show a complete lack of empathy for people who really do experience those mixed-up feelings of betrayal and hatred and worry and rage even in the worst possible moment.

It frustrates me sometimes that the very thing that makes this show so astonishing—its dedication to, and I can’t stress enough how weird this is to say, mature and careful characterization over adherence to easy narrative tropes—is also what’s been fueling so many complaints in the fandom.

The world has issues. Serious issues. I don’t know how to say this, but I’m gonna try my best:

1) Feminism.
Yes, feminism is a big issue today. A lot of men aren’t very respectful of women. Why? Because they weren’t raised to respect women. All the time on Tumblr I see people ranting about feminism and quite honestly, it gets kind of annoying. The thing is, nothing you do is going to change the minds of those men. You can’t forcefully change a person’s mind and make them see the light. Here’s what you can do, and this is a message to all the kids my age out there, all you teenagers who care:

~Teach your kids to be respectful of the other sex.~

The adults are in charge today, but tomorrow we’ll be the adults, and we should try not to make the same mistakes as them.

2) Racism.
It seems every fucking day I hear of some black person being mistreated or killed over in the US. The white cops who do this are adults. I, a teenager, am appalled by this, and I know a bunch of other teenagers on social media are too. But expressing your outrage on the internet isn’t going to do shit. What you can do, however, is start helping to change things once you’re an adult. Like I said, someday we’ll be in charge. Meanwhile, teach your children that all lives matter. Then, hopefully when they are adults and in charge of the world, they won’t be doing the stupid shit that today’s adults are.

3) Education
Here’s another issue that I think is important. The education system is fucked up. These stupid adults think it’s more important for us to learn about the cells inside a plant and not how taxes work? (Yes, that was a reference to the text post.) It’s ridiculous. Way to go, you self righteous morons. Teach us how plants survive but don’t teach us how to survive. I have no idea how to pay a bill, or how taxes work, or what a mortgage is. Thanks a lot.
And all students learn differently. Just because a student doesn’t do well in a class, doesn’t mean they’re stupid. Maybe they learn differently from everyone else. So here’s another message to my fellow teens:

~You’ll be the adults one day. When you are, fix the education system for your children. Future president/prime minister, I hope you see this. Remember it.~

So my point is, that all the problems in our world can’t be fixed right now, but maybe if we stay dedicated to making the world a better place, most of them can.

My Ultimate Point Is This:

Teenagers, you can’t do much right now, because the idiots are in charge. But one day you will be adults, and when you’re in charge, try your best to teach your children right from wrong. Then, maybe 5 generations down the line, we will have successfully improved the world.

(Also, raise your kids on Harry Potter, so it never dies.)

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i don't know why people are surprised you would ship moana/maui after your history of shipping sess/kag. both are awesome by the way and your art is amazing! (isn't max also some kind of immortal?)

LONG POST warning.

WELL my preference for sesskag aside even the canon pairing of Inuyasha/Kagome would be technically problematic by sjw standards now cuz Inu is still hundreds of years older as well. But again immortal/mortal ships aren’t NEW it’s been around forever but I suspect that it’s acceptable in most stories because the guys in question are often times HANDSOME. I mean Bella is completely fine with Edward stalking and breaking into her room to watch her sleep cuz he was hot amirite. Don’t think she’d feel the same way if he actually looked not 17/was ugly. And look how many people completely mooned over that despite the fact that he turned out to be a pretty manipulative and abusive guy. Are immortal characters (but men mostly cuz double standards for ladies including being judged by women fans themselves lol) absolved of all their wrong behavior because they’re hot? (similarly what is up with ppl only caring about a different race or even species in fiction only if they’re attractive. I doubt anyone would care as much about all those blue kitty ppl in Avatar either if they weren’t extremely long legged humanoid supermodels but that’s a different conversation) In short people are shallow.

And if you think about the terms of “acceptable” where Inuyasha despite being hundreds of years older ACTS like a fucking stupid boy it’s also considered OK I guess. Maui ACTS like he’s always young at heart even if he’s around forever. The difference therefore lies mostly in the superficial. I dunno, perhaps cuz he’s not traditionally attractive in terms of society’s standards or even cuz he’s a POC or thick. I mean, if you look at a lot of canon princes and princesses in media all the girls are usually younger than their love interests with the most significant age gap recently between Flynn(24) and Rapunzel(17). The youngest being Snow White at 14 in her story. (Haha and let’s not forget that Juliet was fucking 12). Doesn’t make it better but everyone seems to be so OK with these.

But that aside, I understand why someone would be uncomfortable with a ship and I personally don’t have anything against them cuz they’re feelings are valid and whatever ppl want to ship or not is their business. Like I’ve said before whatever floats your boat your dash is your place so fill it with only things you like. Block, Scroll Past, Unfollow whatever you want. All I ask in return is for the same courtesy to leave me to my own business and not go attacking other ppl for something that they like–which I had explained in this post is something often times not even explainable why you like something. It’s irrational, the heart wants what it wants right Tamatoa fans? People just want to be left alone to enjoy what they want nobody is forcing others to like the same things they do.

Besides that, when I ship characters I usually go based on their character dynamic and how I feel they are fit for each other. It has nothing to do with a preference for immortal ships. I usually strive to show when I portray them that I care about the fact that they are equals. That I see their relationship is grounded in their mutual respect and friendship for each other. That I see it developing over years and is essentially kind of timeless and most importantly is not dependent on sexual/physical attraction which is secondary to me. Also if you can really sell it to me and convince me why a pairing works I can be won over even if I wasn’t on board before. And honestly that’s how I feel about SessKag/most of my ships too? 

Like if we’re getting back to SessKag I’m actually pretty annoyed with common trope that either of the characters are only in it to get to the other one’s pants and there is no deeper substance to come out of that relationship besides the fact that hey you’re hot and I’m hot which is fine but if you’re again trying to go back to oh but immortal/mortal ship nobody really cares as long as the characters are bone-able. I just think ppl need to start taking to take a good hard look at themselves if the only reason why they’re OK with other immortal/mortal ships but not this one boils down to the fact that either of the parties involved is not attractive.

Also ppl who equate fandom to real life extremes needs a reality check and I also explained that again here. again that’s like saying “You’re pro-choice so that must mean you’re a murderer.” Ridiculous.

This was a rant and not entirely coherent I’m sorry. 

p.s. I don’t think Max is immortal he’s just subject to the whims of George Miller’s hand-wavey timeline (i.e. GM admitted to not really caring about accurate time tracking cuz Max’s stories are meant to take on a myth-like quality. and so his adventures themselves immortalize him).

As someone who has been part of the studyblr community for a while now (although only since last September) and who have quite some followers, I have gotten quite a lot of questions about how to start a studyblr or how to get into the studyblr community. For my first post for thestudyblrs, which is after all a studyblr collab blog, I thought I would share my answers and views on some of the questions that I’ve gotten on this topic. 

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A latte for Two-Face

I’m not partial to OCs but I love robinsontheroof for starting hashtagonlyingotham and wanted to see if I could do a story as to how it all started (in the world of Gotham ofc.) So, without further ado, I give you the fictional origin story of #OnlyInGotham.


thatonekidfromgotham + 

 Okay Tumblr, so I wasn’t going to post this but people will literally not stop asking about how this #OnlyInGotham thing started so here’s the story. In case you don’t know, my name is Ava Takara or as I’m known here thatonekidfromgotham. I mostly just post fandoms and crap on this blog, which you’ll know if you follow me. You’ll also know that I’m really passionate about photography and the city that I live in. And, if you’ve taken the hint in my url, you’ll know that city is Gotham. 

Cue the horrified screaming.

Gotham’s got a pretty bad reputation. Between the schizophrenic district attorneys, costumed vigilantes, psycho psychiatrists and even the occasional actually super-powered superhero, crazy must be in the water. I’m not going to lie to you. Sometimes it feels like every five minutes the news is flashing a new alert for some kind of disaster. Apocalypse Wednesdays, as my dad calls them. 

 However, do take into account there are 10 MILLION of us Gothamites. That’s a hell of a lot of people who don’t run into super-villains on a daily basis. The closest I’d ever come is when my cousin, Stan, got injected with fear toxin after bumping into the Scarecrow (I kid you not) taking the trash out at his crappy part-time job at McDonalds. From what he can remember Scarecrow just stared at him, pulled out a book, wrote a few notes and left. Just like that. He woke up in the hospital a couple of hours later. He’d crapped his pants but despite everything he still insisted it was the best high he’d ever had. Then again Stan has always been an idiot. 

 Oh, and I may have seen Batman like once. Then again it could have been the pizza guy (long story). 

 Apart from that, my life had been pretty uneventful. I have been in only a couple of crises in my short life, one of the most significant of which was during Zero Year, after the Riddler flooded Gotham. My apartment was swamped and I stupidly went back in to get my dog. I should have just waited for the police and paramedics and stuff to come. But the city was in chaos and dude. It was my dog. My dog

 So I went back in. Despite having no muscle and the swimming ability of a three-year-old, I waded through. The water was up to my waist and freezing. I was breathing fast and hard but all I could hear was my dog barking and whining frantically and all I could focus on was getting Max, my dog, to safety. I found him in my parent’s room. The room had been jammed shut by the force of the water and I couldn’t get it open. I heard the window smash, heard a dull thunk as my dog’s legs were knocked out from under him. I could hear Max yelping on the other side and I started to cry because I couldn’t get it open. What if I couldn’t save my dog? What if I had to hear him die?

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INFP and INTP friendship

I’m the INFP who sent the INFP – ESFP friendship post . Now I’d like to tell you about my friendships with INTPs.

External image

(Aélita is INFP, Jérémie is INTP. Great friends and cute couple!)

Average INFP meets average INTP

I happen to be a geek. I love Doctor Who, superheroes, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and many things. I met many great INTPs within these fandoms. Also, my own brother is INTP. The most obvious thing about INTP-INFP friendships is what I call the Ne-Si dance. When many INP meet, someone remembers something he/she saw (Si). Someone else makes jokes about a related thing (Ne). Someone else says something related. Soon everyone is making jokes and saying goofy things about the fandom they all know, which can be quite surprising for people who don’t know the fandom or are not Ne users. At family reunions, my brother and I sometimes do the Ne-Si dance in front of everyone else, mostly dominant S people, and they stare and wonder why we suddenly act crazy.

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awkwardarbor replied to your post: IF THIS WASN’T HILARIOUS AND AMAZING F…

I couldnt stand rinoa as a kid. As an adult that ACTUALLY PAYS ATTENTION TO CHARACTERS I’ve never revisted ff8/rinoa. You should make/share some EXCELLENT TEXT POSTS ABOUT YOUR OPINIONS ON HER and educate me (if you felt like it!)

I took some caps of a couple of my favorite moments, I’ll do more photosets over the next few days, spreading them out, but LET ME TALK ABOUT RINOA FOR A BIT.  ♥  When I first went into this game, I absolutely expected to be annoyed by her, that I would be shipping Seifer/Squall like most of fandom did.  I had braced myself for the annoyance that was going to be the poorly told and forced relationship between her and Squall!

And then she just waltzed right up to Squall, tried to get him to dance with her, and he was like “….” at her (because he is socially constipated) and so she just waves her finger in his face to “hypnotize” him into liking her, so that he’ll dance with her!  ADORABLE.  She was totally teasing and cute about it!  Then she LITERALLY DRAGGED HIM OUT ONTO THE DANCE FLOOR like Rinoa gave no shits about honest to god dragging him into things.

Okay, cute, I’m interested at this point.  They’re dancing, Squall is terrible at this, she doesn’t mind at all when he runs right into her, she just puts his hands back in the right places, smiles at him like she finds it sweet, and they keep dancing.  And then, because Squall is TERRIBLE at dancing, they run into another couple.

What does Rinoa do?


Instant love, MARRY ME, RINOA HEARTILLY.  They bumped into that other couple, yet Rinoa totally makes a face at them, and then keeps dancing with Squall!  Okay, shit, I’m here for this now, this is my ship and my forever girl.

Over the course of the game, it’s actually really there that Squall can’t stop thinking about her, about the way she just cheerfully waltzed right into his life and teased him a little, but also clearly found him wonderful, that she was bright and cheerful and open and saw something more in him and didn’t just let him isolate himself.  He thought about her a lot, right from the beginning of the game!

And, I think, the thing that a lot of us didn’t realize the first time through is that these characters are teenagers, that they were off on dangerous missions sometimes, that they acted very worldly, but they were still kids at the end of the day.  Which meant that sometimes Rinoa acted in a way that was pure obnoxious teenager–especially because she was a sheltered girl trying to put herself out there and not having the experience to do it perfectly.  She made mistakes, she cried, she needed saving, but that was because she wasn’t trained for this and decided that wasn’t going to stop her, that she could still help, and so she was going to do it!

I also love her because she’s pretty hilarious.  After Irvine kind of turns against them, you know what Rinoa does?  She KICKS HIM DOWN THE STAIRS.  When Squall is off moping during the Garden concert, she goes to find him and MOCKS HIS MOPEY FACE and then literally does a backwards somersault when he goes to whack her and she laughs because he’s hilarious.  Then PUSHES HIM OFF THE LOW STONE WALL BECAUSE HE WAS MOPING.

Over and over, she reaches out to him emotionally, she’s so open and free with her feelings and that gets through to Squall, who is closed off because he thinks everyone will always leave him, that depending on others, on friends or adults who you can count on to know what they’re doing, always ends badly because they leave.  And Rinoa’s just like, well, we might not always be around each other, so we should enjoy what time we do have!  And she’s just so emotionally present, despite the silly, light-hearted teasing stuff she does, that it makes this whole huge world of difference.

Rinoa is also a character who goes through a lot of shit in the course of the story–she’s a Sorceress, which means a whole lot of people want her locked up or dead, imagine how terrifying that must be!  But she’s still willing to do it to keep other people safe, this sheltered girl who was brave and terrified in turns.

She’s a very upbeat character, she goes after what she wants, she’s kinda pushy and she bites off more than she can chew, she teases people she likes, but she’s also entirely open about how she likes them and wants to spend time with them, and I just really, really love her a lot.  ♥