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Got inspired by @destatree’s amazing Celeb AU fic to wear this casual Noctis cosplay for Animatsuri and hide from the paparazzis like a pro by wearing sunglasses lol

200+ Followers!

Y'all are too kind, I cannot believe I now have 200+ followers! I never thought people would like my blog so much, it means the world to me, thank you!

To commemorate how kind you guys are, I’m going to link y'all some amazing blogs (reactions and ships) to check out! Here you are~








Thats all I can think of right now! I hope you guys like these blogs~ Thank you, I love you guys❤❤


Soooooo I was tagged by the lovely @kimtaehyungl to do the lock screen/home screen/last song played/ last selfie tag. Never been tagged for this stuff before thank you! 🙏🏻

I tag @sunshine-rainbows18 @blushingchild @bbyjoonbug @bcydbeaulieu @flowerboyayato @jksillegirl and @bts-pop-the-k if y'all wanna do it!!! 💖💖💖

(I know some of you have already been tagged and some don’t even know me but y'all are all my mutuals so guess what you get tagged 😘)

inazuma-eleven-translations  asked:

So uhh I just LOVE your art and I saw that you sometimes draw rare pairs so I was wondering if there's any chance you could draw minamisawa atsushi and Hinano kinsuke from GO? If you're too busy I totally understand!! But I can totally draw you something in return, just leave me an ask! ^^

Hee good ship^^




Magnus Bane + tossing things around


Jon and Dany’s theme though the GoT soundtrack in season 7

For more, please watch these videos (x x x x x) with the analysis of their song


The sharpshooter and the hacker

Sketch dump of drawings I did for @flusteredkeith because after stumbling upon this theory, and reading her drabble, I was hooked.

Bonus shoutout to @longhairpidge who recced me this fic that I am particularly fond of.

Thanks you guys!!