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My little contribution for telltale Riddler.

He is wonderful and portrayed so well it made me want to cry.

Preference: Marvel (X-Men)

How You Meet

Characters: Alex Summers, Charles Xavier, Erik Lensherr, Hank McCoy, Logan Howlett, Peter Maximoff, Raven Darkholme.

Warnings: swearing, mugging, alcohol consumption and stealing

Request: “Preferences : X-men; how you meet (every characters you can?)” - anonymous

A/N: Sorry I didn’t do a lot of characters, but as of now those are the characters I feel most comfortable writing for from X-Men (seeing as I haven’t watched all the movies !!)

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anonymous asked:

How long is it before Matt finds out his Peter is actually the prince?

Legit he doesn’t find out until after he asks Tony to meet his alpha to discuss a dowry for Peter when Peter’s seventeen. Peter’s in it for the long con because he’s afraid if he tells Matt he’s a prince he’ll stop talking to him. Tony laughs so hard he almost pees himself. “Oh honey,” he says, wiping tears from his eyes. “Absolutely. I will set up a meeting.” “…Thank you, sir,” Matt replies after a moment, unsure. At least it hadn’t sounded like mean laughter. “Mama,” Peter hisses on the way to the carriage. Tony bursts out laughing again. “MAMA.”

Tony is in tears again as he tries to tell Steve and Bucky that Peter has a suitor that would like to discuss a dowry but he’s laughing too hard. Peter is as red as a tomato and keeps tugging on Tony’s sleeve and whispering for him to please, please, for the love of all that is holy, shut up. Tony can’t be stopped. He has to run to his room to compose himself. Steve and Bucky watch him leave, smiling with equal parts affection and confusion even as they give each other ‘what the fuck was that’ looks.

Finally, though, Tony calms down, and is able to speak without bursting into giggles. “Your son has a suitor.” Steve and Bucky blink at him slowly. “Our son has many suitors, dear. You’ll need to be more specific,” Bucky says slowly. Tony bites his bottom lip, hard, to keep from giggling again. “His name is Matthew.” “Oh,” Steve says. “How nice. …I don’t recall a Matthew at any of the parties.” “That’s because he hasn’t been to any parties.” Steve and Bucky stare at Tony silently. Peter wants to die.

Eventually it gets explained that Matt is a commoner, not a noble. The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitches and he makes a high-pitched sound. Steve’s face betrays nothing. “Clearly we will have to go meet with him,” Steve says slowly. Peter nearly has a panic attack then and there. “Wait! He doesn’t know I’m a prince! Dada you can’t!” Steve’s face continues to betray nothing. “We’ll have to go to the market with you next time, darling.” Tony can’t help it. He bursts into giggles again.

Having the entire royal family (barring the queen) walking through the market is enough to make everyone go silent. Harley is too curious to wander off and Peter wants to die everyone is looking at him. He’s used to it but this has a certain tenseness to it and he doesn’t like it. He kind of wishes Harley hadn’t followed them.

Claire notices them approach and goes white as a ghost. “Claire?” Matt asks after a moment. “Are you alright?” He tilts his head a little. “Why is it so quiet?” “Young man,” Steve says solemnly, and Matt surges to his feet, looking bewildered but also terrified. “Sir!” “My omega has told me that you wish to discuss a dowry for my son.” “Yes sir. I would. I like him very much,” Matt says, terror fading, because oh, it’s just Peter’s father. He’d thought something awful was happening, but no, people just wanted to be nosy because he wanted to work out a marriage. (Tony and Bucky and clinging to each other. Tony is crying from the effort not to laugh. Bucky has his face buried in Tony’s neck to smother the soft noises he can’t manage to choke back.)

“What can you offer my son?” Steve asks once he’s sure neither of his husbands are going to pass out. Matt frowns, thoughtful. “Well… I plan to be a magistrate, sir, once I finish all my studying. It will be a meager salary in the beginning but once I establish myself I should earn enough money to keep Peter comfortable. I like Peter very much,” he repeats, straightening his shoulders. “And if I could marry him, I–I’d be the happiest man in the world. Peter’s witty and clever and… and he doesn’t think my blindness is a hindrance at all. I think I love that the most.” Peter covers his cheeks and looks down at his feet, wide-eyed, because Matt said ‘love’ in front of his parents and brother and all these people staring at them and he doesn’t look ashamed about it. “I doubt I could pay what Peter’s really worth,” Matt adds seriously. “Peter is priceless. You’ll probably get offers from suitors more well-off than I. But I can promise that if you let me marry him, I would do my best to make him the happiest he can possibly be.”

“…Well,” Steve says after a moment, looking thoughtful. “I would have to discuss it with my mother. This hasn’t been done in our family for…decades.” Matt nods solemnly, then frowns, confused. “What hasn’t been done for decades?” “A prince marrying a commoner,” Steve explains. Matt nods. “Oh.” That makes sense. Matt wouldn’t want to ask Peter to do something without the queen’s okay if it was improper.

It takes a few seconds before Matt blurts out, “WHAT.” “I, uh,” Peter stutters. “I’m a pr–I wanted… surprise?” “WHAT,” Matt says again, and then frowns. “No wonder you had such soft hands.” “You’ve held my son’s hands?” Steve asks after a moment. “Absolutely not,” Matt lies. Steve likes him. He likes him enough that he waits until they’re back in the carriage and on their way back to the castle before he laughs and laughs.

(“That was really nice, Steve,” Tony says later, when they’re back at the castle and Peter has scuttled off to be embarrassed elsewhere. Harley has followed him with a grin that promised hours of good-natured ribbing. “You were really nice to Matt.” “Yeah,” Steve says, lips spreading into a wide smile just bordering on humor. “He performs well under pressure at least.” “You should tell your ma about him,” Bucky adds, and Steve nods in agreement. Tony smiles. Matt’s a perfectly likable person. He was glad they liked him even if it was short-lived.)

((Sarah tilts her head. “It’s been done before,” she admits after a moment. “My great-grandfather took a commoner as a wife. Peter’s an omega so he wasn’t going to inherit the throne before Harley. We’re on friendly terms with almost all of the neighboring kingdoms.” She frowns thoughtfully. “Let me look into this a little more and I’ll get back to you, but I’m leaning more toward yes.” Tony looks up from his needlepoint. “…Yes for what,” he asks after a moment, because she couldn’t be suggesting–that was preposterous, that just wouldn’t do–“I see no reason why Peter would not be able to marry Matt,” Sarah explains. Tony stares at her, stunned, then blurts out a horrified, “No! Absolutely not! It’s not done!” And in the end almost alienates his entire family from him.))

The tr io !!

Where The Sidewalk Ends (Pt. 4)

A Dean x Reader series

Part One | Part Two | Part Three

A/N: I’m sorry this took a bit to put out. This is the longest part I’ve written so far and I’m hoping that you’re enjoying each new part as much as you enjoyed the first. This is the first thing I’ve ever written that I am obsessed with and wish I had the time to write it ALL the time. Thank you to @manawhaat for betaing this from the beginning and having such faith in this series. You rock! Let me know what you guys think. I love hearing from you! xo

Word Count: 3,453

- language
- a little touchy feely action ;)
* I think that’s it but if I missed anything, let me know! 

Tags: @balthazars-muse @kayteonline @oriona75 @aprofoundbondwithdean @leatherwhiskeycoffeeplaid @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @sandlee44 @fvckinpayno @novaevelenekim @lunaticgraveyard @loveissupernatural @notsosweetbell @lilyoflothlorien @bookworm4ever99 @x0seriously0sad0x @green-foxxx @crzcorgi @blackmagicbutterfly75 @pulgapelayo18 @summerbummer2001 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @jotink78 @theerinpage @rizlowwritessortof @mrswhozeewhatsis @kermitsipshisliptontea
*I believe that’s everyone who asked. I’m so sorry if I missed anyone!

*gif is not mine.

After Dean had finally beaten you at lazer tag you both got into the Impala, sweat beading on both of your brows and heavy breaths pulling at your chests. You were urged to slap the smug grin off of his gorgeous face, that was until you remembered the kiss you’d shared with him just twenty minutes before. It was the memory of how his lips felt against yours that kept your eyes focused on the soft flesh.

You noticed the sweat glistening off his cupid’s bow and how his lips were always wet and begging to be kissed, due to his incessant habit of licking them. You wiped the sweat from your forehead and rolled down the window as Dean pulled away from the arcade.

“So, are we going to talk about how much of a cheater you are?” you asked, putting your hand out the window and letting the air move it in a wave motion. Dean scoffed.

“And how did I cheat exactly?”

‘Oh you fucking know how, you gorgeous jerk.’

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