you tell me that you love me so

i don’t even know how to comprehend that something I created has been seen by so many people – like holy damn. HOLY DAMN.

I’m done” she said as she stared blankly at the dark sky.
“I am tired of trying to get your attention, I can’t continue forcing this relationship anymore. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? Forced. Forced on my part because you don’t love me anymore and you feel too bad to tell me so instead you write it all over your face and wait until I finally, finally get the message. But the sad thing is I tried so hard to get you to love me because you are everything I ever wanted.
But I am done. You win, I officially have nothing else to offer you.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write

“When you work with a guy like Michael Jackson who when he was late, he was supposed to be in the studio at twelve and he showed up about quarter to one. He felt so terrible  for being late he apologized the whole session. The next day he sent a big giant basket because we’re talking about movies and how much I love movies. So he sent me this giant basket….Oh my goodness, it probably had 100 DVDs. It had popcorn, candy, all kinds of books and movie trivia, all kinds of stuff. Again the card said, ‘I’m very sorry for not respecting your time.”….I would say Mike, what time do you want to start tomorrow? He said, ‘Cory, you’re the boss. You tell me what time. If you want me here seven in the morning, I will be here at seven in the morning.’ He said, ‘You are the boss. Whatever you tell me.’” Cory Rooney

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I think Face The Music killed me. So when I saw Star Crushed, it briefly resurrected me only to kill me again. I was enjoying the Jarco so much, and the girlfriends hanging out was much loved. The ballad left me in shock. And the Starco killed me to a point the entire fandom feels. I mean. Star. You can't just. Tell your best friend you love him. And then LEAVE like that. SUMMER IS THE ABSOLUTE WORST

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I feel your pain

He Loves Me

Lafayette x Reader, but mostly Brother!Alexander x Sister!Reader as per requested 

Reader x Lafayette where the reader is Alex’s sister and Alex gets really overprotective when the reader tells him about her crush on Lafayette please? 

“He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not. He loves me, he loves me not,” you muttered as you were picking flower petals off of the daisy in your hand.

“He loves me!” you cried as you got to the last petal.

It was silly you knew that, but it was also kind of fun.

The man in question was Lafayette, one of your brother’s best friends. He was a great guy and you liked him a lot.

The only problem was your brother, Alexander. He was ridiculously overprotective of you, so getting close to anyone was a problem.

All of the sudden your brother barged into your room.

“Why are you doing that flower thing? Who is it?” he demanded to know.


“Who are you crushing on? I’m going to beat their ass.”

“If you’re going to beat them then why would I tell you!” you cried.

“Tell me!”






He groaned.

“Y/N, I’m just trying to take care of my littles sister. I don’t want you getting hurt.”

Your eyes softened as you looked at your brother.

“I know, I know. But you can’t take care of me forever, I need some freedom sometimes.”

“I know. I just don’t want you to grow up too fast. I’d miss you too much.”

You stood up from where you were sitting and walked over to him, wrapping him in a giant hug.

“No matter what, I’ll always be your little sister.”

“I love you Y/N.”

“I love you too Alex.”

“Will you tell me now?”

You groaned.

“Fine. It’s Lafayette.”




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*shrieks* YES AS YOU WISH :D

send me a ship & i’ll tell you…

  • who is more likely to hurt the other?
    Suga, with his sometimes too rough love taps (he doesn’t know his own strength & Daichi knows this).

  • who is emotionally stronger?
    Daichi; it takes a lot to get him down and he has the patience of a saint. Suga is (canonically) prone to insecurities and overthinking so Daichi helps ground him.

  • who is physically stronger?
    Daichi’s built in a broader way so he simply develops more muscle than Suga can. Suga is still strong but in a more lithe manner.

  • who is more likely to break a bone?
    Suga will break other people’s bones (in my mind anyway, I hc him as growing up practicing martial arts sooo…) That aside, probably Daichi? It’d either be from a really great reason (like rescuing a cat from a tree & falling or coming to defend someone’s honor) or a really dumb one (tripping over the cat & falling down the stairs).

  • who knows best what to say to upset the other?
    But why?? Honestly they both know each other so well that they know what would upset the other but they’re not that petty to go for the low blow during the rare occurrences they have serious arguments.

  • who is most likely to apologise first after an argument?
    Daichi–he doesn’t like prolonging those things & he hates when they’re at odds with one another. Suga is stubborn and will hold on to his irritation but he doesn’t like keeping tension between them either, so they get over their differences pretty quickly.

  • who treats who’s wounds more often?
    Daichi is surprisingly clumsy–he bumps his hip against corners, trips over the cat, drops pans on his toes, slams his shoulder into the doorframe on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night–but Suga enjoys patching him up.

  • who is in constant need of comfort?
    Not constant but Suga is known to overthink and submit to insecurities after a while so Daichi can tell when he needs a reminder or just a shoulder to lean on.

  • who gets more jealous?
    Neither of them gets jealous easily but Daichi might feel a twinge of it more often than Suga.

  • who’s most likely to walk out on the other?

  • who will propose?
    I hc Daichi as a hopeless romantic so he would probably really enjoy planning a proposal.

  • who has the most difficult parents?
    Daichi’s parents took a little longer to come around to their son dating another guy but eventually they did. They’re just rather strict and traditional but once they saw how happy Suga makes Daichi, they gave him a chance.

  • who initiates hand-holding when they’re out in public?
    Suga, more often! Daichi doesn’t mind but Suga is just naturally more tactile and he likes people to know who Daichi is with.

  • who comes up for the other all the time?
    I’m…not sure what this question is asking tbh

  • who hogs the blankets?
    Suga is smol and fierce and he absolutely hogs the blankets. Thankfully Daichi is rather hot-natured so it doesn’t bother him so much (he just snuggles close if he gets a chill).

  • who gets more sad?
    Neither of them is particularly prone to long periods of sadness; they’re so supportive of one another and know each other so well that they can pick each other up pretty quickly after one starts feeling blue.

  • who is better at cheering the other up?
    They’re both pretty good at it although just Suga’s smile is usually enough to lift Daichi’s spirits quite a bit.

  • who’s the one that playfully slaps the other all the time after they make silly jokes?
    Suga, hands down. Daichi will do shoulder-bumps though.

  • who is more streetwise?
    Suga; his parents taught him the importance of being independent and knowing how to care for himself in any situation.

  • who is more wise?
    Daichi. Suga likes to tease him for it but Daichi’s really pretty good at giving advice.

  • who’s the shyest?
    At the beginning of their relationship, Daichi for sure. He slowly learned the things that fluster Suga, though (and often implements them when Suga has been teasing him too often).

  • who boasts about the other more?
    Suga loves to brag about Daichi (which embarrasses him but he can’t say anything bc he’ll be the first to boast about the latest thing Suga has done to anyone who shows even the smallest hint of interest so I guess technically Daichi lol).

  • who sits on who’s lap?
    I mean, Daichi’s thighs were made for sitting on so…Suga (though Daichi will sit on Suga & refuse to move when he’s being insufferable).
Please Stay Alive

I may not know you all, but I’m glad you are all here. I remember when I felt like my life didn’t amount to much but every time I thought of dying I saw everyone I knew crying over my casket and how much that image hurt me. I remember a kid in my class suddenly died. It wasn’t suicide, but I remember seeing his face in the announcement and recognizing him and it registering that he wasn’t alive anymore. Everyone was so affected by it and it made me want to believe that when you die, everyone that saw you and interacted with you will be affected. I don’t believe dying solves any problems. It takes away the opportunity for you to love more in life. It takes away future stories to tell. It takes away your chances of seeing people grow up and change. It takes away the people you could influence and the happiness that would have been there. It doesn’t solve anything.

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Hey! So I've just watch the Catch me mv and I feel in love with their visuals and voices, can you tell me where can I know more about them? And tell me how is each member? Thank you ♡♡

Ahh of course I’d love to help you out! 

Well I’ll start by telling you that these girls were previously already a group named Minx (minus Gahyeon and Handong as they only joined now) but they weren’t that famous or got nearly as much reception as they are now. Happyface Entertainment decided to disband them in around 2015. They’ve just come back now as a new group named Dreamcatcher with their debut MV “Chase Me”!

I’ll go in order of age for each member.

So the oldest and the leader of Dreamcatcher is Jiu.

She’s an absolute angel, she has “fake makane” tendencies which means she’ll act all childish even though she’s much much older than the maknae of the group, she’s very very sweet and friendly. On her fan cafe posts she often calls the members by “my kids” or “the kids” when referring to them. She seems extremely close to Handong even though Handong is a new member and obviously hasn’t known her as long as the others and I think that gives you and idea of how inviting and friendly Jiu really is.

The next is Sua

She’s the main dancer and even so she shows her amazing vocal abilities. She’s also very sweet, she can be seen as extremely confident on stage but really she’s a total softie. She’ll always be clinging onto the other members or staying around them in behind the scenes videos. Sua radiates a literal aura of beauty and flawlessness like I can’t even explain, and at heart she’s a real dork.

This is Siyeon

Siyeon has the most powerful vocals and has actually hit some near whistle notes if you listen closely at the end of “Why Did You Come To My Home” back in their Minx days. Siyeon can seem a little intimadating at first but she’s really all witty humour and fake coldness. Siyeon is actually very soft at heart, she literally spent 10 minutes calling after a little cat to come to her in the behind the scenes of their MV filming. She makes lots of cute faces off stage with her dongsaengs and seems to be an overall amazing big sister.

This is Handong!

You’d think Handong would find it hard fitting in as a new member and the only foreign one(she is from China!) as well,but the girls have been nothing but warm and close and loving. They all seem like the best of friends and Handong is no different, she’s always hanging around the member’s and trying her best in speaking korean, even if she might be a little confused with what she’s pronouncing she’ll still play it off perfectly and confidently.

Now we have Yoohyeon

Yoohyeon is and absolutely adorable member, she’s always clinging to her fellow members and being extremely touchy and cuddly with them. Yoohyeon is also very playful and sweet and is often joking around with the maknae. She’s also very dorky and confident about it, she loves overwatch and she’s a pro at doing silly things and still looking adorable. She’s really funny and sweet and can be extremely hilarious like pretending to accept a Miss Korea award and dramatically thanking her family and friends (which she did in a behind the scenes Dreamcatcher’s note episode.)

Next we have another 97′ liner, Dami

Dami can come off as reserved or uninterested by she’s just very soft spoken, you really see her social side come out around the fans or when another one of the members is being extremely extra… which is quite often. Dami is super adorable in the sense that she can even imitate the sounds of chirping birds and still has such a great confident and sexy stage presence. She masters being an intriguing rapper and being sweet and caring to the fans off stage.

Finally we have our maknae Gahyeon!

Gahyeon is extremely wonderful. She’s a general light and everyone literally gravitates towards her. If i have to say anything it’s that Gahyeon loves makes dorky faces, she’s great at them and she also looks so cute. Gahyeon has such a compelling and interesting stage presence while being an absolutely adorable puppy off stage. She’s the type to be following around her unnie and bothering them with dumb questions just because she can. Gahyeon is super super cute in every way while also being extremely beautiful.

You can learn more about them by watching their “Dreamcatcher’s Note” episodes on Happyface Entertainment’s Youtube Channel. Also here’s a link to a playlist I made if you want a cute intro to their personalities.

And thats all I have for the members! I hope this helped you get a feel for their personalities! I love these girls with all my heart, they really deserve it all.

NCT DREAM-Reaction to where they get jealous of how close you are with Seventeen members.

Request Open!

-Main Admin,M.

Mark: ¨why are you always talking with Vernon?¨

¨mark are you jealous?¨


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Haechan: ¨yah!, y/n, i´m here, i like dino too but i am your bf¨ 

¨haechan, i wrote a song for them and he was telling me that he really like it¨ 

¨ahh, but…still…. you know…but you love me more right¨

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Jeno: ¨y/n, Why are you spending so much time with seungkwan?¨you are haechan

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Renjun: ¨it´s cold, y/n, let me warm you up¨ (he would get really touchy) youarejisung

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Jaemin: ¨oh, here you are, y/n, we have to go, it´s movie date tonight¨ (says that when you are talking with the8.)

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Chenle: would try to catch your attention but would end up embarresing himself.

¨hey!, y/n!¨ table falls

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Jisung:   ¨oh, it´s woozi hyung¨ would see you have been talking to him a lot so will try to join the conversation ¨do you want to eat y/n?¨

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[Today officially marks four years since I first shyly ventured into the world of RPing, since I first tried my hand at writing a character that is so impossibly important to me and I cannot begin to tell you how incredible of a journey it has been. I have had the honour and the privilege of writing with so many of you, of getting you know you. Every single person I have met has such boundless talent, such an earnest passion for their character that I never cease to be awed and amazed by each and every one of you. You all inspire me more than you know. Not only with your writing but with your endless kindness- so many of you have reached out to me, have offered me a kind word when I so desperately needed it and I consider you all my dearest friends. I had no idea when I first started out where this path would lead, could never have fathomed all the incredible times I would have, the cherished memories I would make or the people that I would share them with. 

So thank you. Thank you each and every one of you. Thank you to those who have supported me, those that watch out for me (you know who you are <3), those that write with me, and even those of you that watch from afar. You are all so cherished to me and I am ever wishing you every possible happiness. Never doubt that you are treasured or that you are loved. Thank you for making these last 4 years so amazing, and here is to all the many memories to come.]

Hellooooooo there everyone! I haven’t done a FF in….forever! Here are some people who I really appreciate/who mean a ton to me. Thank you so much for sticking with me !

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pretty rad mutuals: @very-distressed-dolphin @otacone @sunyshorecity @sunimacrud @pugtears @protobro @goomy-is-love @b-anora

sorry this is so short, but I really love and appreciate all of you! have a peaceful and wonderful rest of your evening/day!

Dear Lou,

Did I tell you how lucky I am to have you as my partner? Husband? Boyfriend? Best friend? Because I really fucking am. Out of all the people in this world, you chose me. I saw you writing some songs a while ago while humming to an unknown tune that would probably be in your album, then I thought to myself how did my plain old self got you to love me again? You’re the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on. (except for our kids someday, maybe) You just fucking glow, okay? You’re perfect in so many ways I can’t even begin where, maybe I’ll start with your personality. You never let the atmosphere in the room be gloomy or sad or dull. You take your glow with you everywhere you go. I don’t know how you do it but I love you. And then your voice, oh how i love that raspy high-pitched voice of yours. Especially when you belt out the songs you made for me or you scream my name so loud I’m afraid you’ll lose your voice. (please don’t hit me when you read this part) Then there’s your eyes. The bluest of the blues. When I first saw you, your eyes got me hooked. (your penis too) It’s so kind and deep and I don’t know what I’m saying anymore it’s hard to write with you watching me like a hawk behind my back, knock it off love. Anyways going back, last is your ass. Would I forget your ass? Of course not. The only ass big enough to fit my hands. We’re really made for each other aren’t we? You have lots of perfect traits because even your nails are perfect. But I have to cut this short because you’re approaching me and you look so hot. (i have no doubt we’ll fuck after this) So bye my perfect little husband. Don’t get tired of me, ‘kay? All the love. Harry Tomlinson

Cautionary Tale with Sara Quin
  • <p> <b>Tegan:</b> Where do you want us to sign you? You think that's a good decision?<p/><b>Sara:</b> I need to go through a series of questions before I'll do that. How old are you? You're 21.<p/><b>Tegan:</b> Go through them fast.<p/><b>Sara:</b> Let me tell you a few things that happened while I was 21. Let me paint a picture for you. I'm living in Vancouver BC. I have a girlfriend. We have a bird. We have a love bird, it's called Nick.<p/><b>Audience:</b> NICK CAGE!!<p/><b>Sara:</b> We think it's a he until he laid an egg. And then, we were like it's a girl. So, cool. We bought a 900$ couch from IKEA. That was big. That was a big deal. We lived above our means. If you know what that means. That basically means we spend way more money than what we were actually bringing in. Uhmm.. I got a tattoo with that girl when we broke up, to celebrate.. uhh..<p/><b>Tegan:</b> The breakup??<p/><b>Sara:</b> We celebrated the completeness that we felt with each other at the time of our breakup. She has not spoken to me in 11 years. So, and I say this because I probably deserved it. But I now have a circle on my body that just basically.. that just puts in my face almost daily about how wrong I was about life and about what was gonna happen in my future. And I tell you this just as a cautionary tale. Because a lot of people at 21 love our band, but now at 31 don't like our band. And I worry for you that you might be like, what if we just did initials?<p/><b>Tegan:</b> But you give her the lecture, you still want it?<p/><b>Sara:</b> Are you sure? I could've told her anything. She'd be like "Yeah, yeah put in on me"<p/></p>

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Hey Jenna, I notice in your videos you sometimes say that " healthy food is the devil " ha. I'm just saying this because I care about ya, not trying to tell ya what to do at all because nobody can tell you what to do :) Something my mom told me to push me to eat healthier was " you're a writer right? So wouldn't you rather treat your body right, and feed it the best food possible? So you can live a longer life and do what you love a lot longer, and produce more excellent books? Love ya Jenna :)

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hi. i've messaged you about this before but that skysolo domestic au of yours is literally the most precious thing ever and probably my favorite han/luke fic. i was wondering if you had any cute hcs about their lil family cause i'm kind of in a rut rn and that stuff always cheers me up :3

hello, love!!! i’m sorry it took me so long to get to this!! i’ve been in a little bit of a rut too, and i had a long reply with lots of info,  but then i refreshed the page and it all got deleted D: so i’ll try to recreate it!!! 

thank you SO much for telling me that you liked what i have so far!!! i love this au so much and it’s mine and @lukeskyliquor‘s pride and joy!! it means so much to me that you like it, and i know it means a lot to them too!!! 

you inspired me to publish a new installment to the au that i’ve been holding onto for a while!!! so thank you very much!!! i’ll still give you a ton of headcanons tho ;) 

  • rey loves being outside, regardless of the weather. she loves running around in the sun (”babe, what if she gets dehydrated or sunburned?” “han, she’ll be fine. we put sunscreen on her, and we have water and popsicles here.”), and waddling straight to the water at the beach, water wings and all ( “babe, what if she gets knocked over by a wave???” “han, she’ll be fine. we’re going in with her, and we’ll keep an eye on her.”), jumping in the leaves in the fall ( “babe, what if she lands on a stick and hurts herself?????” “han, she’ll be fine. we’ll take all the sticks out of the leaf pile.”), climbing up trees in the spring ( “babe, what if she falls???” “han, she’ll be fine. we’ll catch her.”), jumping in puddles after/while it rains ( “babe, what if she gets a cold???” “han, she’ll be fine. we’ll and playing in the snow in the  winter ( “babe, what if she falls into a snowbank and freezes to death???” “han, she’ll be fine. we’ll scoop her up and take her inside and give her a warm bath.”). she’s always jumping up and down and smacking her hands against the window like “’side???” at all times. 
  • ben likes the Aesthetic of outside, but he doesn’t really like getting wet/cold/sweaty. he tends to do really low-key activities. while rey runs around through the sprinkler in the back yard, ben sits in the dirt with luke and helps him garden, or just plays with worms. at the beach, he runs up to the shore with his little bucket and scoops up as many shells as he can, and then runs back before his toes get cold. he and his daddy organize the shells by size and make sand castles (and bury han when he falls asleep). he loves the pretty colors when the leaves change, and collects leaves and tries to draw them. he likes to sit by the window and watch the rain, but he usually ends up falling asleep. and he thinks the snow is pretty, but if he gets it in his gloves or on his face, he fusses and has to be brought inside. the first time he saw snow when he was a baby he was like :o!!!! and went to touch it and then pulled his hand back and Screamed bc he didn’t like the cold!! but he likes to be pulled around on his sled through the snow!! 
  • ben is nonverbal for most of his childhood and speaks almost exclusively asl, whereas rey is a total chatterbox and is always jumping around and singing and shouting
  • rey hates baths and often ends up escaping from the bathtub on multiple occasions. it’s not uncommon in the summer for her to shoot out the front door, covered in bubbles and run around in the front yard 
  • han’s the storytime dad, and he’s created this amazing, elaborate fantasy  world that he tells stories about. and the kids Love the stories about the space pirate, and the princess (and her pilot wife “that’s auntie evaan!!!!!”), and the hero defeating the Scary Guy In The Helmet (anakin gets a kick out of being the villain in his son-and-law/business partner’s story). and whenever someone else babysits, the kids Demand a story in han’s space fairytale world. 
  • we already know ben was born on halloween (he’s a little scorpio, so he’s sister signs with his taurus daddy!!!), but rey was born at the height of summer when it was crazy hot (and she’s a gemini, so she’s sister signs with her sagittarius papa!)–and where ben was like 2-3 weeks late, she came a whole month early!! 
  • artoo is luke’s therapy frenchie and he Loves the kids!!! when they’re occupied with taking care of baby rey, he keeps ben entertained by chasing him around the house and licking him until he squeals !!! and then when rey gets older, he chases her around too!!! 
  • ben was the easiest baby to take care of. it took him a long time to Get there, but once he did he was very well behaved. all he did was sleep, and he kept falling asleep with his bottle and they’d have to rub his fat little cheeks to wake him up!! but rey on the other hand…..she’s a real piece of work. she hates going to sleep, and she fusses and cries All The Time, which they totally weren’t expecting. and they bring her home, and they’re stuck getting up in the middle of the night to try whatever they can to get her back to sleep. (she hates sleeping. it means she’s missing the action!)
  • ben was a late bloomer and took his time with everything. he didn’t walk until he was older than expected because he liked being carried around. and it really worried han a little (because everything worries han), but luke assured him that “he’ll walk when he has somewhere he really wants to go.” and sure enough, one day, he just waddled over to luke and plopped into his lap. rey, on the other hand, was crawling and scooting around pretty early, and she kept trying to run before she really knew how to walk. she gives han heart attacks twice daily. 
  • as previously established, han is the helicopter dad. as soon as he finds out they’re having a baby, he goes out and babyproofs the entire house even though it’s gonna take a long time for the baby to get there, and once they do, they’re not gonna be up and moving for a while, so there’s little chance of getting hurt. but it makes him feel better to know that he’s at least doing Something. and he practices swaddling the  dog and carrying him around the house like a baby, which artoo hates, and keeps wiggling and eventually shakes the blanket off.
  •  he fusses and fawns over every little thing, and definitely does a lot of impulse buying. like they’ll be out  trying to find a stroller, and luke reminds him that “we’re just getting a stroller today, nothing extra.” and then han shows up with an armful of onesies like “okay i know you said nothing extra but LOOK AT THIS. it has a DOG on it. WE have a dog.” they set up this system where every time han wants to buy something impulsive for the baby ( “we’re not getting that giant teddy bear. it won’t even fit in their room. and it’s fifty dollars, han, no way…”), he puts a dollar or two into their college fund instead. 
  • whenever luke does yoga, his kids always want to climb all over him, or imitate him, or crawl under his bridges or between his feet. he’s gotten used to working out with one or both of his babies on his back. 

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Hi! I will be honest. I am kind of a new army. And at first i was a Jungkook stan BUT ( 'coz there is always a but) my friend who introduced me to them (and into kpop by the way) clearly show me that she loves him more than me. Sooooo i fallen in live with V's beautiful voice and since then i haven't see Jungkook as before. What i want to tell is that following your blog is making me love him again and i am grateful for this 'cause i don't want to neglect any of them. Thank you. I love your blog

HOLY SHIT SGSHSJSK FR ??!! 🙊🙊🙊🙊 I MADE YOU FALL FOR JUNGKOOK AGAIN 🙈🙈🙈❤❤❤💙💚💛💜 Well damn , my job to turn everyone into kookie stans , is slowly working 😏👌👌👌 Jungkook is such a precious bun ❤ I’m so happy to hear that you like him again 😻😻😻

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I've never sent you an ask off Anon before but I saw that other anon tell you to kill yourself and I really wanted to say something. You, have been such a good and happy thing in my life, your blog really helps me in trying times, you're so willing to help others and the pink on your blog is so comforting to me, I love pink, it makes me happy, just like this blog. I'm so sorry people are sending you hate like that. But just know you've helped people, and we care and love you.

This is going to make me cry omg… you’re honestly such a sweetheart and I appreciate this message so much. Thank you. I’m so delighted that my blog can bring you happiness and comfort! That’s what I’m all about.

You guys don’t need to worry. Anons like that don’t bother me at all, usually I just delete them but I felt like being silly I guess haha. Thank you guys, as always, for supporting me and being so kind. Ily ✨

I think that you should take your time,
I’m begging you to wait,
Cause things are going well now,
And I’m finally okay.

I know this isn’t how you wanted me to live my life,
So take your time in finding out,
Let’s stay like this a little while,
With only good feelings allowed.

If you could please just take it all,
All the time in the world,
Never find out my dirty secrets,
Your ignorance won’t get old.

If you knew what I really was,
You’d be so disappointed.
You worked so hard to fix me,
But my thoughts are still disjointed.

I can’t focus to do this right,
The way that you deserve,
And I can’t tell you that I’ve failed,
I can’t work up the nerve.

I wish that you could love me,
Unconditionally too,
The way that I have always,
Had no choice but to love you.

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Nothing is happening so i just came across with some concert that Taylor gave in Sidney in 2009, and let me tell you, she's born for this, the charisma, the smile, the enthusiasm, spontaneity , she's the show ... at 19 ... in a simple stage, she has a crowd sing/scream Love Story to her, shouldn't surprise me, but I'm always amazed by her, watching this old videos she could only become the star she is today.

me too! old videos are a great way to pass the time! especially if you luck out and find one you’ve never seen. 

I like this version of Love Story, the one from the boat in Paris,…  the sound of it kind of sort of sounds like a transition from ‘old’ to ‘new’ Love Story ……… if that makes any sense.