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Oh my word! Your first encounter drabble with Allen was absolutely amazing! I just found your blog and I love your writing!! So you also wrote headcannons for the face family with an independent, strong s.o, could you please do some with a shy, sweet, innocent s.o? I can't wait to readmore of your work!

((ahhh I’m so happy~ Thank you so so so much! My first headcanon was with the allies, so I’ll include all of them for this too. Again, thank you sooo much!))

2p!America/Allen F. Jones:
- He doesn’t believe someone so pure could be real in such a fucked up world.
- There must be some darkness in your heart! 
- Al confronts you on it and… ends up making you cry (shame on you Al).
- So he tries to be nicer. Tries to understand you.
- And soon he understands that you need to be protected at all costs.
- Nobody’s gonna corrupt his little angel.
- You’re probably too shy to do anything about this, so he’ll continue working on his own accord.
- Eventually he’ll cross a line, and you’ll gather enough courage to tell him off (you go gurl).
- Al doesn’t take this very well. He’s just protecting you! You should be thankful! How dare you?!
- Riding on emotion, Al will lash out at you. That’s when he’ll see how absolutely terrified you look… and he’ll fall in love with that expression.
- After that, well… good luck.

2p!Canada/James Williams:
- He doesn’t really care
- until you show him some kindness
- then you’ve got him hooked.
- He wants more, so you’ll keep seeing him here and there and… well, everywhere.
- He wants to protect you, but he’s more discreet about it. You’ll never know it’s him watching over you from the shadows.
- James would continue building a relationship with you, trying to be as ‘normal’ as possible
- until something sent him over the edge (ex. a situation that put you in danger)
- It’s then he has a revelation and realises only he can keep you safe. 
- He’ll take you somewhere remote and assure you it’s in your best interest, though he can’t help wondering if he’s being selfish…

2p!China/Xiao Wang:
- He thinks you’re adorable.
- Likes pushing you out of your comfort zone. He just wants you to have fun!
- Loves teasing you
- but if anyone else teases you, they’ll get their ass kicked.
- Sometimes Xiao gets annoyed by how kind you can be (you should only be kind towards him).
- He takes it upon himself to teach you the dangers of the world. Most people would say his methods are unconventional, but he just wants you to understand why he worries about you!
- Of course, before any real harm can come to you, Xiao swoops in and saves you (probably from some thugs who cornered you in an alleyway).
- If you still struggle to see his side of things, well, he just won’t let you outside. It’s too dangerous anyway, so you might as well stay inside. Don’t worry, he’ll take good care of you~

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland:
- He’s so in love.
- You make his lil heart melt all the time with your sweet words, your cute smile, and your little giggles~
- Oliver’s favourite thing to do is make you blush, which is ironic considering how easy it is to make him blush.
- He obsesses over how vulnerable you are. There’s no mercy for innocent little things like you. 
- Despite you trying to reassure him, Oliver takes it upon himself to protect you from the world
- but soon all he’s doing is keeping you inside all day, insisting you don’t need to go outside for anything so long as you have him.
- You won’t confront him because confrontation is scary, and Oliver can be scary, too, so you decide to go out without saying anything.
- Bad idea.
- Oliver finds you while you’re out and drags you somewhere more private, accusing you of trying to leave him. 
- He won’t listen to anything you have to say. He’ll just knock you out and take you home, where he can make sure you’re kept safe and sound.

2p!France/François Bonnefoy:
- He thinks you’re faking it.
- You’ll have to show him a bit of kindness before he would take any interest in you. And he wouldn’t be too nice in the beginning.
- He wouldn’t go out of his way, but he’d try finding any darkness within you.
- Eventually he’ll push just the right button and watch you break down… but there’s still no darkness.
- Francois will comfort you to the best of his abilities (probably just pat your head or something) and maybe utter a very quick apology. If you forgive him, he’ll be confused, but… relieved? 
- Starts hanging out with you more whenever he has time.
- Being around you makes him feel good. He can’t explain why tho.
- He won’t do much else… unless someone tries moving in on you.
- Whether it’s a love interest or just a friend, Francois won’t stand for it. He wants you all to himself. Why should anyone else be blessed with your presence?
- He’s not very outspoken about this - or anything really - so it’s an internal battle that he eventually settles by keeping you shut away.
- You’re not being held captive, but it’s encouraged that you stay inside at all times. If you voice your doubts at all, Francois will use some pretty cruel manipulation against you. (”How much do you love your family/friends?”).

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky:
- He doesn’t really like you at first.
- He thinks you’re a wuss.
- Despite this, he’s always open to lending a hand whenever you need it.
- Eventually he realises there’s no real reason to dislike you. Maybe he was just being cautious in case you tried to stab him in the back.
- Viktor warms up to you, like a standoffish cat whose affection you finally earned.
- The more time Viktor spends with you, the more he sees how vulnerable you are.
- He comes to love your innocent personality, and the thought of anyone taking that away makes him anxious.
- He battles with his emotions behind a stoic face until he decides you’re safest under his care.
- Nothing causes him to snap, he just does what he decides is best and locks you away from the world.

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EXO reacts to first kiss

Sehun:“Take two?” *he messes up on the first try*

Kai: “Wait, I wasn’t ready! One more time, please?”

Tao: He would be very shy about it.

D.O: “I feel all warm and tingly now. I like it.”

Chanyeol :Get ready to hear a bunch of “Okay, but you were lying about the first kiss thing right?” for the next week *he wouldn’t believe that it was both of your guys first kiss*

  Chen: *when you tell him its your first kiss also* Gurl don’t lie to me

Baekyun: “Okay but before we kiss you HAVE to let me fix your eyeliner, because its crooked on that side .”

Lay:*patiently waits till you tell him if you liked it or not*

Suho: *He would not be able to stop talking about it once its over*

Kris: “Who wouldn’t wanna have their first kiss with Kris.” *He gets cocky asf*

Luhan: well, seeing as this is an important moment I think we should film it now!

Xiumin: “Can I have one more…please?” *Does aegyo*

Enjoy!  If you have a request’s for a reaction or imagine or confession, feel free to let me know<3…

EXO reaction to you coming home after a street fight

i do take requests so any one can see me any request ..

here is it for you sweetie XD


Xiumin : *sad* why did you get into a street fight ? why didn’t you call me ?

Luhan : OMG gurl you look scary .. what happened *when you tell him he hugs you and scold you*

kris : omg gurl your bloody face is not my style .. come here baby *hugs you and kiss your cheek*

Suho : sorry baby girl that i couldnt protect you …. come here i’ll take you to the hospital 

lay : come here jagiya .. i’ll heal your wounds with my healing power

baekhyun :  OMG jagiya what happened … come here let take care of you and your wounds

Chanyeol : *when you comes in* OMG what happened !!

Chen : *looks at you and takes care of your wounds* why didn’t you call me … you know that i don’t wanna lose you ..

Kyungsoo : *takes care of your wounds and cooking for you * well … please take care and dont get in street fights again .. i dont want to see you like that again 

tao : omg what happened to you .. tell me who did that to you and i’ll wushu them up for you 

kai : please dont do that again .. it hurts me to see the one i love getting hurt like that 

Sehun : so you won the fight YEHET that’s my girl !!!! and then he hugs you with your bloody self XD

Exo reaction of them going with you to get your first tattoo

Of course i can ^^i assume that you two are together if i’m wrong please tell me if that’s not what you had in mind ^^Here it is :3 Enjoy :D

Suho:*when he sees you in pain* jagi….jagiya… does it hurt? 
Y/N: alittle yea but it’s okay…
Suho: i don’t like this.. i don’t like it if it hurts you…

Baekhyun:*when you show him what kind of tattoo you want* WOAAAH  jagiyaa that’s so cool. I like it 

Chanyeol:*blows you a kiss when he sees you in pain* don’t worry jagi it’s almost over you can do it

D.O:what do you mean you want to get that tattoo?what happened to the date we first met?

Kai: *when you decide to get the tattoo right above your chest*oh i like that place…a lot but that’s for my eyes only got it?

Sehun:*starts imitating your faces*
Y/N:stop it really hurts
Sehun: well your the one who decided to get it 

Xiumin:*when you tell him you want the tattoo on your hip*gurl don’t come crying to me when it’s going to hurt like hell

Luhan:*does aegyo to make you look at him and not focus on the pain so much* jagi look at mee….aren’t i cute?

Kris: Can i draw your tattoo?
Y/N: oh no you don’t have to 
Kris: don’t worry just call me picasso the second…*draws a horse* here you go

Lay: *when you tell him you want a tattoo done on your arm* but jagi why do you want to have such a big one it will ruin your beautiful skin…
Y/N: but i want one
Lay: then have a smaller one on your wrist.. it’s cuter anyways  

Chen: Can we have matching ones? please?

Tao:*the tattoo artists explains everything to you*

Y/N: tao they don’t have cake here…
Tao: how dare you bring me to a place where there is no cake?

Gifs not mine

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my boyfriend dumped me because i told him i cut and have a drug habit and he said i was disgusting which hurt me so i fucked two of his friends and then 2 days later he said he wanted me back. If i tell him will he leave again?

you go gurl you tell that mother fucker whats up, next time fuck his brother if he has one