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Well, This Is Awkward *Requested*

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Warnings: Like 99% smut

Words: 1,200

Could you write a fic where you are Ricks daughter, and when you get to alexandia you finally confess to Daryl, Him and the reader get together and Rick walks in on them having sex?? I wanna see how you would write Rick reacting to it. ❤❤❤

You promised yourself that you would tell Daryl how you really felt about him. However, it’s been months since you made that promise. It scared you to death that if you told him, it would ruin the amazing friendship that had formed. Daryl told you everything and you told him everything. You didn’t know if you could risk losing him like that.

Settling in a place like Alexandria, you thought nonstop about telling him the truth. For once in a very long time there was nothing terribly serious to worry about and you had another shot at a real life (considering the circumstances). “Here goes nothing.” You told yourself, walking over to Daryl.

“Uh, I was.. uh wondering if you would like to come over for dinner tonight?” You asked Daryl. “Why? Yer Dad need to talk about somethin’?” He asked, noticing your strange behavior. “No.. no it’ll just be us. Kinda like old times.” You said smiling a bit, referring to when you were alone with him after the prison fell. “We haven’t talked in a while so I thought it would be nice.” You added. He just shrugged and nodded.


You sat across from Daryl at the kitchen table, neither of you have said a word in the past twenty minutes. You pushed a piece of broccoli around your plate with a fork, uninterested in eating, which was completely unlike you. You were a nervous wreck. “Where’s Rick and Carl?” Daryl asked and your eyes snapped up to him. “Oh, um, Dad’s with Michonne doing some sort of meeting, preparing for their new ‘jobs’. And Carl is at Ron’s, playing video games.” You told him, he chewed on his bottom lip and nodded.

You were too busy trying to come up with something to say to notice that Daryl hadn’t taken his eyes off of your lips. “I should get goin’.” He said, blinking his eyes a few times. He slid his chair back and stood up, heading for the door. “Wait!” You exclaimed and cringed at how loud that came out. Daryl turned around and gave you a questioning look. “There’s something I need to tell you.” You said, now standing in front of him. You took in a sharp shaky breath. “I love you.. So much.. Probably more than anyone could ever love another person.” you said, spilling your heart out to him.

“Daryl, please say something.” you begged him. Every second that he didn’t speak was like a dagger to your heart.

“If you want me to stop, just tell me.” You said, taking another leap of faith. You slowly brought your lips to his, giving him a soft kiss, the contact alone sent chills throughout your body. You didn’t feel him resist at all so you took it as an opportunity to keep going. Daryl started to kiss back and you smiled against his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. His tongue slowly slid into your mouth and you moaned tightening your grip on him. “I need you.” you whispered into his ear and that seemed to flip a switch. You felt your feet leave the floor as Daryl lifted you up and carried you towards your bedroom. You were laughing the whole time, kissing and sucking on Daryls neck.

He carelessly tossed you on the bed and climbed on top of you, trailing kisses from your chest all the way up to your lips. Daryl took off your shirt and he was about to take off his own, but you stopped him. “I wanna do this part.” you told him as you slowly started to unbutton his shirt. You slid the fabric across his shoulders and ran your hands over his chest. He unclasped your bra and leaned himself against you, capturing your lips once more in a heated kiss. His hands slid down to unbutton your jeans with a skilled hand and he cupped you between the your legs, feeling how wet you were for him. Daryl got up and pulled your jeans down along with your panties. A feeling of possessiveness surged through him, seeing you lying in front of him completely naked. He quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled down his jeans.

You bit your lip when he slid his boxers of and kicked them to the side. You grabbed his arm and pulled him on top of you. He took the blanket and covered the both of you with it, noticing you were a little cold. “Please.. Daryl..” you sighed, wrapping your legs around his waist. He grabbed ahold of himself and slid his cock up and down your folds. “Fuck..” He groaned as he entered you and your hands tugged at his hair. Daryl moved in and out of you slowly, making sure you felt all of him and you began to thrust your hips up to match his rhythm.

“(Y/N), I need your help with something.” Rick said as he swung your bedroom door open, not bothering to knock. “Ahh!” You screamed and wrenched the blankets higher to cover yourself. Ricks eyes widened and stormed out of your room with a furious look on his face. You looked at Daryl with your mouth hanging open and quickly untangled yourself from him. You hurriedly pulled your pants and shirt back on and Daryl did the same.


“Get out. Now.” Rick told Daryl sternly, as soon as the both of you entered the kitchen. “Liste-.” Daryl began. “I said now!” Rick shouted and you flinched. Daryl gave you a worried look as if to ask “are you gonna be ok?” and you nodded. You watched as Daryl left and shut the door behind him. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Rick yelled at you. “Dad stop it! I’m not a child anymore!” You yelled back at him. “When are you going to start treating me like an adult?” You asked. “Maybe when you start acting like one.” he answered sharply.

“It’s Daryl.. You know him. His character. He’s one of the very few people you actually trust.” You told him. You knew you had him there, Daryl was your Fathers right hand man. “I love him..” you said and Ricks expression softened.

“How long has this been going on?” he asked after a few moments. “I felt this way about him since forever, but it sorta just happened today.” you said awkwardly looking at the floor. This was the most uncomfortable situation you’ve ever been in. Rick let out a defeated sigh and ran his hand across his face. “Ok. You win.” he told you shaking his head and you looked up at him surprised. “Really? That’s a first.” you said smirking at him. “Thanks Dad.” You said giving him a hug. “Go and get him, before I change my mind.” he said and you let out a laugh.

“You really do need a lesson on boundaries 101.” You told your Father before you walked out the front door.

HI GUYS! Hope you liked this! It was a lot of fun writing Ricks part lol.

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Being Ricks Daughter and secretly dating Daryl would include..

••hope its as requested! ••

— Rick telling you constantly that nobody is good enough for you and that he must approve who you date.

— Your father constantly asking you if you’re seeing anybody and you telling him “no” giggling to yourself as you look at Daryl.

— Sneaking out of the house after Rick and Carl have fallen asleep and going to Daryl’s house to watch movies.

— Telling your father that Daryl is training you to go on runs so you can spend more time with Daryl.

— Daryl pulling you into a close by room to have a quick make-out session while Rick is busy.

— spending the night with Daryl at his house for days while Rick is on runs that take days before he comes back.

— Having to beg Denise to not tell your father that you asked for an extra box of condoms because you don’t want him knowing that you and Daryl are having sex.

— Rick sort’ve suspecting that something is going on between you and Daryl because whenever you’re in trouble, Daryl is always the first one to stand up for you.

— No matter what, your father and Daryl will always be the two most important men in your life wether rick likes it or not.

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“That Daryl guy?” Your father Negan questioned, after you telling him you who had developed feelings for. “Yeah, so I’d be very grateful if you could maybe not kill him at least?” you asked rhetorically, more telling them rather than asking. You were certainly the one person Negan listened to more than anyone else. “But sweetie, he’s gotta understand the rules around here. Can’t just let me run wild” he nodded towards you. “I’ll talk to him, if he steps out of line I’ll deal with him” you told him. In your head by deal with him you didn’t mean deal in the way your father would have. You would sit and talk with Daryl, your father would choose violence something you didn’t want Daryl to succumb to. You didn’t believe in the ways your father did, but you pretended to pretty well for your own sake when needed.



Prompt: “No, I said we were safer. Not safe.” “Little girl, you can’t handle my choice.”

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 900ish words
  • No warnings that I see

Daryl races down the road and pulls you into a building that looks like it might be a good hiding place from the people running after the two of you. There was a tiny hole in the side, just big enough for you and Daryl to crawl through. He goes first, scouting the area before you crawl in after him.

He has his back to you, those angel wings on his back having much more meaning after the man pulled you from that hole in the ground and ran off with you, trying to hide you from the gang outside.

It was all so quick, you hardly remember a thing. One minute you were stuck in a hole dug in the ground, the next, you had this country boy pulling you out and telling you to call him Daryl. Names were never important to people anymore, causing you to trust him just a bit more than usual.

“It’s safer in here.” He grunts and pushes a shelf to the right of the hole so that it covers the entrance and (hopefully) drives the other men away.

With a look around, you realize you’re in a bar. There are chairs and tables broken all over the place and a pool table in the corner, looking as though it was being used as a bed at some point.

“Want a drink?” Daryl asks as he saunters over behind the counter. You hear him clinking glasses as he looks for something drinkable.

You had to admit, drinking was a luxury you never had the privilege to try. When the Walkers started popping up in your town, you were just under the legal drinking age, and hardly had you ever tasted alcohol before then.

But there was no way in hell you were going to admit that to Daryl. You may have only known him a short time, you knew he would probably have something to say about that.

“What’s your poison of choice?” You step over to the bar and find the one stool that wasn’t broken into pieces. You slid onto it, leaning against the counter for support.

A dark chuckle passed Daryl’s lips. “Little girl, you can’t handle my choice. Here,” he pours a glass of wine into a glass he just carefully cleaned with his bandana and hands it to you. “Start here.”

Wanting to argue, you open your mouth, only to close it and take the glass from him. Arguing wasn’t going to work, so you take a tiny sip of the wine and let the liquid glide down your throat.

It didn’t burn like you thought it would. It was rather sweet and savoury. You swish it around for a moment and swallow a second time. This time, the alcohol hit the back of your throat and you blink a few times before it passed.

Daryl was too busy taking a long swig of a bottle of rum he found. He pulls the bottle from his lips and shakes his shaggy hair about. “That hit the spot.” He smacks his lips and sets down an empty bottle. “Cheers.” He clinks your glass with his empty one and searches for something else.

“How long are we going to be here?” You question as you take another sip of your wine. You assume overnight, glancing over at the pool table again to see if possibly the two of you could lay comfortably.

Daryl growls something before he sits up again, this time with a bottle of Budweiser, pressing the glass to his lips before he continues. “Not long. Could find us before the night’s over with.”

You look over at him and blink a few more times before it hits you. “You said it was safe!” You try to remind him, knowing that’s exactly what he told you.

No, little girl. I said it was safer, not safe.” He grunts. “We’re never safe.”

Trusting Daryl Dixon was a huge step for you. After all of the shit that you had been through after the virus appeared, you found it hard to trust anybody. It was all too scary for you, all too real to the point you were starting to doubt that you wanted to live.

He promised you, though. He swore he was going to protect you. Maybe not with words, but with his actions. Daryl was so cautious around you, making sure you were well fed before he found food for himself, giving you the makeshift beds first so you were well rested for the journey. There wasn’t anything Daryl wouldn’t have done for you.

You decided then and there, the moment Daryl said those words, that you needed to help out more. He was completely right; you would never be safe again. With Daryl’s help, you would be safer from the Walkers and the humans, but you hardly knew how to shoot a gun.

“Will you teach me?” The words fall from your mouth before you can stop them.

Daryl pauses and looks over at you, an eyebrow raised. “Wha?”

“To shoot. To protect us.” You look at him, gazing up into his eyes as he processes what you asked of him. He may say no, and you could live with that for now, but it had to happen.

With a small nod, Daryl says, “Okay.”


“You should tell him.” Maggie says while you watch Rick who talks to Daryl.
“Maybe he doesn’t like me back.” You knibble on your fingers and blush a little as Rick smiles at you.
“Maybe you are just too shy.” Maggie teases, but you don’t listen to her, instead you wave to Rick like an idiot. He just looks confused and waves back, making Maggie giggle.

“Rick? Are you here?” With weak knees you go upstairs. Glenn told you to get Rick and you’re pretty sure that it was Maggie’s idea, because Glenn had a big smile on his face.
“Come in.” Rick says through the closed door and you open the door. There he stands, just in towel, his hair and body wet from the shower.
“Oh my god. I’m sorry.” You blush and turn around to go as fast as possible out of the room.
“Wait.” He grabs your wrist and you look down at the floor, your face feels like as if you have sunburn.
“You like what you see?” He lifts your chin with his fingers, but you don’t reply, just look him in the eyes. “Because I do like what I see.”
You narrow your eyes, looking down at your old shirt and jeans.
“Not that. The little blush, here, here and here.” He kisses your forehead then both of your cheeks. You hold your breath and bite your lower lip.
“Oh and of course, the way you bite your lip every time I talk to you.” He whispers and presses his wet body on yours before he kisses you. You close your eyes, your hands starts to shake and you don’t know what to do with them. Rick grabs your wrists and wraps them around his neck, shyly you play with his hair and stroke his neck. His kiss become more passionate and you let out a sigh, making him smile.
“I think we should stop here before you get a heart attack.” He teases and you pout.
“Forget it.” You push him on the bed.
Now you want everything.


Requested by Anonymous: Remember the episode where Rick and the Governor sit down to talk? Will you please write an imagine where Daryl and the reader are in a relationship and she tags along? Martinez flirts with her and tries to impress her. She makes sure to let him know that she isn’t interested, but he keeps going mainly because he sees how upset Daryl gets, resulting in Daryl telling him off.


“What are you doing?” Daryl asked as you peeled your t-shirt off and stuffed it into the bag that was attached to his bike.

“It’s hot, Daryl.” You complain. “Relax.” You had a modest, darker colored tank top on underneath, so it wasn’t like you were doing a strip tease for everyone. It had been chillier this morning when you got dressed, warranting the multiple layers, but now it was too hot for both articles of clothing.

“Let her be, man.” The man called Martinez said, eying you in a way that made you uncomfortable.

“Oh gross.” You say, rolling your eyes. “Can we all just go back to what we were doing?”

“Martinez, leave Y/N alone.” Andrea says, though she was staring at you, too.

Martinez held his hands up in surrender and backed up a few steps. You wandered over to sit next to Andrea and her new friend, Milton, your gun across your lap. “You OK?” You ask her.

“Yeah. Just want the fighting to end.”

“We all do.” Milton said.

“How’s Daryl?” Andrea asked.

You shrug. “The same. I worry about him, though, with Merle back in the picture. I just think he’s getting more aggressive again, and it’s not—“

“Hey, sweetheart, watch this.” Martinez interrupted you as he walked past you and stabbed a walker that had been sneaking up on you from the other side. “Pretty impressive, right?”

You shrug. “Pretty OK, but look,” You stand now, stepping in front of Daryl who was trying to come after Martinez. “I know what you’re trying to do, and you can save your breath. I’m not interested.”

“You sure about that, sweetheart?” He got a little closer.

You took a step back. “I’m positive.” You walk away from him again.

Daryl grabs your arm as you try to walk past him. “Put your shirt back on.” He hisses at you.

“Daryl, it’s hot.” You say, pulling your arm back out of his grasp. “And I’m not going to suffer heatstroke just because some douchebag can’t take a hint.” Daryl was grinding his jaw in frustration, and you looked back at Martinez, who was squinting at you now. “Just calm down, hun.” You say, jumping up on your toes and kissing him quickly on the forehead before going to prop yourself up against his bike to watch for walkers.

You could tell that Martinez saw the interaction, and you hoped that he would read that as “this girl and her boyfriend will both stomp my ass if I don’t chill out”, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

Martinez kept trying to talk to you throughout the course of the afternoon, asking you about your life before, your interests, your hobbies. Some of the questions you answered because you loved talking about it, but others you ignored or gave short, half-answers to. Then, he started complimenting you, telling you how nice your hair was, or how pretty your smile was, or how much your eyes shone. These made you uncomfortable again, and you tried to get them to stop.

Daryl had leaned himself against one of the silos and had been watching the whole interaction, slowly grinding his teeth down to a pulp. Finally, no one could take it any more when you moved (again) to get away from him, and he reached out and smacked your ass.

Andrea and Milton were on their feet, yelling. You attempted to smack Martinez, but he caught your wrist and held you tight. Daryl had the loaded crossbow pointed in the man’s face.

“HEY!” Everyone turned to look where Rick and the Governor were emerging from the barn to see what all the fuss was about.

“What’s going on here?” Rick asked, one hand on his gun.

“This low-life piece of shit here’s been harassing Y/N.” Daryl moved the point of the arrow so that it was poking into the flesh of Martinez’s cheek.

“Hey, man, there’s no need for name calling.”

“Andrea, is that true?” The Governor asked.

“Yeah.” Andrea nodded. “He’s been harassing her for the past hour or two. He grabbed her just now, and that’s what caused the yelling.”

“Martinez, let her go.” The Governor said. “And leave her alone. Have some respect, would you?” He said, though it sounded half-assed.

Martinez let go of your wrist, and you automatically reared back and punched him in the jaw. No one made any move to attack you because of it, so you only shook out your hand and started walking away towards Daryl’s bike.

“She hit me!” Martinez said in shock.

“You deserved it.” The Governor said. “Let’s go home.” He waved at his men, signaling them to get packed up to leave.

Daryl jogged over to where you were standing, examining your bleeding knuckles and frowning. “You OK?” He asked.

“Yeah.” You say.

“Good.” And he shocks you by grabbing your lower back with one hand and pulling you flush up against him, his other hand knotted in the hair behind your head. He kissed you roughly, bruising your lower lip and scratching your chin harshly with his beard.

Daryl wasn’t one for public displays of affection. In fact, Rick and the others had never even seen the two of you kiss before—ever, and those that were there were shocked to see it now.

But you knew Martinez was still watching you. And you knew that’s why he did it.

When he let you go again, his face was red and he was mumbling as he said, “C’mon let’s go. We gotta clean that hand up when we get home.”

You smile, still a little dazed from all the incidents of the day, as you climb on the motorcycle behind him and head for home.


Check this “Coming Soon” post to see what the next few imagines that I’ll be posting will be!


Imagine Jesus and Daryl going into a new community (IDK, there is a bigger world out there) with the others and a bunch of guys start taunting or teasing Jesus because of his beanie/long hair, calling him pretty boy/fag or something and Daryl walks straight up to them and punches /headbutts one or two of them flat on their ass. Everyone else shrink back. As Jesus and Daryl walk away, Jesus tells him, you didn’t have to do that. Then Daryl says, Yeah, I have to, drawing a smirk from Jesus. Secretly, Jesus loves Daryl all protective over him. But not to be mistaken, it wouldn’t take a second for Jesus to do the same if someone had started calling Daryl redneck trash/dirty etc. They may be gay boyfriends but no one messes with them.

Dean Winchester Imagine

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You: Dean did you call Daryl and tell him I hated him and never wanted to see him again??

Dean: Why would you ask me something like that??

You: Because he just broke up with me… He said someone left him a voice mail saying that I hated him and have a new man… Was it??

Dean: *gif*

THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING… please let me know what you think

Imagine arguing with Daryl and accidentally telling him your Pregnant.

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“You should've ‘ave done that.”Daryl yelled,”WE needed your help and you ran your lucky no one dead.”He snapped wail pacing in your cell. “I was scared Daryl.” You cried hugging you stomach a little.”WHY.”He yelled stopping in front of you. “BECAUSE IAM PREGNANT!”You yelled back.

First Kiss (4/4)

MICHAEL - he would be nervous. You and Michael were on your third date, and he was so scared that you’d reject him. Daryl would tell him to kiss you already, that being on the third date, you should’ve already kissed. But he didn’t know how to without being rejected by you. He wanted to make sure you were ready and wanted it to happen.

You were both walking through the park, the stars were all the light you had. The moon was hidden behind clouds, blocking out most of its bright light. You didn’t mind, as long as Michael continued to hold your hand, you felt safe and secure.

Michael had been quiet ever since w
you both finished having dinner, and it made you question whether or not he was enjoying himself. But you thought he was just nervous, as you were to.

“Um, Y/N?” He stopped walking, making you stop in front of him.

“Yeah?” You looked up at him, his eyes even sparkled in the dark of the night.

“Fuck it,” he mumbled, more to himself than you, grabbing your face in his hands and catching your lips with his own in a passionate kiss.

“About time,” you giggled against his lips.

LUKE - Luke was nervous, to say the least. But it wasn’t your first time kissing. He remembered you both kissed in primary school under the slide at school. He didn’t think you remembered it, but you did.

You and Luke had been dating for nearly two months, but you still hadn’t gotten past the first kiss stage. You were both nervous about it. Scared even, for whatever reason that the whole world didn’t know of.

“Did you hear me, Y/N?” Luke questioned.

You shook your head, “no, sorry, what’d you say?”

“What movie do you want to watch?”

“Magic Mike XXL,” you grinned, earning a groan from him. He had promised to watch any movie you picked, because you had won a bet between you both.

After paying for both the ticket and food, we entered through door 2, and walked towards the back.

“I hate you for this,” he mumbled, “I’m the only guy here.”

“You’ll be okay, baby, as long as you’re with me.”

He smiled and sat down beside you, holding your hand in his. He couldn’t help but start getting nervous, he wanted to kiss you tonight. But he was scared you’d reject him, even though it was unlikely.

You had loved him since kindy garden. The day you both kissed for the first time ever. And you’ve had feelings ever since. You didn’t know he felt the same way until he asked you out on a date, after stating he liked you.

Luke fell for you within the first two weeks of dating you. Hell, he was in love his whole life knowing you, but was shy to admit to the feeling.

“To have a kiss would be nice,” he whispered, hoping he didn’t hear you after realising how creepy it sounded.

But you looked at him, smiling widely and leaned in, placing a small peck on his lips. It left him star struck, but he pulled you back into a passionate kiss, grinning at you.

CALUM - you were watching him play soccer with your family and his. Calum had thought it would be a great idea to have both your families gather around for a BBQ at the park. Since you both had been dating for three weeks now, thought it’d be good to introduce everyone at the same time.

You were seated on the grass with Mali, gossiping and catching up on life. Calum met you through her, originally, and you both talked for nearly a year, before he had the guts to ask you to be his girlfriend.

Although you were happy about being with him, you were upset that you hadn’t kissed yet. Surely, it’s happen soon, but you were waiting for it to happen sooner rather than later.

Calum scored a goal, screaming and jumping in joy. He ran over to you, pulling you up from your seat and pulled you into a sweaty hug, earning a laugh from you.

“I won, baby!” He grinned and kissed your forehead, “are you proud?”

“Considering my brothers are basically professionals, yes,” you giggled, nodding.

He couldn’t help it, but he bent down and kissed you passionately. You were stunned at first, but kissed back, laughing into the kiss, as he did to.

“I love you so much,” he pecked your lips again. It wasn’t the first time he said said this, he said it when you both fell for each other during the past year.

“I love you much more,” you cupped his face and kissed him again.

“Y/N, you traitor! You’re kissing the competition!” Your eldest brother yelled from the field, making you flip him off and grin.

ASHTON - Ashton was sitting behind you, with you between his parted legs. A book in both your hands, reading peacefully. Occasionally, he would shift to get comfortable, but he’d always pull you closer, his legs slowly wrapped around your waist.

It was raining outside, so you decided to stay at his for the night and just bond. You were his best friend, and he was yours. But you both were obvious of the feelings you had for one another.

You finished your book, placing it down beside you. You leaned your head up and looked at Ashton, or his book, considering it was in the way. But he noticed, and placed it beside him as well, looking down at you.

“I’ve finished reading,” you smiled.

He grinned and wrapped his arms you. Placing a gentle kiss to your forehead, earning butterflies to burst within your stomach.

“Enjoy it?” He asked, looking you in the eyes.

You nodded, keeping the stare. You felt the urge to lean forward and place your lips upon his, but you were nervous of being rejected. As always.

“Can I kiss you?”

That was until then. You only grinned and nodded, watching him lean down and capture lips in a small peck, that soon turned to a long, loving kiss.

“Would it be a wrong moment to say I’m in love with you, and want you to be my girlfriend?” He mumbled against your lips, pecking them again.

You shook your head, “would it be a wrong moment to reply with I’m in love with you too, and yes, I’d like to be your girlfriend?”

He grinned, letting a giggle escape his lips, pulling you in for another kiss.


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