you taught him but acted shocked

BTS Reacts to Their Girlfriend Being Short


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All you wanted was a kiss. One kiss, that’s it. Of course your boyfriend had to make even that difficult for you. You huffed and blew your hair that escaped from your pony tail out of your face. 

“What’s wrong jagiya?” He asked while looking down. You rolled your eyes and decided what you’d put this played out joke to bed. 

“My boyfriend wont let me kiss him. I think I should go find someone else to kiss.” 

His eyes stared into yours for a moment before he rolled them and turned away. You grabbed his arm and yanked him to you, wrapping the other hand around his neck and pulled his head down. You finally got your kiss. 

He pulled away and covered his blushing with his hand, “Yah! jagiya!”


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This was a bad idea from the start and you knew it but just didn’t care. You cursed yourself for buying this damn heels, someone should have stopped you. Of course you’ve walked in heels before but never this high. Praying as you strapped them to your ankle, you stood up. 

You walked into the living room of you and your boyfriend’s apartment. You tripped and clung to the door way. Jin looked over at you and chuckled while looking at your feet. 

Straightening yourself out, you tried to look seductive. 

“Hey baby.” You purred as you twirled a strand of your hair between your fingers. 

“Hi jagiya, what are you wearing?” He asked, lowering his voice. 

“Do you like?” You twirled around. 

“I’d like it more if you were in front of me.” 

You slowly walked over, trying to be seductive but of course whats happens. You fell. Right in front of him. He laughed but quickly stopped when you shot him a glare. 

He leaned down and looked at your fallen form, “Oh honey, I like your shortness. No more heels, you’re gonna kill yourself.” 


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Tae loved to terrorize you because of your height. He’d often pat your head or use your shoulder as his arm rest. Today he decided that he wanted to try something different, he wanted to see you struggle in the cutest way possible. 

Your boyfriend had asked you to make him something to drink. You looked over at him from your spot on the couch, “Why can’t you make your own drink?” you asked

He pouted and pointed at his feet, “I’ve been working so hard to impress you jagi! Aish, my feet hurt so bad jagiya! Please? For oppa?”

Pouty Tae was the most adorable thing and you just couldn’t say no, looking at his bottom lip poking out once more you sighed as you got up from the couch. 

Making your way into the kitchen you opened the cabinet. 

“Jagi! can you get the blue cup?! Its my favorite!” He shouted from the living room. You rolled your eyes and went to grab it.. it was on the top shelf. 

After standing on your tippy toes and stretching like you were apart of the Fantastic Four you opted on standing on a chair. 

You finally got the cup down and hard clapping and giggling. You snapped your head towards the direction of the sound to see your boyfriend standing at the door way. 

“You’re so cute jagiya! I can’t take it!”


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You were spending a day with the love of your life and nothing could make you happier. You loved days like this. It was the type of date that you craved since he was always working. 

You were snuggled into his side as you guys watched tv, a commercial came on and a beautiful, tall model came on the screen. You looked at his face through hooded eyes and saw his eyes. 

Okay so you might have made more connections than what was actually there. Yes she was beautiful but kookie loved you right… right? 

You pulled away from his grasp and faced him, “I’m sorry Jungkook.” You said as you bowed your head. He looked at you like you had 4 heads. 

Lifting your head up with his hand, he stared in your eyes, “First, I am never to be called Jungkook from you ever again, do you hear me? My name is a variety of affectionate terms and I will only answer to such names. Second, don’t ever bow to me. I am not your higher up, stop it. Third, I don’t care that your short baby, I don’t want those other girls, I want you, all of you. All (insert your height here) inches of you.” He said as he leaned in and kissed you. 

“Plus, you’re like my own little teddy bear that I can hold and hug and squeeze all night and day!”


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You were swimming with your boyfriend, Jimin. You both decided to have a race to the end of the pool and of course you had won. You were a better swimmer than he was and he hated it. 

“It’s only because you’re not tall enough to touch the bottom of the pool!” He shouted as he stuck his tongue out at you. You splashed him and flicked him off, “Why do I need to touch the bottom when I can kick your ass in racing?” You taught back. 

“You are so mean to your oppa!” He said, acting shocked. “Seriously though, come try to touch the bottom babe.” 

You swam over to the deep end and tried to touch the bottom and the water completely covered your head. Jimin laughed and did a little dance before pulling you up and towards him. “You’re so short! It’s so cute!!”


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All of the public knew that you and J-Hope were dating and surprisingly they took it pretty well. BTS and your girl group would be versing Got7 and Red Velvet on a variety show. 

Your team was winning of course and of course Jackson was not happy about it, making these little attempts to sabotage you but the only thing it did was make you laugh. 

The challenge was which girl could climb a rope the fastest. Everyone thought that the other girl would have an advantage because she was shorter but honestly it didn’t matter. You were going to beat her and win for your team. 

You took your spots in front of the knotted rope hanging from the ceiling and waited for the MC to tell you to start. You heard the air horn blow and took off climbing. 

Jimin cheered for you from the side lines “Go Jagi! Use your short legs to push you faster! I love you!”

Rap Monster:

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Namjoon was in the middle of an interview when they had asked him about you. He was telling them about he would tease you for your height and make you jump for things. He also told them how you would stand on his shoes when you would slow dance because you were afraid that your tiny feet would get in his way. 

He finished by telling them that all of the members loved you and that they missed you. 

The Interviewer decided to ask the boys about your relationship and they all had to give little actions that you would do that they thought was cute. Namjoon objected to this because he didn’t want any members thinking of you in that way so when Jimin decided to show the interviewer how you get Namjoon to do anything, he was annoyed. 

“Okay first, she’s so much prettier than you. Two, she does that way better than you. Three, don’t find my girlfriend cute, she’s not cute for you guys, she’s cute for me. Fourth, don’t ever do that again.” He laughed out. 

The interviewer asked why Jimin crouched so low and Tae went on to explain how short you were compared to Namjoon. 

Jin talked about how Joonie would make go get something off the highest shelf just so he could help you. 

Blushing, Namjoon finished off this part of the interview by laughing and saying, “Yes she’s short but I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s so tiny and it makes me feel like a good boyfriend when she needs my help!”

Steps to being a Batmom: Part 3

The third part in the Steps to being a Batmom series. Part 1. Part 2.

Words: 1206

Y/N= Your Name         Y/LN= Your Last Name

WARNING Damian swearing! (Once or twice)

You’re playing mini golf with your brothers when you get the call. You’re about halfway through the course and Thomas is up to putt. He’s ranting about how his soulmate Kyle wants to move out of their apartment and get a house. 

“We don’t have the money for a house!” Thomas exclaims hitting the ball through the little windmill obstacle, “I mean yes I want a house for when we get kids but that’s in the future. Our bike shop hasn’t even finished paying itself off! Plus our apartment has a beach view. A beach view! It’d cost so much to get a house with the same view as our apartment.”

“Thomas. You rent bikes to tourists in Miami. If you want to buy a house on the beach you’ll be waiting till you’re 50,” Chris told him grinning. 

“Shut up Chris,” Thomas growled at him. 

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Bully (Chanyeol)~ [Part 1]

I walked down the halls of the crowded hallway. Alone, with no one besides me. I was friendless…No one wanted to become friends with me because they thought I was the weird girl, the too smart to hang with. The typical nerd.

What they don’t know is that I feed myself. I live alone. My parents died in a fire when I was 13. My aunts and uncles never wanted to accept me into their families because I was, apparently, annoying. Therefore, I had lived alone for about 4-5 years.

It’s my last year in high school now, thank goodness. I can’t wait to leave this place they call hellhole. I mean I would’ve enjoyed the past 4 years, if it wasn’t for the name calling and a bully. His name was Chanyeol. Park Chanyeol. A tall, handsome, deep voice, straight teeth, nice smile, big eared, guy. He (mainly), along with his friends, Byun Baekhyun, Kim Jongin and Oh Sehun is the starters of my torment.

Even though they’ve bullied me for years, yes, they went to the same school as me since kindergarten, I was never one to fight back. It only started when I wanted a snack because I forgot to bring my own, so the teacher made Chanyeol share his food. I didn’t take much, but to him, I “obviously” took his favorite animal cracker. I didn’t know the tiger one was his favorite!

Anyway, I made it to my locker to open it just in time for him to slam it shut, nearly snapping on my fingers. I jumped a little at the sudden slam
“Aw, you’re acting innocent…After 12 years of this, you’re still getting shocked?” Chanyeol asked with a scowl on his face
“Or are you just faking it?” Jongin, or known as ‘Kai’ questioned
“Who taught you to act? Your parents?” Baekhyun asked…Oh no…
“They’re somewhere…” I answered, not wanting to inform them too much information
“Somewhere as in where?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my head down, staying silent. They started chuckling darkly.
“What, cat got your tongue?” Sehun asked. Still silent. They hissed
“Just give us our homework, Short Fool.” Chanyeol demanded as they all held out their hands. I hurried to get their individual homework
“Don’t you have any friends?” Kai asked. I nodded
“Who is it? Your action figures?” Chanyeol asked. I kept my mouth shut…I don’t even have action figures…But I do have one friend. His name’s Kris, or I like to call him Yifan. He’s the only person I consider even close to me. I would trust him with my life. He goes to my school but we don’t see each other that much except lunch. But he knows about these 4 and he hates them with all his guts.

“Well, since we won’t have homework today. Go to the gym later, maybe the fat on you will come off.” Sehun said as they started to walk away
“And look for your parents while you’re at it.” Chanyeol finished as the 4 walked away laughing at themselves for their ingeniousness.
By now, the hallway have cleared up and tears were starting to flow. I quickly made my way to the bathroom and do what I had to do. The typical teenage girl cutting herself. There was an amount of scars on my arms and cuts that were starting to heal. And just now, new ones. I washed the blade and hid it in a clean crack in the wall. Then I washed my arm and made it to class, pulling down my sleeves on the way.
“Miss ____? Why are you late?” professor asked
“I woke up late this morning..” I lied.
“No, we saw her this morning, right guys? Yeah, we stopped to talk to her.” Chanyeol asked, looking at his 3 friends as they smirked at me, challenging me to think of another lie. Professor crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Alright, I tripped over my own feet in the hallway and had to go to the nurse. She said I’d be okay.” I lied again. You see, after being late most of the time because of these guys, you kind of learn to lie on the spot. Professor nodded at me, unsure if he should believe me or not. That was my cue to go sit down. I slightly tripped over Kai’s foot but saved my face from being injured.
The lesson droned on and on and on until the bell rang. I made sure I packed up as slowly as I can so I can be the last out. Not a good idea, I met the 4 guys on the way.
“Your lie was pretty good…Just hope you have one after you don’t show up for the rest of our classes.” Chanyeol smirked as he and Kai picked me up by my arms and then brought me to a secluded place in the halls since everyone was at lunch. Not only do these guys emotionally harm me, they do it physically as well. Punches, kicks, jabs, slaps, etc, etc….After that day, I didn’t show up to classes anymore and went straight home. When I came home, my head was throbbing and pounding. I tried my best to wipe off blood from my mouth and nose before I blacked out.


After the little fun that we had with ____ we 4 went to our next class after lunch. The teacher did a role call
“Chanyeol?” she asked
“Here.” I lazily said
“____?” she looked around when no one answered
“Is ____ here?” she asked again. Everyone looked around and started whispering to themselves.

The guys and I was, too, confused on why she didn’t show up. She wouldn’t miss a class for anything (like the nerd that she is). But she didn’t show up to this class….or the rest of the day. We even had a project due today and she didn’t show up (maybe it was the fact that we destroyed her project yesterday and the teacher said it was too late to make a new design.) Now I was starting to worry….Wait what? Me? Park Chanyeol? Worry? Ha! Funny.

The 4 of us left school and saw an ambulance rushing somewhere along with a police car. I raised my eyebrow. Strange…rarely anyone got hurt here..Oh wait…it can’t be because of ____ right? I mean…It could be…but it can’t be…she’s taken our attacked loads of times…Oh my god, we’re going to jail.
It seems like the other 3 were thinking of the same thing because their face matched mine.

“Guys, that can’t be for ____…right?” Baekhyun asked.
“I want to believe it’s not..” Kai answered. For some reason, we all started to follow the ambulance car to the house. It was a cute small place actually. All of a sudden, we were stopped by the police as paramedics rushed into the home and started shouting for the things they needed. Soon enough, they rushed back out with someone, a girl specifically, on a gurney.

I took a look and my heart stopped. My stomach churned and I felt like my lunch will come back up. It was her…____…She was the girl on the gurney. Her face had started to bruise badly and she seemed unconscious. Following the paramedics, was a guy that’s as tall as me. Kris. Everyone knows him around the school, he wasn’t hard to miss. He was the 'Mr. Don'tMessWith.’ I know, that seems like our title but we’re the Cool ones in the school, the ones people (girls) would die to hang out with.

But what was Kris doing in her house? Are they friends? Are they dating? The thought of the two dating got my heart beating rapidly with anger and I don’t even know why. Kris was going to join the paramedics in the cart but his eyes landed on us. He stopped and told the guy something before they nodded. He stepped out of the car to let them drive ____ to the hospital.

Kris stormed up to us four with a deadly gaze. You can see the fire in his eyes.

“You. Four. Motherfuckers.” he said slowly. His anger was hard not to miss.
“What happened to ____?” Sehun asked.
“What happened? Do you happen to know the people who have been beating her up? Huh? I know you guys know EXACTLY what happened to her. Don’t play stupid, I know it was you guys.” he growled. My heart sank.
“You guys are real idiots. You wanna know what happened? I just came to visit her 15 minutes ago because I KNOW what she’s been through. You know what I saw when I walked through that door? Her on the floor with blood coming out from her fucking head. Not only that but her wrists. Did you guys know that? Do you guys know what she did to herself because of you?” she asked, his voice getting more and more scary by the minute

“I just want to ask one thing of you guys. Just stay the fuck away from her. Don’t breathe near her, don’t look at her. Don’t lay one goddamn finger on her, don’t even think about visiting her in the hospital because I won’t hesitate to fucking attack you all..Let this be a warning.” he sneered at us before walking to his car and driving to the hospital.

Meanwhile, all of us were staring at each other in horror.

“We’re going to go to jail, hyung!” Sehun smacked my arm.
“I don’t want to go to jail!” he added
“What the fuck did we do?” Baekhyun asked horrified
“It’s all your fault!” Kai pointed his finger at me
“Mine?! What the hell?! You guys beat her up as well!” I argued
“If you just let her have that goddamn tiger graham cracker, we wouldn’t be in this situation!” Baekhyun groaned out. We all kept silent.
“You do know that we’re going to visit her, right?” I asked. They all sighed and nodded, hanging their head in shame.

Well, when we entered the hospital, we asked for her name immediately. She lady asked for our names and then declined our admission when we told her. She said that some really tall guy came in and told her to do that. It was probably Kris. We sort of argued a little but then stopped when Kris came down from the elevator.

“What did I tell you? Don’t visit her. I’m sure even if she was awake, you 4 would be the last people she’d want to meet.” he snarled.
“Now leave before I call security.” he warned. We quickly left the hospital…

It’s now been a month since ____ has been in the hospital. The news went around quickly, even among the teachers. So, about 2 week after she was in the hospital, Sehun and Kai sent her loads of mail before they told me they had to transfer schools. Baekhyun also sent mail, but it wasn’t as much as the other two, it was much longer. And he had to move away to a private school. Now, I’m friendless. This must be how ____ felt..It was rumored, that she was going to be going to school again today.

So for some reason, I woke up extra early this morning, ate breakfast, got dressed and basically ran to school searching for that familiar face. I glanced at her locker, to which she wasn’t there. I sighed and took a lazy walk to my locker before the office door opened, stopping me from walking. The person almost opened the door to slam my face

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!” I boomed
“I-I’m so sorry!” her voice apologized. My heart fluttered a little. I looked down to see her. ____. Looking healthy. Her face has small purplish bruises. That was the first time I’ve heard her yell, and it was an apology to me! When I was suppose to be the one apologizing! What’s wrong with her? She looked up and her eyes widened as she backed up and looked around.

“Oh, Sehun and Kai transferred and Baekhyun moved to a private school.” I filled her in on the things she missed. She made an “Oh..” face as she kept backing up.
“S-so…um…are you feeling okay?” I sheepishly asked. Her eyes flared but she stayed silent. I took the time to notice her features. And the fact that she had a ton of books and papers in her arms made her look cuter.
“Do you need help with those?” I asked, hoping the answer was a yes. She quickly shook her head
“I-I’m good, thanks.” she mumbled before turning and hurrying away. By now, students have noticed her and started whispering again
“Shut up about her!” I yelled and it was silent once again. I want to do something to gain her forgiveness…but what?


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Wordless Love

Pairing: Draco x Reader

WARNINGS: Bullying, foul language and sassy arsed Draco.

This is my first request made by an anon. Itallics are your thoughts. (y/n) and (y/l/n) mean your name and your last name. It gets fluffy towards the end. It means alot that someone actually wants me to write for them XD it is :)

You keep your head down and try to ignore the jabbing insults and leering faces of the persistent Slytherins. Glaring down at your full plate as a way of holding back tears. What did I ever do to them? Just because I’m a kind Slytherin that somehow makes me a target for abuse? I’m sorry that I can’t live up to their arrogant ‘standards’.

 “Hey, (y/l/n)!” Pansy ‘pug face’ Parkinson shouts down the Slytherin table. Other Slytherins stop their conversations to hear what other shit about my breasts she’s come up with this time. 

“Watch it! You might knock over someone’s plate with those huge boobs!”    Puggy jeered. All of her little group of twigs laughed with her. Now it didn’t bother you so much that they made comments when no one else was there..but Draco, your current ‘crush’ was only a few places away. His blonde head swivelled in your direction at the comment and you couldn’t stop the angry blush that rushes to the surface. Throwing on your bag, you storm out of the Great Hall and back to the Slytherin common room. 

Half an hour later Puggy and her clique come clacking in. Closely followed by the rest of the Slytherin House. Dinner obviously finished. You make to get up but stop when you see Draco staring at you and find yourself sitting back down.

“Oye! Big tits! Where did you get those implants from? Why’d you get them so big?” Puggy called out. You couldn’t endure her anymore. So you run out of the common room and into the dungeon corridors.

“Thinking of getting some Parkinson?” Draco shoots at her. “And Atleast she’s fucking got some. Pity we can’t say the same for you, right “no tits?” Draco growls at her. “Why don’t you and your ‘friends’ torture harmless bugs. Or whatever the hell you do. But you stay away from (y/n) understand me?” he seethes before running after you. Slamming the portrait door hard behind him. 

You shake uncontrollably. Sliding down the cool, stone wall. Tears tream down your face. it’s just too much for you to handle in one day. Draco saw again. He fucking saw.

You rest your head in your arms. The feeling of someone tucking a strand of your (h/c) hair behind your ear makes you jump. You look up to see the handsome, concerned face of the one and only..Draco Lucius Malfoy. You stare at him in shock. your brain not comprehending what is going on.

“Are you okay, love?” Draco says softly while cupping your face. His thumb slowly stroking across your cheek. Wiping away the falling tears.

You nod and let out a shaky breath. Closing your eyes and resting your head against the wall. You needed comfort. You don’t question his actions. You let him soothe you. 

Your eyes fly open when you feel his caressing hands leave you. You look to see him crouched in front of you with furrowed eyebrows. 

“You don’t have to worry about Parkinson and the others anymore. I took care of it. They won’t be bullying you anymore.” he says quietly. An unusual caring warmth reflecting in his cobalt eyes. 

You look down. You believe him. The sencerity in his eyes was too real to be fake. You nod. A blush appearing across your cheeks. There’s an awkward silece for a few moments before Draco speaks up.

“Do you know how jealous of you she is?” he starts. You look up in surprise.  “You are so beautiful and have a perfect figure. You’re kind, sweet, caring, smart, ambitious, determined and everything else she wants to be. You’re better than her in every way and she cannot stand it. So she says things like that because she’s at the bottom of all her classes, and she’s a flat-chested, pug-faced, little~” Draco starts to makes rather violent hand gestures. You laugh a little at the sight. Blushing as Draco wipes away your wet cheeks again. Resting his forehead against yours and chuckling softly as well.  

Draco sits down next to you and pulls you onto his lap. You’re sat with your legs laid across his lap, side on. You hesitantly place your head on his shoulder. The tears have finally stopped and you have calmed down. You feel one of his slender hands gently brush your hair out of your tear-streaked face. The other wraps securely around your waist and brings you closer to him. 

“Why are you being nice to me Draco? Why did you help me?” you ask knowing Draco isn’t known for being kind to people. 

“Another…big reason as to why Pansy and her friends bully you is because..I-told her that i…like you. She wouldn’t stop whining and pushing herself onto me. I didn’t mean for her to do that to you. I never meant for you to get hurt at all. I’m so sorry. I…I really like you. It was so difficult for me to watch them hurting you like that. I’ve always been taught to treat people badly and as though they are at a lower status than me. I didn’t know how to act with you. I’m so sorry I didn’t help you sooner.”

Again you stare in shock. For a few moments you just stare gawping at him before a smile spreads across your face. “I understand. Its ok and i…really like you too, Draco.” you say. Feeling your cheeks warm considerably. 

A huge grin forms on his full, pink lips. He takes your face in his hand and brings it closer to him. You lean in with him. When your lips are an inch from each other you close your (e/c) eyes. That’s when you feel his warm lips brush against yours. So tentative like he’s still unsure what to do. You smile slightly and move a hand to the back of his head and kiss him harder. You take control of the kiss and soon your lips are moving in sync. The blissful feeling of his soft lips on yours tell you wordlessly of the care and love he feels for you. And you say back with just as much passion.

I appologise if you were waiting for this for long. I just had a few things to do first. I really hope that it was what you wanted and you liked it :)

It’s a scene
People in my line of work
Are all too familiar with
Two in the morning
Cigarette in hand
On his knuckles
He’s been swinging at shadows again
Whiskey on his breath
I am talking him down again
I’m trying to remind him
That Afghanistan is just an outline on a map now
That he is in Southern California
And no longer in the desert that killed half of his adopted brothers
I try to swallow my guilt
Even though I have heard all of the stories
And he and I have the exact same basic training
I have no idea what he’s been through
I try to keep it humorous
I remind him that
California has a gang problem
But the bloods and the crips are not known for making homemade explosives
Not known
For treating children like street corners
And rigging them with IEDs
That’s probably not funny to any of you
But that’s okay
Even though he laughs
We both know
It’s empty
Gallows humor
Because there’s nothing funny about a grown man
Scared to death of the monsters under his bed
He takes a drag from his cigarette
Takes a pull from his bottle
Normally I would stop him
But I can tell that tonight
It might be the only thing holding him together
He says
Do you remember the things they taught us
Like how Opha Mae Johnson
Was the first female to join the Marine Corps in 1912
Or how In 1918 we gave birth to the concept of Marine Corps aviation
The proper way to place a tourniquet is as far from the heart
And as close to the missing limb
As possible
If one of your brothers
Takes a round to the chest
The proper way to treat it
Is to take a layer of gauze
Large enough to cover the wound
Tape down three sides and monitor your patient for shock and tension pneumothorax
If they present
With tension pneumothorax
You take the end of a hypodermic needle
Puncture between the second and third rib
Allowing air to escape from the pleural cavity
And your casualties lungs to expand
When one of your brothers
Is thinking about killing himself
He will act irrationally
He will make jokes about his own demise
His performance at work will be affected
And with shaking hands
He will begin to give away
Things that you once thought meant something to him
What they never taught us
Were the things that mattered
They never taught us
How to apply a tourniquet
To the bleeding stump of your own sanity
Or what do
No matter how many sharp objects I have punctured my chest with
My lungs
Just don’t seem capable of expanding anymore
Or what to do
When the shaking hands
Are now my own
The only thing
That puts me to bed anymore is a bottle of whiskey and a fist fight
And that’s because
The last time I slept soundly
It was in a hole I dug with my bare hands
7000 miles from home
The last time
My bed felt comfortable
It was in the middle of a war zone
He takes a drag from his now spent cigarette
Takes a pull from his empty bottle of whiskey
He reaches for his wallet
Shows me a picture of his pregnant wife
He says
Do you know why I’m glad I’m having a baby
I feel like If I can bring a child
Into this world
Then maybe
I can give back a little bit of the innocence that was stolen from me
I was 19 and naive
When they handed me a rifle
And sent me off to war
And I don’t think I’m ever going to get that back
You see
Before I left I knew
No matter what they held I could always outrun my fears
No matter what my night mares contained
I would always wake up
But somewhere
Between the first time
My truck hit an IED
And the night
We had to send Kyle home in a body bag
Because someone fell asleep on post
My nightmares
They grew legs
And started chasing after me
And now
My lungs
Are on the verge of collapse
From running dead sprint
Through a marathon race
I just don’t seem capable of finding the finish line to
I don’t know If I’m ever gonna wake up
And the irony of that
Is I haven’t slept in three days
The images
Just keep playing themselves across my vision
As if the back of my skull
Were a movie projector
I can smell
The blood
And I can taste the death
I keep hearing the sound a throat makes
When all of it’s vocal cords have been cut
I keep seeing the way Jonesy’s face looked
Moments before a bullet
Removed the top half of his skull
And drained
Every dream
He’d ever had
Out onto the dirt street of some shit hole city we couldn’t even tell you the name of
We couldn’t even tell you why we were there
And I know
The burden of doing exactly as we are told
Is one
Us warriors
Are taught to carry at a young age
But my shoulders
Are tired
I keep trying to remind myself that I am a warrior
That I am trained to kill
And willing to die for the things that I believe in
And If I just keep doing exactly as I have been taught
This will all go away
The problem is
That in between my nightmares
My favorites dreams
Are the ones where my friends
Are still alive
—  PTSD (For Keith and Ben), by Jordan Hamilton
Imagine being Bobby’s daughter and falling in love with Kozik.

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WARNINGS: Language

Request: Imagine being Bobby’s daughter and falling for Kozik! 😍 

“Here you go Miss. Munson.” You heard someone call behind you and you raised a brow as you turned around, Half-Sack holding a cup of coffee and a plate with a chocolate chocolate chip muffin on it, “Bobby said you’d like this.” He blushed and you gave him a gentle kiss on his cheek, “Thank you Eddie.” You smiled, “You can set those down. Thank you.” He put your coffee and muffin down, You watched as Half-Sack scratched the back of his neck, “So I was thinking maybe you and me could…”

“Prospect Piney had a problem in the bathroom.” You heard Kozik say then winked at you, “W-what did he do?” Eddie asked and you covered your mouth to hide a small laugh at his frown, “Lot a shit and I think he threw up on the wall…I don’t know man. Do your job, beat it.” Kozik ordered and Half-Sack walked away mumbling about how much Piney shits and you couldn’t agree more. “Hey Y/N you look good.”

You smiled at the man and nodded to him, “Thank you, I can say the same for you.” You lifted your mug and took a sip, your eyes still on his and you watched him swallow hard as he stared at you, “So…Miss Munson huh?” He chuckled and you sighed, “Apparently so. He called me baby one time and Piney made him call me Miss ever since.” You smiled as you took a piece of your muffin and dipped it into your coffee then put it to your mouth. “So what’s up?” You asked as you broke off another piece, Kozik swallowing hard as he watched you put the muffin in your mouth.

“Do you wanna go with me to lunch…tomorrow?” Kozik asked you with his confident smile and you nodded, “I would love that.” You smiled.

“You look good.” Kozik smiled as you walked out of your office ready to go to lunch with Kozik, you looked down at your black booties and light blue jeans, your top half covered in a red tank top, “Thanks.” You smiled and put your purse over your shoulder, and stepping out of the office, “So where to Miss. Munson.” Kozik chuckled and you rolled your eyes, the smile that he loved going on your face, “Well Herman, there’s a diner down the street.” You told him and he nodded, “I see…you don’t trust being on the back of my bike?” He questioned and you gasped.

“No it’s not that, I just…” You tried but Kozik just threw his shoulder over your arm, “I’m just messin’ with you babe, I’m up for a walk.” The man smiled and you returned it as you both walked, “So how is it…being Bobby’s daughter?” He asked and you chuckled, “Well…there was a lot of taste testing as a child. Him trying all different types of recipes and he would make me try them, a lot of the recipes were cookies and cake so I was all for it.” You told him with a light laugh and he smiled, “Sweet.”

“Hell he still has me trying some of his baked goods.” You smiled.

You both made it to the diner and you had to calm down your heart before it exploded, “Ladies first.” Kozik said and you blushed at his manners, “Thanks.” You smiled and Kozik returned it with a wink, “No problem at all.” He said and you both slide into a booth, you looked over the menu you with lowered brows, something you always did in concentration, “You look really cute when you do that.” Kozik said and you looked at him, his eyes already looking at you. “Do what?” You asked and he lowered his brows, “You lower your brows when you focus on stuff.”

“I do not.” You pouted then laughed when Kozik mimicked the facial expression, “I see you do it when you’re in the office, when you’re with your dad baking…you do it a lot. I like it.” Kozik stated then looked down at his menu, while you just turned a beet red, “What are you gonna have?” He asked you.

“I want a burger…and cheesy friends, with a coke.” You told him then bit your lip, “Is that to much?” Kozik laughed, “What? No, I like a girl that knows how to eat.” He winked and closed his menu, “I want the same thing but, I want a milkshake too.”

Your food arrived quickly and you both began eating, “Have you ever dipped your fry into a milkshake?”

“No. Is it good?” You asked him as you sipped your soda and nodded, “Definitely, here babe you gotta try this.” He smirked then took a fry and dipped it into his milkshake, his hand holding the fry out and you ate it happily. “Holy…wow this is awesome.” You smiled, “Want more?” You nodded sheepishly and he pushed his milkshake in the middle of the table, both of you switching from your burger, to taking your fry and dipping it into the chocolate goodness. “Uh you got some…” You pointed to your chin and Kozik raised a brow, “What?”

“Milkshake…you have some, right there.” You pointed to his chin and he wiped his left side, “Here.” You leaned over and licked at Kozik’s chin, before kissing his lips gently. You sat back and blushed at your own boldness, “Got it.” You mumbled and Kozik smirked at you, then took out his wallet putting his money on the table, “Come on.” He said as he stood up and took your hand gently in his.

It’s been over two months now and any chance Kozik and you got you both went on dates, sometimes he would come to your apartment late at night cause he couldn’t stop thinking about you, flowers in hand and that amazing smile. It really pulled at your heartstrings to have in act the way he was with you, he didn’t even care if he looked whipped in front of the boys, he thought it made him more of a man that he wasn’t embarrassed by his girl. Your father, Bobby was a little shocked by your choice and for some weird reason he always thought that you would go with Juice but no you choice Kozik.

Currently you were walking into the garage, your car acting up, it was making an odd sound and even though your father knew about cars he never taught you. “Hey.” A man said, he looked unfamiliar and he was wiping his hands, “You new here?” He asked as he let his gray-blue eyes graze over your body, you were wearing a blue high waisted shorts with a white crop top and some sandals. “No are you?”

“Yeah rode from Arizona.” He smirked and you nodded, “Cool, well I’m looking for Kozik.” You told him and he frowned, “Why not talk to me sweetheart?” He switched his face to a smirk and you smiled widely when Kozik put a hand on his shoulder, “Cause I’m a really jealoud boyfriend.” Kozik said, his smile gone and replaced with seriousness, it was extremely attractive.

“You’re her man?” He asked Kozik and he nodded stepping close, “So you better back the hell up.” Kozik told him and the man gave you one last look before throwing his hands in surrender, Kozik waited till the man walked away before looking at you. His hand went to your cheek as he stepped closer to you, his other hand going to your lower back, “Are you okay?” He asked and you smiled as you let your hands run up his chest and around his neck, “I am perfect thanks to you.” You smiled.

“Yeah?” He smirked as he let his other hand go to your back along with his other, “Yup, my night in Shinning Leather.” You told him and he leaned down pressing his lips to your in a breath taking kiss, a gasp leaving you as he pulled you closer to his chest. Whistles and cheers were heard and you both pulled apart, Kozik flipping them off quickly before returning his eyes to you. “Kozik?” You bit your lip nervously as your fingers gently played with the hairs on the nape of his neck.

“Yes.” He smirked and you blushed, “We’ve been seeing each other for…well a while and I think…”

Kozik cut you off with another body buzzing kiss before pulling away, “I feel the same way…I love you too Y/N.” Loud cheers were heard as he lifted you up your legs going around his waist as he spun you around making you laugh and smile with happiness, “I love you too Kozik.”

Derek- Bite Me

Request-  can you do an imagine where the girl is Scott’s older sister who’s returning from college and she knew Derek and the hale family from high school and when they reunite there’s lots of fluff but scott and stiles (mostly stiles) are completely weirded out by it and protest their relationship

A/N- Here you go! Next up is an Isaac imagine.

“…two idiots don’t even know what we’re dealing with,” you heard a voice saying as you walked through your front door.
“Uh, hey, we’re not idiots!” a high pitched voice exclaimed. “In case you hadn’t noticed, we were the ones who figured out it was Peter killing everyone and about the kanima! Oh and by the way, I totally called Matt from the start!”
Your brow furrowed as you walked into the living room, a duffel bag slung over your shoulder. Your boots thumped on the wooden floor as you crossed through the threshold, taking in Scott and Stiles standing in front of someone with their back turned to you.
“Kanima?” you repeated with raised eyebrows. “What the hell is a kanima?”
“Y/n!” Scott exclaimed, his eyes going wide as he took you in. “You weren’t supposed to be back till next week!”
He crossed the room in about three long strides, and you immediately took in how much he had grown in only a year. Scott may have been your little brother, but he certainly wasn’t little any more. He wrapped his arms around you, nearly crushing you a hug.
“I wanted to surprise you and mom,” you told him with a laugh as you patted his back. “I’ve missed you both so much.”
“Wow, Y/n, same to you,” Stiles remarked from across the room. “Glad to see you haven’t forgotten about me.”
“Oh yeah,” you joked. “How could I have forgotten? It’s Biles right? Biles Bilinski?”
“You told her about that?!” Stiles exclaimed, sending a sharp look Scott’s way.
“Oh he tells me everything. How’s Lydiaaaa?” you asked in a singsong voice.
Stiles groaned and you laughed. “Get over here, Stiles, I’m just messing with you.”
He came over and you wrapped your arms around him, ruffling his hair. That was when you noticed the other guy had turned around, and now you could see his face.
“Oh my god, Derek?!” you exclaimed, your eyes going wide.
“Wait, you two know each other?” Scott asked, looking from you to Derek.
“Of course,” you told him. “We were best friends in high school.”
Derek, who had been watching you since the moment you stepped into the room, beamed at you. You looked older since the last time he had seen you, but your beauty hadn’t faded one bit. You had always had the ability to pull off anything, and you looked gorgeous in your simple jeans and tshirt.
Stiles and Scott looked at each other, and then back to you and Derek. They watched as he crossed the room in about two seconds, bringing you into his arms in a tight hug. Stiles’ eyes widened as he took in Derek’s face, and he turned to Scott.
“Is he smiling?” he asked. “Scott, did you just see that? He smiled!”
“Shut up, Stiles,” Derek growled, his eyes flashing red while he was still hugging you.
Derek’s arms wrapped around your waist as you buried your face in his shoulder. One of his hands rested on the small of your back, and he couldn’t ignore how good it felt to have you in his arms.
“Wait, why are you hanging out with my brother?” you asked Derek, pulling away slightly.
“I don’t know if Scott told you everything-”
Derek looked up to see Scott and Stiles frantically shaking their heads ‘no’ at him. Derek’s brow furrowed, and you turned around to see Scott and Stiles freezing like deer caught in headlights.
“-but Scott was bitten,” Derek finished. “I’ve been teaching him some things, but I have to say he’s taught me some too.”
You blinked, looking over at Scott in shock. “What?”
“Uh, bitten,” Scott said. “He means-”
“By mosquitoes,” Stiles finished. “Really bad too. And with Derek living outside in that burned out house for so long, he had a really good recipe for some mosquito bite stuff.”
You gaped at Stiles story, finding it almost painful to listen too. You almost wanted to act like you believed it, just to see how far he could take it. Leave it to Stiles to come up with that kind of an explanation.
Derek narrowed his eyes at Stiles, and you could tell that if you weren’t there he probably would have tried to throw him into the wall.
“Guys,” you said with a laugh. “I know about werewolves.”
“What?” Scott demanded, his eyes going wide.
“I’ve known since high school,” you explained. “I told you I was Derek’s best friend and that kind of thing is pretty hard to hide.”
“Tell me about it,” Stiles said. “You should have seen Scott on his first full moon. Nearly put his fist through a wall…and my head.”
“And you never told me?” you asked, looking over at your brother.
“I didn’t know how you’d take it,” he admitted. “But I’m glad you know now.”
You nodded, turning back to Derek. “So, please tell me you have some other friends besides two seventeen year old boys.”
Derek rolled his eyes, and you grinned. “Oh my god, seriously?”
“I haven’t had a lot of time to socialize considering I’ve been saving the town from its own destruction.”
“More like you’ve been trying to save yourself,” Stiles said with a scoff.
“Maybe I wouldn’t have to if you two didn’t have to draw the attention of every single supernatural creature in this town,” Derek countered.
“Alright, alright,” you said with a roll of your eyes. “Why don’t we do something fun for once? Scott and Stiles, you’re invited if you can keep your mouths shut.”

Ten minutes later, you were curled up on the couch with Derek by your side, watching Silver Linings Playbook. Scott and Stiles were at the other end of the couch, eyes flicking between you and Derek every few seconds. Suddenly Derek wrapped an arm around your shoulders, and Scott nearly fell off the couch.
“Dude!” Stiles hissed, hitting his friend in the shoulder. “Did you see that?”
“Stiles,” Derek said, without taking his eyes off of the TV. “We are right next to you.”
Stiles huffed, and rolled his eyes at Scott, who was eyeing Derek suspiciously. “He’s got his arm around my sister.”
“Again,” you said. “Right next to you.”
“Whatever,” Stiles muttered, crossing him arms over his chest.
“You could always leave,” Derek suggested.
Stiles scoffed. “And leave you alone, with Y/n? No way. You’d probably rip her throat out with your teeth.”
“I could rip your throat out,” Derek offered, finally looking over at him with stone cold eyes.
Stiles swallowed, nearly falling into Scott as he tried to move away from Derek. “M-maybe we should just go, Scotty.”
“Wow what a great idea, Stiles,” you told him. “I’ll see you both later.”
Scott rolled his eyes, standing up from the couch and dragging Stiles with him. The minute they were gone, Derek turned to you, a grin breaking out across his face. You smiled, reaching forward to snatch part of his shirt and bring his lips onto yours.
He leaned into you, his arms snaking around your waist and bringing you closer to him. You closed your eyes, your fingers roaming up to tangle in his hair when you heard a muffled voice yell “Get a room!”
Your eyes flew open, and you looked over to see Scott and Stiles standing outside the living room window. You rolled your eyes, grabbing a pillow from the couch and pitching it toward the window.
“Bite me!” you called.
“I thought only Derek got to do that!” Stiles called.
“Oh trust me, he will!” you yelled, and you grinned at the chorus of “ew"s coming from outside.
Derek chuckled, reaching out to snag your waist and pull you back towards him. "Did you mean that?”
You grinned at him. “Wanna find out?”

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Hi! Can I request headcanons where in MC is actually a sibling of another rfa member. RFA + V :)

Oh my gosh!! It’s happening everyone, it’s happening! I’m wheezing, I hope I please everyone, please go easy on me for this is my first time doing something like this for this fandom!

This is a very cute ask, by the way! I wrote it as gender neutral as I could, if there’s specific pronouns you’d like for me to use, please specify! The most gender-specific I got was on Zen’s, hope you don’t mind…

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Figaro drabble #3

who missed Figaro?! little spring themed drabble! was supposed to be posted like a month ago, but it slipped my mind.. no tickling, but a lot of cats!


“No no no no!


“Steve, this is a poor choice!!”

Clint stopped in his tracks, hearing raised voices coming from the shared living room. He peeked inside, seeing Tony and Steve, sitting in front of the computer, looking through something on the Internet.

“I think it’s a great choice! She is so cute..”

“Oh, for fuck sake.. fine, she is cute. But just look at her name! Cow! What kind of name is that?!”

“You just want Ariel because ”The Little Mermaid“ is your favorite movie!”

Clint blinked as sudden realization struck him. Cow? Ariel? He had too many undercover missions to not recognize where this kind of names were used.

Oho. Ohohohoho. It was too good. The super boyfriends couple was getting bored with their vanilla sex and wanted to hire a hooker for the evening to spice things up. Precious.

With a huge smile, Clint waltzed into the room, ready to call bullshit on both men’s so claimed huge, true love, when..

“Steve, just look at Ariel! You know that kids will have her traits, right? Don’t you want babies with such face?”

“Cow has a pretty face! And big green eyes!”

Red alarm went off in Clint’s head. Kids? Babies?

Oh no.

Mistake, retreat, retreat.

Steve and Tony were not looking for a call girl, but for a surrogate mother. Oh dear God, his friends were ready for babies. Clint felt like an intruder, by walking on them in such intimate moment (not that he didn’t already walked on them in more intimate and much more graphic moment), but this was special and only between them. He tried to silently leave the room, but of course, bashed his knee at the wooden cabinet and hissed in pain.

Both men turned to the back, alarmed by the noise.

“Hey, Clint, come here for a sec!”

Oh no..

“Um, no, sorry, gotta- EP!” the archer yelped, when someone grabbed him by the collar, dragging him to the computer.

“Just for a sec. We need your help,” Steve explained, placing Clint between him and Tony. “Who do you like more?”

Clint squeezed his eyes shut. He won’t look, he won’t look. “Um.. whoever you guys choose, I just want you both to know that you have mine and the rest of the team whole support,” he rambled, trying to slide away, knocking into Tony.

“Ow! Clint, what the hell are you doing?!” the genius snapped, and Clint briefly opened his eyes, involuntarily seeing the monitor from the corner of his eyes. He yelped and squeezed them shut, when the image reappeared in his mind.

These were not hookers..

Opening eyes and staring at the monitor, he saw two photos of cats. Left one was big and fluffy, three colored and with almond shaped eyes, the right one was black and white with funnily round eyes and soft looking fur. Ariel and Cow.

“THESE ARE CATS!” he exclaimed, feeling shocked, relieved and on a verge of laughing, all at the same time.

“Yeah,” Steve answered, looking at Clint like if he was insane (more insane), while Tony was frowning at him, “we are looking for a mate for Figaro.”

Oooooh, so now it all made sense.. Yeah, he could help with that.

“But I thought you guys didn’t want Fig to mate yet,” Clint frowned, remembering the last conversation about Fig being too young.

To his surprise, Tony and Steve looked away, some embarrassed looks on their faces.

“Well, yeah, but.. umm..” Steve meeped out, and Tony just kept staring at the ceiling with an innocent face.

“Where is Fig now?” Clint asked further. He didn’t get an answer, but heard some low, gurgling sound, coming from behind the desk. He stood on his toes and glanced there.

And there he was. Figaro, the big fluff ball, biting the material he was mounting and moving suggestively.

“Is that Natasha’s sock..?” Clint asked, recognizing the fuzzy black sock with red spiders printed all over it.

“Ah, don’t look at him, or–” Tony didn’t have a chance to finish, as Figaro glanced up, green eyes narrowed and angry. He stopped biting the sock and meowed, loud and threatening, showing all shiny, sharp teeth.

Clint immediately lowered himself, in shock of seeing the cat acting so aggressively. Was it the same sweet cat who he taught to fetch arrows?

Tony sighed. “I guess he feels spring. We need to find him a mate or he will be annoying like this till autumn.”

Clint blinked. That was definitely super boyfriends’ problem. He discreetly started to walk out of the room, leaving them to argue all over again about their cat’s mating partner. When he was leaving, he heard Steve’s hiss -

“I told you we should had neutered him when he was a baby.”

-  and Tony’s abrupt scream,

NO, WE WON’T TAKE FIGARO’S MASCULINITY AWAY! And neutered cats become fat and lazy!!”

“Last time I checked, you were not neutered and it’s not like you’re a swimsuit model, butterball!” Steve screamed back.

Making a quick decision, Clint took out his hearing aids. Silence at last..