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#330 Flygon

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @flygon-daily!!!! For day 22 (May 22) I spent all day making this little Flygon as good as it could be, so I’m late in posting this, but I hope your day went well! Happy happy happy birthday! Party party~!


SDS + Bee

The best guy ever @daddynobucks tagged me for a SDS. I took the pic this am. But just got around to post it. Is it really a SDS if you take a bunch of pics and then choose the best one???

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I'M SO ANGRY ! after nicely requesting some privacy Baekhyun got so much hate on his instagram. Like accusing him for treating his fans like insects and whatever. To the point that he turned his comments off now. WHY ALWAYS BAEKHYUN? he's such a kind, loving and respectful soul but he gets nothing but trouble for every little thing he does. Why are people always blaming and treating him like that? Baek must be protected not destroyed 😩 this will never stop I swear

FR tho. He didn’t treat anyone like anything he just said “Can you guys refrain from taking pics? I don’t look my best rn. “  and you don’t know if he’s uncomfortable or anything, but “fans” wanna be jerks about anything. I think what he did was the best thing. He didn’t want to see it, so he took it out his life. Also, I don’t think he needs to be protected. Baek’s a grown dude, he got this. As fans we need to respect his wishes and love him. - Admin Jaefairy

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Are you still doing sh allura prompts? Can I see knight allura protecting shiro? Your art style is amazing btw!

Role-reversal AU?

I’m so so so sorry this isn’t a serious picture. I really tried but Shiro wasn’t cooperating (Allura looked badass tho), so I hope you can take this silly pic as an apology!

Shiro is best princess

I just made this ‘Best Ab Workout Moves’ pic for you guys. Take a couple of these and build your own core workout! If you don’t know how to do the move, just google it. If you like, you can save the image and print it. If you have any ideas for more pictures or printables, please send me an ask or a message with your requests! Go drink a glass of water and have a fabulous day/night. <3

SEACHI ASKIN ANA FOR ADVICE!! i lov makin these.. also, where do u make urs?? i wanna make continous conversations :’)s

(submitted by @marsooonie)

YEESS THATS SO CUTE, Seachi and Ana interactions bless… ‘that cute shit’ I love it. Also I use this;

I like it the best because it actually lets you take pics of the conversations?? All the others I found only let you take videos and it drove me nuts. I think it’s only for Apple products though, Rachelle has something else (Android?) and she couldn’t find it.

#47 - He Takes A Pic Of You And Your Best Friend(s)

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You know that feeling when you first get a new phone. When it is fresh out the box and the screen is so clear and the front facing camera takes thee best pics and makes you think that you could be the next editor at Vogue magazine. Think about how you value that phone and how you coddle it in your hands making sure to not drop or scratch it. You may even get a nice case for it just for added insurance that the phone will always be in great shape like the day you took it out the box.

But one day you drop it. A minor surface scratch nothing major. You can still call and text and take bomb selfies. Then you drop it again. This time the screen has a little more damage. You can’t scroll through your favorite social media without worry about cutting your finger because the glass has shattered. However you can still make calls, but they are hard to hear the person on the other end. You can still text but the incoming messages are hard to see. You can still selfie but the pictures come out blurry and even your favorite filter can’t mask the horrible quality.

Now you have the option to go through the hassle of trying to get your once fabulous phone repaired or to upgrade to a new one. The pros of getting your old phone would mean that you get to keep the awesome case you brought for it and the memories that you have stored away in your photo albums. The cons are that your phone will NEVER be in the same condition as when you first unboxed it. It will never take those flawless photos as it once did, the sound will be distorted when on a call, and text messages will take longer to go through. Do you really want to keep that phone?

Your new phone is waiting. A newer model with a better camera that has double the megapixels on the front facing and back camera! More space to create new memories and store new photos and music. A sleeker design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Comes with wireless headphones and a wireless charging base. It also happens to be waterproof and comes with a warranty! That means you could watch your favorite tutorial video in the middle of the ocean without any worry of messing up your eyeliner.

The point is that this phone is better than your last. Are you willing to sacrifice your old faithful for something brand new? Are you willing to give up those photos and videos that you love to reminisce on? Are you willing to start fresh to get that feeling back of when your phone wasn’t damaged?

Remember that sometimes it’s okay to work through things and compromise. As long as no one is hurt in the process then you can often repair a situation. However, if something or someone you once loved and cared about hurts you one too many times, then it’s okay to walk away from a situation that is obviously beyond fixing. Upgrade. It will be a blessing and will save you a lot of time and grief in the long run.

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pomegranate: when do you feel the most confident?

usually when I take selfies I end up feeling really confident about myself. when I’m confident about my appearance it kind of spreads into each different kind of confidence so selfie taking is great for me. that’s why I never just take one. if I snap you, you best know you’re getting 8674531 pics of my face 

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