you t w o


We’ve got so much in common! We’re both ambitious. We’re both super hot. I blackmailed and murdered my way up the Hyperion ladder, you came up with that sick Vault key deal…

I’m seeing so many girls getting crushed over ugly little boys and I WILL NOT STAND FOR IT.
PSA that everybody needs to hear:

He will not matter in 3 years.

He honestly doesn’t even matter right now. But I know it feels like he does.

He isn’t worth changing yourself for.

He isn’t worth doing something that you don’t want to do.

His happiness is NOT more important than yours. His decisions DO NOT weigh more than yours. His opinions ARE NOT worth more than yours.

Don’t wait for that call. Don’t wait for that text back. Don’t agonize over him being online or offline.

Wipe your tears. Pick up your crown. Wing your damn eyeliner and listen to some damn Rihanna and STOP LETTING A CRUSTY BOY MAKE YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE ANYTHING LESS THAN A FUCKING GODDESS. I PROMISE YOU, 100%, HE IS N O T W O R T H I T.

i thought about kissing you today
and yesterday
and the day before that.
i know i’ll think about kissing you
and the day after that
and some more days after those days.
i think about kissing you
and tracing my fingers along
your lips.
i think about kissing you
in your car, in the rain, on your doorstep.
i think about kissing your
dimple, your cheek, your spot.
i think about kissing only you,
not anyone else,
just you.
—  p i l l o w  t h o u g h t s  b y  c o u r t n e y  p e p p e r n e l l
☽ s i m p l i c i t y s p e l l ☾

a spell to help cleanse and declutter any area or aspect of your life, leaving you with the perfect degree of minimalism for you.

☽ w h a t y o u w i l l n e e d ☾

• one white candle of any scent, size, or shape
• a piece of paper
• a pen or pencil
• (optional) clear quartz of any shape or size, the clearer the better

☽ s t e p s ☾

(note: i prefer to do this during a new moon as a representation of new beginnings, and this spell will be more powerful during a new moon, but other than that the lunar phases should not affect this spell.)

1. (optional) reflect on what it is you wish to declutter with a clear quartz near your heart or head for clarity. this clarity will aid you when you need to think clearly about what is it you need, want, and will discard.

2. write down whatever it is you wish to declutter, whether it be your room, your mind, your closet, etc. or something much more specific, such as the middle shelf of your bookcase.

3. light the candle closest to whatever it is you will be decluttering.

4. let the candle burn for a minute, and quietly observe the flicker of the flame. once the minute is up, place the paper you’ve written on over it, and let it burn. snuff out the candle once you’re done and let the smokey intent cleanse the area.

5. begin decluttering, and hold your clear quartz if you begin to feel overwhelmed. throwing out trash and taking out plates, cups, or other silverware is the best way to ease into this spell’s effect. you can move onto bigger messes later.

☽ n o t e s ☾

• sigils burned alongside the paper can be used in conjunction with this spell.
• this spell lasts until you go to bed, and can be repeated as many times necessary.
• this spell can be used as a foundation for a more specific, personalized decluttering spell. the clear and white colors allow for mixing and creativity to your heart’s content.

happy cleaning! 🌙

Sana: 21:21 …
are you trying to be aesthetic?

Isak: -_-
It has special meaning ok??

what’s the meaning


isn’t that what they call you

did you just drag my swollen nose

… too soon?

nei it’s chill


it’s private

clever to post it on ig then
where Even can’t even see it

who says it’s about Even

you said special
he’s the most special thing in your life

tfw you try to drag your bio buddy but end up going soft on Even
I will tell him
s p r e a d   t h e   w o r d

you will not

too late ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


see you tomorrow Sanasol

go charge your phone Isabell
see you tomorrow


Even:  :D 
Sanaaaaa <3 
YOU are special <3 
Do you want to join us for dinner tomorrow??
I’m making Kjøttkaker

that sounds good :) 

~ Cozy Hufflepuff aesthetic ~


At day, sunlight shines into the Hufflepuff common room and a peaceful atmosphere is in the air. Warm cuddles, and cozy wrapped in warm blankets while studying in the Hufflepuff common room. 

At night, the sunlight slowly fades away. The crackling fire and some fireflies become the only light sources in the common room. At this point, the homework and books are replaced for some warm drinks. Some people of the house get some food of the kitchen and place it on the small wooden tables in front of the fireplace. Everyone of the house helps to turn the common room in a more cozy one. Then, the laughter, talking and games start. This helps people from the house to calm down from all the learning at day and have some fun. This is especially needed in the times of N.E.W.T.’s and O.W.L.’s. Either you are from your first or last year, everyone is free to join the cosiness in the Hufflepuff common room.

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