you sweet little idiot

*deep breathe*


Oh Lars, you sweet, little, fucking miserable piece of fucking shit.

Fuck you, you fucking idiotic ignorant bitch.

- With love, Rex.

*deep exhale*

Steven has no fucking fault any of this happened, he tried to warn you, all of you, to not go into the lake, and what did you do? Ignore him and push him aside, that’s what. All this day, he was helping you become friends with these guys, because for some reason, he loves you, you fucking ass. He was keeping up with your fucking bullshit the entire day, and that is how you thank him, you little fuck?

That is too much even for a fucking dick like Lars, i don’t know how poor Steven is even going to respond to this.

Sakamaki: spiders. Requested by anon.

You let out a shrill scream that alerted everyone in the house as you saw it climbing up the wall. It was a creature that must have crawled out of the very pits of hell. At this point you just wanted to burn the house down to rid it of the evil. But instead you screamed for something better you supernatural boyfriend.
As he teleported into the room behind you and you jumped into his arms.
“What is it?” He asked very alarmed but never have you screamed so loud, when it was his name and you weren’t in the bedroom.

He sighed then smiled as he teleported you to his bedroom,
“Stay here I’ll be back.” He said as he placed you gently on the bed.
“Thankyou.” You whimpered as you grabbed his favorite pillow that smelt like him and curled up with it.
When he got back after killing it he smiled at what he saw, you were so cute. That wen he fell onto the bed next to you. He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close.
“Sweet little rabbit.”

“Honestly, I though one of the idiots where trying to kill you. Relax its just a spider.” Then he took one look at your face, “You really are scared aren’t you?” He frowned as he teleported with you into his study.
“There are no spiders here. Let me make you some tea to calm you down then we can got for a walk in the park how does that sound?” He offered trying to be comforting.

“Yours truly will kill it for you ok.” He smirked as he sat you down and smashed it with his hand then washed it off in the sink. And grinned proudly, then blushed as you once against jumped on him.
“Thankyou!” You squealed as you covered his face with kisses.

Growing Up Beside You - Requested (Luke)

This was requested by Anon (Can you write one based on the song growin up beside you by paolo nutini), you didn’t say which guy so i went with Luke, hopefully you like it, i haven’t really used many/any of the lyrics but it is based around the meaning of the song so yeah…ENJOY!!!


I hear the door to the apartment slam shut and (Y/N) comes huffing into the room, she kicks off her pumps and drops here bag, ‘Hey, good day?’ I ask, she doesn’t reply, instead flops onto the sofa, I mute the TV and turn to look at her. ‘What’s going on?’ I ask her, seeing her lips in a tight line, her eyes shut and the way she is just flopped on the sofa, in what looks like a horrid position I know something is wrong.

‘Am I bossy?’ she asks, opening her eyes an looking to me, I can see the hurt in her deep eyes although I don’t know what’s happened I can already feel myself getting annoyed that someone has hurt her. ‘Sure some times’ I nod, her mouth gapes slightly and she shakes her head. ‘Fuck you Luke’ she snaps, pushing herself up off the sofa. ‘Not in a bad way’ I correct, sitting on the edge but she is already shaking her head leaving the room. I sigh throwing my hands up, I don’t know how I always manage to fuck up with her, after all these years and I still don’t know what to say most of the time.

I get up and switch off the TV, I head for the kitchen and grab two cans of Pepsi from the fridge and head through to her room.


‘Knock Knock’ you hear Luke call from outside your door, you sigh, ‘Come in’ you shout into your pillow, you hear the door open and you wait for him to get comfortable, the bed dipping, ‘I bought you a drink’ he speaks and you nod, ‘Thanks’ your voice is muffled by the pillow and then you feel his fingers in your hair. ‘I’m sorry’ he apologises, ‘Don’t be, not your fault’ you tell him, sighing a little again, he chuckles slightly, ‘(Y/N) I can’t hear you’ he tells you, you huff, turning around and you see him smiling where he sits by your side. You sit up, moving over so he can get on better, and he does, moving against the head board next to you. It’s quiet for a moment and you close your eyes, resting your head against the wall.

‘So…what’s happened?’ he asks, you sigh, not bothering to open your eyes cause you can already feel his eyes on you, ‘Yest said he didn’t wanna see me again, then he said I was too bossy, that he wants a girlfriend not a mum’ you explain. You wait for a moment, waiting for Luke to do the best friend thing….you know tell you how much of a dick he is and that he doesn’t deserve you but he doesn’t say a thing, you open your eyes and sit up looking at him, he looks to you so casual.

‘Luke for fuck sake, this is where you say something helpful’ you whine, his lips part slightly as his eyes widen, he shrugs, ‘I dunno what to say…you know I’m no good at this’ he tells you defensively. You huff, ‘Get out man, Jesus, your crap’ you groan, throwing your head back and lying down. He sighs and gets up, leaving the room and you shake your head. You can’t help but wonder how you two have managed to stay friends all these years. The door only stays shut for a couple of second before it swings back open.

‘Okay, I have it’ he speaks, you smile a little trying not to laugh. You don’t sit back up or open your eyes, but the bed dips once again and he shuffles a little. ‘Your bossy’ he tells you, you jerk up, ‘Luke your me…’ he quickly pressed his hand to your lips silencing you, ‘Hold on’ he warns and you roll your eyes, he moves his hand slowly, a small smirk pulling his lips.

‘As I was saying…your bossy’ he repeats and you sigh, biting your lip, ‘And Yest…fuck Yest like what kind of name is that, fucking weird.’ He gets side tracked making you smile, ‘I mean, erm what was I saying?’ he asks looking a little lost making you laugh, ‘That I’m bossy’ you remind him and he nods. ‘Yeah so, your bossy, but that’s just one of the things that make you, you know you.’ He continues, you raise an eyebrow unsure of where he is trying to take this.

‘Thing is, the right guy will love that about you, and the fact that you do that weird thing with your lips when your concentrating, how you spend like five minutes brushing your teeth, you can’t sleep with trousers on, your wacky food mix ups, how your like the life of the party even though your T-total’ he lists, you can’t help the smile tugging at your corners.

‘I guess I’m trying to say that your perfect, and if Yest didn’t see that, then he was the wrong guy’ he finishes, you can’t wipe the smile off your face, you have no words so instead push yourself into Luke, wrapping your arms around his neck, and his arms pull you closer as he holds around your waist. ‘Nicely done’ you laugh lightly into his neck and he chuckles. ‘I do try’ he tells you as you pull away.

‘Thanks Lu’ you smile, he nods ‘See I have hidden skills’ he winks cheekily, ‘Yeah, we make a good couple, I’m bossy and you need a little push to be sweet’ you tease, he laughs, ‘You’re an idiot’ he tells you getting off the bed, ‘Luuuu’ you whine, ‘Where are you going?’ you question, jumping up and running after him, jumping on his back, he laughs, managing to hold you both up as his hands grab the back of your thighs. ‘I was gonna pee’ he tell you laughing, you plop down. ‘Okay then, I’m not gonna follow you in there’ you laugh spinning around and heading back from your room. ‘(Y/N)’ he calls, you spin back around and hum a little as he stands in the bathroom doorway, ‘Wanna go get pizza?’ he asks, you smile nodding and he laughs as you excitedly jump as you spin to your room.


‘How cute are they?’ you coo watching two kids about five sitting next to each other and cuddling, ‘I’m pretty sure that used to be us’ he tells you with a smile as you glace back to him, you shake your head, ‘If I remember correctly, we went out once and you pushed me off my seat’ you remind him, he shakes his head, ‘That never happened’ he disagrees, you laugh pulling out your phone. ‘Noooo’ he whines knowing what you’re doing, ‘Don’t call them’ he adds reaching for the phone but you pull away a little dialling your mums number. You pull a face towards him as it rings.

‘Hey mum, just a quick question, did we go on a meal with Liz and Andrew once and Luke pushed me off my seat?’ you asks, she laughs making you smile, ‘Yes, that happened, you two were so young, how do you remember that?’ she asks. ‘YES’ you cheer, ‘Wait mum, let me put you on loud’ you tell her. You hit the button as you wiggle your eyebrows towards Luke and he rolls his.

‘Hello Lucas’ you mum speaks making you smile, ‘Hey, please tell her I never pushed her off’ he asks but she laughs. ‘I’m sorry Luke, it was awfully cute though. We went out for your dad’s birthday when you were both about six, you pushed her off because she wouldn’t let you have a chip, she cried and come to sit with me and wouldn’t talk to you, then you came over with some chips in a napkin and said you were sorry and they were a present for her’ your mum explains, he laughs a little, ‘Aww that’s cute’ you coo. ‘Well, even back then I was a gentleman’ he laughs making you shake your head as you push his shoulder.

‘Thanks mum, see you at dinner tomorrow’ you speak before hanging up, giving Luke a look. ‘Fuck off, I apologised’ he mutter as he takes a drink. ‘Yeah, still, you pushed me off a chair’ you argue, ‘I remember when I fell over in art at school and you laughed at me’ he defends himself and you smile at the memory.

‘That was funny, I used to love art lessons’ you tell him, ‘Yeah, it was the only lesson we had together’ he agrees, ‘Thank god, we never got any work done’ you laugh, ‘We did, well you did, your fucking wicked at drawing’ he reminds you and you smile a little, ‘Thanks Lu’ you poke his cheek and he lightly smacks your hand away making you laugh.

‘I love you Lu’ you sigh, picking up your own drink, ‘Yeah, I love you too’ he smiles, ‘Always have’.

From Chelsea

“Stana, you have a really neat trick that says,"I’m into you.” You’ll be looking in my eyes and then all of a sudden, you’ll look at my mouth and then look back at my eyes. It’s just a little quick flick, and it starts everyone’s hearts thumping.“ - Nathan Fillion