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Derek x Reader

“Where do you vanish to?” Stiles asked curiously and Derek simply glowered at the boy.

“Yeah where do you go?” Scott chipped in equally curious and the both leant on the table as if they expected Derek to just hand over the information.

“None of your business.” Derek sighed, frowning at Stiles when the boy tried to reach into his pack pocket and grab his phone. “Where’s everyone else, they’re late?”

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Kim Seokjin

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

Boyfriend Wonho
  • BABE
  • Wonho such babe material
  • but boyfriend wonho you’re up for a ride
  • Let’s do basics
  • he’s sensitive
  • so he wouldn’t pressure you into things
  • nor will he do something that will hurt you
  • He loves his mom
  • so expect him to take you to his mom first
  • Legit a romantic when he needs to be
  • then a complete tease out of nowhere
  • Very clingy
  • He will love to cuddle you all night long
  • Late night talks and cuddles
  • likes to kiss you
  • kiss on the cheek, head, lips, anywhere
  • when he’s practicing
  • he likes to think of you
  • will pass by a flower shop
  • just to buy you flowers
  • “For my Beautiful girl”
  • he calls you sweet things
  • “Baby, Princess, Beauty, My queen” etc…
  • but lets cut to the point
  • he might be sweet and loving
  • but he also likes to tease you
  • He loves to tease you
  • will actually leave hickeys on your neck
  • if you don’t notice him
  • will have a smug look on his face
  • ‘Yup I did that’
  • Doesn’t let you live things down
  • unless they’re things that he thinks will hurt you
  • even though he’s a tease he’s still sensitive
  • Thinks about marrying you
  • please don’t let him down
  • he will love you forever
  • keep this boy happy please
  • wonho just wants love

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Body Talk

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader
Words:   752
Requested by @secretlittledelights:  A plus size insecure reader and Gabriel? 

A/N: If you want to be tagged in anything, let me know. :)

         You groaned loudly before slamming the closet door and just falling back on the bed, putting your arm over your eyes.

           “What’s wrong, Sugar?” Gabriel was by your side in a second, sensing your distress immediately.

           “Doesn’t matter,” you said.

           “Of course it matters,” he lied down next to you, “What’s going on in that pretty head of yours?”

           “I can’t find anything to wear,” you grumbled.

           “What? Y/N, you have a whole closet of clothes.”

           “I look terrible in everything,” you said, not moving your arm.

           You felt Gabriel stiffen and shift, “What did you say?”

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Bottom Erwin Week April 2017
First Day  -  Domestic Life

After a day at work there’s nothing better than to arrive at home and see your sweet waifu waiting for you in a… Naked apron!… Let’s give him hard!!
I mean show him how much you love him~ 

My first Rivaeru+Mike   ( ˙灬˙ )❤(믕_믕)❤(눈_눈)
The most exquisite sandwich in history…

Levi: I’m home.
Erwin: Welcome dear.
Erwin: Mike give it to me. How do I look?.
Mike: Isn’t every men dream a nude apron?

… and the best part is they’re so ready to ride Erwin all night long until their knees can hold them. This is gonna be so good and hard in many ways.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Suu with the last two parts (Japanese), I still can’t do it by myself  (˃ᆺ˂)◞*✰


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First time Blurb (Ft the whole gang

John Murphy: Murphy would actually slow down and make love to you. He would be very sweet and gentle (but still leave the occasional hickey) he would whisper in your ear some sweet (yet dirty) things. Like “fuck. You feel so great…so beautiful watching you under me”. He’d pepper kisses all over your face when he first slides inside you to distract you from the initial pain. He’d probably call you angel the whole time. “Fuck angel…p-please let me move!” And his hot breath would tickle your ear as he nibbles on your ear anD HOLY SHIT
Monty Green: This boy. Would be an absolute fucking gentlemen. He’d probably be really shy and watch you undress yourself. “Are you sure?!” He’d ask that a lot. He would trace your chest and back and pepper sweet kisses on your face and neck. This boy is an absolute boob lover/appreciator so he’d definitely give your boobs some undivided attention. He would moan at every clench around him. He’d encourage you the whole time too
“Oh my god…you’re so beautiful babe…so beautiful” he’d blush. oh MY GODSNNSNSB
Bellamy Blake: THIS BOI. Okay so he would probably go the whole nine yards. Candles. Massage. Anyway. He’d be awestruck once he saw you’re naked body and just ram your lips together. Squeezing your ass (he’s such and ass guy don’t tell me differently) And he would tell you how beautiful you were and how proud he was of you for taking him so well. “Fuck…God…you’re so perfect under me…you’re just….perfect…I love you so much.” And he’d bite your lip as you made out in the candle light shIT AH
Jasper Jordan: He’s vanilla so like Bellamy, he’d have candles and act confident (for like the first three seconds) then he’d get shy. His eyes would get as big as fucking saucers when he saw your boobs for the first time. He’d caress them and probs kiss the top of them. He’d bury his face in them (he’s a boob lover what can he say) and he’d probably be such a loud moaner.
“A-ah. Oh fuck (Y/n)….that-that feels amazing ungfh.” And he’d struggle to make a hickey and he’d also be highly probably holY HELL SOMEONE. SHUT ME DOWN ASDFGJKL


okay but this is a great episode: hell’s bells (btvs | 6x16)

oh, anyanka. i’m sorry. but you let him domesticate you. when you were a vengeance demon, you were powerful, at the top of your game. you crushed men like him. it’s time you got back to what you do best, don’t you think?

Making out with Peter Parker would include...

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Request Are Open!!!!

  • When you and Peter first start making out he would be gentle and needy but in a good way
  • He would need to touch you and hold you close because your the one thing that makes him feel normal
  • You would probably hit your heads a couple of times
  • You would both roll of the bed at least once
  • Peter would kisses you in a sweet innocent way that would make your heart flutter every time
  • He would whisper sweet things to you in between kisses
  • “You are so beautiful”
  • The first time you moan would make Peter and you blush like crazy but he make it his new life’s mission to hear you moan again because he absolutly loves the sound
  • The first time that Peter moans would make you smile because that means that your not the only one thats enjoying it
  • Peter would also never start the make out session first because he’s afraid that he would overstep his boundaries or make you uncomfortable
  • You having to tell him that its okay to touch your ass every single time
  • Peter blushing every time you do so
  • After a while he becomes more comfortable so he starts the make out session 
  • You being surprised every time time but secretly loving it
  •  Like sometimes when he comes over he would just come up to you and grab you face and kiss it with so much passion that it could almost be described as overwhelming 
  • When he starts the make out sessions it’s mostly his teenage hormones that take over control
  • He would definitely really go for it after a while of dating especially after a fight and has adrenaline coursing through his veins
  • Sometimes it would go to the point where neither of you would care about knocking things over or holding in moans 
  • He absolutely loves it when you wrap your legs around his waist or when you pull the ends of his hair
  • Running your hands over his abs because lets be honest we all want to do it
  • Peter always making sure that what he’s doing is okay with you
  • He would always look into your eyes to ask permission like to take off your shirt or whatever
  • Each time you moan it gives him this surge of confidence and make him smile because he knows he’s not messing up as much as he thinks he is
  • Whenever he feels really confident he will let his hands wonder around your boobs
  • Let’s be honnest he would get bonners 
  • “Oh my god this is so embarassing! I am so sorry Y/N”
  • You giggling because you love how flushed he gets when he’s embarassed 
  • Peter always wanting to make out
  • Like always
  • Like it comes to the point that you run out of lip balms
  • “Let’s ditch French and go make out in the bathroom”
  • “We can’t we have a test”
  • Peter glaring at the French teacher for the rest of the class because he blames him
  • “Peter I’m going to the bathroom”
  • “No let’s make out instead!”
  • “Peter I really have to pee!!”
  • “Fine. Choose peeing over your own boyfriend”
  • “You’re such a baby”
  • You and Peter making out in Tony’s lab like a dozen times and Tony catching you two like every time
  • Omg so many freaking hickeys
  • Peter would suck at telling guys off when they flirted with you or when they simply talked to you so he would give you hickeys to show them your his
  • Aunt May loving that the two of you are happy together but loves being a cockblock more
  • She would know when you guys were making out and would knock on the door and not even come in
  • She would sometime not do anything because she’s happy that Peter is having a normal teenage boy experience 
  • It being without a doubt perfect

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I feel miserable, can you please draw a corgi with some headphones

This is a very rough corgi. Also, the headphones are not plugged into anything. 

I think he’s pretty cute the way he is, though. He may be a little bit of a mess. Actually, he’s a lot bit of a mess. But having flaws and problems doesn’t make him bad! In fact, it makes him more lovable. Just look at those little eyes.

I’m sorry you’re miserable, dear. Take a few breaths, and then a few more. Remember that things are never as bad as they seem, and that problems don’t make your life any less beautiful. 

I love you, sweet anon. I hope things get better for you soon.

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Came for the "I bet you can pull off mermaid-hair!" Stayed for the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, kind and super supportive friend I've found. (Who, by the record, DEFINETLY could pull off mermaid-hair. I'd prolly faint seeing you bc overload pretty) And you are an amazing writer. ILY ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

g a s p

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HOW DARE YOU SAY SUCH SWEET AND BEAUTIFUL THINGS TO ME? Friend, you are 100% too pure and good for this world!! 12/10 would befriend again.

P.S. omg the MERMAID HAIR. *sighs dreamily* That is still a thing I need.

P.P.S. sorry I sat on this for a while… I… well, there was an incident that involved me being dumb. ^^’

P.P.P.S. thank you.

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You reblogged a thing where it was like houses as nice sounds and?? My laughter isn't a nice sound?? I snort, and go silent before gasping?? It's not a pretty sight or sound?? Felt the need to just... Put that out there

Woah woah woah, I don’t know who told you that, and if it was yourself, I need you to take a moment and see it from my point of view. Everything you just described is you expressing your genuine happiness and amusement. That is such a beautiful thing! Hearing laughter is pure thing that fills me personally with so much joy because I know that the person laughing is actually happy. And, my dear, that is so incredibly wonderful to see and listen to.