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Akaashi, please tell Futakuchi to CHILL

futakuchi has been adequately chilled… just kidding, he unplugged the fridge to get in there. akaashi has learned to keep a closer eye on him from now on

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In YOI episode 3 when Yurio is about to start his program and Yuuko is freaking out over his costume, why is Victor shown as if he's in deep thought? Or just why was the clip shown in the first place? I feel like they wouldn't have put it there just because, but I cant figure out what it's significants is..Do you know why?

I love episode 3.

It’s one of my favorites. There are so many interesting character moments to analyze, and this is one of them. 

There are several potential interpretations you could apply to this scene.

Yuri is scowling as he’s warming up to perform “Agape” - which is not Agape-like behavior. Victor could be thinking “Well, I guess he hasn’t tapped into the concept of Agape after all…” 

If you notice earlier in the episode, we see Victor looking at Yuri much the same way - particularly right before he sends him off to the waterfall. Victor is not seeing what he wants in Yuri’s demeanor.

You could also speculate that Victor might see a younger version of himself in Yuri, who is standing there in Victor’s costume from his junior years.

But here’s another theory…

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EXO Reaction to: Trying Something New That They Seen in A Porno

Anon: Your blog is 💯💯💯 If you feel comfortable about it, can i request exo trying something new they saw in porn videos in bed? Only if you are all right writing about this, only! Have a good day!😌

a/n: nahh,, I’m 100% down with smut haha but thank you! and I hope you have a good day too ~

Xiumin: Hadn’t been afraid to bring the topic up; you’re both in a mature, loving relationship. You could talk to each other about anything. But he hadn’t been expecting you to agree. When you did, he excitedly showed you the porno he watched.

“Are you sure you’re 100% okay with this?”

With your consent, Xiudaddy brings out the ropes and silk ties and wastes no time getting to work ~

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Luhan: He wastes no time putting the new position into practice. Lots of practice, actually. Since we all know that practice makes perfect.

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Kris: He keeps a cool exterior but inside he’s screaming. He didn’t want to pressure you but now that you’re on board, he can’t wait to try it out with you.

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Suho: He shows you the website that sells sexy outfits and toys like the ones he saw in the video. He’ll probably be too embarrassed to admit where he got the idea from,, and shy when showing you the website and pointing out outfits he thinks you’d look good in,, but not so shy when you agree.

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Lay: Was shy when telling you what he wanted to try but turns surprisingly serious when you agree. “If you’re okay with it then what are we waiting for? Let’s go ~”

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Baekhyun: Had suggested it to you, acting cute and innocent. But with your consent his act drops and he’s pulling you close, noses touching.

“You want to try it? Well, if you insist, baby ~”

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Chen: Loves your openness to trying new things. It’s this level of comfort with each other that makes the relationship so strong. After trying this new thing, he promises to try something else that you’re into. 50/50 is what makes a solid relationship.

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Chanyeol: The second you agree, he starts unbuttoning his trousers. But if you show any sign of discomfort, he’ll immediately stop and keep check that you’re comfortable. Sex should be fun but fun for all involved, so if you end up not liking whatever new thing you try, then that’s fine! Chanyeol would never pressure you into anything!

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D.O: Will awkwardly bring the subject up,, not because he thinks you’ll judge but just purely because he’d seen it in a porno. He’ll show you the video, tentatively asking if you would be willing to try it out. Only with your consent will he initiate sex.

“If you don’t like it, we can stop,” he promises.

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Tao: It takes him a while to bring it up. But when he does, he’ll smile and kiss you sweetly. “Are you sure? I don’t want to force you into anything.” Once he trusts that you’re okay with it, he’ll try it out. And keep checking that you’re comfortable throughout. Sure, trying new things out is fun but he hates the thought of pressuring his loved one!

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Kai: With your consent, he immediately sets to work. He takes a blindfold out and sits back, letting you take control.

“Do with me what you wish, Master/Mistress.”

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Sehun: Presents the idea very modestly. For as bratty as he can be, he would never force you to do something you didn’t want to.

“Are you sure you’re okay to try this out?”

“Sure! But where did you get the idea in the first place?”

“That’s not important - just take your clothes off.”

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when a chronically ill person tells you they’re chronically ill you literally don’t need to start going “but surely there’s a way!” “nothing is permanent!” “but did you try yoga?!” “ah don’t say that!” “my friend ate this and they’re cured though!”. if there was a way for us to be cured, we’d be the ones knowing about it, not you. we don’t need your pity. everyone’s experience is different, everyone’s symptoms are different, there are many illnesses and if something works for someone, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for others. when a chronically ill person tells you they’re chronically ill, it’s not because they want you to tell them that’s surely not the case.

  • Draco: Pregnant? How can Hermione be pregnant?
  • Lucius: Okay, son, let me explain this to you. When a man loves a woman...
  • Draco: I know about that, okay? We were very careful.
  • Lucius: Did you use a...
  • Draco: Yes!
  • Lucius: Was she on the...
  • Draco: Uh-huh!
  • Lucius: Well, did you try the...
  • Draco: Everything! I'm not even sure we had sex!

Time for me to swapify the world apparently (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و✧

Idea originated from: @fanficcentral30
Original Dusttale au belongs to: @ask-dusttale

headcanon || peter parker

Characters: peter parker/reader

Genre: fluff (of course), slight smut

Warnings: making-out gifs (I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean lol)

Request(s): Can you do Peter Parker 3, 4 and 8 headconns? THANKS IF YOU CAN! 🙃🙃🙃
 - Anonymous
Oh and also maybe number 8 for the headcannons???
 - @milllionthingsihaventdone

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Hi Sixer, I have a request for you. Can you write an au where Stephanie is blind and she's meeting Matthew for the first time in college but it takes him a while to catch on that she is blind. -L

It was the cheery whistling that caught Stephanie’s attention. Over the years she’d learn to build her first impressions of people based on less noticeable things; the weight of their steps, the way they fidgeted and shifted audibly, the smells of heavy perfumes or colognes, if they thought they had to talk loudly to her or tried to grab her hand without asking and guide her places like a child. When she felt like being particularly worldly and mature in her disability, Steph would haughtily tell those brave enough to ask about her blank stare that ‘blind people truly do see more than most.’

Regardless, none of those usual landmarks were what caught her attention. It was the whistling, loud and jaunty and something familiar, followed by the sound of a chair scraping back across tiled floors and the light she could see shifting as someone settled into a chair in front of the window she could feel streaming sunlight onto her face. The whistling continued for a minute and was joined with the sound of fabric and paper rustling (‘They’re taking a binder out of a backpack.’ Stephanie concluded mentally), only to pause as whomever was in front of her finished their set up and, presumably, noticed their deskmate.

“What’s your favourite condiment?” Once again, all presidence was dislodged by the unusual greeting. “I…. what?” Furrowing her brown, Steph pulled out the one headphone she had in (Regardless of knowing no one would give her shit for using a text to speech program, it just felt more polite to use headphones) and shot the strange man a confused look. “I said what’s your favourite condiment?” The stranger repeated and there was a edge of amusement to his voice that didn’t feel mocking, more inviting her to laugh. And so she did, shrugging and laughing at the student and his absurd question. “I guess…. mustard?”

For the third time, Stephanie felt caught off guard that morning as a peculiar warmth filled her chest when the man let out an approving noise. “Good choice. I’d have to say ketchup myself, it’s pretty versatile. You’ve the first person to actually answer that question today!” The man laughed, just as loud and cheery as the whistling before, and the warmth in Steph’s chest spread a little more, warmed her a little more. “I’m just fun like that.” She teased, breathless from the heat warming her up. “Speaking of fun, I liked your whistling earlier.” The man laughed again and whistled another few bars of his earlier song, something Stephanie finally recognized from the musical Chicago.

“Thanks, I’m studying theatre and we were talking about musicals we liked earlier.” 'Theatre kid. Likes Chicago.’ Steph added the details to her steadily forming list of facts, nodding slowly. “Oh, also I’m Matthew Patrick! It’s nice to meet you.” The light shifted slightly again, and Stephanie suddenly got the feeling Matthew was holding out a hand for a handshake. “Oh, uh…. I thought it was obvious, but, ah,” She gestured a little helplessly to her cane she knew was resting on the wall beside her, gestured to her own eyes she knew looked a little unfocused and glazed over, and waited. 'This is it,’ She chewed nervously on her lip, almost able to imagine how Matthews fact might be twisting uncomfortably, the most likely happy smile dulling a little, the uncomfortable stumbling and stammering. She tended to prepare for the worst, but this time she hoped for the best. 'Come on Matthew Patrick, surprise me again.’

“Oh. Sorry, I get caught up in my own world sometimes.” The self concious laugh was one Steph had heard a million times. She sighed to herself and shut her eyes, waiting for any number of uncomfortable responses and awkward questions. “Well, why don’t you hold out your hand first and I’ll shake it then? That way we can have a proper greeting!” Well. Even knowing she wouldn’t see an earnest smile staring back ('I wonder if Matthews smile is as happy as the rest of him.’), Stephanie still opened her eyes. “…That would work.” She said slowly.

Careful of the laptop in front of her, Steph held out a hand and felt that feeling in her chest seem to jump as a warm, large hand grabbed hers and shook it energetically. “Stephanie. Stephanie Cordato.” She could almost imagine the slow smile on Matthew’s face; it was surprising how perfectly she could almost imagine it. “Nice to meet you, Stephanie. Do you want a description of the incredibly gorgeous man sitting in front of you?” Steph laughed again, acutely aware that they were still holding hands. Oddly enough, that was okay with her. “I didn’t know there was a third person here.” She teased back, sticking out her tongue and revelled a little in the laugh Matt let out. “Funny, real funny.” She could practically hear the eyeroll, yet somehow Stephanie knew he was still smiling as he rustled some more papers. “Don’t expect me to tell you if you have food stuck in your teeth then.”

Father’s Day (Tony Stark x reader)

Mother’s Day

You had locked yourself away in the bathroom of your suite at the compound, with Tony standing on the other side of the door in a panic attack that he was barely hiding from you.  The incessant tapping of his foot on the hardwood floor, even in feet only covered by socks, was grating on the nerves that were ravaging your mind and body as each second of the clock ticked by.  It was a clock that was ticking louder than the sound of Tony’s foot, but it couldn’t drown the sound of your own frantic heartbeat.

“How much longer?” he asked through the door.  He wanted to be in there with you, but you wouldn’t let him.  When Tony was anxious it was like a contagion that you couldn’t fight, and it only made you feel worse; he didn’t want to do that to you, but he also couldn’t stand to feel this way and be so far away, if even only the thickness of a door stood between you.

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Norman who made you so cute? Who did it? Or are you just trying to make sure you don’t ever have to go to another home?

Guess what, you never have to move to another house again. This is your forever home little guy. You get to retire here, please just hang around for a few more years so you can enjoy the really cool guinea pig screened in porch I want to build. #guineapig #love #rescue

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A Morning with Mr. Han

Summary:  The RFA+S wake up before MC. After the Extra Story.

Pairing:  Jumin x MC/Reader

Genre:  Slice of Life

Rating:  M? Like, I refer to stuff…

Word Count:  Approx. 2500

Protip:  Showering together saves water. Unless you get distracted.  They did not get distracted, in this fic.  So, they saved water.  10 points to Slytherin.

He always set an alarm, but it was often the morning sun that awakened Jumin.  He had an east-facing window in the bedroom, and the rising sun’s light tended to rouse him before his alarm could.

Before, he had felt lonely on some mornings, waking up with only the sun to greet him.  Then, even Elizabeth the Third had not been enough to satisfy his solitude.  But now, that was no longer the case.  The young director rolled over in bed, away from the bright, morning light, and opened his eyes to one of his favourite sights:  you, his beloved wife, sleeping soundly beside him.

A small smile played on his lips; you were beautiful as you lay there, the sunlight bringing out the lighter tints in your hair, your breath even and slow as you continued to dream.  His mornings were that much brighter now that he had the honour of waking up beside you.

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this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.
Pourquoi le ciné et la télé doivent arrêter de faire coucher des lesbiennes avec des mecs
Comme récemment dans la série Dix pour cent, il arrive régulièrement que des personnages introduits comme gays ou lesbiens couchent finalement avec une personne du sexe opposé... au plus grand regr...
By Marie Kirschen

Remember that French TV show (Dix pour cent) I told you about, that made their lesbian main character sleep with a man? Now that character is pregnant with him of course, but the creator of the show Fanny Herrero (a straight woman) has a very good reason, don’t worry!

“Andréa is gay but she’s liberated enough to, on a one-night-stand, have sex with a man and not have a problem with it, because her sexuality is mature and fulfilling enough that she doesn’t ask herself questions. From the beginning, I knew that this character would have a very rich, complex and liberated libido, and for me that goes beyond sleeping with women. I think Andréa is more modern than that.”

Did you hear, ladies? A modern woman with a rich, complex, fulfilling sex life = a woman who wants to have sex with a man! How progressive!

Anyway, for once a Buzzfeed article about lesbians isn’t completely awful, so @sespursongles and I translated it in English :

Why movies and TV have to stop making lesbians sleep with guys

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  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell

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Every time I optimistically scroll down to the YouTube comments on a Critical Role video, I regret it. Wow. Just a sea of “[change in the set this week] is the worst” or “every player is awful, except for the part where [invariably a male player] can do no wrong” or “they’re planning too much/too little/just the right amount but also somehow wrong”. Yikes. This is also a lot of why I stopped checking the tag here or going on the subreddit, man.

I guess it makes sense that the format of the show lends itself to backseat-drivers, especially given the cast’s accessibility via social media, but dang, dude. It’s gotta be like playing a game of Mass Effect or something and having someone sensuously whispering in your ear the whole time, “you know, that dialogue was sort of hackneyed” or “are you sure you should be shooting right now? did you try talking first?” or “look, I know you’re going paragon, but the renegade interrupts are so much better” or “hey, why did you take that renegade interrupt? don’t you feel like a horrible person?”

I know there’s a weird line between game and show here, and I know the term “responsibility to the audience” gets bandied around a bunch, but I figure if an entertainer fails to entertain you, you move on. I figure the only real, incredibly important responsibility any entertainer has to the audience is not to hurt them

If creators fall down on that front (and of course hurt is not diminished by an absence of intention), by all means, that’s an important topic for discussion. But if the argument is that they have a responsibility to be playing Optimum D&D or to be creating the Most Streamlined TV Drama when any two audience members’ expectations are so wildly disparate, and when it is an improvised internet livestream that is not the cast’s day-job, and when it is a game where a major draw for the players is the ability to make mistakes without major real-life consequences, there’s no way you’re gonna get either perfect gameplay or perfect storytelling. But you can come pretty damn close, which I guess is why everyone’s so invested that they freak out when it teeters too far in one direction or the other, hey?

Anyway. Bottom line is that I probably worry too much about how much fun other people aren’t having with their hobbies. And hey, it is totally okay to get burned out on a show you love. But, you know, maybe less okay to do the equivalent of hanging around outside a movie theater, grabbing people by the lapels, and yelling, “Am I the only one who didn’t enjoy the movie that much?”

You look down upon me

Make me feel like loose change
A last minute use

Never keeping me around long
Always there to haunt my mind

That feeling you leave behind
As if I always need to look over my shoulder

To make sure those things really did happen
To check that you won’t try anything new

A ghost in my past
I wish you’d let me move on

You rain down your wrath of hell upon me
And what really hurts is the fallout

You use it as an extra tool of destruction
Impacting the lives around me

The one thing it does though
Is allow them to see the truth about you

And they can then see the truth about me
That I’m not imagining things


amelia shepherd + violet turner
     ↳ private practice 6x03 – good grief