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This is a BIG Deal

Okay so Pentatonix covered Bohemian Rhapsody. They just did that. And WOW! I first heard it yesterday and honestly I still can’t process that insanity. I know that for the longest time, everyone has wanted them to do the song since they did bits of the song in Evolution of Music back in 2013.

Now to be clear, Bohemian Rhapsody is a LONG as hell song. Where most songs are from 2 and half minutes to four minutes…..this is about SIX. That is a lot of music and lyrics in two extra minutes than the norm. So it is HARD to do all the way through. Besides that it is basically three different songs in one. So that is three different kinds of music styles that have to flow seamlessly together. Yeah it is complicated and technical as HELL.

In fact it is SO technical that Queen themselves, the creators of this classic song, could not do it live. Not completely anyway. The way in which Freddie had composed it, there was NO way for them to do all the parts live. They had to have certain parts played out through a recording and other parts were able to be done live. Like the intro was impossible to achieve live and so they had a recording. Another part was the opera I believe that was layered in such a way there was no way to reproduce the sound. The band in fact had to separate the song because of all the difficulty that went into performing it. 

Due to its length and technical difficulty NO artist has really done a TRUE cover of it. Not the way it should be. There have been many that have tried to emulate the original work, but here’s the kicker. It’s impossible to do without some editing or machine. And that’s due to how Freddie created the piece. So where does Pentatonix fit into this?

Well they made Bohemian Rhapsody, a song which relies heavily on multi layering and effects, into a near perfect acapella version. It is safe to say that PTX, like all the singers/bands before them, had to do SOMETHING to achieve the iconic parts of the song. Be it light layering or a choir, there’s almost NO way they could achieve it with their voices alone. They aren’t super human (well scratch that, they ARE but they don’t want us mere mortals to know that). Remember when I said that Queen couldn’t even perform Bohemian Rhapsody live? Yeah, if this song is a part of the 2017 tour set list…..and they can pull it off….then Pentatonix are truly geniuses, no lie. And they made Gold, a song all about auto tune and effects possible…..Cause Mitchy is out of this world. 

Anyway, I know that Pentatonix will have no problem with the length and the transitions in the song. Their Evolution of….songs have trained them for something like this. Each of the three Evolution of…. songs has taught them how to quickly move from one song, style, and tempo to the next. Each one is also long and very complex. They’ve also mentioned it took months to put together EofM. Scott and Mitch revealed EofB was put together in one night (cause they are just stans like that, I’m looking at you Scotty Boy). I’m not sure about how long it took to put together EofMJ. Regardless they were able to handle it all. 

One last thing to bring up is that Pentatonix said years ago (on The Sing Off in fact) that they were not meant to do rock music. There was just too much involved for them to pull off a rock song convincingly. Even so they were able to make it through Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf without tripping up live. This will their return to trying to pull off the genre. Being one of the most famous songs in the classic rock genre….yeah they definitely went for it. This has been requested by fans for years. So be proud and grateful of what they’ve done to sing this song.

This will be their greatest challenge to perform yet. Forget the digital sounds of Daft Punk or the emotional intensity of Hallelujah. THIS, Bohemian Rhapsody, is forever immortalized in the minds of music lovers worldwide. Pulling it off on stage in front of thousands of people…..there is no way that it won’t catch the attention of the media and people at large. Here’s to those crazy choir nerds who started off with a dream.

Prompt:  “Scotty/Reader. Fluff. Getting stuck together in a Jefferies tube!”- @vintagevalentinexx

Word Count:  1,529

Warning:  Being stuck in a tight space.

Author’s Note:  This was actually so hard to write! They just kept arguing with each other and making each other angry. IDK, I had to sit ‘em down and have a chat about their motivations. Anyway, I think we came to a good conclusion. Enjoy!

“Ye’ve gottae be joking!” Scotty cried when the access hatch denied his passcode for the third time in a row.

“I don’t know why you’re so shocked, this happens to me at least once a week,” you quipped, securing your feet in the rungs of the ladder and leaning back against the opposite wall.

“You’re gonna fall an’ kill yourself, you stand li’ tha’,” Scotty grouched as he pulled his comm from his pocket. “Scott to Ratchkov.”

“Aye, Sir?” came the lieutenant’s tinny reply.

“What’s happening with port C-18?”

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Story Summary: On your way to Chicago to search out new opportunities. Your car breaks down outside of a small town nestled near the mountains. Trapped for more than a week, you almost seamlessly fall into place. Which makes it even harder when you have to leave.

Pairing: Scotty/Reader (But it’s a slow burn so hold your horses), also some slight McKirk in the background because why not?

Warning: none in this one

A/N: I bring in more of the crew. Kirk is like a busybody, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Also THANK YOU! I have been getting overwhelming support for this story and I’m so excited to share this with you!!


Word Count: 1071

Part 1 Part 3

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London Spy script (6)

SCOTTIE I hope you told him that this is where we first met? (To Alex) You must be wondering how an old queer like me ended up friends with a handsome young man like Danny? 

Danny seems alarmed at this topic of conversation. Scottie notices but advances with the subject. 

SCOTTIE Nineteen years old, he walked through that door, as lost as a person can be. But this is an excellent place to come if you’re lost, someone will always find you, although not always with the best of intentions.
I saw him in his tatty jeans, with his cropped hair and his puppy dog eyes. I could guess his sad story without hearing a word. I presumed, if I bought him a drink, that there wouldn’t be a single second when he wasn’t waiting for someone better to come along. What can I say? I’m a soft touch so I bought him that drink and to my surprise Danny talked to me the whole night. He didn’t leave even when others stalked him. 

A small gesture, but it meant a great deal. We’ve been friends ever since. I’m the person he comes to when times are tough. And they often are. Poor Danny has a terrible track record of picking the wrong man. I’m sure he told you about –

DANNY I did. 

SCOTTIE And yet Danny stayed with him, believing love meant sticking by your man even when they split your lip. And bruise your eye. He’s an insufferable romantic. One of the last. When I asked him, once, what he wanted to do with his life… (To Danny) Do you mind? 

Danny does mind. 

DANNY Go ahead.
SCOTTIE He said: ‘I always dreamed of being a better dad than my dad’.
DANNY That wouldn’t be hard.

SCOTTIE So what are my duties tonight? Does it fall upon me to say - ‘Don’t break his heart’.
ALEX I could never hurt Danny. 

SCOTTIE May I ask, as someone who has witnessed the breaking of many a heart, how you can be so sure? 

ALEX Because he’s the only friend I have. 

An exceptionally open remark. The force of it takes Danny by surprise as it does Scottie, who is struck full of wonder at this statement. 

The wind goes out of Scottie’s rhetorical sails.
Scottie raises his glass. His tone changes. His toast is affectionate. Melancholy. And genuine.  
SCOTTIE I’m pleased for you. I’m pleased for both of you.  

((bolded the deleted dialogue which implies Danny was in a prevoius abusive relationship with another man, another good reason for Scottie being so protective))

Imagine Helping Scotty

“Uh, I’m about 70% sure this won’t blow up.” You murmur, watching as Scotty spits out his tea.

“You have to be more than that lass! We already lost a dog!” He’s angrily pacing now, waving his arms in the air as he checks the systems and practically seethes. “Don’t want to be stuck on a deserted desert planet next!”

He’s still mumbling and cursing as you slowly begin to lower the explosive danger of your hopefully functioning transporter device. He props his legs up and leans back, laying a towel over his face. 

“Really! You’re going to take a nap now? Next to the explosive?”

Oh Death {Nogitsune}

Originally posted by beaconhillswolfsss

Request; ‘Please can you write a song fic for the nogitsune, ‘O Death by Jen Titus’ have a nice night/day!xxxx’

Notes; I don’t think this is very good because I wasn’t sure about the direction to take it in. Basically, it’s about the reader and the Nogitsune. The Nogitsune is slowly turning the reader dark and they (no gender is mentioned) were a pack member and it’s just that journey from good to dark. I hope you like it!

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