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Hi! Do you know any fics where Draco is a virgin and has his first time with Harry? Thanks love!

Oh my dear Nonnie, get ready.

it’s not you, it’s me by helicoptersky

“Draco worries about his first time with Harry Potter.”

A Lot of Gryffindor by nicevenn

“Draco’s first time isn’t what he expected.“

Primal Urges by AmoretteHD

“An eighth year fic …er … or should I say, a prehistoric fic? Draco gets hurtled back in time and meets caveman!Potter, who seems to like him much more than normal!Potter. Quite a bit more, actually.”

Draco’s Last Important Task by armorette

“Being a virgin in Eighth Year is just not okay. But finding someone to have sex with is harder than Draco had imagined.”

Harry Potter And The Genius Techno-wizard. by pekeleke

“'Fucking figures. I finally fall for one hell of a hot, witty, wizard. One who isn’t a right bastard and doesn’t give a toss about my ‘Savior’ status, and he happens to be frigid.‘”

The Conquering of Harry Potter(’s Virginity) by FantasyFiend09

“after Draco acquires the knowledge that Harry Potter has had a very sad (non-existent really) sex life, he sees it as his personal duty to be the Saviour’s hero for once and show him how it’s done. And Draco is totally the right person for that.. although he may not actually have had sex before either.”

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