you stupid hoes

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Pimp c died ages ago you stupid hoe

No shit???????? that doesnt mean I cant enforce remembering him and everything he did for HOUSTON bitch like???

THOSE ARE LYRICS FROM R.I.P.- Migos so you really the STUPID HOE

DJ Screw Lil Flip Lil Keke Pimp C Slim Thug Mike Jones etc music and accomplishments all getting remembered every single day Fuck you mean FUCK U THOUGHT you dont know what Pimp C did for Texas or for music in general you scary ass hoe thats why yo ass on anon Dont ever come for taking a second to remember an influential rappers accomplishments EVER in your life WACK life COWARDLY BITCH

Okay, now I know how to feel about this… “Let’s win this thing”? LET’S?!?! Im sorry but you stupid hoe and your partner have done nothing but put us down, ignore us and alienate us in all this time but when It’s about popularity for your show then you even “Congratulate” us? No bitch, this ship It’s ours and everything that we have acomplished It’s been all us, even with all the shit that we have to put up with. If this ship has been sailing It’s because of us and everything we’re willing to do for this women and their son. Get the fuck away from my ship unless you’re making it canon PROPERLY. It’s too late to put on a white hat motherfucker.

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Sammy Imagine “Nate’s Sister”   ( part 1 )


“ Y/n come here!”

“ What sammy?”

“I want you to see something”

“ Why can’t you just tell me what it is?”

“ Nah you can get your lazy ass over here.”

“ Well since you put it that way.” I stated sarcastically

I get up from the couch and go to where sammy was.

“ Okay I’m here what did you want?”

“ Come look at this vine, these people are so talented!”

“ Sammy… They are just doing smoke tricks”

“ Yea but look, they do it so well. I wish I had someone to do that with..”

“ Do it with Nate”

“ Haha i meant couple wise.”

“ Yea so do it with Nate..” 

“ Ha you think you’re funny, but i mean boyfriend and GIRLfriend type shit”

“ AGAIN do it with Nate”

“ Y/n Im serious I’m ready to settle down wit a girl and chill wit her everyday ya know”

I could feel a pit in my stomach forming. I had the biggest crush on this idiot, and he was clueless. 

“ Um no.. But i um have to go and uh study for um lunch”

“ I dont recall EVER taking test’s for lunch. Whats the rush baby girl?”

“ Why did you just call me that?”

“ Call you what?”

“ Nothing…”

Maybe i miss-heard him…

“ Well sammy, I’m gonna go um lay down.. And have fun looking at smoke tricks on vine..”

“ Why don’t you lay down next to me and watch these with me.. Nate’s not home so it don’t matter.. baby girl”

“ Sammy, you know I’m Nate’s LITTLE sister… And you’re in HIS bed asking ME TO LAY DOWN with you.. Let that sink in…”

He waits a few seconds to respond 

“ I thought about now lay down..”

“ What ever Sam..”

I moved to the bed and lay down closer to the edge of the bed than to sammy. He looks at me with confusion for a few seconds then pulls me in to his chest.

“ Uh okay I guess I’ll lay down with you like this..”

“ Yea.. I like it like this cutie.”

A few moments go by with us just watching dumb vines.

“ Hey y/n this one looked sick as fuck wanna try it with me?”

He looked at me and I couldn’t help but blush.

“ Well I’ve never really smoked before but sure..”

“ Don’t worry babe I’ll guide you threw it all”

He sat up and rolled up and then started to smoke. He passed it to me and told me just to relax and that it probably won’t get me high cause this is my first time smoking. He began to make clouds of smoke and then he decided he wanted to do the trick. He taught me how to make a ring and he told me to make a small ring and he will make a bigger one. I do admit that this trick did look cool. I was smiling at what me and sammy just did and without me noticing he put out the joint and moved closer to me. He put his hand on my cheek.

“ God you’re so fucking beautiful Y/n , now I see why your brother doesn’t want me near you..”

He leaned in and kissed me passionately. I began to kiss back and moved so I was sitting on his lap. A few minutes went by and we didn’t hear the door open.

“ You a stupid hoe yea yea you a stupid ho- OH MY GOD SAMMY GET OFF MY SISTER!”

Sammy didn’t jerk back he just slowly stopped kissing me then looked me up and down and looked back at Nate and said.

“ Actually man, she’s on me..”

“ Fuck you! Stop being a smartass!”

I chimed in

“ Nate I can explain!”

“ No shut the fuck up y/n, is that a joint?”

“ Yea bro it is.. I just wanted to get a bit high..”

“ Sammy! You aren’t helping yourself!”

“ Y/n he’s a fucking burnout! What the fuck were you even thinking”

“ I love him Nate!”

I only realized what came out of my mouth before it was to late to fix it

“ Wait, you love me? I love you too baby girl.”

He looked at me and smiled kissing my forehead

“ What the actual fuck. Im right here knock this shit off.”

Sammy still ignored him and looked at me

“ Would you maybe want to be my baby girl?”

“ I would love too..”

Nate seemed not so mad at this time.

“ Fine if you too are gonna date I don’t want to see anything I just don’t want to see any cute shit from you two and don’t fuck on my bed or in this house, I don’t want it at all but I know you sammy and I just don’t want fucking going on in this house!”

i looked at him and smiled

“Okay I love you”

“ I love you too.. now get out of my room! Not you though sammy we need to talk…”


So I wore my little Hisoka coin pouch connected to my badge at work today because he’s great for holding snacks, and one of the girls working with me commented on it and I was like holy shit, another fan?! I got super excited until she was like “I hate Hisoka” and I was like lmao okay fair point, but we continued talking about him and of course I went down the little fangirl road and was talking about how much I love him and how he’s portrayed and his character and all that and a few headcanons, and then I say my usual about how he’s my baby my husband and is pure and soft and warm and you know, mushy love stuff and she just looks at me for a minute.

And then opens her mouth and is like, “wow, you must really not know his character if you think all that. Everything you just said about him is totally wrong. Do you actually even watch the show?”

And a part of me…just snapped. Like I literally mentally witnessed myself grabbing this girl by her pretty blue hair and smashing her face into the lingerie table and yelling at her, “JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO BE A BIT DELUSIONAL AND THINK THESE THINGS ABOUT HIM DOESN’T MEAN SHIT. PEOPLE CAN SEE HIM HOWEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT AND STILL SANELY RECOGNIZE WHAT HIS TRUE CHARACTER AND PERSONALITY ARE LIKE. YOU. STUPID. HOE.”

…I think she saw it too. Because she quickly said that she had to take her go-backs and get to her section and walked fast as hell away from me.

God, I hate Mondays.