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This is a Muslim home. Why does Anubis hold out his hand for me?

It is my thanks. You were once a girl with your own tita who taught you the ways of Egypt old. Of when the Nile was full and flooded. She told you stories of the wolf and the jackal, the red wind and of the child of Bast.

I remember.

You do. And for that I bring you to the scales.

Is He Part Of Her Hoard Now?

So our bodybuilder barbarian SOMEHOW managed to actually seduce a dragon into being his girlfriend.

Me (DM): So she flies back towards her “home” and you see a stunning woman come out of the building, wearing leather armor and looking relatively human, except for the green tail coming out of her backside

Half-Orc Fighter: You know… I just realized he has a golden tan…. Is he part of her hoard now?

Ended up taking like 10 minutes for the entire group to stop laughing, for reasons I cannot discern 

The whole package


Pairing: Lane Tucker x plus size!reader

Warnings: There’s partial nudity but it’s not gonna hurt you. For a Lance Tucker fic, this is surprisingly safe.

Word count: 1.789

Summary: One more tournament and Lance is ready to settle down and quit professional gymnastics. He loves Y/N and has been thinking about their future for a while now. But Lance isn’t very good at planning and one lazy Saturday morning, when he’s chilling in bed with his girl, he makes an impromptu decision.

A/N: I’ve posted a masterlist with all upcoming plus size!reader fics. I keep getting new ideas, so this masterlist will be updated as the ideas come and go. There will always be an announcement post. If you want on the tag list, please comment on the announcement post of send me an ask!

This is the sequel to Good at worshipping (Lance Tucker x plus size!reader)

Inspired by this post by @thatawkwardtinyperson and by a conversation I had earlier with @winterboobaer. This one’s for you, @hollycornish!

All plus size fics can be found here

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Lydia Branwell. 

We don’t see enough of her in Shadowhunters and that is such a shame because she is the embodiment of a strong woman who if you screw with her will not blink an eye to put you back in place. And I have to say I aspire to become like that one day but the road is long !! ^^’

For my lovely Jess, @sfjessii

The Bastard of Winterfell Part 3

Jon Snow x Reader (second person)

1777 words

Jon Snow is ~getting married~!

A/N: Thank you for the love so far!!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Something landed on you. Hard.

And suddenly your face was soaked with slobber.

“Ghost!” you shrieked, laughing and pushing the direwolf off of you.

“Ghost! Come here!”

The direwolf took one last curious look at you and bounded off. Jon Snow knelt down and stroked Ghost’s white fur. He looked over at you, offering a small smile and wave as he walked into the library, where you had fallen asleep while reading.

“Sorry!” he called as you got up and snatched your book off the floor.

You laughed. “It’s fine,” you said as you approached him. You stood close.

He shifted his weight. “I… was looking for you actually.”

“And you knew I would be in here.” You held up your book. “Reading.”

“Sleeping, from what I saw.” He smirked at you.

You laughed. “Fine, I dozed off. Lady Stark did tell me I should rest this morning.”

Jon nodded. “Aye. Especially considering tonight…” He trailed off, his cheeks turning red, a brighter red than you had ever seen. “Well the ceremony is… and then the party…”

A large smile spread across your face. It had finally come. Your wedding. You were due to head to Sansa’s room soon for one last fitting into your dress, giving her the whole day to make any changes. Later, your family would arrive to help prepare the castle for that evening. Your mother and sisters would help you get ready, although you insisted that Sansa and Arya get to help as well. In the evening you would head to the forest for the ceremony, after which you would celebrate in the Great Hall. And after that…

Now you had a blush that matched Jon’s as you shoved aside the thoughts that had been increasingly invading your mind as the wedding drew closer.

Jon cleared his throat. “Right. Well, I have a present for you.”

Finally you noticed the small bag in his hand. You lifted your wrist, showing off the snowflake bracelet you had worn every day since your name day. “Can it compare with this?” you teased.

He smiled. “I believe it can. Close your eyes.”

You did as you were told and felt Jon walk behind you. Something cold touched your neck and you shivered in response. Jon chuckled.


You looked down.  A dainty snowflake, matching the ones on your bracelet, now hung from your neck. “It’s perfect,” you breathed. Jon was absolutely beaming at you as the two of you leaned forward-

“A snowflake from the snowflake,” a voice from the doorway called out.

The two of you turned. Theon stood in the doorframe, smirking.

“And there goes that moment,” Jon muttered under his breath. He cleared his throat. “Yes, Theon?” he asked, a roughness to his voice.

“Lord Robb wanted me to collect you,” he announced as he strolled over. “Wedding preparations and whatnot.”

Jon nodded. “Thank you.” He turned back to you. “I probably will not see you again until this evening,” he said, the gruffness in his voice gone. He gave your hand a quick squeeze. “Do you still wish to marry me?” he asked teasingly.

You kissed his nose. “I suppose you shall find out tonight.”

He chuckled. “Fair enough, my lady. Until tonight.” He turned and walked out of the room.

Theon held back a moment. “You know,” he started. “My favorite part of any wedding has always been the bedding cere-”

“THEON GET AWAY FROM HER!” Jon’s voice bellowed from the doorway. Theon jumped and followed Jon out of the room.

You chuckled to yourself and headed to Sansa’s room.

As the sun went down, you sat in your room, waiting for your father to come up so he could escort you outside. The Starks, your siblings, and all the other guests were gathering in the godswood now.

You mother watched you carefully as you stared out the window, fiddling with the snowflake necklace anxiously. It was your first time alone with her since you had left home.

“Are you nervous?” she asked, eyebrow raised.

After a moment’s thought, you shook your head. “Excited, actually,” you admitted.

“Hmm.” You mother followed your gaze to the yard below. “What exactly do you do with yourself here at Winterfell?”

A surprisingly friendly question. “I read a lot. Lady Sansa helps me with my needlework.” You omitted your weekly archery practice with Arya. “Lord and Lady Stark gifted me with a horse for my name day, so I ride a lot.” You tried to suppress the smile that grew on your lips. “I like to watch Jon practice his swordplay in the afternoons. Or when he decides he doesn’t want to practice we go for walks in the forest with his direwolf. Or on especially cold days we sit by the fire and I read aloud to him.”

“Does he not know how to read for himself?” your mother asked coldly.

You frowned. “He reads perfectly,” you corrected her. “He just likes to hear me read. He lays back and closes his eyes and… listens.” You bit your lip. “He’s lovely. Really,” you added quietly.

Your mother hummed. “I’m sure he is. For a bastard.”

A scowl crossed your face. “He is the bastard your daughter is marrying, per your husband’s orders. So I suggest you silence yourself or do not join us in the forest tonight,” you snapped. “Jon Snow is good. And kind. And honorable. And gods, if he is not the handsomest man I have ever laid eyes upon.” Your mother opened her mouth, but you were on a roll. “And he asks permission before taking my hand or kissing my cheek. And he is nervous and sweet around me. Not like those lords and knights who all look as me as though I am something for them to devour, some pawn in your games.” Tears stung in your eyes. “So yes, Mother. You and Father had to give me to the bastard of Ned Stark and that is forever a stain on your precious name, for a lady of our house to become a Snow. But if you think I am going to let you abuse the man I will love for the rest of my life, you are sadly mistaken.” You exhaled sharply. Seven hells that felt good.

A small knock caused you both to jump. You opened the door to find Arya, holding a cloak and looking a bit sheepish. You melted at the sight of her.

“Sansa almost forgot to give this to you,” she murmured. “I volunteered to bring it.”

You allowed Arya to help you fasten it around you. You stepped back. “What do you think?”

Arya smiled. “Jon is going to blush more than usual when he sees you.” Suddenly her arms were around you, nearly knocking you over. She planted a small kiss on your cheek. “I am so happy you are marrying him,” she whispered. “Now we shall be sisters. Real sisters.”

You returned her smile. “Aye. We shall.”

With one last embrace, she scurried off, nearly knocking into your father.

He took a deep breath when he saw you. “You look wonderful. Are you ready?”

You glanced at your mother, who was not even looking at you. You turned your gaze back to your father and took a deep breath. “Very ready.”

The cold bit at you the moment you left the castle. But you trudged on, grasping your father’s arm, heading towards the godswood. In the distance you could see the lights held by the people gathered around the Heart Tree, where you knew Jon stood.

You smiled up at your father and gave his arm a squeeze.

He looked down at you thoughtfully. “How do you feel?”

“Happy,” you admitted.

Your father nodded, a small smile on his face. “Good.”

The lights grew closer and brighter. At last, you could make out the figures that held the torches, recognizing several faces. Finally, you willed yourself to look at him-

Jon stood beside his father, grinning from ear to ear. You could tell he had tried to tame his hair, but you were pleased to see that the curls you loved were still just as wild as ever. The blush you had come to find endearing was visible, even in the darkness of the evening.

“You look beautiful,” he whispered as you got closer. You father rose an eyebrow at Jon, deepening his blush.

You smiled at the exchange. Oh yes. You were ready.

Sometime between the ceremony and the party, something changed in Jon. He was no longer quiet and hesitant to touch you; instead, he spent the party by your side, whispering sweet nothings and pet names in your ear, and he was surprisingly affectionate the entire evening: holding your hand, tracing shapes on your arm with his fingers, his arm around your shoulders.

“Have I told you in the last five minutes how beautiful you are?” Jon’s breath was warm in your ear as his fingertips grazed your hand.

You smiled at him. “No, you have not.”

“My apologies.” He gently kissed your temple. “You are the most stunning woman in all the North.”

“Just the North?” you teased.

Another kiss found your cheek. “All of Westeros.” Another kiss. “The entire world.”

You giggled and sat happily, holding his hand. As the night wore on you saw the crowd growing a bit… rowdy. And a few drunk eyes began looking yours and Jon’s way.

Thankfully, Jon was ahead of you.

“Do not worry,” he whispered. “I already told Robb there will be no bedding ceremony this evening.” He winked at you.

“Thank you,” you murmured, kissing his cheek.

As if on cue, Robb, who apparently was taking his job very seriously, intervened. Grabbing the hand of some lucky young lady, he insisted that everyone return to dancing at once. Everyone obeyed the young lord’s order. With this distraction in place, Jon grabbed your hand and hurried you out into the corridor. The two of you ran, laughing, for a while before deciding it was safe. You stopped and leaned against a wall, out of breath. Jon sank down to the floor, smiling up at you.

“Remind me that I owe Robb one,” he said between breaths. You nodded, laughing through your gasps for air.

Finally, once you were able to breathe, Jon stood and took your hand. The two of you walked in an empty silence towards the room you would now share. You stopped at the door. Jon held you close and planted a kiss on the top of your head.

“Ready?” he asked gently.

You nodded and kissed his lips. “Ready.”

anonymous asked:

in what film do you think hbc has the most beautifull costumes? and which one for makeup? and which one for hair?

Omg this was super hard for me to answer because I’ve never really thought about these questions (except one) and Helena has made some amazing films with some incredible costumes, hair and indeed make-up, so I think these are the ones I think are the most beautiful. Lol sorry this is going to be long.

Costumes: The Wings of the Dove (1997)

Where do I start? This was my definite first choice for the most beautiful costumes she’s ever worn because the costumes are just AMAAAAAZING. You have to understand, I adore period dramas and period costuming and these are just incredible. From the very first scene where she’s in that blue hat on the tube, to the matador costume in Venice, the shoulder detail in the blue gown above, they are exquisite and Sandy Powell did an unbelievable job of capturing the style of 1910. And also, the detail in some of these costumes are just too much. Like the peacock gown/shawl here

this is only in ONE SHOT in the whole film and the detailing is just visually stunning. I could literally go on and on about the costuming in this film and I think I will actually make an edit dedicated to it, I’m just obsessed. But yeah, these are, in my opinion, the most beautiful costumes I think Hellie has ever worn.

Makeup: Burton and Taylor (2013)

This one was a lot harder for me to choose because hbc looks beautiful in every film she’s ever made (even as an ape like wtf) but I decided on Burton and Taylor because we’ve never seen her styled like this in a film before and it really was a treat to get to see her made up like Elizabeth Taylor.

It’s safe to say that she looked absolutely amazing and these looks were just too much. The makeup really suited her. I especially liked it in the scene where she’s asking Richard about Sybil while he’s trying to go asleep, and aswell as that, getting to see Helena sitting in front of a mirror probably pretending to do her own makeup was just really nice to see? And aswell as that, getting to see her promoting the movie with winged eyeliner was an extra treat! It really looked amazing on her, she should wear it more often. Altogether, the makeup in the film was dazzling and really different to any other time we’ve seen her.

Hair: A Room with a View (1985)

Again, this was a really tough choice to make since usually whenever hbc is on screen, her hair almost becomes a character in itself and it really is always amazing in every role she does. I didn’t include the films where she’s worn wigs in this so a lot of roles were discounted lol. Finally, after much debate, I chose my second choice for the most beautiful costumes, and that was for her role as my blog’s namesake, Lucy Honeychurch in A Room with a View.

This is one of my favourite films of all time and basically, her hair is just sooooo lush here 😍😍 I mean LOOK AT IT! I’ve always wanted long, thick hair with big massive curls and when I first saw this film, the scene where Charlotte is brushing Lucy’s hair just struck me since she looked so pretty. Her hair is just sublime in this! Granted the big hair wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I just think it’s fabulous. And lol her hair was almost bigger than she was in this film, she was so tiny here.

Again, I’m really sorry for how long this is but I got so excited when I saw this ask and I had fun watching bits of the films and picking out my favourite costumes and shots for her hair and makeup. Thank you to whoever sent this, I had lots of fun answering it!!!

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Hooking up with each of the band members? Like hot and heavy one night stand?

*evil laughter*

Okay but I’m going to have to be a little more vague with Noodle, just fyi.

Murdoc Niccals:

  • You mean his usual romantic occurrences? How else would he get laid he’s an ancient pickle with super gonorrhea.
  • He’d probably spot you first. He’d offer to buy you a drink, and another and another until you were flirtatiously involved with him and his silver tongue.
  • He’d remind you several times that he was famous, and by the end of the night he’d ask if you want to come see the studio. (Which, by his phrasing, wasn’t all he wanted to show you.) You’d happily agree.
  • Every so often when giving you the tour, he’d place his hand on your waist or brush against your arm, to which you fully comply with. You’d respond by laughing at his jokes a little too feverishly and placing your hand on his shoulder or leaning in to talk to him. He takes the hints and shows you to his room.
  • As soon as the door closes, clothes drop. He’d say something cheeky like “You’re about to have the best night of your life.” *eye roll* His slightly drunken compliments have had you wanting him for most of the night, so you deny him nothing.
  • He’s heavy handed, rough, and didn’t lie about his comment by any means. You wake up next to him, both of you completely trashed. You leave your number on his nightstand and slip out. He never calls.

Stu Pot (2D):

  • In all honesty, you’re probably working as a bartender when he sees you, because you’re the one bringing the drinks. Every time anyone orders something from the band, you make sure to take the order so you can have a look at the blue-haired cutie who’s been eyeing you all night. He makes no attempts to hide it either, he practically undresses you in his mind every time he sees you.
  • Towards the end of the night he’s drunkenly flirting with you and it’s not subtle, but you’re definitely returning the favor. He asks if you want to get a drink with him and you tell him you get off in an hour. He waits for you.
  • He takes you to a different bar, and the two of you just drink and talk about random things. He makes you laugh on more than one occasion, and you move your hands closer to his on the table every so often, eventually touching him. When that happens, it’s like a light bulb goes off in his head. “You wanna get out of here?”
  • He takes you back to his place, but before the front door even opens he’s got you against it. He’s got one hand on your waist and the other is desperately trying to unlock the door without looks, his face is buried in your neck lining you with kisses and bites.
  • A lot of what happened from the front door was a blur, because your lips were pressed against his the whole time and you could’ve cared less about whatever else was going on. He picks you up and wraps your legs around his waist, carrying you directly to his bedroom.
  • He’s passionate, and takes every possible moment to enjoy your body. By the end, his hair is a tangled mess and you don’t even care that you can’t find your clothes anywhere. He falls asleep on your shoulder, arms draped around you. For a stranger, he’s pretty cuddly. In the morning he’s still completely unconscious, and you take the opportunity to slip out, leaving various unimportant items of clothing behind in the absolute mess that was his bedroom. You think about him a lot after that.

Russel Hobbs:

  • You see him first, and immediately strike up a conversation. He’s eloquent and gives you his full attention, and you swear from the first minute sparks are flying between the two of you.
  • He has a beautiful way with words and you find yourself talking to him for hours. Your friends annoyingly try to pull you away, and you brush them off. Eventually they leave you and you’re left alone with him. He barely notices when you brush your leg against his under the table. Looks like you’re going to have to kick things up a notch.
  • You change the subject to a more risque topic. He doesn’t notice the change in your tone of voice as you discuss romantic encounters with him. He does, however, seem to be laughing at your quips pretty amorously. You take that as a good sign. Eventually you just decide to be up front with him, he obviously wasn’t picking up many hints.
  • “Do you want to get out of here? My house is pretty close by and we could talk there.” Now he gets it. His attitude changes and he accepts your offer, walking out of the bar with his hand around your waist.
  • You continue your conversation at your house with a new attitude. He’s clearly and obviously flirting with you now, and you take every opportunity to move closer to him. Eventually, you’re close enough to kiss. So he does, mid sentence. You never bother completing it. He embraces you and you kiss passionately, completely lost in him. You discover he has the same eloquence with his hands as he does with his speech. Somehow you make it to the bedroom and he works his magic.
  • You wake up alone, realizing you never got the man’s name who had clearly spent the night judging from the state of the sheets. Months later, you’re watching the news and your jaw drops. “Gorillaz: New album released after years in hiatus,” you read and your eyes land on the photo of the band with a curiously attractive drummer. You call your friends immediately and tell them what- or who- you did, but no one believes you.


  • A beautiful stranger approaches you. She flirtatiously asks you if you want to buy her a drink. You laugh, having never met her before in your life, but after seeing her beautiful smile decide that yes, you do very much want to buy her a drink. Who needs a pick up line with a personality like that?
  • You feel dazed and confused, this perfect stranger has picked you out of a crowd and decided to lavish you in her attention. Why you? Who knows. But you’re not one to complain, after all this is a once in a lifetime kind of event for you. She whisks you off to the dance floor after she finishes her drink and you dance together.
  • You clumsily sway to the beat and she dances circles around you, smiling and giggling at you. She leans in to speak to you, brushing your arm with her fingertips. “Lets do something more fun,” she says, taking you by the hand and dragging you off to who knows where. You spend the whole night going to various places with this random girl and you don’t even remember that you only met a few hours before.
  • Eventually, the two of you end up at a music studio. “Oh, I forgot to mention, I’m in a band,” she tells you when she sees the confusion on your face. Could this girl get any hotter?
  • After what seemed like hours of being dragged around to various places, doing things you never thought you’d end up doing on a Tuesday night with a girl you’d have never thought would ever be interested in you until now, the night just gets better and better. Turns out, she has a fantastic personality, and a fantastic bedroom. The list of great things about her expands greatly as the night goes on, including her lips and various other bits.
  • You wake up when the light from her window hits your face, and you see this stunning woman laying next to you. You decide to leave, still unsure of why she chose to spend her time with you in the first place. You decide you’d rather leave it up to a mystery.
All In My Head - Jaime Reyes


This had all started the moment Jaime began to have feelings for you. Khaji Da could vouch for how often his host would think of you and the self-depreciating thoughts he couldn’t help but have. In his mind, you were the most stunning woman he ever laid eyes on so when you both eventually revealed your mutual feelings for each other it thoroughly bewildered the blue beetle.

Jaime couldn’t understand what you saw in him and this encouraged the insecure feelings to transpire very simply. When he sees you laughing at Bart’s antics, he couldn’t help the jealous tic that happened to flicker at the sight of you enjoying his company. The scarab tried to soothe his host the best he could, which involved the use of all the data he collected on his significant other. “(Y/N) shows several signs that they are, what you humans call, love.” This causes a small smile to appear on his face, you were in love with him. But his doubt-filled thoughts seemed to come forth as he watched the scene unfold but little did he know Bart was pestering you about your newfound love for his best friend.

“Bart, shut up! He’s right over there, you’re being so obvious.” You hissed but the speedster seemed to ignore you and continue his endless teasing. “But (Y/N), you two are so cute and in love, it’s so painfully obvious!” He exclaims and in response, a blush rises to your cheeks. Before you could answer, Jaime is by your side and wrapping one of his firm arms around your waist bringing you to his chest. A grumble escapes him and you couldn’t help raise an eyebrow, Bart chuckles and strolls away, “Told you.” He chimes smugly, you rolled your eyes.

Jaime finally realizes how close he is to you and quickly releases you from his hold. A pout is on your lips, “I like you holding me.” The tint of a blush becoming more evident on his cheeks but he attempts to keep his face blank, the burning void of jealousy in his heart growing at the thought of you leaving him for his best friend. You notice his quietness and can’t help worrying over the creases in his forehead and the way he hasn’t kissed you yet. “Jaime, baby what’s wrong?” You question gently, bringing yourself closer to his body. He catches your eye and can’t help feeling ashamed for feeling like this when you blatantly love him.

He sighs and pulls you into his chest a second time and you tightly hug him in an effort to get him to feel better. If it weren’t for him whispering into your ear you wouldn’t have heard him with how soft his voice is. “Hermosa, I’m sorry. I just-” He groans, growing frustrated with himself. “It’s stupid, you’re so beautiful but you chose me and I love you so much and the thought of you leaving me… I couldn’t live without you.” He whispers finally, the scarab begins to ramble on about he could for a matter-of-fact live without you but Jaime doesn’t entertain the thought.

You pull away slightly, seeing his embarrassment and quivering lips and quickly place your lips on his. It takes him a moment but he kisses you back with just as much emotion as he can muster in this moment into the kiss. You caress his cheek once you part, “Jaime, I couldn’t leave you ever. You are the most handsome man I’ve ever had the pleasure of loving and I’m so lucky to have you in my life.” You whisper back, Jaime cries out in relief. You love him, you love him. He couldn’t believe it but he wouldn’t doubt you again. He brings you into another kiss and that’s how the rest of the day is spent, you holding onto one another and gently kissing each other’s doubts away.

Werifesteria (Negan) Smut One Shot

This is for @ladylorelitany‘s Monster Mash 2017 Challenge! My prompt was a Huldra (A Seductive Forest Spirit)!! Perfect way for getting back into the swing of writing for my favorite baseball bat wielding loud mouth again! Special thanks to @zoesmama2024 for reading through this more times than necessary 😜♥️💋♥️💋 Enjoy!!! 

Werifesteria”(n) An old English and dead word, werifesteria means to wander longingly through the forest in search of mystery.

There were recent murmurings amongst his men concerning a woman they’d seen wandering around in the woods. Now men yammering about women didn’t phase Negan, hell he’d chime right in most of the time.

He abso-fucking-lutely adored the fairer of the two sexes.

Now what did catch Negan’s attention was when his men started blabbering about how the mystery woman seemed to wander about without care but more so those walker shits seemed to totally avoid her, hell even move out of her way as she passed through.

How she seemed to wear nothing but a white silk négligée.

How she’d appear to vanish whenever one of them tried to get closer.

One man swore he even saw a fox tail poke out from under her slip.

Another man ranted about forest spirits; if you’re polite to them they’d bring you good luck.

Negan was kind of skeptical but then again the world was littered with walking corpses so who was he to deny the existence of sexy lil nymphs?

Apparently the men would almost always spot glimpses of the woman roaming about a small meadow a little ways off the main road right before entering the next town.

He yearned to uncover this pretty little mystery.

The next day Negan corralled a small group of his men with the intention of scavenging for supplies in the next town over, but first they’d make a pit stop. Negan had to see a meadow about a woman.

Ignoring the groans of a few men about how there was nothing left in that area, they set off.

It was an incredibly sunny day, which brought on the godamn heat. Negan pulled at his leather jacket in an attempt to get some air flowing through it. Grabbing Lucille, he slammed the truck door.

“Shits hotter than an iron to the face!” A malicious smile graced his handsome face as he purposely stared down Dwight. Kind of hoping the scarred man would react. Negan could see the man’s subtle attempts at restraining a grimace which was all he needed.

“Alright,  let’s see what all the fuss is about!” He announced, his right hand Simon and Dwight following behind him as they trekked into the wooded area.

All three men made sure to remain on the lookout for walkers as they slowly made their way through the shrubbery.

After scouring the area for a good twenty minutes, Negan was getting frustrated. He was this close to calling bullshit and curb stomping those idiots for wasting his time until he hearing Simon softly called him over.

Simon and Dwight were peeking through a large bush, taking a closer look Negan noticed it led into a clearing and that’s not all he observed.

Long legs strolled languidly through the overgrown grass, the warm breeze appeared to swoon as it caressed sun kissed skin that glittered in the beams of sunshine through the trees.

Ringed fingers skimmed over the tall blades of grass as the woman kept her stride. The plant itself attempted to curl around the appendages as if seeking comfort from its owner.

The woman was dressed completely unusual in today’s monster fueled world. Clad in nothing but a long silky white négligée molded perfectly to her form. Long slits in the material started right under her hips, revealing long legs with every step. The fabric moved seamlessly, oddly never trailing on the ground in an almost sentient manner.

There was something about the beautiful stranger that made his entire being crave a closer look, a firm touch. Negan wondered where in the hell she was going dressed like that and not to mention, from what he could see, weaponless.

“Well fuck me ten ways to Sunday…” Negan breathed, completely awestruck by the stunning woman.

“You could say that again.” Simon couldn’t believe the woman was actually real.

Long mahogany waves bounced seamlessly against her bare back as the woman continued to move without care for anything around her.

Negan’s booted feet moved of their own accord leading him out from the bushes and into the clearing. Dwight went to stop him but Simon shook his head as they curiously observed what would transpire.

The woman was only a few feet ahead of him when she stopped all movement instantly. Negan held his breath in fearing that she’d disappear like his men said she would. Fortunately for him though, she simply turned and faced him.

Beautiful didn’t even seem to cover how drop dead gorgeous this woman was.

Hell, that even seemed to do her an injustice.

Dark waves framed her oval shaped face, big brown doe eyes twinkled at him as they took him in. Strangely enough Negan felt a bit self conscious under her penetrating stare. Her long straight nose had a ring piercing the right nostril, ending with beauty mark accenting perfectly plush lips. Lips that smiled coyly at him, her stare never wavering from him.

For once this loud mouth of a man, this silver tongued prince, was struck speechless. Words failed him as his infatuation bloomed.

“Hello, Stranger.” Soft lips spoke airily as if in a daydream. A ring clad hand slowly rose as she leant in to stroke his face. “Does this handsome face come with a name?”

Mentally shaking himself, Negan spoke “The names Negan, Miss-?”

“I go by many names…” The woman paused momentarily, fingers lingering on his strong jawline as she drew in loser to him. “…but just for you Negan, you can call me Allura.” Allura whispered into his parted lips.

Allura smelled like the forest after a rainstorm. Earthy and fresh. Negan wanted to know what she tasted like.

As if reading his thoughts, pink lips pressed softly onto his. Negan felt as if he’d been jolted through time and space, every nerve in his body sprung to life. Absolutely electric.

The brunette backed away slightly while biting her lip.

“Follow me, Negan.” Her voice sang in its airy tone as she moved from him toward the other side the clearing, slipping seamlessly through the thick of the forest.

Negan let out a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding. Briefly, he looked back to where he knew Simon and Dwight were, nodded his head as if to let them know he was gonna follow and then set off to where this mysterious Allura wandered to.

He had just managed to catch up to her, while noticing the way she playfully glided through the trees and brush. Always glancing over her shoulder to send a beaming smile his way.

Goddamn…This little minx playing with me.” Negan thought with grin. Oh, he just couldn’t wait to get his hands on her.

Allura stopped a few feet ahead of him along the shore of a lake she had lead them to. The summer breeze blew wistful kisses along her exposed shoulders, making strands of her wavy hair dance.

Negan was now one hundred-percent sure that this woman was literally glowing in the sun’s rays. She looked otherworldly.

Letting her continue to lead him towards as he took in his surroundings, he had to ask about the lack of walkers.

“I mean not to look a gift horse in the fucking mouth but isn’t it odd as all hell that we haven’t seen any of those dead shits anywhere?” Negan wondered perplexed looking over at stunning beauty as they walked towards what appeared to be a cave opening in the mountain that stretched along the far side of the lake.

Allura’s stunning features screwed up into what he could assume was an ugly scowl.

“As if she was even capable of looking remotely off putting.” He thought sardonically.

“They don’t dare come near me.” She spat with certainty, the disgust in her voice absolutely venomous.

“How the hell do you manage that?” Negan was very curious as to how a lone person could keep any of those shits from coming near them or their land.

The brunette took a moment before answering.

“I breathe life, they breathe death.” Plush lips whispered as she knelt down in the cavernous dwelling, pressing a ringed hand to the ground. “Those abominations know to steer clear of my path.”

If Negan didn’t see what he was seeing with his own fucking eyes he’d call absolute bullshit. Sprouting between her fingers bloomed a dark crimson rose, but just as quickly as it seemed to bloom, it wilted just as fast.

Clasping her hands around the wilted flower, she blew softly on it. Breathing a new life into it.

Gently plucking the flower, she brought it up to her nose, inhaling the lovely scent. Taking Negan’s hand, she laid the delicate flower in his open palm.

“Well…aren’t you just full of surprises, sweetheart. “ He whispered, the disbelief in his voice evident. Large fingers lightly stroked the velvety texture of the rose. “What are you some goddamn nymph? Mother fucking nature?”

At first, all she gave in response was a twinkling laugh as she then suddenly pushed him against the rough wall. The level of strength she seemed to possess, surprised the fuck out of him.

“You have no idea.” Allura whispered in his ear as she licked the shell of it. Her hands roamed all along his body, then started to shed him of his layers of clothing.

Negan growled as he pushed her back against the opposite wall. He bit his lip noticing that she relished in how the jagged wall dug into her exposed back. “Baby sure likes pain, doesn’t she?” He murmured into her neck, biting down.

She moaned loudly at the feel of his teeth digging into her flesh, coaxing him to proceed harder with the nudge of her hand while her other one dug long nails into his back as he pulled his leather jacket off. Red spots bled through his white T-shirt.

“Goddamn, dollface. Keep that shit up” Negan groaned as she ripped off the bloodstained shirt. Enjoying how those dainty fingers ran up and down the trail of hair along his stomach to the beginnings of his jeans, grunting a bit as she whipped his belt off and tossed it aside.

“Take them off.” Allura ordered, eyes beaming greedily with lust as she watched him unbuckle and remove his jeans. His cock sprang to attention; absolutely ready for her.

Moving past him, she beckoned him with her finger to follow her deeper into the cave. Negan followed without complaint, completely mesmerized by the sway of her hips.

They stopped in front of a plush blanketed area, small candles littered throughout. Yet Negan couldn’t think of anything but the stunning woman in front of him. And once she shed the silk dress, the soft material pooling at her feet, he knew for a fact that he was a goddamn goner.

Allura laid down on the soft blankets, her fiery gaze locked on his. “What are you waiting for?” She asked as her fingers ran along her body tauntingly.

Negan responded by kissing every inch of skin as he crawled on top of her.

Locking lips, he devoured the honey sweet taste of her lips. She was gonna give him a fucking cavity.

“Oh Allura baby, you are definitely something fucking else.” He breathed into the kiss, enjoying how her heart thumped excitedly against him. His hands roamed teasingly along the curves of her breasts, taut nipples grazing along his chest.

Allura growled impatiently, thrusting her hips against his. The feel of his hardened shaft brushing along her wet sex, made her eyes want to roll back in need.

“Negan…” She moaned, nails digging into his back once more.

He didn’t have a chance to react as she flipped them over. Startled, he looked up to see her smiling wide, a crazed look in her eyes. Her nails left even more shallow cuts in his skin as she dragged them down his body. She wet her lips, when she was met with his throbbing member.

Wrapping those pretty lips around him, making Negan groan loudly. Allura hollowed out her cheeks as she sucked, moving up and down on his thick length. If she kept that up, it’d be over before it even started.

“R-Ride my fucking dick, gorgeous.” He breathed out, a small whimper escaping his lips as she let him slip out of her mouth with a ‘pop’.

Allura grinned mischievously, kissing around his pelvis as his cock bobbed painfully with each kiss from those soft lips.

“Goddamnit Allura…” Negan groaned, the need to be buried inside her overwhelming.  “Get that ass up here!”


“What?” He was caught off guard by the hard edge in her voice.

Beg for me, Negan.” Allura purred into his hot flesh, giving him kitten licks as she moved up his body then back down. Absolutely relishing in the clear frustration blazing in his eyes. “Tell me how bad you want me.”

“Well, shit baby…” Negan was not above begging a beautiful woman in bed. The role reversal was a refreshing change of pace. He’d bite, or rather beg.

“I need you so bad, gorgeous…can’t you see how bad I need that fucking pussy of yours wrapped around my cock?” He moaned, enjoying how her dark brown eyes were full blown with lust.

Sitting up he pulled her into him for a passionate lip lock. “That’s how much I need you…” Leaning back, he lead her hand down between them, stroking his hard length. “Feel that, sweetheart? That’s how fucking bad I want you.”

“Oh do I fucking want you baby. So fucking bad.” He murmured into the heaving chest. Lapping at the curve of her cleavage.

The way Allura stared down into his eyes as he looked up was pure fire. That glow around her seemed to brighten even more, making her ethereal appearance even more supernatural than it already was.

Dark brown eyes stared down hazel eyes, engorging the latter with its ever consuming lust. The brazen leader of the Saviors was a goddamn goner. Poor old sap never had a fighting chance with this one.

Allura dragged her teeth along his chest, leaving numerous love bites in their wake. Long legs straddled his strong thighs as she lead his throbbing cock into her aching core .

They both groaned as she took him in completely. She started maneuvering her hips along his cock. Her walls clinging tightly to him, enough to make both their eyes roll back.

“Tell me more.” The dark haired beauty moaned, nipping the shell of his ear roughly. Hips moving to a beat all their own. “You want to.”

“Fu-” Every touch, every nip, every swivel of those magical hips, set his nerves on fire. Negan was all sensation, could barely think straight. “-uck!”

“Oh, babygirl…please keep doing that…those fucking hips. Shitttt.” Closing his eyes, Negan took it all in. He bit down hard on his lip, enough to draw blood, Allura surprised him by lapping it up and taking his mouth into hers.

“You mean this?” She rotated her hips slightly diagonal as her inner walls clamped down around his pulsating cock.

Negan let out a pleasured yell, grasping onto her hips chanting “y-yes, yes, f-fu-fuck, yes, yes…”

Allura quickened her pace, her own need for release now becoming an overwhelming fire pooling deep into her lower abdomen. The feel of his cock throbbed within hot her core, knowing he wasn’t far behind was pushing her  more towards the edge. She was ready to fall off it with him.

Latching her lips onto his, she took in the smoky mint taste of his mouth. “I’m gonna cum, handsome.” She whimpered, hips moving frantically for that one stroke, that one angle that would be her undoing.

And with one last caress of his cock, she fell off the edge of oblivion.

Allura screamed his name repeatedly, hips bucking against him. She ground into him harshly. The frantic pace she kept triggered his own release.

“Shit, Allura. Fuck fuck fuckkkkkk!” He groaned loudly into her neck, thrusting his hips up, pushing himself deeper into her as he came, long and hard inside the comfort of her warm walls.

Allura laid on her side next to Negan as they both tried to catch their breath. His long fingers lazily trailed up and down her back as she pressed sweet kisses along his neck until he dozed off.

Negan slowly awoke a short while later, feeling completely invigorated, he reached over next to him to pull Allura closer to him, but felt nothing but air as his hand thumped down onto the dirt covered ground.

Looking around confused, he realized he wasn’t in her little cave dwelling…he was in leaning against some tree, fully clothed with Lucille laying across his lap as if on guard while he snoozed on.

“What in ever living goddamn fuckity fuckin fuck?” Negan growled out, a frown heavily marring his handsome face. He knew for a fucking fact that that fucking happened. It was not a goddamn dream. Couldn’t of been. He was not cracking the fuck up. No fucking way.

Just then he heard voices as Simon and Dwight wandered into view, surprised to find their boss sat on the ground.

Negan quickly rose to his feet, brushing random dirt off himself. 

Not giving either man a chance to speak, he barked “Let’s get a fucking move on.” leading the way back to the rest of the group.

He opened his mouth to bitch some more but before he could verbalize his grievances, something red caught his eye as he adjusted his leather jacket.

A single crimson rose stuck out in the breast pocket of said jacket.

Negan felt his anger wash away instantly as he plucked the flower from the pocket and inhaled its sweet scent.

“You sneaky little nymph.” He chuckled to himself, placing the rose back in his breast pocket.

Negan would find her again, he had a feeling little lady luck would be on his side or rather on his lap again if he had any say.

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A Lucky Shot (One Shot)

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A/N: Hello again everyone. As promised here’s another imagine, and a small one but hope you enjoy it,  and please let me know if you have prompts for more!! :D

Lena Luthor x  Photographer!R//Word Count: 898

You had no intention of demeaning the work of poets and writers but you always felt it was better to capture things in an image. A picture is worth more than a thousand words. There are moments in life that cannot be described with words. Moments of triumph, success, horror, resistance, despair. That’s why you had decided to become a photographer, to capture those moments forever. However, nobody had told you, it was possible to capture love at first sight with a camera.

It had been a lucky shot. You had been walking down the streets of National City looking for a good picture. You never knew where you could find it. All places were good places to take a picture if you knew how. So, you stopped your walk for a second to take a photo of the busy streets, just to make a test shot and check the settings on your camera. You adjusted it in front of your face, so could see through the viewfinder and, the moment you pressed the shutter, she ran in front of you. A woman with stunning green eyes, raven hair and a jaw for days, with the breeze blowing her hair and the sun illuminating her face. It was a perfect shot.

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Natasha Romanoff - Part 1

Word Count - 2040

Warnings - War, death

Requests are open.

I hope you like this new thing I’m trying out and please send requests. Love you all.

GIF NOT mine, credits to the owner.

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There she was. Just sitting there, simply reading with her glasses and her brow furrowed while her lips moved slightly, her red hair laid on her shoulders and without any effort, she was the most stunning woman you saw. The upbeat song played behind you from the radio as you saw her though the dim light of the room. There was one question you had while you were sitting down on the couch, the warm tea in your hands as you tried to study her. How could the assassin be so beautiful? How could she notice someone like you when she had billions of people fighting for a single glance from her. Maybe you being an avenger helped, maybe her saving your life helped, what ever it was you were grateful. A small smile crept on her lips, her green eyes flickered up to see you and you sipped on your warm tea, the corner of your lips going upward a bit.

“You like what you see?” She said and chuckled, you grinned and stood up, walking towards her. She looked up at you and smiled. Each step you took made her crave you more, even though she was leaving for a mission tomorrow, she knew that it was going to be a long one, Fury wanted her help and Steve’s too, it must be something to do with HYDRA, she hated those bastards, they always found out a way to rip her from you. You arrived towards the bed that she was at and you leaned down, you cupped her face and smiled as she closed her eyes, awaiting for a kiss. “I love it.” You said and bit her lip, you nibbled on her lower lip and she smiled. You let her lip go and went to the other side of the bed. You poked her a bit and she smiled. “Let’s do something fun.” You said and she shook her head. “I really want to finish this book.” She said teasingly and you pouted, you sighed and went over to your place in the couch. “Well, that’s okay I don’t want to distract you, I was just hoping that you would undress me, but don’t worry, I’ll call Wanda or Maria.” You said and she arched her eyebrow, taking off her glasses and sitting straighter. “You wouldn’t.” She dared and you smiled, walking towards the door of the room. “Watch me.” You said as you started to turn the doorknob, she put her book down and got off of the bed, she started walking slowly towards you. “If you go outside that door, I will find you.” She smiled and you shrugged. “Catch me.” You said as you bolted out of the room, you took a swift right and splinted towards the stairs, trying to get to a room.  You giggled as you ran and made the mistake of looking back, she was smiling and caught up to you, she hugged you from behind and you both stumbled on the floor, her hands went towards your sides as she started to tickle you, you wiggled around trying to free yourself from her grasp, she smiled and you saw an opportunity, you kissed her and her movements ceased, her hands stopped moving and she hold you as her lips moved with yours, her lips were sweet and you smiled, you got on top of her and as soon as her breathing became shallowed, you broke the kiss and giggled as you ran towards the stairs, you skipped them and went down as fast as you could. You heard Nat groan and you laughed. “You tease!” She yelled before jumping in the stairs, going twice as fast as you did, you went inside the first door you saw and were surprised when you saw the whole team laughing in the living room.

“So Rhodes thought that his story was funny but really- uh hey Y/N.” Tony said when you entered the room, you spotted Wanda and splinted towards her, you hid behind her and laughed madly, she read your mind and chuckled. “Hide behind me, she’s coming.” You did as she said and you heard the door be kicked open. “Where is she?” Nat said as you heard her footsteps. “She who?” Steve said and you chuckled slightly. “Well Y/N of course.” She said as she got up close to everyone. “Don’t know but you know what we were just about to pop in a movie. Want to watch it with us?” Steve said and you smiled to yourself, you knew that Nat was going to keep looking for you but you peeked from behind the couch and saw Nat’s green eyes. “Gotcha.” She said with a smug grin on her face and she ran towards you. “No! Stop! Please!” You pleaded as she tickled you, she was laughing as well and the team smiled, Clint was laughing and Nat stopped her movements, looking up at him. “Have you ever noticed that Nat is brighter with Y/N, like since they got together.” Clint said towards the whole team, Nat stopped her movements and smiled towards him. “Shut up.” She said as she resumed tickling you, your eyes were watering and your sides were hurting. “Nat, please.” You said and she smiled. You loved her and all but you wanted her to stop, you actually wanted to watch that movie that Steve said. “If you stop being such a tease and making me jealous.” She said and you put your hand up. “I promise that I’ll be a tease for today.” You said and she shrugged, kissing you before getting up and she helped you. You both walked to the only available space in the living you, Nat sat down and you sat next to her, you layed your head on her shoulder and she hugged you.

It was the ending of the movie when your chest rose and fell slightly, you had fallen asleep and Nat was simply scratching your head. “Is everyone awake?” Tony asked and Nat shook her head. “When did she fall asleep?” Bucky asked as Nat laid you down on the couch, you groaned and Nat smiled to herself as she grabbed a blanket from the closet. “Don’t know.” Nat said as she got back on the couch and placed your head slightly on her shoulder before grabbing the blanket and covering you both. “So, Steve, are you ready to head out tomorrow?” Nat asked as Steve furrowed his eyebrows and frowned. “Yeah.” He said and grabbed the T.V remote.  “Nat, you and Y/N, that’s a thing?” Clint asked as he laughed, Tony also laughed. “Come on, you all know.” Nat scoffed and Tony ent all serious. “Okay, I have a question. How do you have sex?” Tony asked and Bruce nudged him. “Tony, you can’t ask that.” Steve said, clearly uncomfortable of his question, he still had the idea that a two people of the same gender could be together, but he supported you and Nat, after all, you were his best friend. “What? I’m curious!” He protested and Clint laughed. “Go google how two women have sex. Now stop bothering my sleep.” You said and shifted a little closer to Nat, you nuzzled your head in her neck and tried to regain the sleep that Tony woke you up from. “Okay, I didn’t say, she did.” Nat said as she laughed and they smiled, but Tony didn’t. “Oh come on! Well you know what I’ll do just that, I’ll be back.” He said and got up, running away to a computer. “What time is it?” Wanda said as she rubbed her eyes. “Don’t know, maybe just like really late.” Clint said and you exhaled loudly. You were still asleep but Nat couldn’t stay long, she had to rest, first light tomorrow and she would leave. “How long are you going to be out?” Wanda said and Nat sighed, kissing your head. “We don’t know, but Fury said that it would be a month minimum.” Steve interjected and Nat appreciated it, she didn’t want to answer those questions with you sleeping. “Just stay safe.” Bucky said, nudging his best friend and Steve chuckled. Your breathing was becoming shallow, Nat looked at Wanda and she nodded. “We will. I mean after all, he is pretty good with that shield.” Nat said and laughed a little bit. Wanda squeezed her eyes shut and moved her hand, a red mist appeared around her fingers as she tried to read your mind. “You’re the assassin.” He said and Nat smiled, she wasn’t really proud of her name, but after SHIELD took her in and she was with Clint, she really did change. Wanda clutched in pain as you began to sweat. “She’s- AH!” Wanda whelped in pain, Nat quickly got up, going towards Wanda. Steve did the same thing. “Get her out of th- there!” She yelled as she tried to exit your mind, you were shivering, a wave of coldness hit you as you were heating up. “Y/N! Wake up!” Bruce yelled, running towards your side, you opened your eyes and the flashes of your dream.

Fury yelling wildly in a room, strapped to a chair and wires connected to him, unknown people were surrounding him making him be in, no doubt, pain.

Wanda bleeding and chanting some words, her last strength, blood was running down her face, the sides of her red leather jacket was torn open and you could see the skin, her face was covered in dirt, her eyelids starting getting heavy and she fell down.

Steve hitting a guard repeatedly, his once white shirt was covered in sweat and blood, it was now gray and blood ran down his nose, he looked beyond angry.

Tony was in his suit, above ground and firing towards the guards. Specs of dirt rose when he missed. Until they got a good shot and msde him fall from the sky.

Clint tried to shoot an arrow to the men but missed, his eyes were red and he was grunting, he was seeing everything in double and blurry.

Bucky was hitting every single person he could, they made him in to the winter soldier, they tortured him and all that was happening was a chance to get revenge.

Maria was getting to hit every target she wanted but her left arm was in pain, she shot with one hand expertly as she killed every single person who got in her way.

Sam was flying and helping Steve, trying to get them all together so that they could be stronger, he wouldn’t be able to support one of you dying.

Vision was flying above the field as he managed to hit some people, he was calm but really worried of who was where, this was a total disaster.

And then Nat, blood poured from her side, even though she was wounded, she was looking for someone while running through the pile of rocks, men tried to shoot her and she killed them. Her face had a few scratches but she was determined to not give up, a few tears ran down her face and she couldn’t go on, she tried to go towards Steve but he was occupied so he went towards Bruce, she managed to say something before she passed in his arms.

You snapped back to reality, you saw Nat’s eyes, half of the team was with Wanda and the other half was with you. You felt your lips dry as well as your mouth. What was going to happen? Then, another wave went in.

The team in black, Clint looking completely devastated, Tony and Bruce shocked, Wanda sobbing, Steve comforting Wanda, Bucky wasn’t there, Maria and Fury looked serious but a few tears managed to go out of their eyes and Vision was next to Wanda, trying to assimilate everything that was happening, Sam was crying and Steve comforted him, too, and Nat, part of her soul died, her eyes were red and puffy, she grabbed a flower and threw it to the grave, she let another tear slip and mumbled something in Russian, she turned around and left everybody.


“They are close to finding us.”

Market Day

Summary: You and Mipha often spend days together at the market. Today you encounter something that is not unfamiliar, but not welcome all the same.

Title: Market Day (Standalone)
Word Count: 1 019
Warnings: Racism, Apples
Characters: Mipha, Reader (feat. Racist Old Woman)
Relationships: Mipha x Reader

Author’s Note: i’m gAY FOR A FISH - mod q.
also, note, i’m open for scenarios atm before i decide to go to bed. hit me up fam im bored

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My Best Friend’s Brother Pt. 4

Originally posted by x-mutation

Part 3


Warnings: SMUT! SO MUCH SMUT! And some really romantic fluffiness in there too but there are TWO MAJOR SMUT SCENES!

Relationships: Romantic!Pietro x Reader, BestFriends!Wanda x Reader, Side!Romantic!Wanda x Vision

Summary: It’s Pietro’s turn for revenge now…When you get up for a midnight snack, you end up getting a midnight treat ;) and he asks you out afterwards. Will you finally give into your desire for the speedster’s heart? Or will you still try to push him away because of how Wanda might react?

A/N: Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile! I’ve been adjusting to college life and let me tell you it is amazing! I love it so much and I’ve made lots of new friends! I hope the extra smut makes up for my inactivity ;) but don’t worry I added lots of fluff too as usual! I am so inspired for Pietro tonight and I think this part will be really good! Enjoy! :)

You woke up at around 2 am, groggy and hungry. You groaned when you looked at your phone and saw what time it is. You sighed. Might as well get up and grab a snack. You thought to yourself as you got up and left Wanda’s room and made your way down to the kitchen to find a snack. When you walked inside you saw that someone had beat you to it. Pietro. You groaned when you saw him taking all of the good food out of the freezer. “Seriously.” You whined and he picked his head up from the fridge. “Do you really need all of that food?”

“Yes actually.” Pietro says and sets his food down on the island. “Because my metabolism is so fast I need to keep eating in large amounts to satisfy it.” 

“Damn.” You say and watch as he makes himself a sandwich. “Is there any left for me?” You ask and make your way over to the fridge. Your hopeful smile falls when you see that there’s no food left for you. 

“Sorry Printsessa…” Pietro says softly, then you feel two hands ghost your hips and move up your sides. “Perhaps there is another way I can make it up to you…” He says and you blush. 

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“Ah, as for myself? Erm…” He hesitates, withdrawing from his calm smile as he wears a concerned, hesitant frown…

“Things… could be much better, admittedly,” sighed the rose, his face scrunching further as he grits his teeth. “I’ll keep it brief and simple for you; I’m undertaking a task to gather money to relocate my family from danger. A vacation to another island to visit family gone to hell… and thus I’m currently on the hunt for a bounty.”

Perceval rotated his neck, his face awkward.”I, er, apologize for this reunion being awkward with the weight of cruel and immediate reality. I truly wish I had the time to properly settle and become reacquainted with you all over again, but time is of the essence, as they say.” The tall rose warrior pledged an arm over his chest as he nods to his old friend.

“I hope you have been faring better, you’ve grown to become quite a stunning woman. You certainly seem to be doing well at a glance.”

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