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I’ll Wait (1/2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader 

Words: 3,709

Summary (request): Bucky declares his love for Y/N on a day he shouldn’t. 

Warning: Angst, but some adorableness as well. 

A/N: So this was also a request by a darling who wishes to stay anonymous, she said I could write whatever I wanted and dedicate it to her, so here goes, darling. Hope you enjoy! As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, much love to you all! 

Part 2

“I’m in love with you,” Bucky said as confidently as he could. His steel blue eyes were boring into yours as his heart beat at a frantic pace.

You didn’t answer him, only stared at him with a blank expression. It was only because he knew you better than you know yourself, he could see your lower lip slightly trembling.

“I know I have no right to say this to you,” he quickly added, taking a small step towards you. You didn’t move, only looked at him with stern eyes and lips pressed into a thin line.

“Especially not now,” the sadness in his words lingered hard in the room as he looked at you from head to toe. His eyes met yours again, and he knew his eyes displayed the heart-wrenching sadness he was feeling in his chest.

“But I knew I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t tell you,” he took another small step towards you and when you didn’t move, only looked at him with an unreadable expression, he slowly lifted his left hand to cup your cheek. The corners of his lips lifted in a small smile when you didn’t flinch or move. His hand was centimeters from your face when you abruptly stepped back, eyes never leaving his.

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Babysitter-Ashton Irwin

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Warning: obviously smut and language

Rating: R

Your phone buzzed next to you on your bedside table. Groaning, you rolled over in your bed and unplugged your phone. Your phone read 8:30am which made you whimper in exhaustion. Below the time was a text from your only babysitting client at the time, Ms. Irwin. You had only acquired the job because your mom had been childhood friends with her, but she was a kind woman nonetheless.

Ms. Irwin was probably the sweetest woman to have ever walked the earth, despite the hardships she had overcame such as her husband leaving her with three kids a couple years ago. But what puzzled you to no extent was the fact that such a kind woman could have the literal spawn on satan as her eldest child.

Ashton Irwin, also known as Hades by yourself and your best friend (Y/BFF/N), was probably the rude human being you have encountered. Despite his stunning looks and musical talent, he was probably the one person you admittedly hated. Although he was a kind child when the two of you where in lower school, right when he hit his teens he pushed you away and never explained his reasons for doing so.

Now, in high school, he never even spared you a glance. It wasn’t as if you were still mad at him, he had pushed you away so long ago but he only angered you when you were babysitting his two younger siblings, Lauren and Harry. It seemed funny how Ms. Irwin always had you babysit even though Ashton was right upstairs in his room playing on his drums, but you both knew he wasn’t capable of taking care of two young children. 

From: Ms. Irwin-8:30am

Hey (Y/n), I’m so sorry to be an inconvenience to you but I was wondering if you can possibly watch the kids starting from 11am today to 7pm tomorrow? Sorry my boss just told me I have to come for a conference this weekend.

You groaned and sat up, running your hand through your hair before responding.

To: Ms. Irwin-8:34am

I’d be happy to (: I’ll see you at 11.

Since you had already woken up you knew attempting to go back to sleep was going to be useless. Hesitantly, you placed your bare feet on the cold wooden floor and quickly scampered to the bathroom to brush your teeth and you went to your kitchen to eat something for breakfast.

Time seemed to fly by and before you knew it you were approaching the front door of the Irwin household with your small overnight bag by your side.

You knocked once and the door flew open seconds later. Instead of the bright and smiling face of Ms. Irwin, you were greeted by the irritated look on Ashton’s face. “Hey Ash,” you smiled, despite the uncomfortable look on his face.

He closed the door behind you, “Don’t call me that,” he mumbled before walking past you to climb up his stairs and probably sulk in his room.

“(Y/n)!” Lauren yelled before wrapping her arms around your legs, followed by Harry.

“Hey guys! Are you excited about this weekend?” you asked, ruffling Harry’s hair.

They nodded in unison and you detached yourself from them to find Ms. Irwin who was in the kitchen making them their lunch. “Hi Ms. Irwin, how are you?” you asked, leaning against the counter.

She jumped in surprise, “Oh hi dear! I’m great, how are you?”

“I’m okay,” you responded.

“Thank you so much for coming on short notice. I really appreciate it.”

You smiled, grabbing the plates from her that held the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches she had made for them. “Of course, anytime. And don’t you have a plane to catch?” I asked.

Her eyes widened, “You’re right!” she rushed to grab her bags, “Again, thank you and I hope Ashton isn’t too much of a bother. He probably won’t leave his room anyways. Text me if there’s an emergency!” she yelled before running out to her car.

You let out a long breath before turning back to the two kids standing behind me. “So, what do you two wanna do?”


“That movie was so good!” Lauren yelled from the backseat of your car. The three of you had just went to the theater to see Moana and the kids were ecstatic about it.

You nodded and smiled, “Yeah it was great! What do you guys say? Ice cream when we get home?” They all nodded in excitement at your offer and practically bounced in their chairs until you arrived home.

Once you parked your car in the driveway they ran out of the car towards the house and flung themselves on the couch, awaiting their ice cream. You smiled at their excitement and went into the kitchen and pulled out the chocolate ice cream. 

You groaned when you realized the bowls where just about five centimeters from your reach even while you were on your toes. Suddenly, a body was pressed flush against yours. “You’re too damn short,” a voice said gruffly from behind you. You turned your head slightly to see Ashton’s bare, broad chest.

Before you knew it he had pulled down three bowls and placed them in front of you. “Thank you,” you whispered for no apparent reason, just because of the close proximity. 

His body lingered behind you for only a couple of seconds before he disappeared. You felt your face heat up but you quickly dismissed any thoughts of Ashton before scooping ice cream into the bowls.

“Who wants ice cream?” you asked, walking into the living room but you stopped in your tracks when the two toddlers were passed out on the couch. A soft smile spread across your face at the two softly sleeping. You set the bowls on the coffee table and picked up Harry to bring him to his room. 

After tucking both of them in you started walking down the hall to get to the stairs but you stopped in your tracks when you heard All Time Low blasting loudly from Ashton’s room.

You approached his door and opened it slightly, “Ashton can you please turn down your music? The kids are sleep-oh my god what are you doing!” you screeched when you saw Ashton laying naked on his bed, slowing pumping his length.

His face morphed into his signature angry expression and he pulled on his boxers before slamming the door in your face. You stood in front of his door, shell shocked for minutes until you finally processed what had actually happened and you ran downstairs to grab your bag and you shut the door to the guestroom down stairs.

Trying to get what you saw out of your head, you pulled out the book you brought with you and started to read. As you flipped through the pages you couldn’t seem to focus on what the story was telling you but rather on how hot Ashton looked, panting and grabbing his thick length in his hand.

A hard knock on your door interrupted your thoughts and you stood up from your bed, expecting one of the kids to be asking for the ice cream you promised them earlier.

But instead of the faces of one of the kids, when you opened the door you were faced with Ashton, and he looked more pissed then ever.

“Hey Ashton, I’m really sorry, I should’ve knocked-” your sentence was cut short yet again when Ashton flipped the two of you around and pushed you up against the door. 

You gasped when you felt his hot lips press hard kisses down the base of your throat. “Do you know what I was thinking about when I was jerking off?” he asked as he brought his face up to yours.

“What?” you asked.

His breath fanned against your face in uneven pants. “You,” he said before pressing his lips against yours.

It took you less than a minute to respond and you started moving your lips in sync with his. “Fuck I need you so bad,” he mumbled against your lips. All you could do was whimper in desperation.

“Where did this come from?” you panted, tangling your hands in his sandy curls.

He groaned when you tugged at his hair, “Fuck, I’ve liked you since we were crib mates.” With that his pressed his lips feverishly to yours again. You moaned when he shoved his tongue in your mouth.

His fingers slowly crept from your hips to your butt. He squeezed it lightly and pulled your body closer to his hips. He ground his rock hard erection against your clothed heat. “Fuck,” he drawled out. “I want to taste you so bad princess,” he mumbled against your lips.

He didn’t give you time to respond before he swiftly picked you up and sat down on the bed. With you straddling him, you pushed his chest back so you were on top of him. You tugged at his shirt, indicating you wanted it removed and he soon lifted it over his head. As he removed his shirt, you pulled yours over your head as well and you reached to unclasp your bra.

As soon as you had no clothes remaining on your top half, Ashton flipped you over so he hovered over you. “What do you want baby girl?” he asked, latching himself to one of your breasts. His tongue flicked over the sensitive bud and he grazed his teeth over it causing you to tug at his hair. 

“Anything, Ash. Please, I’m so wet.” 

A whimper escaped his lips as he left a trail of kisses down in between the valley of your breasts and he stopped right at the band of your sweatpants. He looked up at you for approval you merely nodded in response to his silent question.

Quickly, he pulled down your pants and continued kissing up your thighs from your knees. He kept stopping right where you needed him most so eventually you sighed in frustration, “Ash, please don’t tease-oh motherfucking shit!” you yelled wen he licked a long strip up your clothed heat.

He pulled down your underwear and left a kiss on your clit. “I love it when you call me that,” he mumbled before completely diving in.

His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking harshly causing your back to arch. When he added two fingers you almost lost it, “A-Ash, I c-can’t hold on much longer,” you whimpered, pulling his head closer.

He hummed against you sending vibrations that sent you over the edge. You let out a long moan as the knot inside of you exploded and you chanted his name repeatedly.

When he finally came up for air you pulled towards you and attached your lips to his. A hint of you could be tasted on his tongue which only made you more excited.

You dropped one of your hands down and slid it beneath his boxers. Grabbing his length, you slowly pumped it and with your thumb, you spread his precum around his tip.

He shivered, “As hot as you are doing this, can you please save this for next time because I’m literally about to burst and I really want to be inside of you when I do so.”

You didn’t stop pumping him which caused him to growl and grab both of your hands in one of his and he held them above your head. “Fuck you’re such a bad girl,” he groaned, pulling down his boxers with his other hand.

Out of anticipation, you rubbed your thighs together to try and create friction but he placed a hand in between them and spread them so wide you already knew walking would be an issue in the morning.

You felt his pulsing tip at your entrance and your mouth opened wide when he pushed his length all the way in. “Oh my-holy shit Ash,” you moaned, struggling against his grip because you ached to touch him.

“You’re so tight, princess,” he let out shakily.

You begged him to move and when he finally brought his length out and snapped his hips back into yours you could’ve sworn you saw stars. “Ashton, you’re so thick-fuck!” you arched your chest into his when he hit your g-spot.

He finally released your hands from his and brought his hand down to rub your clit. Instantly you brought your nails to his back and slowly dragged them down his soft skin. “Faster,” you moaned and tugged his lips down to yours.

He obeyed your wish and started snapping his hips harder and faster against yours. When he hit you g-spot again you clenched around him and he let out a strangled moan. “Fuck princess, please do that again.”

You clenched around him and without warning, he shot his load into you, making you cum around him as well. “(Y/n)!” he chanted as his thrusts got sloppy as he milked out both of your orgasms. 

Once the two of you had come down from your highs he turned and slowly pulled out and leaned on his side to face you. “I meant what I said.”

“And what was that?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

“That I actually have really like you since we were crib buddies,” he laughed lightly. “I just didn’t know how to talk to a girl I really like and I didn’t wanna fuck it up.”

You smiled and pressed your lips to his. “I like you too.”

A wide smile spread across his face as he pulled you closer so that your head was resting on his chest. He turned off the bedside table lamp next to him and he left a kiss on your forehead. “Goodnight princess.”


Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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Thursdays [Part 1]


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Thomas Brodie-Sangster x Reader

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A/N: I’ve been feeling very… strange lately. I don’t really know how to explain it - like empty, kind of sad, okay at the same time? But anyway, that’s not important. I haven’t written in forever and I am severely inspired by Thomas Brodie Sangster’s new photographs from the Boys By Girls Magazine so here’s a little dabble, it was supposed to be a one shot but i’m getting tired and it felt right to end it where it did for now but I’m hoping to continue it (I’m scared that i wont find the time though huhu) Oh, and for the purposes of this I’m just going to ignore that TBS is filming the Death Cure at the moment lol, I hope I’m not too rusty on writing lol and more so, I hope you enjoy !!

The smell of new magazines were never really your favourite. It was this strong, almost rusty smell that punched you right in the nostrils when you pull back the plastic it had been encased in. Sure, when it was just one new magazine it was okay but the girth of the amount of glossy papers you had in your hands counted in a pile of eight. The stench was far from pleasant and this was what? The fifth bundle of new magazines you were placing in the cafe?

A sigh escapes you as you gathered the magazines and tapped their bases on the table to fix them properly before placing them face up on the table. The magazine at the very top of the pile had a masthead that read “Boys By Girls” with a photograph of a dashing young man with long chestnut hair slicked back, alluring dark eyes, toned arms peeking out from a black sleeveless top that was accented with red, and a crooked almost-smile on his lips.

“Ah? Finally fancy one of us English folk?” an accented voice teased as it passed behind you.

You straightened up immediately, eyes wide as they found your always teasing coworker who you were happy to call as not only your new best friend but also your flat mate. “I was just admiring the layout!” you defended as you followed her towards the front of the cafe.

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Finding Islands - Lin-Manuel Miranda

Summary: Haida Gwaii, the small archipelago on the North Coast is your hometown. It is your duty to show it to Lin. After all, everyone has an island.

Words: 2,547

Warnings: None, this is so pure. 

A/N: Day 4 of the Write-A-Thon and time is going by so damn fast. So this piece is a little messy because writer’s block has been kicking my ass for a while now, and nothing is coming out right but I tried my best! Enjoy. 

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There is a small, carrot-shaped archipelago of the North Coast of British Columbia in Canada. It is small and quaint, titled Haida Gwaii, with a population of less than 5,000 people. One, out of those 5,000, happened to be you.

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Cassian X Chubby!Reader


Merry Christmas eve! While I love this idea, but I decided to do it in a headcanon-ish setup. There is mention of self-loathing and negative body image, so just have a warning. If you want an actual imagine story, just request it!! Thanks anon!  (this GIF omg swoon)

Cassian X Chubby!Reader

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  • You met Cassian on Yavin 4, when you first joined the Rebellion.
  • You were the person that completed K2SO’s override, giving the sassy droid to Cassian for help on his missions.
  • He was in awe of your talent and whenever he and K2 returned from a mission, they would always stop by your living quarters.
  • “How’d the mission go?”
  • “We were not out on a mission, Y/n. Captain just wanted to see you.”

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Can you describe each sign's flirting style? :D

aries- haha hey! *high fives you* I never see you around, we need to hang out more, lets sit *pushes you to sofa* did you hear about that competition i just recently won? 
taurus- *will try and laugh loudly/try to be near you and hopes you will speak to them*
gemini- wow haha you’re funny, but not as funny as me ;-)
cancer- so haha… just randomly wondering… what do you look for in a perfect partner?
leo- you look absolutely stunning tonight you beautiful human being, how are you doing? you’re making me blush by being in the same room as you.
virgo- you’re a lot more intellectual than you give yourself credit for- you’re just quite amazing, aren’t you?
libra- let me get you another glass of champagne. now, how about we book a holiday to paris? just me you and the guys. *the guys are mysteriously ill and only you 2 show up to the holiday*
scorpio- *stares at you* hello.
sagittarius- oh! that’s an interesting point but you’re totally incorrect haha *puts arm around you* it’s okay, you’re still awesome
capricorn- hi. tell me your life plans for the next 50 years and are you financially stable at the moment?
aquarius- *puts arm around you* c’mere, how was your day?
pisces- *wind blows* *hugs you* sorrry… i was just really cold..haha…


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in regards to the post about not being conventionally pretty: i have, on multiple occasions, scrolled passed a selfie of yours, paused, and scrolled back up to give your face the love it deserves. you're a stunning human being, and, while not everyone will do double takes, some people sure as hell will<3

Lol I do try extra hard to be pretty in selfies

Jin Appreciation Post

I just want to take a moment to thank the lord for our sweet vanilla prince, Jin.

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He is honestly a blessing I mean look at him

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

He is known mostly for loving food, Mario, and the color pink, but I think there is a lot more to him than that.

Originally posted by jinful

He is very humble (despite boasting about how handsome he is) and he is a very kind person! (Honestly, if you looked like that, you would boast about it too)

Originally posted by allkpopgifs

He is the mom of the group and has to put up with all of the boys crazy antics. He is very mature and would probably fight someone for his children (aka the rest of BTS)

Originally posted by giltenkreuz

He is very hard-working and whether or not you believe it, he is very talented! He has come so far and has worked just as hard as the other members! He has a beautiful voice and even if he isn’t the best dancer, he still tries his best!

Originally posted by poisondripp

He is very ambitious and he cares deeply not only for Bangtan, but for his fans as well!

Originally posted by vminv

No he may not be at the same level as the other members of BTS, but in all honesty, he tries his hardest and to me that is beautiful in itself. (Plus I still really love his voice and I think he has come very far with his singing abilities)

Originally posted by vubbletae

Imo, BTS probably would have fallen apart without him. I think he really holds the group together and they would probably all die without him.

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

He was actually the first member of BTS that I was able to recognize and I learned his name first.

Originally posted by cutesy-kyungsoo

This post is a little more personal than all the other Jin appreciation posts because in all honesty, I get really pissed off when people say that Jin bring BTS down. I also get upset when people talk about how much they love him for taking care of BTS, but then they have to guts to ask him about other members. He deserves so much more appreciation. Not just fake appreciation either. He doesn’t deserve to be slept on.

Originally posted by hugbin

Kim Seokjin is a beautiful, humble, kind, and caring human being who deserves more recognition than just “pretty pink princess.”

Originally posted by syuub

I love him with all of my heart and he deserves much more respect. BTS would not be the same without him and if anyone says that they would be better off, they better be prepared to catch these hands because I will defend him until I die.

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

I honestly cannot believe that ARMYs have the guts to ask him where the other members are during the time that he decides to take out of his day to spend with ARMY. He genuinely cares about us and is so much more than what ARMYs make him out to be. He is a stunning and charming human being. If you make an appreciation post about Jin, you better genuinely appreciate him because he deserves it and he needs it.

Originally posted by fy-seokjin

I love Kim Seokjin for his all. Whether is be his dorkiness, his maturity, his kindness, his modesty, etc, I love it all. He has made me laugh and smile and he has warmed my heart.

Originally posted by kths

For Christ’s sake, this man makes sure his fans have eaten and he encourages them to take care of themselves despite knowing that he is one of the most under-appreciated members!!! He is just so kind and it comes from the bottom of his heart and he literally expects NOTHING in return.

Originally posted by synthbin

Anyways, even if you’re not a Jin stan, you have no right to bash him. He isn’t just the mom of the group. He isn’t just the Mario-loving dork. He isn’t just the pretty pink princess. He is literally the glue of BTS and he is the kindest, most humble, most handsome, most hard-working person alive. And what’s best about it all is that he in genuine and he is one of the realest people I have ever come across in my life. I did not intend to rant, but here I am, crying and getting angry because people cannot appreciate him. He isn’t the best singer or dancer in BTS, but damn does he have a beautiful voice and his cute, dorky dances warm my heart.

Originally posted by vubbletae

This might be repetitive and you might be sitting here wondering what the hell I’m doing, but honestly I feel like this post is more for myself than anyone else. I love Kim Seokjin with all of my heart and I admire his talents. He is too good for this world and I will protect him until the day I die.

Originally posted by fy-seokjin

All I want in this world is for him to get the love and recognition that he deserves, the love and recognition that he works his ass off for.

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Originally posted by sughyun

In conclusion, Kim Seokjin is my favorite person ever. So here are more gifs of him.

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*none of these gifs are mine, credit belongs to original creators.*

The invaluable use of extra quarters

A/N: another “meeting Deadpool/Wade Wilson” oneshot. I remember first seeing the laundromat scene with Wade and Al and wondering if anyone else was there to listen to her call him a dumbass so I guess that’s where this came from 😂 I know in this piece Wade is ooc, but we didn’t really see him interact with strangers in the movie all that much besides him following Vanessa to her apartment. I think because of the experience of all the people staring at him in fear and disgust it would cause him to be wary of strangers and maybe even a little shy. Also, remember to let me know what you think. I LOVE GETTING REQUESTS PLEASE SEND SOME IN. Other than that I hope you like it ❤️



The sound of your car door slamming shut reverberated through the quiet parking lot while you hauled your basket of dirty clothes into the laundromat. You felt light that morning with the enjoyment of a simple chore.

You backed into the door, pushed it open and let it swing closed. The tinkle of the bell above the door barely registered in your mind as you saw the man standing in the corner you had never seen before.

He wore a multi colored cap and navy blue pullover hoodie, with gloves on his hands. You slowly kept pace to the washer that you usually used next to Al. Once you got closer you could see the painful looking scars that covered his whole face and, as far as you could tell, his whole head.

You ended up a couple spaces to the right on the table opposite of the man. Not one to be caught staring, you went about your chore and set your laundry basket down on the table, and got your dirty laundry and soap out.

But you found yourself looking up at him and wondering who he was and what the hell happened to him. You didn’t think he’d notice you, with him pouring a generous amount of seltzer water over a stained sweater with a determined look on his features. But he quickly proved you wrong.

Suddenly, his eyes looked up to yours and met your stare. The brown eyes that looked back at you made your breath catch and damn it all if something hadn’t stirred in your chest. You ignored the instinct to look down in embarrassment at being caught staring and boldly kept his eyes and gave him a shy smile.

Your eyes widened as his head tilted to the side, like a confused puppy. ‘Great (Y/N), you probably creeped him out,’ you chastised yourself. A new wave of timidity washed over you, which also caused your cheeks to turn a light shade of pink which you were sure he noticed. If the small uptick of his lips was any indication.

As if trying to shake the blush away, you shook your head discreetly from side to side and started loading your clothes into the wash. This time, you could feel his eyes dart towards your turned form, and when you’d turn back to grab more laundry, his gaze would be immediately drawn back to his stained sweater.

‘At least I’m not the only one staring. Even if he is doing it to make sure the creepy girl in the laundromat leaves him alone,’ you thought. The washer was all loaded up with your clothes so you dug through your purse and grabbed a handful of quarters to feed the machine. Because you had been a little busier loading your clothes, it was easy to focus the attention on something other than the mystery man.

Now you were finished, still facing the washer, and didn’t know what to do with yourself. Usually you chatted up Al, asked how she was doing, made sure she was getting along okay. This time, you couldn’t find the confidence to turn around and start a conversation. Not with the embarrassing but barely noticeable encounter with the man across from Al still hanging in the air.

So you did what any mature adult would do. You decided to wait out the washing machine by staring at it. It was working for about ten minutes until a not so muffled curse was spoken from behind you.

“What the fuck? God damn it. Al, did you take my quarters again?” An impatient voice asked.

You turned to see who it was and sure enough, the man and Al were engaged in a swear word filled debate about whether or not the man’s quarters were stolen or simply forgotten.

“Okay, that’s fucking fine. I can definitely go without washing my fucking nasty ass clothes. Good luck with your old lady pants. Please do everything you can to get the shitty smell out of them,” the man sounded extremely exasperated with Al. Even as much as Al was a defenseless little old lady, you couldn’t blame him. Al had some bite if you weren’t careful.

This so called bite showed up in Al as she called him a dumbass. You fully turned as they got into it again and had a change of heart about spending some quality time with the washer.

“I have some extra quarters you can have,” you quietly piped up. Al and the man both looked towards you stunned, like they forgot about the other human beings in the laundromat.

The man stared for a while before scowling at Al and throwing a playful smirk towards you, “That’s fine sweetheart. I can just punish Al by wearing my dirty rotten chimi-fucking-changa smelling clothes until the next laundry day.” He ended with his piercing glare on Al again, who was folding up her laundry and about to leave.

“Such a douche. Have fun getting back on your own,” Al croaked and walked out of the laundromat with clean laundry in tow. Both you and the man stared after her, you with a small smile on your face, him with a ‘if-looks-could-kill’ kinda glare.

You looked back to the man and pulled a couple dollars worth of quarters out of your bag.

“Here, I have more than enough,” you softly spoke. The man’s head quickly swiveled to yours, it was a couple minutes before he actually took the quarters from you. He seemed to study your face, for something you couldn’t identify, as you somewhat awkwardly stood with your hand stretched out.

When he did take the quarters, you tried not to blush again when his gloved fingers stroked yours as he scooped the quarters from your hand. “Thank you,” his voice was as small as yours which was an extreme surprise. Just thirty seconds ago he was cussing out Al and not very quietly either.

You shrugged your shoulders to say no big deal. Another awkward silence ensued and the only thing you could think of was to fill it.

“So, do you live with Al?” You quickly blurted.

He looked up at you from the washer he was giving quarters to answer, “Yep. The worst roommate too. Can’t assemble ikea furniture worth a damn.”

His response made you giggle because you thought he was kidding. Little did you know, he wasn’t. But that wasn’t important at the moment.

“You know Al?” The man asked. You found yourself dumbly nodding your head and quickly responding.

“Yeah, we met a year ago when I was having trouble with my washer. She helped me out. I’m clueless sometimes,” you rolled your eyes at yourself to accompany your words and wrung your hands in insecurity.

The man laughed, “You seem to take care of yourself just fine. And others.” He held up the quarters you give him as an example.

You shrugged your shoulders again, this time being able to fight back the scarlet coloring of your cheeks at the compliment.

“Um, my name’s (Y/N). It’s nice to meet you, Al’s roommate,” you stumbled out, not in the confident way you were hoping to. You convinced yourself that the reason you introduced yourself was to be polite, but you knew that it was really so maybe you could get to know him and his brown eyes better.

His beautiful smile sparkled, “Wade Wilson, and the pleasure is all mine, (Y/N).”

You opened your mouth to continue the conversation but you were interrupted by the alarm on your washer going off behind you.

You could feel Wade still staring at you as you pulled on the handle of the washer to open it. Unfortunately you found major difficulty in the task. The handle wouldn’t open no matter how hard you yanked.

“Stupid thing,” you huffed out in anger. You completely forgot Wade until he was right behind you, speaking.

During a particularly hard pull on the handle, he spoke, “Here, I got it.”

Wade startled you, which caused you to let go of the handle and fly backwards into his chest. Wade’s heavy hands went to your hips to steady you. You felt sparks on your waist at his solid touch. You think he noticed it too as he inhaled a sharp breath.

“Uh, thank you. Sorry for-”

“No it’s fine, are you okay?”

“Yeah…fine,” but you were totally not fine. This man with the brown eyes and strong hands and muscle definition you could feel through his sweatshirt was touching you. It was a lot to take in at once. Wade’s hands lingered for a few more seconds and abruptly let go. He reached in front of you to the washer handle and pulled harder than you could have, effectively unjamming the door.

“Thanks,” you forgot you were chest to back with Wade and turned around, it was your turn to intake a quick breath as your eyes met his chest. You looked up to find him already looking down at you. You stared up unabashedly into his brown eyes, feeling like they were pulling you in.

Wade started to bend his head down near yours and butterflies erupted in your stomach. Time stopped and it was just the two of you staring into each other’s eyes, faces inching closer and closer by the second. You could feel your heartbeat pick up, until you were convinced everyone else in the laundromat could hear it pound.

Disastrously, the harsh ringtone of someone’s phone made the both of you jump apart and Wade to dig through his pants pocket in search of the noise.

His non eyebrow covered eyes flew open at the caller ID.

“Yeah?…You did?…That’s fan-fucking-tastic,” he ended the call and shoved the phone back into his pocket.

You watched as he jogged around the table to pull his stained sweater out of the washer. Wade seemed to forget about you until you had started to make some noise, pulling your wet clothes out of the washer and into your basket so you could hang them up on a clothes line at home. Maybe it was easier for your brain to pretend the last few minutes didn’t happen, but it wasn’t easy for the rest of you to forget. You felt the harsh absence of Wade’s presence and turned to look back at him to see if he had left without a word.

However, you found him still by the tables getting ready to leave when he met your gaze.

Wade stopped with a look of regret on his face, but quickly covered it with a smirk, “Just so we’re clear, laundry day is Tuesdays for me and old Al.” Wade quickly walked away from the washers and out the door, looking back once to throw you a wink.

‘Oh great, he can wink too? I don’t know what’s better, seeing the eye close or seeing his brown eyes open,’ you rambled in your mind, attempting to process everything that had just happened.

Happiness hit you quickly as you realized what Wade had said. You could feel your cheeks start to hurt with how wide you were smiling. You shook your head out of its reverie and quickly loaded all your clothes into the basket so you could get home now that nothing was keeping you at the laundromat.

Once you were in the car, you put your keys into the ignition and sighed, “I guess laundry day is moving to Tuesdays.” It was easy to pretend that this was an inconvenience to you but your heart wouldn’t let you stay home next Tuesday even if your life depended on it.

⭐️A/N: btw I went to ikea today and I found the hurdal and the trysil. (It’s okay if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I understand that not everybody has seen Deadpool as many times as I have) I freaked out. My family didn’t know what was wrong with me 😂



jaymeekitten  asked:

Holy...hell. Words can't even describe how beautiful you are. I absolutely love your hair color, and your smile is wonderful. You are a stunning human being and I'm sure you are a great person as well. I'd love to talk sometime!

ahhhh oml thank you so much this is so sweet!! and feel free to talk to me anytime!!

Alright, here is the live performance of “You” from The 1975’s performance at the House of Blues in NOLA on 6/1/14. 

So here’s the story:  Lemme tell you about the amazing, absolutely stunning human being that is Matty Healy. He basically made not only my night, but my entire life

Okay, okay. To the story. So I decided to bring in a small notebook and a marker just in case we got to meet them. During the beginning of the show, it was all gravy. We were right next to them in the balcony seats. Then these other people who were like abnormally gargantuan took our spot and we couldn’t see the band at all. Like seriously. They were massive. We thought we were going to have an absolutely terrible time since we couldn’t see for two straight songs. So eventually the bouncer made them move since we couldn’t see, brightening our night drastically. After a while, I moved back down since I was literally in the speaker and lost hearing in my left ear (I’m not kidding). I started to really notice that every time someone threw something on the stage, Matty would go to pick it up. So I then had the single most important and brilliant thought in my entire effing boring ass life. I HAD PAPER AND A FUDGING MARKER AND I WAS GONNA WRITE MATTY A FUCKIN LOVE LETTER. So the letter said: 

“Dear 1975, we love you & your music. Plus being shirtless is nice, Matty! Love, Brette, McKenna, & Jaelyn”

When they went off the stage and came back on, I found the perfect opportunity to toss the paper at his feet. He picked it up and said, “Oooh, what’s this? A love letter?!” Then proceeded to READ THE ENTIRE THING OUT LOUD PRONOUNCING MY EFFING NAME CORRECTLY. OH MY EFFING GOD MY NAME LEFT THE LIPS OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT CREATURE THAT HAS EVER INHABITED THIS EARTH.Okay okay…I’m chill again. So we’re screaming like a bunch of psychos, right. He points at us, grinning widely. Ya know, generally looking like the precious, adorable Matty Healy, like normal. “Was it you?” He asks, looking up at me. We scream like the biggest fangirls ever AGAIN. Then he goes, “Yeah, I see you” Laughs. “Everyone can fucking see you!” He then proceeded to look up at the three of us throughout the rest of the show. 

Alright, so at one point, he climbed on the speakers on the other side of the balcony, hugged one person, and ran through back down to the stage, not really stopping at all. So they all finish the show. Adam and Ross throw guitar picks and water bottles, the oh-so-deliciously-masculine George chunks all of his drumsticks to some pretty lucky ladies. And Matty just stays on the stage, looking out at everyone. Then, he turns on his heel to look up at us, points at us, and runs off to the side of the stage. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT WE THOUGHT. OH YEAH HERE COMES THE REAL GOOD SHIT. So suddenly, I see that beautiful mess of black curls climbing the mother effing speakers to come to my ever-open arms. Oh yeah. Do you even know what that is like? A person you think you might love more than your own family members is climbing a freakin wall just to come to you. I KNOW RIGHT. MY HEART IS POUNDING IN MY CHEST SO HARD RIGHT NOW JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Then, he pulled me into his bare chest. HIS BARE CHESTTTT. I thought, oh my dear god I am being hugged so tightly by Matty Healy. Then he pulls in McKenna. Next Jaelyn. He did not let go of me even when this other girl rudely interrupted us. Like, bitch, excuse you this is my shining moment, aiiight? So Jaelyn got a selfie with him, and the guy standing next to us filmed the whole thing. Basically, I’m just waiting to get that video. So until then, here is the best 1975 song out there. 

Single greatest moment of my life. We didn’t speak to each other, but that moment needed no words. Just the fact that he acknowledged how much I love him and made an effort to make my night the best it could possibly be is just the most emotionally fulfilling feeling I think I will ever have. Matty Healy is such a special human being. I have and always will love Matty and this band that has literally changed my life. 

jaelyndanee - selfies with Matty

mckennadawn15 - the one who basically inhaled Matty’s beautiful hair

(and I’m tagging you, too, headcarslou just in case you miss this)

An emotional Adele gives out hugs during visit to Grenfell Tower area

People attending a vigil on 14 June (Wednesday) for victims of the Grenfell Tower fire were in for a surprise when Adele decided to make a low key appearance in support of those affected by the blaze. The Hello singer and her husband Simon Konecki attended the event, which was held less than 24 hours after the fire began.

According to accounts by those present at the scene, the 29-year-old turned emotional as she met with victims and was “going around hugging everyone she could”. Fans immediately took to Twitter to sing praises for the Tottenham native’s efforts.

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“I’m so proud stunning a humble & genuine human being like you. I love you so much, queen @Adele…” one individual wrote online.

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“The fact that Adele has gone to Grenfell tower and not said a word about it just proves how amazingly sincere she is… Adele is an angel, she deserves heaven, biggest heart ever, so proud of her,” another Twitter user posted.

Authorities have confirmed that at least 12 people were killed in the horrific fire, but Scotland Yard expects the death toll to go up to 50 as efforts continue to find those still missing.

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In the mean time, numerous other English celebrities offered support and funding to the survivors and their families. TV chef Jamie Oliver opened the doors of his restaurant to the families affected by the fire. “You are all welcome to come and hangout at my restaurant and be fed and watered by my Jamie’s Italian team,” he posted online.

Fashion designer Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace offered up her flat in Kings Cross to families in need while singer Lilly Allen offered “a bed, a lift or tea”. Other celebrities donated money towards relief efforts and encouraged others to do so as well.

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“Cal,” you began.


“Please delete it,” you begged tugging on the hem of his T-shirt sleeve.

“No, it’s adorable,” he responded not even looking up from his cell phone.

You pouted and crossed your arms. You had been dancing around his dressing room with All Time Low blasting from your portable speakers. When he returned from sound check he couldn’t resist recording your performance, posting a video of your aggressive hair flips and intense air guitar solos. You had screamed and jumped in fright when you finally noticed him in the mirror.

“It’s not adorable, it’s embarrassing,” you stated.

“So what if it’s embarrassing. The boys and I do embarrassing shit all the time,” he looked at you sitting next to him on the leather couch.

“Yeah, well you and the boys are hot, okay? You are allowed to be embarrassing when you are attractive,” you huffed throwing your self back onto the couch, he rolled his eyes& looked back down to his phone. You stared up at the ceiling, listening to the faint but consistent buzz of your phone on the coffee table. It was reacting to the thousands of Twitter notifications you were receiving from the video Calum tagged you in.

“You’re dramatic,” he laughed while tapping his foot against the table.

“No, I’m being serious. I’m already overweight and unattractive you can’t add embarrassing to the plate. It’s like the trifecta of doom,” you rushed flinging your hands over your eyes, even more embarrassed now that you had let your insecurities show through your normally confident façade.

“What did you just say,” he questioned head snapping up from his phone, turning to look at you.

“Uh, trifecta of doom. It’s like three really bad things in a group-”

“No, not that…Don’t talk about yourself that way,” he interrupted harshly.

“I’m not complaining I’m just stating facts,” you replied, keeping your hands over your eyes to avoid eye contact with him.

“(Y/N),” he said in a warning, not wanting to hear anymore of what his best friend had to say.

“It’s true Cal. I’m not like the models that are always hanging around, that’s okay. Trust me in my 19 years of living I’ve accepted that I’m not gonna look like that. I just try to avoid putting myself in situations that make me seem any more unattractive,” you rambled.

You finally uncovered your eyes to see Calum standing up in frustration, roughly running his hands through his curly hair. He turned and looked down at you. He moved so fast you didn’t even realize what he was doing until his face was hovering above yours, his hands planted on the couch on either side of your head, legs straddled your waist as he stared into your eyes. You closed yours feeling intimidated.

“(Y/N), look at me,” he said softly. You reluctantly opened your eyes only to be met with his sad brown eyes staring back at you.

“You are beautiful-”


“No, don’t interrupt me. I let you go on your self deprecating rant now you are going to face some reality,” he stated.
He paused, making sure you were going to comply and remain silent.

“You are beautiful. You’re hilarious, you make me laugh all the time I swear you could make a career out of it. You are so kind to everyone you meet. I see you with the fans and the crew. Always offering to help backstage even though you are our guest here. Every radio show we’ve been at you’ve taken an insane amount of photos for fans, never letting anyone go unaccounted for,” he took a brief pause, noting your face getting a deeper shade of red with every word he spoke.

“I can’t even believe you’d call yourself unattractive…I just wish you could see yourself the way I see you. As this stunning, caring, thoughtful, hilarious human being who I can’t live without,” as he continued his face inched closer and closer to yours. Your heart was beating so hard you were shocked Calum couldn’t hear it vibrating against your rib cage. The video was long forgotten, your focus being on what Calum was saying and how close his soft plump lips were to yours.

“When you dance around and sing at the top of your lungs without a care in the world it makes me love you even more than I thought I could,” he breathed out, trying to gauge your response to his admission. Your eyes widened at the word love.

“Love?” You whispered.

“Yes, and I won’t have my best friend, the girl I am in love with talk about her self in such a negative way,” butterflies were flying around in your stomach, but it didn’t compare to the nerves Calum felt bubbling inside him. Your faces were so close now you could feel his soft breath against your lips, but your eyes never left his.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, voice barely a whisper. You gulped and nodded your head while your hands instinctively wrapped around his neck pulling him to you. He moved in, your eyes fluttering shut.

“ALRIGHT FUCKERS WHO WANTS SOME NAND-Oh shit I’m interrupting,” Michael barged into the dressing room shouting. Calum’s forehead dropped to rest on yours before your lips had a chance to connect.

“Fucking shit timing Michael,” he sighed disappointed.