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Worst Patient on the Enterprise

The title pretty much says it all. A fluffy fic revolving around Bones being known as “the worst patient on the Enterprise.” 

You were woken up at three in the morning to a hacking cough. You weren’t particularly surprised since he’d been coughing ever since he’d traveled down to a new planet two days ago.

“Leonard,” you mumbled sleepily as you turned over opening your eyes a little to see him sitting up coughing.

His coughing stopped for a minute, but another fit came on before he could say anything. You reached over and rubbed his back as you sat up.

“Do you need to go to Med Bay?” you asked.

“I’m fine.” He shook his head as he got up and got a drink of water.

“That cough says otherwise. It’s getting worse.”

“It’s fine. It’s just a cough. Nothing I can’t handle.” He got back into bed and laid down.

You sighed as you laid back down. “Come here,” you gestured him closer until his head was resting on the bottom of your chest. “Please get an exam in the morning.” You rubbed his arm gently as you felt his breathing steady as he fell asleep, occasionally coughing in his sleep. You closed your eyes, your thumb continuing to rub his shoulder mindlessly as you drifted back to sleep.

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anonymous asked:

ok so i just found your account and i'm in love❤️❤️❤️ thank you for gracing our fandom with your amazing writing!! can you do 28 for drarry please??💚

Thank you sm <3,, and trust me, the pleasure is all mine

((everyone;; pls have patience, my inbox is bursting with prompts and i intend to do every single one of them, don’t worry, I just need time :) ))

My writing

Prompt list

28 - “c’m here”

Harry Potter was panicking.

He was a fully-grown adult, and perfectly capable to get himself out of difficult situations with a wave of his wand. He had no trouble dueling with people - or enemies - and he wouldn’t really be bothered to take on a dragon. (Again.)

Yet now, sitting cross-legged in the cupboard of the room of requirement, locked inside with Draco Malfoy sitting on the other side, he found it insanely hard to breathe.

“Why are we doing this game again?” Malfoy muttered, one of his hands in his hair and the other on his leg, tapping an uneven rhythm, as if he was as nervous as Harry was panicky. “I knew that the combination of Granger and Pansy was dangerous -”

“Malfoy, shut up.” Harry hissed. 

Just breathe, he thought firmly, repeating it as a mantra over and over again.

He was not going to get a panic-attack in front of Draco Malfoy.

Malfoy, however, ignored him. “- and then the booze! And the stupid dare game! I knew muggle drinking games were the absolute worst -”

Harry whimpered, and pulled his knees up to his chest.

Was it just him, or was the cupboard getting smaller?

“- and now I’m locked up with you, Golden boy of the world and….” Malfoy’s voice faltered. “Er, Potter? Are you okay over there?”

“Yeah,” Harry croaked. Just breathe. “Dandy.”

“You look like you’re about to throw up.”

“Your face does that to me.”

Malfoy snorted, obviously unimpressed with the lame insult. “Really. Did you drink too much? I always knew you were a lightweight.”

Harry groaned, and hid his face in his hands. 

The only thing worse than being locked up in a cupboard was being locked up with someone like Draco Malfoy. It was like his bad luck was trying to get a new record of him being close to losing it.

“I was drinking butterbeer, Malfoy,” Harry finally said, his voice slightly muffled. “And unless you can get drunk off that, I don’t see why I -”

“Then why are you sick?”

“I’m not sick.”

Malfoy groaned theatrically. “Your face is fucking green, Potter. And if you are going to throw up on me, I swear to Circe -”

“You’ll what?” Harry looked up - and, fuck.

Too fast.

The world began to spin, and he almost fell over face-first into Malfoy’s lap, if it weren’t for his quick seeker reflexes.

“Potter!” Malfoy screamed in a high-pitched voice, and backed away, his limbs flaying around. “Let go of my legs!”

“Sorry,” Harry said, not feeling very sorry at all. “It was either that, or fall on your lap, and I doubt you would’ve liked that very much.”

Was it just Harry’s mind playing tricks with him, or was Malfoy blushing? “Fine. You can let go now, though.”

Everything was shaking. Or was it just Harry shaking? “Er,” he croaked, trying to stay focused on his hands, on Malfoy’s knees, on Malfoy’s breathing, “If you don’t mind, I’ll stay like this for a sec.”

It was silent for a minute, and Harry closed his eyes, trying to even his breathing with that of Malfoy.

Don’t panic. 

It’s just a cupboard.


“Potter?” Came Malfoy’s voice suddenly, and it sounded strangely fragile. “I ask again; are you okay?”

“Yeah,” he lied. “I’m fine.”

“Okay, fuck.” Malfoy sighed, and suddenly grabbed Harry’s arms, pulling him towards him, “c’m here you stubborn bastard.”

“Malfoy!” Harry yelled, but didn’t really protest when he was pulled into Malfoy’s lap, with his arms around him, locked into a sudden tight embrace. “What are you -”

“You will not speak of this to anyone,” Malfoy threatened, his voice not louder than a whisper. His grip tightened. 

“But -”



“Just shut up, and breathe.”

And for the first time in his life, Harry listened to him.


Some more Nessian. Love these drabble prompts.

Shit. Shit, shit, shit.

She’d felt it when the arrow had gone through his shoulder. He’d been distracted, they were fighting about something stupid. Always fighting. She should just let herself love him instead of this…teasing.

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I'm honestly just here to supply mitjo til mars updates again

submitted by anon:

I was pretty sure Mitch Mueller was going to kill me. As I grew up it was for different reasons but they all led to my demise. In middle school I thought he would hang me up a flag pole during summer break and let the birds eat away at my carcass. In senior year of highschool I thought he’d burying me alive in a ditch somewhere in the woods, or maybe tie me to a really heavy rock and push my in the river. A few weeks later I figured my end was near when I was asked to take pictures for prom and Mitch offered to drive me. God I hope that cyclist was okay. And now a few years later I’m staring at the bright red letters on the front of the hospital building, standing like an idiot with legs that feel like both jell-o and lead knowing damn well Mitch Mueller was going to give me a heart attack I swear.

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kurosmind  asked:

I'mgonnadoitthen *^* I found you prompt, 1 or 36 for Doriael? :D

#36. Your eyes heavy, nightmares robbing you of sleep

Fael Lavellan belongs, of course, to the lovely @kurosmind <3 I hope this is okay! (Pavellan, approx 1800 words, most under the cut)

It was just like every other night. At least, every other night of late.

Dorian breathed out softly, his shoulders slumping as he noticed the empty space in the bed beside him. Again? Stifling a yawn, he pushed the covers off and swung his legs over the side, too aware of the cold floorboards as they pressed against the soles of his feet. The door to the balcony was ajar. Of course it was.

Quietly, Dorian crossed the room and rested his hand to the frame. The door tried to sway with the gentle wind, but the heavy wood was too much for the breeze to shift. Pushing it open, Dorian quickly found what he had been looking for. Pale hair, rounded shoulders, a head hung low as if begging the night itself for sleep.


“Amatus…” Dorian began softly. It pained him how it never got any easier. How little he knew. How little he could truly help. What good was he if he could not even bring comfort to the one man he…

“Go back to sleep, Dorian,” Fael said, his voice flat. Not cold, not even angry. Just empty, like a hollowed out log, its insides long since rotted away. “I’ll come back in soon. It’s all right.”

Hesitating, Dorian hated that he actually considered doing as he asked, even if only for the span of a single heartbeat. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to be there for Fael – quite the opposite, actually. It was just that, no matter what he did, nothing seemed able to take away his pain for more than a few breaths. Maybe even a single night, if he was lucky. It was a pain Fael swallowed during the day, forcing it to the back corners of his mind. No amount of holding, caressing, or talking could smooth edges that badly torn. Dorian was no healer. For the first time in his life, he truly wished he was someone else. Someone better equipped. Someone just a little less broken. Someone who could help.

“Now now, you know I won’t be doing that,” he said, slipping into his usual offhanded tone. Resorting to the known. The comfortable.


“Besides,” Dorian continued quickly, forcing the thought form his mind, “it is far too cold in that bed without you beside me. You’ll catch your death out here.”

Fael flinched, and Dorian hesitated, hand outstretched. He had intended to place it on his amatus’ back, but changed his mind at the last moment. Well, that was a poor choice of words, Dorian thought bitterly, lowering his arm awkwardly. Sometimes he wondered how he had survived the Imperium at all, given his propensity for jamming his foot in his mouth. He could practically taste the floorboard dust.

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I saved your ass

Originally posted by heytheredeann

Pairing: Johnxreader
Word count: 1,517
Warnings: Some swears
Request: “Hi you freaking amazing writer. I was wondering if I could request a fic where the reader saves John’s ass on a hunt? Maybe in badass Nikita-esc form? Maybe they end up hunting together?“ Hope you like, @ddean

You almost drove through when you saw that black 1967 Impala. Almost. You’d caught wind of a hunt that you thought you would check out. It seems that John Winchester had, too. Unless he was with Dean, he seemed to work solo. You were on the edge of town when you pulled a sharp U-turn. Something told you that you needed to go on this hunt. That you shouldn’t back down. One thing you didn’t do was back down from a fight.

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Donuts with Dean

So I had this idea in like the middle of the night so I quickly jotted the idea down and in the morning started to work on it so here it is.

Pairings: DeanxReader

Warnings: None

Word Count:  732




You wake up startled so when you see a dark figure above you your hunter instincts kick in so you punch blindly at the figure. You got it good in the jaw. “Ow, what the hell y/n?”


“Yeah, who else would it be?”

“I don’t know! I can’t fucking see the lights are off moron!” you say as you turn the lamp on your nightstand on.

“Ouch, you hurt my feelings,” he faked pouted “now you have to get donuts with me.”

“Dean what are you talking about?”

“Well,” he started to explain “I got this giant craving for donuts and I know you would kill me if I got donuts without you so I was going to ask you to come with me before you attacked me.” You check the clock 

“Dean, it’s midnight. MIDNIGHT!! We are not getting donuts.” you say as you try to bury yourself under the covers.

“y/n!” Dean whined. Nothing.

“Pllleeaassee!” Zip.

“Y/N!” Zero.

“I’ll be your best friend” Nada.

“Even though you did punch me in the face.” You finally lift your head from the covers.

“You aren’t going to stop are you?” you ask.

“Nope.” he said with a shit eating grin.

“Ughhh! Fine you stubborn bastard!”

“SUCCESS!” he practically yelled.

Originally posted by hayallerincokotesinde

You guys got in Baby and drove to the nearest donut shop. You walked with Dean and did he look excited. You walked up to the counter and looked into the glass for donuts and they were all gone.

“Look’s like there’s no donuts oh no let’s go home.” you were about to leave when Dean grabbed your arm. “No just wait, please” he pleaded.

“Fine.” You waited a little bit and an old man came out from the kitchen with a huge platter of donuts and when he saw Dean he smiled immensely. “Dean!’ the man exclaimed. “The usual?”

“Yeah but can I get an extra? I got a plus one today.” Dean gestured to you.

“Of course, of course!” the man said happily “The more the merrier!”

“Thanks Carl.”

He handed Dean the donuts and Dean happily put the money on the table and gave them a pretty good tip in the tip jar.

“I’d never thought I’d see the day.” you said chuckling.

“What?” Dean asked with a raised eyebrow.

“You knowing a server’s name that wasn’t trying to hook up with you.”

“T-that’s not true!” he said trying to defend himself.

“Dean I’ve been with you and Sammy for over two year and in those two years I have never seen you learn any server’s name that you didn’t end up sleeping with.”

“Well, Carl and I have had our flirty nights.” he said jokingly. At that you snorted, like actually fucking snorted.

“So” you said.

“‘So’?” he repeated confused.

“Why did we come at midnight? I mean couldn’t we have come in the morning?”

“I mean we could have but then they wouldn’t taste like this” he said shoving his donut in his mouth. 

Originally posted by bilosan

You took a bite of your donut and all but moaned. Jesus it tasted like heaven. It didn’t take you long to devour the rest of your donut. “Oh my god that was so good!”

“I know right? If we waited til morning they wouldn’t be all warm and fluffy, Carl makes his donuts at midnight so that they are still fresh by morning, all done?” he asked about your donut.

“Yeah, thank you Dean for taking me to come get donuts and uh…sorry f-for punching you in the face.”

“It’s okay if you didn’t punch me I couldn’t have guilt tripped you into coming with me so it’s a win-win,” he laughed “well if you’re done then we should get going.” Both of you got back in Baby and drove back to the bunker. He walked you to your room “So are you going back to bed?”

“Yeah some of us need our beauty sleep.” you joked.

“Well then goodnight” he leaned down and kissed your cheek then quickly left. You stood there in shock. You lifted your hand to your cheek where he kissed you and a smile ghosted your lip as you walked into your room to sleep. You didn’t get any sleep though. Little did you know you weren’t the only one.

Why Not?/ Please Don’t Kill Me Cause I Tagged You Tags: @winchesters-favorite-girl @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog @dancingalone21 @bovaria

Glass Girl - Dean x Reader (One shot)

A/N: This is for the anonymous requester who asked for a one shot where Dean has to take care of the reader after being in the hospital because she can’t do anything. I had no idea exactly what kind of problems you were having, so I left it as open as I could. Hope to Chuck you’re feeling better! Much love!!! <3

PS. For those interested/waiting, Intoxicated IS coming. But, probably LATE tonight like LHYHM was last night. I REALLY wanted to get this up for Anon!

Warning: None that I can think of

Word Count: 669

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Can I still send prompts? Cause I would kill for some more hurt!Hanzo.

McCree sleeps in the medbay at Hanzo’s bedside, slouched in a chair, arms crossed and feet propped up on a crate. 

Their last mission was an utter disaster, and Hanzo was the worst off, taking two bullets to the abdomen from a Talon agent. Mercy promised that Hanzo would be fine soon, that he would be back in fighting condition in a few weeks, but that didn’t change the fact that Hanzo now lay, unconscious and unresponsive, with no change since they returned yesterday afternoon.

“C’mon, you stubborn bastard,” McCree murmurs wrapping his hand around Hanzo’s on the sheets, “you’re really startin’ to worry me here.”

There is no response; undeterred, McCree presses a kiss to the back of Hanzo’s hand, swallows down his fear, and settles in to wait as long as he has to. 

you bleed, the nature of the job and all, and he bleeds, red and loud and vibrant, and you bleed all the time-
it's your thing, you’re clumsy;
and to hear him tell it every drop of blood, every cut, every scrape is a dumb mistake, 
you’re an idiot,
clumsy, careless, ditzy. (he’s not wrong.) 

and to hear him tell it (and he always does, loudly and often) -you’d be better off where you can’t fucking kill us all you jackass - always teasing, the sparkle in his eyes against the acid in his voice. (his eyes dont lie like his mouth does)

and to hear him tell it to the crew, every drop of blood, every cut, every scrape is a dumb mistake, your dumb mistake, too clumsy, too goddamn careless what a stupid fucking idiot. (his voice always clips at the end of this sentence)

and to hear him tell it, alone, (he always lingers until you two are alone) -when it’s you hooked up to an army of machines marching forward on the battlefield of maybe you live this time or maybe your endless luck finally stops- when you should be drinking yourself blind like geoff does but you're not and he wishes (desperately) he was but the rules are very clear -no drinking in the goddamn hospital you fucking moron-  every cut, every drop of blood, every scrape (bullet wound, stab wound, gash) a mistake, his, he should have been watching, protecting you, this should be him in this bed, (god it hurts to know you’re the only one that’s made him cry)

im sorry,
im sorry
im so sorry (it’s not your fault boi)

and on and on like this, you dance with death and he pulls you back, he’s always such a jealous lover, and two's company sure but three’s a crowd and someone has to just
let go, michael

honest im not worth it (you never were), but he never let go, you begged that stubborn bastard to let go but he’s stubborn, stubborn. jealous, lovely, foolish

you thought it’d be like this for forever, because you’re an idiot

and now you’re two, just you and death

and now you’re one, because Death decided you were too goddamn boring, Death decided to move on, at least Death knows what a healthy relationship looks like

you were right (you hate being right), you weren’t worth it.

He let go. (you begged him not too)
(im so sorry, im so sorry, im so sorry)

and you can’t. because you’re an idiot.

(“Bye Michael.”
“…-” and you expect a response, you moron.)

—  all fires burn out eventually dont they? but he didn’t take you with him \ (via fahchaus)


first things first, i drew that goatee on, but don’t go staring at it. and this is my gift for themarvelousmcu because she said she wouldn’t mind an AU fic and I never fail to deliver. this is a “I caught the bouquet and you caught the garter AU” the picture was an added bonus because HOW CUTE. anyway, i hope hope hope hope you enjoy it because it was super fun to write. also a special thanks to pensversusswords for beta’ing because Mariah is an angel.

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Philinda's guide to flirting.

Glares, glances, stubbornness,sacrifice and sass.

A PWT-era Giovanni. A little older, a little colder, a little more bitter. Not quite the carefree playboy he was back in Kanto, though some of his past audaciousness shows through the fact that he attends the tournament despite being one of the Pokéverse’s most wanted. The old Giovanni’s not gone, just tired. But he’s still going, and that’s the important thing.

(I’m really bad at titles srs)

Word Count: 2598

Anon: Omg “Innocent” is pure gold. I love how you write with so much detail. Ugh, your talent is seriously amazing! :) Could you please write a really smutty imagine where y/n and Dan have steamy sex in the shower? Not too rough but not exactly gentle either? I’d especially love to see some slight hair pulling and loving dominance from Dan. Thank you for your time and amazing writing and keep up the good work! cx

This is for you, you lovely,sweet, fantastic, amazing anon.


“Dan, come on, I’m bored!” You whine to your boyfriend who was staring at his laptop, not even acknowledging your presence. It was your day off and all day he hadn’t even taken a peek up from that stupid computer of his. No matter what it was, he would not budge. You poked and pushed and pleaded but absolutely nothing worked.

“Y/N, I’m busy.” He mumbled. You burned your eyes angrily at him but of course, he couldn’t tell. You sighed and decided to head to your shared bedroom, giving up on the stubborn bastard. You pull out your own laptop, giving in to the temptation.

You log into tumblr, and do your normal thing until you come across an unfamiliar blog. It catches your eye, for sure, and you hesitate to click on the link. You give in and are taken to a beautiful blog. By beautiful, you mean it was a porn blog. You know you shouldn’t have but at the same time you almost had to. You sit there with your cheeks red and body tingling as you scroll down looking at every picture and gif. You felt naughty but you couldn’t help but love it. You began to feel a wetness produce between your legs as you become more and more turned on with every passing minute. You couldn’t take your eyes off the screen. Now it made sense why porn was one of the most addicting things on the planet.

Suddenly, a little idea floats to mind; just a small one. Maybe, you could get Dan’s attention after all. No, you know you can get Dan’s attention.

You get up and slide off every piece of clothing eagerly and let your hair fall down over your shoulders and back. You spray on some perfume that you know Dan loves and without hesitation, open up your bedroom door. You fix up your hair a bit and walk slowly and gracefully to the bathroom, which happens to be on the way from where Dan was sitting. You make a small noise with your foot to get his attention, and finally his eyes disconnect from the screen.

You watch as his jaw drops while he blinks a couple times to make sure he was truly seeing what was right in front of him. He looks up your entire body, watching your every detail as you flirtatiously walk across the room and you know you’ve got him. You give him a sly smirk with a nudge of your shoulder and enter the bathroom, leaving him paralyzed and breathless.

You turn on the shower and walk in, knowing Dan will join you soon. After only a few minutes, you feel a rush of cold air hit your back as he opens the shower door and walks in. You turn your head slightly and you see him in the corner of your eye. He wraps his arms around your waist from the back and nuzzles his head in between your neck, kissing it lovingly.

You feel his erection up against your butt as the hot water and heated steam cloud your vision. You bend your head the opposite direction to give him more skin and he instantly figures out your cue as he works furiously on your neck by biting and sucking at it. You moan from the feeling and intertwine his fingers with yours.

“I thought you were busy?” You tease.

You feel him smirk on your skin and he chuckles slightly. “Never too busy for you love.”

You smile and turn your head to face him. The moment you lock eyes, you lean in for a kiss that is desirous and amorous. His tongue quickly finds it way into your mouth as your tongues link together. You both move your heads in unison as you try to find and cover every inch of each other’s skin, begging for more. Close wasn’t close enough.

Abruptly, you feel one of Dan’s hands untangle from yours and slide down your stomach slowly. Once he reaches your core, he gently and calmly starts to massage your folds, making you moan in his mouth. He smirks a little without leaving your skin and slips a finger in you abruptly, making you hiss.

Dan attaches back to your neck and leaves kisses from your jaw line down to your shoulders. You lean your head back in bliss as he moves his finger in and out of you.

Then without warning, he slips another finger in you, which follows with a moan and plea from you. He circles his fingers around your insides. He takes his thumb and leads it to your clit, rubbing and grazing it, slowly going faster and faster.

With the combination of his fingering, his kisses, and his touch, you already are hit with euphoria as your first orgasm approaches rapidly. You breathe and moan into his neck, which you know is his weak spot and he moans. You throw your head back as you whimper repeatedly, signaling Dan of what is coming.

“Come on, do it”, he growls into your ear, “Do it for me baby.”

Next thing you know, your breathing becomes loud and ragged as you hear the wet sounds of his fingers penetrate your core. The hot water hits you gently, massaging your skin lightly. You hold on to his forearms, which are draped around you and dig into them harshly, knowing that you’ll leave a mark. Your mark.

You let out one more whimper and finally let go. You scream out, not worried about who can hear you. You lean your head on his shoulders and squeeze your eyes tightly, overwhelmed by your orgasm. You heart beats at a million miles an hour as your knees buckle and you almost collapse.
Dan holds you in his arms as he withdraws his fingers from you and spins you around to face him. When you meet his face, he is smirking, of course. You smile back, looking up at him as he lovingly keeps you up.

Next thing you know, you are pushed up against the cold tile wall as Dan kisses you passionately and roughly. He brings your hands above your head and grips onto you wrists. You feel his erection poking at your thigh and it makes you smile, still connected with the kiss. He smiles back and your teeth graze his momentarily.

You feel Dan reach down to his member as he slams it into you, not giving any warning. You bend your knees and scream. You know how Dan is going to be, and it excites you like no other. You always loved it when he became dominant, and he knew it.

He pounds into you again and you lean your head back. When you bring your head back up, you see him staring at you lustfully as his eyes burn into yours. You bite your lip, trying to muffle the noises coming out of your mouth. You keep your eyes on Dan and watch as his whole body is eloped and tangled in yours. You watch as the drops of water hit then run off his body and how his wet hair drapes over his forehead. He slams into you, hitting the right spot and you muffle a moan.

“No”, he says sternly and grabs a fistful of your hair, “I want to hear you scream.”

He crashes into you once more and you do as your told. You grab onto his shoulders to anchor yourself.

“Say my name”, he growls, “Say my fucking name.”

“Dan!” you yell against his skin, “my god, right there.” You see him smirk, pleased with your actions. He slams into you once more and you are hit with your second orgasm, which is stronger than the first. You scream at the top of your lungs and curse under your breath. Again, you dig your fingernails into his skin, leaving red marks up and down his back and shoulders.
He pulls out, but quickly pushes you down onto the cold, wet floor, hardly giving you anytime to recover. He fastens your wrists to the floor next to your sides and hovers over your face, with noses touching.

“What do you want?” He whispers forcefully. You don’t answer, still trying to catch your breath and also to see what he would do. “I said,” he thunders while gripping your wrists and hair even harder than before, “What. Do. You. Want?”

“I want you to fuck me.” You whisper, hardly able to even speak up again.

Suddenly, he pushes himself into you, making you arch your back. Your whole body is shaking and trembling. He attaches himself to your neck and bites at it, leaving his mark. You knew he wanted you to be his, and you were, completely and utterly Dan’s.

You look up and watch as Dan stares you down, watching your whole self pleading and melting to him. He looks almost majestic as his body shields the water from hitting you and as it falls off his body like a waterfall. You gently bring your shaking hand up to his face, softly stroking his cheek. You know Dan wanted this time to rough, but you couldn’t help it.

He looks over to you hand, and kisses it gently, making you smile. He smiles back and slows down his thrusting to focus on you and your loving. He lowers his head down to yours and touches his nose with yours. He places a tiny kiss on your nose then moves to your right cheek. He places a small kiss there as well. He moves to your forehead: tiny kiss there. To your temple: tiny kiss there. Your left cheek: kiss there. He continues tracing you face and neck with sweet kisses and it makes your body tingle.

When he connects back to your lips, he thrusts roughly into you once again. You moan into his mouth and wrap your legs around his waist. You figure it’s your turn to talk dirty to him.

“God, I love it when you take control.” You moan. “The way you pound into me and make me beg. You like it when I scream, don’t you Dan?” You pause and bring your lips up to his ear and smirk. “Fuck me Dan.” You purr. You hear him moan, as he’s now the one melting under your words. “Fuck me and show me who I belong to.”

With that, he pounds into you rapidly, hitting your g-spot repeatedly. You break as the lust completely conquers you. You shut your eyes and focus on him and his everything. The steam clouds your vision slightly, but you don’t mind. You hear the rush of water around you along with Dan’s grunts and breathing. You ball your hands up in fists, welcoming your third orgasm. Euphoria completely washes over you and you orgasm powerfully. This time, it is stronger than the two before put together. You shake and curl your toes, as you are masked in pure pleasure. You moan right into Dan’s ear and say his name over and over again, knowing how much he likes it.
Finally, Dan orgasms powerfully as he grunts and moans into your ear. He pants and shuts his eyes as his orgasm takes on the same affect of yours. You are proud to make Dan feel good, to make him feel happy. You are the only person in the whole world who has this ability and you feel honored.

When he takes control of his body again, he opens his eyes and looks down at you. You are both panting intensely as you stare at each other, mentally capturing this moment. He leans in and kisses you sweetly before letting go and continues observing your every detail. All you hear is the water pouring down on you while you both try to recover. After a while, you feel your eyes droop, realizing how exhausted you are. Dan notices and gets up swiftly to turn off the water. He helps you up as you both giggle and smile like children. When you step out of the shower, you feel a towel drape over your shoulders. You look behind you and see Dan smiling at you with a towel wrapped around his waist.

You smile back and giggle a little as you lean in to give him a brief kiss on the lips. Right before you break away, he lifts you up into his arms bridal style.

“Dan!” You laugh as the gesture surprises you. He laughs as well and kisses you again. You cup his face with your hand as he leads you into the bedroom. As he’s carries you, he leaves tiny quick kisses along your skin, making you laugh. He chuckles as well and when you reach the room, he lays you gently on the bed as you wrap yourself in the towel and continue giggling. He leans down and kisses you sweetly on the lips and you finally settle down from your little laughter fit.

You kiss him back and still feel the butterflies in your stomach after all this time with him. He made you feel so young and just free to do whatever you wanted. He never failed to make you happy, no matter what it was. Everyday was an adventure with him, and everyday you looked forward to tomorrow. You could run away with him forever and never leave his side. You fell in love with him over and over again, not having any desire to stop. When you were with him, the world was yours and nothing was impossible. He was your dream and you never wanted to wake up. There were still so many kisses and laughs and nights and days and risks worth taking and getaways and books to read and pictures to take, and you imagined doing them all with him.

He was the man you could sit on the kitchen counter with at 3 am and talk about the universe with. He was the person you could wake up next to in the morning and just stare into his eyes for hours, not having any desire to get up. He was the person who you could make absolutely horrible food for and just sit on the couch making out with instead of eating. He was the person who could tell the same corny, awful jokes over and over again that you could still laugh at. He was the only person you have ever loved, and damn, did you love him.

“Do you know how much I love you Dan?” You whisper against his lips.

He opened his eyes and wondered right back into yours. “Yes.” He answered simply. It was only one word, but one word was all that was needed. “Do you know how much I love you Y/N?”

“Yes.” You whisper back.

You kiss him again and he lifts you slightly to hold you against his chest. You wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his shoulder as exhaustion drowns you, sinking your eyelids down. You close your eyes and concentrate on the slow beating of his heart and the calming waves of his breaths.

After a while of just holding each other, you feel him slowly bring you down to rest you back on the bed. He drags the bedspread over your naked body and tucks you in, kissing your cheek as he does so. You feel him push stray hairs out of your face and he whispers, “Yes, and I always will.”

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Make This Go On Forever

Sirius let out a shallow breath, his own blood covering him. “No…”

“I have to take you to the hospit-” James spat angrily.

“..No…” Sirius gulped, shaking. “Home.”

James gritted his teeth seeing the resilience in his best friends eyes. “Fine…you stubborn bastard.” He grabbed him carefully before apparating to Sirius’s doorstep and pounding on the door. “If she’s gone. I’m taking you straight to the Ministry.”

Never Forget (Draco Malfoy One-Shot)

It’s the final battle and I’m rushing to find (Y/N). I can’t find her and I’m freaking out. I don’t want a Death Eater to find her before I do. I run to the Great Hall and she’s not there. I look where Dumbledore was killed and she’s not there either. I can’t find her. I go outside and see her, but she’s so far away. I see her fighting a Death Eater and she looks like she has the upper hand. But another Death Eater comes up behind her. No. She doesn’t see it. She turns and the first one flicks their wand and she’s hit.

“No!” The Death Eaters disappear as I run to her and pick her up. “(Y/N)?!”

“Draco…” She says softy. My eyes welling up. “I didn’t think you’d find me.”

“Please. Stay with me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No! Don’t say that. You have nothing to be sorry for. I can’t live without you. Don’t leave me!” I can’t help the tears spilling out of my eyes.

“I’m glad you’re here. I wouldn’t want anyone else here.”

“Please. Stay with me.”

“I can’t. I wish I could but I can’t.”

“Help!” I yell. “Someone get help!”

“Shh. No one is coming.” She touches my face. “Kiss me.” I raise her body to mine and press my lips on hers. I kiss her like everything around us isn’t happening and it’s just the two of us. I break away and we hug.

“I–I love you.” I whisper in her ear. She chuckles.

“It took you long enough.” She breathes deeply. “I… Love you too… Draco Malfoy.” I feel her body go limp.

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” She can’t leave me. Wake up. Wake up. Don’t leave me.

*Post Battle*

People have heard about me and (Y/N) and they send their condolences. But that doesn’t matter to me. Their apologies won’t bring her back. I miss her so much. What am I gonna do without her? I need her. I need her by my side. I could try and bring her back. I know people. But she would hate me if I did that. She wouldn’t be happy. At least I told her that I loved her. And I meant it. I did. I wanted to marry her. Have a family. Even though she was on Gryffindor, she helped me realize that it didn’t matter. I loved her.

“Are you alright?” My mum asks me.

“The love of my life died in my arms.” She sits down next to me.

“I’m sorry.” I scoff.

“I want her back.”

“I know you do.” She hands me an envelope.

“What’s this?”

“Open it.” She says before she leaves the room. I open the envelope and it’s a letter.

‘Draco, if you’re reading this, I’m probably dead. Or I’m alive and we’re reading this together. But I highly doubt that because if I did live, I would have ripped this up. I’m rambling. Anyway, I’m dead and I know you miss me. I just want you to know that even though you haven’t said it yet, I know you love me and I love you. I would have loved to spend the rest of my life with you. You make me feel so happy. You were a stubborn bastard at first, but you came around and I appreciate that. Please don’t do anything stupid. Stay alive. Your parents would be devastated if anything happened to you. I’m so glad I met you and I will be watching you. I love you. Always, (Y/N)’

I read the note over and over, her voice reading the note to me in my head. I look in the envelope and there’s something else in there. I take it out and it’s a picture. It’s a picture of us. We took this one day when we were sneaking around. I turn it over.
‘Something else to remember me by.’

“(Y/N) I miss you so much.” I cry. “I’m so sorry.” I kiss the picture. “I love you and I will never forget you.”