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Title: Indecent Proposal
Author: Darmys Asagiri
Artist: sketchydean
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: #No Archive Warnings Apply, #Movie AU, #But the movie was gross so I changed it, #Dean is only maybe a prostitute but Lisa is definitely a pimp, #It’s not cheating if it’s an open relationship, #Roman is a dick, #I took Dean to the Grand Canyon, #Babylon 5 reference because I wanted to, #Tags are subject to change prior to uploading on AO3
Posting Date: 11/27/2017

Summary:  Dean and Lisa have been living together for a year. Dean works as a mechanic and studies architecture at night, while Lisa works full time as a real estate broker but dreams of becoming a yoga instructor. 

When they win a trip to Las Vegas they hope, with some luck, they can change their financial situation and live the life they have always dreamed about. Instead, they meet a powerful billionaire, Castiel Novak, who makes them an offer – one million dollars for one night with Dean. 

- - - 

“Cassie, when was the last time you took something you wanted?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. I have everything I need, and I only buy things that I want.” Castiel had hoped to get time away from his brother; However, Gabriel had tracked him down.

“No, you have what is expected of you to have. When was the last time you looked at something, and you just wanted it, for no other reason than you want it?”


Gabe spluttered the mouthful of mimosa he’d just taken. “You did? That’s great! What was it? Let’s go buy it.”

“He’s over there, with his wife,” Castiel pointed. “You can’t buy people Gabriel.”

That’s naive, Cassie. I buy people every day.” Gabe reached for another strawberry, watching the couple on the other side of the pool thoughtfully

Castiel took his eyes off the man he’d been watching for the last hour. “In business, maybe, but you can’t buy people when real emotions are involved.”

“So you’re saying you can’t buy love? That’s a bit of a cliché don’t you think?” Gabe grinned.

“It’s absolutely true.” Castiel didn’t like where Gabriel’s mind was headed.

“As true as seeing a man across a pool and thinking you’re in love with him?” Gabe asked. “Because lust is always for sale.”

“Stop! Stop whatever you think you are going to do.” Castiel shifted in his lounge chair to face his brother fully. “They’re a couple, Gabe. They don’t know you, they are not related to you, and they did not sign up for your games.”

“I can’t remember the last time you were interested in someone.” Gabriel looked his brother in the eyes. “You don’t even think he can be bought. So what’s the harm in me trying?”

“It’s vulgar, Gabe,” Castiel sighed. He knew Gabriel wouldn’t give up now the idea had taken root. “Fine, but if you’re going to make me do this, then I’m going to be the one to do it.”

“Can I at least stay and watch? If she slaps you in the face, I’d like to be a witness.” Gabe pulled a pair of opera glasses seemingly out of thin air.

“Where did you –” Castiel started, then changed his mind. “Why do you even have those here?”

“You never know when there is going to be a show. Besides, you’re the one who is always telling me to be prepared.” Gabe stood up and moved to the sheer curtains. “Look, I’ll even pull these so they won’t be able to see me watching.” He tugged on the white ribbons.

“I’m not doing it here. If I have to do this, and I’m only doing this to stop you from doing something worse,” Castiel emphasized, “I’ll do it when everyone is fully clothed. This is not a bathing suit conversation.”

Gabriel dropped back onto his recliner. “Spoilsport. But if you haven’t indecently propositioned him by lunchtime tomorrow, I’m doing it for you.”

Overwatch Roommates AU: Coexisting (1/3)

Modern Roommates Au inspired by this post By @madame-lacroix

Featuring Gabriel Reyes and Amelie Lacroix.  

Hints of Reaper76, mainly WidowTracer.

Part 2 ->
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“Ah…Mama…si….si pero uno momento…ay Ame!”

Amelie barely had time to drop the stack of books in her hands to catch the phone that was hurled at her from across the room, she hissed as some of the said books landed on her foot but she caught it and promptly flipped her new roommate off as he laughed and smooched at her.

Phone in hand, she cleared her throat and put on her thickest accent in her sweetest voice,”Bonjour Madam Reyes~”

Gabriel rolled his eyes into the sun as his mother on the other end of the phone squealed with joy,”Mija! Mi corezon it’s so good to hear your voice again”

Pushing aside the pile of clothes she was supposed to put away from the small couch, she flopped into it, readjusting the cell phone from one side to the other, deeming it now as break time.

“Good to hear you too, I’ve missed you”

“Ame’ I heard what happened. I’m so sorry are you alright?”

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