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I was so overcome with crushing disappointment and emotions I never experienced before, it just happened. Then Dean walked in on me, I am not sure if he noticed.

Together Forever and Always chapter 8



Warnings: injury, dismemberment, suicidal thoughts, fluff.

Comet didn’t hesitate to run to the village leaving the messenger behind in the dirt.

His thoughts raced with what he was going to say, what he was going to see when he finally got there. He didn’t know where to go once he got there though. He noticed all of the villagers seemed wary of him stepping out of sight once they caught eye of him.

He took a deep breath decreasing his size hoping that would put the people at ease so they could show him where his father was. One of the villagers finally did come out of the shadows stepping towards him at a slow pace. She was a young gorgon girl looking about seven. Her snakey hair moving this way and that, her scales shimmered a blue and pink color the dress she wore matched so perfectly it almost seemed as if her outfit was connected to her.

“Are you Comet?” She asked her high pitched voice sweet as honey. Comet could only nod. A smile grew on her face she beckoned for everyone to step out of the shadows.

“It’s alright everyone! It’s Comet!” She said the tension seemed to be lifted everyone stepping out to greet the fusion touching his hands and looking at them some poked under his cape and others kept their distance. He found himself being pulled by the many villagers to a large house who pushed him threw the door when he finally reached it.

He looked back at the villagers who shut the door before he could say anything. He had come all this way but he couldn’t bring himself to turn around and see what had become of his friend, it was only until he heard a voice that he gathered the courage to look.

“Comet…” He could feel his body tense his eye slowly moving to where the voice had come from. He could feel a lump form in his throat his body visibly shaking. He could already feel the tears leave his eyes dripping down the sides of his face.

“S-Streak,” He stuttered out pathetically, he couldn’t stop himself as he began to cry. His friend was laying in bed the streaks on his face a pale color bandages were wrapped over his arms and around his head. A blanket was tucked over his arms but Comet already knew what had happened.

“Come here,” He said a smile on his face Comet came over almost running to his side kneeling down to Streak so he wouldn’t have to strain so much to look at him.

Streak reached an arm out using it to wipe away some of Comet’s tears, the fusion held his hand to his face letting out joyful sobs.

“I’m so happy to see you,” Comet said Streak laughed.

“Looks like it,”Comet made an attempt to look angry but could muster the strength to all that came out was a weak giggle.

The two spent all day talking with one another it was the best thing Comet could ask for.


13 sat rubbing his jaw which throbbed painfully, it had never been the same since Streak broke it that one time not to mention his whole body was in pain from his recent failure.

Why was he like this? He used to be tactical , smart, he was thinker not some brute! What had come over him at Nightmares castle? What had come over him earlier?

In those moments it felt like he was being controlled by something, by someone. It.. They wanted him to destroy but they only turned him into a fool spouting out his ingenious plan!

Well not anymore he aimed to remedy that problem and once he was done he’d finally kill that brat Comet or Goth more rather.Heck why shouldn’t he kill all of them? Less of a problem for him in the future.

‘That’s right 13~ Kill them all~’

A voice said to him it was sweet but seemed laced with poison.

“Who is this?” He inquired to the voice, there was an echoey giggle that surrounded him in an uncomfortable darkness he knew was in his head.

‘A guide of sorts, I apologize but I had to get you to this point one way or another~’

“What? What point?” He was getting angry, was this the thing that was controlling him.

‘The point to where you realized the only solution is to kill them all, Palette, Goth, Geno, and The Reaper if possible~’

“Oh really and you made me look like an idiot instead of telling me?” He was interested in a sense, he wanted to know who this voice was and why it was talking to him.

‘I have limits to how much I can interfere with the natural flow of this timeline, I have so far only nudged your actions a bit from what was supposed to happen,’

The voice paused momentarily

 ‘If I had let you continue as usual it would have taken to long and I am not a patient woman,’

So the voice is a woman? 13 thought.

“So what do you want me to do?” He asked if she’d just tell him maybe she’d stop messing with him.


The voice had already gone which was a good thing for him. He layed down for now he’d have to rest no good going up against them when he was as weak as he was now.

He’d kill them all… In due time..


Comet was surprised to say the least he had not yet seen Streak fully but now that he had he could see the full extent of his injuries especially his.. arm or lack there of. The whole lower half of his second left arm was torn of or cut off, from what he could see from the bandages it was a clean cut.

“What exactly happened to you Streak?” He wondered worry lacing his voice Streak only gave him a patient smile his hand brushing over the wound as if trying to hide it.

“It’s nothing to be worried about it’ll grow back as long as I stay fused.” He said his smile never faltering Comet would be lying if he said he wasn’t relieved, he walked over taking Streaks hand.

“Let’s go home you missed a lot,” Comet said pulling Streak out of the hut while he tried to slip on his jacket to complete his outfit. To be honest Comet had missed a lot too, he had only gotten a glimpse of one of the things that had changed while he was gone which was the presence of someone new though he hadn’t seen them yet.

His mind kept going back to his time in the cave when he had been with Thirteen they were sour memories no doubt about it and what made it worse was that he was here in this world it made him feel… anxious. His head spun just thinking about him, his stomach did back flips and he felt like he was going to pass out. He’d probably spill his guts if he saw him again. He prayed that he’d never see that awful fade again.

All the terrible things he tried to make him do. He was both disgusting and sadistic but what threw Comet off the edge was that he wanted him to unfuse and kill Goth. He’d stop existing if he’d let that happen. He didn’t want to stop existing.. he doesn’t want to stop existing… He never wanted to stop existing!!

He found himself hyperventilating only being brought out of his thoughts by Streak who put a hand on his shoulder.

“Comet are you alright,” he could only nod and pull Streak forward out to the town he wanted to get out of here as quick as possible.

It took longer than he wanted it too but he finally out of that forsaken place, Streak wanted to make absolutely sure that the town was safe and made a barrier over it to protect it from Thirteen.

Leaving made his stomach settle and his mind clear, once he was back home he enjoyed being himself for the first time in a while. It was scary being apart for so long just waiting to be whole again.. he never wanted to be apart again.

Streak was surprised at the changes, the camp was bigger and there was a house being made. They had left Nightmare and Cross behind so another relief was found something good to tell the others. Streak shrunk in size and Comet did the same. The first thing the both of them saw was little Finio waddling towards them, Streak immediately went and hugged the toddler while Comet was confused. Whose baby was that?

“Little Finny you’ve grown so much! Did you miss uncle Streak huh?” Streak cooed tossing the baby into the air and catching him. Finio laughed the sweetest laugh that Comet had ever heard. Streak turned towards Comet handing the child to him.

“This is Finio technically your baby brother,” Comet felt tears come to his eyes holding the toddler, Finio grabbed his face his hands rubbing all over spreading the tears everywhere. Comet laughed.

“H-hey Fin,” he stuttered “I’m Comet, I’m kind of your brother,” He chuckled Finio curled his lips babbling for a while saying some actual words slurred by his inexperience with them.

“Comet, Omet.. Comeeeeeeeet,” He said over and over he threw his arms up in the air, “Omlette an Treak!” The two burst out laughing at the child’s rendition of their names. Comet pressed his forehead against Finio’s pretending to be mad.

“It’s Comet you little stinker you got it right the first time!” Geno poked out of the tent being supported by Reaper. Geno looked happy to see them having fun.

That night they all chatted and had fun. Talking about what happened and how much everyone’s grown.

Comet was happy.

It was good to be back..

— Credits

Comet, Streak, Thirteen, and Finio: Me

Geno: @loverofpiggies

Reaper: @renrink

Goth and Palette: @nekophy and @angexci

Error and Ink: @comyet and again @loverofpiggies

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String of Fate || Chan || Pt. 1

Pt. 1 // Pt. 2 // Pt. 3 // Pt. 4 //

Word Count: 7525

Genre: angst, Chinese mythology!au, fluff, (In this chapter: dark themes, gore)

Summary: After being alive for so long, Chan longed to be free of his curse but in order to do that he had to find the key—the person that was tied to him by the red string of fate. Story is not based off of the Goblin.

Lee Chan let out a long sigh. He was crouched down, his arms leaning against his thighs and his cheeks resting against the palm of his hands as he stared down to earth. Past the clouds, he could see the humans clearly. He could see the way they jeered at each other and he could see the way they hurt each other. But at the same time, Chan could see just how much fun the humans were having. He smiled at the way they fell in love and at the way they spent “forever” with each other. It was sweet and it made Chan wonder what it would be like to experience that bitter sweet taste of humanity himself.

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(30 Day Challenge) Day 1: Getting lost somewhere

Title: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Once Peter had joined the Avengers, you only saw him after school. He was always rushing off to assist Tony with whatever he needed, you were missing you best friend. Of course, you were proud of him. He was saving people, making a difference. It’s something he’s always wanted to do. In turn, you didn’t say a peep when he told you about the latest mission he went on. At least that’s what you always did.

This time Peter was telling you about the new additions Tony was helping him make. “You see, when we do this, I’ll be able to glide faster! Isn’t it so cool?!”

“Yeah, fascinating.”, you paused and interrupted his next sentence,”You know what, it’s not fascinating. It used to be, I used to look forward to listening to whatever nerdy thing you had come up with. Except now it’s all you talk about. Where’s my best friend? Because all I’m listening to is a mini Tony Stark going on and on about things that don’t matter to me!”

Peter sat dumbfounded at what you said, you never had any objections to his rants, but now he understood. He felt terrible that he had taken up so much time with himself that he never paid any attention to you or your life. “I’m so sorry, Y/N. I feel so bad-”

You interrupted him,“No, Peter, I feel bad. I shouldn’t have been so harsh.”

“No, no, it’s fine.”

“No, it’s not. Go on with what you were saying about the thingy that does the stuff.”

“No, tell me about how you are-”, but he was interrupted again by his phone. He reluctantly answered it,”Oh hey, Tony. Oh, well, I’m busy right now. Wait, what happened!? Oh, yeah, I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Peter looked over at you,”I’m sorry, again.”

“No, it’s okay. Go save the world you loser.”, you gave him a g=hug as he left your apartment.

-time skip to days after-

You were shaken awake early on a thursday morning, the worst thing ever. You slowly opened your eyes and saw a beaming Peter, ”Hey sleepy head.”

“Oh my god, Peter. What time is it?”

“7 am.”, he replied cheekily.

“Oh well thanks for waking me up. I gotta get to school, well get ready to go to school.”, you thanked as you got up from your comfortable bed. You made your way to the bathroom to take a shower but Peter grabbed your hand.

“No, you and I are going to go on adventure today.”

“Peter, we have school.”

“Not today, I am going to make it up to you for being a crappy friend over the past few weeks. We are going on impromptu road trip to some random place we’ve never been to before.”

“So, what brought this on?”, you asked as you grabbed clothes to change into.

“Like I said, I want to make up for being a bad friend. I’ll be waiting for you outside.”, he said as he left your room for you to change.

“Wait, you don’t have a car!”, you yelled to him as you changed into jeans and a tee-shirt.

Peter yelled back from the living room,”It’s Tony’s”

You came into the room, brushing your hair,”You little stinker, you.”

“What?”, Peter erupted in laughter,” Who in the world says stinker?”

“Me, I say stinker.”, you as you two left your apartment and headed for the car.

He smiled as you two got into the elevator to go down,”And that, my friend, is why I’m your only friend.”

“No you’re not! I’ve got……”, you trailed off as you pressed the button to go down.

“I rest my case.”

The rest of the short ride was spent in comfortable silence. Then a dig occurred alerted you that the ride was over. The two of you walked out to one of Tony’s least expensive cars. Peter opened the door for you,”M’lady.”

“Thank you kind sir.”, you said curtsying and getting into the nice car. Peter rushed to the driver’s side.

He got in a buckled his seatbelt. He leaned across to your seat to reach into the glove compartment,”SOrry there. Just gotta get something”. He grabbed a map from in there. “Okay so, here’s how we are doing this. I am going to show you this map and you have to choose a place with your eyes closed. We just go to whatever place you’ve pointed at.”

“Okay, I’m down.”, you replied as you did as he said. You swirled your finger a couple of times before selecting a place. You opened your eyes to see you selected a beach in Connecticut. “Is that a good place to go?”

“Yeah! I’ve never been there before and I assume you haven’t either. Plus, I can stop at a grocery store and we can have a picnic or something.”, Peter said getting that excited look in his eyes.

“That sounds awesome! Definitely a way to make up for being a jerk.”

“Hey! I said I was sorry!”, Peter said revving up the engine.

You buckled up your seatbelt and got comfortable,”Now, Petey, since I don’t have to get up early, I’m going to catch a few z’s as the kids say.”

“Y/N, you’re a kid.”

“Shhh, child. Now let me sleep.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

-time skip of an hour and a half-

You woke up when you noticed that the car was no longer moving. “Peter, you know the car has got to be moving to go places right?”

“Yeah, it’s just, well. I don’t know, go back to sleep.”, Peter said inspecting the map he held in his hands.

You sat up in your seat, alerted,”Peter, where are we?”

“You see, that’s the issue. I don’t know where we are. I was looking at the map and I was supposed to make a right over here”, he said moving so you could see it too,”but I made a left instead and now we’re lost.”

You slapped his shoulder playfully, ”Peter!”

He tried to hold back a smile, “Hey! I didn’t mean to.”

“I know you didn’t mean to but still!”, you said leaning back in your seat, laughing.

“You just wanna head back home?”, Peter offered.

“Yeah, let’s just order some pizza and watch a movie or something.”

He smiled,” I love that idea. Now I just gotta figure out how to get home.”

You laughed again,” I’ll help ya, bud. The saying is two mind think alike or something but I’m sure I’ll be better than you.”

“Shut up, you jerk”, he said laughing.

Untitled Big/Little Snow Sisters Snippet

Fandom: Frozen 
Rating: K
Pairings: None (but with a side of established Kristanna I suppose)
A/N: searlait had a random Age!AU idea/prompt that I happened to catch. Decided to give it a go; I’ve been meaning to write Big/Little Snow Sisters. Short. Barely edited. Beware spelling/grammar mistakes. 

“Elsa, you’re going to be an aunt, isn’t that exciting?”

Elsa made a face. She and Anna didn’t have an aunt, so her experience with them was limited at best, nonexistent at worst. To her young mind, shaped by the accounts of fellow third graders and what she could gather from movies and books, aunts were old and kind of crazy and sometimes had a lot of cats and usually ended up being witches, or something.

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Lee, Lee, Lee, you stinker! You can to dance and sing. I get it, that you always can’t sing when someone asked you to and you don’t know a song. (I go through it when I try out for plays and they wamnt a song its so hard to choose.) Anyways I love you that to are so cute!😘🎭🎦 thank to those who found Lee doing this!

  • Riker: We're trying to get out mom to rap...
  • Stormie: I ain't messing with you!
  • Ryland: I don't fuck with you!
  • Stormie: I don't mess with you!
  • Ryland: No! I don't fuck with you!
  • Stormie: I don't mess with you! I'll do the other line. What's the other line?
  • Ryland: You lil stupid ass bitch, I ain't fuckin' with you!
  • Stormie: You lil stinker I'm not gonna mess with you!
  • Riker: I was in quite a shock when Ryland said all that in front of mom but she's pretty cool so it's all good!