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Lift - Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You confess to Steve that you’ve always wanted to do the Dirty Dancing lift. Somehow, he agrees to do it with you.

Warnings: Kissing

Words: 1 515

A/N: I just really like the Dirty Dancing soundtrack. I have no further motivation for this.


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“You are, by far, the most persistent man I’ve ever met.” She said, watching Steve polish his shield to nothing but perfection. He looked up in surprise as her entrance had gone completely unnoticed to him. “It’s almost admirable.”

He rolled his eyes, sighing. “If you came here to mock me, you can keep walking.” He continued to circle the rag in his hand over his beloved shield.

She sat down on the steps of the short stairs in the middle of the armory which led up to slightly raised floor, holding her cup of soda and taking a sip from the straw. “I didn’t come here to mock, I came here for company, if that’s something I’m still allowed to have?”

“Of course it is…” He said defeated, tired of her dramatics yet still in love with her personality.

“So? Anything new happening in your life?” She tried to get a conversation going and he looked up at her, honestly questioning if she was serious or not.

“Like you haven’t been around me the past two weeks?”

“Just answer, damn it.” She said, straw still between her teeth.

He sighed again. “Well, I’ve watched a few movies that have been on my list for a while. That’s about it.”

“About that list… Can I see it?” She asked, watching him sincerely. He dug it out from his pocket and threw it to the steps she were sat at. She picked it up, flickering through the pages and briefly skimming through the words. “Which movies did you watch?”

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Some Like It Hot and North by Northwest.” He answered and watched her brows knit together before she looked at him judgmentally.

“Those are all movies from your time, you need to see something fresher, like Fight Club or the Jurassic Park movies.”

“First of all.” He met her narrowed eyes. “They’re not from my time. They’re from the fifties. I think Breakfast at Tiffany’s is from the sixties even. Secondly, I don’t like all that new stuff-”

“I said fresher, not new. Both Fight Club and the first Jurassic Park movie were released in the nineties.”

“Still too fresh… What can I say? I’m old fashioned.” He smirked and she rolled her eyes, laughing sarcastically.

“Can I write a movie down?” She asked after a few seconds, eyes glued to the scribbled things and people on his list.

Steve hesitated. “I don’t want to watch anymore new stuff. Sorry.”

“Oh come on, it’s from 1987! That’s over three decades ago… I really want you to see it!” She pleaded, putting her drink away and focusing on him completely.

“Why do you want me to see it?” He questioned, removing his focus from his shield which had been spot-free for fifteen minutes.

“The movie is called Dirty Dancing… At the end, there’s this historical scene where Patrick Swayze picks up Jennifer Grey with Time of My Life playing in the background. It’s epic, believe me, and you’re probably the one around who’d be most willing to do that with me.”

“You want us to dance?” He pulled his back, wondering if it was truly Y/N sitting before him.

“Well, if you wanna dance then I’ll dance, but it’s just this lift… Here, let me show you.” She handed back his notepad and dug out her phone. “If you’re too stubborn to just watch the movie, I’ll show you the scene.”

She found the clip in mention after a minute and held her phone out to Steve, who watched the screen with focus like she had never seen before. Baby and Jonny danced their hearts out before nearing the end where she ran into his arms, flying up in the air graciously.

“Boom. Classic.” Y/N said as the video ended, throwing her phone on the table nearby.

“You want me to lift you like that?” He continued his questioning as he was still a little loss, and also wondering if he was dreaming or not. Ever since Y/N went from working with the Avengers occasionally to moving into the Tower full time, he had began to slowly like more and more of the unique girl.

“I want the music too, of course.” She said it like it should have been obvious to him. “I want a bit of feeling, you know?”

He tilted his head back and forth before shrugging. “Alright, let’s do it.”

She blinked, staring at him. “What?”

“Let’s to the dance, lift, whatever.”

“Right here?”

“Right now.” He confirmed and stood up from his seat. He took off his jacket so he was left in a white t-shirt and held his hand out for Y/N. She grabbed it hesitantly, not being able to tell if Steve was messing with her or not. He pulled her to her feet before turning up to the speaker in the ceiling. “Friday? Could you put on that song for us? The one we just played?”

Playing it now, Mr. Rogers.” She confirmed and shortly after the song began playing in the room.

“You know how many movies have referenced this scene? Guy and girl, recreating the Dirty Dancing lift? Well, now when I think about it, it might just be one movie, but there’s a bunch of videos of people doing this.”

“Congrats. You’re now one of those people.” He said sarcastically, holding his arms out. Y/N took a long breath and backed away to give her distance to pick up her speed.

“Oh I so can’t believe this is happing right now.” She admitted, taking a deep breath in again.

“You’re surprised that you’re doing it yet you just asked me to do it. How does that go together?” He asked, his voice overpowering the music.

“Cause I didn’t think you’d agree to dance.”

“Do you have any idea what people did in the thirties? All we did was go to wars and dance in between them.” He said when she suddenly bursted out laughing at his comment. He couldn’t help the smile that spread across his face upon hearing her beautiful laughter. That, if anything, was music to his ears.

“Okay, you ready?” She asked as the music was beginning to near the right moment. Steve raised a brow, meeting her eyes which were filled with joy and excitement.

“Are you?”

She began to jog up towards him and he aimed his hands for her waist. As she ran into his grip he raised her above his head, arms straight up and carrying her steadily. She squealed as she held her arms out, hovering in the air with the powerful chorus in the background.

Steve let her body tilt back until her feet were facing down again, wrapping his arms around her legs and slowly letting her sink down until her face became somewhat at level with his own. Her smile had faded and her eyes seemed through stare through his, her heart beating hard enough for him to be able to notice.

“If you only knew how much this is like this other, new movie…” Her voice was airy as Steve stilled carried her, her arms resting on his shoulders.

“What happens next in the movie?” His eyes darted to her plum lips for a brief second, her scent intoxicating.

“Not what’s going to happen here…”

She sunk down and pressed her lips against Steve’s. They molded together with passion like the moment had been anticipated for months, which it had from both their parts. She wrapped her legs around him but Steve sat her down on the table behind them. She became shorter than him again and he placed one hand on the side of her neck and one at the back of her head, curving his head down as he shaped his lips around hers once more.

She pulled away for a second, but there were too many emotions that needed to be expressed. He dipped down and parted his lips, his tongue meeting hers in a mutual understanding of sweet bliss. He felt her arms cradle around his neck and try to push him closer even though it was physically impossible. As they instead traveled down his chest and grabbed the hem of his shirt, inching it up, he moved his hands from her neck and placed them over her hands.

“I think-” He was out of breath, leaning his forehead against hers with his eyes locked on to their hands. “I think we should take it slow.”

She was equally as out of breath as he was. “You do?”

“No.” He admitted. “But I was raised in an era where you took a gal out for dinner before as much as thinking about giving her a peck on the cheek, and I still go by my old ways, no matter how many Dirty Dancing clips you make me watch.”

She smiled, pressing her lips against his again for a short yet just as passionate moment. “What a gentleman.” She chuckled, bringing her arms back to his neck.

“A fella can always try.”

Hustler (Criminal!Jeonghan)

Summary: Hustler Jeonghan is on a mission to steal something from you, but he has a slight dilemma.

Genre: Criminal!Jeonghan (ft. Gang!SVT), a little humor and greasiness 

Word Count: 1.6K

Note: I might make a Gang!SVT series, just tell me what you think about this! (also where are all the jeonghan in a suit gifs) 

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Yoon Jeonghan, the guy with the angelic face, one that people wouldn’t even think to second guess. Yoon Jeonghan, the guy who could make girls, and even guys, fall for him. Yoon Jeonghan, a straight up hustler.

Jeonghan was a seasoned swindler, someone who had every trick up his sleeve. Ever since he was a teenager, he had been learning how to fool people to get something from them be it money, fame, or a house.

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Feigning The Connection

Prompt: You seem so invincible. But just touch you and you’ll wince. You have secrets and trust no one. You’re the perfect example of betrayal. Because anyone you’ve ever trusted broke you. Thrust into a new world, will you be able to stay alone, or will Bellamy work his way in.


A/N: Thank you all AGAIN for the lovely response on my last part, it honestly is so sweet and i’ve run out of words to describe how thankful I am on your guys support and reassurance of this series. I do truly love writing this series and being able to put my own character into the 100 series. So thank you all for allowing me to continue it! This episode (episode 8) is honestly (again) one of my favourite episodes. I feel like we finally get to see Bellamy for who he is, and that honestly makes me so happy. 

Y/N or the reader will be taking place of Clarke to further her relationship with Bellamy in this episode.

Send me a little comment in the ask section or leave it below on what you thought of this chapter. As usual, I hope you all enjoyed!

AGAIN, remember if you’d like me to continue this series, just leave a little comment or an ask letting me know. I will NOT continue the series if no one wants me to.

Based off of: The 100 01x08

Warnings: hallucination nuts, getting “high”.

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You blinked, your body weak and swaying as you tried to regain yourself. It felt as if you’d tip over any second but you held fast on staying steady and not making a complete fool of yourself. Had you just heard Clarke’s words right? You prayed you didn’t, but the feeling in your stomach told you otherwise and you feared…

You feared you’d have to talk to him… the him who threw you in solitary and the him who also happened to be your father. “Y/N!” Shaking your head, the world became clear again and you found Clarke, standing before you waving her hand in front of you. You cleared your throat, unsure of your own next words. “Kane? Kane would like to speak to me?” 

She nodded, seemingly just as confused as you. “Yes, Y/N.” She concluded. You felt your breath leave you and your heart rate pick up, taking cautious steps back you shook your head with denial. “I can’t.” You shook your head, breath frantically picking up; “please, Clarke. I can’t.”

“I-I’m sorry Y/N. But Kane specifically requested you.” Clarke explained, wiping her hand against her forehead in frustration. Sudden guilt filled within you, despite the unredeemable acts she’d just committed, she also had a lot on her plate and she didn’t need your pathetic panic attacks. “We just got in contact with them, I don’t want to upset them just yet.”

“Uh- okay. Sorry.” You replied quickly, ignoring the look she gave you as you snuck past her into the room. You stared at the screen that displayed someone you thought you’d never see again. He was almost your worst fear, and seeing him head on made your heart beat rapidly against your chest. You tried to ignore the spike of fear that stabbed through you as you stood just out of view to Kane.

You needed to do this. You knew. Even if you did some how manage to avoid this (which you wouldn’t be able to) the Ark was coming down, you’d have to confront your father eventually. It was best just to get it over with.

Taking a deep breath, you tried to ignore the way your hand shook and took a step towards the screen. Taking a seat, you let your eyes wander over Kane. He looked the same. Though it’s been four years since you’ve even seen him, your father did not change much. He still held that air of arrogance along with him. 

He seemed monotone on your return but you felt your stomach bubble with anticipation. “Hello… sir.” You replied, using the name he liked you to call him by.

“Hello, Y/N.” He replied shortly, and despite the way things had left off you couldn’t help but feel slightly hurt that he still couldn’t seem to give you the time of the day. “Clarke tells me she is busy today, so she sent you.” Blinked, you shook your head confused, Clarke had said he’d requested you specifically..? So why? “All of you will freeze to death by winter, so we have found an emergency aid depot. It’s not far from the landing site. Here are the coordinates.” You were quick to begin writing down the coordinates.

Jaha came to view and he was very quick to begin explaining; “along with supplies, the bunker made provide shelter for the hundred and for the citizens of the Ark.”

Despite how quickly everything had been thrown at you, you turned to Jaha and asked; “and what makes you think it’s intact?” You chose to ignore the fact that your father was in clear sight of you and the absolute chills and obedience that you felt around him.

“It was designed to withstand nuclear warfare.” Kane explained, the screen flickering back to him. Nodding your head, you opened your mouth to speak, though you were interrupted quickly by Jaha. “Send in Clarke please, Y/N. Find someone to check the bunker out and report back to us.” You were sent off but in panic you tried; “wait. Can I please speak to Kane please?” Though the fear you felt about seeing your father again, you still wanted to speak to him. He was your father… you missed him. 

“Not the time Y/N. Go now.” Kane spoke for Jaha, waving you off. With hurt eyes you turned to your father but he only shook your head. Despite the four years, you’d grown up with those eyes and you knew when to stop. With a sigh, you stood up and tried to suck in your tears. Four years. Four years it’s been since you’ve spoke to your father and he couldn’t even bother to say one word to you. Actually to you. It stung. More than anything.

You stormed out of the room only to be stopped by Clarke herself. Her hand fell on your shoulder and you hid your clearly distressed state by your hand. “Hey, Y/N. Are you okay?” She asked, clearly concerned.

Sniffling, you shook your head and sent a smile her way. “Yeah fine.” You convinced her, and with a sudden furrow of your brow, you turned to her suspicious; “hey you said that Kane requested me specifically, but they said you requested me? Why would you need me to go to the depot instead of going yourself?”

Clarke’s eyes fell and her hand slipped off your shoulder, with honest but hidden eyes she turned on you; “Y/N I know Kane’s your father.” You opened your mouth in shock, taking a step back. “How di-”

“Doesn’t matter,” she interrupted, “I just thought you’d like to speak to him and I need to figure somethings out of my own. I knew I could trust you.” Sudden anger filled you, and though you weren’t sure why, you narrowed your eyes at her. “What right do you have? When you won’t even speak to your own mother?” You suddenly spat at her, you watched her face twist into concern but you only shook your head and stormed past her before she could say anything.

She had no right. And the only she’d been doing for the past day had been aggravating you. So quick to torture another when all he was trying to do was protect himself. So quick to put all the pressure on another when one thing became too much. Your anger was unjust in some ways, but a fire burned within you and you just felt so angry.

Your body led you, and soon your found yourself climbing up the ladder that led to where the grounder was. You found Octavia on your way and sent a small sympathetic smile her way. Climbing up the ladder, you found just who were looking for. And surprised to see you there, Bellamy turned towards you, quick to head towards you. “Y/N-” You held up your hand interrupting him.

“The Ark found some old records that show a supply depot not too far from here.” You explained. 

“What kind of supplies?”

“The kind of supplies that might give us a chance to live through winter.” You explained, shaking your head. Drawling, you looked up at him; “I’m gonna go check it out.” You sent him a look, already knowing he’d want to join you, as that was part of the reason why you’d come to him, even if your feet led you here. Though you weren’t sure why. You two had been getting the least bit along lately, but it didn’t matter. No matter how much you hated his ways, you needed someone that wouldn’t be afraid to defend themselves and you, if you went on your own, you hated to say it but you were in danger.

“Can I-”

“Yes, you can come.” You interrupted, waving your hand. “I’ll get my stuff, meet you in ten by the gates.”

Ten minutes later, both you and Bellamy were out of the gates and already in the landing site that this pod was suppose to be in. Popping another nut in your mouth, you turned to Bellamy who was only a few steps behind you. “So…how long you gonna avoid Jaha for?” You asked, seemingly breaking the silence between the two of you. “The drop-ships are gonna be arriving soon, pretty sure it’s gonna be a bit difficult to avoid Jaha then.”

“I can try.” Bellamy replied. You looked back at him, a hidden tenseness between the two of you and you shook your head. Figures he’d still try even when the odds were clearly going to be against him. 

Stepping up the hill, you both looked around at the barren looking area. Holding the map, you let your eyes wander around; “the depot suppose to be around here… somewhere.” You mumbled, holding the map. It definitely did not look like there was anything here. With the dead trees, destroyed half of a building and the abandoned look of it. 

“There’s got to be a door somewhere here.” Bellamy uttered. 

“Maybe he’ll be lenient.” You mentioned, breaking the conversation and going back to Jaha. He shook his head, turning to you and you had to strain your head up to look him in the eye. “Look, I shot the man Y/N. He’s just not gonna forgive and forget.” 

Sighing you looked away, at the ground and played with your thumbs. “Yeah I know. Maybe I just hoped you would be willing to compensate for your crimes.” You mumbled, you decided not to look back at Bellamy knowing already what his expression would be. You shook your head.

“Look let’s just split up, cover more ground.” Bellamy was quick to walk away, you only shook your head, disappointed in him. Heading down the hill, you headed left while he headed right and you began digging around. Moving stuff you tried to search for the door and let out a small smile when you saw the door. Straightening out, you looked over at Bellamy and frowned. Just a day ago you’d trusted him completely, he was a prick and cocky but you’d trusted him.

You’d let someone in even after everything that had happened to you. You’d trusted him. And now… now you only saw betrayal when you looked at him. Shaking your head, you cleared your mind of those thoughts. This wasn’t the time, you needed to find out if that depot would help your people or not and debating whether Bellamy was trust worthy or not wasn’t the way.

“Bellamy!” You called, catching the attention of him. You squinted to see what he was doing but couldn’t tell and soon enough he stopped, turning to you. “Over here. I found a door.” He was quick to gather his stuff, jogging over to you.

Pulling on the handles, you grunted when it didn’t budge and sighed. “I think it’s rusted shut.” You sighed. 

“Here.” Bellamy commented, raising his axe to the side of the door; “watch your foot.” He warned, and you quickly tucked your foot underneath you. You watched as he raised his hand and smacked the axe down against the door. Soon enough the handle broke and jumping into action you moved over to help him pull the door open. The door creaked open and sharing a look with Bellamy, you both stood up and began heading down the steps.

You switched on a flash light, handing it to him before grabbing yourself one. Looking around, you felt hope within you as you prayed that this place would be suitable enough to live in. You and Bellamy remained silent, searching through the depot yourself. 

You followed through the depot, walking down more steps. You felt yourself freeze and your breath get caught in your throat when an old decayed body came into view. Pausing, you closed your eyes to remain calm and continued walking further. You barely paid attention to the fact that Bellamy witnessed it all and still walking, he asked; “you really don’t like death, do you?” 

Not looking back at him, you spat; “nope.”

Walking further, there was another body and you had to focus on your breathing as Bellamy commented; “hell of a place to die.”

Your hope withered as you made it to the bottom of the steps and viewed the shape the depot was in. It was decaying and old, everything was rotted and wasted. And reluctantly you had to admit that this was no place to live. Closing your eyes in frustration you mumbled, “so much for living here. This place is disgusting. Damnit!” You raised your voice, frustrated. 

“Anything left down here is ruined.” 

“They must have distributed most of the supplies before the last bombs went off.” You analyzed. Turning to Bellamy when he opened a compartment, you walked over to him watching as he twisted a glow stick on. You set down your bag next to Bellamy’s and walked over to another container. Opening it, you felt a slimmer of hope fill within you when you saw blankets. Clearly excited, you called over to Bellamy; “hey. I found blankets.”

“Excited about a couple of blankets.” Bellamy drawled.

Turning to him, you glared; “well it’s something.”

“How about a canteen or a med kit… or-or a decent fricken tent?” He yelled, frustrated. You kept calm, shaking your head. You were just as frustrated as him, knowing that you all could die if you didn’t find a reliable solution soon made everything seem more tedious and annoying.

You turned shocked when you heard Bellamy grunt and a loud thunk of a sound when the barrel he’d kicked hit the ground. You furrowed your brows, confused as you made your way over to him. He suddenly seemed intrigued by something that came out of the barrel, and following slightly behind him you squinted to see what had made him so excited. 

“Oh, my god.” He whispered. Baffled, you leaned closer to him to see what he was so excited about. He picked up an object which you quickly deciphered as a gun. Sudden panicked filled you and straightening up, you shook your head slowly. No. No, you were not bringing guns back to camp. You almost wanted to yell at him with that bright smile he held on his face.

You backed up from him; “no.” You shook your head repeatedly. “No we are not bringing guns back camp.”

Bellamy’s smile disappeared and he stood up himself; “Y/N- we need them.”

“No,” was all you said. Bellamy began walking over to you and grabbed you by the shoulders, this seemed to be a popular move to him. Shaking your head, you tried to shove him off but you were only backed against the wall with no real place to escape to you. You stared fearful up at him, but not of him rather at the fact that you’d found guns. You couldn’t-

“This changes everything,” Bellamy exclaimed. “No more running from spears. You ready to be a badass, Y/N?” He seemed to have missed the part of your clear discomfort. Shaking your head, you tried to shove off his arms but he didn’t budge.

“No!” You suddenly yelled; “I don’t want to be a badass. Guns are dangerous Bellamy. They can hurt somebody.”

“Hell yeah they’re dangerous. That’s the point. We don’t need to be afraid of the grounders anymore.” He tried to explained to you. You fumbled for words, eyes wide as you tried to get him to understand. “No, Bellamy. Please. You don’t understand. That can kill somebody!” You yelled, pointing at the pile of guns.

Bellamy let go, moving from you and grabbing a gun. Quickly setting up a clothe of red with an ‘x’ on it, he gestured the gun over to you. You stared warily at it and made no move to grab it or anything. He shoved it more forward. “Y/N let me show you that if you handle a gun right, it can’t hurt anybody.”

“Yes it will! It kills people, Bellamy.”

“Not if you don’t want it to. You just have to aim. Here.” He gestured the gun and despite yourself you grabbed it. You watched as the gun raddled from your shaky hands and you held it a good distance away form yourself. You stared in fear at the weapon and soon felt heat from a body behind you. You completely tensed when Bellamy’s arm came around you and grabbed the gun, placing it correctly in your hands. His face was so close to your neck and you still couldn’t get over the fact that you were holding a gun in your hands.


“Shh. I’ll show you, it’s not all that bad when in the right hands.” He moved your hand slowly to the trigger and moving the gun, he aimed it so it was directly in front of the clothe. His hand hovered over yours and slowly pressed down.

You killed me.

You blinked, your breath stopping as the loud shot of the bullet echoed. You closed your eyes in fear, images flashing rapidly through your mind. Your heart sped up and you felt yourself go clammy. Panic rose within you and you shoved Bellamy away from you, the gun fell to the ground with a clatter and suddenly you were on the other side of Bellamy, facing him.

Your hands at your side, you felt your whole body shaking. Bellamy looked at you, clearly concerned as he tried to take a step towards you but you flinched violently. 

You killed me.

Silence fell over the both of you. You were at a lost on what to say. You were too scared to say anything. You were too scared to even be near him. As you looked around in panic, a sudden realization dawned on you. Your eyes fell on his bag and you distinctly remember him stuffing it with rations. The inability to speak to Jaha. His trust in Miller. And just the way he’s been acting the entire day.

Panting, you made direct eye contact with Bellamy. “You’re leaving.” You whispered, tears brimming. “You’re gonna leave.” Bellamy seemed genuinely baffled by your statement but you knew he knew what you were talking about. “That’s why you wanted to come.” Even so you’ve been angry at him for so long, something about the statement hurt.

“I don’t have a choice. The Ark will be down here soon.”

“Oh and you think we all don’t have that same fear? Or at least… i don’t? What are you going to do, leave Octavia?” You spat, confused.

“Octavia hates me, she’ll be fine.” Looking at you, he mumbled; “you hate me.”


“I shot the chancellor, Y/N.” He interrupted, voice leaving no room for argument. “They’re gonna kill me. Best case scenario they lock me up with the grounder for the rest of my life, and there’s no way in hell i’m giving Jaha the satisfaction. J-Just… i need some air.” Before you could say anything else, Bellamy stormed past you and up the stairs he went.

Sighing, you wiped your hand against your forehead, suddenly you felt very dizzy. Resting your hand against your forehead, you held the wall for support.

You killed me.

You closed your eyes for a second and when you walked open them suddenly a woman stood in front of you. “You’re the reason i’m dead.”

“Mom…” You whispered, holding your stomach. You shook your head in bewilderment confused as to why she was here. Her forehead was slick with sweat and her white shirt was covered in blood… it was just like that night…the image haunted you. “What are you… why?” Tears finally fell and terrified of that fact that your dead mother was standing before you, you tried to not collapse.

Your heart rate quickened and you felt it suddenly hard to breathe. “I’m here because you killed me.”

You shook your head, desperate for her to understand. “N-No… I shot the guard-”

“Then I died.” She interrupted, taking steps towards you. You flinched when she reached you and your hands shook against your side as you tried to get away. Your back hit the wall and you were frozen with fear, all you could do was listen to your mother spit cruel words at you. “You murdered the guard and then you murdered me. You deserve to die just like the rest of us.” She spat.

You opened your mouth to say something but fell silent… she was right. You were a murderer. 


“And all this time you’ve been blaming him, putting everything on him when you helped him kill those three hundred innocent people.” You remembered the loving eyes your mother once gave you. Now all you saw were dark and cold and hurt eyes that blamed you. You let a sob break free and you tried to reach for her but she smacked your hand away, then you grunted when a sudden pain came about in your stomach.

Mouth open, you looked up at your mother who only glared at you. Suddenly her arm raised and she punched you across the head, you grunted, falling over. Sobbing as you fell, your head smacked against the ground but you barely felt the pain as you closed your eyes. When you opened them, your mother was gone and replaced by another. Squinting, you tried to stay awake; “Dax…?”

“Dax, put the gun down.” Your hand was clearly shaking but you didn’t hesitate to keep your hands up and the gun pointed at Dax. You were clearly in distress. Your hair disheveled and your eyes red from crying, your clothes covered in dirt and ripped. But still your head held high as you glared at Dax.

Dax turned towards you, his gun now pointed at you. “Should’ve stayed down there, Y/N. I tried not to kill you, but here you are, and Shumway said no witnesses.” Your eye’s narrowed in uncertainty at the mention of a guard.

“What is he talking about?” You asked, turning to Bellamy.

“Shumway set it up. He gave me the gun to shoot Chancellor Jaha.” Bellamy explained.

“Walk away now and I won’t kill you.” Dax offered. Shaking your head, you held the gun higher, aiming it at him. “Put it down.” You repeated, slowly enough for him to understand. He only shook his head, keeping the gun up and pointed directly at you. You ignored the spike of panic and the way the gun felt heavy against your hands. You ignored the way your mind raged at you to to shoot but you knew this was the only way.

“Your choice.” Dax mumbled. Holding your breath you pressed the trigger but nothing happened confused you pressed the trigger again, the sheer force of it shocking you so your aim went off slightly. It grazed his arm and he grunted in pain, staring shocked that you were actually able to hit him. Panicked, you moved to run away but Dax was too quick and you were knocked to the ground. 

Turning from your stomach, Dax was quick as he straddled your waist. You panicked, grunting pain when he punched you. You heard a grunt and sudden cry of: “no!” You whimpered at the sheer force of the man on top of you but felt yourself relax slightly when you saw Bellamy heading your way. “Get off of her!” He shouted, moving to grab Dax by the shoulders. Dax raised his elbow, knocking Bellamy back by sheer force. 

You tried to shove him off you but he grabbed your wrists, pinning them. You panicked, closing your eyes, afraid of what he’d do. Before his grip tightened and you felt his weight being shoved off you. Despite knowing he was off, you felt yourself shake violently and sudden sobs break through. You opened your eyes only to see Bellamy above you, panting. “Y/N. Y/N! Are you okay?” He said, kneeling next to you.

You shook your head no. “I killed her.”

His brows furrowed, “killed who?”

“I killed my mother. I’m nothing but a murderer” You sobbed. Holding your hands against your eyes you didn’t notice Bellamy manoeuvre around you until his hands fell on your waist and he pulled you up. You did nothing to stop him as he leaned you against the trunk of the tree. You only focused on him when he grabbed your wrists and pulled your hands from your face, “Y/N look at me.”

Defeated, you let your eyes fall on him, “I don’t know what happened between you and your mom, but one thing I know for sure is, you’re not a murderer.” You found solace in his gaze, that willed you strongly against him. Just his words helped relax you as the one thing you’ve wanted to hear, wanted to be told, he finally said to you. Something you’ve wanted to hear for years, you felt yourself able to breathe again. There was that certainty of safety again when you looked into his eyes. “I trust you, Y/N.” 

Calming down, you straightened out your breathing. “I trust you.” You nodded, “and okay. We bring the guns.”

He smiled gratefully at that, “i’ll talk to Jaha.”

“Can we just sit here for a minute?” You asked, panting against the tree. He let go of your wrists, moving to sit next to you. 

“As long as you need.”

“I’d like to say something.” You interrupted Jaha, “when you sent us down here, you sent us to die. But miraculously, most of us are still alive. And a huge part of that, is thanks to Bellamy.” You looked over at him, holding his gaze and sending a small smile his way. “He’s one of us, and he deserves to be pardoned of his crimes just like the rest of us.”

“Y/N I appreciate your point of view, but it’s not that simple.” Jaha explained.

“It is.” Bellamy was quick to defend himself, you smiled at him reassuringly. “If you want to know who in the Ark wants you dead.”

You watched with anticipation as Jaha leaned forward, you grabbed onto Bellamy’s hand, squeezing it. You missed the way his gaze held yours for a long time before turning back to the screen. Your stomach filled with butterflies as you waited for Jaha to say the words.

“Bellamy Blake, you’re pardoned for your crimes.”

For You

Characters: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst?? Mostly fluff

Word Count: 942

You’re terrified of thunderstorms, but you've never told anyone about it because you don’t want to be a burden to anyone, usually riding it out on your own. Of course Jungkook figured this out long ago and ditches work to walk through the rain and find you the moment he hears thunder, not wanting you to be alone again.

Originally posted by sugutie

    You curled in on yourself on the bed. Despite what you had previously believed, the massive load of blankets on top of you wasn’t doing enough to protect you. You saw the warning flash of lightning light up the room. Already anticipating the blow, a large crack of thunder boomed through the room, sending a shock up your spine. You cried out softly, hugging the blankets closer to yourself. It was always like this. Thunderstorms freaked you out, there was nothing you could do about that. Silently, you cried to yourself.

    You didn’t hear it when the door softly creaked open, quiet footsteps coming to the edge of the bed. Another moment of silence lingered in the room, save for the soft rain pelting against the window. Suddenly, there was a heavy dip in the bed next to you.

    Shrieking, you shot up from your spot and turned to see your boyfriend laying down on the bed. “Jungkook,” you said in a huff, relaxing as you realized you weren’t being attacked. His face was slightly laced with distress, his hair glistening with water droplets as he stared at you somewhat expectantly.

    You tried to catch your breath, it getting stuck in your throat a few times. “Y-you’re supposed to be at wor-”

   “I left.”

    You looked up into his eyes, searching them. Looking into his eyes, you forgot about the storm for a second. In turn, you forgot how badly you were still shaking. His gaze flickering down at your shaking hands, he gently took them in his grip and said, “I heard the storm. I didn’t want you to be alone, so I walked.” Your gaze fell down to stare at his soft knuckles. You had never told him how you got during thunderstorms. “But how…” you trailed off. Jungkook lightly squeezed your hands, “Y/N, I’m not that bad of a boyfriend.” Your eyes met once again and a faint glint of what looked like hurt flashed in his eyes.

    Thunder struck through the room again, making you flinch and close your eyes, a small whimper leaving your lips. A pair of arms slipped around you, embracing you in warmth. You stayed frozen for a moment, eyes shut in panic as he held you, his breath hitting your neck. His thumb rubbed soothing circles in the back of your shoulder and you immediately felt yourself calming. Relaxing your tense body, you let your head fall against his shoulder, softly nuzzling into your boyfriend’s neck. He smelled like home. And that’s exactly how you felt in his arms.

    “Come here,” he murmured quietly against your skin, pulling back slightly so the both of you could sit further back on the bed. He scooched backwards, leaning his back on the headboard. Spreading his arms wide, he motioned for you to climb into his arms, a small smirk playing on his lips. Of all the times for him to be smug, you thought to yourself. The corners of your mouth lifted at his ridiculousness. It was a successful mission in his mind, making you smile. A triumphant smile bloomed on his face as you climbed into his arms, resting your head on his chest. You looked up to see his face still pulled into a dumb grin, showing his bunny teeth that you loved. Gently, he wrapped his arms around your lying figure. There were a few low rumbles of thunder, and you felt his arms tighten protectively around you, ready for you to react. But you were lost in the sound of his heartbeat against your ear, and the warmness that he surrounded you with. Maybe in the back of your head you heard the thunder, but it meant less now. The two of you sat there, you listening to the steady beat of his heart in his chest. Jungkook looked out the window, watching the rain patter and stream down the glass.

    You closed your eyes, the feeling of exhaustion slowly coming over you. It was tiring, being scared for so long. However, your mind was still too alert to fall asleep, and you knew this.

    “I’m tired.” you said softly against Jungkook’s chest, while it rose and fell with his breaths. His hand came up to stroke your back, absentmindedly drawing patterns with his fingers. He hummed before replying in a soft voice, “What can I do, babe?”

    You smiled contentedly in your fatigue. “Sing to me,” you murmured. You didn’t think he heard you at first, after all you had said the words in a barely audible voice. But then his hand stopped on your back. You were about to let out a complaint when you felt his fingers softly stroke your hair, the soft notes of his voice floating through the air.

Everything is for you

Everything is alright

Even if there is no answer

Everything is inside your smile


Even if we are apart

Our hearts are connected to each other

Forever with you

    A sigh left your lips as your subconscious started to melt against the soft crooning coming from above you. The thunder had subsided now, as if it knew exactly what was happening, knowing exactly when to stop. Jungkook’s fingers gently ran through your hair as you loosened against him. He kept singing, every note resonating in you like a lullaby while you were lulled into sleep. You could still hear the very faint echo of rain in the background, but that didn’t matter anymore. On the very edge of conscious, you heard the singing subside for a moment, followed by a very soft voice whispering, “I love you, Y/N.”

Time After Time

This is a prompt fill for the wonderful @falling-into-vacancies who wanted a Spideypool Soumark AU. Thank you btw for being so patient, I know it took me forever to write this and I hope you like it!

Pairing: Peter Parker/Wade Wilson (first time writing them be gentle)

Length: 7500(ish)

Rating: T

Authors Note: I used Wade’s boxes in this Yellow/White. Also the POV shifts between characters so I hope that isn’t too confusing. Read on AO3.

“This shit is Bananas,” Wade curses as he fiddles with the lock of the second-floor window he is currently trying to break into. Trouble is, his left hand was blasted off by some thug getting a little too kill happy with a shotgun. That had only happened less than thirty minutes ago, so right now his hand was about the size of a nine-month old’s and being less than helpful with stealthily breaking into the closest house he could find while he healed up.

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i don’t even know what this is but … happy one year anniversary 🎈🎉

The air’s humid, makes Robert squint his eyes a little as he lays back on the chair and watches Aaron and Liv talking quietly together near the pool.

Robert feels a tightening in his chest, doesn’t know what to say as Liv reaches out and hugs her brother and then he sees Aaron coming back towards him. He’s promised himself thoughts of back home are behind him, for now, for now, for now. 

Aaron arches an eyebrow as he sits next to Robert, senses something and smiles faintly to his husband. “You were right, I did need to see her.” He says, has a hand through his hair as he talks.

Robert’s eyes flicker and then he’s pulling his hand out, holding onto Aaron’s and smiling. “Yeah.” He whispers, tries to shake off his own thoughts as he moves over and kisses Aaron hard on the lips, not caring that they’re hardly in a secluded area. 

Aaron climbs onto Robert, unashamed as he squeezes next to his husband and lies there, still for a few seconds before he begins softly making circles on Robert’s arm.

“Feel normal you know.” Aaron says and Robert knows he does, he’s laying closer, he’s more affectionate and soft and Robert’s all too grateful. 

“I’m so glad.” Robert kisses down hard on Aaron’s head and then suddenly he sees his husband spin around and stare at him, eyes a little bright. 

“You know what day it is?” Aaron says, eyes fluttering like mad.

Something inside Robert almost breaks, he’s only just remembered, only just connected the dots and he wants to cry because he should know all of this, he does. His mind has just been -

“Aaron, I can’t -” Robert tries but then Aaron’s pulling their hands together and laughing, laughing and Robert actually settles a little. 

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Silent Treatment

Your body was enveloped in warm water, it trickling over your naked body. You had candles lit all around the bathroom, and you were trying to relax, to forget what had happened earlier. But it wasn’t easy.

You were starting to drift in and out of consciousness when you heard the door open and close downstairs. So much for relaxing. Your body stiffened as you heard him coming upstairs, calling your name through the house. You refused to answer, but still he found you, stumbling into the doorway of the bathroom, momentarily shocked by your naked figure.

“Y/N, there you are.” He says, coming towards you, but you keep your mouth shut. You’re still mad at him, and anything he does can’t get you to forget. He watches your gaze sift from him to the window quickly, obviously not interested in him.

“H…how was you day?” He says, trying to get you to talk but you don’t answer. He starts to shrug off his coat and walk closer to you.

“Come on, are you still mad about what I said?” Your eyes flicker to him for a second and then back onto the bubbles in the bath, slowly disappearing to reveal more of you to John.

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chapter 20.

Rich || Jaebum

Originally posted by mixedangel

Reader (you) x Jaebum

Word Count: 2018

Warnings: Smut (lol oops) but fluffy jaebum omg

note: HI EVERYONE! IDK WHAT I JUST WROTE BUT I’M SO SORRY FOR THE REALL UNRELATED AND RANDOM PLOT LINE THIS CHAPTER HAS. like… i just wrote down whatever came to my mind. anyways, the video will be up next week and the last chapter will also be posted next week tuesday! happy reading and take care -admin

The bright sunlight illuminated the room, early in the morning, disturbing my beauty sleep. I slowly opened my eyes to face Jaebum right beside me. His arms wrapped around my waist, holding me to his side. I looked at his handsome peaceful face and smiled to myself. This was the first time Jaebum ever stayed in bed with me. From the previous times we spent together, he would always leave my side. Today, the amount of joy of just seeing his face to wake up to was enough to make me decide to stay here. I can’t go back now, especially when someone I loved two years ago confessed to me.

“At least take a picture if you’re going to stare at me like that,” Jaebum croaked out, his eyes still closed but his mouth formed a smile.

I softly laughed under my breath as I buried my face in the croak of his neck, “I don’t like pictures. I like to live in the moment.”

“Take it all in, baby girl.” Jaebum said with his morning voice which was incredibly sexy. I propped myself up on my elbows to take a good look at his face. He flashed me a charming smile and grabbed my face to give me a quick kiss on the mouth.

“You look beautiful in the morning, (Y/N).” Jaebum smiled. I slapped him on the chest, shaking my head at his mushy comments as I felt my cheeks rise in color. Even though his comments were cheesy and mushy, it still made me feel fuzzy inside.

“Let go of me so I can get out of bed.” I shyly said as I tried to pry his hand away from my waist.

“Are you serious? Let’s me think of a few reasons why you should stay in bed with me.” He smirked at me as he scanned my face. Jaebum’s hands pulled me down in bed again as he rested his thumb on my cheek. His fingers roaming down to my lips as I flickered my eyes up to meet his. I could see a sly smile plastered on his face and I knew he had a few things up on sleeve already early in the morning.

“Reason number one. You’re unbelievably sexy in the morning especially when you’re currently naked in front of me.” Jaebum smirked, as his hands roamed further down my face and onto my neck. “Reason number two. With you being naked beside me, you know what that does to a man? And reason number three. Round two still needs to happen.”

“Those aren’t reasons, Jae.” I chuckled under my breath. “They’re more like statements and you implying that you want morning sex.”

“Glad you got my memo.” Jaebum said, flashing another charming smile. “If you don’t want morning sex, can you at least take care of the big guy down below?”

“Unbelievable,” I scoffed as I pushed my way out of his embrace and got out of bed, “You take care of it yourself. I have work.”

And with that, I walked away from Jaebum and his protests as I grabbed my shirt from the floor and headed towards the bathroom. It was definitely different from his last house from two years ago and more modern. His bathroom was too beautiful that I stood there, in the middle of the large room, and admired the beauty. My eyes wandered to the bathtub in the corner, in which I thought I would take a bath rather than taking a shower since the tub was gorgeous.

“God, how rich is he to afford all this stuff.” I mumbled to myself, walking towards the tub.

“I go to work, baby girl. Not to mention, I own a company.” Jaebum’s voice suddenly appeared from behind, causing me to jump slightly. I turned around to face Jaebum, as he held two towels in hand and walked over to me.

“No, you are not joining me.” I pointed my finger at him and gave him a mean stare. But he ignore my protests as he turned on the bathtub and started to make a bath. I whined and started to pout since I wanted my alone time in the bath. But Jaebum continued to fill up the bath and pour in the bath salt.

“Done.” He cutely smiled at me. It was rare that he would do anything cute towards me and I couldn’t help but just smile widely at his actions. Maybe, I’ll let him join me in bath. Jaebum stepped aside and I took that as a cue to step into the bath. Beforing entering the bath, I placed a finger under Jaebum’s chin and motioned him to join me as well.

I slipped into the tub and hummed from the way the hot water eases my sore muscles from last night. Jaebum joined me quickly after, slipping into the tub. I settled in between Jaebum’s legs as his strong arms wrapped around me. He massaged my arms and shoulders, making his way down to my inner thighs, softly drawing circles. Jaebum leaned down to press a kiss on my neck Almost immediately, I tilted my head to the side, granting him more access to my soft skin.

“Relax, baby girl. Let me take care of you.” Jaebum whispered in my ear, as his lips made their way to mine, kissing me softly. His fingers wandered down my stomach to my clit as he rubbed his fingers along my clit slowly, making me whimper into his mouth. He took this opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth, making me moan from this sensation. Without warning, Jaebum plunged his fingers into me, making me gasp from his action. Jaebum moved significantly slow as I felt his hard cock poking at my back.

“Fuck.” Jaebum growled at my touch. My fingers wrapped around his shaft, moving at the pace he was pleasuring me at. His jaw dropped from the amount of pleasure he was receiving as he started to increase the pace of his fingers. I started to buck against his fingers as I was getting closer to my peak. But all the movements stopped when we heard a phone ring in the distant.

“Shit, that’s my phone.” I cursed, catching my breath from the harsh denial.

“I’ll go get it.” Jaebum stated, standing up from the tub and grabbing the towel from the side. I laid back in the tub, closing my eyes and took in deep breaths to calm myself down. Although I planned to have a peaceful bath, this was a much better feeling with Jaebum by my side.

“Here.” Jaebum said, handing me the ringing phone that rudely interrupted our time. “But before you pick up, I want you to stand up and lean against that wall.”

I took my phone from his hand and bit my lips. Doing what he demanded, I stood up from the bath and leaned against the cold wall, my hair and body dripping wet from the water. Jaebum grabbed me by the waist, forcing me to bend forward as he slowly slipped himself inside of me. His huge cock filling me up inside, remaining still as I swiped the screen on my phone.

“Hello?” I breathed out, trying to contain my moans as Jaebum started to move at a slow pace.

“(Y/N)?” Rose answered on the other end. “Are you feeling any better?”

“Yeah, I’m good.” I gave a quick short reply. Jaebum suddenly pulled out as he gripped my hips hard and plunged into my pussy again in one go, filling me to the hilt. I pressed my lips together trying not to moan while on the phone as he didn’t spare any mercy and began thrusting at a vicious pace, not giving me time to adjust to his size.

“We have a meeting today. Do you want me to pick you up?” Rose asked through the phone. I couldn’t focus on Rose while Jaebum fucked me hard from behind. It was hard to multitask since Jaebum hit all of my hidden nerves, making my hitch my breath as my nails scratched the beautiful walls of the bathroom.

“Talk to her.” Jaebum growled from behind, smacking my ass at the same time as he continued to assault my pussy. I bit my lips, trying so hard not to scream as he quicken his pace harder, and brisker, making my whole body shake as it led me to my peak faster.

“Sure,” I managed to breath out, “Just text me when you’re here. Sorry Rose, I gotta go.”

I hung up as I threw my phone to the side of the bathtub and let out loud moan. Jaebum brought his fingers up to my clit, rubbing it as the pitch of my voice got higher. Jaebum didn’t stop thrusting and rubbing my clit, making my knees buckle. The familiar knot at the pit of my stomach started to unravel as my orgasm hit me hard.

“Can you take one more?” Jaebum groaned, as he started to go harder and faster, my pussy swallowing his hard cock even tighter. I shook my head in response since the overstimulation was too hard for me to handle. Last night I could take it but, I was too sensitive to take other one right now. Jaebum understood my thoughts as he pulled out of me, pumping his cock to release himself. I sank back down in the tub, slightly pulling my hair as I tried to catch my breath.

“Are you okay?” Jaebum asked, as he slipped in beside me.

“Fuck.” I cursed, breathing heavily. “I’m okay but I think I need a break from your big friend down there.”

Jaebum chuckled as he kissed my shoulders, “Relax, baby. I don’t always crave for sex. Just your love is enough for me.”

Rose and I stood inside the big space inside of my soon-to-be store as I wandered around the building. I noted down a few things I wanted to fix and also made out a plan on where everything should go. Rose, who stood by my side, helped me with all the planning and made sure everything was organized. We brought in the shipped clothes and started lining everything up on the racks and shelves. The workers did an fantastic job on making this place look chic and modern. There were only a few things that I wanted to do before opening day involving the store. So the stress building up in me was something that would keep me up late at night.

“Opening day is two days from now.” Rose noted. “When should we book the tickets to go back?”

“I’m not going back.” I simply stated, looking at the clothes rack ahead of me.

“What? You have to go back though.” Rose cried out in disbelief.

“Rose, listen to me,” I said, turning towards her and grabbing her shoulder, “I can’t go back because I realized my life is here and not there.”

“Just a few days ago, you didn’t even want to come back here.” Rose sighed, brushing away my hands. “And now you’re saying you want to stay?”

“I ran away from here to forget my past. But the only thing remained was the feeling of love that I left behind here. When I fainted yesterday from the lack of sleep, I woke up at Jaebum’s hous-”

“He insisted on taking you home.” Rose interrupted. “Are you staying here because of him?”

I looked at Rose and smiled at her. Just by looking at me face, Rose already knew the answer to her question since it was obvious. I told Rose about Jaebum when we first met and how I missed the feeling of him being by my side. She said she wanted to see me happy with a guy just like Jaebum. And as best friends, and partners in business, she completely understood my reason. Although moving will be complicated, my happiness was something she and I seeked the most.

“Yes,” I smiled at her, “It’s because I love him.”

Call Me Thomas (Pt. 2)

Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

Requested: by some lovely anons, @secretschuylersister and @justpastvenus

Pairings: Thomas Jefferson x Soulmate!Reader

Summary: Y/N has found a soulmate in Thomas Jefferson, but she is anything but satisfied 

Previously: {1}

Warnings: A few curse words

Word Count: 1,699

A/N: I really hope that you guys like part two! Let me know, and part three should be out shortly if everything goes according to plan.

“Y/N!” your dad’s voice trickled through the halls from his study. “Visitor!” You groaned, pushing your chair away from the desk and making your way towards the front door. You loved your father, he was a fantastic lawyer, but if there was one thing you despised about helping him was greeting his clients.

You could argue that it held an air of mystery, never knowing who was going to be on the other side, but that was your main problem with the whole situation. More than once you were greeted with an unhappy man, complaining about one thing or another that you would have honestly preferred to tell him to shove it somewhere that wouldn’t be considered the friendliest of sentiments. Not to mention that you were a woman, helping with ‘men’s work’, and while most people were impressed by your initiative, there were always a few who weren’t afraid to remind you of where they thought that you would be better suited spending your time.

It wasn’t your father’s fault that you were irritable, though. That honor belonged to your soulmate. The thought made you want to vomit. Thomas Jefferson was an ass, and even if you’d had your assumptions before, the Schuyler’s dinner party had only served to reinforce them.

He had been talking throughout the entire dinner- which when you put it that way, didn’t sound so bad. Until you quickly discovered his favorite topic of conversation, himself. You had barely made it through the first course and you felt as if you knew everything about him. Unfortunately, he seemed to hold a different opinion on the matter, not asking you a single question before your dessert was mercifully placed in front of you.

After everyone had finally finished, you wouldn’t have left the house faster if it had been burning down. You scarcely remembered to get your coat before making your way down the street to the privacy of your own home and slamming the door behind you. You didn’t know how long you had been standing with your back against the door, unable to find a way to describe what you were feeling.

Was it possible to be happy and in the middle of a fiery rage at the same moment? You supposed that one good thing was going to come of all this. At least the girls would stop trying to find you a suitable husband.

On the other hand, you detested the one person that was supposed to be your other half, always supportive and by your side until the day that you both left this earth. You were convinced that the universe hated you, and you could only say that your suspicions were confirmed when you threw open the door to find a smug Thomas Jefferson on the other side.

“Hello, Y/N would you mind if I came in? I have something-” you couldn’t hear the rest of his sentence through the door that you had slammed in his face. Your heart was pounding, your face was flushed and your god damned chest was glowing again. What did that mean? You had only ever heard of it happening the first meeting, never a second time.

Maybe God was taking mercy on you and you were about to explode. You squeezed your eyes shut, praying that it would come quickly. “Y/N?” your father’s voice asked calmly from in front of you. “What are you doing? I heard someone knocking.”

You would have explained that you were waiting for the universe to swallow you whole, but your father’s hand was on the doorknob and before you could stop him, he was greeting Thomas Jefferson, shaking his hand and asking him to come in. The universe definitely hated you.

Your ears felt like they were full of cotton, you could barely hear the conversation taking place in front of you as your father and your enemy soulmate made their way to the parlor. The sight of him looking so comfortable in your home was something that made your stomach turn. You sat on the chair farthest from the loveseat that he had chosen, hands crossed over your stomach to hide the remnants of the glow. From what you could see, he wasn’t experiencing anything of the sort. It was worrying, and if the universe wasn’t at least going to blow you up, they could have mentioned what something like this meant.

“I have to say, I’m a bit shocked.” Your father said cheerily. “Y/N hadn’t mentioned you.” he threw a glance that looked casual to an outside, but you knew was a scolding for withholding something so monumental. If your soulmate- the word still felt funny- was someone that made you happy, you would have roused your father from the deepest sleep after arriving home from the party.

You had struggled to think of a way to tell him at breakfast, but there was no way that you could find the words to tell him that you met your soulmate, and oh, by the way dad, I detest him. That would have gone swimmingly.

“I’m sure that she was trying to find the right moment.” Mr. Jefferson said, somehow managing to sweep the whole issue under the rug and move the conversation along. Maybe he was going to be good for something. “Perhaps I would be able to have a moment alone with Y/N?” he asked.

Before, something like that would have been considered scandalous, but soulmates were expected to get married. At this point, you were as good as engaged. You only hoped that he would give you some time before the wedding. In most cases it wasn’t a problem, but the thought of sharing a bed with him, much less a wedding had your stomach turning again.

“Of course,” your father said, standing to shake Mr. Jefferson’s hand before promptly making his way out of the room, the door shutting behind him with a newfound solidarity.

“Y/N, I know that your feelings for me are less than amiable-” you held up your hand, effectively silencing him. at this point, you didn’t know what your feelings were. In a word, conflicted, not that that provided much of an insight into your heart. You wanted to be in love with him, instantly, like every story you had ever heard as a little girl said that you would be. But the woman inside of you knew that was a foolish way to address this situation. Then again, if he was willing to try, then maybe you should too.

“Mr. Jefferson-”

“I told you to call me Thomas.”

You closed your eyes, allowing yourself a deep breath. “Thomas,” when you opened your eyes, you were greeted with the brightest smile you had ever encountered, and that warm feeling in your stomach was back and a breath hitched in your throat. You frantically glanced down, thanking the universe that it was blissfully normal. You tried again. “Thomas, I know that we don’t necessarily agree on everything.” His smile fell, but just a bit. You could still see the light behind his eyes, but it had flickered, you were sure of it. “But I know that we are going to have to work through this if we are going to be happy.”

“You sound so… dismayed.” Not only was he struggling to find a way to describe your mood, but it almost seemed like he was struggling with the idea that you were unhappy. Though to be fair, so were you. “I don’t want you to think that I am going to do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. I- I want you to be happy.” You felt his hand take yours, his thumb strangely comforting on the backs of your knuckles. “Name something, and it’s yours.”

You slowly took your hand back and tried to calm down your heart. You weren’t sure if it was beating because you were angry or because of something else. “Thomas, I don’t know about all of this. I don’t want to be fighting all of the time, because we obviously disagree about so much.”

“I don’t know what you are talking about, but I don’t want to do anything that would upset you. if you could just tell me-”

“But that’s the thing, Thomas,” you sighed, standing up and walking over to the window, if only to give you a few moments to collect your thoughts. “You shouldn’t have to change yourself to make this work.” You said, gesturing between the two of you. “That’s not how soulmates are supposed to be.”

“Y/N, I-” you couldn’t think straight. You had to get out of there.

“Right now, I think that I need to be alone. Thank you for visiting.” You said quickly, offered him a small curtsy before flinging the doors open and making your way up the stairs and into your room.

You heard the sounds of your father showing Thomas out, but you couldn’t even bring yourself to stand by the window and watch him leave.

This was all such a disaster. You had known that you were going to find your soulmate eventually, but it was supposed to be an instant connection, with someone that you could share the first thought that popped into your head every morning and every single one of your deepest secrets.

But now, you were supposed to be in love with a selfish prick who put himself before everyone else, including his country, or so you had heard. Your head was so filled with thoughts of a smug, rich bastard that you hadn’t stopped to acknowledge what actual evidence you had collected yourself. Not that you had much to go on. A few fleeting looks and the way that your hand still tingled a little from his touch. Was this supposed to mean something.

God you needed a nap. You had just flopped onto your bed when you heard a knock at the door. You sat up, withholding a groan. “Thomas, I told you that I just want-”

The door swung open to reveal Peggy on the other side with her arms crossed and her eyebrows raised. “So, it’s Thomas now is it?”

Read Part 3 Here!

RvB Bingo Wars: Fluff entry

Title: Many Happy Returns

Summary: Carolina thinks she’s going to a meeting, but the Reds and Blues have a surprise for her instead.

Word Count: 1.4k

Notes: this is a happy one, I promise.  Warnings for mentions of past child neglect. Someone has probably done something like this before, but if they have I can’t for the life of me remember it, so here we are.  Also, I hope this makes up a little for the terrible angst in my last entry.

Many Happy Returns 

Carolina walked through the headquarters of the United Armies of Chorus and wondered at the quiet.  The armies were still on rocky territory, having been united for barely two weeks and only making the move to joint headquarters in the past few days.  It wasn’t at all uncommon to find soldiers skirmishing in the hallways, or arguing loudly down the corridors, but she didn’t hear anything as she made her way towards her afternoon strategy meeting, and she wondered if everyone was still in shock from the pirates’ last attack.

Or maybe the quiet was just in her own head. Early that morning Caboose had come by and “kidnapped” Epsilon.  She hadn’t been able to make any sense of what he wanted Church for, just something about Blue Team’s best tradition. Strangely, after he said it Epsilon had gone with him with surprisingly few complaints. Maybe he still felt a little bad about ditching his friends at the crash site, or maybe he had just wanted to get away for a while.  Either way, the world was a much quieter place without his constant sarcastic commentary.

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Audrey Jensen x Reader - Idiot

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1239
Request: “Hi!! I was wondering if you could do an Audrey (from scream) imagine where the reader has kind of been ignoring Aud because she really likes her but is trying to deny her feelings and then they have a massive fight but Audrey goes to the readers house and they make up and cuddle and stuff and it’s all really fluffy please? Xx” – anon


“Nah, I think I’ll just stay at home for tonight, I don’t really feel like going out partying.”

“(Y/N), you can’t keep skipping events to avoid Audrey just because you have a massive crush on her.”

“I’m not and- and I don’t!” I answered, throwing my hands up in exasperation.

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You Belong With Me

 This idea just came out of nowhere lmao but this imagine is inspired by Taylor Swift’s song of the same name so that might give you an idea about what this is about ;) i left the ending open for a part 2 so if you want one pls send me a message :)

Part 2  Part 3

Peter Parker x Reader

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“Hey, Pete.”

I greeted my best friend, sliding into the seat next to him. The cafeteria was buzzing with the sounds of teenage chatter and utensils hitting plates. I noticed that Peter still hadn’t greeted me back. My pulse raced as I took a good look at him. His elbows were placed on top of the table. He leaned forward, hair slightly falling over his eyes and mouth opened. He was staring at something. Or someone. 

I followed his line of sight and saw that he was staring at Liz Allen. Most popular girl in Midtown High. I sighed. 

“You better close your mouth before you get drool on the table.” I said.

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Dessert Follows Dinner (MATURE)

This imagine is based on one of my fake texts that can be found here

Quietly, Justin laughed against the bare skin on my hip, the sound made my heart stammer in my chest for a few moments and I found myself having to take a deep breath, he took the liberty of biting down on it whilst he was there.

I watched his eyes move from my stomach to the bedroom wall to my face and back to my stomach, and I found beauty in the way his nose twitched every now and then. He was so unaware of the little things that made me so in love with him, maybe that was a good thing; if he didn’t know, I could continue to secretly admire them.

“Uh, okay. Uhm, If you could fuck any celebrity, who would it be?” Justin asked, letting his wet lips slide to my inner thigh where he kissed gently, I felt his fingers playing with the hem of my underwear, not teasingly but casually.

“Male or female?” I asked, scratching my arm, thinking thoughtfully.

He shrugged. “Depends if you wanna ride that dick or eat that cunt.” Speaking of which, his head was moving dangerously close. His fingers were pulling at the material, not exactly with need; he still looked casual, as though he thought if he looked too suspicious I’d catch on (to what I already knew.)

“I have no idea, too many options.” I chuckled lightly, moving my hand to run through the softness of his short hair. I adored the way his head moved back into the palms of my hand.

“Weak. You should have the answer right there; I’m pretty sure everyone has a celebrity as a reflex to that question.” He shook his head jokingly at me. “You lose, looks like I’m gonna have to eat you out now.” Shrugging, he took a hold of my underwear and began pulling them down before I could object, over my thighs and down my legs. He looked surprised when I didn’t stop him, but I saw he quickly regained confidence.

“You don’t lose at twenty one questions.” I said, rolling my eyes. I tried to stop myself from being distracted when I watched him positioning himself right and placing his hands under my ass.

“But if those were the rules, you’d be out. Sorry.” He kissed my hip, dragging his lips across so they were just above my clit. I held back a gasp.

“You could be out of that window,” I smirked when he sent me a glare.

He began to attack my clit. The whole atmosphere in my room changed when I let out a moan, louder than expected. He stiffened but continued to use his tongue against me.

“Justin,” I whispered, now touching his hair for a reason, tugging it. “Justin, my parents could come in any minute.”

He pulled away lightly, I noticed how shiny his lips were. “[Y/N], I’ve been here for the last two hours and they haven’t come up once. Just lay back and let me make you feel good, baby.” His words rang through my ears and I felt myself relaxing instantly.

His lips met themselves with my clit once more, beginning to work their magic. I rolled my hips up as I felt his teeth rubbing on my clit and causing friction and pleasure charge through my lower body. Humming, he sent my clit pulsing wildly.

Before I had the time to respond any more to Justin’s deep pleasurable actions, footsteps could be heard making their way up the stairs.

“Justin,” Panicked, I attempted to release myself from Justin’s firm grip. “Justin, someone’s coming up and my parents will kill me if they find you here.” I noticed the look of annoyance on his face and the way it changed the whole appearance of his face that I was used to. He climbed to his feet as the footsteps seemed to be getting closer.

I made sure that my lower body was covered while Justin shoved his shirt and trousers under my bed, he scampered around the room looking for a place to hide, sending me a wild expression as he did so.

I pointed towards the small part of wall behind the door just as the doorknob began to turn and I tried to look as relaxed as possible.

While I had the chance I quickly set my eyes on Justin’s face; his eyes were on the door as he looked cautiously. Looking down, I noticed a hard on forming in his trousers from our earlier encounter. I bit the corner of my mouth to hold back a smile.

My mom swung the door open gently meaning Justin was completely protected and away from her eyesight. “I was shouting of you but you can’t of heard. Dinner’s ready.” She sent me a small smile while she looked at me.

I laid in bed and I had the sheets tucked tightly around my body, as though there were something that could suddenly happen for the sheets to disappear from my body and causing my mom to know I was naked beneath them if I didn’t have them as securely around me as I could get them.

“All right, thank you. I’ll be down in a second.” I sent her a weak smile in return and felt my heart stammer behind my ribs as her eyes lingered on my almost suspiciously.

But with luck she nodded gently before walking away, leaving the door completely open. Justin probably listened for her footsteps to become nonexistent before he closed the door quietly.

Climbing to my feet, I took my underwear that Justin had previously thrown carelessly on the floor and pulled them back up my legs.

He let out a quiet groan. “No, no, don’t put them back on.” He huffed, walking towards me.

“I’ll be back as soon as I can, or you can leave if you get bored.” I pulled my jeans up my legs and over my underwear, no matter how much Justin tried to put it off.

I felt the softness and the familiar warmth of his hand touch my upper arm as he pulled me close. His lips came in contact with my forehead.

“I’m not leaving because when you’re done having your dinner, you’ll come back up here so I can have mine.” His words barely came out as a mutter but they still managed to make my stomach feel both hot and cold at the same time.

“If you’re lucky I might just have enough room left for dessert.” I grinned up at him as his jaw clenched tightly.

I left his embrace to walk out of the door, but not before he left another gentle kiss on my forehead. I closed the door behind me.

Once I was downstairs and greeted by the stare of my parents, I smiled uneasily.

“We heard a lot of noise from upstairs, everything alright?”

“That boyfriend of yours isn’t hiding up there, is he?” My dad joked, making me force a laugh as I thought about Justin hiding out upstairs. I scoffed.

“No, no. Everything’s fine.” I said, sitting down at the table. I picked up my fork with a slightly shaky hand.

The idea of Justin upstairs, knowing what he’s like and knowing he finds humour in embarrassing me while also annoying my parents with his presents considering they aren’t fond of him. My heart rate only quickened at the thought of my parents knowing Justin was up there.

Eating my food, I made sure to consume it quick enough so that I could get back to Justin as soon as possible; I felt wetness from where Justin had previously had his tongue. I also tried to make it seem as though I wasn’t in a hurry to go anywhere.

Just as I was about to take the fork in my mouth, there was a thud that came from upstairs, then another and another. My eyes flickered to the ceiling, my mouth still wide open.

“Cat.” I said, probably quicker than I should have. In that moment I was oddly thankful I had a cat.

My mom sighed, clearly buying my excuse while I knew the cat wasn’t currently in the house. “I told you not to let her wander upstairs.”

“I know,” I smiled weakly. “I’ll bring her down later.”

“How is Justin, anyway?” My dad’s question was probably innocent, but knowing the boyfriend I wasn’t supposed to see was currently up in my bedroom, the question seemed tainted with suspicion.

“Uh, he’s good. Yeah.” I tried to hold back my embarrassed smile as I felt a certain proudness over Justin.

My mom smiled sweetly at me while my dad sat tight lipped. There was a lengthy silence between the three of us except for the sounds of the cutlery hitting the plates, but we sat comfortably while my mind raced.

My phone buzzed from my back pocket, completely killing the silence. Glancing up at my parents, I slipped it out of my pocket. Justin had text me many time from upstairs:

I’m kinda excited about that blowjob you offered me. I know you’re eating but you should be eating this dick instead

Come back upstairs soon. The quicker you get your ass up here, the more times I can make you cum

As I swallowed, I felt it threaten to come back up at the shock of Justin’s messages. I coughed continuously as my parents watched me carefully. Tears were building up my in eyes from lack of breath.

Eventually, I was able to escape my parents’ worried and suspicious gazes as I used the excuse of tiredness and slip upstairs. I heard my parents muttering to one another while my feet thudded up the stairs.

Making my way to my bedroom door and turned the cold handle. I saw Justin looking cautious once more at the door, waiting to see who was at the door. His face settled when he noticed it was me.

His eyebrows fell and his cheeks rose to make way for his smile, and my face did the exact same.

Wondering how I hadn’t known it sooner, he was fully naked and his hand was wrapped around his dick. My body froze and my breath hitched as I was reminded of the burning between my legs.

“Baby,” He said. “Come here, I’m hungry.” A oh so familiar grin set on his face and I was walking over to him almost immediately.

He pulled my down on top of him, I was grateful for his touch, but I was only there for a few more seconds before he sat up, threw me down and took hold of the bottom of my shirt.

“I’ve been thinking about this for the past hour,” He whispered, slowly hovering lowly as he left a kiss below my ear, it instantly became one of the sweetest I’d received. “I’ve been wanting to feel you,” He ran a hand up my thigh. “hear you moan for me, taste you.” He moved away from me to pull my shirt over my head, he pressed his lips onto mine instantly afterwards.

Growling in some sort of way as he did frequently when he was turned on, he took my boobs in each hand and began to squeeze them in his hot hands. His tongue was in battle with my own as we pressed up against each other.

“Lay down.” He muttered, just missing my mouth and hitting my cheek with his lips. I laid on my back, relaxed. I watched as he took my jeans and, once again, pulled them off roughly. My underwear was next as they became victim to his large hands. He practically ripped them off of my body.

There was silence for a few moments while his eyes fell up and down my body.

“Beautiful.” He said softly before laying down before me. He lay in his previous position before we were interrupted and looked up at me. “you know that, right?” A hand of his ran up my thigh, fully spread so that I felt all of his fingers making waves in my skin as they pressed in my skin.

“Because of you, yeah.” I smiled widely at my sweet but possibly corny reply. Justin seemed to be pleased with my answer as he smiled, made eye contact and began to eat me.

I let out a sharp breath of air at the pleasurable feeling and clenched my hands tightly. His tongue ran perfectly up my clit and I cried out quietly.

“Sshh. I absolutely adore the way you make such beautiful noises for me and when we’re away from here I’m going to get you to scream as loud as you can, but right now you need to keep it down.” While he spoke he let his forefinger rub me in circles, pumping them inside of me a few times. However, once he was done, he moved them back to my clit.

I had to admire how much effort he put into it; it was as though he wasn’t just waiting for me to cum, he was hoping and working for my orgasm more than he’d worked for anything in his life. His hard work only spurred me on.

I only felt my stomach tightening when he dug his fingernails into my thighs and pulled my legs over his shoulder.

“Come on, babygirl.” He pressed his face further into me. “I want you to
cum so much, you’re so beautiful when you let go.” He muttered from against me, even as he spoke, he caused some sort of friction and I whimpered.

“Baby.” My breath was getting heavy as I struggled to get air while I felt the build up of my high taking place.

I noticed the way he was rocking his hips against the bed and remembered the sight of him as I walked into the room. I felt sorry for him but I also felt love for him due to him stopping his own pleasure to pleasure me instead. I abruptly moved my hips against his face in appreciation. He grunted as he drank in my touch and my movements, as did I.

“Are you close? I can feel your clit pulsing against me.” He kissed up and down before returning to take my clit in between his teeth and ever so slightly biting down and I moaned in reaction at the unusual feeling.

He spread me even further and pressed his lips against me this time, moving his jaw up and down. This is what did it for me. I began to see black everywhere.

“Oh my God!” My head fell back against the fluffiness of the pillows and I was then completely open to Justin and his lips. I tried my best to hold my lips closed so that my parents would be none the wiser, instead I let out a variety of gasps and whimpers.

Justin used his fingers to rub my clit as he brought my down. “good girl, good girl.” He kissed my hip, rubbing until I was simply just heavy breathing.

I sat up, moving my hair out of my face. Justin got to his knees and I was immediately faced with his hard on. “Ready for dessert?”

I didn’t answer. I simply took him in my hand and started to make fast movements up and down his cock to which he sighed in relief.

“It’s been trapped underneath me, it was starting to hurt like fuck.” He chuckled lowly, letting his head fall back graciously and his neck, open to my kisses. I took advantage and began leaving wet pecks around his skin. He moaned and I shivered.

“Baby,” He said, bringing his head up to look down at me. “you’re so beautiful, all of you.” He kissed the top of my head as I pumped him faster.

“So are you,” My free hand rested on his thigh. “you have no idea how beautiful you are.” His length twitched in my hand, and a small load of precum was released from his tip. He groaned beautifully.

“Oh, [Y/N]. You’re too good,” His eyes clenched shut tightly and creases appears around them, leaving the tiniest of indents behind on his skin. “baby, baby, don’t stop.” It was as though he wanted or needed to thrust his hips but he couldn’t due to how he was sat and I smiled at him.

“Open up for dessert, princess.” He rasped, taking a hold of my hair in his hands.

When Things Fell Apart: Part Two

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I wrote part one back in June, if I’m correct it may have been the first ever imagine I posted (wOw) so here is the long awaited part two. Enjoy??

Some time had passed, my phone remained something distant to me throughout most of the day now. Too many people got involved, sides were taken, argued over, and all of it remained a permanent display online. The never ending pinging and ringing of my phone was enough to drive anyone to insanity. Everyday I received apologises from strangers about how things supposedly ended, when really I was unsure myself.

Messages directly from his friends were glanced at each night, various forms of apologies or confusion. How leading up to our demise that things seemed off with him, he acted distant and less talkative; I should’ve expected it really. Part of me blames myself for not seeing it sooner and all the excitement he had for going away and returning disheartened. That all of those hugs seemed less meaningful, all the late nights together had no true feeling, the words he told me over and over meant nothing to him.How naive was I? The signs were obvious but I denied it all, and for what? Just to end up even more broken than before?

The days of blankly staring at a wall that was once covered in memories we’d shared together, now in ruins on the ground and I had no care to remove the remains as they reminded me to perceiver on. Weeks spent hidden away to the point where my friends broke into my apartment and moved in to ensure I ate and drank enough, got some form of fresh air even if it meant sitting on the balcony for five minutes. That period was over.

So here I am now. I’ve moved on, I’m independent. I feel happier, well as happy as I can be for the meantime. Yet one phone call from the unexpected has resulted in me on a flight to visit what I once considered my second home.The place where so many memories had been made and I was apart of a family, one I had never expected to be with. Fiddling with the locket I held close to my heart I couldn’t help but feel anxious to see them all again, various scenarios circled in my mind but I was assured he would be away.

“Honey I miss you, we miss you. Please just, just visit us for the day. There’s something I need to give you and I can’t ship it, I refuse to.” Her exact words, I was missed. No mention of Luke, no mention of his new girlfriend. No apologies- I was just missed.

Walking out of the metal voyage I had been confined in with only my queries to keep me company a breath of fresh air was needed. Yet instead of something new or different it was a strong gust of nostalgia instead. I pictured myself here years ago, how he tightly held my hand that I couldn’t stop shaking with nerves about meeting his family. He kept telling me how much they’d love me, just like he did.

Now I stand alone, looking out to the airport and wandering inside. I don’t need anyone to hold my hand or ensure I am cared for or even remotely loved at this point. All I care about is seeing people who still want to acknowledge me, perhaps to see them one last time before shutting the door and locking it on this part of my life, leaving him with it and throwing away the key.

After leaving the airport and silently sitting in the taxi, listening to the drivers music in peace. Yet that song comes on, I freeze up. Any ounce of me that was relaxed or at ease had now become tense. Fibres became hard and hairs stood up on end at the sound of his voice, speaking up to break that sound I boldly asked him to change it. His voice was gone, but everything remained rigid. The sound was gone from the car but it continued to echo in my mind.

Watching everything pass by the words circled in my mind, thinking about how tightly he held my hand on the ride over. How he pointed out things that reminded him of childhood or the things he would get up to when he was at home with family. Yet now I see these things passing by the ghost of who he once was looms, shutting my eyes I can’t block it out. The singing, the words, the pictures, the memories. It’s all too much, I can’t do it.

Just as I go to speak to the driver, tell him to go back, take me to the airport but he stops. Trying to control the shaky breaths I have I turn and see it all through blurred vision. The driver looks back to me and I can’t move, the gaze he holds in his eyes says it all; he understands the emotion I’m storing.

Wiping my eyes repeatedly deep breathing is ineffective. I watched the drivers mouth move, he was talking to me but I couldn’t hear the words he was saying. Zoning in and out of the past and present I wanted to leave, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t be here.

It all hurt too much.

Sometimes we have to do things that hurt us, it isn’t something we want but sometimes need.” The wise words of a friend came to mind and I kept repeating that mantra as I opened the car door, walking out after paying the driver and holding onto my small bag as if my life depended on it.

The taxi disappeared leaving me to feel insignificant, I was too small, feeble walking the path leading to the door. I felt like I did years ago, except no one was encouraging me, helping the weight on my shoulders to be lifted whereas now it only grew with each step.

Quietly knocking on the front door just as my knuckles departed from the wood it opened. The familiar home sense warmed my heart, a big smile greeting me that I didn’t realise how much I missed or needed to see. Following a large joyful smile I was engulfed in a hug, the type that just radiates absence and longing to greet you again. Pulling away a small smile formed on my face as my eyes now dried, something I didn’t want to express was defeat, not to her, not to Liz. 

She placed her hands on my shoulders, taking a good long look at me. I knew she would see the dried tear marks that streaked my foundation or the crumpled black beneath my eyes after the long flight. How I was chewing about five pieces of gum to distract myself or the small bag I brought, how I don’t plan on staying. Yet besides these features she focuses on the locket I wear, the one she gave me for my first Christmas with them. In those few days I spent over the Christmas break it allowed me to form a close bond with Liz, she treated me like a daughter, then she gave me the locket. 

This is to keep close to your heart, whilst you wear this we are family. You’ll always be apart of this family and we all love you.” I remember her words like they were yesterday whilst I sat next to Luke by the tree, curled up together in our pyjamas. 

Now it serves as a reminder to me of the family I once had, but being here now makes me feel as if things haven’t changed. If only that could’ve been true. She invited me inside no matter how much I protested, she told me not to be silly but the atmosphere felt tense as I stepped inside. Thinking how I last entered in love with her son, now heart broken by him instead.

I tried to not look around and notice all of the pictures I used to laugh at or smile at whilst Liz gave a running commentary on what was happening in each photo. Instead I just stood still whilst she disappeared up the stairs, leaving me focused on my tattered shoes. 

Hearing my name being quietly spoken I lifted my head up, my whole body froze and I struggled to even blink. My mind screamed for me to turn around, walk out of that door and never look back, but with my feet firmly planted like cement I was stuck. Looking at him felt like some twisted nightmare, Liz said he wouldn’t be here, he was away, I never wanted to see him, I never planned to see him again. 

There he stood, lose joggers around his hips with a plain white top that outlined his muscles. Half asleep, groggy Luke. The same one I spoke to all those months ago when I found out the truth. “Hi.” I bluntly spoke, breaking the silence that hung around us whilst he stayed still half way down the stairs. 

“What, what’re you doing here?” He asked completely and utterly dumbfounded whilst he rubbed his eyes whilst I rolled mine. 

Shifting the weight from one foot to the other I looked past him, trying to see if there was any sign of Liz but with little luck I was stuck with him. “Don’t get too excited, I’m not here for you.” Sarcasm dripped like venom and I could see the flicker of pain in his eyes, yet part of me felt guilty whilst the rest of me felt nothing. 

If you told me three years ago this would’ve happened I would’ve accused you of lying. Yet here now in front of Luke it couldn’t seem more awkward, as if we were friends trying to be strangers, frenemies. Neither of us wanting to engage in a conversation I was just waiting to see her prance down the stairs like she owned the place in cute underwear and wrap her arms around him. 

Then, nothing. No one followed him down the stairs, instead he walked down and stood too close, too close for me to be comfortable with. I could smell the cologne I bought him on our first anniversary, the stubble that lined his jaw and the lip ring I used to play with now vacant from his lip. I could see him analysing me, I’ve changed too. Lost weight from forgetting to eat and oversleeping at times, or how I have permanent purple marks beneath my eyes from the nights where I thought of him continuously. How the smile I always wore was hidden from his view, but I still wore the locket. 

“You, you look good.” He tried to force a smile and I couldn’t help but scoff. 

“Don’t bother Luke, we both know I look like crap.” I cut him off, “Where’s your girlfriend?” Raising an eyebrow to him I could see a shade of crimson cross his cheeks and he finally backed away, giving me some space. 

Scratching the back of his head I could see his eyes flickering towards his room upstairs. “She’s in a hotel.” He was lying through his teeth, but it was second nature to him now I could tell. 

Nodding I went along with his lies, the continuous stream that follows through his lips. Part of me expected to get an apology, for him to have some sincerity about it all but nothing, there seemed like no remorse in his tone or how he acted. Footsteps could be heard down the stairs and glancing up there was Liz hovering, watching the two of us interacting. 

Luke glanced to his mum who just wore a large smile across her face, shaking his head he walked off into the kitchen. Looking to Liz who held a small box in her hand she took the last few steps towards me and I couldn’t help but put the pieces together. “You, you’re trying to fix us aren’t you?” I shook my head in disbelief, “How could I have been so naive, I should’ve known.” A small laugh escaped me as I brought my hand to my mouth, holding back anything else I had to say. 

Liz tried to hold my shoulders but I kept walking on the spot, “It’s not like that sweetie. There is a reason I brought you here, just take this.” She tried to pass me the wooden box, in a pristine condition that shined in the light. I shook my head but it was forced into my hands. “Open it when you’re going home.” She whispered. “He still loves you dear, he is just too afraid to admit the mistake he has made.” With that she leaves me in silence, still confused a pondering look remains on my face but all Liz does is nod. 

Walking towards the door I can hear Luke singing to himself along with the radio, the last noise I hear is Liz mumbling an apology on his behalf. 

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Arrow Fic: Please Excuse This Little Bit of Weakness

Post-5x06. Felicity calls Susan Williams Oliver’s girlfriend one time too many.

A/N: @effie214 gets credit for a major beat of this because of THIS casual heartbreaker.

Title from “Moment” by Nate Ruess. Lyrics to this one are a killer, Olicity-wise, right now.

Please Excuse This Little Bit of Weakness (AO3)

He gets called away to introduce the concert before they can really get in depth about SCPD suspects, and Felicity finds herself following him backstage, tagging along mostly out of impulse. She watches him give his little speech, swallowing down the proud lump in her throat that still forms when she watches Oliver do all the things he thought he never could.

It brings back a pang in her chest, just briefly, just for a second. Something that feels close to longing, but deeper, something she thought she had left behind, like her ring on the dining room table.

She’s so unsettled, that when Oliver walks offstage, and makes a beeline back to her, it’s like she can’t help herself.

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AN: YAY SECOND PART OF “SLIPPED THROUGH”! I was already planning on doing a second one for this, and I was so happy to see that an anon requested it! *The gif is not mine, found on google. Please ignore all spelling errors!

( Part One )

Pairing: Steve X Reader


Recap: Your (reader) hometown got worldwide headlines when it was discovered to be a safe haven for mutants in hiding. HYRDA attacked your town to round up the mutants and use them for experiments, but the Avengers came to save the day. During the fighting, you were captured and used as a blackmail piece to get the Avengers to leave. Come to find out, you too were a mutant (though you did not know it) and that helped save your life. Steve offered you a place amongst the Avengers once they had won the battle with your help. 


“Slipped Through” (Part Two)

“Let’s see what you can do, okay?”

You swallowed nervously at Steve and began to follow him to the training area. You made sure not to loose sight of him, the whole lay out of the tower was new to you.

Your three siblings (to whom Tony Stark had agreed to let come with you to New York and live in the tower) were content with letting the other teammates watch over them as you went to train, which relieved you. You had thought that they were going to get more attached to you, especially after losing their home and their parents. Surprisingly, they learned to branch out and meet other people, like the rest of the Avengers. But, it was clear that they liked Steve the most.

You followed the Captain through the twisting and confusing maze of hallways and up a set of stairs before coming to a rather large training room.

Steve opened it and held the door open for you.

“Thank you.” You mumbled awkwardly as you stepped into the room with matted floors and walls.

Steve slipped off his shoes and set them next to the door and you did the same. You tried not to look at his tight-fitting white shirt, or strong muscled arms, but it was a struggle. Every time he shifted (even if it was just to put his shoes on the floor) you could see his muscles move under the fabric of his shirt.

Steve made his way to the center of the room and tied the thin cord of his sweatpants tight, then clapped his hands together t signal that he was ready to begin.

“Okay, let’s start simple and see what you can do.” Steve said. “You ready?”

You wiped your sweaty palms on your black sweatpants and took in a deep breath. “As ready as I’ll ever be, I guess.”

“Alright.” Steve said, beginning to walk towards a small cart in the corner of the room. He reached into the cart and pulled something out, but you couldn’t see what it was around his large frame.

“Think fast!”

Suddenly, a tennis ball was flying through the air and straight at your face. Instinctively, you raised your hands in front of your face and you screwed your eyes shut.

After only one or two seconds, you heard the ball hit the wall behind you with a rather forceful ’thump’.

“Did it…did I…?” You began to ask, but you weren’t sure exactly how to phrase it.

“Yes, which was exactly what I had expected to happen.” Steve said, pulling out a few more tennis balls and carrying them over to where you were. “It passed right through you.”

“You see, I think that your powers just naturally occur when you are in danger, or when you think you are in danger.” Steve explained, indicating that he clearly had thought of this for a while. “But, sometimes you can’t stop them once they started, at least not easily.”

“So?” You asked. “What does that mean?”

“It means that even though your body has a great ability to protect itself with, it doesn’t always know when to shut it off.”

“So how do I fix that?”

“That’s what I’m here to find out, Y/N.” Steve said with a grin.

Steve tossed one ball up and down in his hands while he looked at you, deep in thought. You felt a small blush creeping up your neck.

“Okay, so here is what I want you to do.” Steve said. "I am going to throw this ball gently, and I want you to catch it. Just focus all of your energy on your hands and will them to be solid again, and it should work.“

You nodded and held out your hands, ready for him to throw. You did what he told you and focused all of your attention onto your hands and willed them to be solid once more, though it began to drain your overall energy.

"Remember, focus on your hands.” Steve said as he looked at you carefully with his brilliantly colored eyes.

You bit your lip nervously as he threw it.

Focus on your hands! You shouted at yourself.

And you did just that, you did it too well. The next thing you knew, your entire body slipped through the floor and into the floor beneath you, yet you abruptly were stopped from hitting the ground, for your hands were still on the floor above you, solid as can be.

“Oh, my god!” You shouted and began to swing your legs frantically, nearly nailing Natasha in the face beneath you. “Help!”

Strong, firm hands grabbed your solid hands and pulled you up through the ceiling and back into the training room.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Steve asked, his eyes wide open in fear that you had been hurt.

“I’m fine, I’m fine.” You mumbled as you wiggled your fingers. You spread you energy out all over your body again, which was enough to keep you on the floor you were currently in but not enough to make you fully solid. 

You were beyond embarrassed, and by now your face was tomato red.

“Y/N?” Steve asked softly, clearly unsure of how to approach the topic. “Are you solid, or still…translucent?”

You felt your skin flickering back and forth, as if your body was unsure itself. Your skin began to sting and you could feel your powers being switched back and forth frantically. Painfully, even.

“Steve.” You said in a short, blunt whisper.

You tried to rub you arms for comfort, but your right hand went right through your left arm. And when you went to pull it out, it was stuck. It was solid again.

“Steve!” You shouted in panic.

Steve was at your side quickly assessing the situation, you could see the gears turning in his head.

“Y/N, I need you to look at me.” You looked up at him briefly, but them averted your eyes back to your arm. “No, Y/N, look at me.”

You did as you were told and looked in his eyes.

“It is going to be okay, you just need to calm down.” He pointed to your arm. “I want you to channel a good portion–but not all– of your energy to your right hand and make it phase out of your arm.”

You shook your head, “I can’t do it, Steve. I’m trying!”

Steve sighed, “If that’s now working, let’s try something else.”

You felt tears fall down your face and hit the gym floor. “I’m so scared, my powers are so unpredictable.”

“I know. Now, close your eyes, I want to try something.”

You shut your eyes lightly and took in deep breaths, trying to calm yourself down. You had no idea what Steve had in mind, but you sure hoped that it worked.

You felt two hands grip the sides of your head softly, as if they were testing to see if you were solid or not. After a small moment of no movement, you felt Steve press his lips to your forehead with a little more pressure than his hands.

Your heart did small flips in your chest and you felt your body naturally step towards his, your head tilting up so that it was pressing further into his lips.

The sensations of his lips against your skin made you forget about your arm, and without thinking about it, your hand phased out of your arm and reached up to hold his wrists gently.

He pulled away from you and smiled. “See? You’re okay, everything is okay.”

He was so close to your, you could feel his minty breath fan across your face. After taking a moment to recognize how perfect of an opportunity it was, Steve leaned into you once more, this lip his target was your lips. Just as they were about to meet, you shook your head. “What if…you get, you know, stuck?”

“I won’t, I have faith in you.” He closed the distance between the two of you, and suddenly, you felt completely whole.

~*~*~*~*~ A Year Later ~*~*~*~*~

“Gross!” Susie groaned, covering her eyes with her small yet growing hands. “Steve, stop eating my sister’s face!”

Steve let out a low chuckle as he pulled away from your lips and focused his attention back to his coffee.

It was mornings like this that you had come to love the most; the kids running around, your teammates just getting up and eating breakfast, and Steve at your side.

“Ooh, is that a pancake in your hands?” You heard Natasha say to Will, who was currently stuffing his face with them.

“Sissy made them!” He said through a mouthful. “I think she has more, too.”

You grabbed a plate and put the steaming hot stack onto them, then walked through (yes, through) the island counter to give them to Natasha.

“Thank you, Y/N!” She said with a grin, already rolling some up and eating it with her fingers.

You noticed Steve watching you through his eyelashes as he sipped his coffee, so you just stood in the middle of the counter island and crossed your arms over your chest. “What?”

“Nothing’s wrong, dear.” Steve chuckled as he set his mug down. “It’s just that you have come so far from when we had just started training, and it’s only been a year.”

You smiled at him and moved out of the counter. You went up behind him and wrapped your arms around him, he reached up and twined his fingers in yours.

“Well,” You said with a smile. “ I did have a great trainer.”

You kissed his temple and he smiled blissfully. “I love you, Y/N.”

He turned his face to you and kissed your lips softly.

“I love you too, Steve.”

“Again, gross!” You heard Susie squeal from behind you.

“I think it’s kinda cute….” Will muttered. “I mean, when I grow up I want to have a relationship like that.”

Steve pulled away from you and ruffled Will’s hair. “Thanks, little man.”

Will was the quietest of the three siblings, yet he took a strange liking to Steve, which warmed your heart. There were times where Will would be upset and he would curl up on Steve’s lap and tell him what’s wrong, and Steve always listened to him and never refused to hold him as he cried.

Susie and Tommy (the two older of your younger siblings) also liked Steve, but didn’t seem to open up to him quite as much as Will had.

It was like the Avengers had taken up the empty space that appeared when your parents died, and the siblings seemed to be starting to move on as well.

Your siblings, your new home, Steve–you wouldn’t give it up for the world.

((A little more fluff than the first one, but I am happy with it! I hope you liked it!))

You were worth the saving (Isaac Lahey Imagine)

N/A: I hope you like it and remember REQUEST ARE OPEN

Prequel: Liam Dunbar:

Being supernatural in Beacon Hills was difficult, but being a supernatural hybrid was even more, my mom was a werewolf and my dad a fire kitsune. So it was pretty difficult for me to fit in, before Beacon Hills I got to know Theo, who became obsessed with me by my powers, he told me we were going to be powerful together, but I didn’t want to be powerful, I wanted to be normal.

But Theo didn’t get that, he wanted a pack and I was supposed to be part of it, so he started harassing me.

That’s my parents decided to move to Beacon Hills, and Scott somehow managed to get me in his pack, I finally felt part of something, and with the time I fell in love with Isaac, but he never seemed to notice me that much, for Lydia & Scott-aka my best friends- this was oblivious but to everyone else it wasn’t.

I was never good at talking to any kind of people, I was always seen as the weird kiddo that sat alone on lunch and walk around the hallways like a ghost, so trying to “make a move” on Isaac was definitely not an option. Then Ally and him started this “dating” and to be honest, I preferred to keep it quiet from there. Because let’s be honest what chances did a hybrid could get competing with a beautiful badass hunter?


Finally Allison died, everyone of us was devastated and Isaac left to France so he could grief her in peace. So I had to pretty much bury my feelings, and that’s exactly what I did.

So present day in Beacon Hills we have Liam, Scott’s newest beta. He is like a son to me and one time he actually called me mom in front of the pack so everyone started teasing him, and now he just calls me that when we’re alone.

But then again my happiness and peace was over ones Theo and his new chimeras pack came for me, and just as it couldn’t get any worse. Liam’s girlfriend is in his pack.

“So what are we supposed to do now?” I asked Scott walking in circles with my arms under my chest

“Wait for reinforcements” He simply said and I snorted

“But who the hell did you call? Matrix guys or some shit?!” I spat finally looking at him, but before he could answer the door was open, revealing the person I least expected to see.

Isaac Lahey

My heart instantly dropped to the floor when I saw him. He smiled at me showing me his perfect white teeth. I looked at Scott completely angry “LAHEY?! Your reinforcements are LAHEY?!” I screamed and I heard Isaac chuckling at my despair

“Glad to see you too Y/N” he said sarcastically and I instantly turned back at him my eyes glowing with his natural purple shade

“Do not test my right now freezer boy because I could easily ripped your head out” I spat and he smirks arrogantly

“I’ll like to see you try” he teases me confidently and I instantly start to walk towards him ready to kill him, but a grip on my wrist made me stop, my eyes locked on his

“Mom, don’t” he whispered in my ear while I was breathing loudly like an angry wolf, Isaac raised an eyebrow

“Is it just me or this 12 year old boy just called Y/N mom?” My fangs unconsciously went out and I let out a growl

“OKAY THATS ENOUGH” Scott roared getting between the three of us “WE’RE ALL GOING TO STOP THEO AS A TEAM AFTER THAT YOU CAN RIP BOTH OF YOUR HEADS OUT!” Scott declared, and I relaxed coming back to normal as Liam and I left holding hands

“Since when did she became so hot?” He asked Lydia who probably rolled her eyes


“Why are you even here?! You’re just getting in the way!” If you ask Isaac and I were arguing, again

“I didn’t came for you, okay? I’m here to help Scott!

“THEN DO SO! BUT STOP BEING A PAIN IN MY ASS” After that I punched his shoulder to leave. We were all in Stiles’ jeep to go were Theo told us to, and when we were finally there Theo smirked at the side of me.

“Long time no see Y/N but your even more gorgeous than the last time we saw” he said and I let out a fake smile

“I will like to say the same but I don’t want to get you false hopes” I retorted and he let out a fake laugh

“Glad to see you keep your sense of humor, but I presume you still don’t want to join us” he said gesturing towards his pack

“Thanks but I’ll pass” I responded and an arrogant smirk was plastered in his face, then he let his claws out

“As you wish” he calmly said, his eyes glowed with a yellow shade and we all did the same, I ran towards Theo and he immediately try to scratch me but I backed away and kicked him on his stomach, but he didn’t even flicker, before I could react he slapped me so I tried to do the same but he effortlessly wrapped my wrist holding it tightly and dipping his claws in it, the blood stripes running across my arm, so I scratched his face desperately and he finally let me go.

He touched the fresh blood on his cheek which instantly healed

“You know I do admire your bravery and the fact that you’re willing to die so everyone can live but what you don’t understand is that…” He said getting closer to me “There’s always one missing” he whispered, and I instantly turned back to Isaac, he was fighting against Hayden but behind him there was Sam-the scorpion guy- ready to pinch him in the back

“ISAAC” I screamed running towards him, everything seemed in slow motion, I could hear my heartbeats popping restlessly in my ears, somehow I managed to wrap his tale and hold it, but the spines in began to go trough my skin, the blood started falling on the floor while I used all the forces that I had left to keep Sam’s tail away from Isaac.

But then…

I don’t know what or when but something pierced my flesh and I opened my mouth to let out the air in my lungs as fell in Isaac’s arms “MOM!” I heard Liam screaming as he ran by my side

“We’ve done enough guys. Time to go” Theo declared leaving all of us, the blood from my wound slowly staining my clothes

“Mom please look at me” Liam sobbed as I obeyed smiling weakly at the side of him
“Hey baby Lee” you whispered sweetly as he cracked a smile
“Mom please don’t die” he begged desperately, it was the first time in months he called you mom in public but he didn’t care right now, you were about to die
“I’m going to be okay” you calmly said

“YOU’RE BLEEDING OUT” he exploded and you squeeze his hand
“If you’re with me I know everything’s gonna be okay” he confidently said and he finally nodded “Lydia” you said and she came closer to you “She’s proud you know” Lydia pressed her lips together holding back her sobs a few tears rolling down her cheeks as she nodded “You can do this” you reassured her and she tried to smile but she couldn’t “Malia you’re the strongest person I know but you need to trust your pack” you said

“I know” she quietly said

“Don’t loose hope” you now looked at Scott and Stiles who were crying as they looked at each other and finally you looked into those big blue eyes ones more “I love you Lahey” you said feeling relieved

“Why did you do that?” He asked confused his watery eyes looking sadly at yours.

“You were worth the saving” You simply said as he shook his head frenetically

“Don’t say it as a goodbye. You can’t die. Not now”
“Let me go”
“I won’t” he whispered standing up and running to Stiles’ jeep, everyone followed him and soon enough you were snuggled against Isaac’s chest while Stiles drove as fast a he could to the hospital “Just keep your eyes open a little bit longer” he begged you ones more, with the few strength you had left you attached his lips to yours in a sweet kiss, when you pull apart Stiles was stopping on the hospital.

Everyone got out as fast as they could screaming for help, Melissa immediately arrived with a stretcher and some nurses by her side. Isaac quickly and methodically lay you down and you disappeared behind the hospital doors.


You woke up by the light on the room and judging by the non stopping and annoying beeping near you, you figured out you were in a hospital, but you then felt a weight on the bed, you turned around and next to you there was Isaac laying his head on the bed deeply asleep

“Isaac” you whispered sweetly in his ear giving him tickles, earning a sleepy groan from him as he slowly stood up. Ones he realized it was you his face lighten up

“Y/N!” He said happily as he cupped your cheeks to kiss you passionately on the lips, at first you were surprised but you finally gave in, he then pulled apart to press your forehead with his “Don’t ever scare me like that again” he said but before you could respond he eagerly smashed your lips together.

Then you were pulled apart from someone clearing his throat. And that’s someone was Melissa McCall.

“Sorry to interrupt but I need to check on my patient” She said as you both blushed and smiled looking at the floor


Stay With Me: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: You and Bucky are not just partners in real life, but for missions as well. When you get hurt, Bucky will do anything to make sure you stay with him. 

Characters: Bucky, Reader, Steve (+ some Avengers)

 Warnings: Angsty 

Word Count: 1000+

A/N: I wrote this a while back and revised it. I hope you like it! 

Requests: OPEN 


“Bucky… I’m not comfortable with this.” I whispered down the hall, but I heard a grunt meaning, ‘get over it’ and we continued. 

We were in the underground tunnels that helped HYDRA stay intact for so many years. They always had somewhere to hide. Not anymore, clearly, as Bucky and I went through the north route look for any signs of life, Hydra, or light even. We’d been travelling for hours without any contact or leads. 

Our ear pieces didn’t work with how far underground we were, and light was rarely used in case of someone seeing us, before we saw them. “Bucky, no.”

 I grabbed his hand, the one he had that was basically my only source of reflecting light. He turned around, which was stupid since he saw nothing but a silhouette of me, just barely making it out in his eyes. He was still getting used to the darkness in here. But thankfully his metal arm was some sort of light guidance, since it’s shiny exterior allowed me to see sometimes when something like water puddles or silver bars of an old empty hydra room appeared.

 “I-I don’t believe Hydra’s down here, we’ve gone for more than three miles underground! Please, Bucky. No one can here us-”

 “That’s right, fată moartă…” Dead girl? I felt something hit the side of my head and I grabbed it as soon as it made contact with my skull, pulling whoever just swung an M16A4 at my temple down with me, “(Y/N)!” I tried to scream back to him, but something stopped me when I felt a severe ripping of my clothed uniform, and a knife plummeting into my side,

 “You’ve played this wrong Soldier, bringing a weakness into our territory?”

 I let out an unconscious muffled scream as someone put their hand over my mouth. 

Bucky’s voice bounded off the tunnel walls, making it far louder than it really was. “I’m not a soldier anymore, especially not to you.” A flicker of light allowed you to see that Bucky dropped a lighting pod that was stuck to our uniforms in case of an emergency. He must’ve tried to turn it on. Illuminating the tunnel, I saw a burly man try to take down Bucky. He caught a glimpse of my body, lying in a puddle of water with a lump that was forming into a large bruise on my head. But what chilled his blood the most was seeing the knife that was still stuck in my side. I knew removing the knife was a risk, since it could’ve hit a major artery, so as much power as one could- half knocked out and half in severe pain, I managed to pull myself to the wall, and lean against it, labored in my breathing.

 “Bucky, we have to go.” My voice, unusually scratchy- caught the man’s attention. 

He had been done with the attacker a few seconds ago and was standing over the body, the gun which had hit me, sturdy in Bucky’s arms, and pointed at the man’s head.

 “No- it’ll gather more attention then-” I sucked some air as if something sharp had just entered my lungs. I coughed out what felt like razor blades that were somehow lodged inside my throat. But opening my eyes I only found it was blood, blood that was slowly filling my lungs. I knew I had to do the unthinkable. Going onto all fours, I screamed in pain as I pulled the knife out of my side. The blood slowly draining into my body and out of my punctured lungs. Bucky stood there, watching my back as I was on my hands and knees, trying to rip this serrated knife out from my abdomin. 

 By now the gun was just slung over his shoulder, and he just stared at me; wondering how someone does something like that? Pulling a knife from their body? Bucky never did that, even back in his HYDRA days. As soon as it finally left her whole body, and was about to be thrown on the ground I grabbed it and wiped it off, stuffing it in one of the holsters I had in my belt.

 “They’ll want that at the lab, tonight. (Y/N) here, it’s okay. It’s going to be alright-don’t worry. Common-” Bucky picked me up in one clean sweep. Clutching me close to his chest. He saw my struggle in trying to rip the fabric off of my uniform at the shoulder with my teeth. Trying, but failing to make a tournaquette with her clothing

 She was already sweating and turning a pale pale white. It didn’t take Bucky much longer to realize she needed to get medical attention, quickly. He grabbed another pod of light, attached it to his chest and carried you like you just a box of feathers. 

When it came down to you, Bucky wasn’t just Bucky. He was a hopeless man in love and knew more than anyone that memories and time are a fickle and fragile thing. Nothing would stop him from getting you out. 

Not a flood or even Thor himself offering his Mjolnir to rule Asgard for all eternity. Nothing was in his mind but you alive, and keeping it that way. 

 His steps were fast and hardened with the steel metal boots he wore. They sounded like a giant’s steps as he picked up his pace with you still curled in his arms. 

The sound bounced off the walls, and filled Bucky’s ears. Bucky may not be the Winter Soldier anymore, or even a Soldier anymore; but he never forgot, and never will forget, his combat training. The good and the bad. 

 “You think I can’t hear your heavy labored breathing you son of a bitch.” Turning back Bucky lifted his leg high enough and gave a blunt kick against the agent’s chest, making him hit the ceiling with a crack that came from his body, and thankfully not the tunnel. Landing with a thud into the concreted ground. 

Bucky had been taught to never let his hearing become compromised, whether it was his only sense available or even if all senses were able. Hearing was one of the few ways evolution had granted us a pre-warning of an attack from a predator. This man wasn’t a predator, if he was he was a pitiful one. Laying there, like the trash he was in this tunnel of hell. “Hail Hydra.” That gave enough ammo for Bucky to slam his boot into the Hydra-Agent’s face, kicking in teeth, and leaving the man to die. 

 “Bucky, please. Get me to air.” Bucky saw the jewel of eye, bleeding helplessly in his arms and felt his stomach drop into his shoes: her face was turning purple, 

“Your lungs punctured doll, don’t worry we’re almost out. But this run is gonna hurt… I’m so s-sorry, but can you take the pain?” Nodding slowly, Bucky kissed her fast before he was gonna take off, “Baby I’m so sorry.. I should’ve-” 

He felt her hand go to his mouth, shutting off his sorry’s that they did not have time for. 

 “Shut…up. I can…do it, let’s go!” He nodded, kissing her cold, dry lips that slightly tasted like iron, blood. 

Distracting himself from her painful expression Bucky sprinted, and sprinted like he’d never had before, going faster than 30 miles per hour at least. Suddenly there was a light shiny in Bucky’s face, so bright he had to stop his run, and try to see past it. The illuminated tunnel gave Bucky a minute to look at you, curled up in his arms, blood trickling out of your mouth while you pressed the fabric of the ripped fabric from your suit on your wound,

 “Bucky, we… I can’t breath…” 

No no no no no no, she was giving in to the pain, the suffering. He had to change your mind, you couldn’t give in. Holding you closer, kissing your clammy, cold head. 

He brushed back your hair that was now stuck together in clumps from the dry blood. His pain was insurmountable to see you, dying in his arms. You wanted to go back- and he denied it. What a fucking idiot. He mentally was kicking himself in the ass. 

        Starting to shake by now, your body going into it’s panic and protect mode. He kissed your lips, and held your cheek that was cold, and felt like an icicle. 

“You are going to live, no matter what. Don’t give up, please baby…” Looking into his eyes, you nodded. If you couldn’t live for yourself… you’d try to hold on to life for him. He had tears running down his face as he went into the blinding light, with you in his arms. took off into the shining light. 

 “PUT YOUR HANDS UP! NOW! WE HAVE ARMORY AND WILL SH- OH MY FUCK!” Tony was shouting our surrender- thinking we were Hydra Agent’s. The team was positioned to attack us coming out of the tunnel, probably after hearing the screams and the fight they faced back in the tunnel. 

“(Y/N)! Fuck- get Bruce. Now! Go! Get her in the quinjet, now. She’s lost too much blood.” Steve looked at Bucky with caring eyes and gently took you from Bucky’s tensed, shaking arms. 

 Anything you did, whether it’d be breathing, talking, moving your arm- sent pain flashing through your body like a bolt of lightning. Only the lightning felt like it was shredding of your organs down to just slices of deli meat. You wanted to tell Bucky you loved him but your body couldn’t produce anymore noises. 

Looking behind Steve’s bicep that blocked your view of Bucky, you saw him there- struggling to pass Tony, Clint and Natasha; who were pushing him back so he could tell them whether there were Hydra workers still in there, alive. 

Bucky could’nt think of anything but you. Hell, he couldn’t tell them whether the temperature was hot or cold. In this Siberian weather. He just stared at your shaking, dying body. I struggled with my arm that was tucked into Steve’s torso, slipping it out so it hung. Waving at Bucky with as much energy that I could muster. 

But Bucky couldn’t see my possibly last goodbye. He was too far away now, for my wave to ever be seen. 


A/N: I have a part 2 for this story if you guys would like it? 

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