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James Potter to Mrs. Wife: lily can we have another baby?

Lily Potter to Wears Socks to Bed: R u going to text me that every time Harry does something cute?

James Potter: yes

Lily Potter: U know if we got one every time u asked we’d have like 35 babies by now??

James Potter: i’d be okay with that

James Potter: they might give us our own tv programme

James Potter: lil and jim and their kin 

Lily Potter: Ur right what’s the point of having children if not to pimp them out for reality television

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Writer things

- were street lamps invented in ww2????

- how much does an arm cost tho

- Everyone is nodded. All the heads are nodding in this conversation

- wait no it was raining wasn’t it *looks back ten pages* yeah okay why did i do that

- It’s still night right?

- It’s been night for like 30 years at this point

- what’s that guy’s name again? I should know this these are my babies

- I have no idea how you guys are going to get out of this alive so figure it out kids

- *googles* how to travel across Europe during the middle ages

- effects of the bubonic plague???

- shoot, comas don’t work like I want them to. I need a convenient coma

- Everyone has the ability to quirk one eyebrow why is this

- how smart are rats

- I think they’ve sighed like 30 times now

- how do i describe what its like to run a mile I’ve never done that in my life

- Im sure its just like super hard

- No one cares about the weather stop

- i just wrote twenty pages in two hours why cant i do this in school

- everyone smirks too much but what else do i say its not a smile its too sad for that

- and now everyone is just ‘smiling sadly’.

- chuckled sounds like santa clause but laugh is too much but snickered is evil but giggled is too bubbly…

- what is the purpose of a rubber duck

- no, don’t make references this is a serious piece of literature

- “now if I reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”

- okay i need tea and music and oh wow look at that someone liked my tumblr post…

Y'all, I don't know about you but



“ You’re here. You’re here and you’re blue. I like blue.”

( for Wyxan ♥ aka the Derek to my Stiles )

Who is Suho?

♡ Kim Junmyeon 

♡ Our “guardian angel”

♡ Leader-nim

♡ Is a single-mom with 8 children

♡ Is still suffering from the pain Kris has caused when he left his love

♡ D A D  J O K E S

♡ His jokes have the power to make you cringe until you cry

♡ but we,exols will laugh anyway

♡ Xiumin who is also the oldest laughs at suho’s jokes regardless

♡ Once a wise man said “Your jokes aren’t funny so stop”

♡ That wise man was kyungsoo

♡ Chen also doesn’t find him funny

♡ He didn’t think twice before he roasted Suho on Happy Together

♡ “Stop it’s not funny”

♡ S A V A G E

♡ S for Savage

♡ “You should stop screaming”—>about lay’s monodrama

♡ I ain’t joking this boy can roast anyone

♡ “Here,poison,eat and die”

♡ “I didn’t watch her movie either”

♡ “It’s my broadcast so I’ll do whatever I want”

♡ Bbh:I got twice more handsome than the last time you saw me

   Suho:0x2 is still 0.

♡ “Why were you born?

♡ Iconic line from his drama—>”I’ll sue you later”

♡ Sehun is his little baby

♡ They have a special connection between each other

♡ Our little maknae also learned how to roast from the master

♡ “I have a real older brother tho”

♡ Waited for almost 4 hours to scare kai

♡ Failed

♡ $uh0e

♡ He rich

♡ He’s the type of person who will shove his credit card to your face

♡ And he’ll be like “I’m rich so tell me what you want”

♡ He’s got some*looks around* nicccee abs

I’m pretty sure they’re made of steel

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♡ He’s actually a soft bunny

♡ Loved by everyone

♡ Slept during the day in Dream Concert and staff covered him with a blanket

♡ Loving towards his members

♡ I bet he makes all those lame jokes just to make them happy

♡ As much as he gives,he also receives

♡ Takes care of all and remembers important dates

♡ Celebrated Sehun’s birthday without a bottom but its ok

♡ Lovely towards anyone

♡ Loves taehyung

♡ Loves bts

♡ Since he’s the leader,he has a really good relationship with any other group member

♡ Talks to girl group members

♡ Russian Roulette

♡ Loves,loves,loves it

♡ Won’t stop dancing to the song with a poker face on

♡ They actually had to stop him so they wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of Red Velvet

Too late

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♡ After that, he went in front of red velvet and started dancing to russian roulette

Words can’t explain the cringe

♡ Looks good

♡ In photo shoots

♡ While sleeping

♡ While breathing

♡ The royalty concept was created for him

♡ He was meant to be the king

♡ I love it when he explains why is lay absent.Is it just me? ok

♡ Bless his voice

♡ It’s already blessed tho

♡ “Curtain”

♡ No more words needed

♡ Appreciates art

♡ Is art

♡ He starts the speech during award ceremonies

♡ Can seem strong and powerful as a leader-he already is’-

♡ But sometimes,he can’t hold back just like any of the members

♡ Looked really strong and talked calmly during the award ceremony but after,the staff found him crying

♡ He loves exols

♡ so much

♡ We also love him

♡ He was the one who cheered up the members and told everything is going to be ok when krishantao left

♡ I think he’s the strongest member’

♡ Loves to travel

♡ Travels a lot

♡ His dance isn’t appreciated enough

♡ His looks aren’t appreciated enough


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♡ Can speak 3-4 languages

♡ Even though he isn’t fluent

♡ Kai is a hoe for him

♡ Kai loves to talk to him while they can feel each other’s breath

♡ He is a soft bunny who wants to love everyone and spread love

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sheep emoji ranking

due the chat shenanigans I realized I have not done this and it’s unacceptable

good girl, a bit pregnant, she will make a good mother u can tell it from those eyes: they are soulless and full of hatred towards humans. She’s the one that glints at the headlights if you dare to venture outside at dark.

4/5 would not go near her but would ride to the battle alongside her

baby boy, baby. Escaped from a fairy tale with endless trust for everything that is cute and good. Has a grey coloring that shimmers midnight stars under the pearly wool. Finnish legislation would not grant them a native breed status but don’t listen to them! You’re perfect and good!


This sheep has escaped from the shearing. They still got some of their dignity but the butt is vulnerable against cold autumn wind.

3/5 please help them

she’s round!!! ready to take the world and steal food from the hay barn. I would not trust her one bit. Good for cuddles but she always has a motive behind those. Will mysteriously disappear from time to times.

4/5 u gotta keep an eye on this one

Old and wise, a matriarch of the herd. She walks a bit slower but is reliable help if you need to move other sheep to somewhere. Probably has at least 8 lost lambs following here at any given time. 

5/5 bless her

this is a lamb! The wool is still in a progress of growing and their legs are a bit unsturdy but look at them! Running around and having a good time!

4/5 I pray they grow up healthy

another lamb! Their eyes have more curiosity on them than the previous baby, but that’s because they are a bit older. 

4/5 it looks like a good lambing season

A vigilant daughter. Wont come near humans, stays behind in the woods doing her own stuff. Not a leader material: can be bribed with birch tree leaves or old bread. Still really slippery tho so you have to act fast if you try to catch her

5/5 a real sheep

this is a bunny disguised as a sheep. They are trying their best tho


If you take a picture from far away and then zoom really close you’ll see this. This baby boy is the ram, doomed to live alone with other rams and his boys. His eyes are a void because mating season has just ended and he had not had rest since last week, He’s just looking for some peaceful sleep and nice green supper under some willows

5/5 I love you and appreciate you

This sheep belongs to the rebels along with the messenger and apple sheep. See how she keeps her pose and her ears. She doesn’t like you staring at her, leave her be. Cannot be bribed with goods, you need to outsmart her in order to get anything done. Probably a good jumper.

5/5 a really good baby

One of the oldest eves on the herd. Loves children and bread, might have a surprise lamb from time to times but generally just is and enjoys her retirement days filled with gentle petting.

5/5 I love her

Oh, my…

I really am a lazy ass. I can’t believe I started this like on Friday. I am ashamed of myself. Now, maybe the fact that I only worked on this while watching Allesia’s stream may have something to do with my slowness. 

I got the idea for this on the stream. We know that in Alessia’s “behind the scenes” AU, Sans and Alphys are not married, tho they still have a cute little baby. Anyway, I thought that Alphys would look really good in a wedding dress, so I drew her. This is TimeTale’s Alphys by @allesiathehedge but really it could be any Alphys you want.

Dunno if this really looks like a Wedding Dress, I mean, I got the idea for the dress from Leannkan and Drawingwithgreen (i really hope that this is how it was spelled). I don’t know if they have a tumblr so I can’t tag them.. I didn’t want to do the traditional white dress, but maybe i should have.

Y’know, I have the impression that this dress could be worn even if you aren’t a bride. Really, If it was black in place of white I would wear this.

Edit: I knew it. This really is @leannkan ‘s blog. 

hmtaniwha  asked:

HI there! I'm unsure if this is where I submit imagines and stuff but I really love your Werewolf!Dadsona one! It's so cool! I was wondering if you could write a imagine where dadsona is a YouTuber (you can pick what he does) and the dad's finding out. :3 you don't gotta do it if you don't wanna.

Hi, and yes this is where you can submits the asks. And Dadsona actually being a youtuber would explain so much. Btw I got too inspired.

You didn´t want to tell him. You were not ashamed, you loved what you did. But he went outside and worked hard to pay his bills and you stayed inside, in front of a camera and sometimes earned more than he did. But you knew secrets are best said in a relationship… Unless he comes and finds out by himself. That´s good too.

Robert Smalls

-You are a vlogger

-Amanda is a highly aclaimed invited star in your channel too

-You also add some reaction videos and challenges here and there

-Recently you´ve been considering doing a special video on the hunt of the Dover Ghost

“Heeeey guys! You good? ´Cause I am” You energetically greeted the camera planted in front of the couch. “So, I know I´ve been sort of absent and there haven´t been much videos recently, but, I have an excuse. Today I´ll be doing a QnA” You took out your phone and began searching for questions send from fans. Bless Amanda for showing you how to use Twitter.

Around half an hour passed with you trying to answer as many questions as possible, alternating from silly ones to more serious ones. The creativity from some questions astounded you. Sadly, you were having so much fun that you forgot that your sweet Bobert was coming over.

“Alright, last question. What is your favorite conspiracy theory? Well-”

“The existence of the Dover Ghost” A scruffy voice said and you let out a manly shriek. Your gaze shot to the doorway to see Robert looking confused yet grinning. “Uh… what are you doing?

“You know… My… job?”

-You explain the whole concept of Youtube and what you did

-Inmediately wants to join in on the vlogs, but he would act all cool and grumpy ´cause he´s Robert.

-He loves it

-Also makes you record all your cryptid hunts

Craig Cahn

-You do entertainment

-Like… I don´t really know how to put it

-I inmediately thought of Shane Dawson so idk

“Wow bro, what´s all this?” Craig had just come home to see you surrounded by papaer bags with random objects inside.

“Hey, I´m just working on a new video. I went to the dollar store and…” You shrugged while letting out a nervous chuckle. Craig smiled and joined in on the fun.

“Nice” He fished out a can then procceded to spray it around without knowing what would later happen, a catastrophe. You both groaned and waved at the air in front of you.

“What have you done, bro?” Craig turned to you with an offended look.

“Me? It was you who bought it!” You would later thank Smashley for taking care of baby River and the twins staying over with a friend so they couldn´t witness the disaster that were you two.

-You started your Youtube channel since college so… he knew

-When you began, Craig would do constant appearances in your videos

-He still does

-Fans love when you do boyfriend tag/couple challenges

-They also go crazy when River or Amanda do appearances

Brian Harding

-You do enterteinment

-Mostly skits tho

-You try to be funny and spontaneous, but not go crazy like some of the younger members of the community

-Your dad bod isn´t up for that

-You never mentioned this beacuse you couldn´t let Brian beat you at the job game

-Brian nor Daisy are into the internet so you´re not afraid of them finding out

You and Brian were watching some random movie that was on and, most importatly, cuddling on the couch. Brian had had a long day at work and wanted some relaxing time. You had just uploaded a new video and wanted to give some love to the cuddly bear. Amanda walked in by the middle of the movie nibbling on a waffle.

“Hey dad, there´s this guy that´s badmouthing you over on Twitter, want me to block him or you wanna say something?”

“Someone is insulting you?” Brian frowned as you began shaking your head. “I can go on… uh that thing and show them not to mess with you”

“No-It´s normal-”

“It´s normal? What do you mean by ´it´s normal´?”

-You end up having to come clean about yur career

-Brian dosn´t get it, but doesn´t think less of you because of it

-Before being a Rival Dad he is a Supporting Man

Mat Sella

-You are an animator

-You love to put up vlogs or if the creativity is high, then create your own little short

-And living with an aesthetically pleasing, beautiful, artistic boyfriend helps with that

-He had seen you drawing a couple of times and complimented your art, but always thought it was just a hobby

-He has also thought about posting some of your art at the Coffee Spoon

-Recently you´ve considered improving your content by adding original music and, who better to complete the job than your talented boyfriend?

You and Mat sat in front of your computer. He was watching your most recent work with a fond smile . You glanced every second to see his reaction everytime the frame changed. This was just so exciting. Once it ended he complimented the work.

“This is really neat (dadsona), I don´t know how you do it” You smiled and waved dismissively. “I bet people would love to see this”

“It´s nothing and actually they already do” He raised an eyebrow. You procceded to log in Youtube and search for your channel. You scrolled down your videos. “This is sort of what I do. For a living. And I´ve been meaning to ask if you could help me”

“But I don´t draw”

-You explained your plan and Mat started getting nervous about putting his music alongside your kickass animations

-Does it in the end and loves knowing he contributed

Hugo Vega

-You´re a gamer

-Oh yes, the highest status in Youtube

-You have a below average yet faithful community of fans

-It was actually Ernest who recognized you

He didn´t move once he saw you. He just stood still, frozen. Hugo didn´t understand, Ernest was everything but quiet. And he had already seen you, so why was he speechless?

“(Youtuber name)” His voice was barely audible, but you listened right and clear. ´He knows me!´ A smile started stretching your lips and you didn´t try to hide it.

“Woops, I guess I´ve been discovered” You step closer to him and hold out your hand. He moves his stare from you to your hand and numbly shake it. “Nice to offiicially meet you Ernest”

He stammers out a greeting that seems to wake him up from his daze, and then he hides his hands inside his sweater and looks away grumpily. Hugo looks from you to Ernest and back. “Am I missing something?”

-You tried to vaguely state what you did for a living

-Hugo wasn´t satisfied but decided on researching after you went home

-After all that, he was glad that your relationship with Ernest wouldn´t be so horrible.

Joseph Christiansen

-You are an arts and crafts/ cook youtuber

-And a good one at that

-Scarily good at it

-You quickly became a must in his bake sales. You just know how to make sweets that not only look great, but taste great.

-You never thought much of it so you didn´t mention it.

One day Christie invited you to bake some cookies with her and Joseph. She wanted to do the same chocolate chip cookies they always did. To change their pace a bit, you offered doing a recipe you had done already but didn´t quite remember. So, you checked the video for reference. Just then, Joseph happened to come in the kitchen to see you watching… yourself?

“Sweetie? Is that you?” You send him a charming smile and made way for him to see. You scribbled down all the ingredients and instructions while Joseph enjoyed the video. Once he ended he turned to look at you with shinning eyes. “Is there more?”

You softly chuckled and nodded, opening your channel´s main page. “Now you know the secret to my baking success”

“I guess. Wow, this is amazing. (dadsona), you could come to church and teach the youths some of this, right?”

-Opens a space at church just for you

-The twins love your channel after they found out

Damien Bloodmarch

-You are a beauty guru

-And it´s been tough

-At first no one took you seriously, being a guy and all, but with a lot of perserverance you managed to create a name for yourself

-Needless to say, you´ve mastered nail painting, make up, hair stylying, DIYs and costume making.

-And also make a certain young goth that just happened to live in your cul-de-sac, your fan

-You surprise Damien by helping him do his make up and helping him with his hair

-He becomes even more surprised when Lucien suddenly becomes a pro at doing his make up

Father and son were in the master bedroom, the oldest sitting down in front of a mirrior with his hair down and the youngest stood behind him. “Pass me a bobbypin” Damien did a asked and admired as his son started pulling braiding his hair into a crown.

“Where did you learn to do this wonderful hair style?” Lucien throws him this sort of confused face, but answers.

“From your (dadsona)´s Youtube channel?”


-He is bothered you didn´t tell him, but is super supportive and even lets you show him in some of your videos to try out whatever new idea you´ve come up with.


rv version; here


  • the “mother” of the pack; in charge of cuddling the young ones and kissing away boo boos. will literally respond to “mom”
  • feels bad about killing so she drains just enough from her victims w/out taking their lives
  • but she’ll kill if she has to, like if someone threatens her pack
  • a rival group kidnapped the youngest, who was six when he was turned, and Yongsun raged war. she completely wiped their pack out and did so brutally
  • meets you as you were that packs “livestock;” they kept you chained up and fed from you as they pleased. you were littered with healing and fresh bite-marks when she found you, on the brink of death, malnourished and dirty
  • to spare you, Yongsun changes you, takes you under her wing. she teaches you how to deal w being a vampire, helps you deal w the trauma of what the enemy pack put you through
  • as you grow in strength and courage, she finds her unbeating heart fluttering when you hug her
  • as the relationship turns romantic, she kisses every one of your scars and ensures you never think they’re ugly or unsightly
  • “If my heart could beat it would beat for you”

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  • the “father” of the pack, in the sense that she takes on the old fashioned role of a father. she sets the rules and those that break them, answer to her. she enforces a more tough love approach on the newbies. but she’s not very fond of being called “dad” (”Do I look like a man to you?”) but still responds to it, knowing it’s not meant out of cruelty but affection
  • aggressively loves her pack members; “Shithead, don’t worry about messing up. You’re still a learning, immature runt.”
  • comes across you running away from a rogue vamp, and takes pity on the puny human. it’s cruel really, when a vamp tracks humans like that. they’re so weak, you know, it’s not like they can protect themselves
  • so she intervenes and saves your life
  • since you’re now aware of the vampire world, Moonbyul can’t let you simply return home. you’re recruited instead, picking them up what they need when the sun is out and doing small errands like that
  • after being injured, you let Moonbyul feed on you and the second her lips touch your neck, she realises that she cares for you. that one, intimate moment, gaining nourishment and tasting you on her tongue, made her finally understand the feelings she had been having towards you
  • when she’s better, she asks you out and it’s a running joke that you’re a “step parent” since the pack already has it’s mom and dad

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  • more of a puppy than a vampire
  • as a new pack member, you were shocked by her bright, happy aura considering how old she was, how many things she had seen. while most turned bitter, she turned brighter
  • “Just bc bad things happen, that doesn’t mean that the world or humans are bad! Every country and every person is beautiful”
  • once she realises she like-likes you, she turns into the typical teenager even tho she’s super old, trying to look pretty (does she even have to try tho? serious q) to gain your attention or pouting if you hang out with someone else
  • you pick up on her feelings quickly, deciding to tease her and act dumb
  • basically, it takes a while of obvious flirting and EVERYONE sees it coming months before it does but you end up dating and the pack’s like “finally!”
  • this puppy vamp decides, a few decades into the relationship, to venture off and explore the world with you. you’re still pack members but free to do as you like
  • along this journey, you find an abandoned human baby who’s now your little angel and despite how unlikely it may seem, you undead beings become a happy family

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  • drop dead gorgeous … literally
  • she can lure men and women into willingly letting her drain them dry. their corpses are found with smiles on their faces
  • she tires of this easy game after a few hundreds years
  • so when she meets you, an uninterested vamp who roamed freely, doing as you please she’s like 👀 hello who are u? 👀
  • for once, she’s the chaser. not having someone immediately fall at her feet was a first but she rather liked it
  • eventually, you both start going on dates and growing feelings that she knows are pure. it’s not due to her looks but who she is as a person that makes you fall for her
  • and that feels really fucking great
  • so she falls and falls hard
  • hyejin is completely dedicated to you and keeping you safe, to the point where she sometimes puts you before pack duty. she gets in trouble for this but can’t say she cares
  • “This world is so cold and dark, filled with loss and anguish, like an empty nights sky. Yet I somehow managed to find a star.”

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bts as dads: kth

dad!bts au: kim seokjin | min yoongi | jung hoseok | kim namjoon | park jimin | kim taehyung | jeon jungkook

  • twin girls and a baby boy
  • older girl: kim chaeyin, 4 years old; younger girl: kim jiyeon, 4 years old; baby boy: kim chinhwa, 1 year old
  • first of all taehyung loves kids so of course he has three!!! 
  • children are little rays of sunshine to him and taehyung is a puppy himself so of course his children are going to be the brightest most amazing little rays of sunshiney pups you’ve ever met 
  • let’s start with the twin girls
  • unlike the jeon twins these girls are more reserved 
  • of course they’re full of energy and love to play with eachother and tae, buut i feel like they’d more like to spend their time w eachother doing art related things
  • i think they’d pick up on tae’s love for art and be very visual leaners
  • even from a young age tae probably couldn’t resist taking them to museums and by the time they’re four or five they love it
  • even tho museums are quiet place and most kids think they’re boring the twins love all the pretty colors 
  • plus bonding time with papa so they’re cool with it 
  • they’re truly taehyung’s best friends
  • he dreads they day you have to start sending them to school and he doesn’t get to spend all day with them
  • they’d probably love instruments and of course hearing their dad sing 
  • insist on being sung to before bed time everything night i mean who needs a bedtime story when your dad has the voice of an angel 
  • they’re so soft and innocent and so comfortable with eachother 
  • they’re twins like the jeons so even if they’re mannerisms or hobbies are different they still have a similar close twin bond and it shines in the little things like 
  • they probably always hold hands (that kills taehyung) and always fix eachother’s hair (that also kills taehyung) and read to eachother and help eachother put on shoes or get dressed (taehyung is dead) 
  • matching twin baby girl outfits!!! 
  • one up: matching twin baby girl + mommy outfits!! 
  • giggly little girls!! 
  • they might not be as rambunctious as the jeon twins but they’re just as happy and smiley and so so giggly 
  • like these girls laugh at e very thing 
  • you and taehyung getting baby kim ready? giggles. taehyung’s hair in the morning? giggles. little raindrops dropping on their head when it’s rainy? giggles. bubbles? giggles. lots and lots and lots of giggles from these girlies
  • just the happiest smiliest little twin girls in the world 
  • and of course the reason for taehyung’s constant smile 
  • speaking of which 
  • um these girls most definitely have taehyung’s boxy smile 
  • and he loves it so much?? like say tae never really liked his smile or was insecure for some reason, seeing his little girls grin so wide in the same semi rectangular fashion would make him so happy 
  • because they”re just like him!! and they smile all the time which means they must love smiling and if they have the same smiles then they must love his smile too!! and he’s grown to love it and them 
  • now don’t think i forgot about baby boy kim 
  • now the girls love eachother and you and tae but if there’s one thing they love more, its baby boy kim 
  • and it’s so cute because your girls are so smiley and reserved but they’re also so protective about their younger brother and it’s the sweetest thing
  • “daddy be careful!!!” “don’t drop him daddy!!” “no uncle jin he only likes chocolate milk before bedtime!!” “daddy can we read him the bedtime story pleeaaaaaaase!!!” “no he wants to play with us uncle kook!!”
  • like always advising tae and the boys you can’t help but sit back and giggle bc hello he raised them and they’re like four but they don’t care they don’t want anything to happen to their precious little brother
  • vow to be the best big sisters ever 
  • insist on doing anything to help out w baby boy (even tho they’re still babies themselves)
  • will volunteer to feed him and play w him and watch him and it just warms yours and tae’s hearts that they love eachother so much and are already looking out for eachother 
  • also did i mention 
  • family cuddles 
  • like you’re holding baby boy kim in your lap and chaeyin is next to you cuddling up to you and she’s holding jiyeon’s hand who is in tae’s lap and it’s just one big family snuggle session and there isn’t anything tae looks foreword too more after a long day

anonymous asked:

Hi eden!! So my dash is in flames rn and im sure yours is too so im looking for some positivity? What are your favorite louis' looks OF ALL TIME? Love your blog ❤

anon just know that you’ve opened pandora’s box… and i’m sorry (i’m not) but this got EXTREMELY long bc i couldn’t narrow it down so ,, be prepared

firstly let’s start with football louis. an absolute fav of mine, for so many reasons but like, mainly bc he looks ? so good ? in every picture of him on a pitch idk how he does it

yellow on him is just ? a blessing ? even tho it’s in bib form it’s still beautiful i don’t understand

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BTS - Reaction to Being Self-Conscious About Their Appearance Compared to Their S/O’s

As requested. :)


Even the boy who calls himself “Mr. Worldwide Handsome” has his own insecurities. He thought that he wasn’t attractive enough to be with someone as beautiful as you. You were so gorgeous that he sometimes thought that the gods crafted you by hand themselves. When he finally voiced this thought about him not being enough your heart plummeted. “Jin! Are you kidding! You are so attractive. Besides, I am not with you just because you are nice to look at. You make me happy, don’t you ever put yourself down like that.” You wrapped your arms around him tightly, pouting that he even thought something that out of the ordinary. He giggled as you looked up at him with a slight frown. “Alright Jagi, I will never do that again. I promise.”  


Yoongi had always believed that his face was too round. The fact that people looked up to him as an idol made him even more self-conscious when it came to his looks. How he had come to the fortune of dating a beauty like you? He had no idea. He often felt that you could find someone 100% times better looking. You were joking around with him one night when he mentioned how you would leave him for someone more attractive. You instantly became upset. You thought he was the most beautiful human being to walk the Earth, both inside and out. “Yoongs, please never feel like that. I would never leave you. Besides, I love your face. What would I do without being able to squish your cheeks?” He felt way better hearing those words from you. You pulled him close and gave him a kiss, pinching his cheeks afterwards and getting the most adorable yet annoyed expression from him.


He has always been insecure about his looks. Now more than ever. How he had gotten the privilege of being the man who holds the heart of someone like you, he had no idea. You were sitting in his lap, trying to get him to take pictures with you. He complied, never being able to resist you. But when you were looking over the photos, he expressed his feelings about his looks versus yours. You turned around and took his face in your hands. “Why would you ever say something like that? You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. God, look at these cheekbones! They make me swoon.” He giggled as he moved his face closer to yours, bringing you into a kiss. Then he smiled as he pulled away. “Swoon?” You laughed but nodded in agreement. “Not to mention how special you make me feel. I think I am the luckiest girl in the world.”


Namjoon had been insecure about his face, specifically his eyes, since before debut. That was why he always wore sunglasses. You had never asked him about his reasons, you just assumed it was a fashion statement. His face left its imprint on you since you first saw him, long before he left his other imprint on your heart. As you were getting ready to spend a day out in the town he grabbed a mask and a bucket hat. You frowned as he walked out of the bedroom, face almost entirely covered. The public already knew you were a couple, so it wasn’t like he was trying to keep a secret. “Are you not feeling well? Why do you have a mask on?” He casually answered, “No. I feel great baby. I just don’t want to put any makeup on today.” You moved forward and pulled his hat up to meet his eyes. “So you need to hide your beautiful bare face?” He looked confused, “It isn’t that beautiful. Not compared to you. Not even close.” You shook your head and took his mask off, running your thumb over his lips before kissing him softly. “That isn’t true.” And he smirked and pulled you close so he could rest his forehead against your own. “Love you baby.”


Being a short and muscular guy, Jimin felt inadequate when it came to how beautiful you were. Not to mention how small his hands were. On a shopping trip, he was looking for shoes with the most platform that wouldn’t be obvious if you looked at them. He was not finding any he liked and wouldn’t explain why he was getting annoyed to you. You could always tell when he was bothered so you took his hand and placed your palms together. “Your hand is still bigger than mine, and you are still taller than me. You don’t need to change babe, I love you this way.” He nodded and gave a soft smile, intertwining your fingers with his. “I love you too. Thank for the support.”


You thought your boyfriend was the sweetest boy alive, the fact that he looked as if he was a model was a plus. He didn’t see himself that way. He would always look at you and think about how you were so breathtaking that he was nothing compared to you. When he walked out in one of his new Gucci shirts you fawned over how amazing he looked. “Tae, you literally stepped right out of a magazine.” He noted how he didn’t think so other than the clothing and you rolled your eyes not taking him seriously. When you saw that he meant it you rushed over and wrapped your arms around him. “You really are handsome, you know that right? You are handsome, and funny, and talented, and so good to me. I honestly am so lucky.” He smiled down at you and kissed your forehead, “But I am luckier.” Then he bent down to place a kiss on your lips.

Jungkook: (This gif tho :D)

Still worried that he looked too much like the maknae, he made a point to work out and bulk up. He thought you looked so much more mature and beautiful, he didn’t want to look like the baby of the group anymore. One day while eating together you mentioned how handsome he looked. He blushed but shook his head, “I don’t think so.” You frowned at his reaction. “Why not?” He just gave a shy smile, “I still feel like I look like the same kid who joined the group. Especially not like I should have an amazing girlfriend like you.” You reached across the table and took his hand in yours. “Don’t worry. You look great. Besides, I like your boyish charms.” With that he smirked and leaned forward. “Boyish charms?”


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could i have headcanons of small things that todoroki, bakugou, kirishima, uraraka would do to show affection?(like picking up ice cream if they get some, etc.) thanks! i love your blog!!

((oooo yeah baby gimme that flufff oohhooooo))

Todoroki Shouto

  • He helps you with little tasks that you need done. Stuff like laundry, dusting, etc.
  • He’ll do stuff that you enjoy with you, even if he doesn’t particularly like it.
  • Cheek smooches!!! Only in private tho he gets embarrassed about PDA

Katsuki Bakugou

  • He helps you study, whether it’s academically or physically
  • He’s a lot easier on you and will give you compliments. Except they don’t sound like compliments because he still says them in the Bakugou-esque voice we all know and love
  • *picks up a smooth rock off the ground* here it looks like you

Kirishima Eijirou

  • He’s the most open about affection out of all the boys in class A aside from Kaminari and Sero. He’ll just straight up tell you he loves you and that he wants to make you happy
  • He’s a hugger. He wants you to know he loves you? Hugs. Are you sad? Hugs. Happy? Hugs. Hugs everywhere motherfucker.
  • Also, he WILL cuddle with you at night whenever he can. There’s really no avoiding Kirishima’s big strong arms getting wrapped around your waist it’s cuddle time bitches. You fell asleep and you’re moving around too much? Good thing he’s a goddamn rock and can keep you there forever. Friggin.,. lovebug

Uraraka Ochako

  • She gets you gifts when she can!! Never anything super expensive, but she’s the one to bring home ice cream or get you something you were looking at in a store
  • She, like Kirishima, is a cuddler. Unlike him, however, she’ll only cuddle if the AC is on. It gets too hot otherwise
  • She likes to pick you up and spin you around (think ruby and sapphire from SU) but sometimes she makes you float. It takes her a minute to stop laughing at your expression, so you’ve already hit the rafters by the time she’s trying to get you down

TFW you’ve had a hard day’s night of not telling people your stupid problems and then they blew up in your face and now you’re going to have to talk about your goddamn feelings.

TFW the boy you like turns out to have a sekrit murderpast and you’re obvi gonna support him but you’re still annoyed 

god how can you stay mad at him tho look at his tiny face this isn’t his fault

But still he could have said something

oh noooo he’s still sad the coffee wasn’t enough quick remind him that you own him now and that he can do whatever he wants and there are no consequences to his actions that you can’t take care of

harry ilysm but hell god baby damn no this is not the way you help a man to work through his trauma

the thirst is real

“Hey, the coroner asked me to tell you guys to go out in the hall to drink your coffee and gaze at each other and not do it right on top of the fuckin crime scene.”

EXO Reaction when a fan they met at a fan meeting becomes a new idol year later

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*Composes something for you* “She supported me so much, I should do the same. I hope she likes this song… would be nice to hear her sing it”


*Always shows his support and admiration* “You did it man! You made it so far, I’m proud of you!”


*Enjoys the music so much* “Woah~ So good… that face looks familiar tho… wasn’t she.. an EXO-L? Woah… our fans are so talented.. this is amazing”


*Hugs him every time he sees him at events* “Look at you! I still remember when you were a baby. Now let me hug you my friend!” 


*Become friends real fast* “Hey! Are you practicing? Do you want to practice together” *And he always helps*


*Has been there since she told him she wanted to become a star* “Wow! Look at you! You look like an idol now! No… you are an idol now!”


*Gets ready for his fan and meet* “I wonder if this is okay… will he recognize me? I hope he does, it’s my turn to support him now.”


*Gives him advice from man to man* “And this is how manly man look even manlier”


*Who’s the fangirl now* “Ahhh she’ so pretty! I want to talk to her more… her music is everything!”


*Even though they aren’t that close, he knows it’s hard the way to become a star. He he is always silently supporting and slowly becomes like a mentor*


*Really excited* “Omg it’s you!!! We met remember?! I’m so happy that you are here, we’ll be best friends!”


*Everytime they ask him about you in interviews he says how proud he is of you* “We met a while ago but she never told me she was auditioning. Now that I see her here I’m so proud that she made it so far…..”

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Putting on a Show

Lukas Asked:

Sup Brah

Lukas here. I’m sure you’ve heard about me. Young, handsome, tall, and all over the news as a champion bodybuilder. So i heard you’re into body swaps and humiliation and I have this awesome idea for some entertainment that i think you’ll be interested to help me. 

I have this short skinny friend of mine called Dexter whom i know is super envious of my good looks and jock status. I know he desires to be a hunky stud like me too but he is no where like me in the looks department. Attached below is how he looks like.  Give me a minute or 2 while i finish laughing at him trying too hard to act like a stud.  

See what i mean? He’s dillusions of one day being a bodybuilder stud like me is simply pure entertainment! 

I bet it would be really funny if Dexter and me swapped bodies for a few days and made him believe it was permanent so he could experience my body and all the pleasures that come with it. And then when he’s all high and mighty thinking he’s gonna be a studly hunk forever you can swap us back again. Can you imagine? He’s gonna beg so desperately and hard for my body back! Funny right?!! I swear he’s gonna put on a great show!

Goggletann Reply:

You heard correct. Body swaps and humiliations turn me on and I think your idea would be perfect. Plus i get to see how hard Dexter tries to be cocky in your body. In fact i’ve already swapped you both.

Observing Dexter in his new body is definitely entertaining. I expected him to immediately turn into an obnoxious cocky jock. But instead he stays cautious and proceeds to take selfies of himself. I assume he thinks this is a mistake and he would be swapped back to his old body soon so he is trying to take as many pictures of himself looking hot and studly before its all gone.

I suggest you meet him in your new skinny body and tell him the swap is permanent so he would relax into his new role. 

Lukas Reply:

Yea I just did. I put on a show and told him someone put a swap curse on me and swapped my body with his. I also told him it was permanent and tried to act sad. But you can imagine how happy he was. Maybe it was just me but i felt like a wave of arrogance swept across him and his facial expression changed from a concerned look to one of indifference and his tone of voice started to become real cocky. 

Secretly inside tho i was just laughing. It was so funny. And its gonna be even more funny when he gets put back into his old body!

Anyways I seriously have trouble getting used to his body. I’m so short now that even most girls are taller than me. And not just my height but my cock as well. I mean just look at this! His pee wee dick is only 2 inches long erected! You dont wanna know how small it is soft. I cant wait to get back to my stud body.

Goggletann Reply:

Well your now baby sized dick is just something you’ll have to get used too. 

Dexter in your body is however adjusting very well. After telling him the swap is gonna be permanent his behaviors has changed drastically. Remember how he liked making stupid faces acting hard to be a stud? His doing it in your body now, tho i have to say that he actually looks incredibly hot doing them now.

I noticed however that he still does’nt make full use of his new hot bodybuilder body. He’s getting more and more cocky and his confidence is growing dramatically but he is still wearing shirts that cover his arms.

My theory is that being in his skinny body all his life he doesn’t have the subconscious urge to show off his now hot body that deserves to be exposed to the world. Since you have lived all your life being a hot jock why dont you encourage him to be more cocky in his dress style too and not just his behavior.

Lukas Reply:

I was laughing so hard at the pics you sent me. I saved them all digitally and i’m def gonna show it to him when we swap our bodies back. I’ll do the same facial poses he did and humiliate him in his face hard! I’m almost starting to feel bad knowing that he’s gonna fall so hard soon!!

Anyway i met up with him and as usual i put on alittle show and tried pleading with him to return me my old body. He simply pushed me aside and even snicked at my unfortunate body now. I did convinced him to dress less and wear more cocky clothes. Not just cause i wanna further humiliate him when we return to our old bodies. But also cause he better dress the part of a cocky hot jock. I don’t wanna go back to my old body having people think I’ve decided to become a nice guy and give up my cocky ways. 

But you know whats the funniest thing to happen? I was in the bathroom last night and decided to snap a pic of me trying real hard to act cocky in his body! It was so incredibly funny! It was like a complete role reversal! Now I’m even starting to act like him!! HAHAHAHAAA!


Goggletann Reply:

Bro i have to say that picture really is entertaining. Maybe you should try going to the gym wearing a skimpy gym stringer while doing a bicep pose. Thats gonna be so humiliating when everyone laughs at your now skinny body trying to act tough.

Dexter on the other hand has really improved on his dress sense. I mean look at him now! He really had a blast in the gym yesterday showing off his muscles in his sexy gym stingers. 

He even gave a few lucky guys and gals the chance to feel up his muscled sweaty protein stained chest. 

Everyone was just in awe at his huge frame and i particularly like how his cocky nature is really starting to blossom. I particularly like his facial expression for this image after he had some loser blow him off in the gym showers. His arrogance coupled with his confidence to show off his huge muscles really ozzes his pure alpha scent now. That loser who blew him should really thank him for the honor of tasting his cum.

You’re doing a good job molding him into the perfect cocky jock and imparting all your knowledge to him. Seriously well done!

Lukas Reply:

Ok, I don’t know if your’e joking or what but that “loser” who sucked his cock was me ok???? And i wasn’t a willing party. Basically i did what you suggested and i went to the same gym as Dexter wearing a sleeveless muscle tee and did a few bicep poses. Dexter in my body than approached me and started to laugh at me before mocking me saying “I was trying too hard to be a stud”

He then proceeded to force me down on my knees and face fucked me. I couldn’t do anything! He was too strong! And this body i’m currently in is almost useless!

I think nows the time to swap us back. He’s at his highest and mightiest cocky arrogance and he’s gonna fall flat on the ground when he goes back to his old self. 

Im still shaken by the face fuck i had yesterday but dont worry. Im gonna make sure he gets what he did to me 2 fold. Im gonna fuck him so hard in his mouth hes gonna gag.

I’m ready Goggletan. Swap us back! That little twerp is gonna get it!!

Goggletann Reply:

I’m so happy for you! I had no idea it was you who had the honor of getting your mouth impregnated by him!

Oh btw, he also just returned from a one day outdoor music festival and he was really a hit! If you thought he had reached his cocky limit in the gym you have yet to see him at the music festival! Everyone was looking at him as he posed and flexed his muscles.

I honestly cant tell if he was getting more pleasure out of it or were the sexy chicks around him enjoying it more!

At one point he even took of his shirt to reveal his glorious body and the crowd just went wild. You should have been there to see it!

Lukas Reply:

Did you not receive my previous message?  I said its time to swap us back now. Stop sending me images of my own body to me. I already know how ripped i am. Now please swap us back.

Lukas Reply:

Can you FUCKING reply me already…..???

Lukas Reply:


Lukas Reply:


Goggletann Reply:

Now thats what i call putting on a good show.


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