you still have to squeeze into your jeans

The Signs as Dumb One Direction Lyrics

Aries: You never want to know how much you weigh; you still have to squeeze into your jeans.

Taurus: The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed.

Gemini: Oh I just wanna show you off to all of my friends, making them drool down their chinny-chin-chins.

Cancer: I’m walking around with just one shoe; I’m half a heart without you.

Leo: ‘Cause I can’t compete with your boyfriend; he’s got twenty-seven tattoos.

Virgo: The priest thinks it’s the devil, my mum thinks it’s the flu. But girl it’s only you.

Libra: Should I put coffee and granola on a tray in bed and wake you up with all the words that I still haven’t said?

Scorpio: I can make your tears fall down like the showers that are British.

Sagittarius: Don’t even care about the table breaking. We only wanna have a laugh.

Capricorn: Said her name was Georgia Rose, and her daddy was a dentist.

Aquarius: Now she’s feeling so low since she went solo, hole in the middle of my heart like a polo.

Pisces: Driving too fast, moon is breaking through her hair.

Girlfriends daughter

I was at my girlfriends house.
Horny.. Looking at Tumblr.
Stroking my cock on her couch.
I hear the voice of her daughter (18 high-school senior)
“do this often? ”
Cock still in hand “ not if your mom’s around” I reply.. Nervous
She laughs.
“ so are you fantasizing about mom… Or me? ”
“ would it freak you out if I said you”
“no” she leaned against the door frame
Both of us getting a bit bolder.
My cock still hard.. I moved my hand up and down.
“Mmmm nice” she says
“tell me your naughty fantasize you have of me”
I stroked my cock.
Telling her I think of her naked body.
Wonder what panties she has on
“ do you play with them? ” she asks as she unseasonably her jeans…
I admit that I have.
She slips out if her jeans.. Tiny black thong.
I tell her how I fantasize about going down on her.
Of licking her pussy until she cums.
Of touching, kissing, squeezing her tits
Of having her on her knees. Feeding her my cock.
Of taking her from behind. Fucking her.
This darling teenage is on her knees, between legs. Her hands on my knees.
“do you want me to suck your cock? ”
“ fuck yes” I am seconds from Cumming.
Next thing I realize… Her hot mouth has enveloped my hardness..
And I’m cumming
Filling her hot little mouth with cum.
After this sweet little thing is done she says to me very matter of fact.
“we both have a lot of fantasized to Fullfill before I go to college”

*Blasts I Like It Rough by Lady Gaga on the background*

The one where Harry gives Y/N a little punishment

“Over my knee, now,” his face was so stern it gave you shivers down your spine. Sure, you have been quite needy, and you have done wrong for trying to get his attention by touching yourself in front of him. It was a rule to never do that when you’re on your own - since he’s the only one who can touch you and make you feel good - plus the added bonus of doing it in front of him made him livid.

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Originally posted by elisastarlight

Two things: 1) I did not mean for this to be so long. 2) Somewhere while writing this, Jihun became my bias wrecker and I blame the requester, lol.

Word count: 2,606.

“Jihun-ah, any luck with that air conditioner?” you asked your roommate, rounding the corner into the living room of your shared apartment.

“Not even a little” he huffed, standing up straight up and looking down at your AC that had decided to just stop working on one of the hottest days of the summer. 

You pouted, sitting on the couch, “Well, then… I guess we’ll just have to suffer until we can get another one”

He shot you a look, coming over to sit beside you.

“It’s annoying” he grumbled, lifting his shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead, his action giving you a quick glance of his toned stomach.

“We’ll survive” you said, nudging him with your elbow.

He sat back against the couch, “What if I don’t? I feel faint already" 

You laughed at his dramatics and stood up, "I’m going to change into something cooler. You should do the same”

He was still pouting as you made your way to your bedroom, changing into a pair of short pajama shorts and a tank top.

When you came out of your room, you found Jihun in the kitchen, leaning against the counter with his shirt off and a popsicle in his mouth. 

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Namjoon has his own way to blow your worries away.

Word Count: 1k
Genre: Fluff
Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Description: I personally think, he really fits the character. :)

You chewed on your bottom lips, eyes focused on the screen of your laptop. You had seen a lot of videos and pictures of him being affectionate to other girls, either it was his fans or another celebrity. You knew that it was one of the consequences you had to take when you said yes to his love confession. You also knew all of he did was just part of his work, nothing more nothing less. But why was it still bothering you?

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By Your Side

Dean Winchester x Reader

3100 Words

Story Summary: Not wanting to go to your cousin’s wedding, Dean is by your side, making sure your family doesn’t pick on you too much.

A/N: Written for @jensen-jarpad and her  Big Celebration!! Happy Early Birthday, and congrats on the milestone!! 

“Hey sweetheart, what is this?” Dean called out, holding a fancy looking white envelope in his hands. “I found it underneath all of my records.”

“Oh that. It’s just a wedding invitation.” You muttered, wishing you had just thrown it away in the first place. It was for your cousin’s wedding, and you hadn’t planned on attending.

“When is it?” He asked, plopping down on the couch next to you, but you just shrugged. You hadn’t even opened the envelope. “Don’t you want to go?”

“Not really. It’s one of those big family functions that are awkward and annoying, and all my family will be pointing me out, wondering why I’m still unmarried. I’m the oldest of my cousins, and I’m not married. Hell, I haven’t even had a steady boyfriend for as long as I can remember. If I went, it would just remind me what a big failure I am in my family’s eyes.” You mumbled, telling Dean a lot more than you had planned to. But it was true. You were like the black sheep in the family. While the rest of your cousins were going to college, getting married and having babies, you had nothing you could tell them, or make them proud of you. And after a while, their hushed whispers and pointed looks hurt.

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Oh, Potter. Please tell me you’ve worn charmed trousers before.”

Harry looked up at Malfoy’s scowl. How was he still so handsome when he scowled? Maybe the sharpness of his features allowed him to pull off harsh expressions so well. Malfoy threw his hands up, and Harry tried to keep his mind on charmed jeans.

“Honestly! What’s the use of wizarding space if you still have to squeeze your dick into tight trousers?” Malfoy gestured to his own crotch, and Harry’s eyes obediently followed. “The material lies flat to give the look, but then you can hang free. Without a charm, Muggles have to chose a side and have their dick smashed against their leg. And if they get an erection…” He looked as if he couldn’t bear to continue the thought.

Harry’s mind was more than happy to continue the thought. Malfoy used charms on his trousers so his cock could hang free. Or get stiff. And no one would ever know. What was Malfoy’s cock doing at that moment? Hanging free? Filling up? He realised he was still staring at Malfoy’s crotch and pulled his eyes up to find grey ones full of mirth.

“Yes. Mine are charmed, too. All of my trousers are.

anonymous asked:


“Ha! In your face!”, Eren cries out victoriously, pumping his fists into the air and almost throwing his controller across the room. “While you were busy being heterosexual I studied the blade!”
Marco almost chokes on his beer.
“Eren, sweetheart”, he chuckles, watching as Jean snarls and crosses his arms, kicks his legs up on the coffee table with a grumble. “First, I don’t think we have a single straight friend so I have no idea who you’re even talking to.” Eren snorts and grabs a handful of skittles, popping them into his mouth one by one.
“And second, you’re playing Mario Kart, there’s not even a blade in that game.”

“It’s a metaphorical blade”, Eren munches. “The blade of my Mario Kart skills. It’s polished and sharp and I just slew Jean’s dignity and self-respect with it.”
“Oh my god, shut up!”, Jean groans as he lets his head fall against the backrest to sulk up at the ceiling.
“Or what? You’ll make me kick your ass again?”

As much fun as Eren is like this, so bright and happy and playful that Marco wants to pull him close and pepper kisses all over his flushed face, he’ll have to reign it in a bit or else they’ll have a sour Jean for the rest of the night.
Their boyfriend is an extraordinarily sore loser. Eren should know that, they’ve been here before. But as soon as Eren gets excited about something he stops reading the mood and pushes things too hard and too far.
The two idiots are lucky to have him.

Smiling softly Marco steps behind the couch, fingers of one hand still curled around his beer bottle, the other reaching out to brush them against Jean’s forehead, card them through his hair.
“You fought valiantly.”
Jean grunts and squeezes his eyes shut, scrunches his nose up, but he can’t quite fight the calming pull of Marco’s touches, tight lines of his expression softening minutely already.
“And now you have to be a man of your word and keep your promise, alright?”

When Jean opens his eyes he does so slowly, tightness melting from his face as he pushes his lower lip out in a pout that’s way too adorable. Even more so upside-down.
“Do I have to?”, he asks and his voice is still irritated, no matter how hard he tries to win Marco over with his cuteness.
Laughing quietly Marco leans down for a quick kiss, Jean’s lips sticky from the sweets he’s been eating all night. A hand comes up to tangle in his hair, nudges him back down when Marco tries to pull away until it finally lets him go.

There’s a smugness sparking in Jean’s eyes, thinking he might have swayed the referee with his cuteness and sweet lips. But Marco only gives him a stern look.
“Yes, you do”, he says and watches Jean crumble back into himself, sulking. “Eren won fair and square and you need to respect that. Come on.” He pats Jean’s shoulder and point over at the door. “Get it.”
With another grumble Jean pushes himself upright and to his feet. With one last, indignant look over his shoulder he trudges out of the room.

Eren snickers in his corner of the couch, languidly stretching out his legs. Before he can say anything else Marco levels him with another stern gaze.
“And you stop gloating or he’ll be sulking the whole weekend.”
Eren purses his lips, arms raised far above his head mid-stretch before he lets them fall into his lap with a shrug.
“Alright. As long as I get my prize.”
Marco nods, content with the answer, as he climbs over the backrest and makes himself comfortable on the couch, pulling Eren’s legs into his lap.

He adores these weekends they decide to spend together at home, no going out, no wearing anything other than comfy clothes (if any at all), eating take-out and staying up late playing video games like way back when they were teenagers.
It’s fun and sweet and one of the many things he loves about his boyfriends is how effortless spending time with them is. Aside from talking them out of budding drama. But even that isn’t anything he’d ever want to change.

When Jean comes back into the living room it’s with a plate in his hands and a scowl still on his face, squinting at Marco as he passes him to come stand in front of Eren.
“Thanks, darling”, Eren grins, purring the endearment and cackling about how Jean rolls his eyes before pulling his grumpy boyfriend into his lap. Jean only struggles for a second or two before he accepts his fate and hands Eren the last piece of cake with a wistful little noise.

They end up splitting the cake between the three of them anyway. And that’s just another reason Marco’s head over heels in love with his two idiots.

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Cute moments with your boyfriend Peter Parker would include...

a/n: I hope no one thinks I’m copying anyone else’s work I just have a lot of mini scenarios with Peter I could totally imagine happening. [requests are still open.]

  • Peter would definitely talk about How to fix broken DVD players or computers while you laid in his bed watching him speak so enthusiastically. 
  • You, of course, wouldn’t need this information because if you ever needed a repair Peter would do it, but it was still super cute watching him geek out. 
  • Peter always walking you home after school, even though you were fully capable of walking alone. His excuse being he liked keeping you company and he always was persistent about carrying your backpack too.
  • Having a Polaroid camera, and taking a bunch of pictures of peter and him of you. Especially of those cute, spontaneous city dates, you guys too often.
  • Peter always ending said dates around sunset and getting you home around that time too because he “doesn’t want your parents to think he’s a bad kid.”
  • Peter constantly reminding you are way too good for him and you usually shut up his ramblings about that by kissing him.
  • Hanging out with Peter in the snow and accidentally slipping and breaking a arm, so he immediately appoints himself as your personal caregiver.
  • At the emergency room, Peter being terrified while waiting for your parents to arrive because he feels guilty and thinks your parents are going to blame him.
  •  Finding it really hard to make out with Peter on his bed with your broken arm, so it always ends with you guys laughing and cuddling instead.
  • You, one day accidentally ripping your jeans while at his house, and him having to help you out of them since your arm is still broken.
  • Throughout having to help you He’s squeezing his eyes shut so hard you’re afraid he might hurt himself. Anytime his hand brushes over your leg, he blushes intensely and apologizes even though you reassure him its okay.
  • Anytime you mention you want any type of food from the anywhere, Peter usually shows up with it at your door at a nearly impossible timing.
  • Out of nowhere he starts acting really weird and breaking almost everything he touches in biology class.
  • He also begins avoiding you, which causes you to think the worst so when he does pop up at your home one day you’re crying super hard.
  • He has no choice but to tell you what’s going on with him and it brings you too closer.
  • Peter accidentally webbing one of your hands to his bed sheets when you two are making out more times than he’d like to admit.

John x Reader

Prompt: I didn’t meant to send that to you

Warnings: Smut, masturbation, voyeurism, swearing, minor fluff. No penetration in this one (I know, disappointing)


Hunting alongside John Winchester wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. The stories of the great hunter were incredible to say the least, and from what you’d seen first hand, there was very little embellishment. But actually having to put up with him on a hunt was more struggle than the actual hunt itself.

He was bullheaded, arrogant, and mean. You’d been scolded by the hunter more than once and “grounded” from more hunts than you’d like to admit. He wasn’t your father but when he took you in after your own dad was killed on a hunt, he started to treat you like one of his own.

Of course, there were times when you’d be reminded that he was not your dad and you were not his daughter. Times when the 20 year age difference seemed non existant. When you’d watch him work on his beautiful ‘67 impala, covered in grease and sweat, and you had to forcefully will away the indecent thoughts that flooded your mind.

This was one of those times.

“Y/n!” John shouted, pulling you from your day dreams.

“Sorry.. what?” Peeling your eyes away from Johns bicep, and focusing on the confused look on his face.

“You going deaf? I said I’m all done with the tune up, so go pack your things and we’ll head out.” He slammed the hood down and wiped his hands with a towel to greasy to clean anything. “Sam and Dean are working on a case out in Nebraska, we’re gonna go meet them.”

“Alright.” You sighed, tired of never staying in more then one place for more than a week. You walked back into the motel room, grabbed your duffel bag off the bed and the gun you always put under the pillow of every bed you slept in.

An hour later you were in the passenger seat of the impala, flying well over the speed limit and listening to classic rock. John rarely spoke on these rides and you never forced the conversation, worried you might annoy the ageing hunter with your dumb 22 year old chatter (or so he put it).

You grabbed your phone. The lack of service gave you limited options, so you opened your camera and stared at your face, bored and not sure what to do. You caught a glimpse of John in your camera. You turned your phone so it was only him in the frame, snapping a quick picture before he could see what you were doing.

Maybe it was just a really good picture or your stupid puppy dog crush, but seeing John that way, relaxed in his own little world, enjoying the purr of the engine and the sound of his favourite music…. was absolutely breathtaking.

You managed to keep your goofy smile to yourself, but you had to share the picture with the only person you knew who would understand.

*Got this sneaky pic… fuck he’s gorgeous. Do you think he’d notice if I started getting myself off in the passenger seat? LOL*

You hit send. Jo was the only girlfriend your age you had and the only person who knew about your feelings towards the eldest Winchester. You were glad to have her in your life, knowing Sam and Dean may not appreciate the same kinds of texts.

Turning your head, you watched the world outside the window pass in a blur. The sky went from blue, to hues of pink and orange, to black. You were so focused on watching the sunset, you didn’t see John get his phone from his pocket, checking to see which one of his boys had texted him. You didn’t see the confusion cross his face when he saw your name on his screen. And you definitely didn’t see the confusion turn to shock, when he read what you sent, realizing this text was obviously not meant for him.

John knew you weren’t watching him but he still tried his best to compose himself. It wasn’t that he never thought of you as a grown woman, but he didn’t think that you would feel anything other than contempt for a jaded, miserable hunter 20 years her senior.

He glanced at you from the corner of his eyes. He always knew you were beautiful, but looking at you now it was like seeing the sun for the first time. A barrier opened and all sorts of images flooded John’s mind. The feel of your soft curves in the palm of his hands. Your legs wrapped around his waist. The sting of the claw marks down the length of this back.

John shifted in his seat, trying to adjust himself as his cock hardened, constricted by his jeans. He thought of your text again and had to stifle a groan at the thought of you touching yourself in the passenger seat of his beloved impala.

When the sun was finally gone you laid your head back in your seat, ready to get atleast a couple hours of shut eye before meeting with Sam and Dean. That’s when you realized you never got a reply from Jo and normally she was good at texting back right away. You grabbed your phone from your pocket, frowning at the lack of notifications on the lock screen. You went to your messages and just as you were about to click on the first conversation in the list, you froze. The name at the top was not Jo. It was John.

“Got anything you wanna tell me, Y/n?” John asked. You couldn’t make out the tone in his voice but you figured it probably wasn’t good.

The embarrassment washed over you and you threw your hands over your face. Your words came out fast and mashed together. “Shit John, Im so sorry, I didn’t mean to send that to you it was a stupid text I mean to send to Jo. I’m so sorry.”

“It WAS stupid.” You recoiled from his words, ready for the lecture of a lifetime.

“Of course I’d notice if a beautiful woman was touching herself in the passenger seat of my car…”

Your breathing stopped. You brought your hands away from your eyes and looked over at John. There was a playful glint in his eyes you’d never seen before, and a smile tugging at his lips.


“I’m not gonna pretend I haven’t thought about you that way, sweetheart.” His grip on the steering wheel tightened. “I’d be crazy not to. Just never thought you’d want an old grump like me.” He chuckled but there was no humour there. You knew John didn’t think much of himself.

Your mind went blank. You stared at him, eyes wide and brows raised in utter shock. Was this really happening?

He reached a hand over and placed it on your knee. The second he touched you it was like a shock went through your leg, right to your core, igniting a fire you didn’t know you had in you.

“You can relax, sweet heart. I’m not gonna do anything unless you want me to.” He squeezed your leg lightly and rubbed his thumb on your knee. “I can’t stop driving cause we gotta meet the boys by morning or they’ll worry. But you do what you have to.” He practically purred.

He removed his hand from your leg and laid it over the back of the seat. You hadn’t moved, still too shocked to say anything. His eyes shifted from the road to your face and back to the road. His words hung in the air until realization finally dawned on you.

Looking down at your jeans, you brought your hands up to the zipper, slowly zipping it down. Hands shaking ever so slightly. The top of your black cotton panties was visible now. You looked back over at John, who looked as relaxed as he did before, except the knuckles on his left hand were turning white from gripping the wheel so tight.

Anxiety stopped you from continuing. You’d never touched yourself in front of anyone before. What if it took too long? What if you couldn’t get yourself off? What if he didn’t like what he saw and asked you to stop? The rest of the road trip would be the most embarrassing ride of your life.

“You don’t have to do anything if you’re having second thoughts. Get some rest and I’ll wake you up when we’re close.”

The gentleness in his voice was almost heartbreaking. As nervous as you were, his words and tone seemed to calm you down. You knew John would never hurt you, mentally or physically, so there was no reason to be scared.

“I’m not tired.” Your voice was firm, betraying no signs of anxiety.

You slipped your jeans off, and laid your head into the crook of where the seat and the door met. You hesitantly brought your leg onto the seat so John would have the perfect view of you.

Sliding your hand under your panties, you made a show of gently caressing your lips, running your fingers along your slit. You were already wet and your nerves seemed to make you more sensitive to touch. You closed your eyes and let your body take over, knowing exactly what to do from here.

Your middle finger gently slid through your folds, going around your clit but never actually touching it. Teasing yourself. Making your clit throb with need. Your gentle sighs filled the silence in the impala, and you knew John listened intently to every one of them.

“You look amazing, darlin’.” His voice was gruff. You opened your eyes and saw he was staring at your face. You smiled for him and sat up. You pushed your panties down your leg and tossed them to the backseat.

Sitting back into your little nook, you spread your lips for John, watching as his pupils dilated at the sight before him. You teased yourself a bit more before bringing your finger right to your clit. Applying more pressure, you moved you fingers in circles, alternating directions every now and then.

The heat in your belly was building, and your sighs turned to moans. You heard the sound of a zipper and looked over to see John begin to stroke himself. This wasn’t the first time you’d seen his dick, but it was the first time it wasn’t an accident. He was long and hard, and you could see the tip already dripping with precum.

Seeing John like this only pushed you further. Your circles getting faster and faster.

“Does it feel good, sweetheart?”

“Yes.. so good.” You moaned.

“Are you gonna cum soon?”

“Yes, Im so close. I’m so close.” You starting bucking your hips, trying to keep up with the rhythm of your fingers.

“I want you to think of my cock inside you. Hard and pounding into you. Imagine how good I’d fuck you, sweetheart.”

The sounds coming from you were so full of lust and ecstasy that John had to stop himself more than once from cumming too soon. He knew he had to watch the road, but the sight of you, your eyes locked on him, your hand massaging your pussy, your juices dripping down your leg and onto the leather seat… it was so perfect he couldn’t take his eyes off you.

You could feel the impala flying, John clearly too preoccupied to car about his speed. The rev of the engine mixed with the sight of John stroking himself, his forehead shining with sweat and his arm going at the same pace as your fingers brought you right to the edge.

“I’m gonna cum.. John, I’m gonna cum. Please cum with me.”

“Fuck, Y/n, Im cumming!”

Your orgasm hit with so much intensity it almost knocked you out. Your fingers kept going at an erratic pace and your walls clenched furiously. You screamed John’s name as he did yours, imagining him inside of you with each wave of pleasure that hit.

When both orgasms had passed, you both listened to each others breathing. After a few moments, you opened your eyes and saw John, his hand and jeans covered in his cum, looking at you in wonder.

“That was amazing, sweetheart.”

“It was.” You smiled, relaxed and full of bliss.

You put your jeans back on and handed John a napkin from the glove compartment. He cleaned himself as best he could, and zipped his jeans back up. Exhaustion hit and you knew you were sleeping good tonight.

You slid closer to the hunter, careful not to overstep your bounds. The relationship between you two was changed for good now, you just weren’t sure to what extent yet.

“Can I sleep here?” Gesturing to his side.

He smiled at you, amused at how timid you became again after what had just happened. He placed his arm around your shoulders and squeezed you into his side. Your head laid into the crook of his arm and chest, and your arm gently wrapped around his waist, almost instinctually. You fit together perfectly.

Just before you drifted to sleep, you silently laughed to yourself, thinking how differently the night could have turned out had you not accidentally sexted the hunter beside you.

“Cautious” - Part 8

“Cautious” - Part 8

(Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7)

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 3500

Key: Y/N = Your Name, L/N = Your Last Name, H/C = Your Hair Color, E/C = Your Eye Color

Warnings: Cursing

Summary:  Bucky is now pretty much rehabilitated and able to be part of the group. Reader was taken by Hydra and made the subject of experiments due to her having powers. She is slowly getting more comfortable with the Avengers, but is still working on it. Bucky stayed with her while everyone went on a mission. They have grown feelings for each other but want to wait until reader is more comfortable with the group. Maybe dinner and movie night will help?

Originally posted by retardell

Author’s Note: Welcome to Part 8! I’m not sure how much longer this story may be. If you guys want more, I can continue it. But I think there may only be one or two more parts after this, maybe.

Just a reminder: This is my interpretation of the characters and the reader is one of my own creation. I leave the names and such open so you can put your own name and features in or you can create your own. I know this may not please everyone, but I’m writing this for myself. I hope people will enjoy this fanfic, but I know that you can’t please everyone.

As usual, a special thank you goes to @goodnightwife​ for being a wonderful person and always being supportive. Please go check out her page for some really great fics as well!

If you would like to be tagged in any of my future pieces (All Works, Specific Fandoms, or Specific Multi-Parts), please let me know! And as always, feedback is greatly appreciated!


- DreaSaurusREX

Tags: @luciebell-writes@goodnightwife@bexboo616@bicryptids@mayfeather27 @dingo-ate-my-baby-crazy666

    You told Bucky that you were going to be fine during the movie, but you actually weren’t too sure about that. Even though there isn’t a lot of talking to each other while watching movies, there was still a weird pressure try to be calm.

    As you and Bucky were heading to the living room, you stopped and looked at the elevator. You needed a couple minutes to yourself. Just a few. And you knew how you could get them.

    “Hey, Bucky? Would everyone mind waiting for another 5 or so minutes?” He turned and looked a bit worried before responding.

    “Yeah, of course. You okay, sweetheart?”

    “I think so. I just wanted to change into pajamas for the movie. Jeans aren’t the most comfortable movie watching clothes.”

    “Okay. Yeah, I’ll tell them to wait a bit. Just… Let me know if you need me. I’ll have my phone on me and be at your door in a heartbeat.” He flashed you a smile that said he was happy, but his eyes still had worry written all over them. You thanked him, grabbed his hand, and gave it a squeeze before heading to the elevator.

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Jughead and Juliet (Jughead x Reader Request)

Request: ‘Jughead x reader where the reader is from a rival gang and FP has hurt her family (killed her dad maybe? Was framed for it maybe idk?) but she is falling for Jughead and he for her (kinda romeo and Juliet with all the sneaking around but I would prefer if no one died at the end 😂)’ - @yourjughead​.

Characters/Pairings: Jughead x Reader, FP Jones.

Warnings: Kissed, Implied sex

Word Count: 2121

Notes: Sorry this took forever, I’ve had an illness, a birthday and holidays to deal so it’s not left much time to write. I did have other plans for this request but it would have taken longer, I hope this works for you. I progressed their relationship a bit and changed the way the gang hurt the other. Also y/d/n = your dad’s name.


Originally posted by iseeparadiseinyoureyes

‘Shhh, Jughead, my Mom can’t know you’re here.’ He smirked at me, pushing me against the wall.

‘I can’t take it anymore, I have to kiss you.’ He planted his lips forcefully on mine, I kissed back passionately. His hands clasped my cheeks gently, while his lips kissed down my neck. I smiled at his touch, I’d waited for this for days. The joys of dating a boy from the rival gang.

‘You know I haven’t waited all this time, just for kisses.’ I whispered. He raised his eyebrows at me and I simply nodded back. I pulled him by the hand to my bedroom, minding to be careful with every step. We’d memorised the squeaky parts of the floor by now, Jughead tiptoed around each spot. As we entered my room, I quickly looked out to the hallway making sure we hadn’t woke my Mom.  We only had to worry about her since my Dad was always out late with the Eagles. I shut the door and turned to Jughead.

‘The coast is clear. Now where were we?’

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Jealous Kol

Imagine: Being at work and your adviser always flirts with you, Kol notices and gets jealous, resulting in hot sex at home. (Requested)

It was just a slow day at work today, only three people sat at the bar and five people sitting and eating their food. You worked at the Mystic Grill, an employee there for two years. Your adviser, Steven, was always trying to flirt with you and take you home. But sadly enough for him, you were taken. Taken by one of the best guys in Mystic Falls, perhaps one of the scariest. In your opinion, his tough guy act was his way of handling things. But he treated you right and loved you the way you loved him, so it works out anyway. 

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dancin’ all alone - ed

a/n: this is up there with one of the most extra things i’ve ever written. enjoy :-)

word count: 2,084

Surprises are meant for Christmas. They’re reserved for cardboard boxes taped up in the most ridiculous wrapping paper with a shiny bow on top. They’re reserved for mounds of silky paper tucked underneath the lowest branches of the tree so that some of the ornaments perch intricately between tape, wire, and plastic. They’re the best when you’re nineteen years old and still tuck into your living room with ridiculous matching PJ’s with your siblings as your parents hand out boxes so clearly marked with a tag that says Santa in scrawled handwriting.

Surprises are meant for birthdays. They’re reserved for strange cars in your driveway on your sixteenth because your parents told you they weren’t buying you a car but still might have anyway because they love you very much. They’re reserved for flowers at your doorstep from that person who makes your heart flutter like the small bumblebee that’s taken up shop in the purple tulip in the corner of the jar before you could retrieve from the outside. They’re the best when you get that graphic t-shirt from your best friend or that ridiculous coffee mug from your dad that might have his picture on it.

Surprises are not meant for random Wednesday’s in the middle of August. They’re not meant for your boyfriend to come kidnap you from your apartment with literally no explanation. They’re not meant for your boyfriend to insist a blindfold was needed where you’re going. They’re not meant for your boyfriend to carry you piggy bag style to his car and all but snap your femur in half against the frame when he not so gracefully deposits you in the passenger seat. They’re not the best when your boyfriend takes you hand, leads you a few paces away from the now parked car.

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anonymous asked:

the us & sf skelebois walking in on their crush changing ? the crush tries to play it off cool but they're visibly failing at it ....

Hng the ward of awks. That made no sense but that’s okay ONWARD.


Stretch (Us Papyrus)

When he walked in on you changing, he froze, conflicted. He wasn’t sure if he should apologize and step out or come in and take you. You looked so shy and…delicious. No need to finish putting those clothes on. He’s gonna help you finish taking the original ones off.

Blueberry (Us Sans)

He turned all kinds of blue when he barged in to show you his new puzzle, only to find you shirtless with a pair of leggings pulled halfway up to your hips. He watched your face, neck and shoulders get redder and redder as the seconds ticked by. Finally he scurried out and shut the door behind him. Wowzers….

Blackberry (Sf Sans)

When he opened the door, he was in the middle of a phone call with Mutt, who was out getting food. DATEMATE, DO- He blinked as he caught sight of you, staring back at him with a deer-in-the-headlights look. There was a moment of silence as his gaze slowly drifted down your body. He abruptly hung up the phone and had crosses the room to you within seconds. He didn’t even close the door before his phalanges were between your legs.

Mutt (Sf Papyrus)

He came to find you because he heard you swearing and wanted to make sure everything was alright. Turns out, you’d been trying to squeeze your jeans over your thicc behind. When he poked his head through the door, you still hadn’t managed it, and Mutt got a delicious eyeful. His eyelights bloomed into hearts, and he even started drooling. He only snapped out of it when you threw a pillow at his face and it sent him stumbling back into the hall, his magic racing through him. He had to shut the door and scurry off down the hall to uh…take care of himself, before he did something irrational.


Guys, I have over 10 pages with varying levels of completion filled with nothing but writing prompts, I really don’t mean to be so slow I promise.

The Nerdy Roommate - Choi Minho (M)

Pairing: Choi Minho x Reader
Word count:  1.1k words
Author’s note: Here’s another drabble for the Unrequited universe! Key’s eyepatch made a comeback so I wanted to use it, ehehehe. This is rated M even if there’s no smut (sorry!), but there’s usage of alcohol, explicit language, and sexually suggestive content. Basically don’t read this or the rest of my fanfics that are related to this (which I highly recommend that you read before this one: Unrequited, Unforgettable, Bread, The Bra Thing) if you’re not of age. I know you’re probably thinking that if I could write drabbles I could surely write part 3 but I’m planning to make part 3 long and hot with an unexpected plot twist (spoiler alert). Enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think - I appreciate it a lot! :) ♡

“Kim Kibum, that eyepatch looks stupid.”

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Hi friends! I successfully survived my first week at university! So to celebrate I’m uploading early, hope you enjoy!

As always, feedback is appreciated :)


Word Count: 1.9k

Warnings: fluff, awkward bangtan

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15

It was wrong to be nervous, but you couldn’t shake the butterflies bubbling up. You were shifting around in the passenger seat so much that alarm bells started ringing in Hoseok’s mind.

“Y/N, if you don’t want to meet them you don’t have to. I don’t want to make you do something you’re uncomfortable with.” His eyes left the road momentarily to meet with yours. You shook your head, smiling.

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DEREK HALE fluffy smut!!!!

Derek has been busy with pack meetings and not paying any attention to you. You are used to him being a bit stressed but he always finds time to stop work and dedicate time to you. You decide to take things into your own hands and make him stop and please you.

“Derek come on” you say pulling at him as he sits on the couch with papers and books all over the coffee table of his loft. “You have been sitting here all day for the past week, you haven’t been sleeping, you are stressed…” he cuts you off before you can finish “y/n please, just leave me alone for awhile, I’m so close to figuring this out” he says frustrated and slightly annoyed. You pull away and cross your arms, not that it matters as he hasn’t taken his eyes off the information in front of him. “Fine” you say getting up off the couch and walking into the bedroom.
Now annoyed and wanting Derek more then ever, as he hasn’t touched you more then a quick kiss on the cheek when you get home from work, you decide to take things into your own hands. You know he can’t resist you in cute underwear and one of his tshirts. You pick a red lace and very cheeky pair and one his band tshirts, no bra of course. You put your hair in 2 braids before taking a look at yourself and walking back out.
You walk up to him and stand right in front of him, between him and the table. He looks up “babe, please just not now okay” he says not even caring you are in his favorite outfit, looking back down and scooting over a bit on the couch to see the papers again. “No, right now” you say moving over to stand in front of him again. He lets out a frustrated moan and looks up “I’m busy” he says trying to move you this time but you don’t budge. “Seriously” he says annoyed. You cross your arms again “Derek, listen to me, you have been glued to this couch and papers for a week, you haven’t paid any attention to me for the past 5 days and I need you to touch me okay?!” You say getting louder and needy looking right him. He starts to say something but you continue “you haven’t touched me or shown me any affection, I can’t deal with it any longer, I’ve had to please myself the past few days when you shower because I’m so desperate” you say and he looks up and meets your eyes. “You want me that bad?” He says and you nod “yeah Derek I do” you say and he nods “you need to take a break, stop obsessing over this for a few hours and just be with me” and he shakes his head “I can’t take a brake right now, I’m close” he says leaning back frustrated. You shake your head “you’ve been saying that for the past 2 days, I think you can take a fucking break and touch your girlfriend” you say crossing your arms again, putting your hip out a bit. “I just need more time” he says letting his head fall into his hands.
You are done arguing and decide to just straddle him and do what you know he can’t resist. You begin to move up and down slowly, rubbing your wet heat on his pants. He looks up fast at you with wide eyes, he starts to talk but you stop him “you are taking a break and you are going to please me” you say moving your hands down his chest to remove his shirt. He allows. You toss it somewhere in the room and when your gaze returns he is staring at you. “Tell me what you need, I’m here for you, the rest of the night and maybe even tomorrow morning if I can’t get enough of you tonight” he says in a low voice and you shiver. “Which I have feeling I may still want some tomorrow morning, especially with you in this outfit” he says and you smile. “Derek” you say placing your hands on his chest “I need you to touch every part of my body, kiss me, make me moan, eat me out, then eat me out again and make me feel so good” you say biting your lip. You feel him harden a bit under you making you satisfied “fuck” he says with lust in his eyes “I can’t believe I ignored you all week, what was I thinking?” He says shaking his head, rubbing his hands up and down your thighs. “I don’t know but you better not let it happen again” you say and he nods “oh I won’t” he responds biting his lip, looking you up and down, following your curves.
“You were trying to get rid of me just about 5 minutes ago” you say giving him a bit of attitude “because of this shit, even in this outfit, it’s your favorite outfit and you were ignoring me” you say, moving your hands to his jeans and unbuttoning them while still talking. “Idiotic” he says moving his hands up your thighs and under your underwear to massage and squeeze your butt a bit, something he loves doing. “I would have missed out on all of this, and then you would of had to please yourself with me right out here being an asshole” he says and you nod, now pulling his jeans down and he lifts up to allow you to pull them all the way off. Now leaving him in his boxers, which shows the prominent boner already forming. “Looks like somebody else needed me just as much as I need them” you say giving him a small smile. He laughs a bit “but tonight isn’t about you, it’s about me, and the fact that you better please me so good tonight” you say, causing Derek to harden a bit and tighten up in his stance “fuck yes, whatever you want” he respond. You smile and hop off of his lap “come on” you say motioning for his hand and he stands up fast and eagerly “let’s get you naked and then we will worry about me” you say, looking over your shoulder smirking at him. “Oh so I’m getting naked first” he says and you laugh “yeah, I haven’t touched you or seen you sexy body in a week, I want a show from you tonight” you say and he laughs, kind of blushing “as I said, whatever you want, I am here, even if that means I have to put on a show for you. I will do exactly that” he says and you smile, pulling him toward you and entering the bedroom.
You let go of his hand and crawl onto the bed. He shuts the door behind him and walks toward the bed. “You look so sexy up there babe” you say excited sitting up on the bed. He smiles and does a slow spin giving you a full view of what you’ve wanted so bad. When he gets back around he slowly pulls his boxers down, allowing his full erection spring free and hit his stomach. He lets them fall and steps out of them. “You like this?” He says spinning again, giving you small poses in between. You smile “yes, now come here” you say patting the bed. He does so, crawling onto the bed and then over you. He starts kissing you and slowly you fall back onto the bed arching your back, needing more. He can tell and pulls away. Attaching again kissing your neck and down your collarbone until he can’t get anymore and pulls your shirt off fast and connects again, kissing down your chest and each breast before moving down your stomach and to the hem of your underwear. He bites the hem and slowly pulls them down teasing you. You squirm around, hardly being able to handle it. Once they are off he comes back up and begins to kiss your clit, using his tongue. He moves his hands to your hips, holding them in place while massaging them at the same time. He continues and is now moving up and down making his movement bigger and more sloppy, using your wetness. “Derek” you moan, breathing heavy, he lets go of your hips and let’s you arch up. He starts to rub your clit with his hand and begins to move his tongue in and out of you. You become a moaning mess as you get closer. Not long after, you climax and release, as Derek licks it all up you try and regain your breathe.
He kisses you a few more times on your inner thighs and your lower tummy before coming back up and kissing each breast and then smiling at you “you taste so sweet, how’d i go so long without tasting you” he says licking his lips making you squirm a bit. You shrug “I don’t know you got real obsessive over your work, you weren’t acting yourself” you say pushing his hair back and out of his face, moving your hands down his back. “Yeah sorry about that, I should have taken some time to relax and pay attention to you and just you know, be a good boyfriend” he says and you nod “I agree but I’ve forgiven you” you say smiling but turning serious quickly “but don’t let it happen again, because I won’t be so forgiving, you’ll have to do a lot more to make up for it” you add giving him a look and he nods, knowing you mean it. He leans down to kiss you and you kiss back, holding his face. He gives you a soft and loving kiss. You pull away and smile “I think it’s time we fix your little problem” you say referring to his prominent boner. He laughs a bit “I’d like that” he says and you knew he would. He leans in to kiss you but you stop him, he looks at you confused “what?” He says and you smile “let me ride you tonight” you say and his eyes go wide “really, you haven’t done that in a long time” he says sitting up a bit, and you nod “I know, but I really want to, I want you to see me and touch me while I’m on top, all for you to see” you say giving him a small smile and he nods eagerly, lifting his leg up so you can sit up and he can lay down. “Also, I want to see you weak under me” you say biting you lip causing him to firm up even more, probably all he can at this point with how turned on he is. He gives you an excited look, liking what he’s hearing. He is rubbing you thighs and moves his hands over you hips to squeeze your butt. You flinch a bit, surprised by the motion but not upset, you like it.
“I like your choice to ride me, this view is incredible” he says smirking at you and you sit up a bit straighter “yeah I like this view too” you say moving your hands down his chest and over his abs “but I think I’m tired of just looking at it, I’m ready to have sex with it” you say and he smiles “yeah I’m ready for that too” Derek responds. You don’t take any second before you start to rub your core against him, causing Derek to moan and move his hands all over your body feeling every nook and cranny. He lands on your boobs and begins to rub then making you moan a bit. After some teasing you can’t take it anymore and you lift up and line yourself up with Derek. You both moaning, Derek still has his hands rubbing your butt and hips.
You slowly move down, getting used to his size, it’s been over a week and almost a years since you rode him. You moan, loud and breathy, unable to control your breathing. “So good” Derek says inbetween breathes “so fucking good” he adds and you keep going, now moving all the way out and back down. You are close and you can tell he’s close too, you start to speed things up, Derek helps, holding onto your hips allowing you to move faster and steady. Not long after you feel him tighten and you tighten around him.
Derek releases, moaning your name, his chest rising and falling fast. You move up and down a few more times with the help of Derek now rubbing your clit. You release , your head goes back and you moan out, breathless. You pull off him, breathing heavy. You open your eyes to see him looking at you with sweet eyes, smiling. Running his hands up and down your thighs.
He starts to sit up a bit while you regain your breathe. You are still standing him. You kind of laugh a bit when he gets situated and he smiles at you “what?” He asks and you shrug “I just really needed that” you say blushing a bit “I was so cranky because you’d been ignoring me for the past week, it’s not as satisfying when I have to do it myself” you say and he nods “i won’t let that happen again, I’ll make sure you get whatever you want whenever you want” he says leaning in to kiss you “good” you say smirking at him “also, I didn’t know how much I needed that” he says moving his hands up and down your back. You smile “I know” and he smiles “I just got so caught up in it all” he says shaking his head. You smile and pick his head a bit and kiss him “it’s okay, but like I said don’t let it happen again” you say. He nods in agreement. “Now come on” you say kissing him before getting up. “We need to clean ourselves up and then put all that shit away somewhere and use the living room for its actual person” you say walking to the bathroom. Derek laughs, caught up in how much he loves you. You turn on the shower and he gets off to follow behind you and hop in with you.

Hope you enjoyed! I’ve been working on this for awhile but life’s been really busy lately!

- Him being surprised that you actually want to date him.

- “So I know I’m crazy amazing and everything, but are you sure there’s not an ex-boyfriend you’re trying to get back at or-”

- “No Wade, I like you, for the hundredth time.”

- “Good, because that would mean I have to eliminate my competition, and my feet kind of hurt right now.”

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