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Eyyyyyyy. Meet Shapherd. The guy with a mechanical arm and the most badass coat I’ve ever seen. (Nikki and Ffinli have competition now) Also he’s the second tallest.

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tfw aaron burr openly campaigns against you then says he’s “looking forward to your partnership”

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Note: Today’s April Fools’ Day and I thought I’d make a fluffy Crowley fic. Enjoy. :D

Word Count: 887+

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Warnings: Implied smut at the end, language

April Fools’ Day. Your favorite day of the year. It was the day of the year where people pulled pranks on each other for fun. You had always done something to mess with those around you every year, but this year was different. This was the first April Fools’ Day you’d spend as Crowley’s lover, meaning that you had never pulled a prank on him. You knew that would change today.

Currently, you stood on a mini step ladder, setting up your prank. You wanted to do something that you knew would affect him, but not enough to leave any permanent damage. That is why you were setting up a bucket filled with yellow paint on top of the door. You wanted to cover him in a color you knew you would never see him in. You knew that the prank would make a huge mess, but you would just make Crowley clean it up later.

Stepping down from the ladder, you stepped back and admired your work. Everything was in place, making your plan run smoothly. Now, you just had to wait for Crowley to get home.

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Been a While

Here have a McGenji drabble because there wasn’t enough content the other day and I NEEDED MORE……

This came out so cute I can’t even deal with my own writing take it away from me.

“Been a while since it’s just been the two of us, huh?” Jesse McCree waved the bottle of Irish whisky around before dropping it on the table. “Think we got enough of this from the airport?”

Genji shook his head, but the lights on his shoulder flashed with amusement. “Winston will not be pleased to see you spending that kind of money.”

“It’s for a good cause.” The cowboy pulled out the rest, one by one, until they formed a neat line. There almost wasn’t enough room for them on the tiny motel table. “I can’t even remember the last time we had a good drink.”

“A few days ago.”

“It doesn’t count if you ain’t drinkin’.” McCree pointed.

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organas  asked:

smutty prompt for my drunk princess: felicity not letting oliver go down on her till he trims his stubble :P <3

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this was written really quickly, so it’s probably full of mistakes. What can I say, I got in the zone and I really wanted to post it :) hope you like it!

Beard Burn

“Really? C’mon ‘licity.” He murmured against the soft flesh of her thighs, trailing his fingers up and down the sides.

“Oliver, no! I still got beard burn from yesterday! You really need a trim, that scratching flipping hurts! You don’t even wanna know how much Vaseline it took for me to just be able to walk.”

He pressed a gentle kiss to the inside of her knee and smirked a little. It was true, he had done a number on her the night before and he was kinda proud of the marks he’d left behind. But, he didn’t want to hurt her either. He ran delicate fingers over the skin of her inner thighs. It was red and a little irritated, the scratches getting worse the closer his fingers trailed to her center. He could feel himself straining against his pants. Putting a foot on his shoulder, she pushed him away from her. He let out a moan that sounded like something between a grunt and whining.

“Alright, Alright! I’ll go shave.” He said as he got up from the bed. Felicity licked her lips at the sight. A tanned, shirtless and scruffy Oliver with his belt hanging loose around his hips. His pants slipping off little by little, light blue boxers peeking out from under his jeans, the deep v carved in his abdomen demanding to be touched.

He walked to the edge of the bed and pulled her up, long fingers carding through her hair, thumb running over her swollen lips before he leaned down to kiss her. Her delicate fingers trailed along the ridges of his abs and down to the alluring v. He hissed against her lips as her small hand moved to cup him through his jeans while the other moved around him squeeze his ass. Letting his own hands roam over her body, he pulled down the cups of her strapless bra and palmed her breasts, thumbs flicking over the pebbled flesh of her nipples. She moaned. Loudly.

“Go.” She breathed in his ear, placing her hand against his chest, gently pushing him away.

Oliver straightened his back, putting his hands on his hips, looking down on her as she sat on the bed, smirking.

“Don’t move.” He said, sprinting into the bathroom adjoining their room. Felicity chuckled and tossed her damp, frizzy hair over one shoulder. She reached behind her to unhook the clasps of her bra, casually tossing it to the side and shimmying out of her summer dress. She scooted back on the bed, stretching out on her side, waiting for her new husband to return to her side.

It had been two weeks since the wedding. Two wonderful –you could say orgasmic—weeks on the Bahamas. They spent long days on the private beach their little cottage came with, enjoyed the beautiful view from their bed as the sun rose, and went on discovering the islands most secluded waterfalls. Felicity chuckled as she heard Oliver rummaging around in the bathroom, cursing under his breath as he knocked something over.

And then he was there, leaning against the doorframe, gloriously naked. She saw his sharp intake of breath as his gaze moved over her equally naked body. Felicity smirked and beckoned him towards her, her hand falling over his cheek when he got in reach.

“Smooth like a baby’s bottom.” She chuckled, turning so she was lying on her back, Oliver hovering over her. He leaned down to kiss her, fingers fluttering down her side. He didn’t say anything, just let his lips move from hers to her cheek, the shell of her ear, his tongue darting out to tease her before moving to nibble on her earlobe and kissing his way down her throat, paying extra attention to the particularly erogenous spot. He lips moved across her collarbones and down the valley between her breasts, paying good attention to both of them. Felicity was a trembling mess when his tongue flicked across her hipbone. Her hands hanging onto his hair for dear life, fingernails scratching his scalp.

Gently easing her legs apart, mindful of the stinging redness, he pressed his lips to her core, his tongue teasing, lapping at her juices, swirling around her sensitive little nub. She keened, arching her back off the bed, pulling at his hair and wrapping her legs around his back, pulling him impossibly closer.

“Oliver, please.” She panted, gasping in shock and pleasure as he plunged two long fingers deep inside of her, stroking her walls while his thumb moved over her clit. Oliver’s soft skin against her thighs was a whole new experience for her. He’d always had some amount of stubble, never had he been this clean shaven before. It was wonderful, not that the stubble wasn’t mind-blowing as well.

The heat in her belly stared growing, her walls twitching with Oliver’s fingers as he curled them inside of her. She was left gasping for air, coming undone around her husband’s fingers. She felt like she was going to explode into a million pieces as he rode her through her orgasm, prolonging it as long he could. If this had been the end of her life, she would have been fine with it cause hell it was a good way to go.

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