you still got a beard

merrymortician said: if you are taking requests for the emoji thing can you do A4 with Tjeffs?

tfw aaron burr openly campaigns against you then says he’s “looking forward to your partnership”

(i’m still doing these! <3)

anonymous asked:

Technically you really are just a girl with a beard and no boobs.. you still got a clit lol you will never be a man and you know you will never be happy. Being transgender will always be on your mind and you will never be at ease. You won't ever be comfortable in your body either.

Hmmm 🤔 that’s where you’re wrong. My first thought in the morning isn’t “oh damn I’m transgender ☹️”. It’s actually “wow I’m TRULY without any question happy 😁” don’t come round here and try to project your inner and outer self hate seeing as you don’t have the balls to come off anon and say that shit for the world to see. So fuck off and be blessed 🤘🏼☺️