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Jon & Sansa parallels 27/∞ : Thieves (Inspiration)

“Jon sat up. “Ygritte, I never stole you.” “Aye, you did. You jumped down the mountain and killed Orell, and afore I could get my axe you had a knife at my throat. I thought you’d have me then, or kill me, or maybe both, but you never did. And when I told you the tale o’ Bael the Bard and how he plucked the rose o’ Winterfell, I thought you’d know to pluck me then for certain, but you didn’t. You know nothing, Jon Snow.” She gave him a shy smile. “You might be learning some, though.” - Jon, A Storm Of Swords

“Ser Roland swung down from his horse, turned to Alayne, and smiled. “I had heard that Lord Littlefinger’s daughter was fair of face and full of grace, but no one ever told me that she was a thief.” “You wrong me, ser. I am no thief!” Ser Roland placed his hand over his heart. “Then how do you explain this hole in my chest, from where you stole my heart?” - Alayne, The Winds of Winter


Lady Cassana Baratheon (née Estermont) was a member of House Estermont and the wife of Lord Steffon Baratheon; she was the mother of Robert, Stannis and Renly Baratheon. In her youth she probably served as one of Rhaella Targaryen’s ladies-in-waiting. She died in a shipwreck at Shipbreaker Bay in 278 AC.

Happy Birthday my sweetest darling and birthday twinny!

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I love the batim fandom because of how DIVERSE the character interpretations are. And I wish more creators of content for the fandom would be more welcoming to that. I love seeing all the ocs but it’s kind of a downer when people get possessive of them

To be fair, this fandom does have a problem with stealing people’s art/characters/designs and not giving credit, so you can’t really blame people for being a bit protective.

Hamilton bootleg thoughts

It’s hilarious that some anti-bootleg people are saying “I’m not privileged! I’m just saving money to go! And I’ll still have to drive, like, 4 hours!!”
oh no…. how terrible it must be….. four hours….. and here I am, continents away, thinking I was so unfortunate….. oh you have opened my eyes…… 

smh there isn’t even a confirmation that it’s gonna be filmed, just an old article from last year that said it might be filmed: 

“I said we WANT to film the show with this cast before the year is out. That’s all I said. There are no plans for anything yet.”— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) October 5, 2015

come on guys. stop telling us to wait for something that probably isn’t even going to happen. you can guilt-trip me into buying tickets (and I will, with pleasure) when they tour in Armenia. thanks.

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Does Cadmus!Alex ever end up hanging out with Ruby?

so at first, alex mostly avoids ruby because she’s a child, and alex has absolutely no idea how to deal with children? like grown people are hard enough as it is, but children?? no thanks.

also she’s pretty sure that if even slightest harm comes to ruby then sam will rip her apart with her bare hands and alex doesn’t want sam to be a murderer

kara: no you’re meant to say you don’t want ruby to get hurt

alex: yeah that too

and then eventually the day comes where everyone’s busy, and alex is the only adult available to look after ruby, and sam’s pretty apprehensive but she really does have to go, and alex points out that she’d managed to keep herself alive for these past few months so like how hard could a kid be?

alex: okay so i’m in charge-

ruby, reading the extensive list sam left: rule no.1: alex is not in charge

alex: yeah that makes sense

and then they have a really chilled out night? they watch disney movies and throw away the food sam left for them and get pizza instead and it’s weirdly enjoyable, because ruby’s a smart, caring, and intensely curious kid who’s also kind of a smartassed brat with a very low sense of self preservation, and like that’s basically the checklist for people alex loves.

so it’s not like alex starts seeking ruby out or anything, but after that, every time they end up in the same room alex actually talks to her? instead of like, immediately leaving? and eventually sam ends up telling ruby a pretty sanitised version of alex’s past and it doesn’t really change anything? ruby still sees her as the weird but funny woman who helps her with her science homework and teaches her cool pranks and sneaks her chocolate when sam isn’t looking and like honestly what more could alex ask for

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Lol I still can't get over the fact that some accused you of "stealing" Kayla's build- she puts her builds on the gallery for people to use and you never claimed it was yours. People are so weird.

RIGHT!! im only using her westbrook house which ive had hmm maybe one? ask about and i linked it right away and that was ages ago i want proof that which theyve failed to give!!! i guess they recognized it from my screens and immediately i stole it uhhh no honey its on the gallery for everyone to use + kayla suggested i use it 


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If it's so hard for her to see them together, then leave the village forever. Funny, I never saw her looking guilty. Did she feel guilty EVERY FUCKING TIME she tried to get it on with Robert? If she felt guilty, then leave them Robert alone, leave Robron alone, stay away from Vic, stay away from Liv, stay away from the pub. Emily and her "Rebecca will steal your man but you'll still love her" bullshit. You can't steal someone's man and say you don't want want to ruin anyone's life.

i’ll just leave this here


Odin made a fuzzy sloth friend!



Oi. I’ll admit I shouldn’t have put this off, but she gave us two assignments due this Thursday. I’m thinking of skipping I&P tomorrow just to get it finished. I absolutely hate skipping class, but shit has to get done son. Also, the pen tool on Photoshop, is my new best friend. My roommate pretty much saved my ass in this assignment.

Don’t judge my characters, I DON’T DO THIS EVER….but it’s what she asked. fu.

Ugh…I don’t even…