you still believe in monsters under your bed

The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Two]

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WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 3k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Two

September 24, 2006

Waking up the next day was difficult for you. The dirt covered boy hasn’t left your dreams all night. Every time you would close your eyes, you’d have the same dream repeatedly: the boy coming from the forest, the puppy with violet eyes, the transformation… It was an almost non-ending nightmare. When you could finally sleep at peace without those visions, it was already sunrise.

You had finally woken up at 2 p.m. and since you were an early bird, this was the latest you had woken up. Stretching your hands over your head while yawning, you stared at the claw marks on your walls. So deep and so long they were! You didn’t believe that an animal could do that, but you weren’t sure either so you’d quickly forgotten about it. Today, you wanted to do something new and you will do so.

You went toward your curtains and opened them wide open, “Woah!” You exclaimed while squinting your eyes due to the bright sunlight. Today was a beautiful day, and you were going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Your father wasn’t there so he wouldn’t know, right?

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Au’s Writing Challenge!

Hi! If you’re reading this, I love you!

(Au is the surname of Audrey, my name, lol I just figured out it looked like an Au Fic writing challenge but it’s not it’s like very open to more haha)

So, I wanted to do that for a long time. A writing challenge. And to celebrate 1,5k! So here you go! I’m gonna list some rules and the prompts you can chose! I couldn’t chose for a specify theme and didn’t want to impose one like… I really love soulmate au and song fics, so I will put some ideas if you wanna do one but I don’t want to force you to so it’s mostly lots of prompts I made! Like you will see, there’s normal prompts, winter special prompts and songs I really love for song fics. You can mix them, chose more than one, like, pick a song and a prompt or two prompts!


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  • You can pick more than one prompt, but it’s one person per prompt!
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  • If there are enough entries, there will be a second place prices!
  • Send me an ask with the prompt (specify if it’s from normal or winter prompt) and character you want
  • Can be any characters from Teen Wolf or Dylan O’Brien characters (Mitch, Stuart, Thomas, Stiles, Dave or Dylan himself)
  • If you are sneaky you can write for Game of Thrones… (*discreet giggle*)
  • Can be smut, fluff, angst, au, crossover
  • Minimum 500 words, no maximum. Get wild, my friends!
  • Can be a reader insert OR an OC. I allow both because I know some people are more comfortable with either of these.
  • Please use the keep reading tab!
  • Can be a one-shot or a series

Prompts under the cut!

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NateWantsToBattle Lyric Starters
  • (Rearrange, combine, edit as you want!)
  • "It takes forever when you go all about it wrong."
  • "These halls are lined with blood I can't have on my hands."
  • "These walls they seem to call my name."
  • "I refuse to be another puppet in your game."
  • "Your eyes are dead inside."
  • "Tonight I leave alive."
  • "I won't let you back in no more, no more."
  • "I'm sick of getting stuck in the same routine again."
  • "But I'll never ever be like you."
  • "I know what happened here, and you can't erase your past."
  • "I've done what I can to try to hide, but even you can tell who I really am inside."
  • "It's not my job to watch you."
  • "Maybe one day you'll find humanity."
  • "Don't you dare say that we are the same."
  • "I crave the light of day."
  • "It's driving me insane."
  • "We're back. Revamped."
  • "The madness never ends."
  • "We're not alone. This time we brought some friends."
  • "You keep coming back."
  • "But if this is what you want, then you can be just like us."
  • "You act like we're to blame."
  • "You wear a mask to hide yourself when really it makes us the same."
  • "A couple hours, but it's feeling like days."
  • "Now you're running out of power."
  • "We'll leave you mangled and winding away."
  • "Did you hear that?"
  • "There's banging in the walls."
  • “It’s been years since I’ve seen a face around here.”
  • “I was broken and alone in that hell I called my home.”
  • "You think you stand a chance to last against the ghosts of your past?"
  • "Finding me was your worst mistake."
  • "Now it's just you and me."
  • "You turn away? I'll be right beside you."
  • "You cut me off, but I'll always have another way to find you."
  • "Another night, but it doesn't get easy."
  • "Because you're stuck picking up all the pieces that they salvaged."
  • "No matter what the ending, you won't last the night."
  • "Now don't you panic. It'll all be over soon."
  • "You'll never be free!"
  • "You block me out all you want, but I hear the sound."
  • "I'll come back around."
  • "No happy ending will ever find you."
  • "All of these ghosts, they're from deep inside you."
  • "I found you."
  • "You've been asleep in your room."
  • "You can scream. You can shout. This'll all end soon."
  • "I'm your nightmare."
  • "I'm broken inside."
  • "I'll be the end of you."
  • "Just tell yourself that this is all in your head."
  • "I hear them running."
  • "They're banging at my door."
  • "It's gone for days and nights, but I can't take this anymore!"
  • "I hear them breathe."
  • "We hear you scream."
  • "They won't stop haunting me."
  • "They're right behind me."
  • "And I won't take this no more!"
  • "This can't be real. It's in my head."
  • "Give it up. You're better off dead."
  • "Some things are best forgotten."
  • "We're voices in your head."
  • "We're the monsters under your bed."
  • "Come take a closer look."
  • "We're all still your friends. Do you still believe that?"
  • "You say that this is over."
  • "I cannot pretend."
  • "I know that this can't be the end."
  • "It's bad enough I'm fading out, and still you torture me."
  • "Why can't you let me be? I just want to be set free!"
  • "Now this is the end."
  • "We can't promise you no more."
  • "You say you're sick of all your fears, but you keep coming back around here."
  • "Perhaps it's time for you to be one of us now."
  • "Now it's the finale, and you weren't ready."
  • "Don't cry. We're not so scary."
  • "Don't make a scene, and we'll end this quickly."
  • "Maybe you've just lost your mind."
  • "Now you've lost your time."
  • "We all know you're said and done."
  • "Now we're bringing it back, and the gang is on track."
  • "There's so many of us, and we're causing a fuss."
  • "We all know how the night will end."
  • "Now you're hiding yourself, but you know very well that it's making us one and the same."
  • "On strings you will dangle with only yourself to blame."
  • "There's not a thing you can do to stop us."
  • "I've forgotten what it's like for me to smell your fear."
  • "Am I driving you insane?"
  • "Am I eating at your brain?"
  • "Your heavy breathing and pain will end soon."
  • "You're picking up the pieces to the ghosts that will haunt you, too."
  • "There's no tomorrow for you no matter what they said."
  • "You know who you are."
  • "We know everything."
  • "You've come so far."
  • "Now you pull the strings."
There is a belief still widely kept that the observable universe is held together in the jaws of a serpent.
Imagine it: great raking coils moving thick as oil over the surface of everything—
the surface of you.
When it’s hot out, and you’re real tired, and maybe you’ve just had a crying fit or scraped your knees—
you can see it, wide as a church door or the gap under your bed.
There are monsters out there. So many that they blur over time. You start believing in ghosts, start believing in god and the power of crystals and all sorts of things that wind up
buried in your herb garden or tucked into a pillowcase and forgotten
in the same way you forget what you said and what was said to you.
It’s a stretch to let yourself become the sum of every telescope aimed at your heavens—
at your hells. It’s a stretch to be forgiven, to be seen,
except through the screen doors and gold silks of all you desired for yourself
once upon a time.
Some say, when pretending to be brave, that there is nothing beyond the self.
It’s tempting.
Tempting like a tail curls around the idea of an apple
and finds fangs wrapped in lips soft from the rotting and the
effort and the want for more.
Tempting to devour void upon void because there will always, always be more.
Always more hollow logs; more damp tinder; more empty mugs.
If there is a snake draped across all of space and time, it must get hungry too, heaving itself through fields of bright gaseous matter. It must be easy to slip whole species through the gaps in
those teeth.
You see, like the way a night unzips itself for you in a roar, like
all your gems spread in a tarnish across your bed,
that there is a tender want for absence in every gap you fill. You are a soft decline,
waltzing down a string of moons towards polished woods
waiting to embrace everything you are,
expanding as a star.
There is a blankness to your desperate breath, crawling with words as it is,
and it is patient and long as the dawn.
It is inconsolable, it is the most infectious thing you’ve ever seen,
and it is beautiful to behold:
the deep, dark sleep you breed in the midst of things—
loud as history,
big as light,
careful as searching scales over an endless sight.
—  autobiography by charlie quinn

((Oh! I love it. Enjoy, my dears. /)u(\))

It wasn’t easy this new life of his, before he had met you he would sleep without his mask on. The disdain he felt when he looked in the mirror, he barely looked human anymore. His skin that was once beautifully dark and never burned in the sun was sickly, he looked like a corpse. His face was scarred up even worse than when he was Gabriel Reyes, his eyes… Well they looked like they belonged to the grim reaper himself. Dark blood red, black mist oozing out of his eyes and nose; his teeth were now unusually sharp, it had been hard adjusting to this especially since you came into his life. He always feared he would bite down too hard or cut your tongue when you kissed, you were such a fragile thing compared to him… A pure being next to what many called a monster, a demon.

You never saw that though, how you came into his life was nothing short of amazing. He saved you from some creep who was planning to do unspeakable things to you, and kill you once he was done. Gabriel may not be a “hero”, but he didn’t like seeing weaker people being taken advantage of. You called him your ‘savior’. It was annoying at first since you two would always bump into each other, but soon the Latino man found he deeply cared about you. The first hint is when he saw you with another, he couldn’t help but spy on your date, and once your date expected more than you were willing to give…. Let’s just say it didn’t end well for them.

He’d always tell you, “Listen, I am not your hero. I am the monster that hides under your bed. “You never believed that for a second, Gabriel was hurt and while he did do bad things… There was a man under that scary owl-like mask, a man who was lonely, and hurt.  A man that needed love desperately and you knew that you were the right person for the job the instant Gabriel saved you.

You’d been with Gabriel for almost a year now and you never got to see his face, you could sense it was a sore subject. Still though, Gabriel didn’t understand how much you loved him. Truthfully you could care less what he looked like; you just wanted to be able to stare in the eyes of your heart and soul whenever you kissed. You needed to look at him in the light when you made love; you were tired of him turning off the lights so you couldn’t even see his gorgeous scarred body. You tried your best to assure him and respect his boundaries, but you needed to know what his eyes looked like when he looked at you… Even if it was just for a minute!

It was then when Gabriel walked in your apartment he decidedly had taken over that you set your plan into motion. This wasn’t your first attempt; you thought he might take his mask off if you cooked for him… Turns out he was rather skilled at eating with a mask on, which made you pout like a child for the next few hours.

“Gabriel? Could you come here for a moment? “You called out from the other room, sneaking into a closet; he’d never expect this sneak attack even if he was a professional.

Gabriel Reyes slipped off his boots, jacket, and gloves. He knew you hated it when he got dirt on the carpet or scratched up the furniture, especially when you said he was worse than your damn menace of a cat who always seemed to cock-block the both of you. Cracking his back, he set off to find his significant other. “(Y/N)? Where the fuck did you go? I’m not in the mood for hide and go seek today, mi amor loco.” He groaned out in minor annoyance. He passed a slightly ajar closet on his way to your bedroom; he didn’t think much of it until suddenly he was pulled backwards and his mask carefully torn off. His first and natural instinct was to grab his gun to kill the bastard who thought they could de-mask him, probably some scumbag hoping to give away his identity to the highest bidder.

“Gabriel, don’t! It’s me. “A familiar voice yelled out, fuck. He slumped downwards once his love let go of him, equally pissed, upset, and afraid. They would leave now; he could already hear their screams of horror as they would call the local authorities to remove a ‘monster’ from their cozy little apartment.

“Mi amor… Why?” He questioned simply, he felt betrayed almost by this.

“I… I wanted to look in your eyes, just once! I just wanted to see all of you… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have. You must think I’m selfish and horrible, Gabriel.” You whimpered out, seeing the look of distrust on Gabriel’s inhuman face. Tears poured from your eyes as you practically dove into his arms, holding him tightly. “Please, please forgive me. “ You pleaded endlessly, hoping Gabriel didn’t hate you.

“You’re not… Screaming, or running away. Why are you crying? Am I really that terrifying? Look, you don’t have to hug me to attempt to appease me. “He commented, rather confused by all of this. Slowly he wrapped his arms around you; he hated seeing your lovely (E/C) eyes cry. While he still felt betrayed and mad, he couldn’t hate you even if he wanted to.

“Why on earth would I run away?” You sniffled, curling into the large man.

“Because of what is behind the mask. I told you from day one, I am a monster. Haven’t you listened? That’s why I never wanted you to see… this. “He motioned to his face.

“Gabriel… You aren’t terrifying, and while you’re no saint; you certainly aren’t a monster of any type. You are as beautiful as I thought you’d be. Can’t you see? I never would’ve cared about your the mist, the scars, or any of that… I just care about you. I love you. Every inch, every imperfection, you cannot begin to see what I do whenever I look at you. “That was all it took for Gabriel to cup your face, slowly he wiped away your tears.

“ No more crying, it’ll take time for me to feel comfortable without my mask… but I am willing to take it off at least for a little while. I am still mad, but you can make it up to me later, mi amor. I love you too. “He stole a kiss from you before you could even reply, he lifted you up bridal style, deciding it was best if you two laid down for a while.

Grown Up (daughter!reader)

Character: Dean Winchester

Warning: Mention of parent death

Word Count: 2,163


Hello there. I have a pretty detailed request, if you get around to it. Basically the reader is deans daughter and it takes place between seasons 3 and four when Dean has gone to hell. Basically she goes nuts without her dad and starts hunting and gains a pretty good reputation. But when Dean comes back he finds out about it and is not happy at all and finds her and when they see each other it’s all emotional and what not. The rest is up to you. Thanks in advance if you get around to it

Hey! I don’t know if you still take requests or not, but if you do could you please write another Dean with angsty teenage daughter reader? The way you write Dean as a father is my absolute favorite. Thank you so so much!!


    He wouldn’t let you come near that hunt. It was his job as your father to keep you away from a fight he knew he wouldn’t come back from. No child should watch their father die, and he made you promise that you would stay put until Sam returned. You obeyed, but not before you begged him, sobbing, to stay with you. One last kiss was pressed to your temple, a silent tear fell from his cheek to yours, and then he was gone, leaving you numb and trembling on the dingy bed of an even dingier motel room. Hours later, there was a moment when your heart clenched and ceased to beat, and you knew it was over.

    Sam wouldn’t let you see the body. He brought his brother back wrapped in a pale blue sheet that didn’t hide the blood. He asked you to stay away, and then he begged. When you wouldn’t listen, he threw his arms around you and held you until the fight left you. On the day you buried your father, he let you draw the sheet back from his face only for a moment – long enough to say goodbye. Taking the amulet from around his neck, you shoved it into your uncle’s hand and told him to hide it.

    You wouldn’t be persuaded to stay. If you could drive, you could take care of yourself, so you left. Sam tried to change your mind, but your mind was made up. It didn’t matter that he’d made a promise to take care of you. You wanted to hunt, and you wanted to do it alone. Three days after burying your father beneath six feet of earth, you got behind the wheel of a rental car and never looked back.

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under the bed

  • Daehyun
  • Word count: 1,930

You stretch and grimace slightly as you make your way to your bed. Moving into a new apartment had taken its toll on you; your aching muscles protesting with every movement. With a not-so-graceful plop you land on the bed, burrowing yourself under the blankets. One last stretch and you close your eyes to the silver moonlight streaming through the bare windows.

You aren’t sure what woke you up, but you are now blinking slowly at the ceiling above you. You keep still trying to come out of a dreamy haze when you hear a soft scuffle come from under your bed. As you process whether or not you were imagining the noise, it comes again, this time a low rumble, followed by what sounds like a sigh. Your heart begins to race. No cockroach or mouse you’ve ever heard of can sigh. Holding your breath, you slowly push back the covers and peer over the edge of the bed. Nothing. Realizing that you need a better angle to see fully under the bed, you swing your leg over the side and carefully place your foot on the cold floorboards. You do the same with your other leg and slowly lower yourself to the floor. Now on all fours, you take a deep breath before ducking your head down to take a peek at what is causing the strange noises. The moonlight throws distorted shadows across the floor, making it difficult to determine if anything is actually there or just a trick of the velvety darkness. You drop your body flat on the floor, the cold seeping through your thin pajamas and causing a shiver to run through you. You strain your eyes to make out any shape, yet there’s still no sign of anything that could have made those sounds. Letting out a sigh, you shake your head, concluding that being in an unfamiliar place was playing tricks on your senses. You prop yourself back up on your forearms when a flash of red catches your attention. Freezing, you hold your breath as you take another peek. Every muscle is tense, ready to jump away at any sign of movement. Your eyes scan over the darkened space once again when you discover a pair of crimson eyes staring right back at you.

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alicemadnessliddell  asked:

Requests are Semi open?.. reactions to This Is The End by NateWantsToBattle, blood and tears by sparrowrayne/random encounters, or Finding Mr Midnight by random encounters?

Mum M; yes they are semi meaning I’m only gonna accept/write the ones that are easy for me until I get out of my funky for this fandom and away from the Mystic Messenger evil grip on me. I also will do chat ask like kinda of “get to know the mun.” Type of thing, I decide to answer this because it had a question I felt needed to be answered. I’ll do NateWantsToBattle because OMFG MY HUBBY! I mean onwards! I also did a request similar to this one. It’s them reacting to Salvaged by him.

Shu: “I found you, you’ve been asleep in your room. You can scream, you can shout but this all will end soon.”

Shu arched a brow as he listen to the song before he sighed with annoyance and walked towards the computer that you had blasting that song from. He couldn’t stand to listen to something so loud and not peaceful. When he turn it off and you left in a huff upset he ruined your fun, he smirk and begin to hum the song, sure it wasn’t his taste but it was catchy. “HA! I knew you like it!” He would hear you scream before clicking his tongue. “Whatever.”

Reiji: “I’m your nightmare, I’m broken inside. I’ll be the end of you, so hold your teddy bear tight tonight.”

Reiji would simply turn it off, even if you turn it back on he’ll repeatedly turn it off before he smack your hand away from the computer. “That isn’t appropriate song to listen to. So I recommend that you don’t turn it back on if you know what’s good for your sanity and your health. I will punished you if you ever listen to it again.”

Ayato: “We roam and we invite, you won’t survive the night, just tell yourself this is all in your head.”

Ayato would smirk almost taking a liking to the song right away. He would always make a comment saying that this song is his new theme song and that it had planned out your death jokingly. Still he would be having fun making you sweat and shake in fear at times. “Awe, is pancake scared of Yours Truly? You should be. You won’t survive the night.” He quoted the song.

Kanato: “I hear them running; they’re banging at my door. It’s gone for days and nights and I can’t take this anymore,I hear them breathe.”

He would turn it off, giving you no response. He doesn’t seem to be that type to actually care for that type of music, he likes something more innocent tone of it? Or if he truly was in a good mood he’ll endure it if you’re gonna give him something in return. By that, he means chocolate cake.

Laito: “They won’t stop haunting me. They’re right behind me, and I won’t take this no more. This can’t be real, it’s in my head.”

Laito would smirk as he listen to the song and walked up behind you, wrapping his arms around your stomach. “Little Bitch, doesn’t my music amuse you? Is it not good enough for you? Hmm little bitch?” He asked softly into your ear, blowing air against the back of your earlobe. He couldn’t help but be amused at your blush.

Subaru: “We’re voices in your head, we’re the monsters under your bed. Come take a closer look, we’re all still your friends. Do you still believe that?”

Even if he acts like he hates it and throw the computer out of the window, he would secretly listen to the song every time you were away from him and/or studying and he needed something that reminds him of you. As weird as it seems, he might actually calm down when hearing the words. “Subaru are you actually enjoying the song?” He hears you asked and he let out multiple curse words.

Remember When

Imagine being Dean’s neighbor when you were younger

Dean x Reader

There was crackling on the next door driveway, a car was pulling up. “No way.” You muttered, darting out of your window, eager eyes searching through the dark night.

An old Chevy Impala pulled into the driveway and you climbed up onto the roof from your window. “Okay boys,” Said an older man’s gruff voice. “We should be staying here for a few months, things have been calm.” “Come on Sammy.” Said another person’s voice, a guy, around your age. “But Dean…we’ll just have to move again, I don’t want to.” Said said with a sigh and Dean let out a low laugh, “When has that ever stopped you? It’ll be fine, trust me.” Replied Dean, stepping into the porch light which had been flipped on by his father who was already inside of the house.

The father’s shadow moved across the living room, setting down a bag and he sat down.

Dean stood in the doorway, waiting for his little brother. He looked your age but by the way he held himself he may as well be an adult. Soon, Sam came out of the car, his shoulders hunched and as he passed under Dean’s arm (that was holding the doorway open) dean ruffled his hair with a faint smile.

“Come on Dean.” You could hear his father say in a slightly raised voice, and his smile instantly disappeared, his posture straightened and you could swear he flinched slightly.

Just before he closed the door, he turned to look at your house as saw you, the two held each other’s gaze for a solid five seconds before you scrambled back into your room through your window.

“Shit, he probably thinks I’m some stalker!” You muttered, pacing back and forth through your room. You tapped your foot, crossing your arms. Odds are he wasn’t home schooled so you would have to see him in two days when Monday came around.

You flopped on your bed, hoping to drown yourself in you pillow, and disappear into your bed sheets.

An hour later, just as you were starting to fall asleep you heard a tapping on your window. Ping. Dink.

What in the heck…? You thought to yourself, rubbing your eyes as you walked over to the window before looking out. Dean was throwing rocks at your window. “Figured you were staring, you wanted to talk.” He whispered into the night air with a crazy grin and you shook your head with a small laugh before holding up a hand. “I’ll be down in a minute.” You told him, your heart hammering. What was he thinking?!

After quietly slipping out of the back door you shook your head with an awkward laugh. “I heard a car, and I haven’t had a neighbor since I was a kid, so I was curious.” “You were perched on your roof.” He replied chuckling and you shrugged, “Well, tell me you’ve never had a stakeout for something that you wanted to know.”

He paused then shrugged, “Fair point…what’s your name?” “(Y/F/N), and yours?” You replied holding out your hand an he shook it with a small smile as his eyes looked at your hand then flicked up towards your eyes. “Dean Winchester.” He shook your hand, you noted it felt calloused.

What would he have done to have had such weathered hands?

“There’s a park a little ways away, if you haven’t seen it, it’s really peaceful at night.” You said and he raised an eyebrow, “You’re really trusting towards a guy you’ve just met.” “You seem different from other guys, what can I say? My bullshit meter hasn’t gone off yet.” You replied, waving a hand dismissively. He just shook his head, with a smile pulling at his mouth.

As you walked, he kept glancing around and you poked his arm. “What, are paranoid about your father following us.” “I can tell you for a fact,” Dean started, looking at you with deadly seriousness. “that there are worse things following me than my dad.”

“Huh?” You asked, your brain stopping momentarily. He sighed and stopped walking, shoving his hands in his pockets. “You’ll either call me crazy, or tell my parents to send me to send the cops after me.”

Now you had stopped walking and looking at him curiously, what was he getting at?

“Now…when kids are little they are afraid of the monster under their bed…vamps, werwolves…” He started taking a steps towards you. “They’re real.”

There was a suppressing silence, everything around you seemed to stand still. He was now just a foot away from you. His green eyes flashed in the dark and you shook your head. “You’re joking.” he gave a small shrug, “What’s your bullshit meter saying?”

Fuck. Curse you logic. You thought, shaking your head. “It’s saying that you’re telling the truth but how could I just believe that?” “Told you that you’d call me crazy…” He said, taking on of his hands out of his pocket to rub his neck.

He started to turn when you let out a small sigh. “That would make me crazy too.” “You believe me?” He asked, looking over his shoulder at you and you threw up your hands. “Well, I always figured there was a higher power than the human race so what the hell, I’ll believe you.”

A small smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. “Well, that wasn’t the reaction I thought you’d have but I’m glad you believe me none the less.” “And if I didn’t believe you?” You asked him, and he shrugged, “Probably just say it was a joke that was supposed to be funny.” “Well, ha ha.” You told him, rolling your eyes.

You saw headlights down the road  coming quickly at you and Dean grabbed your hand pulling you off to the side of the road just seconds before it would have hit you.

It honked as it passed but kept speeding along.

You and Dean stood on the side of the road next to the looming trees, breathing shakily. “Monsters aren’t the only things I have to deal with.” He said, an uneven chuckle escaping him and you nodded slightly.

He looked up at the sky which was lit ablaze with stars and sighed. “By the way, (Y/N), unless you want to deal with a painful goodbye…odds are dad is going to move someplace else in the country in a few months. He always does, a new spur of cases in a new area full of monsters that needs his attention or some shit.” He explained, before looking at you.

“Would you seriously want to stick around knowing you’ll have to say goodbye?” He asked, and you looked at him before nodding firmly. “Yes. Do you expect me to just avoid you because I know about monsters most likely having a vendetta against you? That you’ll have to say goodbye?” You asked him and raised his eyebrows in a “Well…yeah.” expression.

You promptly, slapped his shoulder. “That’s what phones are for, idiot! You can write, can’t you?” “Last I checked,” he said, shaking his head with laughter as he looked down at you. “Okay, okay. Friends?” “Of course.” You replied and he gave you such a genuine smile it was like the sun. Lighting up the cold night.

There was a small pause and he raised an eyebrow, “You’re smiling really big, is there something on your face?”

I was staring! You thought, blushing out of embarrassment. “I-uh…no! No. Nothin’s on your face, Dean.”

The eldest of the Winchester siblings gave you a quizzical look before nodding to the road. “We should get back, my dad has eyes like a hawk. Talk tomorrow?” “I’m only a stone throw away.” You replied, flashing him a smile and he shoved your shoulder. “Dork.” “Idiot.” You replied, shoving his arm back. The two of you walked back, your footsteps and laughter echoing in the forests around you.

Figuratively I’m still six…figuratively I’m still hiding in the closet when it storms. Leaving the lights on in the house and checking under the bed. Only I’m not six. I’m two years from TWENTY six….I️ cry in the closet…and leave the lights on not because I’m scared of the dark..but I’m scared of the alone…and the silence so thick it screams. I️ sleep with the tv on…and instead of looking under the bed for the “monster check” I️ look inside myself…and look both ways before crossing certain people because I now know that the most terrifying thing isn’t what I️ haven’t seen but what I️ do…when I️ look in the mirror in the dirty bathroom at the two star club, six tequila shots in. Bra showing and studio fix not quite holding it all together. Turns out your mascara runs when you cry whether you set your face or not. I️ still believe in play pretend. I️ do it every day. At my job. To my family. To my lover….Yes dad, I️ still believe in God. Yes customer “it would be my PLEASURE to hear you bitch about how terrible it is that we use envelopes and aren’t eco friendly. Yes lover you can screw other people…we aren’t official anyway…I’m fine I’m fine I’m fine. Chest forward. Bright lipstick that distracts from sad eyes. Cleavage…to distract from sad eyes. Laughing girl at the venue, to pretty to have problems girl, best ass thrower at the kickback girl, soft girl, roll over and take it girl, non controversial girl, fun fun fun…girl. Figuratively…I’m still six.

A Campaign Slogan Idea:

When a little kid is worried about a monster eating them in their sleep, even though the parent doesn’t believe it exists, they’re still going to check under the bed anyway. And you’re kind of a shitty parent if you don’t do that, right?

Well, my idea is to encourage parents to apply that same attitude to their child worried about mental illness. Even if you don’t think your kid has one, you should still take their concerns seriously and find them help, just to make sure.

I call it #CheckTheBed.

It’s meant to raise awareness that saying things like, “Oh, what do you have to be depressed about?” is dismissive and dangerous. You don’t tell a kid the monster isn’t real and close the door without checking, and you especially don’t do it when the monster could very well be real.

The boogeyman doesn’t go away until someone pokes their head under and shines a light on him. Someone always needs to #CheckTheBed.

When you lay a new layer of asphalt down in your heart no one will wonder if there has ever been a road here before, and I’ve lost count of how many times the road has been repainted. How many times I’ve readjusted the line, so all our words walk the same thought. I need you like dough needs hands and flowers need the sun, but we chose to melt like butter, like a firework in the sky. Language was created to lie with, and in a bed full of rocks, breathing has tied me down. I’ve never held those hands but I’ve felt the butterflies. My heart has skipped a hundred beats and I have known love by the way you smile. Loving you is like all the dead metaphors in my heart found home in a single touch. I want to wrap your flaws in a silky fabric and sew it on my favourite dress I’d wear it proudly to tell you how pretty you are made. Darling, know no matter how distant I seem, my prayers are honest enough to reach out to your heart. I’ll give you things; quiet hands that comfort, a lap to lay your head, soft moments of vulnerability, dandelion wishes, an ocean of dreams, shared laughter in the dark, sea glass and smooth pebbles, dusty sunbeams through forest canopies, and a heart that trusts. Loving you is a religion I practice, and I’m just relearning how to pray. I have made friendship with the trees and I have let go of the leaves. Our hardships made us into silent people. Our struggles folded us into origami. I once read a list of places that made us feel out of this world, out into space, and right next to the brightest star. My own version of this list would be sitting in a quiet Waffle House and playing music inside of the juke box. Every sound ever made, you became the songs I wish I could play. The darkness of a movie theatre, when the credits roll, you became the lighting near my feet, forever a flame guiding my lost soul home. I can’t forget your face, I can’t forget your name. I can’t find another you, so I’m just here to understand you. I know our arms became petals and we no longer found dew to be profound, we found out that tears don’t always mean sadness, I’ve cried because of happiness and I’ve cried because of hopelessness. I know you won’t always be there, I know you won’t always be around and I know we’re realistic but how do you manage to make me believe? Even if our smiles became honest, somewhere within our fake ones, we still lie and that’s okay. It’s one day, and if it turns sour, don’t worry, you won’t see it on my face. I have given out comfort in the form of poetry, but out of the letter senders, you’re the only one to stay. You’re the only one still here and if you decided to move your home, know that wherever your heart sleeps, that would be my tender mailbox, you will be my only home. I know perfection is a lie, but you still make me out as beautiful and I know the truth isn’t worth a damn to trust on some days, but the truth is you’re worth more than my trust issues and I’d die to believe even your sweetest lie and they say that I’m descriptive and I live inside of pens, but poetry made me into a monster, I guess some nights, we both live under the bed and became skeletons dancing inside of closets. If you hear a midnight whisper music boxing near your ears, it would be my only hello and I’m sorry that we can’t be there, but as long as the sun shines, there’s still hope. I know I’m not the happiest, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and my core is full of worms– I’m rotten to the soul and my heart is still breathing to be burned and I love with my art inside of coals and I am lighter fluid on my best days, but on my sad days, you became my match. If crying fixed the world, we have made the ocean 20 times more blue. If loving people made the world, we have made the future roses this much more red and I’m sorry that some days, we both feel dead– don’t worry, in a world filled with zombies, we’re the only ones eating hearts. They said that pain isn’t poetic, but as writers of the night, we still create chaos and I’ve seen beauty live inside of eyes, but never the truer did I find out about you. You have this way of talking, your blunt cruelty is attractive and you condemn those of hate with a world of love and you still make us feel like the bitter never let go of the sweet and you still love like the butterflies never died and let me tell you, I know because I do too. Inside of a milky sea, I let my purity sing your name. I was lovable once, I guess I left myself with no choice. I became a forever poet living inside of dried veins, I became a forever pen resting on decayed bones and I became a forever word jabbing from sore throats. We love and we love and we love, but darling we never quit and you still love like you invented the emotion of never knowing when we’ll be given the same fate and I know today wasn’t good, but tomorrow it might get better– I swear. I soaked up your passions inside of a rose petal and I grew those seeds and now, I know that just because a rose is red it doesn’t mean that it can love. If you give me everything silent, I’ll give you everything loud. I won’t leave you alone. If your earphones are in use, I’ll be the music played through them. The midnight rain won’t stop me. If your heart is breaking, I’ll be the reason you believe again. If your soul is lost inside of these woods, listen to my words, they’ll take us home. If your eyes are heavy, my shoulder is for yours to rest upon. I know we write and write and write, but the answer is never clear enough and we ran out of nerves to have, so we wrote it in the sand and let me tell you, the ocean has its way of saying, let me hold you to bed. If the sun could smile, you would be the brightness I closed my eyes for. If the moon could laugh, my belly is every moon that made all stars disappear. If the earth could love, my wrist would love to be next to yours, our tattoo is somewhere, but also no where far. What’s home is home and you’ve been more than enough, you’ve been more than sweet and I love that I love you and I miss that I haven’t met you, but we made our world into poetry and every time I blink my eyes, you had made roses grow inside where we can’t grab and my hands still look the thorns, yes, we all can’t be beautiful, but somewhere lost into the sky, you made my cry as something worth cheering on. If you could grip my heart, know that it’d hold your hand. If you didn’t want to live, know that I’d be there to hold you back to the deep. We live inside of rivers, a koi fish dreamed into a dragon. We breathe in ash and yes, we let our lungs burn away and my, I’m still alive breathing out your name. I have loved people, but I have never loved someone like you. We are something the stars intended. We are something the earth wished about. We are something the universe wrote about. We are something worthwhile. We are something alive. We are something worth smiling for. I know those clouds still make your head feel fuzzy and I know those forest fires still kiss your bridges and yes, we let passion take hold of our old traditions and yes, we can’t love like how our parents did, but that’s our tragedy, we write this poetry and let the secrets do the talking and yes, we write pain and let the blood do the spelling and I know that it isn’t always peaches and strawberries, but as long as you’ve got my back, we can still grow fruits where deserts used to be and we can still give love where heartache appeared. If you’re real then I am another wild card, I’m the trick up your sleeve, I’m your heart on a sleeve, I’m your white rabbit running out of time, I’m your white bunny pulled from a hat, I’m your ink running dry, I’m your seconds coming back to life, I’m your full moon during a bad night, I’m the acid trip you still feel in your spine, I’m your lungs forgetting how to breathe, I’m your heart remembering how to beat, I’m your red acrylic paint dripping from your heart, I’m your last poem you’ll ever need to write because what’s yours is mine and what’s mine is yours. If you ever feel the need to believe in anything, believe that we live inside of metaphors & even if they are dead, we never found a reason to let any emotion die, we only found a new reason to keep our poetry eternally and infinitely written down.
—  I wish I was breathing closer to you, but then I remember all of the people, who still breathes down my neck in the middle of the night. None of them are here and we’re so far from this place. So just because you’re not in front of me, you’re still the first person holding a sign up as we calm down from this high we never thought we would escape from. I love you.
The Ate & The Bunso
#41: Your child doesn't want to sleep

Niall:His gaze flies to the little boy sitting on the couch next to him, frown creating in between his brows as he focuses his eyes on small TV characters in front of him making Niall smile. ”Hey, are you sleepy yet?” he smiles taking his son on his lap, little boy’s head now pressed to his chest. ”No. I don’t wanna sleep” he whispers against his shirt. ”Is that because of that monster hiding under your bed?” Niall isn’t surprised when he receives a small nod. ”Trust me,there’s no monster, I promise. If there really was a monster I wouldn’t let you sleep there. But if you still don’t believe me, I’ll scare it away for you.”

Zayn:Light smile dances in the corner of his lips as he watches his little angel peacefully sleeping, his body leaning over door frame and he can't  help but chuckle of the thought how similar was she to her mother. Suddenly, a pair of big sparkly eyes light up that dark room, her head raising from the pillow, facing her dad. ”Daddy. I can’t sleep”, she whispers even though he knows that she’s lying, waking up and wishing for her father to make keep her company. He crawls on the bed sitting next to her, one of his arms instantly wrapped around her. ”Baby, is it cause of the dark again?” She nods. ”Don’t be scared love, I’m here to protect you. You’re safe with me. Now go to sleep.”

Louis:Chuckle leaves his mouth while watching his son crawling to the bed and sitting in between the two of you resting his small head on Louis’ lap, one of his arms wrapping around his fragile body. ”I can’t sleep”, he sighs. “Don’t worry”, he says stroking his son’s hair, ”I’ll make you hot cocoa, and if you want, you can sleep here.”

Liam:Loud noise of thunder and a softer, but still sharp noise of rain hitting closed windows fills the dark room making your small daughter snuggle even closer to her daddy’s warm body. Serious look on his face isn’t making it easy tell is he either happy or sad to watch his little girl being afraid of something or happy to be the one who ca protect her. ”Don’t worry baby”, he kisses the top of her head slowly petting her back and pulling blanket over her. ”I won’t let anything happen to you. You’re safe here with me, okay?”

Harry:Little hand reaches for her daddy’s bigger one as she leads him to the dark bedroom, her tiny finger pointing under the bed. ”Daddy, it’s here”, she hides behind his long legs not wanting to look at that ‘monster’. He stoops down on her level, equalizing his height with her’s, his two hands being big enough to hold her whole waist in them. ”There’s no monster, love. As long as I’m here to protect you, nothing bad won’t happen to you, promise. Now go back to bed.”

Olicity: Monsters Under the Bed


The word pulls Oliver out of sleep instantly, as it always has done since the first time she said it. When he fell in love with Felicity, the way she said his name would have him at her side in an instant, but that had been nothing to the way that his body had learned to awaken whenever his daughter made a sound. At first, he’d been unable to sleep through the night alongside her, but now the mutter of either his calling or Felicity’s has him waking before the word’s even finished, blearily rubbing over his face as his eyes open to find her. “Hmm?”

“Daddy,” she prompts again, not questioning this time.

He finds her where she always stands, at his side of the bed with her hands twisting into the fabric of her Blankie nervously. All he needs to know is that his daughter has spoken his name to be propping himself up and switching on the light. “Ava? It’s the middle of the night, hon, what are you doing out of bed?”

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"A Very Human Reaction" Cas One Shot
Author: arejnartxe 

Original Imagine Link:  Imagine Cas getting all flustered after seeing you walk around in your underwear for the first time.

Warnings: Cursing


It was the high pitched blaring that had you lifting your head.

You felt like lead and you’d felt like you’d been heavily sedated, but somehow it still managed to be a delicious, warm and sinful feeling. It was the first decent night of sleep you’d had in weeks and you would’ve been an idiot not to enjoy it. However there was always an idiot who would stop you from enjoying it. Your lithe arm reached out and fumbled against the cool wood of the bureau while your fingertips groped for your irritatingly loud phone.

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