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“I have to stop reading comments because there’s a lot of good ones but then when you see one bad one like, ‘Oh you look ugly’, that’s what’s going to stick with you. […] But I’m trying, I guess, to restructure Instagram and Twitter to a place where, yes — you can be subject to other people’s opinions — but you can also think,‘I’m gonna use this word or image again, like a protest,’ because if you’re just continuing to do what you’re doing then people will start to realise that you’re not doing it for them.”

July 16 seems sooooooo faraway so let’s have some fun while we wait. Because this is what Briemund is all about and even if it’s a crack ship that might never be canon (because yeah, it’s “Game of Thrones”) let’s wear it like a blue cobalt  dented steel armour!

The rules are simple, reblog or note this post or just message me with your ideas. The best Tormund (or Tormund/Brienne) lines will be edited with the above pic and posted in due time  with a tag to your tumblr so that you’ll get notified. Your tumblr name will be included in the pic unless you prefer to stay anonymous. 

The best of the best will also be uploaded on instagram unless you’d rather stick to tumblr, let me know.

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lost iPad doodle of Killua about 3 months ago….
it’s sad to say but i haven’t been active lately as much as i was expected…and i think i’m going to be busier from now on in this coming few months…. so i may not post things here as often as last year….but i thank you all for all support, hope you guys will stick with me forever

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12.07 coda

Sam isn’t much up for talking after tonight. That’s cool, it’s understandable. That move with the door earlier was pretty sweet, so Dean lets him have the space he needs. He’s been a little touchy lately anyway.

While Sam takes a lap to burn off some steam, Dean looks over at Castiel.

Crowley rocks back on his heels. “Well. I’m going to go… find some ice. For the eye,” he mumbles, and then he shuffles away.

“You sure you’re ok?” Dean asks, once he’s sure that Crowley’s gone.

Castiel’s shoulders sag. He rubs at his eyes. “Sure.”

Dean reaches out to grab Castiel’s elbow, before he thinks better of it and shoves his hand into his pocket instead. Castiel’s got a bloodstain on the collar of his coat. Dean nods at it. “That’ll come out, right?”

“I don’t know, Dean,” Castiel sighs.

Dean scowls. “Alright, fine, be a bitch about it,” he grumbles.

“Can we not do that tonight?” The request is weary and sad, but totally heartfelt. No more fighting, please. The cut on his cheek drips sluggishly still.

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Daddy Toews (Requested)

You looked down at the white stick in your hand, every emotion going through your body. You sat in the Target toilet stalls waiting for something to happen, wanting for some kind of answer. 

Two lines mean yes, one line means no. 

Jon was at practice, you hadn’t told him anything yet, you didn’t want to get his, and even yours, hopes up just yet. You had been trying for a baby for nearly a year now, this wasn’t the first time you thought that you could be pregnant.

You put the stick in your lap and checked Instagram, wishing time could go faster in just this moment. 

Five minutes pass, the stick is still empty, you’re trying to stay calm. 

You look at the time again, ten minutes have passed. You know it’s time, the answer is sitting in your lap, face down. 

You let out a sigh as you flip the stick. Two blue lines, your eyes immediately fill with tears. “Oh my god.” You whisper to yourself, covering your mouth with your hand in disbelief. 

“Are you okay, Miss?” A voice says from in front of your stall.

You laugh to yourself, “Oh yes, I’m good. Thank you!” You grab the test and your purse and walk out of the stall, a huge smile on your face. You looked down at the test once more, smiling as you placed it in your purse and washed your hands. 

Once you got in the car you called Jon even though you weren’t sure if he’d pick up. 

“Hey, babe.” You heard him say, he sounded out of breath. 

“Are you busy?” You were sitting in the car, the test back in your hand. 

“No, it’s fine.” You heard a few shouts in the background of Jon’s voice, “I’m just about to change then head home, do you need me to get something for dinner?” 

A small laugh escaped your lips, “Um, can you get some wine?” 

“Wine?” Jon laughed, “Sure, I can do that.” He made a kissing nose over the phone, “I gotta go, babe, but I’ll get the wine and be home in like an hour. I love you.”

“Love you too, Jonny.” You hung up the phone, your cheeks were starting to hurt from the smiling you were doing. 

You had one hour to think of a way to tell Jon that you were pregnant. You sat in the car, thinking of a way to surprise him until it finally came to you. You laughed as you started the car and drove to the store in search of a newborn Blackhawks jersey. You searched for the smallest one you could find, it was tiny, you couldn’t believe that you would soon have a baby that would be wearing that. 

You left the store and rushed home, hoping to beat Jon. You were so excited to tell him, you could barely hold in your excitement.  

“Hey, baby, I got the wine!” You heard Jon yell about ten minutes after you got home. You had wrapped the small jersey and now hid it behind a pillow on your bed.

“Thanks!” You yelled, running into the living room to greet him. His hair was still pretty sweaty, but he still looked gorgeous, he had a bottle of wine in one hand and his phone in the other, a huge smile on his face. You ran up and hugged him, kissing him passionately. 

“What’s got you all excited?” He laughed, throwing his phone to the couch and kissing you again.

“Am I not allowed to kiss my beautiful fiance?” You giggled, running your fingers through his damp hair, a soft moan escaped his lips, you giggled quietly, “I love you, Jonny.”

“I love you too.” He whispered, his lips still touching your body. “You didn’t answer my question though, what’s got you so happy?”

 “Oh nothing.” You lied, pulling away from his lips and grabbing the bottle of wine. You walked over to the kitchen and state the bottle down, “I ordered us some pizza, it should be here soon.”

“Sounds delicious.” He smiled, “Why’d I pick up wine if we’re eating pizza?” He laughed.

“It’s all about balance, Jonathan. A little bit of fancy, a little bit of casual. It’s how the world works.”

“Your world is weird.” He pulled a two glasses down from the cupboard and opened the wine bottle. 

“My world is gonna become your world very soon, boy.” 

“It already is.” The doorbell rang, the two of you exchanged smiles. “I’ll get it.” He smiled. 

As he made his way to the front door you bolted to the bedroom to get the wrapped jersey, you were so excited you could barely hold it in. You overheard him talking to the pizza delivery guy, you pulled the test out of your purse, placed it in a small gift bag and walked back to the living room. You were sitting on the couch, the box and bag sitting on the coffee table in front of you. You ran over and brought the two glasses of wine for each of you. 

“This smells so good.” Jon yelled as he made his way back, “What’s this?” He asked, pointing to the presents, his cheeks turned a light pink. 

“Open the pizza box.” You laughed, Jon looked nervous but did as you said. 

“Oh my god.” He placed the box down, leaving the lid open. In large bubble letters it wrote “I’M PREGNANT!!!” with pink and blue balloons drawn beside it. “Are you lying?” He laughed, you handed him the small bag. He took the tissue paper and exposed the pregnancy test, tears filled his eyes. “Holy shit, y/n.”

“One more thing, Tazer.” You laughed, tears in your eyes now. You handed him the box, he was sitting beside you now, you could see the excitement in his eyes, the realization that he was going to be a dad. 

He opened the box and revealed the small Toews jersey, the smile on his face got even bigger. He turned to you and kisses you passionately, “I love you, y/n. I can’t believe we’re having a baby!” He laughed, looking back at the baby jersey. 

“You’re going to be a dad!” You laughed, kissing him again. 

It’s The AOMG Style (Gray X Reader)

Requested by anon. I hope this is what you meant, I took a wild guess and this is what I decided to go with. Enjoy!

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Growing up in a latino household was great, you got access to great spicy food, you were billingual which made it easier for you to learn languages since you practised it since you were born, your mother bleassed you with a beautiful body, you weren’t like the instagram models but you were not a stick thing either, althought you recently learned to love those settle curves, the magazines had done a pretty good job at making you believe they were not acceptable.

Since you were a toddler you loved to dance, it was like you were born to do that, all different kinds of dancing, from ballet to zumba, from hiphop to tango, you did everything, you practised until your socks were red from the blood, you had bruised, you had busted a couple of your ribs, but you still kept going.

You posted videos on isntagram like it was a religion. All kinds of different shit, but there was this one video of you doing a salsa dance with your male partner to jay’s song ‘all I wanna do’. People loved it and his fans made it a mission to make him see it, after tons of tagging on instagram and twitter, he finally stumbled upon it and he was impressed, he could tell that you knew what you were doing, you had years of experience and it was extremely obvious.

He got in contact with you almost instantly, he wanted you in his team no matter what it takes. Since you were a fan of his you agreed and started doing your paperwork, while learning the language and the culture. You already knew the basics of the language and the basics of the culture, so you became a sponge that sucked in every little piece of information, you even practised it on daily bases before you went there. everything was set for your arrival.

He had let you rest on the first day.While you were sleeping the day away, he was explaining to everyone about you, the most interested one was Seonghwa.

“Is she the salsa dancer?”


Seonghwa had seen the video, he found you attractive, he was already following you on insta and he felt very excited to meet you, although he hid it under his poker face


Seonghwa made it his mission to be around you. After the first meeting he was even more interested in you, he showed you around the studio and the city, talking to you in a mix of English and Korean and some sign language, pointing and making weird things with your hands to understand.

He helped you with your Korean, every day he would teach you new words and writting. Jay was confused by his behavior, Seonghwa was not really a touchy feely guy, it took him some time to warm up to someone, but with you it was like another person took over his body. He didn’t understand why


That was until he found you two sneaky foxes making out in the studio. Seonghwa had forgotten to lock the door and you were to into it to think about it. You couldn’t really explain how did it happened, you were practising in your korean with him, you finally got to say a difficult word correctly and hugged him out of joy, when you looked at him your lips just collided.

“What just happened?”

You asked after pulling away. He was the first one to unwrap his arms from your body, looking down on the floor completely embarassed

“I’m sorry, I….”

“Do it again”

He looked up at you with wide eyes, he wasn’t expecting that reply. He let himself go and just kissed you again. After that you sneaked around like teenagers. You were scared of Jay’s reaction.

But there was just this one day where Jay busted in the studio and caught you straddling his lap with his hands on your ass

“I knew it!”

He yelled, closing the door so he can run and tell everyone. It was official, you were a couple now


Seonghwa never really liked halloween, since in Korea it’s not really a big of a deal, but you were going all in, it was the best time of the year, dressing like an idiot - for example a giraffe or a pregnant zombie woman or a ninja turtle- and it was completely acceptable. Jay was with you on this one, he threw a big halloween party, but since you knew Seonghwa was not in it you decided to make him like it. Dressing up as the legendary poison ivy, with the tight green suit and the long red wig and the make up, he couldn’t keep his mouth closed and his hands away from you.

He knew something like this would happen, you looked too good to avoid it. He could sense the looks as soon as you both walked in the room, him dressed up as batman and you as poison ivy, no one was looking at him every male person in the room had their eyes on you. You didn’t care, you had eyes for only one person, and that was Seonghwa.

You stood by his side all night, talking, dancing, joking with the others, drinking, everything, he was scared to let you go.

“You want a drink?


He was so relaxed and a bit tipsy, he forgot that it was a bit risky to let you go alone, walking next to the drunk hormones.

You told the bartender your order and waited for your drinks, until you felt a strange hand around you, that was definetely not Soenghwa. His hands were soft and gentle, this was brutal and stronger. You turned around and pushed him away

“What the hell?”

“Come on baby don’t be a bitch”

The clearly drunk man slurred, he went in for a kiss but you managed to dodge him and push him away even further.

“Get the fuck off of me”

You yelled, rage written all over your face and it was crystal clear by the tone of your voice. He just smirked and grabbed your neck, you froze at your position, fear took over you as you looked straight into his scary eyes. You bit your lip as you struggled to rip his hand away from you.

“Don’t act like you don’t want it, look at the way you are dressed”

You didn’t have time to react, he was ripped off of you and pushed down to the floor. You looked at the person that saved you, it was jay who was dressed as aquaman (pun intented)

“She said get off of her, you’re not only an asshole, you are fucking deaf too?”

The dude decided to back away and you immidiately found shelter in jay’s arms, your heart was beating fast and your hands were shaking. He hugged you back and checked for any bruises

“You’re okay sis?”

You and Jay had developed a very close friendship, you were both very sarcastic and liked to joke around so you clicked, poking fun at each other and joining forces so you can prank someone. He felt protective over you, that’s why he entervened when he saw how scared you looked.

“I will be, thank you Jay”

“Seonghwa is looking for you”

You nodded and walked to the booth, yousat next to him and wrapped your arms in a tight hug, feeling his arms around you and being able to smell his cologne made you feel better, a bit more safe.

“Hey baby, what happened?”

“Nothing, I just want hug you”

He could tell something is wrong, he knew was went wrong. Someone scared you and he wasn’t happy about it, but decided to shut his mouth and just rub your back, thankfull that you are fine. He looked at Jay who came to the booth seconds after your arrival. By the look on his face Seonghwa’s thoughts were confirmed, making him wrap his hands tighter.

“Thank you”

He mouthed, Jay just smiled at him. He was just doing what he had to do, you were his homie and you were his best friends girl, and that means you are family. It’s the AOMG style.

「 Statue 」

Title → 「 Statue 」

Genre →fluff. ANGST.

Member →Mingyu

Description:You and Mingyu like each other.However his friends don’t like the idea of that.

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Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock

As the hooking ticks and tocks filled your eardrums, you frequently switched between peering at Mingyu, the mind-numbing clock, and your dreary teacher. Your class was a plodding jail cell, nobody wanted to be here. Including the stringent  teacher that was leading you all.

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it’s almost my 1 year anniversary of creating my instagram and this blog! I’m so excited and I’d just like to thank you all for sticking with me and supporting me. much love!💕 (ps my Instagram is @/storiesiwillneverwrite if you were wondering)

jaicourtney: Yo can everyone chill for a second please? Firstly, I apologize if anyone is offended by content on this account. My middle finger has a mind of its own. Trust me it ain’t personal.
Secondly, the women in my life are pillars of strength, tolerance, positivity and LOVE. Nuff said.
I try to share with you guys from an honest place and often that’s unfiltered.. maybe there’s a lesson in that for me. I can’t control how u digest things on the internet but before you decide how someone else views the world, consider the fact that you don’t know them. At all. You don’t know their beliefs or where they’ve lived around the globe. You don’t know the breadth of their perspective or how open their heart is. Maybe broaden yours before you give someone a label. Cos that’s something we never do.
Love ya. Stick around if you want.. otherwise✌🏼️


The film Trust No One from Cait’s friends Simon Kassianides was released today.  He sent out the link with this message:  Download! Share! Comment! Stick it on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - wherever you like! It’s yours to share and enjoy :)

Cait also tweeted about it:

It’s good and scary!