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Sam’s Jacket

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Title: Sam’s Jacket

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 776

Warnings: fluff

A/N: I heard @cyrilconnelly was having a rough day, so Sam Fluff is needed!! I hope you all enjoy this! I will be posting a third fic today because WE HIT 200 like WOW. I’m still blown away!

You walked throughout the bunker, your footsteps echoing off the walls of the bunker.  You usually slept in Sam’s bed when he was gone.  It helped you sleep.  When Sam was gone you would always worry that something would happen to him.  

You opened his bedroom door, poking your head in.  Your eyes immediately went to the jacket on his bed.  He forgot his jacket.  They must have been in a rush.  This caused you to worry even more.  

You picked up the jacket, slipping your arms into the sleeves.  The jacket was way too big for you, but that’s what you liked about Sam’s clothes.  Ever since you started dating Sam, he would always find his shirts and sweatpants would go missing.  Turns out that you stole them from Sam when he was away.

You grabbed your laptop from your room that was in between Dean and Sam’s rooms.  You shuffled your way to the library.  You knew what city they were in, but not what their exact location was.  You opened your laptop and decided it would relax you if you knew where they were.  You traced Dean’s number first, then Sam’s; they were at the same place.  

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