you starting to yes too hard girl

be a good girl

A/N: okay, so, i caved and i….. wrote my very first smut….. here you guys go, i hope you enjoy, there’s literally no plot, its just peter smut.

pairing: peter x reader

peter hooked his fingers in your shirt collar and used it to drag you closer. you were wearing a short skirt and his pants were already unzipped, giving him easy access to you.

“how bad do you want it?” he murmured against your neck, dragging his hands down your sides until they rested on your hips. you bit your lip and stayed propped up on his lap, grabbing his shoulders.

“bad,” you replied, almost panting already. just the anticipation was making your mouth water.

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Professional Behavior, Please

Request: @hmltntrsh51  Prompt 18 with Bucky? Maybe smut? (That parts up to you) But congrats on 2,000 followers!!!!!!!

@widowsfics   And also a smut one with 13 and 18 with Bucky pleasee

Prompts:   13)  “You can hurt yourself with that- *uses weapon skillfully*
You were saying?”

18)  ‘Let’s talk dirty to each other.’ ‘Babe… we’re at work. Remember? Professional. Behavior. Please.’

Words: 1327

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Today is my birthday but you are the ones who win this gift.


Thank you @widowsfics for beta this for me

Credit to the gif owners

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Visiting Bucky at work was one of your favorite things to do, you love how he kisses your cheek when he sees you, how he introduces you as his best girl to every single person that you to meet in the halls and how he always has his arm protectively around you.

But for sure your favorite part is watching him train, seeing his muscles move and how much he gets into what he is doing makes you feel things that you shouldn’t feel at your work place “Come on, babe kick his ass. Finish him and I will kiss you all over that beautiful face.” You said cheerfully, making him pin Steve down in seconds on the floor.

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On My Own (Harry Hook)Part Six

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“You swore you’d never hurt me.”

“You swore you’d never leave me On My Own.”

Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven

Chad Charming thought himself a man of the people, another reason he should have been crowned King instead of Ben. He hoped that if he proved it, the people of Auradon would realize their mistake. Which was why he found himself trying to find that pirate kid that Jay hated.

As a very fit, athletic, muscular man himself, he had a feeling he would easily find him. SO, when he followed the sounds of anger to the weight room, he wasn’t surprised when the pirate kid was beating ruthlessly at a punching bag. “Hey there, Harry,” Chad greeted, strolling over to the angry boy.

“What do ye want, Charmin’?” Harry grumbled, less than happy to have his alone time interrupted. Chad shook his head, holding the punching bag steady. “Just checking on a friend. I know if that fight had happened between me and Audrey I would be very sa- I mean angry.”

“That brown-haired lass you have hangin’ off yer arm?” Harry asked, raising an eyebrow as he recalled the princess inviting him to “study” with her on a Saturday night with a few flirtations glances and a hand toying with the buttons on his jacket. He of course declined.

“Yeah, she’s my girlfriend,” The blond stated proudly, frowning at the laugh he received. “What’s so funny?”

“Ye need to keep a better grip on yer lass, Charmin’. She seemed to have taken a liken to some men in me crew,” Harry remarked with a snicker.

“I’ve noticed. Which is another reason I came here. To offer a… mutual exchange of advice. I’ll tell you have to be the prince Y/N wants, if you tell me how to be a…delinquent like you,” Chad offered, a smug smirk on his face.

“That’s one reason I don’t like you Auradon brats,” Harry remarked, zoning in on the young Prince. “Someone wants ye to be someone ye aren’t, ya change yer clothes, your hair, the way ye talk, the way you act, you change yer entire personality just to be what they want. But on the Isle? Well, if someone dares to tell ye to change yerself, you feed’em to the dogs. We don’t change for anyone but ourselves. You. Are. Pathetic. Changin’ yerself for a lass.” Harry scoffed.

“What are ye starin’ at?” He snapped at the boy when he noticed him staring at him in something akin to awe.

“You just… You don’t care. I’ve never met someone as uncaring as you,” The boy replied. “Teach me your ways. Please!”

“I told ye, Chad-” Harry started before pausing, remembering Uma’s plan.

They’ve had it too good here for too long. It’s time for Auradon to meet chaos. We need to tear this school apart from the inside. Prove who really has control here.

“Fine. I’ll help ye.”

At lunch that following Monday, Chad sat with the pirates, eager to be taught Harry’s ways. He was in the middle of telling Chad how to snap back at someone giving him a hard time when he was interrupted.

“Excuse me, uh Harry?”

The pirate turned around, staring at the brunette girl holding his hook and hat in her hands. “Why do ye have my things?” He asked, standing up to stare down intimidatingly at the girl. It worked, seeing as she started fidgeting.

“Y/N told me to give them to you. you left them on the tourney field Saturday,” The girl explained. Harry gave a scoff. “Lass couldn’t even give them to me herself,” He sneered, snatching the hoot and hat from the girl.

“A-actually, she’s not here today, so she asked me to do it,” the girl explained before quickly scurrying back to her group of princesses.

“Really? Chad was with them?” You asked in awe from where you sat curled up in your bed amidst a sea of tissues.

“Yep,” Lonnie replied. “Jane said it sounded like Harry was coaching him on something.”

“Oh no,” You groaned. “And I can’t go find out what it is because of this stupid cold!” Lonnie laughed.

“Don’t worry, Sniffles. I’ll get Jay on it. You just focus on getting better. I have no one to help me bully the Coach into making a girl’s tourney team,” Lonnie replied. “Oh! I just remembered my mom gave me a book of recipes my grandma used to make for her when she was a kid. I think there’s some food for colds in there, I could make you some if you want,” She offered.



“Please marry me.”

“Y/N!” Audrey called, awakening you from your sick-sleep. You groaned, pulling the covers over your eyes. “How do you people keep getting in my room?” You whined. You heard her scoff.

“Maybe you should try a better hiding spot that on top of the door frame. But that isn’t important right now! Your pirate boyfriend has brainwashed Chad!” She complained, stomping her foot on the ground. “He’s walking around in those ripped clothes flirting with every girl he sees! And he won’t do what I say!”

“Or maybe he’s finally figuring out who he is,” You mumbled, rolling away from the girl. Audrey growled.

“Did I mention he slid a stink bomb into your locker?”

“He’s dead. I’ll fix it later. Get out of my room and let me sleep you evil little fairy,” You grumbled, burying your face in a pillow. You were only able to lay in bed for ten minutes before you tore yourself out of bed to go confront Harry.

You didn’t know why you had five outfits laid out on your bed. You were just going to tell Harry to leave Chad alone, but for some reason you wanted to look nice. You carefully chose an outfit that was nice enough for Auradon, but reminded you of your clothes in Auradon. To be completely honest, you had been feeling homesick ever since you came back from your impromptu “Save the King” mission.

And now, being around the pirates made you want to retreat to your old self. But, you couldn’t let that happen.

You anxiously shifted from foot to foot as you stood outside of Harry’s dorm room, waiting for him to answer the door. You knocked again, in case he didn’t hear you. “Who the hell is it!? Ye better have a good reason for wakin’ me up or ye’r dead!” His voiced called out as the door was flung open seconds later.

“Y/N?” He asked, looking both surprised an confused, before recovering his expression to a blank face. “Come in, I guess.” You walked in, keeping a safe distance between you and the pirate.

“What do ye want, Lass?” He asked, leaning against the door with crossed arms. It took all of your self control to not stare, seeing as he didn’t think answering the door was important enough to put on a shirt. 

“Harry, what did you do to Chad?” You asked, figuring there was no use beating around the bush. He chuckled, eying you.

“I didn’t do anything to’em. He asked me for a favor and I happily complied for me dear friend,” He answered, a sly smirk on his face. “It’s not nice of ya to keep accusin’ me of things, Lass. Makes ya seem a bit biased against me. And that’s not possible, is it?”

You clenched your teeth as Harry slowly walked forward, resulting in you pressing yourself against the wall in order to get farther from the pirate.

“Admit it, Lass. Admit why ye’r accusin’ me every five seconds,” He egged, leaning down so he was eye level with you. “Admit you hate me. Or, maybe you still love me. And that’s why you keep tryin’ to distance yerself from me.”

You clenched your fists at the pirate’s taunting. If this were the Isle, you would punch him and be done with it. But, unfortunately this was Auradon. And punching him could possibly get you sent back to the Isle for good.

“You know what, Harry?” You asked, glaring up at the brunet. “Hmm?” He asked, sliding a piece of hair behind your ear. “You’re right,” You stated.

A small smirk started on his face. “About what, Lass?”

“I do hate you.”

Harry could hear his world crashing down and his heart shattering in a single second. He cleared his throat, standing up straight. “Is that so?” He asked, voice cracking slightly.

“You cheated on me, Harry. With your Captain! When I tried to confront you about it you tried to accuse me of cheating on you with Gil instead of owning up to it! How can I not hate you!?” You cried out, astonished that he could have the audacity to even think he had the right to be hurt.

“You swore you’d never hurt me!”

“And you swore you’d never leave me on my own!” He shot back, angry tears welling in his eyes. “Ye know I’m not good at expressin’ how I feel or admittin’ when I’m wrong! But ye didn’t even give me a chance! You ran away from me, Y/N!”

“You’re the one that ran away, Harry! I waited for a week for you to come back! But you never did! You ran off to Uma like you always have! You always put her above me! You treated her like some sort of goddess! Like you were just settling for me! Do you know how that felt!?”

“Why do ye think I kept tryin’ to get yer attention when I got here!? I wanted to make up, Y/N! But it seems you’ve finally revealed yer true colors! You want some perfect prince, not a mangy pirate! And I’m not a perfect prince, Y/N! I never will be! I’m me! And if ye don’t like that then I guess we’re done here!” Harry yelled. He felt weak with tears leaking from his eyes, but he couldn’t seem to make them stop.

“I don’t want some perfect prince, Harry! I want you! But all you do is hurt me! You fight with me over every little thing, and god forbid I say something bad about Uma all hell breaks loose! Is she that much better than me!?” You shot back, glad to finally get everything off of your chest.

“Because she’s always been there for me, Y/N! Ever since I became part of her crew she’s treated me like I’m not worthless! You’re the one that always starts fights with me, she’s the one that calms me down! So yeah, I guess she is better!”

Harry’s breath caught in his throat, wishing he could yank the words back into his mouth. “Y/N,” He whispered, noticing the tears that now flowed down your cheeks. You looked utterly crushed. “Y/N, I’m so sorry,” He whispered, reaching out for you.

You shook your head, pushing the pirate away from you and furiously wiping your eyes. “I knew it,” You whispered. If Harry could choose the animal that most resembled you at the moment, it would be a kicked puppy. No, you resembled a puppy left alone to watch their owner drive away, leaving them in a strange place with strange people. Completely broken, in the most unrepairable way.

And as you walked out of his door, he could only imagine he looked the same.

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Imagine working in a bookstore and Tom Hiddleston coming every day for books. Unknown to you is that he’s more interested to you than the books and proves it to you by flirting and giving you his number.

“Can I- can I help you?” you asked a little shyly, doubting he even heard you but at the moment you were the only one that could help him in case he was looking for a book.

All of your coworkers were either on vacation, it was their day off or simply their shift was over. You always loved staying at the book store for a little longer, the peace and quiet atmosphere along with the company of so many books, with less customers, especially when there were people like him that would come.

“Huh?” he looked up from yet another book and peaked at you, a charming smile forming on his lips “Oh, yeah I was actually looking for a book good enough but I have not had much luck.” he confessed with an adorable laugh.

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Take me

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Could i request a smut/fluff imagine with young remus, right before a full moon where you have a small fight that’s end in rough him dominating you sex, and then next the next morning after high transformation where you comfort and care for him..

I’m going to go to pray to the seven gods now for an own Remus Lupin.

“So.” - you started as you slammed the door behind you, but it slipped out of your fingers and remained open mildly. “Care to tell me what is wrong with you?”

Remus paced up and down in the room. You know it’s because of the full moon, but still, his behaviour sometimes was unbearable. He stopped in front of you.

“He was flirting with you. And you didn’t seem like you wanted to do anything about it.” - he said angrily, referring to your friend from Ravenclaw. You laughed, and you could tell that’s just made him angrier.

“We’re friends. Friends, Remus! It’s nothing more than what I have with your friends.”

“Well, my friends don’t staring at you like you’re a slice of pie.”

“Do you even hear yourself?” Now you were really close to him, poking his chest with your fingertip. “You dragged me up here just because you’re jealous, with this idiot reason? I can’t belie-”

He cut you off with a passionate, greedy kiss. No way he can get away with this so easily, you thought, but your body betrayed you. His body pressed against yours, his massive hands all over you from your neck to your upper thighs made you to weak to protest. His tounge fought with yours in your mouth before he looked into your eyes and attached his lips to your neck, and you could see the lust at his darkened eyes. You felt a shiver down in your spine as he unbuttoned your shirt and started to caressing your breast with one of his hand, holding you tightly to himself by your lower back with the other. He was sucking on your neck so hard you were sure there’ll be huge bruises tomorrow. 

You bit your lip to prevent a loud moan, but whimpered into his ear and he pulled away, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Take off your clothes.” - he whispered. He didn’t smiled and you could still saw an angry expression on his face.

You cocked and eyebrow at him and smirked. “Are you giving orders now?” That was so unlikely of him. 

He closed his eyes before he said, “I swear if you won’t do it I’ll rip them off.” 

For a split second you thought you’ll challenge him to do it, but you decided it’s better to not mess with him now. You quickly slipped out from your clothes and when you unclasped your bra, he stood up and pushed you to the wall, his bare chest pressed to your back. You could felt his hard member through his pants as he wrapped a hand around you, his hot breath tickled behind your left ear while he quickly drew off your panties. He slipped his hands to your dripping slit, causing you to let out a shaky breath.

“You’re always so ready for me. I hardly do anything yet.” He said in a husky voice before shoved two fingers in you without any warning.

“Who made you this wet?” - he was pumping in and out but stopped when you didn’t respond.

“I asked you something.”

“You. You, Remus.” - you said quickly in a hope he will start again, and he did, with a much faster pace. Small whimpers left your mouth. “That’s my girl.” 

He stopped again, pulled out his fingers and you heard him as he licked them clean, but when you wanted to turn around, he pushed you to the wall again. 

“Remus. The door is ajar.”

“Good. Good. I hope the whole castle will know who fuck you so well.”

You heard the satisfying sound of his unbuckled belt’s clang on the floor. “Give me your hands.”

You reached back, and he tied your wrists together on your back with his belt.

And in the next second, he grabbed your hips and pushed himself inside of you. He didn’t ask you if you’re ready. It was highly unusual from him, but now you didn’t mind it. Firstly his thrusts were slow but still forceful, making you moan from the little pain and intense pleasure.

“So. Tight.”

As he fastened his pace he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you as close as he could, while grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled it so he could have a better acces to your neck, kissing and sucking the thin, sensitive skin. You became a moaning mess as he didn’t stop growling in your ear. A hand wandered down on your thigh, held it steady, but in a moment when he felt you shaking under his grip, he pulled away again. 

“Remus, what the hell?” - you whined, but without any warning again he released your wrists, pushed you down to the bed, came on top of you and thrusting in again. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he buried his face on your neck, but you cupped his cheek so you could finally look into his eyes. You never saw him like this earlier, eyes so darkened and filled with hunger.

He was kissing you with a lot of desire, and it felt like with every thrusts he was going deeper. You started to losing your control over your body; you scratched his back so hard you wouldn’t be surprised if blood spilled out of it. Your moans became louder with every seconds. 

“Scream for me, sweetheart. Don’t hold it back.” - he grunted into your ear. “You feel so good. My girl. Mine.”

By now he pumped in and out on you so fast and hard you could see stars. “Remus, Rem, Remus..” - you stammered, unable to form comprehensible sentences. 

“I know. Let it go.”

And you did, with a last scream of his name and a trembling breath as you reached your high, but he was right behind you, filled you a few moments later.

After a long minute when your breaths started to became normal again, he turned to you with worried eyes. “Was I too rough on you?”

You grinned in satisfaction, your voice still hoarse. “Yes. But in the best way you could.”

He smiled too. “I’m sorry for arguing with you. It was stupid.”

“It’s okay. Besides, you make up for it pretty well.” - you purred before you snuggled up to his chest.


It was the night of full moon, and you sat on your bed awake, alone. Once in a month your let your boyfriend out with his friends, knowing that you’ll see him again in a miserable shape. You tried to ingore to thinking about maybe one day something terrible will happen, but you couldn’t, and those thoughts kept you awake every once in a month. Even if you fell a sleep, you woke up in every hour. 

You sneaked out from your dorm to Remus’ and crawled into his bed. It was almost dawn, you knew he’ll be back soon. The calming scent of your boyfriend’s hair on his pillow slowly made you fell asleep. You only opened your eyes again when the door burst open. 

All of the guys looked worse than ever. Peter opened the door while Sirius and James supported Remus in the room, who doesn’t seem he knows about himself. 

“Calm down, love.” - Sirius started as you jumped up. “It isn’t the first time.”

They carefully dropped down him on the bed. He was awake, but his eyes were almost completely closed. The sound of his breath was heavy, his bare chest full of fresh new cuts. You fetched a bowl of water and started to clean up his wounds - you weren’t really good at healing spells so this was the safer way. 

You were almost done when he grabbed your wrist, but his grip was so weak you placed his hand down and cupped his cheek. 

“Rest, please.” 

“Y/N. You’re here. I love you so much.” - he whispered, still with closed eyes. 

You smiled. “I love you too.” With one of your hand still on his face, he placed some weak kiss on the inside of your wrist while you took out some halm from his hair.

“Come next to me. Please.” - he asked, so you slipped into the bed. Even though he was so fraigle at the moment, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer easily, now you were pressed to his wounded chest tightly. He let out a small whimper.

“Remus, let me go, I don’t want to hurt you.” - you tried to freed yourself from his grip, but he held you steady. 

“No. Please, sweetheart. I wanna hold you. Please.” - he pleaded in a low voice.

You gave up so you snuggled closer to him, kissing his jawline gently. 

“What have I done to deserve you?” - he mumbled.

A quiet giggle left your mouth. “Sleep now. You need to rest.”

“I’m resting. You’re with me.”

You gently kept stroke his brown locks with your fingertips, and you felt his breath slowly became relaxed as he fell asleep.


Mad: Part 1

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in later chapters

Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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Imagine being the best friend of one of the most famous fuckboy in town, Chris Schistad. And then one day, you need his help to bake a cake.

Authors note:
NOT ROMANTIC. Also, this is my very first imagine, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s a lil big, so I promise the next ones are gonna be shorter and better! Also, english is not my first language, then ignore the errors. Hahahahah thank you!

Masterlist ❁ 


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Anything For You Daddy -  Brendon Urie Smut

I sat on the couch wiring for Brendon to come home, I had been horny all day and really just wanted to jump his bones. I stared at the TV spacing off, thinking about what would happen. I had over heard Brendon and Dallon the other day, Brendon was telling him about how he wished I would call him Daddy in bed. I kind of like the idea of it, it’s hot to me.

I stood up from the couch and walked to the master bedroom. I opened up the top drawer of my dresser, I sifted through all my lingerie until I found what I was looking for. A while ago I had bought this but I had never worn it and Brendon had never seen it, it was perfect. It was a lacy, blush pink baby doll piece that I had gotten from Victoria’s Secret. I hoped he’d like it.
I text Brendon to see when he’d come home, he said he’d be home in twenty minutes. I walked into the bathroom and did my hair in soft curls. I changed into the lingerie and got situated on the bed. My stomach was tied in knots, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure that he’d really like it or that he’d change his mind about the whole Daddy thing. I heard the front door slam in the distance, he’s home.

“Y/N, where are you babe?” Brendon called out in the distance.

“I’m in the bedroom!” I called back.

I heard him walk closer to the bedroom. He opened the door and his jaw dropped to the floor, his eyes wide. He stood at the doorway just staring at me laying on the bed. I sat up and looked at him biting my lip. He wore a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a maroon colored v-neck shirt. I morion him to some closer. He quietly groaned and slowly walked toward me. He crawled onto the bed and hovered over me. I pull him closer and bring his lips to mine. I hungrily kiss him, pulling at his hair with one hand while the other slid down his toned body to the bulge that was contained in his skinny jeans. I start to rub his cock through his jeans causing him to moan into the kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and got off the bed. He started to slowly take off his clothes till he was just in his black Calvin Klein boxers, I watched him intently biting my lip. He stared at me with hungry, dark eyes. I sat up on the bed turning my body toward him, it’s now or never.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I said sheepishly looking at him through my long eyelashes.

His eyes grew wide from shock. He stepped forward and grasped my waist. Brendon slowly pulled me to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs open. He kneeled down in front of me, with his teeth he pulled down my blush pink thong. Once they were off he looked at my exposed pussy, liking his lips.

“Fuck Baby Girl, you’re so wet for Daddy,” my cheeks heated up at his sexy words.

He kissed up my inner thigh until he got to my soaking wet core. He plunged his tongue into me, he started at my clit moving his skillful tongue in a figure-eight motion. Then he took two fingers and pushed them into me, pumping them at an agonizingly slow pace. I couldn’t take it any more.

“Daddy, please. I need your big hard cock deep inside of me,” I begged him trying to contain my moans. He stopped and moved away from my core.

“As you wish Baby Girl,” he said in a low husky voice.

He stood up and I shifted my body so that I was laying in the middle of bed. Brendon slipped off his boxers pumping his cock a dew times. Brendon lined his big, hard cock to the entrence of my soaking wet pussy. I nod at him telling him it was okay and with that he pushes himself into my sight core.

“Oh fuck Daddy!” I moaned out, the pleasure of his cock taking over.

“Shit Baby Girl, you’re so fucking tight,” Brendon cursed out.

He slowly started to thrust in and out of my tight, wet pussy each time causing me to moan out loudly. I loved the feeling of his massive cock deep inside of me. I wrapped my leg around his waist wanting him to go deeper inside of me. Brendon got the hint and shifted himself for a new angle. The new angle was amazing, with each hard thrust his cock hit my g-spot with precision. I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I could tell he wouldn’t either.

“Daddy,” I moan out. “I’m so close.” I look at him, sweat dripping down his face.

“Fuck, me too Baby Girl. Do you want Daddy to cum inside of your sweet pussy?” He said with his husky voice.

“Yes Daddy!” I scream out as I begin to convulse around his cock, my orgasm taking over.

I felt Brendon’s cock twitch inside me, he started to moan out my name as he began to cum inside of my pussy. Our breath heavy, out bodies shaking. Brendon pulled out of me falling onto the bed next to me panting. I move over to make more room for him. I turn onto my side looking at his angelic face that was glowing with sweat.

“Y/N?” Brendon asked looking over at me.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“How did you know about my Daddy kink?” He asked slightly raising his eye brow.

“I heard you and Dallon talking about it the other day,” I say in a sheepish voice hoping that he wouldn’t get mad at me for eavesdropping.

“Oh, okay,” he said with a sigh of relief. “By the way, I love what you are wearing Baby Girl,” he says with a smirk.

“I thought you would Daddy,” I say with a light giggle. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Brendon moves closer to me kissing my lips, wrapping his strong arms around me. “What do you say to round two?”

A very happy birthday to you Bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky birthday morning smut and after party smut

A/n (nsfw gifs)

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Birthday. Some people like them, some people don’t, Bucky was one of those that didn’t like it. He hated the fact that he was turning a hundred, sure he looks like he’s in his late twenties to early thirties but it still bugged him.

It didn’t help that the entire team teased him about it. You always told them to stop but they ignored you and kept teasing him until he snapped at them. He told them that if they kept up the teasing they would have a birthday party without the birthday boy. You reassured everyone that you were going to get Bucky in a good mood and get him to attend the party but they had to stop the teasing. They stopped and now it was your mission to get him in a good mood and have him stay happy throughout the party.

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otomemess  asked:

RFA+Saeran and V reacting to an Otome Mc?

if what u mean by this is that ‘MC is the person in the game’ then hoe

i gotchu

P.S. the name of the game is “Curiously Caught” because why? because idon’tknowsendhelp


  • literally freaking the hell out
  • he’s trying SO HARD to win MC’s heart he’s doing all sorts of research
  • recent google searches:
    • how to get MC in Curiously Caught
    • MC’S favourite band/food/colour/type of cheese
  • he’s screaming inside and out 24/7
  • likes to call Seven to rant all about the game
  • can’t get his hands off his cell and lemme tell u his gaming friends are mAD


  • lookie lookie
  • a man his age playing an Otome game? P H L E A S E
  • it’s happening
  • here he is
  • smiling foolishly at his phone
  • “Zen.”
  • “ZEN.”
  • that’s right, he even plays during shows
  • he’s obsessed and is 200% determined to get MC’s route
  • “Just a sec I gotta do this… which one do you think is the better pick up line? ‘I will lock you up in my heart like a jail’ or ‘Although this is a bit cheesy, will you Gouda out with me’?”
    • low key wants to stab myself for writing^^ whatever the fuck those pickup lines are im sorry can u tell im bad a pickup lines
  • tries not to fangirl in public when MC gives him some hearts but he’s squealing on the inside sohardsometimeshecan’tbreathe


  • yea she’s that^^ type of person
  • she;s so devoted it’s kinda scary
  • Jumin is ???? “Assistant Kang, can you get me the files-”
  • she looks at him with the wild eyes of a boar and he’s like nope nevermind not today gotta go see ya holy shit she’s crazy
  • *employees slowly back away from her*


  • what is “Otome game”?
  • when someone introduces him to Curiously Caught he’s kinda ????
  • really confuzzled
  • he looks like those old people trying to work with technology
    • poking the screen with one finger really hard
    • lowering his reading classes and holding the phone 2 miles away from his face and then squinting his eyes to read the text 
    • asking questions about a million things:
    • “How do i go back”
    • “What do the coins do”
    • “How do i win”
    • also: “I can’t see”
  • he puts the game down at first because he’s confused and doesn’t know how to play, but he sees himself get drawn to it whenever he has free time
  • on the way to work? playing. taking a break? playing. 
  • there’s no stopping he’s becoming one of us


  • it’s just that he
  • he beat the game in 1 day
  • he got all the coins, all the hearts and was able to ‘catch’ MC with his skillz
  • but that doesn’t stop him from playing the game another 21232534 times because he wants to find loopholes
  • and see what the bad ends are like
  • low key hacks the game to see what happens
  • the company is like what is happening to our game???
  • oops
  • also likes to show off
  • he goes to online forums that discuss the game and logs on as
  • “curiouscatlover” and literally s p o i l s the game for everyone BUT doesn’t tell him how to beat the levels
  • i hate u seven y r u doin dis to us


  • he isn’t interested at first
  • he just saw it on his appstore and was like 
  • ok i guess i’ll download it since they recommended it
  • starts playing but doesn’t see the meaning in it
  • kinda just stares at the game emotionless
  • “Wow! MC just gave you 10 coins!”
  • “ok”
  • “Options: kiss MC or walk away.”
  • he choose to walk away
  • “we just met why would i kiss her i am not a creep like Saeyoung”
  • low key wants to delete the game but his pride won’t let him
  • “I have to win this or else Saeyoung will rub it in my face that he won and i do not want to hear it”


  • old ass men confused with game options and functions lmfao
  • dude calls up Jumin to work this out together
  • did i mention they met up at a cafe where TONS OF GIRLS AND THE PUBLIC ARE JUDGING THEM
  • and they were literally discussing the game like it was some sort of business tihng
  • “Jumin, if I choose to kiss her, will she dislike me? We just started playing this morning after all.”
  • “Hm.. I think we should just go for it - go big or go home right? That’s always been my business motto.”
  • “You’re right. Okay here it goes… YES! SHE GAVE ME 2 COINS.”
  • “See? This isn’t hard at all.”
  • *cue those comical laughs in the background of TV shows*
  • p.s. they win MC in like 1 month (much too long for 1 route)

:)) i hope this was what you wanted lol

~Cherry L.

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Jimin As Your Boyfriend

A/N: Honestly this was so hard to write (even though Jimin has been my bias for 8 months) but I hope it’s any good!

  • Lots of cheeky snapchats.
  • Starts with holding your waist, but always moves his hand down to squeeze your butt.
  • Cozy dates where Tae tags along.
  • But if Tae’s trying to come home with you, Jimin’s like ‘no no no no, we can’t have that’.
  • Teasing kisses where he grabs onto your jaw and slowly runs his lips against yours.
  • Lustful kisses where he holds onto your sides so tight that you get bruises and it feels as he wants to devour all your love.
  • Probably texts you a lot.
  • Will actually hug you from behind just to let you know that he has a hard on.
  • And you’re like ‘oh I can fix that problem’.
  • You’d probably have a casual, but great sex life. Intercourse would appear often and anywhere if you’re really feeling it.
  • The type to rest his hands on your boobs while cuddling you.
  • Even though he touches you a lot, it’s mostly because it’s his way of expressing his love for you.
  • If he’s having a bad day, he will plop down with his head on your lap and talk to you about it.
  • He would love you running your fingers through his hair.
  • During sex too of course.
  • And I must mention, Jimin loves eating you out.
  • “Y/N?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “You look really cute right now.”
  • Doesn’t really know you what he should give you for your birthday so he asks Jin for help because mom.
  • Also he vents to Yoongi whenever something is on his mind related to you.
  • Those conversations always end with him concluding with that you’re too good for him, but Yoongi is like ‘chimchim, go get your girl’.
  • So much skinship.
  • You’ll watch a movie together and suddenly Jimin starts tickling you and kiss you all over your face and you’re laughing so hard that you lose your breath.
  • And then wow he turns the tickling into caressing and starts nibbling at your neck.
  • BOOM you’re naked.
  • Loves loves loves showing you off. “Hello everyone! This is my girlfriend!” “Isn’t my girl pretty? Of course she is.” “Did I mention that this is my girlfriend?”
  • He’ll shake you awake in the middle of the night because he had a nightmare and wants you to hold him.
  • And then he can’t sleep so you start having an hour long conversation about space and Jimin keeps comparing the stars to your eyes and the feelings you give him.
  • Facetimes you a lot when away, Tae making weird faces in the background, leading to you and Jimin laughing your asses off.
  • Would definitely shut you up by serenading you and then moving closer, singing up until the last moment before your lips meet.
  • The thing about Jimin is that he needs support from his loved ones and he would always want to support you the best he could as well, he would never want for you to be sad or never ever hurt you.
  • Jimin is definitely boyfriend material. <3

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Family get together 2/2

The girl I was fucking starts tonguin her dad and reaches down and massages his cock as it disappears in to my gfs ass and without warning she tells him to fucking cum in that sluts ass daddy. Give it to her like you give it to me and sissy.
With that after a few pumps he buried his shaft deep in her causing her to scream as he emptied his load into to her.
My gfs dad pushes the other sis off of his cock and buries it in his daughters cum filled ass and after a few hard fast strokes unloads in her. Then the other cousin jumps down and empties his sack into her now overflowing ass.
She looks at me and smiles and says your turn baby. I want your cum in my ass too. I got in between her legs and slid my cock into stretched cum flowing asshole and started pumping.

Right as I was about to explode I heard her dad go that’s it, dump your load in my baby girls ass. She’s daddy’s good little whore aren’t you baby girl
Yes daddy I am
Fuck her ass and show her what good sluts get rewarded with. I exploded harder than I can recall and as soon as I pulled out the other girls were all over my cock and her ass cleaning up the cummy mess and swapping it among the three of them.
The youngest one used the cum as lube and had me hard in no time and pushed me back on the couch and wasted no time climbing on to it.
Her brother dad and uncle took turns using her ass and mouth while she rode me.
At one point I look over and my gf is gettingbher pussy licked deep by her father while one of the other girls was sucking his cock

“Taking charge”// Joe Sugg Imagine

Warnings: smut 

Word count: 1000

Requested: yes|| Request are open 

Summary: Joe overhears Y/n say she wants rough sex so he provides. 

A/n: Y/bf/n means your best friends name 


“Are you going out with the boys?” You asked your boyfriend Joe as you prepared for the guest that was about to arrive. “Yeah,” he said picking up his shoes. “Are you leaving before she comes?” You said referring to your best friend. “I’m not sure. I order a car for like 8 ish so if she gets here before then no,” he said shrugging. A few minutes passed and You and Joe made small talk. Your flat door rang and you ran to the door with an excited smile on your face. You opened to see your Best friend.

“Heyyyy,” you said hugging her. “Hi I haven’t seen you in forever,” y/bf/n said hugging back. You smiled and welcomed her in. Joe stood up to greet your friend. Y/bf/n gave him a small hug and smiled. You smiled and Joe looked st you before checking his watch. “Oh I have to go,” he said. “Bye Y/bf/n,” he said waving. He walked over to you and you quickly kissed him. “Love you, have fun stay safe,” you said hugging him. You kissed his cheek. “Love you too babe,” he said with a smile before walking out the door.

 You looked over at y/bf/n to see a smirk on her face. “What?” You asked. “What do you mean what. How are you guys? How’s the sex?” She asked. She had always been very open with topics like that. Your jaw opened slightly. “Come on Y/n I mean you can expect to date a famous YouTuber and not tell me how the sex is,” she said. Your face reddened.

 "Well, it’s I don’t know it’s good I guess. He treats me right,“ you said making y/bf/n give you a look. "Fine, sometimes I wish he was a little rougher ya know,” you admitted. “Don’t get me wrong. He always makes sure I’m okay when we do it and it’s really good,” you said smiling cheekily, “I would just like if he was rough and dominant sometimes,” you said shrugging. 

Little did you know Joe heard every word. He had come back in the house to grab his charger and couldn’t help but listen to your conversation about You and his sex life. 

Later that night, Y/bc/n said goodbye and left you alone in the flat. You sat down on the couch and scrolled down Instagram. Joe walked through the door and he smiled at the sight of you. He immediately walked over to you holding his hand out for you. You grabbed his hand and he pulled you up. He pulled you close and kissed your lips. Passionately at first then it got rougher. “What are you doing?” You asked confused. “If it’s rough you want then it’s rough you’ll get and tonight baby I’m taking charge,” he growled.

 Your cheeks turned red. “You heard that?” You asked. “All you had to do was tell me,” he said before kissing down your neck. He pushed you against the wall and kissed you hard. By the time you two made your way to the bedroom, all of your clothes were gone. He threw you onto the bed and got on top of you. He kissed down your body and kissed your inner thighs making you whine. “Joe,” you whimpered. He smirked and left small kisses on your vagina making you moan. His fingers suddenly jammed inside you.

 "Holy fuck Joe,“ you groaned. "God you are so fucking wet,” he said pushing another finger deep inside you. You moaned again making him smirk. He pulled them out of you making you whine again. You watched as he licked his fingers and wiped them up your wet cunt. He brought his fingers to your lips and entered them into your mouth. He took them out. “Joe please,” you said. “Please what?” He said walking to his drawer. 

“Please fuck me, Joe. I want you to fuck me hard,” you begged. He grabbed a condom and pulled your hair to sit up. He forced his cock into your mouth making you suck on his length. He thrusted into your mouth making you gag slightly. “Fuck,” he moaned. You took your mouth off and stroke him with your hand. His head fell back with an open mouth and a small groan fell out. You took the condom out of its package and slipped it on him. He pushed you back and roughly grabbed your waist before without warning thrusting into you. You gasped and moaned at the same time. 

“Fuck you’re tight,” Joe said quickening his pace. He took himself out you and laid down. “Ride me, babe,” he said. You climbed on top of him and lined his cock up with you. You slowly lowered yourself down. “Shit,” he cursed. “Faster,” he said. You followed his orders and rode him quickly. He suddenly flipped you over and started thrusting into you faster than before. You moaned loudly yet again. “Moan my name Y/n,” Joe said. “Yes Joe,” You moaned. “Louder,” he demanded. He thrusted so hard into you, you were basically screaming. 

“Fucking hell Joe I’m close!” You said throwing your head back in pleasure. “Me too baby girl. On 3 1…..2…..3,” he said. You both released at the same time and Joe continued to thrust into you, riding out your high. You groaned and Joe collapsed next to you. Both of you stayed silent as you caught your breath. “That was so fucking hot,” you breathed out. Joe kissed your lips. “I love you,” he said. “I love you too,” you said back. 

You stood up and fell to the ground. “Ow fuck,” you said. “You okay?” Joe asked sitting up. “Yeah just stood up a little fast,” you said standing. You waddled towards Joe’s drawer and grabbed a t-shirt. Joe laughed at your walk. “It’s your fault,” you said shrugging. He shook his head with a chuckle. You went back to the bed and Joe opened his arms. You entered them and quickly fell asleep.

anonymous asked:

Imagine what would happen if Judy hopps Could clone herself without limits.

Judy: B&E in progress on the corner of Bush and Howard! Be advised - I am moving to engage!

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: 198… 199… two hundred push-ups! Before noon. Right, on to squats!

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: It’s a lot easier to handle paperwork these days. Still, it’s nicer to do it with company!

Judy: I agree! You have a calming presence.

Judy: Awh, thank you!

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: You! Don’t you know littering is against the law? Yes, you, in the ugly orange shirt. Pick up that can!

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: HQ, we’ve confirmed the drugs lab is currently active. Approximately eleven marks inside the building. Preparing to start the raid.

Judy: I’m ready.

Judy: Me too!

Judy: Locked and loaded.

Judy: Ready when you are.

Judy: I’m pumped!

Judy: Good to go. On your command, Judy.

Judy: Heheheh… awesome. Girls - fall in.

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: I dunno, Clawhauser. I mean, obviously I like her newer stuff too, but Gazelle’s first three albums are just so hard to top. I think the only viable way to surpass them would be for her to really push the limits of the genre; and if she strays too far from her roots, would a comparison even be worthwhile?

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: [reloading her twin pistols] Is that all you’ve got?! Huh?! You’re pathetic!! I’ve fought turnips that put up more of a challenge than you! [springs out of cover] YIPPIE-KAYAK, MOTHERFU-

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: -dge is delicious, Mrs Wilde! I should really start coming here without Nick. That way we could gossip about him behind his back.

Nick: The thought of you two unattended fills me with unspeakable dread.

Judy: You’re just jealous because I’ll replace you as her favourite!

Nick: Yes. That is precisely what I’m worried about. And, also, what will definitely happen.

Judy: Awh! I was joking but you made it sad…

Nick: Welcome to Casa Wilde.

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: Now as you can see, crime has dropped by over 3000% since, um, The Incident. But that doesn’t for a second mean we, as officers of the ZPD, should get complacent! If anything, this frees us up to do all sorts of community projects! I’m very open to suggestions, but I have a few quick ideas of my own that I’ve outlined in this presentation. Um, could you hit the next slide?

Judy: Sure thing!

Judy: Thanks.

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: Hello, Judy Hopps speaking… Oh, of course! I’d love to give an interview to ZNN! I’m basically free whenever. Like, literally. Whenever. At all. Name a time. Three in the morning. I’d be there. …Yeah, okay, 6pm makes more sense. Whatever works for you.

[Meanwhile, across town…]

Judy: …

Judy: …

Judy: …

Judy: …is it worrying I think you’re really pretty…?

Judy: Huh? You say something?

Judy: Nope.

Yoongi Scenario: Fallen Skies - Part 2.

Request: It could be kind of a love triangle with yoongi and tae. The reader is in love with yoongi but at the same time she got confusing feeling about ex tae, then yoongi and her have a problem and she meet tae who still love her and they have sex. She feels bad about it and breaks up with yoongi. she finds out she’s pregnant she decides to stick with tae so she thinks she can have future with him and the baby, but she misses yoongi. Yoongi is depressed and misses y/n and is very jealous of tae because he was serious about y/n. 

Genre: Romance / Angst.

Part 1.

Two months went by and you didn’t talk to each other, you didn’t try, but you still kept checking for his status, his last connection and everything you could know from social media. It hurt, but you missed Yoongi every day, and every day you realized how you had screwed up something amazing for good.

Taehyung was very much present, you hadn’t had slept together again and yet he kept writing and calling, insisting that you met, but you felt too bad about that, seeing him would remind you how you had done something you regretted, although you knew Taehyung didn’t mean any harm and it wasn’t his fault, you were the one looking for him that night, and even if you didn’t remember you highly doubted he had forced you to do anything, Taehyung was naughty but he would never do something without a girl’s consent.

But more importantly you needed your period to come down. You were on retard, which could mean nothing, just a mishap in your cycle as you had experienced those before, or it could mean something entirely different. If you were pregnant then you would reach another level of fucked up.

So you waited for the test to indicate the results, the one thing that would decide your future as abortion was a big no for you.
Gasping for air you saw the stick as it was ready, you gasped and you felt your body paralyzed as you saw the sign of the test being positive. You were pregnant. You thought of your family and what would they say, then you thought of your life and how could you do with a child if you made it by yourself very tightly. You thought about who the father of this child was and you wanted to laugh and cry and hit yourself with something because in a million years you thought about reaching this point.
You didn’t know.

Before the fight you had had sex with Yoongi several times, and then it was that one time with Taehyung. But Yoongi and you were being safe, you were on the pill to top it all, and really you couldn’t remember if Taehyung wore a condom or not, you couldn’t remember anything.

-Just what I needed, just at this moment, God why?- you looked down at your belly and hugged yourself, it was too much, the way you were feeling and the uncertainty of all. 

Now you’d have to face your family, to face a new life as with a child your whole world would change. Everything was about to change just when your life couldn’t be more impossible to bare.

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sun bleached ➵ 1

Originally posted by dezuechelon

summary: it was the summer of ‘07 when 16 year old park jimin and kim taehyung had met- falling in love; promising that in 10 years time, they would meet again at the botanical garden that had once called home.

genre: fluff, ANGST and implied smut

words: 3.1k

a/n: this will be a three chaptered fic y’all!!!! get ready!!!!! welcome to angst ‘r’ us.. enjoy ur stay

There was something that whispered in the quiet, Jimin had recalled. A wistful tone that called out his name, airy, light. In the solitude of his bedroom, dark and desolate, he had made up his mind that the voice was something he was not very fond of. It held something akin to hope.

“Jimin?” It called. “I told you, didn’t I? That I would love you forever?”

Yes, Jimin thought. You did.

And the voice was back, closer now. Murmuring quietly into his ear, tickling the cusp of his ear; like a bird’s song. “So why did you leave me?”

I don’t know, Taehyung.

I don’t know.

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take my hand

request from @boymeetsfiction : A cute lil request where Tae and reader go to an ice rink? Love you~~ heheehehehehe

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Fluff, a little Angsty

Words: 3593

—> You lean against the gate and watch him skate for a moment, smiling a bit at how much fun he seems to be having. He’s laughing and spinning in circles, looking absolutely carefree. 

A/N: Thank you Tamara for sending this request in! And I hope you all enjoy this xoxo

First dates were always nerve wracking, but this one made you feel especially anxious.  

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A1 Since Day 1

Originally posted by nicoleanell

Request:  Hey I was wondering if you could write an imagine with John murphy where the reader is always defending him (even back in the ark when Pike hit him) so every time the reader gets in trouble with someone he always stand for her

Word Count: 1,300

Warning: Hints toward sexual abuse, cussing

“What does it say?” Y/n asked. She examined the bracelet her best friend John Murphy had given her. It was made out of material from the drop ship and was thin and silvery. There was a  pendant with something written on each side. She smiled up at him.

Murphy rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “On the front it says A1 and on the back it says day 1…you know-”

“My A1 since day 1.” They said in unison. Y/n held her arm out.

“Help me put it on.” She said. Murphy took the bracelet and clasped the gift around her wrist. She sat back down on the ground and picked up the piece of tech she was working on. “Why’d you make this for me?” She asked.

Murphy sat back down too and picked up his spear he was sharpening. “Friend-iversary.”

Today marked the four years Y/n and Murphy had been friends. She remembered freshman Y/n sitting with Murphy at lunch time because he had no one else to sit with and the time she punched a guy in the face for picking on Murphy. She thought about the time Murphy helped her steal medicine for her sick mother and the time Murphy sat with her all night when her mother died. She thought about the time Pike punched him in the face, and she was the only person who seemed to care that a teacher literally punched a student in the face to ‘teach him a lesson’. They were close, but being thrown into the Sky Box for similar crimes brought them closer. Being sent to the Earth only strengthened their friendship even more. When he was banished, she felt like part of her was banished as well. Murphy wouldn’t let her go with him though. But that was then; now, they’re as happy as two best friends could be when the world around them was falling apart.

She kicked his foot so he would look up at her. “I love you, Nerd.”

“Love you too, Asshole.”

They returned to silence, working on the tasks Clarke and Bellamy had given them. Y/n laughed at the idea of them finally taking orders from Clarke and Bellamy, especially after fighting their control for so long. She wanted to do what she could for the camp, though. They needed to if they wanted to survive.

They worked. Y/n asked about Murphy’s new girl Emori and Murphy picked on her for having a crush on Bellamy. They threw sarcastic comments back and forth for a while when Raven entered their clearing, limping as she did so. “Hey Y/n, have you finished that suppressor?”

Y/n stood up and handed Raven the device, which she had finished moments before. “Should work fine. If not, don’t shoot the engineer.”

“Will you come help me put this on?” Raven asked. Y/n nodded and grabbed her tool kit.

“See ya at dinner.” Y/n called to Murphy.

“Don’t miss me too much!”

Hours had passed, but it felt like days since Y/n had last been outside. She helping Raven fix a truck that they found in an underground bunker and the engine of the truck was a lot messier than they imagined. Bellamy came to help at some point, and after hours of working, tried to get the girls to take a break but they refused. They were determined to get it finished tonight. And when Y/n started the truck and the engine revved that beautiful sound, the day’s hard work seemed to pay off. Getting around the woods would now be a thousand times easier and quicker than before.

“We’re going to the Mess to get some food. You wanna come with?” Bellamy asked. As much as Y/n wanted to say yes, she was too tired. Sleep was always more important to her than food.

“I appreciate it but I think I’m just gonna go to bed. See y’all in the morning!” She waved goodbye and headed to her tent.

“Hey Y/n!” A voice behind her shouted.

She groaned and turned around to face the person. It was Dax, one of the more unfavorable delinquents who was known around the camp for trying to kill Bellamy. Y/n never liked him and she never would. “What the hell do you want Dax?”

“Oh come on Y/n, there’s no need to be hostile. I just wanna talk.” He said as he came closer to Y/n. She backed up slightly.

“Well you can just talk to the hand because I’m not in the mood.”  She turned around and walked away, but Dax reached out and grabbed her arm to hold her back.

“Now, that’s no way to talk to a guy who just wants to get to know you.”

“Don’t fucking touch me.” Y/n yanked her arm out of Dax’s grasp. She clenched her fists, ready to punch him in the face. He grabbed her again and she tried to kick him in the shins, but her legs were too short to kick out. Y/n screamed as Dax put her in a chokehold. He covered her mouth with his hand and she bit it as hard as she could. He moved the bloody hand. Y/n screamed louder in an attempt to get someone to help.

“She told you not to touch her, douche bag.” Murphy yelled, entering the fray. He held a gun in his hands and pointed it at Dax’s head. “Let her go.” He turned the safety off.

Dax laughed a sick laugh, one that made Y/n’s skin crawl. “I was just trying to have a conversation with her.” He moved Y/n so she was covering his front, so no matter where Murphy shot, Y/n would get hurt too.

“You wouldn’t have to touch her if you were just trying to talk. Let her go, or I shoot.”

The world seemed to stop turning for Y/n. Dax wasn’t moving, Murphy wasn’t moving, and Y/n couldn’t move with the way Dax was holding her.

“Murphy…” She whispered. Seeing his best friend like this made him react, not think. He shot his gun in the air, which startled Dax. Y/n took advantage of the moment and kicked his shins, then his instep. Dax let go of Y/n and doubled over in pain. She hit his head with her elbow, knocking him to the ground. Murphy threw his gun and ran over to Dax’s body. He kicked Dax in the stomach. He did it again. And again. And again, until he was sputtering blood and Y/n was pleading for Murphy to stop.

Murphy knelt down so only Dax could hear him. “Touch her, or anyone else again, and I will end you.”

He turned his attention away from Dax and back to his best friend. He pulled her into a hug before saying anything. She felt her nerves calm and her breathing settle. “You’re okay. You’re okay.” Murphy whispered into her ear.

“Thank you, John.” She pulled away and wiped a tear from her cheek that had fallen.

“For once it’s me saving you, and not the other way around.” He joked. She smiled and hugged him once more.

“This role reversal has me feeling some kind of way.”

“Yeah, well you can sleep it off in my tent.” Murphy wrapped an arm around Y/n’s shoulders and squeezed. She wrapped one around his waist as they walked to his tent.

She kissed the hand that was on her shoulder. “Happy Friend-iversary, A1.” They both had nightmares that night of Dax, but somehow being in each other’s company made it all not so scary. And for once, they slept peacefully. 

For @kiratheunicornyt who really wanted number 27 of a prompt thing with Adrienette/LadyNoir.

#27 “I’m Pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant!”

Chat Noir, AKA Adrien Agreste, stared at his partner in shock, green eyes wide behind his mask. She…She was what? But how? Well okay, he knew how but that wasn’t the point. She was pregnant!

Meanwhile, Ladybug, AKA Marinette Agreste nee Dupain-Cheng, stood there with her hands clasped over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to shout that out. He wasn’t suppose to find out like this, not during a, rather pointless, argument during patrol. He was suppose to find out during a romantic dinner, with themed dishes to give him hints and maybe even that little onesie she’d been sewing for the past week. Dang it, she had a plan! And now he was just staring at her, not saying anything and oh god, he didn’t want it! He probably didn’t want her anymore! And now she’d be divorced and single mother and living back at home with her parents!

During her internal freak-out she didn’t notice how her partner was slowly starting to smile. She was pregnant! They were having a baby! A Kitten! Or no wait…a catbug! Yes, a cute little catbug who would look her mom and be just so adorable! And yes it was going to be a girl, he just knew it!

A sudden sniffle finally drew his attention back to his wife and he noticed she had started to cry. Eyes screwed shut, she was trying hard not too as tears leaked out from under her mask. Adrien was instantly next to her and pulling her hands away from her face.

“Mari…Mari, it’s okay.”

“No, it not!” She wailed, “You don’t want it! And you don’t want me anymore! And now we’ll separated and I’ll have to do this all by myself! And-And-!”

Adrien quickly, yet gently, cradled her against him, trying hard not laugh at her crazy speculations, “Now that’s not true, Buggaboo.”

She sniffed and looked up at him, eyes swimming with unshed tears, “It’s not?”

He smiled down at her, “Course not.”

“But…you didn’t react…”

“I was shocked! But not unhappy,” He finally let a large grin take of his face before he suddenly swung her around in a loop, “We’re having a baby, My Lady! A beautiful, little catbug!”

Marinette let herself laugh with him, relief flooding though her as she was now crying in happiness. She looped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly as he finally set her down.

“You’re really happy about this?”

“More than.” He leaned back just enough to lift her chin up with a smile, “Je t’aime, My Lady.”

She grinned, “Je t’aime, Kitty.” And then he kissed her soundly.

Marinette then pulled back suddenly, “And we are not calling it a catbug.”