you starting to yes too hard girl

So apparently jungkook will have to interact with female idols for the special stage that will happen on the 29th and some immature fans started up shit again. CUT HIM OFF SOME SLACK. YES HE WILL PROBABLY DANCE WITH A GIRL.OR MAYBE HE WON’T. SO WHAT???!! He gets payed for this and he’s working hard for it. DON’T THROW SHADE AT HIM OR AT OTHER GIRLS JUST CAUSE’ THEY’RE HUMANS WHO CAN TALK TO EACH OTHER. MALES AND FEMALES CAN INTERACT IRL TOO FFS LMAO. JUNGKOOK IS A MALE. HE WILL SOMEHOW HAVE TO TALK TO GIRLS ONE DAY WHETHER HE LIKES IT OR NOT. WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. HE CAN GET A GF TOMORROW IF HE WANTS.HE CAN GET MARRIED NEXT YEAR IF HE FEELS LIKE IT TOO.Before he’s a kpop idol. He’s your regular 19 years old guy who can crush on girls, flirt or even get laid if he wants.He’s basically a normal human like all of us. You don’t get to control him. He belongs to his own person.Support jungkook the right way  <3

*Fangirl meets Fanboy*

Fangirl: Do you like that fandon?

Fanboy: Yes, it is my favorite

Fangirl: My god, mine too, never found someone to talk with.

*Fangirl and Fanboy spend hours talking about fandons*

Fanboy: But you know what I hate? The girls making everything sexual, like cant two boys just be friends.

Fangirl: :/

* fanboy starts to hit on Fangirl ever time they talk, Fangirl refuses*

Fanboy: That girl totally friendzoned me, I just liked her, she has the same favorite fandon then me, we are meant to be. But aparentally “we are just friend”

anonymous asked:

I lost 22 lbs so far but now I'm feeling depressed af this last two months and I can't stop eating, I can be full but I will still eat! i want to lose more but I can't seem to find the control.. I've been feeling so sad about beeing so fat and everybody noticed. I find myself feeling more disguted with my body. I'm the fat girl of my class Any tip on how to lose my appetite? Sorry if I'm being boring! Love your blog♥

tbh if you put too much pressure on yourself to lose weight it’s not going to happen. it’s a gradual process and you should be as kind as possible to yourself. yes, you do need will power and you do need to learn to say no to certain foods, but once you really get into it’s not that hard. just start doing small portions of exercise each day and eat healthier when you’re able to. the main thing is consistency, once you’ve done it for a few weeks it gets a little easier. don’t beat yourself up about it, there’s more to life than losing weight and there’s more to you than how much you weigh. :)