you starting to yes too hard girl

be a good girl

A/N: okay, so, i caved and i….. wrote my very first smut….. here you guys go, i hope you enjoy, there’s literally no plot, its just peter smut.

pairing: peter x reader

peter hooked his fingers in your shirt collar and used it to drag you closer. you were wearing a short skirt and his pants were already unzipped, giving him easy access to you.

“how bad do you want it?” he murmured against your neck, dragging his hands down your sides until they rested on your hips. you bit your lip and stayed propped up on his lap, grabbing his shoulders.

“bad,” you replied, almost panting already. just the anticipation was making your mouth water.

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Take me

Remus Lupin x Reader

Request:  Could i request a smut/fluff imagine with young remus, right before a full moon where you have a small fight that’s end in rough him dominating you sex, and then next the next morning after high transformation where you comfort and care for him..

I’m going to go to pray to the seven gods now for an own Remus Lupin.

“So.” - you started as you slammed the door behind you, but it slipped out of your fingers and remained open mildly. “Care to tell me what is wrong with you?”

Remus paced up and down in the room. You know it’s because of the full moon, but still, his behaviour sometimes was unbearable. He stopped in front of you.

“He was flirting with you. And you didn’t seem like you wanted to do anything about it.” - he said angrily, referring to your friend from Ravenclaw. You laughed, and you could tell that’s just made him angrier.

“We’re friends. Friends, Remus! It’s nothing more than what I have with your friends.”

“Well, my friends don’t staring at you like you’re a slice of pie.”

“Do you even hear yourself?” Now you were really close to him, poking his chest with your fingertip. “You dragged me up here just because you’re jealous, with this idiot reason? I can’t belie-”

He cut you off with a passionate, greedy kiss. No way he can get away with this so easily, you thought, but your body betrayed you. His body pressed against yours, his massive hands all over you from your neck to your upper thighs made you to weak to protest. His tounge fought with yours in your mouth before he looked into your eyes and attached his lips to your neck, and you could see the lust at his darkened eyes. You felt a shiver down in your spine as he unbuttoned your shirt and started to caressing your breast with one of his hand, holding you tightly to himself by your lower back with the other. He was sucking on your neck so hard you were sure there’ll be huge bruises tomorrow. 

You bit your lip to prevent a loud moan, but whimpered into his ear and he pulled away, sitting on the edge of the bed. “Take off your clothes.” - he whispered. He didn’t smiled and you could still saw an angry expression on his face.

You cocked and eyebrow at him and smirked. “Are you giving orders now?” That was so unlikely of him. 

He closed his eyes before he said, “I swear if you won’t do it I’ll rip them off.” 

For a split second you thought you’ll challenge him to do it, but you decided it’s better to not mess with him now. You quickly slipped out from your clothes and when you unclasped your bra, he stood up and pushed you to the wall, his bare chest pressed to your back. You could felt his hard member through his pants as he wrapped a hand around you, his hot breath tickled behind your left ear while he quickly drew off your panties. He slipped his hands to your dripping slit, causing you to let out a shaky breath.

“You’re always so ready for me. I hardly do anything yet.” He said in a husky voice before shoved two fingers in you without any warning.

“Who made you this wet?” - he was pumping in and out but stopped when you didn’t respond.

“I asked you something.”

“You. You, Remus.” - you said quickly in a hope he will start again, and he did, with a much faster pace. Small whimpers left your mouth. “That’s my girl.” 

He stopped again, pulled out his fingers and you heard him as he licked them clean, but when you wanted to turn around, he pushed you to the wall again. 

“Remus. The door is ajar.”

“Good. Good. I hope the whole castle will know who fuck you so well.”

You heard the satisfying sound of his unbuckled belt’s clang on the floor. “Give me your hands.”

You reached back, and he tied your wrists together on your back with his belt.

And in the next second, he grabbed your hips and pushed himself inside of you. He didn’t ask you if you’re ready. It was highly unusual from him, but now you didn’t mind it. Firstly his thrusts were slow but still forceful, making you moan from the little pain and intense pleasure.

“So. Tight.”

As he fastened his pace he wrapped an arm around your waist, pulling you as close as he could, while grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled it so he could have a better acces to your neck, kissing and sucking the thin, sensitive skin. You became a moaning mess as he didn’t stop growling in your ear. A hand wandered down on your thigh, held it steady, but in a moment when he felt you shaking under his grip, he pulled away again. 

“Remus, what the hell?” - you whined, but without any warning again he released your wrists, pushed you down to the bed, came on top of you and thrusting in again. You wrapped your legs around his waist and he buried his face on your neck, but you cupped his cheek so you could finally look into his eyes. You never saw him like this earlier, eyes so darkened and filled with hunger.

He was kissing you with a lot of desire, and it felt like with every thrusts he was going deeper. You started to losing your control over your body; you scratched his back so hard you wouldn’t be surprised if blood spilled out of it. Your moans became louder with every seconds. 

“Scream for me, sweetheart. Don’t hold it back.” - he grunted into your ear. “You feel so good. My girl. Mine.”

By now he pumped in and out on you so fast and hard you could see stars. “Remus, Rem, Remus..” - you stammered, unable to form comprehensible sentences. 

“I know. Let it go.”

And you did, with a last scream of his name and a trembling breath as you reached your high, but he was right behind you, filled you a few moments later.

After a long minute when your breaths started to became normal again, he turned to you with worried eyes. “Was I too rough on you?”

You grinned in satisfaction, your voice still hoarse. “Yes. But in the best way you could.”

He smiled too. “I’m sorry for arguing with you. It was stupid.”

“It’s okay. Besides, you make up for it pretty well.” - you purred before you snuggled up to his chest.


It was the night of full moon, and you sat on your bed awake, alone. Once in a month your let your boyfriend out with his friends, knowing that you’ll see him again in a miserable shape. You tried to ingore to thinking about maybe one day something terrible will happen, but you couldn’t, and those thoughts kept you awake every once in a month. Even if you fell a sleep, you woke up in every hour. 

You sneaked out from your dorm to Remus’ and crawled into his bed. It was almost dawn, you knew he’ll be back soon. The calming scent of your boyfriend’s hair on his pillow slowly made you fell asleep. You only opened your eyes again when the door burst open. 

All of the guys looked worse than ever. Peter opened the door while Sirius and James supported Remus in the room, who doesn’t seem he knows about himself. 

“Calm down, love.” - Sirius started as you jumped up. “It isn’t the first time.”

They carefully dropped down him on the bed. He was awake, but his eyes were almost completely closed. The sound of his breath was heavy, his bare chest full of fresh new cuts. You fetched a bowl of water and started to clean up his wounds - you weren’t really good at healing spells so this was the safer way. 

You were almost done when he grabbed your wrist, but his grip was so weak you placed his hand down and cupped his cheek. 

“Rest, please.” 

“Y/N. You’re here. I love you so much.” - he whispered, still with closed eyes. 

You smiled. “I love you too.” With one of your hand still on his face, he placed some weak kiss on the inside of your wrist while you took out some halm from his hair.

“Come next to me. Please.” - he asked, so you slipped into the bed. Even though he was so fraigle at the moment, he wrapped his arms around you and pulled you closer easily, now you were pressed to his wounded chest tightly. He let out a small whimper.

“Remus, let me go, I don’t want to hurt you.” - you tried to freed yourself from his grip, but he held you steady. 

“No. Please, sweetheart. I wanna hold you. Please.” - he pleaded in a low voice.

You gave up so you snuggled closer to him, kissing his jawline gently. 

“What have I done to deserve you?” - he mumbled.

A quiet giggle left your mouth. “Sleep now. You need to rest.”

“I’m resting. You’re with me.”

You gently kept stroke his brown locks with your fingertips, and you felt his breath slowly became relaxed as he fell asleep.


A very happy birthday to you Bucky

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky birthday morning smut and after party smut

A/n (nsfw gifs)

Originally posted by stuckwithbuck

Birthday. Some people like them, some people don’t, Bucky was one of those that didn’t like it. He hated the fact that he was turning a hundred, sure he looks like he’s in his late twenties to early thirties but it still bugged him.

It didn’t help that the entire team teased him about it. You always told them to stop but they ignored you and kept teasing him until he snapped at them. He told them that if they kept up the teasing they would have a birthday party without the birthday boy. You reassured everyone that you were going to get Bucky in a good mood and get him to attend the party but they had to stop the teasing. They stopped and now it was your mission to get him in a good mood and have him stay happy throughout the party.

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bl00d-in-r0ses  asked:

RFA+Saeran and V reacting to an Otome Mc?

if what u mean by this is that ‘MC is the person in the game’ then hoe

i gotchu

P.S. the name of the game is “Curiously Caught” because why? because idon’tknowsendhelp


  • literally freaking the hell out
  • he’s trying SO HARD to win MC’s heart he’s doing all sorts of research
  • recent google searches:
    • how to get MC in Curiously Caught
    • MC’S favourite band/food/colour/type of cheese
  • he’s screaming inside and out 24/7
  • likes to call Seven to rant all about the game
  • can’t get his hands off his cell and lemme tell u his gaming friends are mAD


  • lookie lookie
  • a man his age playing an Otome game? P H L E A S E
  • it’s happening
  • here he is
  • smiling foolishly at his phone
  • “Zen.”
  • “ZEN.”
  • that’s right, he even plays during shows
  • he’s obsessed and is 200% determined to get MC’s route
  • “Just a sec I gotta do this… which one do you think is the better pick up line? ‘I will lock you up in my heart like a jail’ or ‘Although this is a bit cheesy, will you Gouda out with me’?”
    • low key wants to stab myself for writing^^ whatever the fuck those pickup lines are im sorry can u tell im bad a pickup lines
  • tries not to fangirl in public when MC gives him some hearts but he’s squealing on the inside sohardsometimeshecan’tbreathe


  • yea she’s that^^ type of person
  • she;s so devoted it’s kinda scary
  • Jumin is ???? “Assistant Kang, can you get me the files-”
  • she looks at him with the wild eyes of a boar and he’s like nope nevermind not today gotta go see ya holy shit she’s crazy
  • *employees slowly back away from her*


  • what is “Otome game”?
  • when someone introduces him to Curiously Caught he’s kinda ????
  • really confuzzled
  • he looks like those old people trying to work with technology
    • poking the screen with one finger really hard
    • lowering his reading classes and holding the phone 2 miles away from his face and then squinting his eyes to read the text 
    • asking questions about a million things:
    • “How do i go back”
    • “What do the coins do”
    • “How do i win”
    • also: “I can’t see”
  • he puts the game down at first because he’s confused and doesn’t know how to play, but he sees himself get drawn to it whenever he has free time
  • on the way to work? playing. taking a break? playing. 
  • there’s no stopping he’s becoming one of us


  • it’s just that he
  • he beat the game in 1 day
  • he got all the coins, all the hearts and was able to ‘catch’ MC with his skillz
  • but that doesn’t stop him from playing the game another 21232534 times because he wants to find loopholes
  • and see what the bad ends are like
  • low key hacks the game to see what happens
  • the company is like what is happening to our game???
  • oops
  • also likes to show off
  • he goes to online forums that discuss the game and logs on as
  • “curiouscatlover” and literally s p o i l s the game for everyone BUT doesn’t tell him how to beat the levels
  • i hate u seven y r u doin dis to us


  • he isn’t interested at first
  • he just saw it on his appstore and was like 
  • ok i guess i’ll download it since they recommended it
  • starts playing but doesn’t see the meaning in it
  • kinda just stares at the game emotionless
  • “Wow! MC just gave you 10 coins!”
  • “ok”
  • “Options: kiss MC or walk away.”
  • he choose to walk away
  • “we just met why would i kiss her i am not a creep like Saeyoung”
  • low key wants to delete the game but his pride won’t let him
  • “I have to win this or else Saeyoung will rub it in my face that he won and i do not want to hear it”


  • old ass men confused with game options and functions lmfao
  • dude calls up Jumin to work this out together
  • did i mention they met up at a cafe where TONS OF GIRLS AND THE PUBLIC ARE JUDGING THEM
  • and they were literally discussing the game like it was some sort of business tihng
  • “Jumin, if I choose to kiss her, will she dislike me? We just started playing this morning after all.”
  • “Hm.. I think we should just go for it - go big or go home right? That’s always been my business motto.”
  • “You’re right. Okay here it goes… YES! SHE GAVE ME 2 COINS.”
  • “See? This isn’t hard at all.”
  • *cue those comical laughs in the background of TV shows*
  • p.s. they win MC in like 1 month (much too long for 1 route)

:)) i hope this was what you wanted lol

~Cherry L.

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Café Love


Genre:  Fluff

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Summary: Jungkook has a crush on you but never noticed because you think you’re too fat for him.

Originally posted by parkjiminer

Jungkook sat alone beside the window inside your family cafe shop, where you worked at. He watched you from afar, but he knew he couldn’t do it anymore. Today is the day he will confess his feelings towards you, after a year knowing you. He couldn’t control his heart racing against his chest, every time he saw you and every time you got near him. 

The way you smile so brightly made him feel so warm and fuzzy inside. Gosh, you were in his mind every day and even his dreams. How could girl shake his heart likes this, not be his girlfriend? It drove crazy because, during that year, he gave you so many clues that he likes you a lot. Could it be, you never noticed or it because you didn’t feel the same away toward him. Anyways, he still going to confess to you.

His hands ran through his dark brown hair, he felt so flustered not knowing if you like him or not. He lay back on his chair, grabbing his caramel latte on the label, taking a slip as he watched you take orders behind the counter. How can she be so beautiful? he thought to himself, smiling ear to ear.  Hair tied up into a ponytail, you wore a bit of makeup, and the uniform you wore always made you look cute. In one hour, you have left before you when on a break. Now he has to think about how to ask you out?

You frown your eyebrows after catching Jungkook staring at you for the hundredth time, for the past three hours he has been here. Everything time you caught him, his cheeks turn super red. You keep asking yourself why? Today, he has been acting really weird. First, after giving him his caramel latte, he hasn’t spoken to you at all. Second, you felt his strong gaze on you all the time. You take your eyes away from him and welcome the customer in front of you with a warm smile and taking the person order. You felt Jungkook staring at you again, you quickly turn your head. He bites his lips and cheeks once again turn red. You sigh deeply, you're going to talk to him, and ask him what going on, on your break.

The two you when somewhere private to talk. Jungkook sat across from the table in front of you. You could tell how nervous he is, he keeps biting his lips ever few seconds, small sweat forming on his forehead, he keeps playing with fingers and his gaze is on his lap. “Jungkook, the past three hours I have been working, you have been staring at me.What’s going on?” you asked. Jungkook stayed silent for while, his gaze left his lap and locking eyes with you. You smile, as he took a deep breath. “There’s something I wanted to tell you for while” he paused for a  second took a deep breath and smiled. “I like you more than a friend”

Wait what! Did you hear that correctly or you’re just imagining because you have a huge crush on him? Your heart raced against your chest. “wait what” you said all of sudden. You sat there in shock. “I-I like you as a g-girlfriend” he looked you in eyes for a second and looked way somewhere else. Jeon Jungkook just confesses to you in person. He just told you he likes you a lot, you weren’t dreaming this time. “I-I” words weren’t coming out your mouth, you just don’t know what say. How come you never noticed? You started liking him a few months ago but you thought you are too fat for him. Jungkook being an Idol, he’s sometimes surrounded with beautiful, tall, and skinny girls, you though Jungkook wouldn’t be into you because you weren’t all those three things. You blink few times and looked at Jungkook, you smile. “I feel the same way” you watched him snap his head, locking eyes with you. 

You never seem him his happy before. “Really,” he said smiling really hard. “Yes”

“OMG, do you know how times I gave you hints, how I liked you?” You shake your head. “I really never noticed, to be honest. I thought I was too fat for you” You watched him get up from the chair and sat right next to you.

You’re taken back as he takes your hand into his. “Y/N, I like you for you. You’re an amazing girl I want to spend my time with. Getting to know for a year now, is the best thing that never happened in my life. I can go on and tell all the stuff I love about you. One thing I want you to know is, you’re perfect just the way you are” 

Anything For You Daddy -  Brendon Urie Smut

I sat on the couch wiring for Brendon to come home, I had been horny all day and really just wanted to jump his bones. I stared at the TV spacing off, thinking about what would happen. I had over heard Brendon and Dallon the other day, Brendon was telling him about how he wished I would call him Daddy in bed. I kind of like the idea of it, it’s hot to me.

I stood up from the couch and walked to the master bedroom. I opened up the top drawer of my dresser, I sifted through all my lingerie until I found what I was looking for. A while ago I had bought this but I had never worn it and Brendon had never seen it, it was perfect. It was a lacy, blush pink baby doll piece that I had gotten from Victoria’s Secret. I hoped he’d like it.
I text Brendon to see when he’d come home, he said he’d be home in twenty minutes. I walked into the bathroom and did my hair in soft curls. I changed into the lingerie and got situated on the bed. My stomach was tied in knots, I was nervous. I wasn’t sure that he’d really like it or that he’d change his mind about the whole Daddy thing. I heard the front door slam in the distance, he’s home.

“Y/N, where are you babe?” Brendon called out in the distance.

“I’m in the bedroom!” I called back.

I heard him walk closer to the bedroom. He opened the door and his jaw dropped to the floor, his eyes wide. He stood at the doorway just staring at me laying on the bed. I sat up and looked at him biting my lip. He wore a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a maroon colored v-neck shirt. I morion him to some closer. He quietly groaned and slowly walked toward me. He crawled onto the bed and hovered over me. I pull him closer and bring his lips to mine. I hungrily kiss him, pulling at his hair with one hand while the other slid down his toned body to the bulge that was contained in his skinny jeans. I start to rub his cock through his jeans causing him to moan into the kiss.

He pulled away from the kiss and got off the bed. He started to slowly take off his clothes till he was just in his black Calvin Klein boxers, I watched him intently biting my lip. He stared at me with hungry, dark eyes. I sat up on the bed turning my body toward him, it’s now or never.

“Fuck me Daddy,” I said sheepishly looking at him through my long eyelashes.

His eyes grew wide from shock. He stepped forward and grasped my waist. Brendon slowly pulled me to the edge of the bed, spreading my legs open. He kneeled down in front of me, with his teeth he pulled down my blush pink thong. Once they were off he looked at my exposed pussy, liking his lips.

“Fuck Baby Girl, you’re so wet for Daddy,” my cheeks heated up at his sexy words.

He kissed up my inner thigh until he got to my soaking wet core. He plunged his tongue into me, he started at my clit moving his skillful tongue in a figure-eight motion. Then he took two fingers and pushed them into me, pumping them at an agonizingly slow pace. I couldn’t take it any more.

“Daddy, please. I need your big hard cock deep inside of me,” I begged him trying to contain my moans. He stopped and moved away from my core.

“As you wish Baby Girl,” he said in a low husky voice.

He stood up and I shifted my body so that I was laying in the middle of bed. Brendon slipped off his boxers pumping his cock a dew times. Brendon lined his big, hard cock to the entrence of my soaking wet pussy. I nod at him telling him it was okay and with that he pushes himself into my sight core.

“Oh fuck Daddy!” I moaned out, the pleasure of his cock taking over.

“Shit Baby Girl, you’re so fucking tight,” Brendon cursed out.

He slowly started to thrust in and out of my tight, wet pussy each time causing me to moan out loudly. I loved the feeling of his massive cock deep inside of me. I wrapped my leg around his waist wanting him to go deeper inside of me. Brendon got the hint and shifted himself for a new angle. The new angle was amazing, with each hard thrust his cock hit my g-spot with precision. I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I could tell he wouldn’t either.

“Daddy,” I moan out. “I’m so close.” I look at him, sweat dripping down his face.

“Fuck, me too Baby Girl. Do you want Daddy to cum inside of your sweet pussy?” He said with his husky voice.

“Yes Daddy!” I scream out as I begin to convulse around his cock, my orgasm taking over.

I felt Brendon’s cock twitch inside me, he started to moan out my name as he began to cum inside of my pussy. Our breath heavy, out bodies shaking. Brendon pulled out of me falling onto the bed next to me panting. I move over to make more room for him. I turn onto my side looking at his angelic face that was glowing with sweat.

“Y/N?” Brendon asked looking over at me.

“Yeah?” I responded.

“How did you know about my Daddy kink?” He asked slightly raising his eye brow.

“I heard you and Dallon talking about it the other day,” I say in a sheepish voice hoping that he wouldn’t get mad at me for eavesdropping.

“Oh, okay,” he said with a sigh of relief. “By the way, I love what you are wearing Baby Girl,” he says with a smirk.

“I thought you would Daddy,” I say with a light giggle. 

“I love it when you call me that,” Brendon moves closer to me kissing my lips, wrapping his strong arms around me. “What do you say to round two?”

Mad: Part 1

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Will contain smut, violence and tense situations in later chapters

Teaser  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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Imagine being the best friend of one of the most famous fuckboy in town, Chris Schistad. And then one day, you need his help to bake a cake.

Authors note:
NOT ROMANTIC. Also, this is my very first imagine, so I hope you enjoy it. It’s a lil big, so I promise the next ones are gonna be shorter and better! Also, english is not my first language, then ignore the errors. Hahahahah thank you!

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sun bleached ➵ 1

Originally posted by dezuechelon

summary: it was the summer of ‘07 when 16 year old park jimin and kim taehyung had met- falling in love; promising that in 10 years time, they would meet again at the botanical garden that had once called home.

genre: fluff, ANGST and implied smut

words: 3.1k

a/n: this will be a three chaptered fic y’all!!!! get ready!!!!! welcome to angst ‘r’ us.. enjoy ur stay

There was something that whispered in the quiet, Jimin had recalled. A wistful tone that called out his name, airy, light. In the solitude of his bedroom, dark and desolate, he had made up his mind that the voice was something he was not very fond of. It held something akin to hope.

“Jimin?” It called. “I told you, didn’t I? That I would love you forever?”

Yes, Jimin thought. You did.

And the voice was back, closer now. Murmuring quietly into his ear, tickling the cusp of his ear; like a bird’s song. “So why did you leave me?”

I don’t know, Taehyung.

I don’t know.

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take my hand

request from @boymeetsfiction : A cute lil request where Tae and reader go to an ice rink? Love you~~ heheehehehehe

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

[Taehyung x Reader]

Genre: Fluff, a little Angsty

Words: 3593

—> You lean against the gate and watch him skate for a moment, smiling a bit at how much fun he seems to be having. He’s laughing and spinning in circles, looking absolutely carefree. 

A/N: Thank you Tamara for sending this request in! And I hope you all enjoy this xoxo

First dates were always nerve wracking, but this one made you feel especially anxious.  

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Jimin As Your Boyfriend

A/N: Honestly this was so hard to write (even though Jimin has been my bias for 8 months) but I hope it’s any good!

  • Lots of cheeky snapchats.
  • Starts with holding your waist, but always moves his hand down to squeeze your butt.
  • Cozy dates where Tae tags along.
  • But if Tae’s trying to come home with you, Jimin’s like ‘no no no no, we can’t have that’.
  • Teasing kisses where he grabs onto your jaw and slowly runs his lips against yours.
  • Lustful kisses where he holds onto your sides so tight that you get bruises and it feels as he wants to devour all your love.
  • Probably texts you a lot.
  • Will actually hug you from behind just to let you know that he has a hard on.
  • And you’re like ‘oh I can fix that problem’.
  • You’d probably have a casual, but great sex life. Intercourse would appear often and anywhere if you’re really feeling it.
  • The type to rest his hands on your boobs while cuddling you.
  • Even though he touches you a lot, it’s mostly because it’s his way of expressing his love for you.
  • If he’s having a bad day, he will plop down with his head on your lap and talk to you about it.
  • He would love you running your fingers through his hair.
  • During sex too of course.
  • And I must mention, Jimin loves eating you out.
  • “Y/N?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “You look really cute right now.”
  • Doesn’t really know you what he should give you for your birthday so he asks Jin for help because mom.
  • Also he vents to Yoongi whenever something is on his mind related to you.
  • Those conversations always end with him concluding with that you’re too good for him, but Yoongi is like ‘chimchim, go get your girl’.
  • So much skinship.
  • You’ll watch a movie together and suddenly Jimin starts tickling you and kiss you all over your face and you’re laughing so hard that you lose your breath.
  • And then wow he turns the tickling into caressing and starts nibbling at your neck.
  • BOOM you’re naked.
  • Loves loves loves showing you off. “Hello everyone! This is my girlfriend!” “Isn’t my girl pretty? Of course she is.” “Did I mention that this is my girlfriend?”
  • He’ll shake you awake in the middle of the night because he had a nightmare and wants you to hold him.
  • And then he can’t sleep so you start having an hour long conversation about space and Jimin keeps comparing the stars to your eyes and the feelings you give him.
  • Facetimes you a lot when away, Tae making weird faces in the background, leading to you and Jimin laughing your asses off.
  • Would definitely shut you up by serenading you and then moving closer, singing up until the last moment before your lips meet.
  • The thing about Jimin is that he needs support from his loved ones and he would always want to support you the best he could as well, he would never want for you to be sad or never ever hurt you.
  • Jimin is definitely boyfriend material. <3

Originally posted by parkjiminz

NCT’s reaction to they started liking a girl NCT member

Request: “How would NCT (all units) react if they started liking a girl NCT member?”
A/N: idk what to write here, lmao.


He would almost hate himself for falling in love with you. He’s still really young and he doesn’t want to ruin his career and his whole future just for his feelings, specially if the person he’s in love with works by his side.

“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I understand if you don’t want anything with me.”

“I like you too, Taeil but it’s going to be hard, you know?”

“Yes, I know and I hate that things have to be this way.”

Originally posted by jihansol


He won’t worry too much about it like Taeil, but I don’t think he would be scared of telling you that he has feeling for you. He believes that is something important that you should know and you ended up being the most worried one.

“But don’t worry to much! It going to be easier than you think, Y/N.”

“No, Hansol, it’s not going to be easy!”

Originally posted by 94ten


He is, in my opinion, the most mature member of NCT and I’m a 100% sure that he would confess his feelings but won’t try to have anything with you, even if the feeling are mutuals, he would think everything twice before doing anything.

“Do you want to go for a coffee, Y/N? I have the perfect excuse planned already.”

“Fine, did you realize how much I trust you?”

“Yes, you shoulden’t”


Originally posted by fxlse-prophets


He would probably be the most worried about it, he already has to deal with so much hate for stuff he never did, and he knows that all of this feelings would only gave him more problems. He wouldn’t tell anyone about this, all his feelings would be destroying him everyday a bit more but he would confess only when he’s in his limit.

“Taeyong? Are you okay?”

“No, Y/N, I’m not because I’m deeply in love with you.”

Originally posted by taeyongofficial


This guy won’t care too much about the opinion of the public and would flirt with you all the time, even when there are cameras around. And if the feelings are mutual he would give it a try, why not?

“Yuta! I told you to stop flirting with me so much when were on public!”

“But you look so pretty when you’re blushing non stop!”


Originally posted by taei


He would be exactly like Hansol, telling you all his feelings. But he would still think about you and won’t doubt in taking all the blame if something goes wrong.

“I-I promise to take all the blame, I swear Y/N, but please give me an oportunnity.”

“You’re an angel, Kun.”

Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin


Other baby who would baby extremely worried for his feelings toward you. He would talk about this with other member, probably Taeyong or Jaehyun, and would ask for advice. He would decide to confess and if something happens, he would be the one who hide his feelings the best in camera. It would be almost impossible to notice.

A++ in being discreet”

“Yes, I know, I’m a great actor.”

Originally posted by trainingpanda


He would tell Johnny and Hansol right away, asking them for advice, and of course the giants are going to tell him to confess. And when he does, just like Kun he won’t  doubt in taking all the blame.

“I’m so glad Johnny conviced me to confess to you!”

“Be careful, though, you’re the worst hiding secrets.”

“No I’m not!”

Originally posted by neotechs


He would be like Yuta, flirting all the time with you, but he would care a bit more about keeping your relationship in secret and only doing it occasionally.

“Stop flirting with me when were on camera, Jae!”

“But I haven’t do it in the so long! Also, the MC’s didn’t notice!”

Originally posted by mypeachprince


This cutie would confess to you and ask you to be his. The only thing he needs is an answer, if it’s a yes he would try his best to don’t let no one in the whole world know about this more than his family and the members. And just like Doyoung, is impossible to even notice that has a crush on you.

“I’m sorry that we can’t do anything for our first anniversary more than cuddle in the dorms.”

“It’s fine! I adore every second by your side even if just doing nothing, baobei.”

Originally posted by chokemewinwin


He would also feel really worried, not only for the public reaction and the other members but for your relationship, he’s probably the most busy member in NCT and he doesn’t want to spend just half of an hour with you in the dorms everyday. So he won’t be sure how to react.

“S-Should I confess, what do you think Donghyuck?”

“Confess to who?”

Y/N! Uh~~ no one.”

Originally posted by meekokohaku


You could tell that there was something going out with him by the loving gazes he wuld give you and how he was always by your side. When you talked about it with him, he started to be more discreet and you decided to gave him an oportunnity.

“I’m sorry! I’ll be more discreet next time, baobei!”

“You’re so cute, Jun.”

Originally posted by kunxxxsol


This guy would be confused. He would talk with Jaemin and maybe any of the olders members about it and would decide to confess his feelings to you. If you start dating, there’s nothing to get worried about because it’s almost impossible to tell that he has feelings for you.

“How are you so good pretending that you’re not in love with me? Everyday it gets harder for me.”

“I’m irresistible, that’s why.”

Originally posted by markleetrashh


Other baby who’s hated by stuff he never did. All this feelings would keep him awake at night and make him act really different from his normal extroverted self. You would notice, and he wouldn’t mind telling you everything. He only wants the public acceptance, he doesn’t care about anything else.

“Hyuck, don’t say that, our fans are angels and they won’t let anybody drag us down. And you know I’ll kill anybody who dares to hurt you in any way.”

“You’re an angel too, Y/N.”

Originally posted by narika-a


Just like Yuta, he won’t give a damn about other peoples opinions, but he would be more careful and won’t tell no one but you know about this little secret, okay maybe jeno would know it too.

“Can you explain me why today in school Jeno kept bothering me non stop because I was taking notes for my bOYFRIEND”

“Oh, so he told you, uh? Yeah.. sorry about that, jagiya.”

Originally posted by donghyukslee


He would confess to you right away, and it’s not like he wouldn’t care about the publics opinion but, he just never even thinked about it. He’s a child full of optimism and wouldn’t even care about those people who hates on your relationship, he would only focuse on you and the good comments.

“Don’t worry princess! I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

“You’re so adorable, Chenle.”

Originally posted by nct-china-line


This little baby would be SO worried. He knows perfectly that both of you are really young yet and falling in love with you would only bring problems for everyone. He would probably talk about it with other members but wouldn’t dare to confess to don’t make things awkward.

“Jisung? A little birdy called Zhong Chenle told me a little secret of yours.”

“I’m really sorry, noona.”

Originally posted by pink-ramen-hair

garglyswoof  asked:

44 klaroline.

44:  “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”

Ofc my head could only think of Kol when you gave me the idea for this prompt xD so you know, this is koroline and klaroline mixed together lool Klaus is probably super OOC and maybe Caroline as well lol i’m sorry??? Hope you like it anway~~ On FF.

Also, if you want one!

Inappropriate Soundtrack

The sound was booming and echoing throughout the morbidly empty room; the clanging of rusted metal intertwining with the music in an upsetting way, and the moans of pain and vicious laughter only made the scene even more horrific. Caroline vamped into the formerly sealed room, and wondered if she was having some drug-induced hallucination - at least she hoped she had been drugged.

“Kol, what in the world is going on?” she asked, the sight only growing more disturbing with time.

Looking at her, as if she had grown another head, he happily replied, “I am in the middle of torturing someone, obviously.”

It wasn’t exactly what he was doing that perturbed her the most, it was how he was doing it; because listening to Ellie Goulding screaming at the top of her lungs for someone to love her like you do, while viciously torturing someone was incredibly unsettling.

Taking a deep breath, she said, “This is a totally inappropriate soundtrack.”

As she finished talking, Call Me Maybe started playing, and at the irony of the situation, Caroline almost laughed, instead she just asked, “Why would you torture someone with pop music in the background?”

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For @kiratheunicornyt who really wanted number 27 of a prompt thing with Adrienette/LadyNoir.

#27 “I’m Pregnant.”

“I’m pregnant!”

Chat Noir, AKA Adrien Agreste, stared at his partner in shock, green eyes wide behind his mask. She…She was what? But how? Well okay, he knew how but that wasn’t the point. She was pregnant!

Meanwhile, Ladybug, AKA Marinette Agreste nee Dupain-Cheng, stood there with her hands clasped over her mouth. She hadn’t meant to shout that out. He wasn’t suppose to find out like this, not during a, rather pointless, argument during patrol. He was suppose to find out during a romantic dinner, with themed dishes to give him hints and maybe even that little onesie she’d been sewing for the past week. Dang it, she had a plan! And now he was just staring at her, not saying anything and oh god, he didn’t want it! He probably didn’t want her anymore! And now she’d be divorced and single mother and living back at home with her parents!

During her internal freak-out she didn’t notice how her partner was slowly starting to smile. She was pregnant! They were having a baby! A Kitten! Or no wait…a catbug! Yes, a cute little catbug who would look her mom and be just so adorable! And yes it was going to be a girl, he just knew it!

A sudden sniffle finally drew his attention back to his wife and he noticed she had started to cry. Eyes screwed shut, she was trying hard not too as tears leaked out from under her mask. Adrien was instantly next to her and pulling her hands away from her face.

“Mari…Mari, it’s okay.”

“No, it not!” She wailed, “You don’t want it! And you don’t want me anymore! And now we’ll separated and I’ll have to do this all by myself! And-And-!”

Adrien quickly, yet gently, cradled her against him, trying hard not laugh at her crazy speculations, “Now that’s not true, Buggaboo.”

She sniffed and looked up at him, eyes swimming with unshed tears, “It’s not?”

He smiled down at her, “Course not.”

“But…you didn’t react…”

“I was shocked! But not unhappy,” He finally let a large grin take of his face before he suddenly swung her around in a loop, “We’re having a baby, My Lady! A beautiful, little catbug!”

Marinette let herself laugh with him, relief flooding though her as she was now crying in happiness. She looped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly as he finally set her down.

“You’re really happy about this?”

“More than.” He leaned back just enough to lift her chin up with a smile, “Je t’aime, My Lady.”

She grinned, “Je t’aime, Kitty.” And then he kissed her soundly.

Marinette then pulled back suddenly, “And we are not calling it a catbug.”

5/9/17 recs

1.  tfw victor nikiforov starts yelling at you in russian by missmichellebelle || Rated T, 1.9k 

Sixteen-year-old Chihoko Sato is at Four Continents almost by accident, so the fact that Victor Nikiforov is headed straight towards her is probably also an accident, right?

  • Comment: fucking hilarious, one of my fave fics to come out of the chihoko thing. The OC is super relatable and adorable and it’s a short read, so I def recommend taking a few minutes to read this! I was cracking up so damn hard I swear 

2. you are the best thing that’s ever been mine by JMonCheri || Rated M, 13.4k (WIP)

Public Poll: Is Viktuuri real or just a publicity stunt?

❏Yes, they’re real… Their PDA is too gross to be faked

❏No, ya’ll should trust no bitch smh

❏Honestly, I haven’t given any fucks in my life and I’m not starting now


❏Viktuuri is a shameless publicity stunt, pass it on


Wherein famous actors Yuuri Katsuki and Viktor Nikiforov are forced to fake a relationship for mere reasons such as fame, money, and for teenage girls to make thesis long rants about them on Tumblr. A pact is made, then things snowball into a complete mess, and ya’ll already get the idea where this is going…

  • Comment: Actor AU and fake dating, this is my jam. Pretty rote, but entertaining as heck. 

3.  Unconventional by so_shhy || Rated M, 4.8k

After freezing up in front of his idol at a comic con panel, Yuuri decides that he needs an awful lot of alcohol to get over the embarrassment. It is a decision he will regret.

The fandom AU I can’t believe I wrote, featuring movie star!Victor Nikiforov and fanfic author!Yuuri Katsuki.

  • Comment: OH MY GOD YUURI YOU POOR MOTHERFUCKER. Really fucking entertaining fandom au that had me laughing the whole way through with occasional punctuations of “oh my god Yuuri”. Drunk Yuuri, in this fic especially, is such a fucking gift. 

4.  Silver Winters by Memoryboard || Rated M, 56k (WIP)

The first unspoken rule was simple and blunt: never interfere with human endeavours.
Yuuri was supposed to let them die, let them burn, and not bat an eye.

Nobody knew the beginnings of Katsuki Yuuri, but his story will be told in the events that began in 2016 AD. He finds his colorful past unravelled, his present lit by a man named Viktor, and his future still unwritten.

  • Comment: a bit hard to get into at first, the plot continually raises questions and the premise is interesting enough. Isabella is a significant character in this fic, and I’m honestly intrigued by how it’s going to continue. 

5. Baby Daddy Drama by PromiscuousSoleil || Rated T, 16k (WIP)

Yuuri knew going in it was going to be a hard job, being Victor Nikiforov’s personal assistant but he was determined to make it happen. He never really spoke to the man himself, e-mail’s being his source of communication and that was perfectly fine with Yuuri. But, when an angry four-year old is dropped off at his place, Yuuri has no idea how hard his job is about to get.

  • Comment: This fic gives me 2012 fic vibe nostalgia. Questionable at times with characterization, I still enjoyed it immensely. The nostalgia helped. On it’s own the fic does have entertainment value, and I can’t wait for Victor to finally show his fucking face and talk.

*Fangirl meets Fanboy*

Fangirl: Do you like that fandon?

Fanboy: Yes, it is my favorite

Fangirl: My god, mine too, never found someone to talk with.

*Fangirl and Fanboy spend hours talking about fandons*

Fanboy: But you know what I hate? The girls making everything sexual, like cant two boys just be friends.

Fangirl: :/

* fanboy starts to hit on Fangirl ever time they talk, Fangirl refuses*

Fanboy: That girl totally friendzoned me, I just liked her, she has the same favorite fandon then me, we are meant to be. But aparentally “we are just friend”

Midnight Dominance

Summary: You ask BamBam to be full on Dom and he happily obliges

Members: BamBam x Reader

Type: Smut

Length: 1,448

- Admin M

Originally posted by jitonic

Y’all were watching tv in y’all’s bedroom when you turned it off and asked him if he would be interested in being dominant the next time y’all had sex. It wasn’t unusual for him to take the lead when you had sex with him, but you wanted to try something more. He knew you loved to experiment, and truth be told, so did he. When you asked him, he was taken aback and his jaw dropped. That quickly changed into a devilish smirk. “Are you sure about this kitten?” BamBam asked you cautiously.

“Yes,” you replied with a hint lust and excitement in your eyes. He kissed you lovingly and when he pulled back the look in his eyes changed. He hovered over you and it wasn’t your sweet, adorable BamBam anymore. This BamBam had nothing but lust in his eyes.

“Get up,” he said sternly. Your core was instantly heated up at the sound of the roughness in his voice. You happily did so, waiting for his next demand. You were getting anxious as he went to the drawer and grabbed two of his ties. “From now on you will call me Daddy. Do you understand?”

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Naughty Little Kitty: Sans x Reader Smut

My note:

So I decided to make this because I had this idea going around my head for a while.

___ = Your name.

WARNING: Bondage, kitten play, blood, and sex sex sex.

Word Count: 1,288

~Your POV~

I yawned a bit and rubbed my eyes while opening the front door.

I had a hard day at work and I just wanted to cry or brake something.

“Why hello there my kitty~.” Sans said while smiling from the couch.

“Hi Sans.” I yawned while taking my shoes off and heading upstairs but I was stopped by Sans.

“…I must’ve misheard you, ___…for a second there I thought you called me ‘sans’.” He said while glaring at me and I blushed a bit.

“Sorry Master…I didn’t know if Papyrus was home and I just wanna go upstairs and cry or break things.” I said and he went from angry at me to concerned and ready to kill someone quicker than you could says ‘sans’.

“What’s wrong kitty?” He asked while hugging me and I sniffled a bit.

“Work was terrible, I got made fun of all day and I kept tripping.” I said and he hugged me tighter.

“I know away to make my kitty feel better.” He smirked and I looked at him confused.

“Really? How?” I asked and he smirked more.

“just leave that to me but go take off all your clothes, put on your collar, and wait in your cage like a good kitty.” He said and I pouted a bit.

“B-But I want you to take my clothes off.” I said while blushing a bit and he shook his head.

“No kitty now go to our room. Now and that’s an order.” He glared at me and I nodded and ran to our room.

~Five Minutes Later~

I’ve been waiting in my cage for what’s seemed like forever but has been five minutes, I pouted a bit and curled up in a ball.

I was about to go to sleep when I heard the door open.

“Kitty?” Sans said and I looked up at him.

“Yes Master?” I asked and he opened my cage before sitting on our bed.

“crawl to me, kitty.” He said and I crawled to him.

“good kitty.” He said while patting my head gently and he unzipped his pants and took his cock. “now be a good girl and open.”

I opened my mouth and I felt him shove my head towards his cock, he thrust his cock in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.

“such a good kitty, taking all of master’s cock like this.” He said and I looked up at him while blushing, I started licking his cock and he moaned.

“now now now kitty, master didn’t say to do that and you were be such a good girl…I guess I gotta punish you.” He said and I blushed more and took his cock out of my mouth. “did I say to do that?” He growled and I blushed.

“N-No Master, please don’t punish me. I-I promise I’ll be good!” I said while pouting a bit.

“I won’t be too hard on you if you do as I say.” He said while gently lifting my chin up to look at him more.

“Y-Yes Master.” I said and he got up and went to the closet.

“get on the bed and on all fours.” Sans said and I climbed onto the bed on all fours.

“put your hands behind your back and have them crossed.” He said and I did as told.

He got out the rope and tied my hands together and my legs apart to the bed, he put a gag ball in my mouth and got in front of me and smirked.

“You see what I’m holding here?” He said and I looked at his hands to see a flogger and a dildo.

He went behind me and cracked the flogger on the floor and I wiggled my butt a bit and he hit my butt with the flogger.

“Mmph!” I jolted forwards and blushed more.

“this is much of a punishment so far but I have an idea…” He said and I could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

I felt him slowly lick my slit up and down before slowly inserting his tongue in my pussy.

My legs shook a bit and I whimpered and he bit down gently on my pussy.

“I didn’t think you’d be that wet…is my kitty in heat?” He asked and I blushed and nodded.

“that explains a lot…well I guess I just gotta take care of this.” He smirked before kissing my pussy and slowly slipping a finger inside of me.

He started off fingering my slowly then started to speed up when I whimpered and moaned against the gag ball, he added another finger when I shook and spanked my ass when I tried to wiggle away.

He stopped fingering me when he heard the front door open.

“master’s gonna put this in you while he talks to his brother…stay quiet.” He said before putting the dildo in me and turning it on low.

~Thirty Minutes Later~

This is pure torture…he kept turning up the vibrator whenever they walked close enough to hear me.

He finally came into the room and turned off the vibrator.

“my kitty made a big mess…” He said while chuckling and I blushed and wiggled around.

“stay still and let master take it out and replace it with something better.” He said and I stood as still as I could.

He licked my pussy making me shiver before slowly putting his dick in my pussy.

“so tight…so good.” He moaned and slowly thrust and started picking up the speed every time I moaned.

He grabbed my hair and made me look in the mirror as he pounded into me.

“look at you…taking all of my cock being so slutty.” He moaned in my ear.

He pounded into me deeper and faster.

I shook and looked at him in the mirror with pleading eyes.

“do it while I fuck you as hard as I can.” He said and I shook as I came.

He pounded into me as hard as he could and let out a loud moan before pulling out of me, taking out my gag ball and quickly running over to my face while rubbing his cock.

“open up my kitty deserves some milk.” He said and I opened my mouth and he came in it.

I blushed and swallowed it and licked my lips.

He started untying me and kissed my forehead.

“sorry I didn’t use the flogger, your ass looked too cute and I think you’ll have enough trouble walking now.” He smirked and I blushed.

“Thank you Master.” I said before kissing him and he smiled.

“no problem my naughty little kitty…did it help you take your mind off of work?” He asked and I nodded.

“Very much.” I said and he held me close to him.

“how about we rest up and then go get some grilby’s?” He asked and I nodded.

“That sounds amazing, I love you Sans.” I said while smiling and snuggling into him.

“I love you too ___.” He said and cuddled me.


~Extended Ending~


“yeah bro sorry…we got hungry.” He said while winking at me. “WILL YOU TWO STOP? WE HAVE A KITCHEN!!” Papyrus said and crossed his arms.

“I’ll remember that next time.” Sans said and winked at me…oh boy this is gonna be interesting.

“ALSO WHY IS ___‘S WHITE SHORTS TURNING RED?!” Papyrus asked and I blushed.

“’s a tomato like her?” Sans said and smirked a bit at me and mouthed “next time there will be more blood”…curse you Sans!

~Final End~

Sorry for the smut…I’m in a smutty mood.

Thanks for reading~!

Anything You Want -  Tyler Joseph Smut

“Hey baby,” Tyler says walking up to me. I was sitting in front of my makeup table getting ready for the day.

“Hey Tyler,”I say looking up at him with a smile.

“Baby, can you do my a favor?” He says with a sly voice.

“Um, yeah, what is it?”  I say to him with confusion. 

“I need help with this,” he says pointing down.

I look down to see a bulge in his pants. I lick my lips and shift from my seat to the floor in front of him. I look at him and undo his his belt with ease. I undo the button and pull down the zipper of his jeans. I yank them and his boxers down his slender legs. His big, hard cock slaps against his stomach.

“Baby, please,” Tyler moans out.

“Anything for you Daddy,” I say to him licking my lips.

I take his cock into my hand and I lick up his length. I kiss his pink tip and slowly take his hard cock in my mouth. I start to bob my head up and down his length extremely slow to tease him. Tyler doesn’t like it when I tease him but I like it when Daddy punishes me.

“Fuck, baby girl don’t tease me,” he growls out.

I suddenly take him fully in my mouth without warning. Tyler moans out, practically screaming from surprise and pleasure. I move my mouth up and down his length as fast as I possibly can trying to take him all in each time i come down on him. Tyler’s hands go to my hair, forcing me to take him all in. His actions cause me to gag on his hard cock.

“Fuck, Y/N. Stop, I don’t wanna cum,” he says. I pull away from his cock with a pop.

“Was that good Daddy?” I ask him wiping my mouth.

“Yes baby girl it was. But Daddy needs to punish you for teasing me,” he says to me with a smirk. “Go to the ben and bend over on the side.”

I immediately get up from my spot and walk over to our bed. I lean over the side, my ass up in the air. Tyler walks over to me and stand at my side. He pushes my skirt up around my waist and pulls down my panties to expose my ass. Suddenly his hand makes contact with my skin. I stinging sensation comes over me but I can’t help but moan, my pussy getting wet. Tyler repeats this nine more times.

“Strip for me baby girl,” Tyler says to me. I stand up and take off my clothes without any hesitation. I stand before him naked, he licks his lips at the sight of me. He pulls off his shirt so that he too is naked. “Lay down on the bed baby girl.”

“Yes, Daddy,” I get on the bed laying down in the middle my legs spread open for him.

“I’m going to fuck you now baby,” Tyler says getting onto the bed in between my legs.

“Please Daddy,” I beg him.

With those two words Tyler slams into my soaking wet pussy. I moan out. Tyler starts to thrust his big, hard cock in and out of my soaking wet pussy. I love the feeling of his cock inside of me stretching me out. Tyler leans down and attaches his mouth to my neck. He starts to suck and bit at my soft skin. The feeling of him inside of me and his mouth on my neck was heavenly and a bit overwhelming.

My stomach begins to tighten and my pussy’s walls begin to clench around Tyler’s cock. Tyler moans out loving thee feeling. He continues to thrust but picks up the pace and changes the angle to ensure that he hits my g-spot with each thrust. I scream out with each thrust my orgasm inching closing and closer.

“Fuck, Daddy!” I scream out. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Cum for me baby girl,” Tyler groans.

With that my orgasm washes over me. I scream out in pure pleasure. Tyler moans loudly and his thrust become sloppy. I can feel his cock twitch inside of my pussy. HIs own orgasm over comes him. He thrusts a few more times before he can no longer continues from exhaustion. Tyler pulls out of me and collapses on the bed next to me. The room is filled with our erratic breathing and we try to calm ourselves down.

“That was so great baby girl,” Tyler says once his breathing is back to normal.

“Yeah it was,” I say looking at him with a smile.

“I love you Y/N,” Tyler says wrapping his arm around me.

“I love you too Tyler,” I say kissing his cheek.

“What do you say to just a lazy day in bed?” He asks in a tired voice.

“Sounds good to me,” I say pecking his lips. Soon we both fall asleep and we just spent the entire day in bed together.