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it’s almost valentines day and the only thing i like about it is all the cards tumblr makes and these are my two favs i made a few years ago 


also you guys should send me fob ones (not like specifically to me i mean like send ones you make because they’re usually v fun/funny and i need to procrastinate hmwk with fob puns)


More Than This - Requested (Calum)

Anon: Can you do one where you are Calum’s hook up, but you start to do normal things, and media thinks that you are a couple, and the boys tease you about it? Note: so i don’t know if i like this one, i sidetracked a little bit. It took a turn at the end, ‘cause i’m really tired and i honestly didn’t know how to end it. Please do tell me if you have any critcism!

Everything is seen through blurry vision; Blinking, scanning the room. Brain working slowly, trying to plot everything together.
You sit up slowly, careful of the throbbing pain behind your eyes: I was drunk.
You remember dancing and brown eyes from across the dancefloor.
You remember stolen kisses and broken promises. Words never leaving your lips, and words that did - unintentionally.
Everything was blurry and all you saw was him.
It was all whirlwind, heat and flash. Taken out of cover art of an album. (Which one? You couldn’t remember)
Trampled down cigs and glossy images of the moon.
White bedsheets and warm breath.

You looked over at the shirtless, sleeping body beside you. You knew this was the time to leave. Take your few belongings scattered across the room and leave.

But the way his chest rose and fell, made you think of how at ease you felt talking to him. You felt conflicted, but decided to get dressed nonetheless.

As you tiptoed out of the room, you realised that this was a big house, not only just a small apartement, like your own.

As quietly as possible, with a hangover, you made your way down the stairs, only to be greeted by a guy in the kitchen.

“Well hello there, my name is Luke.” Luke smiled up at you from his bowl of cereal.
“Uh. Hi. Good morning. I’m (Y/N).. I” You point to your head wincing at the sudden shot of pain.
“Oh, honey, that isn’t good. You two were going pretty hard at it on the dance floor last night too.” He smiled at you as he filled a glass with water and handed you an aspirin. You accepted it quickly with an apologetic smile.
“Where are you headed now anyway?” Luke asked. You had never had to smalltalk in a situation like this before, but Luke seemed nice.
“Oh, I don’t know. Home probably. It’s quite a while, though, so I might just head over to a friend of mine half an hour away and hang for a couple of hours. Possibly sleep.” You half-smiled.
Luke looked over his shoulder and stared into space for a few seconds before shrugging and saying: “Well, Michael is in the living room, but if you just want to hang out, you can stay here if you don’t want to go out. Calum would be cool with it too, I think. It looked like you two really hit it off last night.”
After contemplating it for a few moments you decided to do it. If it got awkward you could just leave, and you didn’t feel like driving the bus at the moment. - At all.


As the hours crept towards 1 PM you’d slept for an hour and felt better already. You were now playing a videogame with Michael which he was winning. Barely. He was shouting at the screen.

You could hear someone stomping down the stairs, talking loudly: “Luke, this girl, man, I think I might—” he was cut off and mumbling could be heard “—she’s what? Oh. Okay. Um.. Do you think she heard..?” More mumbling.

A few minutes later Calum strolled into the livingroom casually, scanning the room eyes landing on you with feigned surprise: “(Y/N)! What’s up? Just hanging? Cool. What are you playing?” Calum rambled, not leaving any space to reply, so you just sat and smile at him, waiting for him to finish.

“You could join? Unless that’s awkward. I don’t know how you feel about this?” You question, quite straight forward.

Calum looks at you blankly for a second before shaking his head in response: “No, no man. We can totally hang. Be friends. I’m up.”

You just shrug and smile at him, making some room in the couch.

At first Calum was awkward at the conversations, but you could feel him loosen up after a bit. You laughed together, and the sensation from last night, that you’d blamed on the alcohol, came again: Feeling at ease.


Weeks went by like this, and you started hanging out with them very often. You’d gone to some of their concerts and gigs, and you’d arranged movie nights and would sit and talk for ages. You were great friends with them all, but you and Calum had this instant attraction. You just clicked.
You had been trying to ignore the fact you’d hooked up. You were able to push it away, and enjoy being with him in other ways, but from time to time you could feel the tension.

Other times you couldn’t feel a thing.

But the media had started noticing you the last few days. Michael had even showed you, that there were rumors that the two of you were dating, circulating on twitter. The picture that had been attached to most of these posts, were one of you and Calum, his arm around your shoulders, the two of you laughing at something he said. Neither of you commented on it online. The boys would tease you about it from time to time.

It was weird, ‘cause sometimes you’d be sitting in the couch, almost-cuddling, and talking for hours, and it would feel like you were a couple. You would do all the things couples did, besides all the romantic stuff.

One of these nights, you were sitting in the couch, his head in your lap. You were flipping through an old paperback you’d brought, soft music playing in the background. He was sleeping. You put down your book, and ran your hands through his hair. It was soft and thick and a long sigh escaped your lips. You didn’t stop playing with his hair, and you closed your eyes, humming along quietly to the song that was playing.


Faint sounds of cameras going off, woke you from your slumber. You tried to identify the source of the sound, pushing Calum off of you in the process.

“What is happ—” Calum exclaimed groggily.
Yelling could be heard from the other side of the window, where a few paparazzis had gathered to snap some photos of you. You could identify what they were saying, other than a few words like: ‘together’ and ‘hook-up’. You could feel your heart dropping.
Calum went up and drew the curtains quickly, shotting off the noise. He pulled you in for a hug, and sweeped you off of your feet and carried you upstairs.
He placed you on his bed, and spoke: “(Y/N), I’m sorry, I know this can’t be nice, I… I just want you to know that you aren’t some hook-up, or whatever, I’ve grown to become so fond of you, you know that, right?” He looked at you tenderly and eyes full of compassion.

You ran your hands through your hair and sighed: “Calum, it’s not that big a deal. As long as we both know, that we are just friends, so it wont get all complicated. I guess we could tweet about it or whatever?” You proposed.

He nodded smiled at you sadly.


Waking up in the guest bedroom, as you’d done many times by now, you checked your phone, when it kept going of.
There was a picture of the two of you, obviously taken the night before; Your hands in his hair, both of you apparently sleeping. It circulated twitter under the hashtag: 'more than this’.

You decided to tweet about it.

The last couple of weeks, you’d gained lots of followers, but as you tweeted this, your notifications blew up.

You shot off your phone, and went to Calum’s room. He wasn’t there, - in the shower, you supposed, - and you sat down on his bed. You closed your eyes, only to be disturbed by the sound of his phone going off. You picked it up, and saw tons of Twitter notifications, popping up at the second. Your finger swiped across the screen a few times, to clean it off of dust and such, and suddenly, you’d removed all of the notifications, revealing his background. It was the picture of the two of you, from the other day. You both smiling widely, eyes sparkling with light and happiness. But this wasn’t the original photo, this was a fan edit of some sort which, across the screen wrote: “more than this?” and in italics underneath, what you supposed were your shipname. You put down his phone quickly, feeling as if you’d invaded his private life. One you weren’t a part of.

Calum walked out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, smiling at you.
You felt lost and said the first thing that came to mind: “so, have you seen the twitter thing? It’s going crazy.” He frowned and you continued: “I tweeted about it. Saying that we aren’t an item, - just super good friends.” You smiled up at him, to see him frowning.

You continued fantically: “That we’ll never be more than this.” You gestured around you, at the space between you two, the room, the entire world, even.

Calum nodded without a word and ran his hands over his face and up into his wet hair. He silently whispered: “Never more than this.”

- Tess x

The more you know,

Two years ago when me and my mate got together a rumor started spredding that I was pregnant, and he was the father. My mother, believing said rumor, took me to the doctor where I then passed a pregnancy text and proved I was not pregnant. Said rumor is still believed by many in a town 20 minutes from here, and I’m often asked when the baby is due, ya'know, the one I’ve been pregnant with for two years. Honestly guys, sometimes I wonder how thick a skull would gave to be.

anonymous asked:

ive been wanting to try out fanart stuff so do u have any tips for beginner digital artists? thanks

I’m not sure how far you are with drawing, but it’s really helpful to look up different tutorials on how to construct the human figure from different shapes. 
And use references! It’s not cheating! Literally when I’m drawing something I look things up in google like “hands clasped together” or something, to get it right. I usually use multiple reference pictures to construct the pose I want. 

It’s also helpful to watch speed drawings, because you can see the process people go through. The thing they start with usually isn’t exactly what they end up with. I recently started watching some of Draw with Jazza’s videos. He has a lot of tutorials on various different things.

Also, when I first started out and didn’t know what colors to use, I found it helpful to take a drawing from an artist I liked and then eyedrop different parts to see what colors they use. Sometimes the color it looks like isn’t really what color it actually is, especially in different lights (for example, when it looks blue but it’s actually a greyish orange). Don’t just copy the colors and use them in your drawing, use it for study. The color you see in the end result probably isn’t the original color that was used, but a layering of different colors. Here’s a useful color chart for when you’re starting out. This is not the “rule” though, you can experiment.

Hope that helps :)

So I was working on the battle system, and I wanted to add a little rotating 3D pointer to the enemy you’re targeting. And I just discovered the coolest thing!

I made the selector transparent!

The thing is, when you start using semi-transparency with 3D objects, it’s generally a lot slower, and you have to mess around with things until it works right. But here’s something interesting: it’s not actually transparent!

I actually changed the texture to 127 gray and applied a screen blend to it. It’s like a pseudo alpha effect, and it’s actually more efficient than real alpha! I think it’s pretty neat!

Here’s what happens when I apply it to Florence.

He’s a ghost! Ooooo~

It doesn’t work as well on him because he has a more complex model. Any overlapping triangles will cause the screen effect to stack, and then it doesn’t look as great. (It’s most noticeable where his legs overlap.) The selector model uses 4 triangles, and they never overlap at any point, which is perfect for this effect.

a list of superhero au’s:

  • “i’m actually a sidekick but you’ve started thinking i’m a hero and i really don’t want to let you down so i’m keeping this lie up” au
  • “okay look that guy across the street is totally [superhero name here] i know it. you want proof? fine you’ve got proof. i’m going to spend the whole day watching that window and oh shit i’m caught” au
  • “you started coming to me to get me to stop writing bad things about you but i can’t help it if you’re a shitty hero you couldn’t even get that cat out of that tree no it’s not because we’re exes” au
  • “we’re married and also a superhero duo except you still think i’m just my mild-mannered alter ego and idk how to tell you you’re married to your superhero partner after all these years” au
  • “my mild-mannered alter ego is actually a lot cooler than my superhero alter ego and yet you like me more as my civilian self i am very confused” au
  • “i started writing [superhero name here] on your coffee cup as a joke because you kind of look like them but now you’re in the alley outside almost dying and it turns out you are them oh shit” au
  • “i brought my superhero partner as my date to a halloween party but it’s just as friends except we’re both in our hero outfits and everyone here is dressed up as us too and i seem to have lost you i’m sorry” au
  • “my twin and i trade between being [superhero name here] and i promise they’re the one you’re in love with not me okay” au
  • “we were right on the cusp of dating but then i became a hero and things fell apart except now you’re flirting with me pretty hardcore in my superhero form and idk what to do because there are a lot of feelings still here” au
  • “i was your sidekick and faked my death to protect you and now you’ve got a new sidekick that you might be dating and i never told you i was in love with you but i also never told you i wasn’t dead so i’m just wallowing in self pity over here also i’m working for the bad guys now and supposed to kill you oops” au
  • “we used to date and now we’re partner heroes and the whole city thinks we’re dating as heroes but i’m still really angry with you about that break up and have to pretend to like you in public to keep up our image now that it’s spiraled so far out of control” au

Sometimes I just want to say, I’m sorry for my blog. You probably started following me because you thought I was all about This One Actor, or This One Fandom, and then, you tolerated when I started reblogging That Thing That Kind of Squicks You Out But Technically It’s Art or Science or Whatever. Then I got super into This Other Actor Who Looks Really Weird But You Can’t Find Enough Reasons to Hate at the same time I got into That Movie Tumblr Loves But You Think Sucks. But thanks to XKit you managed to hang on for the few posts you still like, and then I got into That Weird Historical Rap thing and maybe you’re wondering why am I still here. Well, let me tell you, I wonder why am I still here in the deepest sense every day, and, my dear friend, I believe we meet on that level of existential angst.

Bird report: Today the sneaky scrub jays tried to crowd in on the crossroad crows but the 2 crows chased them off this morning! I got the next corner and the crows (plus 1 more) had followed me for second breakfast. I toss the peanuts and a scrub jay kept coming in so I chased it away 3 times flipping it the bird* and saying “not for you!” I have officially started mad-dogging birds. My neighbors probably thing there is something really wrong with me. The scrub jay eventually ran off with one peanut but the crows got the rest.

*Yes, I know how ridiculous it is to flip the bird at a bird. I might actually need to start hanging out with actual humans.


You’ve spoken out about being dyslexic. Has that made what you do for a living extra challenging?
I’m quite severely dyslexic so I struggle with acting in certain ways. I always have to put in triple the amount of effort, which would always frustrate me a lot. I suppose that some people can just look at a script once and know it. That’s not me. I really have to spend a bit of time with the lines. But it’s my job and I’ve got better and better at it. If you’re learning a lot, things start going quicker. Doing the lines with repetition and you just get it in your head somehow.

oh-mr-bias asked:

Write your favourite one with Minghao, cause I'm feeling bad right now.. Pls cheer me up, Gen.. :c

1. “Pull over. Let me drive for a while.” 

  “Minghao, I just don’t understand,” you grip the steering wheel tighter, and the veins on the back of your hand stand out against your pale skin. “They argue every night, and it’s like I’m not even there.” Your voice breaks on the last word, and your vision starts to cloud. You realise you’re crying when you feel hot tears rolling down your cheeks. 

  “Baobei, it’s not your fault,” Minghao utters quietly from the passenger seat, and you feel him put his hand on your shoulder, trying to comfort you. You let go of the steering wheel with one hand, and rub at your eyes furiously. 

  “I do everything perfectly, I get good grades, I don’t ask for things, I-” You start to choke up, and the grip on your shoulder becomes more firm, but not painful. It’s more like an anchor, keeping you grounded. 

  “Hey, pull over,” he urges gently, but you hold on to the wheel, and start to speed up. 

  He places a hand on your arm. “Baobei, pull over. Let me drive for a while.” The tone of his voice is firm.

  Exhaling shakily, you stop by the side of the road. It’s late at night, and you didn’t want to stay at home, not with all the yelling. Minghao picked up immediately when you called him to say you were picking him up. 

  He gets out of the passenger seat and walks over to your side, and opens the door. When you get out, he wraps his arms around you, holding you tightly. It feels safe and warm and you can’t help it, you bury your head in his chest as you burst into tears. 

  “I’ve got you,” he murmurs softly. “You’re safe, I’ve got you.” He continues to whisper sweet nothings as he strokes your hair, and holds you. 

  The two of you stand like that for a while, until you calm down. 

  “I’m here for you, okay?” He utters softly, hugging you close. 

  “I love you,” he says in your ear, words firm.

peytoncanfly asked:

hey Mo, i loved your video on why you cosplay, i really want to do it too and i made a blog for harry potter RPing but i think it might be too big now, everyone seems to be doing it and no one seems to want to do it with me, i have a blog and i don't know what to do now, when i ask everyone say to get in character and just go for it but no one tells me how to do it when you get in a character and say you are on and make posts and tag people but no one responds and you don't get any asks either

Mo: Plan things. When you’re. First getting started planning is key. Or for me it was. Plan days and characters with a partner. Potentially also discuss ideas for that thread. Planning threads and carrying them out help you get in the eye of the other person’s audience

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that Deaf/HoH feel when you can hear the movie just fine without the cc and then the moment you start eating some snacks you can't understand a single thing