you stand strong

comfort sentence starters.

“ there, there, it’s okay, don’t cry. ”
“ shhh, it’s okay now, i’m here. ”
“ don’t cry, everything will work out. ”
“ please don’t cry, i’m so sorry. ”
“ i will always be here for you. never forget that. ”
“ don’t you ever forget that i am always here. ”
“ if you ever feel alone, don’t, because i am right here. ”
“ i’m going to be here for you through it all. ”
“ are you okay? do you need a hug? ”
“ come here, give me a hug, it’s going to be okay. ”
“ i will always offer you my shoulder to cry on. ”
“ don’t let anyone break you down, rise up from their antics. ”
“ you deserve so much better, you are a beautiful being. ”
“ stop looking for a reason to die, look for one to live for. ”
“ you never have to be alone again, i promise. ”
“ please don’t make a promise you can’t keep. ”
“ hey, what are friends for, huh? ”
“ have i ever not been there for you? ”
“ i will hold your hand through it all. ”
“ never let anyone bring you down dear. ”
“ oh, you can’t let them win, stop that. ”
“ well, now, what is crying going to do about it? ”
“ you finish crying and stand up and come back ten times harder. ”
“ you can always forgive, but never forget. ”
“ it sucks, i know, but time heals all pain. ”
“ you shouldn’t let them get you down. ”
“ you are such a strong person, you can beat this. ”
“ you will come out on top, standing strong. ”
“ you can’t break someone who is already broken. ”
“ you will survive this because you were built for it. ”
“ it seems rough right now, but just wait, better days do come. ”
“ sometimes you just have to let go and let god. ”
“ show them what you’re made of, screw them. ”
“ when denied, work harder and serve justice. ”
“ you are worthy of so much more, i promise you. ”
“ you’re not all bad so stop acting like it. ”
Important Reminder For All Transgirls!

You are a real girl, no matter what others may say. You are valid. You are beautiful and you are strong. Don’t allow yourself to lose hope. Things WILL be okay. You got a pair of strong legs there, use them! Stand strong and keep moving forward. Believe in yourself! You can DO this!

Free the nipple (✿)(✿)

I was tagged by my bb @soft-almond . I am reluctantly putting this in the undercut… although I won’t be tagging NSFW. I have very strong opinions about this issue. I am a mother. I breast fed. I dealt with ridicule and conservative ideologies on a daily basis. There is nothing sexual about nipples, there is no difference between a male bare chest, a female bare chest and everything in between. We are not defined by gender. I’m not sorry if my nipples offend you. I am not sorry if these nipples offend you. I will not teach my daughter that her body is something to be tagged as inappropriate. 

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Many voices feel silenced today

(If you ridicule me and/or this comic, you’re only proving my point)

Be you. Be proud. Be proud of everything that belongs to you, your religion, your sexuality and the color of your skin. You’re you and you’re beautiful. Love yourself and stand strong for what you believe in and you’ll see that they can’t take that away.
—  Annedi Bergsma
Got7 Reacting to Their S/O Being Socially Dom, But Actually a Sub

Prompt: “BTS and GOT7’s reaction to their S O who has dominant social personality but becomes very needy, loud and whiny in bed? Please and thank you!!”

Mark: He would really love how social you were and how you seemed to stand strong when communicating with others. Your submissive side would come as a surprise to him, but he would like the contrast. It wouldn’t ever be something he brought up or teased you for, but he’d enjoy seeing you become needy and loud all because of him. He might let out a few low chuckles, but he wouldn’t ever say anything directly.

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Jaebum: He’d love to see you go from acting tough to crying out for him. He’d have a few tricks up his sleeve just to watch you crumble once he figured out how submissive you were. In public, he’d never say anything directly, but he’d tease you and he’d get off on watching you as you became whiny. He’d do everything to make you beg loudly whenever the two of you were alone. It’d be a massive turn on for him to see that side of you.

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Jackson: Your bubbly and outgoing personality would suit him, loving how comfortable you were being social. He’d find it almost hilarious when you became a whining mess for him and would want to make the most out of it. He wouldn’t ever tease you outside of the bedroom, but when you were alone with him, he’d use it against you. It would be something that turned him on and made him feel good about himself.

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Jinyoung: Your socially dominant personality might throw him off at times since he isn’t the most outgoing, but he’d love it regardless. You would really surprise him whenever you became so loud and needy in bed. He would do little things to drive you crazy and would tease you about it whenever you guys were alone. He had to admit that it was sexy to see you go from being so wild to submissive and whiny. 

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Youngjae: Although he’d be surprised by how whiny and needy you became, he’s also whiny and loud so he wouldn’t think too much about it. He’d just enjoy making you squirm and moan. He probably wouldn’t think or say much about it besides a little teasing comment here and there.

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Bambam: Hooo boi would he give you hell for it. He wouldn’t say or do anything to hurt your feelings, but he would non-stop tease you for it. It would be so funny, yet so hot, to watch you go from being so strong-willed to so docile. He’d do the most just to hear your whimpers, a smug smirk on his lips. It would fuel his ego even more.

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Yugyeom: He wouldn’t be sure what to think or do at first, but once he started getting used to it, he would tease you. He would try to be subtle about it, but he’d do small things to get under you skin and when you glanced at him, he would flash a smile and try to look as innocent as possible. He would love it when you moaned for him and when you squirmed underneath him. It would be such a turn on to know that he had that effect on you.

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The Me Only He See’s

Jughead x Reader 
Prompt: Y/N is sick of her overbearing parents so decided to sneak out to see Jughead. 
Warnings: Mild Smut references

“Right guys, I should be getting home” you sigh, grabbing your bag from under the table. It was only 10pm but you knew your parents would be expecting you home anytime now.

“Can’t you break curfew just once” Jughead pouted, grabbing your hand, trying to pull you back down to the seat.
“You know I can’t Juggie” you pout back.
“She’s too good” Betty smirks. Betty used to think that she had overpowering parents until she met yours. How your mom tried to dress you like you were three, how they checked your schoolwork every morning to make sure everything was done, how you weren’t allowed to be out past ten thirty on school nights and past eleven on weekdays. Yes, they were definitely insane. You had no other choice but to be too good.
“Can’t you just say that your studying with us for a test tomorrow?” Veronica asks, she hadn’t met your parents yet, which was clear.

“Not a chance that would work on my mom” you laugh, throwing your bag over your shoulder before before turning your attention back to Jughead who had his hand still stuck to yours. The two of you had been best friends for years, it was only a couple of months ago that the two of you finally got together after Betty confessed to him in a moment of weakness how badly you were crushing on him. He luckily felt the same, saving you from months of awkwardness.

You pout back at him again before leaning down to kiss him. As you lean he tried to drag you down onto the seat but you stand strong, breaking the kiss and laughing at his sweet attempt to get you to stay. “I’ll see you guys tomorrow” you continue to laugh as you head for the door.

You lie in bed that night, staring up at the ceiling as you think. Your mom had been worse then usual when you got home, you made it ten minutes before cerfew but that didn’t stop her obsessing with where you had been, who you had been with, what you did, e.c.t. e.c.t. When you mentioned Betty’s name to her she smiled, she new the Coopers very well and was there for them throughout everything that happened with Polly, not that I was proud of either of them for it when Betty told me what really happened to Polly.

The moment you mentioned Jughead her face dropped though. She used to love Jughead. The two of you were always round at each others houses as kids, playing games with him and his sister Jellybean. His family was like your family. But as soon as Jughead’s mom and Jellybean left my mom got suspicious, she knew something was wrong. That’s when she suddenly turned against Jughead, thinking he had pushed his mom away, assuming she left because he was too bad for her to handle. No matter how many times I tried to explain the truth to her, how Jughead was living at the drive in and you wanted to help him, let him stay here, she never wanted to listen. You somehow managed to keep your relationship from her, knowing she was try to ban you from seeing him again.

You stir and stir, unable to sleep in the state of annoyance of how un-trusting your parents were. Why couldn’t they just let you be a normal teenager who stayed out at night, hung out with their friends without a care. Not being under house arrest constantly.
Why didn’t you have the confidence to defy them. Just because they wanted you to be at home asleep right now, didn’t mean you really had to be asleep right now…

Quietly getting up out of bed you walk over to your wardrobe, grabbing a pair of jeans, a vest top and your leather jacket. You change as quietly as possible, hoping the slight creaking of floorboards wasn’t going to ruin everything you were planning in your head. You walk over to the window, quietly opening it and staring down at the ground. It wasn’t a huge drop to te grass below but there was a drain pipe right next to your room to make things easier. You stand there for a second, the cold air of the night hitting your face as you think about what you are doing. If your parents wake up to find you gone they wee surely going to be worse, earlier curfews, no more friend. But as you look across the sky which was barely lit with lights shining out of peoples windows, you feel a sense of defiance you had never felt before. A rush of adrenaline enters your veins as you begin to lift yourself out of the window. 

To Jughead: You up?? x

To Y/N: I am indeed, surprised you are though. What’s up? x

To Jughead: Come outside and see…

You smirk as you stand outside the drive in theatres shack, leaning against the fence opposite. You were still feeling such a high from climbing out of the window, seeing Jughead at this time of night was making things so much more exciting. After a few minutes the door to the shack opens. A confused Jughead looks out, his hair all messy from laying down, his hat not sat on his head which surprised you for a second, you could have sworn he slept in that thing. He was dressed in a pair of black sweat pants and a grey baggy top. His eyes looked tired but they soon widened, adjusting to the darkness.

“What the hell?” he finally says, looking at you leaning on the fence. You give him a cheeky smile before walking over to him. “What are you doing here?”
“I couldn’t sleep. I thought we could go on a little adventure”
“Who are you? What have you done with my girlfriend?” he smirks when you finally reach him, placing a hand onto his chest, making him look suprised at how forward you were being.
“Well, I could just go home and go back to being miss goody two shoes, or you could come out and find out what plans I have for you” you say as sexy as possible, feeling like a completely different person in the moment. 

“Hmmm, intriguing” he smirks, his eyes a mix of suggestive and curious, getting to grips of this new side he was seeing of you. You decide to take advantage of the moment and lean up, crashing your lips onto him. It takes him a second to react but soon his lips kiss back hungrily. He begins to bite your bottom lip lightly, pulling it away.  You throw one hand into his hair, pulling him deeper as his tongue swipes across your bottom lip, begging for access. You decide to tease him, pulling his hair, making him moan onto your lips as you smirk, knowing you were getting him hot. It was a kiss unlike any kiss you two had had before, they were usually sweet and innocent, this one was fast and passionate. A certain desperation between both of you. This sudden confidence leads you to pull your lips from his, kissing lightly down his jawline which was rough with stubble where he had forgotten to shave, and to his neck, sucking lightly on a sensitive spot. He moans again as he places a hand on your back, attempting you pull you into the shack with him, but you pull back, there was so much to do with tonight.

He tips his head backwards, looking up at the sky as he catches his breath.
“Are you coming then?” you raise an eyebrow, walking towards the exit of the drive in.

parts of you have become parts of me. I hope you always lift your feet when you go over railroad tracks. and I hope you always touch the roof when you rush through a yellow light. I hope you knock on your head three times and kiss your knuckles with the same excitement I kissed your cheek. I hope sunflowers always remind you to stand tall and strong. I hope when you drive you sing at the top of your lungs even if no ones there to listen. your laugh is contagious. hope you laugh, not that fake laugh you did sometimes but the one that starts in your belly and explodes from your soul. i hope you reach into your pockets, backpack, and glove box and find Chapstick strategically placed everywhere. i hope you flip the coin, take a drive, and maybe one day it will lead you back to me.
—  but until then, I hope parts of me have become parts of you too.