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Calling all you pagans, witches, hippies, tree huggers, stoners, Buddhists, free thinkers, free spirits, environmentalists, vegans, vegetarians, travellers, wanderers, dreamers, star gazers, poets, dancers, singers, beach goers, forest dwellers, campers, hikers, yogis, cat people, horse people, swimmers, kayakers, teachers, healers. All my cosmic brothers and sisters. All my friends who can’t get the taste of adventure off their tongues. Every last one of you. Spice up my dash and my life with your unconventional beauty. 🌻🌾🌿


Another milestone is hit, another battle is won. I just realised that I have more followers on this blog than people living in my home town. SHEESH. This is amazing, serpents, thank you very very much 4 spicing up my busy life. Sometimes it is hard to be ambitious, but at those times u need to remeber that there are plenty of other Slytherins struggling with the same lack of motivation. That doesn’t mean that u r not a serpent, that just means that u r human. 

thx 4 ya support and keep being ambitious

now go & study

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