you special snowflake you

What your pronouns say about you

He - You’re a boy

She - You’re a girl

They - You’re either a trans person struggling with dysphoria or you’re a mediocre teenager looking for something to make them feel a bit more unique. 

Ze / ve / ne etc - You’re even more pathetic and desperate for attention than the non-dysphoric “they”s. There’s nothing remotely interesting about you so you have to make shit up. 

If you’ve been told that your gender ““““““““doesn’t exist”””””””” or that you’re being a  ““““““““special snowflake””””””””” then I’m here to inform you that your gender is real and awesome, and that you are just as real as your gender is.

When Steph has had enough
  • Tim: This villain is dangerous.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, I know.
  • Tim: You sure you don't need any help?
  • Stephanie: I can handle it on my own.
  • Tim: But he almost took you out--
  • Stephanie: I can handle it.
  • Tim: Well, Steph, denial isn't just a river in Egypt.
  • Stephanie: You should know, you steer the boat.
  • Tim:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: Oooooooooh. OOOOOOOH. BURN! Street kids, up top! *high-fives Steph* That's what I'm talkin' about!
  • Bruce: I can understand your desire to fight alone, Stephanie. Your family links you to this problem. But you cannot let your dismal background play into this.
  • Stephanie: Yeah, my dismal background with a druggie mom and a criminal dad and yet I still manage to have better manners than you.
  • Bruce:
  • Stephanie:
  • Jason: *slow claps* Two for one, today is my lucky day! You, you special snowflake, YOU are sitting next to ME.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: There is no conspiracy! No one hand got us here, we are all damned together.

“Listen,” the holy ones say when the truth is known. “Listen, is this really how you think people want to go out? With the truth?”

You raise your chin. “I would. I am.”

The holy ones look unimpressed. “Good for you, you special snowflake. Meanwhile people are breaking. What have they done with their entire lives, protesting and ruling against the end? And it was all part of what landed them there? Heart-breaking. Soul-crushing.”

The unholy ones, surprisingly in step with the holy ones, nods. “Do you know what a crushed soul looks like? It’s not pretty, my guy.”

“I’m not your guy,” you say reflexively. You feel uncertain for the first time since the fire arced from the sky. “But it’s freeing. We couldn’t have known what would land us here. It’s admirable that we tried, but it’s over! It’s a release.”

The holy ones and unholy ones share a long, communicative look. Then they roll their eyes.

“Kid,” the holy ones say, “when have you ever met anyone in the whole history of existence that was chill enough to just let shit like this go?”

“And before you answer,” the unholy ones say, “go ahead and review all the crusades and religious wars, hmmm?”

“Th-they’ll learn,” you say. 

“They’ll just learn to dismiss the purpose they lived their lives for,” the holy ones say. They turn to the unholy ones. “Is this one of yours?”

The unholy ones pull out a scroll of aged parchment and begin to unroll it. “No, socks with sandals? Mine have better fashion sense. They’re probably yo– oh fuck.” 

“What?” you say, toes curling over the edge of your sandals. “It’s comfortable.”

The unholy ones sigh. “Come on, buck-o, you’re coming with me.”

You step back. “Wh- I can’t go to hell! I’m a good person!”

“You thought you were a good person,” the unholy ones say, “which, I mean, is pretty standard. But this whole superior-because-I-know-the-truth thing? Yeah, not such a good move.”

“I was enlightening people!” You are suddenly seized with bright light, the way it warps around you more reminiscent of rope than light. You struggle. “They were wrong so I told them–”

“–that they were inferior for believing,” the unholy ones finish for you. They begin to ease into the earth and, to your horror, you are dragged with them. “You took one of the most joyous aspects of their lives, their purpose, and degraded it. That’s worthy of what you know as hell, my guy.”

“I’m not your guy,” you say, again out of reflex. You watch in horror as your feet slip into the earth without resistance. “I’m a good person!”

“I’m sure you’ll learn,” the holy ones call after you, “to accept that you’re not!”

My dear abro children, 

You are not just “a special snowflake”. You are not “making it up”. 

You’re certainly not “confused”. You are not “trying to be cool” by using a less known label. 

You are abro - and that’s a valid label! You are allowed to use it. You’re allowed to be proud of it. 

You deserve representation. You deserve positivity. You deserve love. 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom  

PS: If you read this and never heard the term “abro” before: Abroromantic/-sexual means “having an orientation that constantly changes” or “having an orientation that is fluid” (Read more here and here)

Hey @ all “pro lgbt” discoursers:

I’m a bi queer trans person and it disgusts me how closely you resemble truscum people and how much you actually shit on the B and T alone. You make me feel unsafe. Period.

I see you make fun of things like, demisexual for example, saying “lol you just wanna be a special snowflake? You’ll never be oppressed, just pick a real orientation”

That’s literally what truscum people do about nonbinary genders.

Today I saw someone make a post about how they’re queer and kicked out of the lgbt community and someone commented “we don’t want you here” like……. lmao fuck you.

hey to all those easily offended shitlords that call themselves transpeople, even though they are fake.
take a tip from a transman here

build a fucking shelter around you and stop playing the offended and attacked person when people throw actual facts at you

i have been officially diagnosed as trans 
also, i have been diagnosed with gender dysphoria
and that by 3 therapists in a row.

A doctor needs those 2 parts and those 2 other opinions of other therapists to make sure.
Yes, the tests you gotta do there are boring as heck and you just wish for it to be finally done.

You need dysphoria to be trans.

Also, I am not wondering why some fake transpeople won’t get any support by therapists. You know why?
Cause those “transmen” put on make-up, attend their therapist appointments in dresses and wear glitter nail polish and little crowns.

YOU are the reason why real transpeople are on those long waiting lists.
YOU are the reason why people won’t take transpeople serious.
YOU are literal pieces of shit for this community.

I am so ashamed of being trans. Thanks to you. 

I was like an autumn leaf that fell for you, but then got covered and forgotten with the first snowflake
—  I shouldn’t fell for you

If your mental illness or disability effects your gender or sexuality, and you’re called a special snowflake because of it, be reassured that you’re wonderful! And that you are special, but because of who you are, not because you’re trying to be unique! I love all of you and your experience is so wonderful and valuable!