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A special morning post.

It is currently 4:51 am in my house and I woke up to see that mark had posted this and I never clicked so fast
I don’t understand this man sometimes, he is an amazing human being and he does deserve everything he has

*If you ever see this, you will never disappoint us Mark, you’re such an amazing and honest person and thats why we love you so fucking much and i cried watched the video and I’m crying writing this cause I hate seeing anyone cry. But specially a loving and great man like you, seeing you lost puts me into tears. *

But for the community, If anyone remembers when Felix was stressed over in LA, I remember we were all there for him.

Now, we must be there Mark, we have to show him how much we support him and love him. I don’t know how we can possibly maybe do something for him. But I think we must just keep sending him letters and he said it himself, he loves what we do for him. I wanna do something to make this man happy.


Alexxa Conroy

- @markiplier -


kings rising ch16: nikandros is a bro pt 2 (pt 1)



What if I have an AU where Hanzo is a smol birb and stares at Mccree like a cute smol birb to prevent him from smoking


This is also a gift for my beloved and crazy @mccree-senpai! You know how much I appreciate your support, daddy 💛

More overwatch here!


do i really need to precise which meme this is based on. obviously i changed some lines to fit the characters’ personality *coughskandacoughs* but click the images to read captions ;D



HAPPY BIRTHDAY, @damasath/ @laxusthelightning!

I thought you might like your two top OTPs dressed up and waiting with presents for you~ I mean, what else would promise a good B-day right??? ANYWAYS, you know how important and precious you are to me and I really hope this day will be somewhat enjoyable for you! Stay as awesome as you are and feel much loved <3


♥ Allen Walker ~ dedicated to my Pri-chan! ♥  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*: ・゚✧ 

so tonight was the first night of kcon mexico and Astro was brought on as the special stage guests and obviously I lost my shit so my video is really shaky and you can hear me freaking out the entire time but I hope the aroha’s who couldn’t be there can still enjoy the video!!