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awkward lester and Nico friendship?? i feel like Apollo would kinda adopt nico as a son in law B) (hey I'm re sending bc idk if tumblr mobile was being bad)

i GOT U SON i love apollo as of TOA he’s such a shit

  • lester totally adopts him as a sort of son in law, even though nico looks older than lester (lester is squishy and pimply; nicos probably super sharp everywhere and looks like 19)
  • hes the dad friend that really doesnt know how ot handle emotions but tries to make u feel better anyway and always encourages u like wow hes such a cheerleader
  • he’ll catch will and nico making out secretly somewhere and toss a condom with “USE PROTECTION!!!” at them while will just yell s “DAD GODDAMNIT” 
  • “That’s a good use of that word! At least it would be if I were a god -”
  • “gO”
  • ok but apollo totally talks to nico about Boy Problems™
  • for awhile its nico being super unsure abt his relationship w will (because holy shit hes an insecure bean)
  • but once he figures out that wills not gonna ditch him when he remembers nicos fucked up the Boy Problems™ are all apollo’s
  • specifically apollo lamenting about how that paolo boy is so beautiful but Probably Straight and also apollo doesnt speak goddamn portuguese (FUCK you athena for being so RIGHT)
  • “apollo, if paolo montes is straight IM straight and dating former aphrodite counselor drew tanaka”
  • (but thats a different non-nico ship that ill blab about on my main blog later LMAO)
  • occasionally nico will say something very morbid and lester just “Nico, dear, that’s rather dark.”
  • “IM rather dark”
  • “Bullshit, you’re paler than your father, somehow. If you got some sun perhaps you would be dark -”
  • “i’m tanner than i was a couple months ago”
  • “And I wonder who that’s thanks to.” 
  • (lester gets punched in the arm)
  • lester likes to shit talk some of the campers
  • nico says he doesnt but he totally has all of the latest gossip because people dont think about him listening in when theyre babbling
  • this was a good idea yes
  • lestico??? LESTICO
out of line (lauren/you)

Summary: You’re going to spend your weekend at a hotel in Brazil, but something you didn’t plan on happened: you met an intriguing green eyed girl named Lauren. You want to hang out with her later but oh what the hell, first you have to go to a concert to meet a friend you haven’t seen in years. Worst thing is you don’t even know the artist that will be performing, some girl band named Fifth Harmony. I think this will get interesting.

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