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Hamilton - Burn (Cover)
  • Hamilton - Burn (Cover)
  • Christy Ann B.

happy 100,000 posts!!

for the 100,000th post special, i wanted to sing you guys a song!! a lot of you guys (myself included) are big fans of hamilton, and with the results of the poll leaning toward something blue, i decided to sing the heart-wrenching ballad from eliza hamilton - the karaoke i used can be found right here, and i hope you guys enjoy!!


Happy Chu Day! 2-28-92

Oh, my dearest Hyeokjin, where do I even begin? You are, quite sincerely, the most charming and wonderful idol I’ve ever encountered. Not a day goes by where I don’t think of you, and not a day goes by where you don’t bring a smile to my face. You have so much charm, so much energy, you bring so much joy to your group and I can’t wait for the day that you get the attention you deserve. Your voice never fails to give me chills, how can one person have so much talent? You make me laugh, you make me cry, you’re perfect and you’re special, don’t ever forget it!! Happy birthday, Chu Hyeokjin, may it be the best so far. I love you so, so, so much.

2 months ago, wasted, at a college party…

Girl I had been hanging out with for 2 hours: Do you know people think you’re weird ?

Me, suddenly feeling the world crashing, because I thought for once people were accepting me: What do you mean I’m weird ? In what way ?

Girl: I don’t know, you just are. I wish I was weird too !

Me, bitter: Why would you want to be weird ? When you’re weird, you’re alone.

Girl: But you don’t need other people to be happy !

That sounded like what someone who never felt truly alone would say.

Psst Sherlock...

Someone very wise once said:

The greatest thing

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You’ll ever learn

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Is just to love

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And be loved

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In return.

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Happy Birthday Harry Edward Styles. I’m so sad and happy you’re getting older. I sound like a mom but I love you more than life its self and all I’ve ever wanted for you was for you to be happy. Now, look at you living your life doing you. Have an amazing day hazzah.


The next song is a song called “Guns for Hands” and it’s probably the hardest one for me to talk about lyrically. Um, cause it has to do with… some pretty heavy issues. You know, it’s a happy sounding song- I like writing happy sounding songs, but then hopefully trying to say something thats worth more than just a happy moment.

At this particular time in my life I had encountered a lot of people who were going through tough times, whether it be suicidal thoughts or depression- You know I always try to preface by saying I’m not a professional in this field; I don’t know exactly what I’m allowed to say or what I should say or whats the most healthy thing to say. I can just speak from what I’ve experienced, what I’ve seen, and what I’ve gone through. And this song is talking about how I think we need to acknowledge the fact that people struggle with these issues, and we need to, we need to… we need to tell them “I get it”.

Like, I know you can hurt yourself. I know that’s an option. I’m not gonna tell you it’s not because I think there’s too many people who hear about their kid going through something and they say “No, don’t think about that, think of something else”. It’s like, no, hold on. Let’s take this energy, this focus, this emotion that you feel that’s obviously negative and let’s try to take it in and move it somewhere else. Let’s aim it at something else.

So I look at art, I look at music and writing and lyrics and a concert. I look at those as moments where people can take the things that they’re struggling with and really kind of unleash them and pour them out onto this thing.

It’s helped me. A lot. And I would never write about something that didn’t prove to help me, cause I would never want to… I would never want to talk about something that I didn’t feel like I knew I was capable of talking about.

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I just recently got into KS at the recommendation of a class mate. Currently majoring in forensic psych, and this manhwa hits all the correct spots. Its obvious that Koogi must have done proper and in depth research into how this sort of thing works in real life. And then I saw your meta on why Sangwoo kills and lemme tell you it read like a criminal profile we would be given in class. You looked at this character and stripped him down to understand how he ticks, every point you made 1/2

2/2 Cont. read like you were a professional criminal psychiatrist. And I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you are doing amazing things that are rightfully acknowledged for being great, but also your meta just makes me appreciate the work of art that is Killing Stalking.

Ahhh thank you! I’m actually an architectural student who don’t even watch that many crime documentaries, so hearing you say this I’m very happy that I don’t sound like someone who’s blind guessing everything (I didn’t) XD

Yeah like ks is so great not because of the plot (which have been done before) but because of the characters and their complex mentality. Being someone who has always enjoyed a fictional work for its characters I’m just so glad I found it. Just because it’s BL doesn’t mean it’s not art.

*Buzzfeed voice*

10 signs youre not over your ex boyfriend

1) shows up in your dreams
2) you still wanna have his kid
3) you cry about it the moment you get drunk
4) you make a list like this bc you’re off your ass drunk on vodka
5) you accidentally say his name when you orgasm then you cry
6) being his friend and getting to talk to him is the highlight of your otherwise miserable week
7) you imagine all the alternate universes where you’re still happy and together
8) you remember what it sounds like when he says he loves you and it keeps you alive
9) you still tag him in posts you know he’d love 10) you totally still wanna suck his d*** and make his dreams come true


“I don’t want you to go hunting monsters with us anymore.”

You looked up into Jace’s face and couldn’t get out any words.
You were shocked over his response at your important news.

“I tell you that I am pregnant and this is your reaction? No smile or ‘I am happy?”, you said, trying to make it sound like a small joke but not being able to hide your disappointment.

Didn’t he wanted the child? It wasn’t planned or anything… By the Angel, you hadn’t even talked about it. What if he didn’t wanted a child? At least not with you? What if it wasn’t as serious for him, as it was for you?

Jace realized the concern in your expression. His face lighted up to the usual smirk you had fallen in love with.
“Of course I am happy!”, he said and sat down next to you. “I am just scared. I don’t want you to get hurt. Any of you two.”

Happy tears were starting to stream down your face and you couldn’t stop them, so you laughed softly and you gave Jace a long and gentle kiss before you leaned your forehead against his.

“No more hunting until the Little One is here”, you promised and Jace started chuckling at that.
“Little One? I like that.”

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french idiom masterpost here

here are some useful spanish idioms that will help you bump up your grades (from a’s to a*’s !!) and make you sound much more fluent/like a native !! happy learning !!

Cuando las gallinas mean
translation: when hens pee
used as: when pigs fly
example: ‘sólo cuando las gallinas mean…’ (only when pigs fly…)

En un abrir y cerrar de ojos
translation: in an opening and closing of the eyes
used as: in a blink of an eye
example: ‘las vacaciones pasaron en un abrir y cerrar de ojos’ (the holidays passed an a blink of an eye)

Estar como una cabra
translation: to be like a goat
used as: to be crazy
example: ‘¡estabas como una cabra anoche!’ (you were crazy last night!)

Estar hasta las narices de
translation: to be until the nose of
used as: to be fed up with
example: ‘estoy hasta las narices del gato’ (i’m fed up with the cat)

Estar hecho un ají
translation: to become a chilli
used as: to be very angry
example: ‘estaba hecha un ají pero mantuvo la calma’ (she was extremely angry but kept calm)

Estar más sano que una pera
translation: to be healthier than a pear
used as: to be fitter than a fiddle
example: ‘¡mi abuela tiene ochenta años pero está más sana que una pera!’ (my grandma is 80 but is fitter than a fiddle!)

Estar patas arriba
translation: to be legs up
used as: to be a mess
example: ‘lo siento, mi casa esta patas arriba’ (sorry, my house is a mess)

No tener pelos en la lengua
translation: to not have hairs on your tongue
used as: to speak your mind
example: ‘mi hermano nunca tiene pelos en la lengua’ (my brother always speaks his mind)

Quedarse de piedra
translation: to stay like a stone
used as: to be stunned
example: ‘me quedé cuando lo ví’ (i was shocked when i saw it)

Ser pan comido
translation: to be eaten bread
used as: it is a piece of cake
example: ‘¡va a ser pan comido!’ (it’s going to be a piece of cake!)

Tener más lana que un borrego
translation: to have more wool than a lamb
used as: to be loaded
example: ‘claro pagó, ¡tiene más lana que un borrego!’ (of course he paid, he’s loaded!)

Tener un humor de perros
translation: to have the humour of a dog
used as: to be in a bad moon
example: 'tiene un humour de perros todo el tiempo’ (he’s in a bad mood all the time)

thank you to narinsworld (a spanish speaker) and strngr-thn-u for helping me by correcting my mistakes!

updated 6/7/16

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“So these are your babies?” You smirked, looking at the deadly killing machines that had been known to almost purr when you scratched them in the right places. You couldn’t deny that it was kind of cute, how Owen acted around the four reptiles.

“These are my babies,” He chuckled, moving to pet one of them gently, “That’s Delta right there, there’s Charlie, that’s Echo and this right here is Blue. She’s the Beta so she’s like my second in command,” He explained, his hand still petting Blue gently.

“They’re so sweet,” You said softly, your hand reaching out to stroke Blue softly. To your surprise the reptile didn’t even flinch, simply made a happy sound that made you grin.

“She likes you,” Owen smiled, moving to wrap his arm around your waist, “Which is good. Because I like you to,” He grinned before kissing you.


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ok can someone explain why everyones now bashing la la land like ??
yes ok ik about the whitewashing which is bad and im not defending that but the movie itself isnt like a history of jazz movie its literally just a movie about these two people falling in love and one of them just so happens to like jazz?? its an original story so its not like whats going on with ghost in the shell or the great wall. yes more diversity would have been nice but its just a fun cheesy musical about hollywood
clearly la la land and moonlight are two totally different films as moonlight is about a gay black man and the issues he faces (granted i have yet to see moonlight; i opted to see hidden figures instead because the time worked out better with the group i was with) and even though i have not seen it i am happy it won Best Picture. i just don’t understand why people think that la la land is the worst movie ever and just really trashing it right now. both films were very well received by both critics and the public so im confused why people are doing a 180 on it. can someone explain

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hello i rlly love my bf !?!?! his name is alfred and hes sweet and good and cute and pure and aaaaaa i love him so much we've been dating four years and !?!?! he means the world to me and i know he follows this blog too bc he sent it to me so if u see this alfred then ily nerd ,. we're long distance and have plans to meet up in a few more years and im hyped even tho its a while away??? aaa

listen..,.,.,.,.,does he serve batman