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Donghae with the monkey which is not Hyukjae ^-^  (and please someone tell me, what did we do to deserve this man? And how can someone’s eyes look this sorrowful and cheerful at the same time?)

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An AU where Sebastian is a college student and has a thing for Ciel’s eyes. Whenever he sees the boy, either in class, library, or cafeteria, he can’t help but stare at the big blue eyes he came to love. So one day when Sebastian was staring at them, Ciel finally decided to speak up and ask why the older male always stares at him and all that Sebastian answered was, “A sea of blue with stars scattered around. I wish I could just dive in them…” and Ciel then proceeded to blush.

4/4 - Things you would frequently hear if you were dating them


“Play video games with me?”

“Wow, you really suck at this game.”

“Babe I’m horny… babe?… babe?… baaaabe?”

“I want a kitten…… no not me, like, an actual kitten.”

“I don’t have a bald spot, leave me alone!”


“If you boop my nose one more time…”

“Y/N, Michael’s being mean to me!”

“Where’s my shir- oh, you’re wearing it, never mind.”

“Yeah, maybe I will tell Liz.”

“You so pwetty.”


“Babe can we get a dog?”

“But I am Beyoncé.”

“You know what they say about bassists… ?”

“Baaaabe, come cuddle meeeee!”

“Are… are they my jeans?”


“How many times do I have to tell you? I don’t like being called that!”

“Shut up, I don’t giggle!”

“Look how giant my hands are.”

“Oh that happened to me once when I worked at KFC… ”

“Heyyyy, how would you like it if I made fun of your accent?”

The Lucky One II

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Chapter 14.  Young Love II 

“Youngwoo-oppa!” a little girl’s voice sounded as she jumped up and down in your living room. 

Rubbing your tummy, you squeezed some whip cream and strawberry jam onto the bear pancakes and served them on the diner table.  Yoona entered the kitchen, dragging her mom with her. 

“_______ah!” the older female greeted you. 

“Hey!” you said back, shooting her a smile. 

She let go of her daughter’s hand to walk toward you.  Her soft, beautiful hands were placed onto your belly and she whispered a few words as if blessing your little YoungHwa with her angelic voice. 

“See what I mean?  Everything ended up perfect,” she spoke and you nodded.

“So pwetty!!” the little girl with pigtails exclaimed as she tiptoed to admire the panda pancake with a strawberry jam bow on her head. 

You walked over and petted her head.

“Does Yoon-ie like it?” you asked, grinning as she nodded her head enthusiastically.

“B-but where is Youngwoo-oppa?” she questioned, timidly. 

Her mother sent you a mischievous smirk while wiggling her eyebrows. 

You muffled back a giggle before calling, “Youngwoo-yah!  Time to wake up Sleepyhead!”

Moments later, the young boy stumbled into the kitchen.  His hair stood up in all different directions while he rubbed his pink, sleepy eyes.  The little girl bounced up and down in front of him.  Her pink Minnie Mouse skirt flowed up and down like a rainbow parachute, flashing her adorable panda undergarments.  Her mother rushed to fix her up before she revealed too much to her crush.  You watched in amusement as Youngwoo’s jaw almost dropped to the floor at the sight of Yoona. 

“Oppa!” Yoona squealed before throwing her arms around him. 

Enveloped by absolute shock, Youngwoo’s knees caved in and he and Yoona were sent falling onto the floor.  A succession of lurid “thuds” resonated through the kitchen.  Yoona’s mother and you gasped, both of you rushing forward to check on your kids.  But as soon as you got a glimpse of their state, you stood frozen in place.  The napkins that somehow were in your hands fell out like fallen petals from a tree branch. 

Not only was the younger girl on top of your son, her lips had coincidentally found Youngwoo’s.  Their baby lips smashed together like jelly on peanut butter.   

You didn’t even have time to react before Kim Jongin’s voice hollered down the hall, “OH YOUNGWOO!  WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING!?”

You watched with wide eyes as Sehun desperately held him back from strangling his son. 

“Oppa!” his wife said as she patted his chest to calm him down.  With her eyes, she signaled for Sehun to clean up the “mess”.  Your husband quickly separated Youngwoo from Yoona. 

The little boy sat on the ground stunned out of his mind at what just happened.  On the other hand, Yoona simply got up, walked over the table, and plopped down on the chair in front of the panda pancake as if nothing happened. 

Still unable to comprehend anything from your befuddled state, you paced over to check on your son, only to have him dash away from you to stand in front of Yoona with the same surprised expression.  She turned to him with a blank gaze, while holding a piece of pancake on a fork.  When Youngwoo didn’t respond she went back to chowing down on her breakfast.

“…Yoona…” your son called for her attention. 

“Bommie!” she exclaimed, noticing her panda plush in Youngwoo’s hands.  She carelessly dropped the metal utensil onto her plate and took the doll from your son’s hand.  Whip cream and strawberry jam stained all over the tablecloth like oil paint on canvas.  

Smiling, she petted Bommie and innocently asked, “Has Youngwoo-oppa been treating you well?”  

“I have!” Youngwoo answered, almost defensively. 

“Okay!” Yoona chirped, nodding in approval.  Her large round orbs transformed into mere curves.  She placed the doll onto her lap and resumed devouring her food. 

When Youngwoo continued to stare at her without saying a single word, she forked a bit of pancake and held it up to him.  The whip cream grazed against his skin and he flinched at the contact.  Seeing that he rejected her offer, Yoona shrugged and ate the piece instead. 

“Yummy!” she said as she patted her belly.

Finally, you snapped out of your reverie and walked over to the two children. 

“Yoona-yah, do you want some more?” you asked while secretly squeezing your son’s shoulder so he’d wake up from his daydream as well. 

“Can I?!” the girl asked excitedly. 

“Yep!  Just wait a few minutes, okay?  Unnie will go make a new batch for you!” you informed. 

“She can have mine,” Youngwoo surprised you by saying.  But his tone was empty and void of emotions.  You watched as walked back into his room with his head hanging depressingly. 

“Youngwoo-yah…” you called but he ignored you.  Sehun came over and squeezed you on the shoulder, urging you to just let him have a quiet moment to himself. 

“Youngwoo-oppa?” the young girl called out, confused by his actions.

When he continued his way into his room, she turned around.  Her face twisted up. 

“Uh oh,” her mother said while swallowing the lump in her throat.

Within seconds, Yoona began to sob.  Her mother quickly rushed to her side, hugging the girl against her big belly. 

“OH YOUNGWOO!” Jongin shouted, gritting his teeth.  Sehun closed his eyes before sprinting after his friend to rescue his poor son. 

You almost followed had you not been held captive by the little girl’s cries. 

“Ommaa…why does Youngwoo-oppa hate me?” she wailed, hiccupping from crying so hard. 

You cringed, opening your lips to counter her deduction but her mother got to it before you could. 

“Aw Honey, Youngwoo doesn’t hate you.  He’s just shy!” she explained.  You nodded in agreement.  But the girl continued to cry.      


After a late night phone chat with Yoona’s mother discussing about the two little troublesome children’s confusing relationship, you two came to the conclusion that Yoona and Youngwoo needed to go out on a play date.  So ditching your two men of the house, Yoona, her mother, Youngwoo, and you planned an outing to Chuck E. Cheese.  Though your plan began to unravel as soon as you woke up that morning. 

Sehun narrowed his eyes at you, already smelling something fishy.  You tried to get out of bed but the handsome man pulled you back into his embrace. 

“Oppa…” you whispered, trying to wiggle out of his grip. 

“You are planning something without me.  I can smell it!” he whined.

“You smell morning breath, that’s what you’re smelling!” you joked.  Sehun playfully breathe into your face.  You crinkled your nose while he beamed happily at your reaction. 

“So tell me what you’re up to,” he drilled.

“Nothing!” you replied defensively. 

“Oh okay.  Let’s just go back to sleep then,” your husband was getting good at using his passive aggressiveness on you. 

“Fine,” you pouted and Sehun smirked.  With a sigh, you admitted, “I’m taking Youngwoo out to have a play date with Yoona”.

“What?!” your husband’s voice was a few octaves higher. 

Thinking that he was going to spoil the plans, you quickly spoke, “Play date.  It’s a play date, Oppa.  It won’t be harmful.  Did you see how sad Yoona was yesterday?  It broke my heart!”

“Oh, I’m not against it.  I’m just angry that you didn’t include me in the plan,” he stuck his tongue out at you. 

An unladylike cackle escaped from your lips and you threw your hand over your mouth in embarrassment.  Sehun chuckled and leaned in to give you a big smooch on the cheek. 

“Okay!  Let’s get ready then!!!” he said excitedly jumping from bed and running into the bathroom in wide strides, like a crab. 

You rolled your eyes and hollered, “No one invited you, Oh Sehun!!”

But of course that didn’t stop the grown up child from joining.  Well, it wasn’t such a bad idea anyway since both you and Yoona’s mother was pregnant, it’d be safer to have another chaperone to watch over the troublemakers.  So you got into the car with Sehun taking the honor as the driver.  You strapped Youngwoo into the back seat before joining your hubby in the front passenger seat. 

“Ready?” he asked, looking into the rearview mirror to check for his son’s reaction but the little boy merely nodded. 

The young father frowned and strained his neck back to physically look at Youngwoo but you patted his arm to encourage him to just go.  Nodding, he turned around and drove off to pick up Yoona and her mom.  By the time the three of you arrived at the Kim mansion, they were already waiting outside for you.  With a glowing smile, you waved to them.  Your gentlemanly hubby got out of the car to open the door to invite the two beautiful females into the car. 

“Yoona, get in,” her mother encouraged the visibly timid girl. 

She obediently slid into the middle seat, beside Youngwoo. 

“Good morning, Youngwoo Appa.  Good morning Youngwoo Omma,” the little girl greeted politely before shyly turning to your son and whispering, “Good morning Youngwoo-oppa”.

Youngwoo grunted and turned to look out the window. 

“Oh Youngwoo…” you called for his attention so he mumbled a “Good morning” under his breath.

You frowned at the big baby then turned to Yoona with a wide smile, “Yoon-ie, are you excited about getting to play all the fun games at Chuck E. Cheese and winning all the amazing prizes?!” you exclaimed and the girl nodded enthusiastically.  Her mother kissed her on top of the head. 

To say that the car ride was awkward would be an understatement.  That little booger, Oh Youngwoo, would not reply to anything Yoona said.  It was as if someone had physically zipped his lips together.  Unimpressed by his immaturity, you gave him several signals to liven up or else.  And every time you did so he’d sigh and force out a one-word reply. 

“Oppa do you like pehpehroneee or saw-seege?” Yoona asked sweetly.

“Cheese,” Youngwoo replied stubbornly, with his arms crossed over his chest. 

“He likes sausage,” you corrected, shaking your head. 

“Really?  Yoona likes sausage too, Young-ie!  You two are a match made in Heaven,” her mother slyly commented, causing her daughter to blush bashfully. 

Youngwoo doesn’t respond so you sighed and slouched back into your seat. 

Oh well, I’m sure by the time they start playing games, they’d be okay again.

You were half-right.  The smile finally returned onto your little boy’s face as he was busy shooting down these three-eyes aliens that bounced around in front of him.  Yoona played on the opposite side, squealing with joy.  You flexed your arms to sigh in relief, only to hear a sigh coming from the other pregnant woman. 

“I guess the play dating idea with the perfect plan,” she spoke, smiling at you. 

Nodding, you smiled back.

“Although, I’m not sure if Young-ie and Yoon-ie are the ones having the most fun…” you commented, pointing at your husband who was running around with his arms flailing out like an airplane. 

The other female giggled.  You had to admit though, you were so glad that Sehun had invited himself to join because two pregnant woman weren’t the best choices to watch over two crazy kids in an arcade.  So the two of you decided to sit back and relax over warm milk smoothies, while chitchatting and occasionally observing the three children in front of you. 

You couldn’t contain your laughter when your husband tried to follow Yoona and Youngwoo into a tunnel, only to get his head stuck.

“Oppa!  You Pabo!” you shouted then turned to Jongin’s wife, “He’s over two decades older than Youngwoo but still acts like a five-year-old!” 

“Mmhm…Jongin-oppa is like that too,” she added, gracefully covering her mouth as she giggled. 

Everything seemed so perfect and joyous…nothing…nothing could go wrong right?  But then you heard a whimper.  Turning around, you witnessed Youngwoo holding onto a stuffed bunny prize.  Beside him, Yoona jumped up and down, her little pigtails bounced along.  She outstretched her hands, thinking the older boy would give it to her but instead he turned around and handed it to another little girl they had just met.  The smile of Yoona’s face disappeared, replaced by a frown…then quivering lips. 

“Uh oh,” her mother whispered, before getting up from her seat.  You followed along, but midway there, the wails had already begun. 

“W-what is wrong, Yoon-ie?” Sehun questioned, completely puzzled, having missed the scene from earlier. 

“Yoon-ie…Shhh,” her mother held her close, “Sehun will win another one for you”.

But the girl continued to cry. 

“Oh Youngwoo…” you called, squatting down to his level, “Why’d you do that?”

His father squatted down as well, looking at you with the same blank expression he had on earlier, “Jagiya…did I miss something?”

“Yes, you did, Pabo.  While you were busy whacking moles, your son managed to make Yoona cry again…” you sighed. 

“W-what did he do?” Sehun asked, a bit taken aback by your harsh tone. 

Sighing again, you said in a much softer voice, “He won a stuffed bunny and instead of giving it to Yoona, he gave it to another girl – who he didn’t even know…” 

In front of you, Youngwoo hung his head and shifted his feet. 

“Ohhh hahaha,” your husband laughed then nonchalantly said, “That’s okay.  We can win another one for Yoona”. 

You planted your face into your hands, “That’s not the point.  The point is that our son is being mean to Yoona for no reason!” 

“Aigoo…you little brat…have you been mean to Yoon-ie?” his father said half-heartedly while ruffling his son’s head.  You narrowed your eyes at his way of reprimanding at his son – but not really. 

So he physically scooted Youngwoo over to the crying girl and said, “Youngwoo-yah.  When you do something wrong, what do you have to say?”

Sensing Youngwoo’s presence before her, the young girl quieted her sobs a bit, anticipating an apology. 

“Sorry,” Youngwoo mumbled, his head still hung low. 

Sniffing her tears, Yoona came out from hiding in her mother’s embrace.  She stepped forward and innocently tilted her head to look at Youngwoo’s face. 

“It’s okay, Oppa!” she said cheerfully, then looped her hand over her play date’s arm, “Let’s go play another game”.

You sighed in relief, thankful that the little girl was much more mature at handling situations than your son.  As you massaged your throbbing temples, Sehun patted your shoulder in reassurance…but the calm was short lived. 

“But that game is SO girly!” Youngwoo complained when Yoona stopped in front of a game about unicorns and fairies. 

“But they’re so pwetty!” the girl squealed, her eyes twinkling, like stars in the night sky, as she stared, mesmerized by the revolving carousel of mystical creatures. 

“They’re so ugly!  You have no taste!” Youngwoo insulted and you gasped. 

“Youngwoo!” you hissed.

“They’re not ugly!” the girl sobbed.  Her mother officially planted her face into her hands. 

Sehun and you rushed over to separate them before anything got worse. 

“It’s okay, Yoon-ie.  I’ll play with you,” Sehun suggested but the girl violently shook her head.

“I want Youngwoo-oppa to play with me!” she screeched stubbornly.

With his arms crossed against his chest, Youngwoo said, “I’m not playing that dumb game you, Dummy!”

Tears cascaded down the girl’s cheeks as she vocally began to wail.  Grimacing, her mother held her back and forced herself to waddle over to her daughter’s side.  Your head was pounding so hard, you thought a blood vessel would burst. 

“I’m not a Dummy!” she sobbed, wiping her tears with her tiny arms. 

“Well, Bommie is a Dummy then!!” your son shouted, pointing at the panda doll in the girl’s hand. 

Yoona abruptly stopped wailing.  With watery eyes, she looked up at Youngwoo.  At that moment, you saw the most heartbroken expression that ever appeared on such a young girl’s face.  Slowly, she recoiled to hide behind her Omma.  The grip over her panda doll loosened.  Bommie was discarded onto the carpet floor, rolling over, just inches from Youngwoo’s foot. 

“Oh Youngwoo!  Why are you being so mean to Yoon-ie?” her mother asked.  When he doesn’t respond she said sternly, “If you’re going to act like this from now on, I’m not going to let Yoona play with you anymore”. 

Shaking your head, you kneeled down in front of your son and desperately asked, “Young-ie, what’s gotten into you lately?”

The boy fidgeted around, refusing to look at you.  Seeing his look of remorse, you dropped your angry expression and whispered, “Youngwoo-yah, Omma knows that you don’t hate Yoona.  You’re just shy right?”

His little lips quivered but he nodded so you continued, “Now be a good boy and apologize to Yoona, okay?”

He nodded again.  You gave him a sad smile, stroked his cheek, and encouragingly pushed him over to Yoona.  The girl withdrew further away, behind her mother, as if thinking that your son would hurt her.  Little whimpering noises escaped from her pink lips. 

Just as Youngwoo opened his mouth to talk, Yoona curled her baby hands around her mother’s dress, tugged it, and whispered, “Omma, c-can we go?  I don’t want to play anymore”.  

“Yoon-ie, why don’t we wait and hear what Youngwoo has to say,” her mother gently spoke, while stroking her head but the girl shook her head. 

Sighing, her mother looked over at Sehun and he nodded, walking out of the door to get the car ready.  You continued to urge Youngwoo to say sorry but the little girl had dragged her mother away to wait by the door.  Her favorite panda plushie, still casted-off onto the floor.  Frowning, Youngwoo bent over and picked Bommie up, mumbling a few sorrys to the stuffed animal.  You opened your lips to lecture him about why he was able to so easily apologize to a toy but not Yoona…but one look at his bloodshot eyes left you speechless. 

Maybe this play date wasn’t such a good idea…           

That night, with Bommie smothered into his chest, Youngwoo cried himself to sleep.  Every wail, every sob was a stab at your heart.  At the doorway, you debated whether or not you should talk to your little boy or let him have a moment of privacy to himself.  Instead, Sehun patted your shoulder, walked into his son’s room, and quietly bent down to give his son a kiss on the cheek.  Youngwoo looked up with those glossy eyes that felt like bullets shooting through your flesh. 

“Appa is here.  Is there anything Youngwoo wants to tell Appa?” your husband asked, gently picking the little boy up into his arms. 

The boy sobbed into his chest, spurting out incoherent sentences but his father kept nodding as if he had fully comprehended what he said.  With a sigh, you rubbed your belly and walked away to give the two boys some privacy.     


a/n: Sorry, brain is a mush today so didn’t do extensive editing >< May be choppy.  But Oh Youngwoo nuuu you little brat ଽ ฅ૮( ꒪〰꒪)აฅ