you so fine boo


Hey guys!  I’m going on vacation starting tomorrow and I’ll be gone for TEN DAYS.  So I haven’t died and there’s nothing to worry about, but I’ll be pretty inactive for the next week and a half. <3  Love you all!

Nicky’s 600th point, off an assist to a TJ Oshie ENG.

(If you watched that play, Ovi deliberately passed up the chance for a hat trick by passing to Nicky, who then passed to Oshie for Oshie’s second of the game. Oshie then went and got the puck for Nicky. Nicky is beloved by Russians AND Americans.)

I hope you like it, I’m sorry if it looks bad for the camera I used. Also, sorry for the bad English, I still learning

(Submitted by darkmoonanonymous) ________ KYAAAA! I LOVE IT! Thank you so much for drawing my little baby boo! And its fine, i love it in general!

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omg you got in a wreck?? are you ok? I'm so sorry boo

I’m fine…. something from the back of a pickup truck flew onto the road in front of me and I didn’t have time (or a place) to swerve going 70 sooooo…. yeah it shredded the tire, but it’s all good…. VACATIONS ARE FUN XD

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O!Bokuto being all insecure and nervous after presentin'cause he thinks he's not omega enough & no alpha would want him butA!Kuroo &the other a!captains r all trying to reassured like 'boo? Boo you so fine please don't be sad u r an amazing omega'

Bokuto had always been told that he was too loud, too outspoken and not maternal material. That he wasn’t good enough as an omega, and no alpha would ever want him. He always tried to ignore them, he knew he didn’t need to fit their view of what an omega ‘should be.’ On his down days, Bokuto couldn’t help but start believing what those people told him.

He confided to the other captains how he felt after a terrible day of games when he couldn’t hit a single spike. They all rushed to list reasons why Bokuto was such a great omega. Kuroo promised that he would see that Bokuto got the perfect alpha he deserved for being such a perfect omega, and the others encouraged Bokuto that he could be a great omega in his own way.