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Nicky’s 600th point, off an assist to a TJ Oshie ENG.

(If you watched that play, Ovi deliberately passed up the chance for a hat trick by passing to Nicky, who then passed to Oshie for Oshie’s second of the game. Oshie then went and got the puck for Nicky. Nicky is beloved by Russians AND Americans.)

Umm, I have never asked before so sorry if I offend or do something wrong. I looooove Genma and Kakashi, they are such babes! I would love to read more SFW and NSFW headcanons about them :) Like umm how they would be as boyfriends, lovers etc. But anything about them would be great! Thank you, have a great day :) - @thecurioushedgehog

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so tbh for nsfw kakashi i have so many conflicting headcanons for him. like the way i write him in my oc fic is very “bitch knows what he’s doing and he like to fuck” but i also subscribe to kakashi is a nervous blushy virgin digest

so for anyone who reads my fic and then my headcanons and goes “what you’re writing him in two entirely different ways this makes no sense!” what i write in my fic and what i write for headcanons blog are both things i headcanon for him but for this blog i’ll always default to nervous blushy virgin if that makes any sense at all?

second note on kakashi, since i write headcanons that are specific to the various phases of his life as well as regular requests, unless specified all kakashi requests are default late-sensei/early-hokage-ish

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Kakashi SFW Headcanons

  • It’s pleasantly surprising when he’s on time for your first date, but don’t get your hopes up that it will happen again. He’s never more than five minutes late, and he really does try to be on time, but it’s such a habit to never be on time for anything that it will take him a while to break it. It’s not that he thinks you’re not worth being on time for, but he just isn’t good at keeping track of it and gets distracted a little too easily at times.

  • If you’re looking for the sweet, cuddly boyfriend, you might want to look somewhere else. He will cuddle, if the mood strikes him, but he’s spent so much of his life thinking that everything he touches dies that physical contact is not something he is good at.

  • He is so hilariously awkward about it, but he loves to give you compliments, small gifts (usually flowers, or something he found while out on a mission he thought you would like), and say sweet things. Underneath all the pain and tragedy, he’s a romantic at heart, and he wants you to know that he loves you and how special you are to him, even if he’s not very good at making the words come out the way he wants them to. It’s the thought that counts, right?

  • It will be a long, long time before he feels okay with telling you he loves you - he’ll show you that he loves you, with the things he says and the things he does, but there’s something about actually saying “I love you” that is infinitely more terrifying than just showing you how he feels. Know though that even if he doesn’t say it, he feels it, and he’ll find a way to let you know.

  • This is surprising to no one, I’m sure, but he is a cheap date. He never plays the “I forgot my wallet” game with you, but he’s not taking you anywhere expensive unless it’s a special occasion - he’s perfectly okay with ramen or dango dates, or, even better, dates that cost nothing at all. Again, it’s not that he doesn’t think you’re worth it, it’s just how he is. You’ll break him of the habit eventually.

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Genma SFW Headcanons

  • Genma’s a flirt. A massive flirt. He flirts with anything that moves, tbh, though it comes out of a place of “flirting makes me and others feel good about themselves” rather than “I want to fuck them all” - but with someone he’s actually into, he’s a lot more nervous about it. He hides it well, but you can tell by the way he looks at you, a moment too long before he actually drops his line, and then the almost shy he look he gives you after as he’s trying to determine if you’re feeling it. When he’s trying to work up the courage to actually ask you out, & once you get together, you are the only person he flirts with.

  • He’s selectively cuddly - sometimes he wants his space, other times he wraps so tight around you it’s almost impossible to tell where he ends and you begin. The best chance for cuddling is bedtime, because that’s when he’ll wrap so tightly around you that you most definitely aren’t moving until morning when he wakes up again. It’s twice as fun because boy is a walking talking space heater and leaves you thinking his internal body temperature is at least 1000 degrees F.

  • He loves to tell you how beautiful/hot/sexy he thinks you are, and he likes to tell you a lot. Whether you’re all dressed up or tucked into bed in what you think is your ugliest (but most comfortable) pair of jammies, he thinks you’re absolutely breathtaking, and he wants you to know.

  • Genma follows no guidelines for what the “typical” timeline of a relationship is, but he’s also not quick with the “I love you” (and he is very honest about it with you, too). He firmly believes that it’s not something that should be said unless you absolutely mean it - so whether it’s a week in or a year, if he knows that he means it, he’ll say it, but if he’s not 100% sure, he won’t. (Of course, he’s not going to dump you because it’s been 6 months and he can’t make himself say “I love you” - he knows that love isn’t always “oh my god I love them and I know I love them”, sometimes it takes time to grow. He’s not going to just give up, he will give it a chance.)

  • Does not do dates except on special occasions (or if you really want to). He is very much a stay at home and spend time together alone kind of guy, he would rather curl up on the couch with some Netflix than go out to a crowded restaurant or club. Even on anniversaries, he’d rather stay home and cook a wonderful dinner or just head off to an onsen for the weekend.

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O!Bokuto being all insecure and nervous after presentin'cause he thinks he's not omega enough & no alpha would want him butA!Kuroo &the other a!captains r all trying to reassured like 'boo? Boo you so fine please don't be sad u r an amazing omega'

Bokuto had always been told that he was too loud, too outspoken and not maternal material. That he wasn’t good enough as an omega, and no alpha would ever want him. He always tried to ignore them, he knew he didn’t need to fit their view of what an omega ‘should be.’ On his down days, Bokuto couldn’t help but start believing what those people told him.

He confided to the other captains how he felt after a terrible day of games when he couldn’t hit a single spike. They all rushed to list reasons why Bokuto was such a great omega. Kuroo promised that he would see that Bokuto got the perfect alpha he deserved for being such a perfect omega, and the others encouraged Bokuto that he could be a great omega in his own way.