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Summary: In which Bucky needs a reminder that he’s the only person you want to be with.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 948

A/N: This one was written for my love, @janelock221. HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU RADIANT QUEEN. I took the two prompts you sent my way and threw them in here - it’s my small way of letting you know that your friendship means everything to me.

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“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” you complain, staring at your reflection in the bathroom mirror. You don’t know how you got here. This wasn’t what you had in mind after returning home after a long day of work.

I don’t call you my partner in crime for no reason,” Bucky calls out, voice carrying through the wooden door that’s acting as the only barrier between the two of you. “Now c’mon, doll. I wanna see how you look.”

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sometimes i think I’ll never be happy until i own a well-tailored victorian era suit

Oh My My My - VI (Bucky Barnes AU)


SUMMARY: A love story from start to finish.

WARNINGS: fluff and maybe language? i dont even know lol

AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is a fucking long one!!!!! but also kind of fun… imo. lol we’re almost out of high school everyone. just give me like one more chapter. then we’re gonna get real serious lol

p.s. 13 spaces left on my tag list and that’s IT. if you want to be tagged, please let me know.


You, Nat and Wanda all headed to the mall after school. Since you and Bucky had exchanged numbers you asked him what color he wanted to wear to prom.

Bucky: Whatever color you want to wear :)

You: Red? Is that ok?

Bucky: It’s perfect.

You smiled to yourself and slipped your phone back into your pocket. The three of you went to different shops and you tried on every single red dress until you found the perfect one at the last store.

It was a strapless red cherry dress. The front of the dress came up past knees and the back of the it trailed behind you. It was ruffled from the waist down and you were in love with it.

Wanda and Nat gave you thumbs up and you were sure Nat had snapped a couple of pictures of you. You asked the store employee if they could put it on hold. You would definitely be back for it.

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James March: New Years Eve

“James, are you almost ready?!” You shout to James while you’re sitting at your vanity, putting on your earrings. James was in the bathroom doing his hair.

“Yes, darling!” You can hear James’ voice grow closer as he’s walking out of the bathroom. “In fact, I am all finished.”

Once the backing of your last earring is clipped, you turn around to look at James, giving him an elevator look. “Oh you look so dapper, my love.” You walk towards him to give him a kiss, then you caress the folds of his jacket.

“And you look absolutely marvelous, my queen.” James returns a kiss to you. “Now. Shall we?” He puts his arm out for you to hold.

You grab his arm and look around him to make sure he didn’t forget anything. It’s a good thing you checked. “James. Forgetting something?”

“Yes?” He questions you with a smile, revealing his teeth.

“Uh your cane.” You point over at his cane resting against the nightstand behind you.

“Ah, yes. And what would I do without you, darling?”

You both make your way to the elevator. 

Reaching Floor 7, you walk towards room 78. You can hear the 80′s rock music grow louder the closer you get. Reaching Room 78, James holds the door opened for you. All of the guests invited are there. (Liz, Sally, Iris, Miss Evers, John, Ramona, Will Drake, Tristan)

Sally, sitting on a chair nearby with cigarette in hand, turns her head after hearing the door open. Seeing that it’s both you and James walking in, she says, “You’re late.” 

“Yeah, you guys said 10 o’clock. It’s almost 10:30, babe.” Liz walks up to you as she’s pointing at the clock on the wall.

“I know I know.” You replied, sounding guilty.

“You simply cannot rush perfection.” James points at you with his cane. He sees John sitting at the table, so he leaves to greet him.

“It’s alright. We’re just messin’ with ya.” Liz pats you on the arm and goes back over to Tristan, who’s chatting with Will to show them that you’ve arrived.

“Yeah, here. Have a cigarette.” Sally stands up and pulls a cigarette out of her pocket to hand to you.

“Sally, you know I don’t smoke.” You said as you put your hand up, denying her cigarette.

Sally rolls her eyes and puts the cigarette back in her pocket. “It’s new years eve, live a little.”

“Hey Y/N!” Will comes up to you, giving you a hug. “Look. At. You. That’s a fabulous gown.” He says, admiring your gown.

You did a twirl and said, “Why thanks, Will. James had Liz pick it out for me.” Liz puts a hand over her chest, mouthing, “Aw.”

“Damn, Liz.” Will put both hands on his hips while looking at Liz for loving her taste in fashion.


Everyone turns around to follow the noise, which came from James.

With his naturally loud tone of voice, he says, “I’d like to thank you all for coming tonight, as you all know, you are all like family to Y/N and I.” James pauses as Ramirez, Gacy, Dahmer & Wuornos crosses his mind, which made a part of him wish they were here to join us. He quickly zones back in and continues. As James is speaking, Miss Evers is holding a tray full of glasses filled with absinthe and passes it around to everyone. “So I would prefer everyone to take a glass so we can all make the first toast of tonight.”

Once everyone has their glasses, James adds. “Absinthe. Our customary libation.” he pauses, “to us.”

“TO US!” Everyone shouts. The men chugged it like it was no problem. The ladies, on the other hand, had a hard time. Now, everyone goes back to doing what they were doing.

James walks up to the record player to put a vinyl on it. You catch James so you walk up to him, to comment on his music choice. “I love you James, but can we please not have Jazz playing all night?” 

Tristan, just a few feet away overhears, then turns his around and adds. “What Y/N said.” 

James raises a brow and glares at Tristan. You hug James from behind hoping you didn’t hurt his feelings a little because you know how much Jazz music is his favorite. “I mean, it’s okay for right now. Just not the whole night.”

James turns his head to eye you. “Oh alright, dear. As you please.” He turns his body around to release your grip from him and kisses you on the forehead.

Passing the time until midnight consisted of constant socializing. Not everyone got together in one group, so you made your way around every group.



“Everyone, it’s almost midnight!” Ramona shouts. Everyone rushes towards the clock, gathering around together.

You noticed Liz and Tristan have a moment together, which made you happy inside, being that they are your favorite couple.

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James keeps you close to him with his arm around your waist, with the opposite hand gripping his cane. James looks down at you with infatuation in his eyes. You were too excited watching the clock that you hadn’t noticed. With 25 seconds left on the clock, you looked up at James. “It’s almost time sweetheart!”

“How marvelous.” James responded with a smile, then you looked back up at the clock.

Now that it’s 10 seconds until midnight, everyone starts counting down.

“10..9..8..7..6..5..4..3..2..1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!”

When the clock hit midnight, you jumped up into James’ arms to make out with him. Without a care in the world, James lets his cane fall to the ground as he picks you up.

After a blissful kissing session, he slowly sets you down, putting his face close to yours as he says, “Happy New Years, darling. And to forever more.” James lightly grabs your chin and gives you one sweet kiss on the lips. 

“Forever.” You smiled. Noticing that James cane was laying on the floor, you bent over to pick it up, then handed it to James. “Here you go, James.”

“Why thank you, dearest.” James lightly grabs your hand to kiss it, then walks away towards the dining table to rest his cane against it.

With both hands behind him, James watches with a smile as everyone in the room starts taking turns hugging one another. The love and happiness in the air was just impeccable. No matter how crazy or different these people are to some, this is your family. You couldn’t ask for anything more.

Once James notices that everyone is about done, he goes to the back of the room to grab a bottle of champagne. 

With champagne bottle in hand, James starts loosening the cork, then he raises his voice to get everyone’s attention. “And now!” He pauses, holding the bottle at a 45 degree angle. “Happy New Years to all!” James pops open the cork out, letting the foam burst out. Then, you hear a mixture of shouting and clapping from all the guests.


The remainder of the night consisted of everyone socializing and having a great time. The music genres constantly changed. You even added a couple of Benny Goodman songs to keep James happy. 

Majority of the guests drank, but the only ones who were pretty drunk were you, Tristan, Donovan, Sally, Ramona, and especially John.

But of course, not to anyone’s surprise, James kept his composure. 

You were a bit wasted, so every time you would start swaying, James was always there to hold you up. He made sure to ask if you were okay and if you needed anything like water or food. Also, he was pretty amused seeing how much more needy and loving you were being under the influence.

Slowly, the guests started leaving one by one. John was passed out drunk, so Sally happily struggled to carry him to his room.

Miss Evers was left to clean, which she enjoyed to the full extent.

With you being too drunk to walk back to the room straight, James left his cane behind and carried you up bridal style. 

“You know I love this…this beautiful face.” You said to James, slurring your words as you caress his cheek. Then, you went back to your own little world.

“And I adore yours, my darling.” James starts walking out the door to make his way to the bedroom. Right before he reaches the door, he stops to tell Miss Evers. “Miss Evers! Would you be a dear and bring my cane up to the room once you are all finished? And a glass of water as well, for the misses!”

Miss Evers shouts from across the room as she’s cleaning. “Of course, Mr. March! I wish you and Y/N a happy new years!”

“Thank you, Miss Evers!” James continues to walk out.

The trip to the bedroom was a bit of a struggle for James. There were times when you would want to be put down and even sloppily moving your arms back and forth. Luckily for you, James had the patience and even laughed a few times. On an average day, he wouldn’t have this much patience with you. Thankfully though, you eventually ended up passing out in his arms.

Once reaching the bedroom, James carefully set you down on the bed, then removed your shoes, setting it on the floor. Since your gown was too difficult for him to remove without waking you, instead, he tucked you into bed and set a pair of pj’s on foot of the bed, in case you were to wake up in the middle of your sleep and would have the need to change.

James removed his dress clothes, setting them in the hamper, leaving only his wife beater and boxers on. 

Letting out a sigh of relief, he laid down next to you caressing your hair as he watches you sleep, whispering, “Happy New Years, my queen.”

Hit the Road USA Premier

Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N:: This happened to be longer than I originally planned but that’s okay. There is a surprise ending! Enjoy!

Tonight was the premier. Joe and Caspar Hit the Road USA. You were Joe’s girlfriend of over 2 years. You were so incredibly proud of all that he has accomplished in the span of 2 years. You were getting ready. Looking into the mirror to do your make up you begin to realize just how happy you were for Joe and how proud you were. You actually started to cry. Just some tears came rolling down and you sniffled. Joe came into the room.

“Babe? Should I wear this shirt or this shirt?” He holds up 2 shirts and then looks up at you. He sees your tears and looks confused. “Y/N? What’s wrong baby?” He asks concerned, tossing his shirts onto your guys bed.

“I’m just so proud of you and happy for you. I started thinking about just how much I loved you and how proud I am of you. Then I just kinda started tearing up.” You shrug and wipe your tears away quickly. Then you try to apply eyeliner but poke yourself in the eye. “Ouch! Bloody twat!” Joe just chuckles and kisses your cheek. “Glad you think I’m funny.”

“Always my love. You’re so cute. I love you. Your support throughout the years has been amazing.” You guys share a quick yet passionate kiss. He always has passion and love in his kisses.

“I like that white shirt with the black dots. It will go with these pants.” You tug at the pants he’s wearing. They looked so wonderful on him. You just loved them.

“Hmm, thank you my love. I knew I could count on you for help.” You chuckle and continue with your makeup. “So Josh and Jack will be here around 630 to pick you up.” You were going with the guys to the premier since he and Caspar would be doing many other things that will occupy his time.

“Okay. I’ll be here. I an still debating what I want to wear. I want it to be a surprise to you.” You turn and smile. He smiles and pulls you into his arms.

“How did I get so lucky to have such a beautiful woman like yourself fall in love with me?”

“You were you.” You smile and kiss him. You loved this man so much.

“Alright I gotta get going babe. I will see you there.” He says grabbing his jacket.

“I’ll see you there. I love you.” You kiss him one more time.

“Not half as much as I love you.”

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.” You warn playfully.

“I will win. I know how to with you.” You gasp and he chuckles. “Kidding babe.” You playfully slap his butt as he walks out the door.

“Don’t miss me too much!” You holler.

“I’ll try not to!” He calls back.

You chuckle and look at the dresses you had picked out. One was a pin sparkly dress. It wa an open back and it went down to hug your curves. It was flowy and fanned out at the bottom. You were leaning towards that one because it was beautiful. The other one was a maroon color one. Open back and it hugged your curves as well. You liked that one a lot too. It was classy and casual. You try them both on and decide on the maroon one. You finish up your hair and put in the earrings Joe had gotten you for your birthday. By the time you finish up, its 635. The boys are late. Just as you’re about to text one of them, Jack calls.

“We’re here Mrs. Sugg!”

“Couldn’t tell. I’ll be down in a moment.” You say, grabbing your little handbag.

“We’re on our way up. We wanted to take some pictures and be proper gentlemen.”

“Jack wanted to make you come down. I said lets go get her.” Josh yells which causes you to laugh. You let them in and hug them.

“You guys look so dapper.” You say and wipe off some dirt from Jack’s coat.

“You my dear look stunning.” Josh says to you. You blush and chuckle.

“Lets get these pictures taken so we can head out.”

“Sounds like someone is eager to see their boyfriend.”

“Didn’t you just see him like an hour ago?”

“You wanted what now?” You smirk and threaten.

“Okay lets take them before she runs away!” Josh rushes to you. You guys take a few pictures then you head out. All the way there you’re nervous. You can not wait to see the guys. You’re excited to see the movie. But what if you fall on the carpet? Jack must have sensed you were uneasy for he laid a hand on your back.

“You okay Y/N?” He says concerned.

“Yeah. Just afraid to fall on the carpet.” You confess.

“If you do I will fall with you. Make it seem like it was supposed to happen.” Jack says and chuckles. You giggle and push him playfully. “But seriously, Joe wouldn’t let you.” That makes you seem more confident.

“Yeah, okay. I’ve got this.” You nod and smile. Arriving at the carpet you see a lot of people. You get very nervous and then you see a glimpse of him. You step out after the boys and Josh takes your arm in his. Jack places a hand on your back for reassurance. “You guys are the best.” You whisper to each of them. You guys walk down the carpet, stopping for pictures occasionally. You go up to fans and take pictures with them. They all loved you because of how active you were with them. You love them, they got him here. Some ask for kisses on the cheek and for hugs. You give them those and then you feel hands on your back.

“Excuse me ladies, I would like to steal this breathtaking woman from you.” You smile wide and wave goodbye to them. “I love this dress on you.” You were glowing now, with much more confidence than before.

“I wanted casual and classy.” You guys pose for some pictures and kiss in a few. You couldn’t be happier.

“You are absolutely breathtaking. I am so glad I chose to do this today.”

You look at him confused. “Do wha-“ You couldn’t get the whole question out for Joe was on one knee in front of you, ring box in the other. Your hand flies to your open mouth. You are in shock. You hear gasps and screams and clicks of the cameras.

“Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” He opens the box to reveal a rose gold ring. You start to cry and can’t get anything out. So you just frantically nod your head yes. He slips the ring onto your finger and stands up picking you up in the process. You guys kiss for a good minute or two. He twirls you around in the air and you squeal.

“We’re getting married!”

“And I couldn’t be happier than in this moment.”

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So I’ve seen numerous body positivity posts and I felt like showing mine… The picture on the left was taken October 31st 2014. The picture on the right was taken October 31st 2015. Exactly one year apart. I’m still wearing the same suspenders, shirt, and bowtie. I felt like posting this because I have never ever loved my body or how I look but I took control and will get further than I am now. I have lost 40 pounds and will continue to lose more. @sheekeepsmewarm I wanted to show you this photo because of your recent try with body positivity. Thank you for giving me the courage to be confident in myself and my body. You are an amazing human and care for others, so I wanted to share this with you.

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A. A. A. A. A. Hello I’m just a kitten!anon and help! Can’t stop making the handsome Charataker and when I saw the request about them being a bride…. I just can’t help making this >\< kyaaa! I just can’t stop slowly screaming at how handsome he is in a tux~

Oh and I hope you love this minty and nacho 

Wedding- George x Reader

Sun glistened through tattered blinds of the small bedroom in the Burrow. Y/N Lupin opened her eyes. The sudden realization of what day it was hit her in an instant. It was her wedding day to the love of her life, George Weasley. She had fallen in love with him on the train to Hogwarts their first year. They became best friends and fell in love. The two decided to get married before the impending war. The success of George and his twin brother’s Fred’s joke shop Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes allowed them to afford the wedding before they could have imagined. Y/N and George decided to get married at the Burrow so that all their friends and family could attend. The couple wanted to make sure the friends and family still at Hogwarts could attend so, the date was during the Christmas holidays. Y/N slipped into her white slippers and tiptoed to the window as to not let the creaking sound echo through the whole of the house. Y/N looked through the blinds. It was snowing and the garden was thoroughly covered in fluffywhite snow. Arthur Weasley and Percy Weasley were busy at work setting up tents with their wands at the ready.

A knock at the door came startling Y/N. “ Yes?” Y/N asked. “ It’s me Deary” the familiar voice of Molly Weasley rang through the room as she opened the door. “ Oh you stay away from that window! George is going out there soon. It’s bad luck to see ‘em.” Y/N giggled and nodded. Ginny followed behind her mother. “ You should see George. Bundle of nerves. Honestly, if he memorised his school work like he has this wedding he would have been smarter than Hermione.” The girls laughed. Angelina Black, Y/N’s best friend and George’s twin brother’s fiancée was the last to enter the room. “ Today’s the day! Fred is over trying to calm him down. ”

After breakfast the work began. Hermione Granger, one of Y/N’s bridesmaids arrived just as Y/N was getting her hair done. “ Hello everybody! I’m so excited.” She sat down ready to get her unruly hair tamed for the day. Ginny began to brief Y/N on what was happening downstairs. “ Charlie has arrived on schedule, Bill and Phlegm-” “Ginevra!” Molly yelled scolding Ginny. “ Sorry Mum. Bill and Fleur will be here in an hour. Your father is downstairs pacing and the rest of the guest will arrive before the ceremony.” Y/N nodded. It was time for the make up. Angelina and the other bridesmaids put on their royal blue flowing dresses. “ Fred is going to drop dead when he sees you.” Ginny joked to Angelina. Angelina blushed brushing her curly black hair out of her eyes. “ Oh hush up!” Angelina pouted crossing her arms like a child. Hermione and Ginny laughed.

All the bridesmaids had left the room to perform various tasks .Y/N stepped into her dress. Molly was teary eyed helping lace up the exquisite gown. Y/N looked into the mirror and gave a bitter sweet smile. “ Mrs Weasley-” “ It’s Molly dear. For goodness sake in an hour you’ll be mrs Weasley.” Y/N smiled realizing it was true. “ Molly it is than…I want to thank you. My mum can’t be here but, i’m happy you’re here.” That was enough to make Molly cry. “ Don’t cry! Than i’ll cry. This makeup is expensive.” Y/N said laughed fanning tears out of her eyes. “ I’m glad I got another daughter. If I get one more son it’s off to the madhouse with me. Here’s hoping all your children are girls!” Y/N laughed and hugged Molly. She would remember this moment forever.

Y/N was ready. Her gown was beautiful with intricate lace detailing. Her hair was beautifully curled and pinned back. Y/N wore the silver crystal olive branch headband her father had bought her for the Yule Ball. She stepped into her silver crystal heels she had wore to dance the night away with George at their time at Hogwarts. Y/N looked inside the worn silver locket around her neck. Seeing the only family picture of her whole family before her mother died. Y/N mother’s smiling face reassured her everything would be okay. A knock came at the door. “ Come in!” Y/N called cheerfully. Her father Remus Lupin stepped in. His black suit was crisp and pressed. He fumbled with his royal blue tie. “ Y/N…you look stunning darling.” Y/N giggled and ran over into her father’s arms. “ You look so dapper in your suit Daddy.” Remus chuckled. “ Thank you Darling. Are you ready?” Y/N nodded locking arms with her father. “Ready.”

The tent was Immaculately decorated in royal blues and whites. It was a winter paradise. George was greeting all the guests as they entered the tent. To say he was nervous was an understatement. As the last person took their seats George sat down on a folding chair. He stared blankly at the red velvet isle. He was feverishly going over every line he had carefully constructed for weeks. “ You alright, mate?” Fred asked his twin. “ I’m getting married today…” “ Ya that’s kind of why we’re in suits instead of jumpers mate.” George cracked a smile. “ I’ve been waiting for this day since I was 11.” Fred laughed and ruffled George’s hair. “ Nerd.” George patted down his hair. “ Ya you been waiting just as long for Angelina.” Fred scoffed. “ Whatever mate. Get down that aisle and don’t get cold feet or mum will kill ya.” “ Deal.”

The music began. George’s heart fluttered to the sound of a beautiful soft piano. This was it. The first to arrive down the aisle was Fred and Angelina. Fred took his place beside his brother. “ You got this mate.” He whispered. Next arrived Lee Jordan and Hermione Granger. Ginny arrived down the aisle with Harry Potter. This was it. George held his breath. Y/N looked at her father who had a nervous look across his face. “ We got this Daddy.” Remus chuckled. “Of course we do baby girl.” Then the cue to enter the tent came.

George saw her. All the guests rised as Y/N began her descent down the aisle. Y/N’s dazzling smile lit up the tent. The music faded into the background of George’s mind. Fear was the furthest thing from his mind. His first instinct which made Y/N giggle is he looked at his mates with a look that can only be described as. “ Ya she’s mine.” Y/N stood in front of George with a smile. He winked at her as the ceremony began.

The old vicar wizard with silver hair smiled at the couple. “ Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in holy matrimony. Who gives this woman to be married to this man?” Remus moved forward. “ I do.” Y/N kissed her teary eyed father on the cheek and took George’s hands. The Vicar smiled at Y/N. “Y/N will you have this man to be your husband; to live together in the covenant of
marriage? Will you love him, comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to him as long as you both shall live?” Y/N smiled up at George. “ I do.” George took a deep breath. “ George, will you have this woman to be your wife; to live together in the covenant of marriage? Will you love her, comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health; and, forsaking all others, be faithful to her as long as you both shall live?” “ I do.” “ George, will you take Y/N ’s right hand and repeat after me.” George gently took Y/N’s right hand in his. He looked nervous but, Y/N’s smiling eyes reassured him everything would be okay. “ I George, take you Y/N to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part.” Y/N was determined not to cry. “ Y/N, take George’s right hand and repeat after me.” Y/N squeezed George’s hand. “ I Y/N, take you George to be my Husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, until death do us part.”

“ The couple have written their own vows which they will now recite.” George took a deep breath knowing he was first. “ Y/N, you are the light of my life. We were eleven when we met and I knew we would be here today ever since. Thank you for believing in me and my dreams. Thank you for reminding me i’m not the funniest man to walk this earth. Without you I wouldn’t have followed my dream and opened the shop. I wouldn’t be half the man I am today.I promise to be with you for the rest of my life. I promise not to make too many jokes during serious moments. I will always be on your side and I will always be your family. Thank you for marrying me. I will work everyday to make you happy and remind you how lucky I am to be with you everyday. I love you my love, forever and always.” It was getting harder and harder not to cry. “ George, you taught me how to love myself. You taught me how important taking a break from studying and having a little fun once in awhile. Thank you for making everyday a new adventure. Thank you for listening to my droning on about random facts. I promise to always laugh at the same jokes like when you said them the first time. I promise to help you run the shop that makes you so happy. Thank you for my life. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you.” George was now the one holding back tears. He knew if he let one slip Fred would never let him live it down.

“ May I have the rings please?” The vicar called. Ginny brought out the rings. “ George, repeat after me.” “ With this ring I thee wed..” George placed the wedding ring on Y/N’s finger, it felt real now. “ Y/N, repeat after me.” “ With this ring I thee wed.” Y/N placed the ring on George’s finger. “ Y/N and George, you have expressed your love to one another through the commitment and promises you have just made. It is with these in mind that I pronounce you husband and wife.You have kissed a thousand times, maybe more. But today the feeling is new.No longer simply partners and best friends, you have become husband and wife and can now seal the agreement with a kiss. Today, your kiss is a promise. It is my great pleasure to now pronounce you two husband and wife. You may now kiss the bride.” George picked Y/N in a grand kiss. The crowd cheered. “ I would like to introduce the new couple Mr and Mrs Weasley.” It was real. It was amazing.

“ I would like to welcome George and Y/N Weasley. Still think George punching over his weight with her mate!” Fred yelled to the hall of now laughing friends and family. Y/N and George entered hand in hand to enjoy the family, friends, and food. Y/N wondered around looking for her father, it was almost time for the father daughter dance. She had planned it for a while. She knew her father hated being the centre of attention. She finally found him on the outskirts of the tent. “ There you are Daddy! It’s almost time for our dance.” Remus smiled slightly. Y/N sat beside her father. She gave the signature Remus hand on the chin. “ What’s the matter love?” Just like he used to say when she was a little girl. The pair laughed. “ You’re not allowed to grow up anymore.” Remus stated rather gloomy. “ I’ll always be your little girl no matter what. Let’s dance.” The father and daughter pair made their way to the dance floor. She had found out from Sirius that her parents song was Fly me to the moon by Frank Sinatra to make Remus hate the moon less. When the song began to play Remus was shocked. He hadn’t heard it since his wife died. “ Sirius told me this was you and mom’s song. It can be our song now.” Remus wiped away tears enjoying the moment with his little girl who was all grown up.

The end of the night went by like a flash. Y/N and George were back in their Diagon Alley apartment. Ready to open the shop in the morning. The honeymoon would have to wait for a happier time. For now it was back to normal life. George handed Y/N a small box. “ What’s this?” Y/N looked confused at the box. “ Open it and you’ll find out.” Y/N opened the box to find a new name tag for work inscribed were “ Y/N Weasley, Wife of George. Wondering eyes kindly bugger off”Y/N laughed. “ It’s perfect George.” George cuddled up into the fresh sheet bed. “ Today was the best day of my life. Good night Mrs Weasley.” Y/N smiled. “Good night Mr Weasley.” The two fell asleep with the day fresh in their mind looking forward to what was ahead.