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First: Why wouldn't you be allowed? your so cool. Second: DANMM ANIAS SON BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE SEXY. third: Weren't you gonna post pictures of your day with the 'tiny error' Tiaisabutt? You don't have two just curious. Love u xoxo

1. *shrugs*

2. He gets his looks from his father XD


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Post 10 facts about yourself + pass it onto 10 favs ✨

woah. ten facts. do I even know my self that well? *suddenly has an existential crisis* hmmmm… (also I’m one of you faves?!?!? that’s so cool! I’m so honored!)

1. I am seventeen years old. I am a smol bean.

2. My birthday is March 21st. I love having a spring birthday and love that it’s the first day of spring.

3. I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety when I was 11 years old and with OCD and Dermotillomania last year, and despite having OCD I am literally the most unorganized person I know. I am a walking mess, but I try to be an activists for my disorders and other mental illnesses as much as possible.

4. I’m an empath and feel the emotions of others as if they were my own and have crazy weird intuition. This also goes along with being super sensitive and an HSP, and I cry all the time. My emotions are super intense, and I never feel anything lightly. (I totally have a head canon that my son- sorry Mike Wheeler is one too)

5. I love fruit and could probably live off it the rest of my life.

6. I can drink caffeinated sodas, but when I drink caffeinated coffee I end up having enough energy to probably open other dimensions

7. Along with writing fic, I write poetry and songs. Words have always been my forte and my easiest outlet ever since I can remember. 

8. I play the viola ( i know what a nerd) but I also play guitar and ukelele. 

9. Bisexuals in the house where you at?! I am bi, single and too depressed to mingle ;)


okay so that was a fun spill of information you guys probably didn’t want to know, but oh well. that’s me in ten facts!!!!!!

so, I’m supposed to pass this on, but when I go to asks boxes I populate as my main blog, so I’m going to tag the faves below and even if you’re not tagged, you can still do this! 

post ten facts yourself and then pass it on to ten faves.

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okay so this is more than ten faves, sue me.

thanks for the ask!!! xoxoxo!

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How are you? Did you sleep well? :) Thank you for all your hcs :) They are funny and I can imagine the characters doing them :) I have a request and it's fine if you don't post it today. I want to know how RFA will celebrate MC's & Jumin's birthday (my birthday is on the same day as Jumin's :D) or maybe just MC's birthday so that everyone can relate to it and after the party how will their s/o celebrate it with MC :D No NSFW please :) THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

also that’s so cool you and daddy Jumin share the same bday!!!

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Eek hi. I have a question. Are we allowed to PM you on here, or do u only allow mutuals. Or are you just too cool and talented and famous for a lowly scrub like me to talk to you? I suspect the latter. In any case, I love your blog, and plz have a great day! 😊😘

Hello, listen, I like when people approach me but I’m not gonna lie I sometimes am hard to talk to because I tend to get uncomfortable at the start when I meet new people until I warm up to you.

And also I don’t like the whole “omg you are so cool why would you talk to me” kinda thing, if you wanna talk to me, talk to me, maybe we will get to be friends or at least talk a bit! But don’t put me up and yourself down mate, I’m just a meme dispenser

Thanks for enjoying what I do tho! Sorry if I sound rude btw

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HONESTLY... MAN I've always been impressed by how you handle things, I couldn't do it. You're doing the Good Work Chisky don't let anons get you down ok

thank you!! honestly i would love to be able to handle every ask and discourse with the utmost care and sensitivity but sometimes i’m just, tired, and worn down, but one of the Chisky Rules is that i will only ever be a jerk jerk to ppl who are jerks to me or refuse to change. i want to help educate ppl but there’s a certain point where all i can do is point out that someone is wrong and pray that they actually put the effort into educating themselves

thanks again, you’re so cool B’)


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