you sneaky boy


Marion, a librarian in her thirties, encounters Alex, a man who suffers from amnesia. He wants to find out more about his past but doesn’t know where to start. When Marion asks him what’s the first thing that comes to his mind, Alex replies with a simple “Mégas Aléxandros”.

Imagine...Dean Surprising You

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Request: I have a request! A Dean x Reader, where the reader thinks she is alone in the bunker and is dancing to Freaks by Timmy Trumpet (I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days lol), you decide how it goes?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut

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ice cream parlor - evak au drabble

au where even works a summer job at an ice cream parlor and isak really likes ice cream and they play a game where even tries to guess isak’s favorite flavor and gives it to him for free if he’s wrong. (shoutout to megan ( @valtermeme ) for this au since it is hers she just wanted me to write it lmao)

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 It is roasting. And Isak means roasting. He’s sitting in his shared apartment with Eskild sitting right next to him, their little fan blowing hot air into their faces. Every now and then, they both groan for the heat and Isak gets an idea.

“I’m going out to get some ice cream at that new parlor down the street, you coming?” He says to Eskild, pulling on a muscle tee and slipping on his vans.

Eskild looks at Isak like he’s crazy, “Um, no? It’s boiling and my ice cream will melt in thirty seconds. Enjoy yourself, though.”

Isak rolls his eyes, heading out the door, “Whatever, don’t come whining to me that you wanted ice cream when I get back.” And with that, he slams the door and when he gets down the stairs, he walks outside and takes a deep breath of the humid air around him and starts towards the shop.


As soon as he walks in, he almost collapses from the cool air. He lets out a sigh, taking in as much fresh, cool air as he can. He takes his time looking through the ice cream options and when he walks up to order, he stops in his tracks because holy shit he has never seen a cuter boy in his life. He stares in awe as the boy turns his attention to him and the slightest of smirks appears on his face as the older boy notices him staring at him.

“Well, hello. What can I get for you?” The boy starts, raising an eyebrow at Isak.

“I, uh-” Isak coughs. “Sorry, um, can I have a vanilla and strawberry swirl?”

“Sure, any toppings?”

“N-no thanks,” Isak answers, his palms sweating despite the cool air of the parlor.

“Is this your favorite kind of ice cream?” The older boy asks, scooping the ice cream into the serving cup.

“Um, no, actually,” Isak chuckles a little.

“Shame,” the boy says, handing him the ice cream.

“Are you gonna charge me for this?” Isak ponders, raising an eyebrow as he takes the ice cream.

“Nah, I guess that it was your favorite but I was wrong, so I’ll let you have it for free. My treat,” the boy grins.

“Oh, well, thanks I guess,” Isak says, shrugging, as he turns away from the boy to sit in an empty booth.

When Isak finishes the ice cream and goes to throw away the container, the older boy is still at the cash register, “So, did you enjoy it?”

Isak jumps a little as the boy speaks and he can feel heat rush up to his cheeks, “Yeah, it was… good, I guess,” Isak responds.

“My names Even, by the way. I’ve been talking to you and you don’t even know my name,” Even chuckles.

“I’m, uh- Isak.”

“Well, I’m glad you liked the ice cream. Be sure to come back again, yeah?”

“Yeah.. I will, sure,” and Isak means it.

The next day, the heat is as excruciating than yesterday and Isak feels like he can barely breath, but just as he said to the boy Even, he will be coming back to the ice cream parlor and today is just the same. He almost rushes to the parlor just to see the beautiful boy again, but slows his steps as he approaches and opens the door. And just as he hoped, there’s Even, standing behind the counter, his hair slicked back but slightly puffy. He smiles slightly as he walks up to him and so does Even, looking at him with curious eyes.

“So, what will it be today?” Even asks.

“Hmm.. I think maybe chocolate fudge swirl with chocolate chip toppings,” Isak grins as Even starts scooping the ice cream, watching him.

“Is that what your favorite flavor is?” Even asks, sprinkling the chocolate chips on the ice cream.

Isak laughs, shaking his head, “Sorry, no.”

“Damn, well. I guess another free ice cream is in order,” Even grins as Isak takes the bowl from him and sits back into his regular booth from yesterday.

While Isak is eating his ice cream and looking out his window, he jumps again as Even slides into the seat in front of him, “What- what are you doing?” Isak starts, setting his spoon down in the ice cream.

“I’m on break so I thought I would come talk to you,” Even says casually, and he smiles a little as Isak shifts in his seat.

“Talk? To me? Why?” Isak asks, scooping up some ice cream on his spoon.

“Oh, I dunno. You seem pretty chill. Kind of cute, too, I guess.”

Isak almost chokes, quickly swallowing his ice cream, “E-excuse me?” Isak stutters, the heat blossoming in his cheeks.

Even shrugs, leaning back in the booth, “You’re cute, Isak. What’s wrong with that?”

Isak shakes his head, “Oh, uh- n-nothing,” placing the spoon back into the bowl as he finishes, Even sighs, smiling at the younger and very cute boy across from him.

“Well, my break is over, so I gotta get back up there. Here, I’ll take your bowl,” Even offers, getting up and taking the container off the table and he smiles as Isak gets up from the booth, standing next to him.

“Well, it was nice.. talking to you. And again, thanks for the free ice cream,” Isak smiles a little, rubbing his neck with his hand.

“It’s no problem. Same time tomorrow?” Even asks, his eagerness almost showing in his voice.


“Oh! Before you go,” Even says, taking a napkin from his waist-apron pocket along with a pen. “Here, it’s my number. Feel free to text or call me whenever.” And with that, Even winks at him and Isak blushes as he walks back onto the heat.

A few weeks pass and Isak and Even keep in their same routine of Isak ordering ice cream every day and Even guessing wrong about his favorite flavor, but overall they’ve been coming closer. And Isak likes it. A lot.

On the second week, Isak is in trouble. He has no more ice cream flavors to choose from and he knows it. It’s Sunday, and Even is off the whole day so he decides to text him.

Isak: What are you doing, you free?

Even: Yeah, just sitting here roasting in my room. You?

Isak: Same. Just chilling at home. You keen on coming over?

Even: Sure I’ll be there in ten.

Isak smiles down at his phone and lets out a content sigh, quickly arranging his room and the whole house. He doesn’t mind seeing Even every day, and that’s basically the routine they have fallen into, ice cream or no ice cream.

The then minutes pass and sure enough, Even is knocking on Isak’s door. Isak almost skips to the door and opens it, smiling at Even. and Even smiles back.

“I brought ice cream!” Even exclaims, walking into the apartment and Isak laughs.

“What kind did you get for me?” Isak asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Orange sherbet,” Even says, holding out Isak’s ice cream to him.

“How did you knock with the ice cream in your hands?”

“My foot, duh,” Isak laughs, shaking his head as he and Even sit on the couch, particularly close, as they watch whatever is on TV. “So, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? You can’t order any other kind from the shop, you ordered them all.”

“Sorry to break it to you, but,” Isak smiles, looking at Even. “You guessed right on the first day.” Isak laughs as Even’s eyes widen.

“Are you kidding me? Why’d you string me along like that all that time?” Even chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well, I really liked the ice cream, and just so I could keep seeing you.” Isak says, almost too quiet for Even to hear.

“You… are one sneaky boy, Isak Valtersen. Taking desperate to a whole new level. I knew you had a thing for me.”

Isak shoves him a little with his shoulder, “You did not!”

“Ah, but I did. Thinking you’re so slick,” Even jokes, taking another bite of his ice cream. Isak grumbles, blushing as he quietly eats his ice cream. Of course his plan would foil in on him. Even smiles, setting his ice cream down onto the coffee table. “Hey, Isak?”

“What?” Isak mumbles.

“Look at me, you dork.”

Isak looks at him, raising an eyebrow, “What do you want?”

Without speaking, Even leans in, kissing Isak on his soft and tender lips, the sweet ice cream lingering as Isak kisses him back, almost spilling his half-melted ice cream. Even pulls away, smiling, as Isak still has his eyes closed, “Sorry, you had some ice cream on your mouth.”

Isak smiles, shaking his head, “No I didn’t.”

“Mmm, but you did,” Even laughs, brushing his thumb over Isak’s lips.

“Thinking you’re so slick, you just wanted to kiss me for the hell of it.”

“I kissed you because I love you,” Even says, smiling.

“I knew you had a thing for me,” Isak says, mocking Even’s tone from earlier.

“Fucking right I did.”

s y n d r o m e s - pt.7

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 2,415

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : part 6 doesn’t seem to be very popular or good because it doesn’t get so many notes like the other parts before. But nevertheless, I won’t let myself down because of that. Chapter 7 is the shortest by now, but I thought I might owe you this quick update because of the last cliffhanger. 

previous : part VI | next : part VIII


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Bts Bon Voyage Ep. 2 Thing

Just a few things I’d like to point out or mention about the second episode of Bon Voyage in no particular order

(this is my first time doing this type of thing)

-Jikook sharing a bowl of cereal

-Tae eating a sandwich

(i just like watching them eat food) #dontjudgemykink

-Hobi losing the cable car tickets…

…but then finding them

(cr. bwibelle)

-Yoongi nowhere to be seen (legit, he was just…gone)

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Exo Reactions To You Calling Them Daddy While Talking To Their Child & They Get Turned On

Done~ xo

Uh… I wasn’t sure about if this was kind of smutty or not so here’s a warning anyway. Some jokes were made. I’m not proud of myself. 

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *he’s coloring with your son*

You: “Daddy is really bad at staying in the lines, huh?”

Baekhyun: *trying to contain himself but he’s struggling*

Chanyeol: *he’s sitting in the living room playing with your son*

You: *kneels down & pokes the baby’s nose* “Do you want daddy to take you to the park?”

Chanyeol: *literally having a fit to himself & trying not to think about the fact that he’d rather take you somewhere instead*

Chen: *he’s in the kitchen making a snack for your daughter*

You: *nibbles on a carrot & smiles at your daughter* “It’s getting late, daddy is going to put you in bed after you eat, okay?”

Chen: *blatantly winks & raises an eyebrow* “She’s not the only one going to bed.”

D.O.: *sitting at the dinner table with your son on his lap* 

You: *laughs, watching him feed the little one* “Do you like when daddy feeds you?”

D.O.: *slowly slides your son off his lap, for reasons*

Kai: *you’re both playing out in the pool with your daughter*

You: *after he splashes you playfully* “Daddy got me wet!”

Kai: *gif* “Just wait until later.”

Kris: *he’s reading a book to your daughter before bed*

You: “You two are still up? I think it’s time for daddy to tuck his little princess in for the night.”

Kris: *subtly smiles & gives you a sneaky look*

Lay: *sitting on the couch watching a movie with your son* 

You: “I’m going to the store, daddy is in charge, okay?” *ruffles Lay’s hair while smiling at your son*

Lay: *thinking of being in charge of you later*

Luhan: *he’s giving your son a bath*

You: “Daddy does a good job washing you, I might let him do it more often.” *laughs*

Luhan: “I’ll wash you later too.” *gif*

Sehun: *the two of you are up late talking when your daughter comes in*

You: “What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream? Do you want daddy to lay with you until you fall asleep?

Sehun: *trying to maintain his composure, failing*

Suho: *he’s finger painting with your son*

You: “Look at the two of you! You’re filthy. I can’t believe you talked daddy into this, you little sneaky boy.”

Suho: *has to force himself not to think about how he wishes he could rub the paint all over your body*

Tao: *he just got home from taking your daughter shopping*

You: “Did you buy the whole mall?” *kneels down & picks your daughter up* “Daddy spoils you so much.”

Tao: *standing there still, having thoughts*

Xiumin: *the two of you are eating ice cream with your son*

You: *wipes your sons face* “I don’t know how you manage to get it all over yourself. Daddy will have to clean up this sticky mess.”

Xiumin: *gives you a look that says you’ll be cleaning something sticky up later too* 

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can you do a head cannon were dan likes being choked so Phil makes him choke on his cock but he plugs his nose so he can't breathe as well and Dan just gets blissed ~🐶 (also do this to me)

Pup, you sneaky boy (this is shit I’m sorry)

🌸 Dan’s going down on Phil, swallowing around his cock like his life depends on it, when he suddenly takes Phil’s entire length in one go.

🌸 Phil let out a shocked gasp, looking down at Dan’s teary eyes. Phil remembered something Dan said a couple weeks ago, and cautiously clamps Dan’s nose shut, too.

🌸 Dan let out the most pornographic moan in his life, the thrill of not being able to breathe surging pleasure through his veins. He stayed there, choking, until his eyes rolled back and his lungs were screaming.

🌸 They did this a couple times, until Phil was seriously worrying for Dan’s health. Once he had cum down Dan’s throat, he pulled Dan into his lap, stroking his hair and whispering sweet nothings.

Long Luke Hemmings Imagine


As soon as the plateau descends, me and the other boys take a bow and shout how much we love the fans. Making our way backstage I see Ashton wipe his forehead with a small towel. I look at him and say:

Luke: “What’s the matter?” *smirks*
Ashton: “Damn it’s so hot out there.”
Calum: “It’s not as worst as it back home.”
Ashton: “Yeh but still I’m sweating so much it’s disgusting.”
Luke: “That is pretty disgusting you smell pretty bad too.”
Michael: “Nah mate I think that’s just you.” *chuckles*
Luke: *smirks* “I’m pretty sure we all stink.”
Calum: “I don’t care how I smell, to be honest I’m starving.”
Ashton: “Definitely. We should go out and eat something. We may even run to some hot chicks.”*winks*
Calum: *shrugs* “You never know.”
Luke: “Food to me right now sounds better then girls.”
Michael: “Amen to that.”
Ashton: “Then let us depart.”


Walking out of the venue is so dreadful. Girls are staring at me as if I had something on face and others who dressed up like sluts keep giving me dirty looks. I just want to punch them in the face right now. I’m a bit over dressed because my friend told me we were going clubbing but then surprised me with the concert tickets. She definitely took me by surprise.

You: “Hey [your best friend’s name] my feet are killing me and I’m thirsty as hell.”
Best Friend: “No one told you to wear those shoes.”
You: *gasps* “Um excuse me but who’s the one who told me we were going clubbing?” *look at her with deadly look* “Oh that’s right, you.”
Best Friend: “Well I couldn’t think of anything else and besides you look good.” *winks* 
You: *laughs* “Beauty always comes with a price.”
Best Friend: “True but hey it’s always worth it.”
You: “Eh depends on the situation. Anyway do you know anywhere we can eat that’s open at eleven pm?”
Best Friend: “Well there’s this small pizza parlour not far from here that’s open 24/7 we can there. Plus it’s not that expensive.”
You: “Yes let’s go before I eat you.”
Best Friend: “Woah ok calm down there it’s just three blocks away.”
You: *sighs*


Walking down the streets of this beautiful city, the boys and I find a pizza parlour not to far from the venue. All I see is Ashton and Calum rush towards the doors. Michael’s stomach and mine start to growl when we smell the delicious aroma of baked doe and melted cheese. The place is small, about a four by four. I look at the four seats on the right corner and go sit down. Ashton goes ahead to order two large pepperoni pizzas. Calum waits for him at the counter as Mickey sits beside me.

Michael: *looks at me* “Crowd was insane today.”
Luke: “Yeah it’s crazy that this happened to us and in such little time.”
Michael: “Remember that video when we asked the fans to make us famous? I said, ‘make us famous’.”
Luke: *nods* “And I said ‘yeah that’d be cool’.”
Michael: “That feels like such a long time ago. It was the time when Ash was taller then all of us.”
Luke: “Yeah I don’t even think he was even in the band,” *chuckles* “but it seems now he’s the shortest.”
Ashton: *walking our way and retorts* “I heard that and for the record I’m above average of men heights. Here’s your pizza gentlemen.”
Calum: *walking behind him* “I got the coke. I’ll be back I’m gonna ask for plates and napkins.”
Ashton: “Don’t take too long we’re starving.”

Once Calum comes back, we basically feast. We place the pizzas on the side left side of the table and serve ourselves Coke. I didn’t know how hungry I was until I have one slice and then another, then another. We’re finishing our first pizza as we hear the door open. We all look up and then these two girls walk in.

Ashton: *whistles lightly so that only we can hear* “They’re cute.”

He can’t be more right. The first girl who walks in is wearing one of our merchandise t-shirts with our faces on it and short shorts and white and red converse shoes. The other girl though, is so out of my league that it hurts. She makes me forget that I’m hungry.

Her lips are the colour of a red rose and her eyes are accentuated with the black liquid eyeliner. Her skin is radiating with such a glow. She’s wearing these caramel brown high heel pump wedges that make her legs look so lean but toned at the same time. She has a peach coloured skirt that goes above the waist with a bit of skin showing off between her boustier and skirt. Her boustier has some kind of floral design to match the skirt. Then she has a caramel jacket to match the heels. She doesn’t look too fake, but there’s something so exotic about her that it has me staring at her. I have never seen any girl like that in my life before. She looks our way and starts blushing insanely which is extremely adorable.


I walk inside and all I see are these four boys stuffing their faces with pizza. Going to the counter with my best friend, I turn around to notice it’s actually 5SOS. I blush as I notice them looking at us and get extremely nervous.

You: “Look,” *shows her hands* “I’m shaking I probably look like a mess.”
Bestie: “You look like a mess?” *look at you and whispers venomously* YOU LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TUMBLR MODEL WHILE I’M HERE LOOKING LIKE A HOMELESS PERSON WHO LOVES 5SOS!”
You: *laughs* “I just realized the subway (or metro) doesn’t run after midnight. We need to get our food and leave right away.”
Bestie: *jaw drops to floor* “Who cares about the god damn subway our idols are here right in front of our faces. WE NEED TO MEET THEM.”
You: “Think about it. They’re probably tired and don’t want to hear other screaming fangirls. They’re humans too you know.”
Bestie: *sighs* “Damn it why do you have to be so wise?”
You: *chuckles* “Let’s get our pizza and wave bye to them.”

That’s when I hear one of the boys get out of their seat and make there way towards us. Ashton looks at the man at the counter and smiles with those damn cute dimples.

Ashton: “No need to get them anything they’ll eat with us.”


Mickey with his eyes wide open looks at me and Calum.

Michael: “The little fucker did it. Great I’m going to be a total idiot and goof ball in front of them.”
Calum: *chuckles* “Just chill bro they’re just girls.”
Luke: “Yeah how nervous can you actually be?”

I say that but as soon as Ashton gets up I can feel my mouth getting dry. I can’t stop fidgeting with my leg and my heart starts racing. As they walk towards our table, I try to calm myself as much as I can.


Ashton: *look down shyly* “That’s if you girls want? I don’t mean to intrude on anything or if you want me to leave you alone I…”
You: “I don’t see why not.” *smiles*
Ashton: *smiles* “Perfect by the way I like your shirt.” *points at bestie’s shirt*
Bestie: *squeals* “The concert was amazing I love you guys so much.”
Ashton: “You guys make it worth it.”
Bestie: “Hope this isn’t to forward but can I take a picture with you?”
Ashton: *chuckles* “I’d love to.”

Calum is the next one to come up to us.
Calum: “Hey if you didn’t know names Calum, this guy,” *puts hand on Ashton’s shoulder* “this is my man Ashton.”
You: *giggles* “Pleasure to meet you. I’m [your name] and this is my best friend [bff’s name].”
Calum: “You know you can kill yourselves in those heels.” *states down at your feet*
You: “I think I can manage it. After all it’s not my first time wearing them.” *grins*
Calum: “Did you also go to the concert?”
You: “Yeah I actually love you guys so much. It was a surprise, she told me we were supposedly going clubbing so I got dressed up.”
Calum: “I think she did you a favour. You look great.”
You : *blushes* “Thanks. Do you mind if I took a picture with you?”
Calum: “Sure no problem.”

I take out my phone and get ready to take a selfie with Calum and that’s when I feel someone else beside me. Both Ashton and Calum kiss my cheeks at the same time as I take the picture.

You: “Sneaky boys.” *smirks*
Ashton: “We try we try. Please come sit with us. We’ve still got some pizza.”
You: “Ok.”

I look towards the table and I can feel myself shaking and getting nervous. Approaching Luke makes it even harder to breathe. I think I’m having a heart attack.

Michael: *awkwardly shifts in chair* “Hey there.” *smiles nervously*
Michael: *smiles* “Sure and don’t be a stranger pull up a chair.”
Bestie: *shrieks* 
Ashton: “Please [your name] pull up a chair as well. Don’t be shy.”
You: “Oh right.” *pull up chair and now are next to Ashton*
Calum: “Don’t be so quiet Luke say something.”
Luke: *stutters* “Oh yeah umm hi the name is Luke.”
You: *blushes* “Hi Luke, I’m [your name] and that’s my friend [bestie’s name].”
Luke: “Pretty neat names.” *grins*
Bestie: “Why thank you Luke.” *smiles proudly*
You: “Can someone pass me a plate with pizza?”
Luke: “Um yeah no problem would you like a beverage with that?”
You: *giggles* “Yes please.”
Ashton: “Ok let’s finish this pizza because I’m still hungry.”
You: “Hey Michael can I have a picture with you? I already have one with both Calum and Ashton.”
Michael: “Um yeah sure.” *grins*
Ashton: *faces Mickey* “You and Luke should take the same picture as we did with her. You know to keep it consistently.”
Luke: “What did you guys do?”
Calum: “We both kissed her on the cheek.”
Luke: “Oh.”
You: *notices how uncomfortable Luke is* “You don’t have to we can just-“
Luke: “Nah it sounds good.”
You: *smiles* “Ok.”

I get up to go on the other side of the table. I’m getting my phone ready as I feel Michael and Luke get closer to me. I can literally feel myself shaking because I don’t want to screw this up.


As I approach her, I can smell her sweet scent of cucumber/vanilla fragrance. She smells so good can she not get anymore attractive?

You: “Are you ready boys? On three, 1, 2 and… 3!”

I lean in for her cheek and lightly kiss her.


I take the picture and try acting totally cool. Inside though I’m about to scream and cry tears of joy. I have now officially have a picture with the boys… my boys. Then it completely slips my mind that the subway stops at midnight so I look at the time on my phone a screech.

You: “[bff’s name] it’s like 11:40 we need to leave soon or we’ll never make it for the bus.”
Bestie: *eyes widen* “Oh shit I forgot.”
Luke: *looks at us* “What’s the matter?”
You: “We need to leave before we miss the last bus home.”
Michael: “You’re going to leave so soon? We haven’t even ordered dessert yet.” *winks* 
Ashton: “Hey it’s fine you can crash in our bus if you’d like.”
Bestie: “But don’t you have a concert tomorrow?”
Michael: “We actually have tomorrow off.”
Luke: “Totally forgot about that.”
Ashton: “So will you stay?” *fakes puppy eyes* 
Bestie: *doesn’t hesitate* “Of course we would!”
You: “Um…”
Luke: *stares at you* “It’d be pretty amazing if you can stay.”
You: *gulps* “I don’t see why not just going to let my parents know that I’m sleeping over her house.”
Bestie: “Perfect. Anyone down to get some fresh air?”
Ashton: “Yeah let’s go on a midnight walk.”
Calum: “Sounds like fun.”

Leaving the pizza parlour, I feel the fresh hair hit my face. The breeze feels so nice. The boys and my best friend are already ahead of me and Luke. Luke and I start walking side by side.

Bestie: *shouts* I know the perfect place we can go.”
Ashton: “Lead the way captain.”
Luke: *looks at me* “If we don’t catch up we’ll lose them.”
You: “I’ve been there I know where it and besides,” *grins* “I’m in no rush.” *blushes slightly*
Luke: *smirks* “So do you usually dress like that?”
You: “Like how?”
Luke: “Like that.” *checks you out head to toe*
You: “Nah this is my Ariana Grande inspired look.”
Luke: “Why her put of everyone?”
You: “I love her style. The skater skirts and boustiers are so pretty and I love to match. She’s such a beautiful girl.”
Luke: “She is pretty gorgeous. Not really my type though.”
You: *chuckles* “Why’s that?”
Luke: “Don’t know, she just seem so—-” 
You: “Unreal?”
Luke: *grins* “More like too perfect. I like girls with some faults that—-” 
You: “Looks like a hipster punk rock?”
Luke: “No, what makes you say that?”
You: “I ship you with a girl like that. You know, the fedora with a band shirt and those light blue American Apparel high waste shorts and the black patterned nylons. Oh can’t forget the red lips and the Doc Martins.” *winks*
Luke: *shyly looks at you* “Just kinda want my girl to be down to earth. I don’t care too much—- I mean so much on her looks. Like sure it’d be cool if she dressed like me but as you said ‘girly’ style is nice.”
You: “That’s actually really sweet.”
Luke: *shrugs* 
You: *abruptly says* “Can I hug you?”
Luke: “Wait what?”
You: *awkwardly adds* “Um I’m sorry I didn’t know where that came from I just…”
Luke: *smiles and opens his arms* “Come here I don’t bite.”

I walk towards him and wrap my arms around his body and feel his heart beat against my chest. I feel his arms slip around my waist which makes me shiver. His warmth radiates from his chest and his scent of sweat mixed with cologne fills my nostrils. I feel him squeezing me a bit tighter. I hesitate at first to bury my head into his neck wondering if it’s too much but he seems ok. After that moment I slowly let him go.


I squeeze her a bit as a sign to not let go. I can feel her hesitate to bury her head in my neck. I don’t mind. Actually I want her to… badly. She leans in and I can feel her breath on my neck. That really makes me go crazy. My heart’s pounding against her chest and I can feel my pulse go faster then usual. Before I know it, she’s letting me go.

You: *puts hair behind ear* “We should go before we actually lose them.”
Luke: “We’re walking aren’t we?” *smiles*
You: “Yeah and we aren’t that far.” *smiles*
Luke: “You liked the concert?”
You: “Damn I loved it. Especially your vocals in ‘Heartache on the Big Screen’ that’s my favourite part.”
Luke: *chuckles* “Really?”
You: “Yeah like when you start singing…” *sings chorus of song and starts dancing*
Luke: *laughs* “Don’t think I sound like that.”
You: *retorts* “Sorry I’m not you.”
Luke: *chuckles* “To be honest I don’t think we need another me in the world.”
You: *laughs* “Well there’s apparently 7 people who look like us in the world.”
Luke: “Well then we’re pretty much fucked.”
You: *laughs* “They might look like you, but there’s only one Luke Hemmings.”
Luke: “My grandfather’s name was Luke Hemmings.”
You: “You know what I mean.”
Luke: “Yeah I get. Only one of me, unique weird ass me.”
You: “You’re amazing just the way you are. Yes I just quoted Bruno Mars.” 
Luke: *smirks* “I can say the same.”
You: *blushes* “Well yeah who else do you know bursts into song at midnight who’s completely sober? I mean that’s pretty weird.”
Luke: *chuckles* “No one.”
You: *winks* “Oh look we’re here.”


The pier looks the same as usual. It’s a steady wooden platform that leads to the docks. There’s border like fences on the borderline of the dock. I notice Ashton and Calum attempting to do the Titanic scene on the fence when Jack and Rose are in front of the boat.

Ashton: *dying of laughter already* “AM I FLYING JACK?”
Calum: *laughs even more* “YES ROSE YOU’RE FLYING.”

I start dying of laughter hysterically. I’m losing my breath. Luke starts laughing with me. I notice towards the extension of the dock, I see my best friend with Mickey on the edge with their feet in the water talking. I walk towards the fence where I hold it.

You: “Isn’t the water beautiful? Some times I can just stare and see all the wonders of the world in the ripples of the waves.”
Luke: *raises eyebrow* “Really because all I see is my reflection in the water.”
You: “You have to open your eyes like look at the full moon. The rays of it’s light is hitting the water making it shine like small pieces of diamonds. It’s like imagining a whole different world under. Here come closer, c’mon.”
Luke: *walks and stands beside you* “Do you see everything this way?”
You: “I try. And you feel that?” *breeze hits your face and you open your arms* “You can smell the fresh air. You have to try it. Here,” *grabs his arms and helps him lift them up*
Luke: *chuckles* “Ok now what?” *looks at you*
You: “Now close your eyes and imagine yourself anywhere. It’s such a exhilarating experience.”

He closes his eyes and slowly a small smile appears on his face.
Luke: *nods* “This is actually nice.”
You: “You should try it with a girl one day. It’ll be cute, cheesy yes but nonetheless cute.” *winks* 
Luke: “Ok I feel like I’m part of the Titanic.” *smirks*
You: “I didn’t picture you so much as Rose but it’ll do.” *winks*
Luke: *turns to you* “Oh c’mon I’d make the perfect Rose.”
You: *looks at him* “You wish.” 
Luke: “Like you can be any better.”
You: “Oh I can.” *moves to fence and opens up arms again* “See I already look more like her then you ever will.” *mimics Ashton from before* “Oh Jack, am I flying yet?”
Luke: *stares at you* “You know what? I think I’m starting to get the beauty of the bay.”
You: *raises eyebrow* “Oh really?”
Luke: “Yeh just look over there you see?”
You: “What I don’t see anything?”
Luke: *leans in and points towards the bay* “There’s a boat coming in. It kind of reminds me of some kind of fairy tale. You know, lost boat at sea, sailors hook up with a couple of mermaids.”
You: *laughs* “That’s not what I meant but good try.”
Luke: *puts hands in his pockets* “If this was a fairy tale I’d be that guy eating all the food.”
You: *leans back against fence* “Well they’re the most important character.” *winks*
Luke: “Yeah if only he got the girl at the end it’d be the perfect combination.”
You: “He can if he didn’t eat so much food.” *grins*
Luke: *takes out hands out of pockets and stands in front of you* “But if he didn’t eat, he wouldn’t be in shape for his girl.” 
You: “It’s what in the inside the counts.” *smiles*
Luke: “You know you’re right as cheesy as that sounds.”

He looks down at you and smiles awkwardly before slowly leaning in. His soft lips touch mine sending shivers all around my body. I can feel his lip piercing against my own lips. He slips his arms around my waist pulling me closer towards him. I feel his lips pressing harder against mine as he tilts his head. I’m getting a bit dizzy from so much intensity. I feel his hands tracing the curves up to my breast from my waist. He touches the skin that is exposed which causes me to tremble under his touch from pleasure. He tilts his head and kisses me deeper. This time he raises his right hand to my left cheek and cups it using his palm. He caresses my cheek as he slowly stops kissing me. He leans in for one last kiss as he places a feather light kiss on my lips. He leans back and just smiles at as he let’s go of my cheek. I’m literally breathless like damn.

Luke: “Pretty cheesy also to kiss the girl on the same night you meet her.”
You: *smiles* “This girl doesn’t mind. I love cheesy.”

He grins and leans in until we hear.

Ashton: *whistles* “WOOHOO LUKE GET IT IN MATE.”
Bestie: “Wtf did I miss?”
Luke: *grabs my hand and mimics you* “The beauty of the bay.”
You: *laughs*

high luke

warnings: drugs, marijuana, parties, alcohol, etc

I was so not in the mood to go to Luke’s birthday party. Although he was my best friend, I’d had a horrible week, was tired, and just wanted to go home. I flipped open my phone, dealing his number, and he picked up almost immediately. 

   "Hey Luke,“ I started, but was cut off instantly. 

   ”(Y/N), get your ass over here before I’m too drunk to acknowledge your presence,“ he said, already tipsy. 

I sighed audibly. "Luke,” I whined, “I’m tired,” I complained, but Luke laughed in return.

   "It’s only 10, now get over here, I miss you, you don’t want to be the worst best friend in the world, do you?“ Luke protested, his voice drowning with excessive hurt, and I could practically see him making those stupid puppy eyes.

I gave in grudgingly. "Ugh, fine, I’ll be there in 20.”

   "Yay!!! See you soon!“

I hung up dismally, sighing as I squeezed into jeans and a black teeshirt, quickly putting on some lipstick and eyeliner, still annoyed as I walked over to Calum’s house, where the party was being hosted. 

Calum’s place was surprisingly not as crowded as I’d anticipated, with only fifty or so people dancing outside. This, however, did not take away from the loud music and giddy party atmosphere that presented itself through the drunk dancing and array of alcoholic beverages. I scanned Calum’s backyard until I finally spotted my favourite boys huddled together with a couple of eager, very attractive girls. 

Michael spotted me first, breaking the circle and wrapping me in a friendly, slightly drunk hug. 

   "You came!” he exclaimed, his breath smelling slightly of vodka. 

Soon, I was sandwiched between all four boys, and I squeezed myself out, giggling. 

   "You guys are so annoying!“ I teased, and Luke pretended to take offense. 

Grabbing my hand, he pulled me away from everyone, leading me into the house. 

   "Where are we going?” I half laughed, half complained. 

Luke’s grip was tight on my hand as he brought me to the kitchen, pouring a shot for each of us.

   "To get drunk. Cheers to me being another year older!“ he grinned.

   "And another year more annoying,” I laughed, and we clinked out glasses together, downing the liquid as it burned my throat pleasantly. 

Luke and I continued to socialize, drink, and just.. well.. part, until 2, where we found ourselves in a circle of slightly drunk, energetic band members. 

   "Ah, finally. Just the lads. And (Y/N, I guess,“ Calum slurred, and I pushed him playfully. 

I was the fifth and honorary band member, after having earned their appreciation when I had met them at a show almost two years ago. Something had clicked, and we soon became good friends. In particular, me and Luke. 

I watched as Luke shuffled through his pocket, until his hand came out holding an already rolled joint. My eyes widened considerably at the sight. Luke noticed my apprehensiveness, smirking because he knew I’d never smoked before. I’d had a couple of opportunities, but never felt the urge to try. 

  "Luke, you sneaky boy,” praised Ashton, giggling and wheezing in a tipsy rage. 

We all shared a knowing look and laughed. Ashton was the giggliest drunk I’d ever met. Luke brought a lighter to his lips, flicking the top so that the joint burned at the top. I was sitting next to him, and his arm wrapped loosely around me. 

Bringing the joint to his lips, Luke breathed in deeply, exhaling a puff of grey smoke. He looked peaceful, biting on his lip ring softly.

I was so turned on.

Luke passed the joint over to Calum, who took a couple hits, the same routine hopping with Ashton, then Michael. With a cocky smile, Michael handed me the joint, testing me to see if I’d take it or not. To my surprise, my fingers accepted the offer, and I looked at Luke for reassurance. Luke grinned, leaning into my ear. 

   "Put it to your lips, don’t be scared, we’ll take care of you,“

I giggled, a shiver running down my spine, following his poorly worded instructions. 

   "Now take a short breath, and then a longer one so that the smoke goes into your lungs,” he explained, and I sucked in. 

To my surprise, it wasn’t that hard, but I coughed slightly at the impact. 

   "Take another,“ Luke suggested, and I breathed in again. 

The joint went around the circle two more times, and we waiting for the effects lazily. 

   "Wanna play a game?” Michael suggested, his voice raspy. 

   "Sure,“ Calum and Ashton replied, and it was decided we’d go for a typical game of Truth or Dare. 

Michael went first, daring Calum to tweet something embarrassing. 

Then, Ashton had to strip and parade around the entire yard while singing My Heart Will Go On by Celine Dion. 

By the time Ashton came back, around ten minutes had passed, and I leaned eagerly into Luke. 

   "I think I’m starting to feel weird,” I whispered huskily, my mouth suddenly incredibly dry. 

Luke looked down at me, his eyes slightly glazed over. He was close, but looked far away. I reached out an arm, touching his cheek, attempting to bring him closer. 

   "You’re so tall,“ I giggled, the proceeded to cover my mouth with my hands. 

Luke looked amused by my developing high state, and he smirked. 

   "You good?” he reassured, his voice a long drawl. 

   "Mhmm. The trees are floating a bit though. Like the leaves, you know?“ 

My face felt, hot and I pushed Luke into the grass, lying slightly on top of him. Our faces were separated by a few blades of grass. 

   "The grass is so cold,” I mused, cuddling time fading into nothing/

I could have been staring at the grass for 5 minutes or 2 hours.It was so cold on my skin. MY mind was jumping everywhere, thinking on random thought after random thought, and I giggled to myself. 

   "What’s so funny,“ Luke breathed, putting an arm around my waist and bringing me even closer. 

    "That I can’t speak dog,” I laughed, then blushing at my own stupidity. 

Luke just laughed in return, his forehead coming closer to touch mine. 

   "You look so pretty like this, right now,“ he murmured, face buried in my neck, and I slowed.

It was just the two of us now, lying in the yard, a summer sky of starts reaching up above us. 

   "What?” my stomach fluttered. 


Then Luke jumped up, laughing loudly. I’d obviously gotten high before him, but I could see now that his eyes were puffy and red.

The remainder of the next hour was blurry, everything happening at once, but also, taking forever. It was a weird feeling, but I was giggly, and I liked it.

Luke was loud and laughed at everything, and I was glad I was high with him in this moment. After an hour of being stupid and doing nothing together, I collapsed into the grass again.

   "I think I like this,” I mumbled slowly and stupidly, Luke coming to lie by my side. 

The stars were starting to disappear and it was now very early morning. Pulling me into his arms, Luke hugged me close into his warm body.

   "I’m tired,“ he yawned, and I nodded.

   "Me too,” I agreed, snuggling closer into him and closing my eyes, falling asleep wrapped in his embrace. 

   "I’m so happy you came,“ Luke whispered into my neck, before following my actions and drifting into a deep slumber.

Exo Reaction : Meeting you ( Thier crush) under the mistletoe
Anonymous said:Exo gif reaction and a litlle scenario? when you (their crush) and him end up under a mistletoe?

Exo reaction: Meeting under the mistletoe


You see xiumin chatting up a storm with his friends. You stand by the fireplace drinking your tea. You can’t help but look at him he is gorgeous and so sweet. He looks at you and smirks , causing you to blush.

Xiumin walks up to you and smiles , leaning against the fireplace. 
Xiumin-“ so I notice you are under the mistletoe”.
You gasp and look up and see the mistletoe.
You-“ opps, I mean I didn’t notice”.
Xiumin grabs you hand and slowly pulls you closer.
Xiumin-“ well I guess I have to Kiss you now”. He smiles and pulls you closer to him. You smile as he leans in to kiss you. You kiss him first and hold onto him. 
Xiumin-“ I like the mistletoe. ”

You knock on luhan door , fixing you red dress. You a have had a huge crush on him since you two meet backstage. You can’t tell him because you are to nervous. He opens the door looking fantastic. 
Luhan-“ you look great.”
You-“ thank you , you too”
Luhan-“well come in”. He moves aside and lets you in. You look around and look up to see a mistletoe. You blush and look at Luhan.

Luhan-“ oh look at that how did that get there. ”
You roll your eyes and looks at his face .
Luhan-“ I think we have to kiss now.”
You-“ oh really”.
Luhan-“ yes beautiful,  we do” he pulls you into a kiss and holds onto you. 
You-“ kiss me.”
Luhan-“ with pleasure”.

You were walking to kris apartment and see him hanging something. You smile and see him struggling to tie something. He is so cute and you can’t help but smirk because of your huge crush.
You walk up to his tall figure and whisper in his ear.
You-“ what are you doing?”

Kris looks at you with a smile.
Kris-“ being the bed host ever. I am just having trouble with this, help me please. ”
You walk up to him and grab the mistletoe.  You start to laugh as he looks at yiu shocked.
Kris-“ woah i didn’t realize that it was a mistletoe. ”
You laugh as he acts shocked .
You-“kris why are you hanging a mistletoe.”
Kris-“ to kiss you. Merry Christmas. ”

You are sitting on the table as you stare at suho , who is talking to some girl. It seems like they were flirting so I tried to hide my jealously. Suho and I were not dating but I know we had some chemistry.  He starts to laugh and the girl puts her hand on his chest and leans in closer.
You get up and grab your coat.  You start to walk out while everyone is still dancing and talking.
Suho-“hey baby , where you going”.

You look at suho , as he turns his back kn the girl. He puts his hand out and you grip it. He pulls you close to him.
Suho-“ don’t you think I should kiss uou under the mistletoe”.
You look up to see the mistletoe.  You smile at him and he smiles at you.
You-“ well kiss me”.
Suho-“ will do”

You are walking around the party until you see lay , walking you way. You put your head down , trying to squeeze by him. You can’t even look at him with out blushing. You walk straight into his chest , you feel his arms around your waist , holding you up.  You hold onto him and blush as he does the same.

Lay-“Umm are you okay?”

You-“ Yes i-i’m fine… sorry”                                                                         Lay-“Don’t be, I kinda like that hug”                                               Suho-“ Hey you two are under the mistletoe , you have to kiss”              You look at a laughing suho and chen , running away. You see lay and smile , blushing. He smiles and leans down and kisses your cheek.    Lay-“Merry christmas.”                                                                       You blush as he start to pull away and you become brave and lean up to kiss him. You-“Merry christmas lay”


You are sitting on the couch , waiting for baekhyun to come over. You hear the door and jump up. Fixing your hair again , you take a breath and open the door. You see Baekhyun , with his hand behind his back. He smiles and puts the mistletoe above the both of you.

You- “What are you doing ?”

Baekhyun-“I’m trying to get you to like me ” You blush at his smirking look. He winks at you and walks inside, and hands you the mistletoe.You smile at him and kiss his cheek.

Baekhyun-Oh no you have to better than that.“ He grabs you waist and kiss you.


Baekhyun"Catch me if you can"


You walk into Chen party and see Chanyeol standing in the kitchen. You look at his adorable face as he eating. He waves you over and you walk over to him. He waves at you as he still eating. You look up and gasp , he gives a confused look until he realize that you are pointing at the mistletoe above both of you.

You-“Opps, I’m sorry”

Chanyeol-“Wait we have to kiss”

You blush as he gets up and kisses your lip ,quickly. you bite your lips and stare at him. He smiles and runs a hand down your cheek. 

Chanyeol-“This is a good christmas”


You are walking down with chen down the park. It is hard to not tell him about your long crush but you don’t wanna ruin your friend ship. He is talking about something about work and you stare at the sign above you. You smile and start to laugh 

You-“Chen , look at all those mistletoe”

Chen looks at you and smirks. 

Chen-“Like the one above us”

You-“Haha I didnt even notice”

Chen-“ I noticed that is why i bought you here”

You-“What do you mean”

Chen-“Girl do i spell it for you , kiss me”

You blush and kiss his lips. He pulls away and kisses your cheek.

Chen-“I knew you liked me , i mean who wouldn’t”


You are dancing in the party with your friends when you see Do walk inside the house. You tell your friends and walk up to him. You hug him , trying to hide the smile because you like him so much. He looks at you and gives you a look.

DO-“You have kiss me , i think”


Do-“Look up”

You look up and look at the green mistletoe above you. you shrug and kiss DO but when you pull away , he looks sad.

Do-“Wait i want to kiss you now”

You-“Aww too bad , fine another mistletoe”

DO-“Challenge accepted”


You and Tao are walking down the hall of your dorms laughing. Tao is telling you about his time in china as a child. you want to hold his hand but can’t because you arn’t in a relationship. Tao suddenly stops at your door and points to your door.

Tao-“Is that for me”

You look confused but notice a huge mistletoe on your door.


Tao-“So you don’t want me to kiss you?”

You-“ What of course i do , i mean no i don’t i mean-”

Tao kisses you , pushing you toward the door. you hold onto him as he pulls away.

Tao-“All you have to do is kiss me ”


You are walking toward the flower shop when you see kai , shopping. You smile and tap his shoulder, he turns around and smirks.

Kai-“Hey , thanks for coming”

You-“No problem , You should get the roses for the girl , she will like them”.

Kai-“Okay , roses it is”

You and kai walk up the counter and the lady points the mistletoe

Clerk-“Sorry lovebirds you have to kiss.”

Kai-“Well i guess we have to kiss”

you blush and give him a small kiss. He smiles and hands you the roses.

Kai-“I planned all of this .”

You-“Kai! you sneaky boy”


Sehun has been your best friend for years and for years you have a had a crush on him. When he joined Exo it changed him a bit. He became more silent but funny. You knock on his dorm , with a book and a box of cookies.

He opens the door holding a mistletoe.

Sehun-“Look what i got”

You-“What are you doing sehun?”

Sehun-“Being cute, now kiss me”.

You blush and kiss him slowly , as he pulls you closer. He holds onto to you and stares at you.

Sehun-“I guessed you like me ”

You-“I guess you right”

Sehun-“I knew it”


New request tomorrow You can request short stories and reaction but give me time


Boss Lady *One Shot*

Drickidashit: Here is a variation of the idea that you gave me for a story in a one shot :)

Caution… Adult Content!!!!

Boss Lady

I’ve been watching him for a minute, he’s an intern and I see right through him. As the CEO of PINK Print Enterprises, I pride myself on the product that we put out and the employees that work under me. It took me years to get people to take me seriously and not focus on my assets. But I had to do some things to get here. Things I prefer not to speak on, but this is my baby and which bitch you know made a million of a brand… I’ll wait and let you fixate! I thought about Papi my husband and the man that introduced me to this life. Sex, drugs, and power are all I know and he thinks I’m stupid but I know he’s got a new bitch. He found me when I was sixteen; I was young and starry eyes with big dreams and a big heart. He was 26 and successful. He took me under his wing, took my virginity and taught me how to be a lady in a world full of dogs. Eight years later I’m his wife of five years and his business partner in more ways than one. I’m that girl he would take just to sign the deal… Beyoncé wasn’t lying! It takes a special female to live this life, my life that I was handpicked to live. I have it all but I worked for every bit of it. I was the bottom bitch for three years, but I was treated differently because I was Papi’s girl. Marco Acosta runs one of the most successful men’s hotel and restaurant chains in the world. Papi has connects everywhere, and everyone knows that I’m the main. But being the main gets real old when he constantly has sidelines. He gave me PINK Print as a way to say you earned it Chiquita, but at twenty four with seemingly my whole life ahead of me, I need attention! My bodyguard SB has been trying to get at me on the low, but he’s too close to Marc; I need someone he would never expect and Babyboy is it. Every year I make sure that my company is put on the list of the high school I attended for their internships. Each student must have one before they can graduate since I went to a performing arts prep school. Aubrey is an actor who likes to rap and got stuck with my company because he was sick on the day to pick. But he’s popular amongst the ladies and he does a good job. He’s only sixteen but I can tell he’ll be a heartbreaker of a man. I never really talk to the Interns until the end of their program, but I wanted to talk to Aubrey. So I sent a message for him to come by my office when everyone packed up to go home. My panties were wet at the thought of him, even though it’s illegal to pursue him, and Papi would blow his shit if he found out, something in me just couldn’t find a fuck to give.

Two Hours Later…

There was a knock at my door and I looked up at the door feeling giddy.

“Come in!” I watched the door as he opened it peeking inside before coming in. I stood up motioning for him to sit in the chair directly in front of my desk as I walked around it. He obeyed and sat down as I sat against the front of my desk only inches away from him. Aubrey may be sixteen but Babyboy is like a chiseled demi god. With his light golden skin, toned muscles, freshly cut hair, a clean shaven beard, and those damn pouty lips. He looks like he’s in his twenties and my body is ready for the taking.

“How are you today Aubrey?” He shifted nervously under my gaze before smiling.

“It was good, um how was yours?”

“Busy…” I continued to watch him, wondering if my plan will work.

“I’ve noticed how popular you are with my girls in the office!” He grinned.

“You have a very beautiful and diverse staff Mrs. Acosta.”

“Please call me Nicki!” He nodded.

“You’re only sixteen?” I raised my eyebrows at him and he laughed.

“Yes ma’am!” He has manners, that’s sexy.

“Do you have a girlfriend Aubrey?”

“No ma’am, girls flirt back but they don’t really give me a chance.” What a shame.

“And why is that?”

“Puberty just now decided to be good to me I guess.” I nodded.

“So you’re just now starting to get the ladies?”

“Yea I’ve had some dates here in there.” He cleared his throat and I could tell this conversation was throwing him off.

“How do you feel about older women?” He looked at me questioningly before answering.

“I respect their maturity and wisdom.”

“Would you have sex with one?” He coughed and I realized something.

“Um.. uh…”

“Aubrey Graham are you a virgin!?” His cheeks turned red and he looked so adorable… I’m going to have fun with him.

“Pst me a virgin nah, I’ve had sex before!” He wouldn’t look at me and I thought it was cute.

“No need to be ashamed and lie, you just haven’t found the right girl yet I understand.” He looked up at me and I pierced him with my gaze.

“Correct me if I’m wrong but I noticed that you and your friend Tremaine like to stare at me… like what you see?” He nodded getting uncomfortable.

“Yyyes m’am!”

“Well I ask because I like what I see and I was wondering if we could have some fun… but it will have to be our little secret because my husband is a little on the jealous side.” I saw the smirk forming on his face and the stiffening of the bulge in his pants. I got up closing the space between us and sitting in his lap.

“Nicki, are we…”

“Yes Aubrey we’re about to have sex now take off your shirt!” I straddled him while he hurriedly took off his shirt and I took off mine followed by my bra. His eyes widened at the sight of my breasts. Papi loves them too… I leaned forward kissing his lips and he froze before responding. We played with each other’s tongues while I moved his hands to my breasts so he could tease them. He grasped them in his hands and squeezed them causing me to let go of his lips and throw my head back. I love having my breasts played with. Without my guidance he buried his face in my boobs taking a nipple into his mouth and sucking on it. I slowly grinded in his lap as a soft moan escaped my lips. He gave my other nipple some attention before I pulled his head up and kissed him again. I got up pulling my skirt down and bending over in front of him looking back as I slid my thong down my legs. I saw the lust in his eyes and bit my lip. I stood in front of him naked watching him as he took all of me in. He licked his lips and I think my pussy was dripping.

“Take off your pant!” He nodded before getting up and doing as I said watching me walk over to the couch in my office. I laid across it spreading my legs before licking a finger and sliding it in myself watching his very nice dick spring to life. Oh yea I’m going to have fun with him. He watched my every move as I licked my lips at his manhood.

“Come over here boo!” He walked over to me and I grabbed his dick pulling it to my mouth and licking the tip. Pre cum oozed out and I licked it off staring up into his eyes. I took his whole dick into my mouth choking on it and loving every minute as he replaced my fingers with his. I helped his hand keep the pace with mine guiding him while I gave him head. His eyes were glazed over and I could tell he was ready to come.

“Nuh uh baby hold it in!” He hissed holding back.

“Shit Nicki!”

“You ever had head before?”

“Not that good!”

“I know Babyboy, Mami got you!” He smiled and I took his fingers out licking my juices off as he moaned.


“You like to eat?”

“Not really, but after that…” He got on his knees pulling my pussy to face his mouth and dug in causing me to squeal in surprise. He licked up and down my clit before blowing on it and digging into my vagina with his tongue. I held his head in place as he made out with my pussy and spelled his name claiming it as his. For someone who doesn’t give head he’s damn good at it. I came and I could hear his slurping sounds making me even wetter. He came up and I laid him down straddling his lap again. I took his dick in my hand rubbing it up and down my clit making us both anxious before sliding it into my pussy. I sat all the way down on it leaning over him as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. I threw my head back as I began to ride him. It was slow at first and then I picked up the pace causing my breasts to bounce and slap him in the face.

“Shit Nicki, that’s good baby!” We stared at each other making it that much more intense as he palmed my ass with one hand and fingered my clit with the other. I was screaming in ecstasy when I felt us both hitting the edge and then I felt his juiced explode in me as I had one of the best orgasms. I collapsed on top of him the both of us panting. He pulled out rubbing his dick up and down my clit again making me hornier.

“You sure you were a virgin?”

“You assumed I was but I told you I wasn’t. I’ve only done it once but I’ve had my eye on you!”

“You sneaky little boy!” He smiled at me kissing my lips.

“Baby I’m a man, because only a man could have you screaming like that. Now get up and go lean over your desk!” He slapped my ass and I smiled doing as he said. Within minutes he was taking me from the back and I was screaming my head off. He pulled me by my hair brining my head back to look at him as he pounded in and out of me and pecked my lips.

“Uncle Marco was right, you do have A1 pussy!” I froze as I let his words process…

What the fuck!!??


Acting like they’re gossiping about a pretty girl but Mark would agree that something in Jinyoung’s body language just.. doesn’t quite match said concept.. ♥

ldbigg  asked:

If you look at LIli's last "selfie" his left hand it on the pillow. There's no way he could have taken that pic himself! His right hand would have been up in the air. Scientifically it would have to be someone else facing him taking that pic! Hence, a man named Zayn Malik who happens to be his boyfriend/fiance'! ;)

YEP!!!!!!! That’s his left hand laying across his body. If he took it with his right hand, we should be able to see it.