you sneaky boy


Marion, a librarian in her thirties, encounters Alex, a man who suffers from amnesia. He wants to find out more about his past but doesn’t know where to start. When Marion asks him what’s the first thing that comes to his mind, Alex replies with a simple “Mégas Aléxandros”.

Imagine...Dean Surprising You

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Request: I have a request! A Dean x Reader, where the reader thinks she is alone in the bunker and is dancing to Freaks by Timmy Trumpet (I’ve had this song stuck in my head for days lol), you decide how it goes?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut

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while we’re being ridiculous: no one is ever going to take from me wash randomly skating off in 26th century heelys aboard the moi. NO ONE. 

no no, these are just regular sneakers. he promises.


L'esprit de l'escalier | jjk

↳ ‘The inescapable feeling you get when you leave a conversation then think about all the things you should have said.

pairing: jungkook x reader feat, best friend jin

genre: ex lovers au // angst

word count: 2122 words

a/n: i found myself wanting to portray the harshness of the world we live in, hopefully i did it justice.

“I fall in love, every single time I look into your eyes”

You should have known that coming here was a bad decision. For the past 2 weeks, Seokjin had pestered you to be his plus one for an event that he, by hook or crook needed to be present at. You weren’t exactly a sociable person, preferring the comfort of your own home with no pressure to strike a conservation with someone you might not even see again.

“I’ll buy you that collection of comic books you were eyeing the other day”, he practically begged you as he started to kneel, knowing very well that it was your weakness. One, two, three– ,

“Fine, remember I’m only doing it for the comic books”. He watched as you grumbled under your breath as he punched his fist into the air with a yelp ‘I knew I could trust my handsomeness’.

Now, you were here, gulping down every beverage the server served you. This was your attempt in trying to ward off any stranger that would want to make small talk. Because the last thing you remember Seokjin telling you was that it was going to be a private event, reserved for family and friends. But what you see is clearly the opposite. Cliques of people here and there were talking amongst each other, occasionally moving around to socialise with others. Bracelets with a flower wrapped around their wrists.

What kind of event are you taking me to? You remember asking Seokjin, as curiosity filled your eyes. After all, you had to be dressed appropriately for the occasion as his plus one. The very least you could do was to look the part.

It’s a secret, I wouldn’t want to ruin the element of surprise. He smirked as a finger lifted, placed right in front of his mouth.

Well, you were definitely in for a treat, because of all the things you could have thought of, you didn’t expect him to bring you to a wedding of all sorts. The last time you attended a wedding was when you were nine and it didn’t end well. You told that sneaky boy, Seokjin of the horrible mess you created at the wedding when you tripped and splashed the drink on the bride. And yet he still brought you to a wedding, guess it’s on him if anything unfortunate were to happen.

“Y/N, aren’t you clutching onto my arm a little too tight- Ow hey that’s rude”

“I’m already sick of the atmosphere, so I’m going to help myself to some food. Do you want anything?” you flicked his forehead as you waited for him to respond. Deciding to wait no more, you walked towards the buffet section, licking your lips in anticipation at the thought of all the mouth-watering deserts that are waiting to be indulged in.

“Hyung, you made it!”

You thought you heard wrong. Refusing to believe your ears, you shook it off, telling yourself that it was impossible. Impossible for him to be here. Just when you were about to take a deep breath and continue walking, Seokjin pulled you back. And your fears were confirmed.

The boy whose doe eyes enchanted you and reminded you of innocence. The boy you could rely on to cheer you up with the silliest faces and jokes.

The boy whose heart that you broke.

No words left your mouth. You made sure that you wouldn’t see him ever again after that day. Those eyes that was once shined so brightly with youth was now masked with indifference. You wondered if you were the reason for behind it. Taking a good look at him, you notice that his ash blonde locks that you used to enjoy running your fingers through are now hazel brown. It took a while for you to realise that Seokjin had already fled from the scene and it was just the two of you.

If it was possible, you would use a knife to slice the tension. But he beat you to it.

“How have you been?” he looked at you with those doe eyes. Hearing him speak to you like that, in such a curt manner, made you hurt a little inside. It was if he was speaking to a stranger. But you deserved this, after all that happened, you didn’t expect anything more than this. But a woman can dream, right?

Terrible, I’ve missed you so much. I miss the way you used to sing to me even when you were so shy but you did it for me. I miss your bunny smile.

“I’ve been doing fine, what about yourself?”, you flashed him a smile. A smile that mirrored his polite manners and nothing more. Did he manage to get that job promotion he was working hard for? Has he gone back to Busan to visit his parents? All these questions linger at the tip of your tongue. But as if something was obstructing their way, they never came out.

“I’m the overall in charge for the financial department in CM company now.” You noticed how the 4 years have changed him. With neatly styled hair, clean and crisp tuxedo, he could have fooled you. Because it didn’t feel like Jeon Jungkook was standing in front of you. The Jungkook that you knew. Wishing so hard to leave yet wanting to stay at the same time, you internally begged for Seokjin to drag you away from here.

You don’t have to pretend when I’m around

“What brings you here?” you manage to let out. It felt so foreign speaking to him. You missed the times where the both of you just bombarded each other with countless questions and there was never an air of silence. He lifted his hand to rub the back of neck, a gesture he always did whenever he was uncomfortable. Now the tables have turned. You who used to ruffle his hair whenever he was uncomfortable with others, now became the source of discomfort for him. Breaking the eye contact, you turned to your side to have a sip of champagne, hoping it will drown your sorrows and mask the pain you felt.

We were so perfect

He bites his lip, a look of confusion painting his face.  He wanted to ask you so badly why you left. Left the both of you behind. He wanted to know if you still working for that horrible boss of yours, wanted to know if you missed him.

“Hey Y/N, what are you doing? Don’t distract the groom from what he has to do.”, Seokjin said. Turning around, you had the urge to smack Seokjin for interrupting your conversation with Jungkook but then what he said registered in your mind and caused you to freeze in your movements.


You were too late, you thought to yourself. Life must really hate you, to play such a cruel trick on you. Another word to describe what’s happening would be karma. For ruining a boy like Jungkook, 4 years ago. You were really trying your best to keep the tears from falling. You did. After all, you wouldn’t want Jungkook to see you crying about him.

Holding your breath and tears, you turned around to see dark eyes staring right back at you. Staring back at those eyes, you thought you saw guilt and hurt in them. You wanted to ask him if she knows that he hates it when people step on his shoes, likes his coffee with 2 teaspoons of sugar, his habit of chewing his lip when he’s afraid.


“Don’t leave Y/N”, he watched as you packed your belongings into your hand carry. He wondered what he did wrong, for you to want to leave him behind. He held onto your sweater, begging you to tell him the reason of your impending departure.

He cries for the first time.

The only other time he was close to crying was when he fought with his brother and a scar formed on his cheek.

But you just opened the door and left, without looking back.

A simple “we were too perfect” was all you muttered.


“I didn’t know I was holding you back, you should get to it then”, you excused yourself as tight-lipped smile forced its way onto your face. You couldn’t bear to see the pitiful looks he would send you. But instead of pitiful, all people could see was longing towards someone he couldn’t have.

Have you ever missed us

It felt like someone ripped out your heart and stomped on it relentlessly. You found solace in the bathroom. Nobody could hear your heart wrenching sobs. There was no need to hide anymore. You were a fool for thinking that perhaps you still stood a chance. He moved on. And maybe you should too. Wiping your tears away didn’t erase the pain you felt but that was all you could do.

“It’s you”.

You were so lost in your own thoughts that you didn’t realise someone was speaking to you.

“You’re her”.

She looked beautiful with makeup that highlighted her bambi eyes, sharp pointed nose and small lips. Whereas you looked like a wreck next to her. Hair in a mess with strands sticking to your face, makeup ruined due to the crying.

“You look gorgeous”, you decided to fish her a compliment, deciding that even though you had a rough day, someone else might as well have a better day than yours. Feeling self-conscious at the way she’s staring back at you, you reached to take a napkin to dry your hands.

“He still loves you”.

Turning around to fully face her, you saw the white dress that clung onto her body, fitting her perfectly. You expected to see anger in those eyes, but all you noticed was hints of surrender and resign. She left and you slumped down to the ground, head hurting from whatever was happening.

I want it

She loved him, you could tell. It was brave of her to tell another woman that her to-be husband loves another. You fled the bathroom and found yourself running to find Seokjin. He found you and ushered you to the assigned seats. You watch as the officiant reminds the bride and groom of their duties and roles in marriage. The first thing you picked up was the slight swelling of Jungkook’s eyes. It was as if he cried. The sun then started to shine real brightly, bringing your attention to his neck.

You knew what it was and you couldn’t believe your eyes. He still wore it after all these years. Tearing your eyes away from the scene, you admire the scenery. You didn’t have the heart to witness the ceremony. Each word they recited like needles stabbed your heart. Slow yet deadly.

“If anyone had any objections to this couple getting married, speak now or forever hold your peace.”

Seokjin looked at you and with all the strength you had, you continued looking ahead.

Jungkook’s head turned around, eyes searching for that one person. That one person. She just needed to say the word and he would leave with her. His first love. She broke his heart but he didn’t care. Because he would have given his heart to her anyway. If it was her, he didn’t mind the pain. Someone told him once, you know you really love someone, when you don’t hate them for breaking your heart.

He found her, but she was staring at anywhere but him. Respecting her decision, he looked back at his bride with a practiced smile,

With this ring, I thee wed”.

Swallowing his pain, he leaned forward to kiss his bride after the officiant made it official. With closed eyes, he wished that maybe in another life, he would ever get his happily ever after with you. People saw tears streaming down the married couple’s faces, thinking it was out of joy. But you knew.

Behind those eyes staring at you whilst hugging his bride, he still loved you.

I love you too

And with glassy eyes, you nodded your head at him.

Seokjin had left with you, claiming that he wanted dinner at the infamous diner near your place. You went along with whatever he wanted most of the time and today was one of those days. Seokjin was telling you about how the other day, his friend had set him up on a blind date and all the other details. But it didn’t feel like you were there anymore, for you only wished you had told Jungkook that you had missed him so much and you didn’t want him to marry her. Told him all the things that you have said.

But you don’t get everything that you want in life.

JK 💘 Y/N

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Pepero Stick

category: floooooooooooooooooooooof

pairing: mark tuan X reader

note: i decided to put this in bullets bc it’s quicker and funnier :-) anyways this is lowkey dedicated to @tuan626 and @rawrlxxsa bc i know you guys are mark trash smh collect yourselves

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  • mark tuan your lovely handsome sweet boyfriend gave you tickets to his concert bc he was performing in your area

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ice cream parlor - evak au drabble

au where even works a summer job at an ice cream parlor and isak really likes ice cream and they play a game where even tries to guess isak’s favorite flavor and gives it to him for free if he’s wrong. (shoutout to megan ( @valtermeme ) for this au since it is hers she just wanted me to write it lmao)

Read on AO3!

 It is roasting. And Isak means roasting. He’s sitting in his shared apartment with Eskild sitting right next to him, their little fan blowing hot air into their faces. Every now and then, they both groan for the heat and Isak gets an idea.

“I’m going out to get some ice cream at that new parlor down the street, you coming?” He says to Eskild, pulling on a muscle tee and slipping on his vans.

Eskild looks at Isak like he’s crazy, “Um, no? It’s boiling and my ice cream will melt in thirty seconds. Enjoy yourself, though.”

Isak rolls his eyes, heading out the door, “Whatever, don’t come whining to me that you wanted ice cream when I get back.” And with that, he slams the door and when he gets down the stairs, he walks outside and takes a deep breath of the humid air around him and starts towards the shop.


As soon as he walks in, he almost collapses from the cool air. He lets out a sigh, taking in as much fresh, cool air as he can. He takes his time looking through the ice cream options and when he walks up to order, he stops in his tracks because holy shit he has never seen a cuter boy in his life. He stares in awe as the boy turns his attention to him and the slightest of smirks appears on his face as the older boy notices him staring at him.

“Well, hello. What can I get for you?” The boy starts, raising an eyebrow at Isak.

“I, uh-” Isak coughs. “Sorry, um, can I have a vanilla and strawberry swirl?”

“Sure, any toppings?”

“N-no thanks,” Isak answers, his palms sweating despite the cool air of the parlor.

“Is this your favorite kind of ice cream?” The older boy asks, scooping the ice cream into the serving cup.

“Um, no, actually,” Isak chuckles a little.

“Shame,” the boy says, handing him the ice cream.

“Are you gonna charge me for this?” Isak ponders, raising an eyebrow as he takes the ice cream.

“Nah, I guess that it was your favorite but I was wrong, so I’ll let you have it for free. My treat,” the boy grins.

“Oh, well, thanks I guess,” Isak says, shrugging, as he turns away from the boy to sit in an empty booth.

When Isak finishes the ice cream and goes to throw away the container, the older boy is still at the cash register, “So, did you enjoy it?”

Isak jumps a little as the boy speaks and he can feel heat rush up to his cheeks, “Yeah, it was… good, I guess,” Isak responds.

“My names Even, by the way. I’ve been talking to you and you don’t even know my name,” Even chuckles.

“I’m, uh- Isak.”

“Well, I’m glad you liked the ice cream. Be sure to come back again, yeah?”

“Yeah.. I will, sure,” and Isak means it.

The next day, the heat is as excruciating than yesterday and Isak feels like he can barely breath, but just as he said to the boy Even, he will be coming back to the ice cream parlor and today is just the same. He almost rushes to the parlor just to see the beautiful boy again, but slows his steps as he approaches and opens the door. And just as he hoped, there’s Even, standing behind the counter, his hair slicked back but slightly puffy. He smiles slightly as he walks up to him and so does Even, looking at him with curious eyes.

“So, what will it be today?” Even asks.

“Hmm.. I think maybe chocolate fudge swirl with chocolate chip toppings,” Isak grins as Even starts scooping the ice cream, watching him.

“Is that what your favorite flavor is?” Even asks, sprinkling the chocolate chips on the ice cream.

Isak laughs, shaking his head, “Sorry, no.”

“Damn, well. I guess another free ice cream is in order,” Even grins as Isak takes the bowl from him and sits back into his regular booth from yesterday.

While Isak is eating his ice cream and looking out his window, he jumps again as Even slides into the seat in front of him, “What- what are you doing?” Isak starts, setting his spoon down in the ice cream.

“I’m on break so I thought I would come talk to you,” Even says casually, and he smiles a little as Isak shifts in his seat.

“Talk? To me? Why?” Isak asks, scooping up some ice cream on his spoon.

“Oh, I dunno. You seem pretty chill. Kind of cute, too, I guess.”

Isak almost chokes, quickly swallowing his ice cream, “E-excuse me?” Isak stutters, the heat blossoming in his cheeks.

Even shrugs, leaning back in the booth, “You’re cute, Isak. What’s wrong with that?”

Isak shakes his head, “Oh, uh- n-nothing,” placing the spoon back into the bowl as he finishes, Even sighs, smiling at the younger and very cute boy across from him.

“Well, my break is over, so I gotta get back up there. Here, I’ll take your bowl,” Even offers, getting up and taking the container off the table and he smiles as Isak gets up from the booth, standing next to him.

“Well, it was nice.. talking to you. And again, thanks for the free ice cream,” Isak smiles a little, rubbing his neck with his hand.

“It’s no problem. Same time tomorrow?” Even asks, his eagerness almost showing in his voice.


“Oh! Before you go,” Even says, taking a napkin from his waist-apron pocket along with a pen. “Here, it’s my number. Feel free to text or call me whenever.” And with that, Even winks at him and Isak blushes as he walks back onto the heat.

A few weeks pass and Isak and Even keep in their same routine of Isak ordering ice cream every day and Even guessing wrong about his favorite flavor, but overall they’ve been coming closer. And Isak likes it. A lot.

On the second week, Isak is in trouble. He has no more ice cream flavors to choose from and he knows it. It’s Sunday, and Even is off the whole day so he decides to text him.

Isak: What are you doing, you free?

Even: Yeah, just sitting here roasting in my room. You?

Isak: Same. Just chilling at home. You keen on coming over?

Even: Sure I’ll be there in ten.

Isak smiles down at his phone and lets out a content sigh, quickly arranging his room and the whole house. He doesn’t mind seeing Even every day, and that’s basically the routine they have fallen into, ice cream or no ice cream.

The then minutes pass and sure enough, Even is knocking on Isak’s door. Isak almost skips to the door and opens it, smiling at Even. and Even smiles back.

“I brought ice cream!” Even exclaims, walking into the apartment and Isak laughs.

“What kind did you get for me?” Isak asks, raising an eyebrow.

“Orange sherbet,” Even says, holding out Isak’s ice cream to him.

“How did you knock with the ice cream in your hands?”

“My foot, duh,” Isak laughs, shaking his head as he and Even sit on the couch, particularly close, as they watch whatever is on TV. “So, what is your favorite ice cream flavor? You can’t order any other kind from the shop, you ordered them all.”

“Sorry to break it to you, but,” Isak smiles, looking at Even. “You guessed right on the first day.” Isak laughs as Even’s eyes widen.

“Are you kidding me? Why’d you string me along like that all that time?” Even chuckles, shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well, I really liked the ice cream, and just so I could keep seeing you.” Isak says, almost too quiet for Even to hear.

“You… are one sneaky boy, Isak Valtersen. Taking desperate to a whole new level. I knew you had a thing for me.”

Isak shoves him a little with his shoulder, “You did not!”

“Ah, but I did. Thinking you’re so slick,” Even jokes, taking another bite of his ice cream. Isak grumbles, blushing as he quietly eats his ice cream. Of course his plan would foil in on him. Even smiles, setting his ice cream down onto the coffee table. “Hey, Isak?”

“What?” Isak mumbles.

“Look at me, you dork.”

Isak looks at him, raising an eyebrow, “What do you want?”

Without speaking, Even leans in, kissing Isak on his soft and tender lips, the sweet ice cream lingering as Isak kisses him back, almost spilling his half-melted ice cream. Even pulls away, smiling, as Isak still has his eyes closed, “Sorry, you had some ice cream on your mouth.”

Isak smiles, shaking his head, “No I didn’t.”

“Mmm, but you did,” Even laughs, brushing his thumb over Isak’s lips.

“Thinking you’re so slick, you just wanted to kiss me for the hell of it.”

“I kissed you because I love you,” Even says, smiling.

“I knew you had a thing for me,” Isak says, mocking Even’s tone from earlier.

“Fucking right I did.”

s y n d r o m e s - pt.7

Group : BTS

Members : All seven (Park Jimin is main, tho)

Genre : Criminal!BTS, psychology themes, smut, fluff, angst

Words Count : 2,415

Description :  “Lima syndrome is the result of the abductor / kidnapper sympathizing with his hostages”. And Park Jimin had never heard of it before, when he took you as his hostage.

A/N : part 6 doesn’t seem to be very popular or good because it doesn’t get so many notes like the other parts before. But nevertheless, I won’t let myself down because of that. Chapter 7 is the shortest by now, but I thought I might owe you this quick update because of the last cliffhanger. 

previous : part VI | next : part VIII


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Bts Bon Voyage Ep. 2 Thing

Just a few things I’d like to point out or mention about the second episode of Bon Voyage in no particular order

(this is my first time doing this type of thing)

-Jikook sharing a bowl of cereal

-Tae eating a sandwich

(i just like watching them eat food) #dontjudgemykink

-Hobi losing the cable car tickets…

…but then finding them

(cr. bwibelle)

-Yoongi nowhere to be seen (legit, he was just…gone)

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Come here rude boy,  boy can you get it up..?
Come here rude boy,  boy Is you big enough..? ♫♪ ♥


There’s too much to say about this album. Here are a few things right off the bat. 

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The lyrics, the feel, everything about this song transports you into another world. The dancing too is so good- but the chain link thing was kind of funny too me. Ngl though it’s an amazing choreo.


HOSEOK sliding on the floor though

Everyone attacking us with them thrusts tho.

Still kinda sad bts didn’t show the clip of hoseok throwing on his red jacket


That flute beat hooked me in so fast. I don’t know what they were saying, but I’m sure the lyrics won’t disappoint one bit. One if my faves from this album.

Outro: Her

OKAY this gives off that old-school good, soulful BTS vibe and I am here for it. I can’t wait to read the lyrics, I know they’ll be good.

Pied Piper

I knew I was going to cry with this one- though I’m not sure what’s being said, the beat and tone in their voices gave off a somewhat somber yet powerful feel to the song. The “I’m taking over” at the end really reminds me of the title (duh obviously), and I’m dkdhdjsjs.

Best of me

OKAY you really can hear chainsmokers in this, but it’s still an amazing track. I knew BTS was going to deliver and they did.

ILLEGAL (dimples?! Idk I’m confused, help an army out ppl)

It’s already so cute. What can I say except that it’s an adorable sounding song.


Everything about mic drop IS GREAT. NO COMPLAINTS IT’S AMAZING.

Yall already know what I feel about Serendipity and OFC bbmas skit had me crying.

Here are some things that attacked me whilst I was simply trying to enjoy their new album.

HOSEOK AND TAEHYUNGS voices. V was trying very hard to snatch me but thank the HOSEOK Lord that Hoseok was stronger and made me fall in love all over again.

JIN. Who do you think you are with that angelic voice and beautiful face? Thank God he’s gotten more lines (from my first listen).

Rapmonster in DNA with that cute ass move in that one part. And rapmonster throughout the whole album actually haha :“)

Suga…you sneaky boy. Giving us small snippets of your singing voice. He was so smol in DNA istg.

JIMIN boy if you don’t stop going so hard with your thrusting Imma have to file a complaint to bighit. Also why is your jacket always trying to come off I mean chill mochi.

Jungkook, you too. Who gave you the right to do anything?!?!

ALL IN ALL I’M AM DECEASED AND THE ALBUM IS AMAZING. There is no track I dislike, I love them all. The lyrics I KNOW will be meaningful and deep and the other choreos are definitely going to be just as good as DNA. They all sounded great and I have never been more happy to be awake at 5:08 am writing this.

When the lyrics come out, I might do another review, but for now, it’s time for another listen and a small nap before work in a few hours.

Also "LEATHER” is coming out tonight ;)

Exo Reactions To You Calling Them Daddy While Talking To Their Child & They Get Turned On

Done~ xo

Uh… I wasn’t sure about if this was kind of smutty or not so here’s a warning anyway. Some jokes were made. I’m not proud of myself. 

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *he’s coloring with your son*

You: “Daddy is really bad at staying in the lines, huh?”

Baekhyun: *trying to contain himself but he’s struggling*

Chanyeol: *he’s sitting in the living room playing with your son*

You: *kneels down & pokes the baby’s nose* “Do you want daddy to take you to the park?”

Chanyeol: *literally having a fit to himself & trying not to think about the fact that he’d rather take you somewhere instead*

Chen: *he’s in the kitchen making a snack for your daughter*

You: *nibbles on a carrot & smiles at your daughter* “It’s getting late, daddy is going to put you in bed after you eat, okay?”

Chen: *blatantly winks & raises an eyebrow* “She’s not the only one going to bed.”

D.O.: *sitting at the dinner table with your son on his lap* 

You: *laughs, watching him feed the little one* “Do you like when daddy feeds you?”

D.O.: *slowly slides your son off his lap, for reasons*

Kai: *you’re both playing out in the pool with your daughter*

You: *after he splashes you playfully* “Daddy got me wet!”

Kai: *gif* “Just wait until later.”

Kris: *he’s reading a book to your daughter before bed*

You: “You two are still up? I think it’s time for daddy to tuck his little princess in for the night.”

Kris: *subtly smiles & gives you a sneaky look*

Lay: *sitting on the couch watching a movie with your son* 

You: “I’m going to the store, daddy is in charge, okay?” *ruffles Lay’s hair while smiling at your son*

Lay: *thinking of being in charge of you later*

Luhan: *he’s giving your son a bath*

You: “Daddy does a good job washing you, I might let him do it more often.” *laughs*

Luhan: “I’ll wash you later too.” *gif*

Sehun: *the two of you are up late talking when your daughter comes in*

You: “What’s wrong? Did you have a bad dream? Do you want daddy to lay with you until you fall asleep?

Sehun: *trying to maintain his composure, failing*

Suho: *he’s finger painting with your son*

You: “Look at the two of you! You’re filthy. I can’t believe you talked daddy into this, you little sneaky boy.”

Suho: *has to force himself not to think about how he wishes he could rub the paint all over your body*

Tao: *he just got home from taking your daughter shopping*

You: “Did you buy the whole mall?” *kneels down & picks your daughter up* “Daddy spoils you so much.”

Tao: *standing there still, having thoughts*

Xiumin: *the two of you are eating ice cream with your son*

You: *wipes your sons face* “I don’t know how you manage to get it all over yourself. Daddy will have to clean up this sticky mess.”

Xiumin: *gives you a look that says you’ll be cleaning something sticky up later too* 


Acting like they’re gossiping about a pretty girl but Mark would agree that something in Jinyoung’s body language just.. doesn’t quite match said concept.. ♥