you snarky little shit

So I started reading Hammer of Thor and I just happened to notice a few similarities between Alex Fierro and I. I have green and black (its dark brown but shhhhh) hair, I am trans, I am a snarky little shit, I can and will cut you, and also I couldn’t help but see that Alex Fierro’s last name seems latino or hispanic (as I am), since fierro means iron in spanish.

Now, I’m not saying that I’m Alex Fierro


Me: “Oh! A Captain Canary scene! Yassss. My babies, I’ve missed you sfm.”

Sara: “What about your feelings?”

Leonard: “About you?”

Me: …did he just? *rewinds*

Leonard: “About you?”

Me: LEONARD! THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT HE SAID! *watches the scene on loop*

It’s still so early on Suga’s birthday and I’ve seen multiple people celebrating him for being cute and a good mom and yeah okay, but I’m here to remind you he’s the most snarky little shit in Karasuno who can punch the life out of his teammates and remain sassy against the overwhelming intimidation that is Shiritorizawa. So happy birthday, my killer setter son