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The Birthday Boy III {Jeon Jungkook}

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Prompt: Part I // Part II

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2.8k

Warning: rough sex, cock ring, bondage,

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Astro Gets Interrupted During A Makeout Session

Author’s Note: ALWAYS REMEMBER NONE OF THESE GIFS ARE MINE. honestly, I sort of didn’t know what to write for this since I’ve seen other arohas write with the same scenario/request, but the more the merrier, right? I hope you enjoy, @mrsziggler, thanks for your patience!


From being older, JinJin would have experience with kissing, as well as making it a little more mature. What he hadn’t experienced though, was his best friend, MJ, walking through the doors as his lips gently bit yours while he gripped you in his lap and arms.
“Oh, steamy~” MJ would remark sarcastically. JinJin would jump up, and you hid your face in his neck as he was too late to hide behind you. Damn he was embarrassed, and he was the awkward leader, but he refused to back down and broke the silence.
“MJ-hyung…I thought you knew how to knock…”
“I do.”
“Why didn’t you knock?!”
“Why are you in the room we share?” the oldest hyung questioned with sass.
You burst into muffled giggles on JinJin’s chest, and he was unable to answer.
“Alright, now can you two get steamy somewhere else?” MJ requested.


Oh boy would this be a scene. This little prince would be such a cute squish as he attached his mouth to yours, holding your hands to his chest as he leaned onto you between the sofa or the wall. The door creaked open, and there stood-
“Bin-ah!” Eunwoo pulled away, startled. You would both feel the disappointment of separating, but poor Eunwoo couldn’t escape the cringe-worthy situation nor the ruined romance.
MoonBin stood in the doorway with a smirk.
He replied smugly, “What? Weren’t you guys just getting to the good part?”
Eunwoo would’ve tried to tell him off, but he was too busy blushing of embarrassment while you pulled him in to your chest to spare him of any eye contact with MoonBin.
“We were,” you winked at Bin and added jokingly, “Until you came.”
“So much for Binu,” he rolled his eyes then closed the door. “Carry on!”


As the most extra member, MJ would be expected to lose himself in such a situation.
He’d be too stubborn to admit he was embarrassed, and play it off.
The two of you were sitting on the couch of the boys’ apartment, eating peperos together, when this silly baby would begin to tickle you. He just wants to hear that adorable laugh. You tickled back, leading to little pecks on each other’s cheeks. Then pecks on the lips. Then a stolen kiss from you. And you stole one back. A snicker sounded in the kitchen. MJ pulled away, looking behind you.
There was a flash of blond hair.
Leader-nim was fortunate that he wasn’t the one caught, and seeing as he didn’t know how to deal with such a thing, he ran away, though laughing obnoxiously. You and MJ looked at each other with confusion, then shrugged in unison.
MJ couldn’t regain eye contact, though he didn’t want to keep it silent for long.
“So…can I have another kiss? If you don’t let me, I’ll tickle you again.”


Minhyuk is such a quiet guy. The members say he’s more masculine like his best friend MoonBin, but he once said his type was cute in an interview - and cute he was when he gave you kisses. The two of you would be standing in the studio after a long practice, and he came to rest his head on you. With his head on your shoulder, his lips grazed yours, and he leaned in to close the gap gently moving slower than JinJin could talk (holy frick did I rly just say that lol). A piercing scream deafened you two and you pulled away.
Rocky looked to the studio door and yelled, “Sanha!”
“OH! oHmYgOd. Don’T hUrT mE I dIdn’T mEan-” Sanha covered his eyes, turning to walk away.
He left Rocky beet red.
“MAKE SURE NOt to tell the hyungs…” his voice trailed after the maknae. He couldn’t bring himself to look at you. Instead, he buried his humiliated face into your lap with a loud groan mixed with giggles, giving you the opportunity to play with his hair.


This boy loves to eat. He eats so much during Astro Play’s, DDOCA’s, a few V Lives…you name it. So when the two of you were eating ice cream, this cheesy yet slick little shit would notice a few whipped cream and sprinkles on your lip. “Y/N, you have something,” he pointed.
“What?” you said cluelessly, taking another lick of your cone. He attempted once more, making a wiping motion on his face. Still, you just quirked a brow toward him.
“Ah, Jagiya, you’re such a baby,” he rested his head on yours. Next thing you knew, he was getting a taste of your lips and left over ice cream.
Quiet footsteps entered the room.
MoonBin didn’t even stop but he did peek at the intruder, Eunwoo. Eunwoo opened his mouth to say something, but seeing as you and his mans were getting intimate without a care, he backed out, making MoonBin grin against your lips.


It wasn’t like anyone even walked in on your kiss, it was more like Sanha was forgetful of some social cues. The night you were introduced to the rest of Astro, everyone stood at the door to say goodbye to you.
“Saranghae, Y/N,” he hugged you and whispered in your ear. You grew flustered under his touch with his tall and lanky body leaning on yours. You peeked through his arms to see the boys giggling and whispering.
“Sanha I-” You were cut off, as Sanha shut you up with his lips pressed against yours with a nervous smile on his face.
“OooOooOoooh! Aigooo, the maknaes really do grow up so fast,” MJ interrupted, snapping Sanha out of his lovey-dovey state, causing him to madly fluster up.
The others laughed, and while they did so, he gave one more quick smooch and whispered, “Run!” But no matter how much the you and Sanha ran, you’d never be able to hide from the teasing for a long, long time.