you sir are the cutest




leader-nim~ thank you for being such a great leader to seventeen. being their second appa, caring and loving them so much. putting up a tough front for the members during seventeen project when you guys rings got taken away, comforting them, saying that its okay and y’all will definitely get it back. it must have been hard for you to always take care of all the other dorks but you do it so well with tender love, and to think you are the maknae in your family, its such a great feat. i don’y know what SEVENTEEN would be without u as their leader.  you, my dear is a kpop full package hahah. sing, dance, rap, visual and you MY SIR ARE THE CUTEST you have everything, make sure you don’t ever let anything put you down. and also stop being my bias wrecker, hahaha i’m not changing lane I REPEAT IM NOT. so stop killing me with your charm, my heart would not be able to take it. i love you choi seungcheol, happy birthday.

i wish you a very blessed birthday! <3