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Knighted- Chapter 1

Have ya’ll seen Tides’ art post for this? We started working on this at the same time, and trust me this is gonna be great. 

Please look at Tides’ art first before enjoying, trust me it makes the build better cause then you know what’s coming and how not serious this fic is gonna get.

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Dom! Vernon

I Hope this is at least remotely close to what you wanted lol. Thank you for requesting this tho! xx

  • OH LoRD here we go.. *drinks holy water*
  • LEts just jump right in alright…
  • Okay! when Vernon is dominate he tends to get a bit cocky (pun intended) js
  • He’ll boldly tell you/ask you things
  • “Does that feel good?”  
  • “Look at me.”      yes sir!
  • EyE COnTaCT
  • the shit is intense af cause he almost never breaks eye contact
  • Spanks you, hard
  • He doesn’t mean to do it as hard as he does but, that’s cause he doesn’t really know his own strength…
  • He’ll also find any chance to grab your ass while your doing it
  • teases tf out of you
  • Alright I said this last time but, imagine him eating you out and your about to cum then he slows down
  • like agonizingly slow.. his tongue won’t be going as fast as it was and he won’t be adding as much pressure
  • he’ll slowly and lightly lick your clit, while making eye contact with you…
  • Might even completely stop and start leaving soft kisses in your inner thighs.
  • Also leaving hickies along the way ofc
  • If you moan his name you’ll be giving him what he wants
  • If you beg on top of that- he’ll chuckle at your desperation then, give you what you want
  • Okay lets talk about how he fucks you while he’s in this bold ass dom state
  • Super fast omfg
  • you’ll wonder how someones hips can move that quick?
  • He’ll also cum quickly
  • but it’s all good cause he can go a couple more rounds
  • Poor you tho, you will defiantly be sore in the morning
  • Hickies/love bites and bruises everywhere
  • OKay so even tho he’s being dom, he still won’t mind you riding him
  • He has a reason for this tho.. he wants to watch your tits bounce
  • Also will grab them while you ride him
  • KING of the lip bite, that’s all you’ll see him doing while you’re on top of him (*see gif above^)
  • And did I talk about when you go down on him?
  • Cause uhh..
  • He’ll be grabbing a fist full of your hair and practically face fucking you
  • I’m sorry lmao
  • He’ll be bucking his hips upwards while pushing your head down
  • jfc man is he a cockly lil shit cause he’ll have a smirk on his face after he’d cum
  • ..Falls asleep with his arm tightly around your waist
Peg’s Flowers (Laurens x Reader)

Words: 2100+


Warnings: None, just fluff my dudes

A/N: i wrote this in a hour so im hope it’s halfway decent, enjoy! and i havent wrote any soulmates so i hope i did this right??

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

Those were the words on your skin. Those were the words that your soulmate would say to you. Overall, it was quite uncommon to see soul mates together. Most people gave up on the idea, marrying someone other than their soulmate. But you, on the other hand, were determined to find them, whomever they may be. But every time you looked at those words, you worried that you would never find them. That you would never experience seeing and hearing your soulmate for the first time.

And it was killing you.

You worked at a flower shop, across the street from an office building. Some days, you would encounter customers whom worked in that building. A lot of them told you about their jobs, some more than others. As you were unlocking the door to the shop, your boss, Peggy Schuyler, sneaked up behind you.

“Y/N! Why are you coming in so early?” She asked, perky as always. You smiled at her, unlocking the door. You held open the door for her, and she bounced in with you.

“There’s a big order for flowers that came in yesterday. I just have to make sure everything is ready for the delivery.” She nodded, sitting on top of the counter. You rolled your eyes at her, smiling softly.

Peggy was the most energetic boss you’ve ever had. She didn’t seem to be too concerned about sales or anything that seemed too troubling to her. She always called you her boss, saying that this place would not run without you. You didn’t mind, since being around flowers all day was pleasant. As you cleaned up the shop, she grabbed a flower, sniffing it.

“You know, Y/N, you’re amazing. You keep up with this stuff more than I do.” She winked at you, helping you fix up the shop. The hours in the shop were short, opening at 7am and closing at 2 in the afternoon. Honestly, this was the best job you’ve ever had. And she paid you more than what you needed. You even told her that she gave you too much, but she shook her head at you, saying that you were her best employee.

Oh, by the way, you were the only employee.

“Did you go and see your boyfriend yesterday? You were talking about how excited you were to see the movie.” You said, fixing a display. You grabbed the order form, and began filling it. She nodded, giggling.

“Herc brought me to a restaurant afterwards. He’s so sweet.” She has a dreamlike gaze in her eyes, and you smiled at her, feeling a small emotion called jealously full your heart.

Peggy was one of the lucky ones. She bumped into her soulmate on the way to her shop. She almost dropped flowers that she was carrying, but Herc helped her, asking if she was alright. And that’s how they knew. It was a love story unlike any other; they were complete opposites, she was all smiles and laughter, and he was loud and sorry to say, obnoxious. But the look on her eyes when they were together told you that they were meant to be.

“When you get married, you better invite me.” You teased, winking at her. She blushed, putting her face in her hands.

“I’m so nervous, Y/N. What if Mull doesn’t want to marry me? What if this whole thing is a dream and I’m actually a single, lonely Peggy.”

“Trust me, this is real, Peg. And I could tell he’s ready to be with you forever. Did you forget that you were soulmate? You’re meant to be, And the universe picked for the two of you to be together. Don’t worry about it.” She beamed at you, running to the back of the store. You noticed her trip over her feet, but she caught herself, continuing to run to the back.

She’s an interesting woman.

The bell pinged, indicating a customer walking in. You glanced up, seeing a man with straight brown hair walking in. He wore a dark green suit, looking around the shop. You greeted him. “Good morning, sir. How can I help you?” He looked at you, his brown eyes meeting yours. He gave you a warm smile.

“Oh. Hi. I’m just looking for lilies. My wife is kind of stressed, since we have four kids at home. I wanted to give her something to remind her that I love her. And her favorite flower is lilies.” You nodded, guiding him to the white lilies. He smelled the flower, then looked at you. “Do you ever smell anything but plant when you sniff flowers?” You laughed.

“Actually sir, I do. Yes, they do smell like plants. But certain ones have a sweet plant smell that I just love. But yes, plant smell.” He chuckled.

“Can I get two dozen of these?” You raised your eyebrow, and he shrugged. “She’s the love of my life, so there’s no limit for her. Have you met your-“ He glanced at the black tattoo on your arm, and stopped talking. “Sorry.”

“No biggie.” You replied, smiling.

The people who have met their soulmate have their tattoos faded into a light red, still permanently on their skin. You already knew he was telling about his, since you noticed the color peeking out of his sleeve. He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck.

You took two dozen lilies off the shelf, and as you were packing them, you told him how to care for them properly. You heard Peggy come out of the back, her grin widening when she saw the man. “Alexander!” She squealed, running into his arms. The man, you now knew as Alexander, widened his eyes, and pulled her into his arms.

“Peggy! How are you?”

“I’m well. I thought you knew this was my flower shop? Didn’t Eliza tell you?” He shook his head.

“Eliza told me you owned one, but I didn’t know which. I should have noticed, since it does say Peg’s Flowers.” He joked. She laughed, then glanced at you.

“Oh! This is Y/N, Alex. She’s the manager and my only employee. She pretty much runs this place, I just do the accounting.” She smiled, and Alex held out his hand. You took it, and shook his once. “Without her, I think nothing would get done.”

“Well then, thank you for dealing with Peggy.” He said smiling at you. You shook your head.

“Peggy’s the best boss I’ve had. I’m sure I should be the one thanking her.” As they talked, you packed the flowers, making sure that everything was okay. After you were finished, Alex handed you cash, in which Peggy quickly took away. You raised your eyebrow. “Peggy, that’s two dozen.”

“Anything for my brother-in-law. But if you come back, Alex, you’ll have to pay.” He laughed, shaking his head.

“I’ll pay now. I have no problem with doing so Pegs.”

She refused to let him pay, ushering him out the shop. Once she went into the back, Alexander quickly came back in, handing you the money. You thanked him, giving him the change. He waved bye to you, running out into the day. You continued to fill the big order, finishing just in time for the customer to come in.

You looked up again, seeing a group of men walk in. One was taller than the rest, his curly hair pulled back into a bun. Lafayette.  As he was speaking to his friends, you noticed a distinct accent. There was another almost as tall, wearing a light gray hat and was bulky. Hercules. The shortest one, had a freckled face, his wavy hair pulled back into a ponytail. This was one you didn’t know, so you kept your eye on him. They all wore suits, so you assumed that they were coming from the office building just across the street.

“Good morning, love.” Lafayette said, winking at you. He already found his soulmate as well, the red bright on is dark skin.

“Good morning to you!” You said, smiling. “How can I help you?” You asked.

“We ordered flowers yesterday, for a proposal.” He said. “Well, it’s not mine, it’s this fellow right here.” He pointed at Herc, and Herc winked at you. You rolled your eyes.

Why would you but flowers for your future fiancée at her own shop? “Nice job, Herc. That’s the smartest idea you’ve ever had.” He frowned.

“You know, Y/N, I feel like I sense some sarcasm in your voice. How dare you treat me this rudely.” He crossed his arms in mock anger. You stuck your tongue at him, taking the flowers out of the back. You heard the smaller one talking to the others, and you heard your name in the conversation. You walked back with the flowers, frowning.

“You know, it’s rude to speak about someone when they’re not in the room.” You said to the freckled man, which then, his smile grew, looking at you. His eyes twinkled, and you wondered what his problem was.

“Well, you’re pretty beautiful.”

You almost dropped the flowers in your hand, looking at him. He smiled, showing the words on his forearm. You looked at it, seeing the words that you just said glowing on his. You looked down at your, seeing the words glowing as well. “You’re my soulmate.” You whispered. He smiled, helping you with the flowers in your hands. Your fingers brushed against one another’s, and you felt that spark that people talked about.

“And you’re my soulmate. Nice to meet you, I’m John Laurens.” He placed the flowers in his friend’s hands, holding out his to you. You touched his, feeling the warmth going up your arm. “Wow, so this is how it feels, to finally be with the one.” You noticed that his arm was shaking, probably from his nerves. You didn’t blame him, you were still shocked as well.

“I’m Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you as well.” You replied, smiling shyly at him. You didn’t know why you were so nervous, since he was the person you were supposed to be with for the rest of your days. You heard a laugh from Herc, his grin almost cracking his face.

“Wow, Laurens and Y/N? I should have guessed this before.” You sighed, your hand still in Laurens’s. You took it out, unwillingly. He laughed, touching the back of his neck.

“Do you want to go somewhere?” He asked, “I mean, after work. Do you want to get some coffee?” You nodded.

“I would love that, but I’m paying.” You replied, and he shook his head.

“No, you’re not, I am.”

“Are we having our first argument already, John?” You said, joking in your voice. He laughed, it now becoming the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard. Lafayette and Herc coughed.

“This is how it feels to be a third wheel? Wow, now I know what Laurens has been talking about,” Herc mumbled, his frown becoming wider once he saw Peggy running out of the back. She jumped in his arms (that’s seems to be her usual greeting), and kissed his lips. Lafayette looked at the flowers in his hand, then back at Laurens and you. You quickly took the flowers away from him, placing it back on the counter.

“Babe!” She squealed as Herc put kisses all over her face. After a couple of seconds of this, you sighed. Laurens looked at you, a warm gleam in his eyes.

“That’ll be us soon enough.” He said, and you blushed. He placed his hand in yours, rubbing it softly. Peggy was finally out of Herc’s arms, and looked at the two of you together. Her eyes widened at the contact, and she leaped happily.

“You and Laurens? I should have guessed!” You smiled at the same phrase that Herc just said, come out of her mouth. She pulled the two of you into a group hug, kissing both of your cheeks. You laughed at her excitement as she pulled away.

“Go and get some coffee! Get anything! I’ll be here to watch the shop, don’t worry. Wait, you know what, take the next few days off. That’ll give you a chance to know each other more!” She said happily, looking at the two of you.

She really was the best boss you’ve ever had.

“Are you sure, Peggy? I don’t want to leave you alone here.” She shook her head, pushing you out the door with Laurens. After she left you two outside, Laurens looked down at you.

“Coffee or Brunch?” He asked, entwining his fingers with yours. You felt a swell of emotion, looking at him. His freckles shined in the morning light, and you hoped soon that you’d be able to memorize how many he actually had.

His smile was contagious, making you break into a grin as well. You bit your lip, looking out into the street.


Capable (Chapter 5) NSFW

Chapter 1               Chapter 2                Chapter 3               Chapter 4 (NSFW)

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Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (moderate), smut, choking kink, sir kink, russian (Котенок = kitten), oral

A/N: So turns out I’m gonna go hang out with a friend tomorrow which mean sI won’t really be able to post so I decided to finish this tonight. Alsooooo, I lied. I thought I was going to do two more chapters but I think this is going to be the last one. I tried to not make this smut but it didn’t work so have fun. ;) Also I feel like this one is long as fuck, sorry?

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  • ’ I believe if you were dead the world would be a better place. ’
  • ’ You are not my knight in shining whatever. ’
  • ’ I’m not sure we’re worth fighting for. ’
  • ’ I’m gonna eat candy in the dark and pretend I’m home alone. ’
  • ’ Sometimes it’s actually painful to be around you. ’
  • ’ They say if you talk out loud while you look for something, you find it faster. ’
  • ’ This is your love day. ’
  • ’ I’d lose that crazed smile before you start cramping. ’
  • ’ It’s harder to love someone than walk away from them. ’
  • ’ No, I choose me. ’
  • ’ We’re adults, we’re going to fight. ’
  • ’ Everyone said I was ready. You said I would be okay, so I thought I should just do it and get it over with. But I wasn’t ready for…to be… ’
  • ’ I met a puppy once that was half German Shepherd, half teacup Chihuahua. And all I could think was…how did you happen? ’
  • ’ You should go. Cause I’m about to nut punch you. ’
  • ’ Found it. It’s so old, it’s not even in the computer. ’
  • ’ I wasn’t sure what you’d be in the mood for, so I kind of got everything. Champagne, tequila, pinot noir — pick your poison. ’
  • ’ You are not a person who makes promises he doesn’t keep. ’
  • ‘ I only dance it out when something bad’s happened. ’
  • ‘ People aren’t always who you think they are. You learn to see through it. You learn fast. ’
  • ‘ You’re a surgeon, we make mistakes. We need to be forgiven. ’
  • ‘ You don’t teach by shoving someone else’s face in the dirt. That’s just being mean. And small. ’
  • ‘ Did he say anything to you before you killed him? Can you tell me what his last words were. ’
  • ‘ I’m happy and I never thought I would be again. But I am, and that’s all I need. ’
  • ‘ Aw sweetie, this is about me, this isn’t about you. ’
  • ‘ THIS is what feminism looks like, sir. ’
  • ‘ I think you’ll be a good dad. Your babies will be so foul-mouthed and dirty and cute. ’
  • ‘ I am qualified to tell you how to survive. ’
  • ‘ My husband is dead. Yeah, I’m gonna play that card. ’
  • ‘ Why do people constantly feel the need to kill their arteries. ’
  • ‘ Optimism for the win. ’
  • ‘ I told you to keep that baby in. ’
  • ‘ All my orgasms are gonna be self-made, hand-crafted ones. ’
  • ‘ Just because we can live without something, it doesn’t mean we have to. ’
  • ‘ You want to be a mess, be a mess. I don’t care, I can take it. ’
  • ‘ I just got here. I haven’t had a chance to screw anything up yet. ’
  • ‘ Maybe you’ll get lucky and you’ll snip out the part that makes her kinda bitchy. ’
  • ‘ It’s her song, so get off the stage and let her sing it. ’
  • ‘  I love you in a really really big, pretend to like your taste in music, let you eat the last piece of cheesecake, hold a radio over my head outside your window, unfortunate way that makes me hate you, love you. ‘
  • ‘ I’m not good at relationships or talking about stupid feelings. ’
  • ‘ I’m still in love with you. I tried not to be, but it didn’t work. ’
  • ‘  You’re my sister, you’re my family, you’re all I’ve got. ‘
  • ‘ Everyone needs help from time to time. Someone to look out for them. Make sure they’re okay. ’
  • ‘ There comes a point when you have to suck it up and stop whining and start living. ‘
  • ‘ You died in my arms. You freakin’ died. ’
  • ‘ That’s where love exists. In delusional fantasies. ’
  • ‘ Ah, tonight I have things planned that don’t include her screaming your name. ’
  • ‘ I take things personally. I get too emotional. ’

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Mayor's brother Len flirting with Secretary Mick while he waits for his sis to get off work. (I adore fire fighter Mick but it's an amusing idea.)

“Hello, Hot Stuff.” purrs someone from the opening elevator.

Mick Rory fights the urge to stick his fist in his mouth and scream and forces himself to look up and smile pleasantly at Senator Leonard Snart.

“Good afternoon, sir.” Mick says, successfully swallowing the urge to say something like ‘please just fucking kiss me this time’ or ‘if you just asked me to suck your dick in the bathroom I would’. He only manages such a feat by means of a voice in his head - that sounds remarkably like Senator Snart’s assistant Amaya – reminding him that the Senator was his boss’s brother and therefore it was even more of a terrible idea than it might otherwise be.

“And how are you this pleasant afternoon?” Senator Snart asks, swaggering over to Mick’s desk and then propping a hip on it so he can loom in Mick’s general direction. Well, it’s not looming. It’s more like aura-projecting, and it mostly serves to make Mick want to slide off his chair onto his knees and get the Senator’s pants open.

“I’m very good, thank you, sir.” says Mick, and swallows, looking away. “The Mayor is free, if you want to go in.”

Senator Snart smirks a little, and then pushes off the desk. 

“Thank you, Mister Rory.” he says, and Mick shudders, just a little. The door to Mayor Snart’s office clicks closed while Mick’s eyes are squeezed shut. 

“That was fucking painful to watch.” says Amaya. Mick’s eyes snap open. He hadn’t even seen her come in with the Senator.

“Shut up.”

“Are you going to tell him that you want him to fuck you six ways to Sunday sometime soon, or is the unresolved sexual tension going to suffocate all of the rest of us first?”

“Shut up shut up shut up.” says Mick, and lets his forehead fall down onto his desk. 

“The second option, then.” says Amaya, and she puts the cup of hot coffee she was carrying down on the desk next to his face. 

“Are you going to tell Commissioner West you want her to sit on your face?” hisses Mick, in retaliation. Amaya – who is a very chatty drunk, the only reason Mick knows that particular piece of information regarding her very large crush on Central City Police Commissioner Iris West – goes bright red and shoves the base of her iced coffee against the exposed back of Mick’s neck, making him yelp and slap his hand over the cold spot.

“So you have no leg to stand on.” he says.

“We’ll both suffer in silence.” she responds, and the two of them settle in to wait.

“You know,” says Mayor Snart, later, as the two of them watch the elevator doors close behind the Senator and Amaya, “I can tell him to back off with the flirting if it’s making you uncomfortable.”

Mick looks over at her in alarm. He loves working for Lisa, and he very much does not want the Senator to stop, and honestly he doesn’t know if there’s a right answer in this situation. Lisa gives him a cryptic look that seems to originate sidelong out of the corners of her eyes.

“Or not. That’s fine too.”

Mick shuffles his feet a little.

“The second option, then.” she says, and shakes her head. “I need the budget documents formatted and rounded up and bound tonight. Could be a late one.”

“You have a dinner meeting with the part of the City Council you don’t like tonight.” Mick says. “You’ve already rescheduled once. You’re not getting out of it.” 

Lisa hisses out a breath between her clenched teeth. 

“I’ll find you some company.” she says.

Mick pats her on the shoulder and heads back to his desk, fully prepared to be there until one or two in the morning.

Lisa’s lucky he likes her so much. 


Naturally, Mick just about jumps out of his skin when the elevator doors slide open at eight, and reveal Senator Snart, with a plastic bag that smells like Indian and his tie off and the first three buttons on his shirt undone.

“Lisa says you need the company.” he says, and looks around a little. “Is there somewhere I can put this without disrupting anything?”

Mick gestures at two square feet of floor not currently covered by the budget he’s binding and prepping with the highlighter in his fingertips, and then seems to fully take in who’s standing there.

“Don’t you have more important things to do than keep me company?”

Senator Snart shrugs. 

“It’s either this or get kicked out of yet another Congressional event for punching Paul Ryan.” 

To be fair, the Senator has done that an alarming amount of times. Mick’s considering having a desk calendar made. 

Two hours later, Mick realizes the Senator is still there, sitting with his back against the drawers of Mick’s desk, answering emails on his phone. He looks up when he realizes Mick’s stopped.

“Am I disturbing you?” 

“I’m done.” says Mick, tilting his head to indicate the pile of marked-up and properly bound documents. “I didn’t realize you were planning to stay.”

“Do you want me to go?”

The Senator stands, putting himself back in that same spot he’d been when he was flirting obnoxiously that morning. Mick doesn’t know if that’s a deliberate choice or not, but it does make up Mick’s mind.

“I want to know if you’re serious when you’re flirting with me.” he says.

The Senator’s eyes widen, and then they’re kissing. Senator Leonard Snart is currently straddling Mick’s lap in Mick’s ridiculous office swivel chair at one in the morning and kissing him like it’s the last thing he will ever be able to do.

“Does that answer your question?” says Len. His eyes are even bluer up-close like this.

Mick smiles, and wraps his arms a little more securely around Len’s waist.

“Yeah, I think it does.”


“Hello, Hot Stuff!” Len calls, when the elevator doors open. Lisa, standing behind Mick’s desk while she drops off a new round of memos, shakes her head.

“Hello yourself, Snowflake.” says Mick. Behind him, he can hear Lisa choking on air, and Amaya trips over her own feet.

“There’s a dinner tonight I could use a date to.” Len says, propping his hip against Mick’s desk.

Mick pretends to consider it, mostly so he can focus on not thinking about how Len had fucked him over that particular bit of desk just under 36 hours ago.

“Is Paul Ryan going to be there?”

“Yes, but I had to promise that I wouldn’t punch him.”

“I didn’t.” says Mick, and Len leans over and kisses him. 

“Finding loopholes already – you’re a natural.” deadpans Amaya.

“Maybe if you found a clue –“ Mick starts.

“Mikaere Rory.” Amaya snarls.

Len tilts his head back and laughs, and Mick can hear Lisa laughing with him.

They make the papers the next day, side by side and handsome in their tuxes. Mick pins the article to the wall of his desk.

mlm effect • garrus vakarian

Given the Current Climate in fandom, I figured it was a good idea (and a good time) to do something like this. Basically, a series of short oneshots about male Mass Effect companions unabashedly loving men. Support gay and bi male fandom members. Support their narratives and their love.

Previous: Jaal, Drack, Joker, Kallo, Steve.

Dating Shepard was never going to be easy.

Dating Shepard as the Reapers approached the Milky Way from dark space had its ups and downs. Dating Shepard while he was ‘stationed’ in Vancouver and undergoing an investigation by the Alliance made things even more difficult. Dating Shepard during the Reaper invasion when everything was falling to pieces around them was almost enough to make Garrus question his taste in men.

But the most difficult part of dating Shepard came when the war was over – introducing his war hero boyfriend to Castis Vakarian.

For weeks, Garrus worried over the details. He booked passage to Palaven. He spent hours on the comm, talking to Solana, sharing recipes for levo-friendly dishes as well as requesting that she please – please, please – make their father’s favorite meal. That way, if all else failed, at least Castis wouldn’t have to pick around something he didn’t find palatable. He knew that Shepard knew enough about turians to not say anything horrible or even just out-of-line; he had as much experience with them as Garrus did with humans.

They set the date. They informed his father. And in less than a week, Garrus was standing outside of the front door of his father’s semi-permanent apartment on Cipritine’s border.

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17| Pas De Deux

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Ballet au, Romance, Angst
Warnings: None
Wordcount: 3888

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“So what have I missed?” You asked Yuna as the two of you went in to the Pas de Deux class. You gave Eungkwan a wave. He stood in his usual corner by the piano, doing fast piques. He gave you a quick smile back and then returned to his blank concentration.

“Not much.” Yuna told you. “Jimin’s still going on about standards. And he won’t let us do any lifts except straight up and down.”

You sat down on the floor. “After what happened with Jiwoo, I can see why.” You said, pulling your heels in and pushing your knees down.

Yuna gave you a pained look. “Seriously, we’re going to have to get into the more complex stuff sometime, it might as well be now. We don’t need to do overheads, but just something.”

You frowned, looking down at your pointe shoe. The sports tape was already beginning to come off. You sighed, trying to push it back down onto the blue-stained satin. Yuna passed you a roll of her toe tape. It was bright yellow with smiley faces on it.

“Shoe problems, (Name)?” Minjee smirked at you from across the room. Everyone turned to listen.

“Don’t concern yourself, Minjee I’ll still be able to dance. Shoes are a minor issue.” You fake smiled while ripping off a piece of tape and stuck it over the old one. Your shoes already looked awful smiley faces couldn’t make it that much worse.

She snorted, leaning back against the barre. “Yeah, let’s not get into the major issues. Like how you keep knocking everyone else over in your tutu.” A few of the girls glanced at each other, silently agreeing. You kept your face confident, but inside your nerves stirred. It hadn’t been knocking exactly, but you knew you’d misjudged a lot of distances. It had made a lot of the others lose their balance. “Your own dance isn’t so great anyway, but do you have to screw all of us up as well?”

You glared at her, not knowing how to answer. You couldn’t deny it.

But then Yuna spoke up. “She’s doing a damn good job considering she’s had a concussion for the past few days, or has everyone forgotten that?”

Minjee turned her toxic gaze to her. “The judges don’t know that now, do they?” She looked around the class. “All they’ll see is a little bitch who has no connection to her class and dances round sloppily in a tutu which she doesn’t deserve. It doesn’t matter if poor baby (Name) hit her head. There aren’t any excuses in ballet, are there, (Name)?”

You bit the inside of your cheek, anger rising in you.

The door opened. Everyone snapped around.

“Good Morning, class!” Jimin strode into the room, followed by Mrs Shin. A thrill shot up your body. He wore the usual black shoes, trackpants and a fitted v-neck t-shirt which gave a small glimpse of his muscular chest. He seemed oblivious to the tension which was slowly leaving the room. Minjee gave you one last snide look as everyone stood up.

“Good Morning, sir.”

Jimin looked darkly around your class, his gaze brushing over you. Eventually he settled on Kihyun, who’d been sitting against the wall with Jongsoo and Dongwon. “Mister Lee Kihyun.” Jimin said. “You’ve been given permission to join back into my classes.”

You looked up sharply. What? Would he be your partner? Horrible flashes came back to you, no air, not breathing, suffocated by his arm, his body too close, the heat, his nails digging into you. You gulped. No, no Kihyun couldn’t dance with you, but surely he would have learnt his lesson? Surely he knew now how to hold someone, but you were happy with Eungkwan or comfortable, at least. Jimin surely wouldn’t let him dance with right? He had seemed so angry at him.

But Jimin’s expression was neither worried nor displeased. In fact, his business-like face was almost happy. “Dongwon, you will be partnered with Jongsoo. Kwangsik will be dancing with Yuna and Minjee, you will be partnered with Kihyun.” Wow you gaped at him with wide eyes along with the rest of the class, he had just skipped their surnames.

“What?” Exclaimed Minjee.

Dongwon and Jongsoo were looking at each other in horror.

You were worried for Kwangsik though, who’d been standing alone at the back, he looked petrified. You knew he had only been watching classes, much like Kihyun, because of the accident. But Yuna was surely the best person for him to get back into Pas de Deux with. She would understand his fears. You looked back to Jongsoo and Dongwon.

“But we’re both guys.” Jongsoo was complaining very fiercely.

“Yes, Jongsoo.” Jimin nodded. “I realize that. There is a lot to be learnt from reversing roles. If you want proper understanding of your partner then you need to understand what it feels like to be the person being held. You’ll stay partners for a few days and then I will change it again.”

“Wait, he’s my partner.” Minjee said incredulously, her hands on her hips. “I’m not swapping for Kihyun.”

Jimin raised his eyebrows. “Why not?”

“Because Jongsoo is my partner! Why me? Why not someone else? Why not (Name)? She was Kihyun’s old partner! That guy.” She pointed nastily at Eungkwan. “Isn’t even in our class.” Eungkwan’s face remained blank. You wondered if it mattered to him if he wasn’t needed here anymore. He could go back to Ballet History. He wouldn’t have to put up with your class and your own inexperienced dancing…

“I want to go with Kihyun!” Seohyun spoke up, sounding like a little kid demanding a toy someone else was playing with.

Jimin shook his head. “Mister Kyo and Miss Gyeon, this is not up for discussion. And neither is your partnership, Miss Gwan. I have chosen you for a good reason.”

“What reason?” Demanded Minjee.

He smiled at her politely, although you caught the devious glint in his eyes. Your curiosity sparked, but he quickly clapped his hands. “Positions, please! Everyone begin with promenades in retiré. Mrs Shin.”

Mrs Shin began the first opening bars, and Jimin went to talk to Yuna and Kwangsik quickly. Hopefully to reassure him. You went to Eungkwan, for once grateful to be back in his hands, and not in Kihyun’s.

“I am not going to be the girl, dude.” You heard Jongsoo say to Dongwon behind Eungkwan and you. You looked in the mirror.

Eungkwan gave a tiny laugh behind you and you couldn’t help but smile a little as you watched Jongsoo tentatively put his hands on Dongwon’s hips. Dongwon looked like he was about to barf. Minjee and Kihyun stood right next to you, she was grumpily letting Kihyun prepare. You were happy that you weren’t his partner, however you felt a little sympathetic towards him. His hands were rested ever so lightly on Minjee’s waist, and he swallowed, his eyes fixed on what he was doing.

“Alright and five six seven eight and ladies to retiré.” You went onto pointe and lifted one foot sideways to your knee.

“And turn five six seven.” Eungkwan walked gently around you, turning you as he went. “Add arms from second to fifth.” Your arms came above your head and floated back out to the sides. You breathed in the music. It was slow and sensual, unlike the fast-paced review piece.

“More fluid, Miss Gwan!” Jimin ordered as he walked down the rows, scrutinizing every couple. “And into front attitude.” You stretched your leg out in front of you, leaning back against Eungkwan. The back of your head rested against his shoulder.

You had a sudden yearning, almost painful. You wished it was Jimin’s shoulder, because it wouldn’t be a position, it would be a comfort. A girl resting her head against her love’s shoulder, taking solace in his warmth. You straightened ungracefully. What? What were you thinking? Jimin was your teacher nothing more than that.

And besides, the man himself now walked around the class, correcting people, taking no notice of you. “Into full promenades!” You stretched your leg all the way out behind you and you caught sight of  Dongwon and Jongsoo in the mirror. “Stop freaking moving!” Jongsoo demanded as Dongwon tried to do the normal, unpartnered promenade.

“I can’t balance with you jostling me.” Dongwon muttered.

“Gentlemen, stop bickering.” Ordered Jimin, not bothering to look at them as he helped Seohyun with her turnout.

“Work as a unit! And final turn six seven eight. Miss Gwan keep your leg up. Alright change to the arm.” It was difficult, since Eungkwan let go of your waist altogether, leaving you en pointe on one foot, and came a round to take your hand and arm.

“For God’s sake!” Minjee cursed beside you for the hundredth time. She’d lost her balance without Kihyun.

“Engage your core, Miss Gwan, and you won’t lose balance!” Jimin strode over to the two of them.

“You have to keep me on centre.” She snapped at Kihyun and went back up again. “And get your feet out of the way.” She added and Kihyun nodded and swallowed, now watching his feet steps carefully around her.

During fouettes, Minjee managed to kick Kihyun in the groin. He grunted and let go of her. “You should be holding me further away!” She exclaimed as he crumpled over.

“You kicked on the wrong freaking side!” He groaned into his knees.

The class had already broken out into sniggers.

“Aren’t you wearing a freaking groin belt?” Minjee snapped back, when he still hadn’t recovered.

“Miss Gwan.” Jimin said calmly. “Calculate your fouettes next time. Mister Lee, do join in as soon as you can. Mrs Shin, if you please.”

There wasn’t an exercise where Minjee and Kihyun didn’t have some sort of argument.

By the time you got to combinations, both of them had battered each other to a pulp, though no one really understood how. Even Dongwon and Jongsoo seemed to have managed better, though they’d spent a lot of their time swearing at each other about how heavy they were.

“And straight into a pirouette! And keep turning!” Jimin had his hands behind his back, focussing intensely on the dancers in front of him. “Come on Miss Gwan! You should still be turning! And up into arabesque! Stay en pointe! And lift!” Kihyun tried to lift Minjee. He huffed as he tried to hold her to the same height as everyone else.

“That’s not good enough, Miss Gwan! And down – ”

“Jesus!” Minjee exclaimed, stopping midstep. “It’s not me that’s the freaking problem!” She glared at Jimin. “It’s Kihyun!”

To your surprise, Jimin gave a lopsided grin, folding his arms and leaning back against the barre. “Really, Miss Gwan?”

“Yes!” She hissed.

Jimin’s grin widened. “So you’re blaming Mister Lee for your bad performance?”

Frowning, like the rest of the class she looked at Jimin as she repeated a ‘yes.’ Around you the others were nodding in agreement.

“Because after last time’s mishap it’s obvious that Mister Lee is the one doing things wrong?”


You looked confused at Jimin. What was he doing? This was horrible.

“And if any girl were to dance with Mister Lee she would undoubtedly have the same troubles you’re having?”

“Yes.” She said. You could see Kihyun’s face fall. Why was Jimin being so harsh to him? Surely it wasn’t fair…

“And if you were to dance with Mister Kyo, as you have been the past few weeks, you yourself would be absolutely fine?”

“Yes.” She said sharply.

Jimin pushed himself off the barre, unfolding his arms. “Mister Kyo, then.” He gestured for Jongsoo to join Minjee. Kihyun’s, head hung very low as he began walking to the back of the class. However Jimin shook his head. “No, Mister Lee, you will stay.” Kihyun turned back to him, confused. Jimin’s grin was lost for a moment, as his face turned serious. Suddenly he was looking at you. “Miss (Surname), can you partner Mister Kihyun for this combination?”

Everyone looked at you. After everything that had happened last time? After Jimin’s reaction. He wanted you to dance with Kihyun? You prayed your horror wasn’t so blatantly plastered on your face as it was on your mind. There was no way you could, but Jimin’s eyes held yours. He was telling you to trust him. Trust that he knew what he was doing, that he wouldn’t let Kihyun hurt you again.

The surprise of your class was obvious when you slowly nodded to Jimin. He smiled at you. It made you feel like your heart was glowing. God, you could have stared at that smile all day, but as soon as you had seen it, it disappeared and Jimin turned to mark out the movements. You nervously went to stand by a terrified looking Kihyun. Yuna shot you a concerned look as you tried to give him a reassuring smile. If he was hurting Minjee then she would have complained about it, you told yourself. Still, the images of your last dance with Kihyun wouldn’t leave you.

“Alright, begin with three steps forward, then promenade held by the hands. Ladies hold en pointe and then pirouette. Then lift, ending in back attitude.” Jimin narrowed his eyes at Minjee. “It’s short, but I’m sure you’ll be able to prove a point in that time, Miss Gwan.” He nodded for Mrs Shin to begin playing.

Kihyun hesitantly took your hands. Trust Jimin. Trust Jimin. “And steps forward.”

Kihyun walked you forward. “Up to arabesque.” Your nerves began screaming. The way he had held you last time no. Trust Jimin.

Kihyun gently turned you around. Jimin. This would be fine. Jimin wouldn’t let anything happen.

Kihyun let go of your hands, and you were left en pointe by yourself. Next to you, Jongsoo let go of one of Minjee’s hands, and then the other, not breaking contact with her. That way she couldn’t lose her balance.

“Now pirouette.” Unlike last time, Kihyun hands only turned you a few times. It wasn’t like Eungkwan at all. It was nervous, shaky, but it wasn’t painful. Jimin had been right, it was okay, but what about the lift? Oh God, the lift! When you’d lost all your breath, when Kihyun had dropped you, when…but as you plied in preparation, Jimin’s eyes locked with yours. It will be alright, they seemed to say. And as Kihyun lifted you from the waist, you gracefully rose into the air, your arms high above.

All the while, Jimin looked at you, keeping your mind eerily calm and still. He only looked away when you were safely back on the ground, holding the final attitude around Kihyun. Mrs Shin finished with a flourish of high notes.

Whilst you willed your heart to beat again, Jimin was already looking at Minjee. “Miss (Surname) seems to have fared well with Mister Lee, Miss Gwan.” You glanced back at Kihyun. He gave you a weak, relieved smile. You returned it, happy for him.

“Of course.” Jimin continued. “I would have expected nothing less from someone who’s been tutored by Master Jinho.”

You looked at Kihyun again. He was blushing deeply. Of course they wouldn’t have stopped him learning Pas de Deux altogether. Master Jinho had probably been giving him private lessons ever since the accident.

Jimin was grinning once more. “So, Miss Gwan, by means of simple deduction, we can see that it was you, not Mister Lee, who was the problem.”

Minjee’s nostrils flared. “That doesn’t explain why I did totally fine with Jongsoo sir.”

Jimin ignored the insult. “Mister Kyo is very accustomed to your laziness in partnering, Miss Gwan. I would have you dance with another person, but I believe Mister Lee proved it well enough.” He clasped his hands behind his back. “Both of you show me the change over from the promenade to the pirouette.” In a glimmer of realization, you understood what Jimin meant.

With more confidence this time, Kihyun let go of your hands, balancing you precariously by yourself, and walked around to take your waist. Jongsoo did the same as before, always giving Minjee something to balance on as he changed hands. “You see, Miss Gwan. You rely solely on Mister Kyo to keep you balanced, whereas Miss (Surname) was able to balance without the help of her partner. This time, Mister Kyo, perform it properly.”

They did it again, without Jongsoo’s support and Minjee lost her balance and had to go back on flat. Behind you, your class exchanged amused glances and Minjee cheeks turned an angry red. “There are two lessons you should learn from this, Miss Gwan.” Jimin said nonchalantly.

“Firstly, Pas de Deux is not about laziness on the lady’s part, Miss Gwan. You work just as hard as the gentleman. From now on I will not give exception to your bad habits. And Mister Kyo.” He looked to Jongsoo. “Never lower your standards on another person’s behalf.” He flicked a glance at Minjee. “They’re usually not worth it.”

The class sniggered. “The second lesson, Miss Gwan.” Jimin went on, not caring that Minjee was on the brink of bursting from anger or embarrassment, you couldn’t tell which. "Is that you should never judge another dancer until you know that you can do better than them. Only then can you possibly understand what they are doing wrong. And as I understand it, Miss Gwan, you seem to have judged a few people who are far beyond your skill and experience.“ His eyes wavered to you for just a second and his actions finally fell into place.

You should have known this morning when he’d asked you who’d organised the footbath stunt that he wouldn’t have just let it go by. But he’d seemed so distant, so uncaring. You looked at him, trying to decipher the complex man you seemed to have become so curious of, but his cool expression betrayed nothing. Minjee too, seemed to have realized what this was about.

Minjee wasn’t short, but she wasn’t tall, either. Jimin towered over her, powerful just in his stance. For once, she had nothing to say. He looked too terrifying. "It wasn’t your place to blame Mister Lee, just as it’s not your place to pass judgement on any of your peers. The teachers, the ballet masters and mistresses, and, above all, the audience, are the ones who have proper right to judge a performance. I knew Mister Lee was doing fine with you. Your judgement was wrong, and unnecessary.”

His eyes narrowed. “But you thought you were right. Just like you think it’s right to punish those who your judgements concern?” If there had been any doubt before, now everyone was certain of what Jimin was referring to. He turned to the class, leaving a fuming Minjee behind him.

“Understand that none of you have any authority to pass judgement, much less to act on those judgements.” He looked from person to person, his gaze as unavoidable as it was terrifying. “And if any of you ever decide you have the right to 'punish’ someone again, you will be out of this class and every class of Amour within a day. Are we in understanding?”

“Yes sir.” Everyone chorused. Your heart thudded as you curtsied. He had as much power in here as he had in his dance. You wondered if he knew just how much power he had over everyone’s emotions, or at least yours, but then that wasn’t saying much. You were a ridiculous exception.

Jimin gave everyone one last measured look, everyone except you.“Class dismissed.” He then said and began heading for the door, but then stopped in an afterthought. “Oh, and Mister Kyo and Mister Nam, I am surprised you found lifting each other so difficult, seeing as you spent much of last night carrying trunks around.”

Jongsoo paled and Jimin raised his eyebrows, pushing open the door. He looked at you for a short moment, just long enough for you to give him a silent 'thanks’. He nodded, his expression the same as when Kihyun had lifted you. Not the powerful teacher your class had just witnessed, but as something entirely else. Jimin looked you for a few moments more, then he left.

The room went completely still. No one seemed to know what to do or say. Even Seohyun and Hyeun, who always seemed to break such silences, were silent.

“Aha!” Suddenly the door was thrown open. In bounded Taehyung and Yoongi. What on Earth?

“Thank God you’re all still here!” Taehyung exclaimed as a wicked smile spread across Yoongi’s face. They were already dressed in their normal clothes. Taehyung in a curry colored sweater and skinny jeans, and Yoongi in a black turtleneck with black skinny jeans. Strangely, Taehyung was looking very serious as he stood in front of your bewildered class, keenly looking at them.

“Now. Which one is Gwan Minjee?”

Everyone looked over to Minjee, who was looking comically confused. “Aha!” Exclaimed Taehyung once again. In three quick strides he was right in front of her. Even you felt slightly sorry for her. Taehyung was a giant compared to her. You gave Yoongi a questioning look. He just grinned conspiratorially.

Taehyung held out his hand to Minjee. “I’m Kim Taehyung.” He said pleasantly. “You wear Bloch Pointe Shoes, right?”

Minjee nodded bemusedly, not taking his hand.

Taehyung nodded back seriously, uncaringly dropping his hand back to his waist. “Yes, apparently there’s been a duff batch made back at the factory in Russia. My father, he’s the headmaster, you know, told me I need to come and check yours, to make sure your not at risk off a snapping shank, if you know what I mean?”

“Okay.” She trailed off.

“Great!” Taehyung knelt down and quickly took her left foot, almost knocking her off balance. “Hmm…hmhm.” He turned her shoe left and right, then held the toe box in two massive hands.

Yoongi cleared his throat loudly. “Tae…”

Taehyung gave him an irritated look and stopped his examination, then looked at Minjee. “You do have a performance pair of pointe shoes, right?”

Minjee nodded. Performance pairs. God, you wished you’d had some, but damn quality pointe shoes was expensive.

“Splendid!” Taehyung exclaimed, his loud voice booming around the room. He continued to turn her foot all kind of ways without injuring her “Well.” He said eventually, standing back up. “They seem to be absolutely fine, Miss Gwan.” He shook her hand again. “Charming to meet you. And good luck all of you for the review!” He waved jubilantly and bounded out of the room. What on Earth?

By the piano, Eungkwan’s intelligent mind was ticking, and he frowned. “Mister Min I don’t believe Bloch shoes are factory made.” Yoongi just grinned at him. “Don’t worry, my friend, it was a bit of a-” Yoongi lifted an eyebrow in thought, then looked at Minjee with the most mischievous smile. “Sticky situation.”

“Oh my God!” Cried Minjee and you all turned to look.

You covered your mouth to stop from laughing. The entire toe box of her shoe was covered in bright red bubblegum. Dawon must have told them.

You looked back to the front, but the boys had fled. You could hear Yoongi and Taehyung’s laughter, echoing down the corridor.

“What the hell?” Minjee exclaimed. “My freaking pointe shoe!”


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When you’re the emotionally manipulative broody type who can’t stand up to your homicidal sister but you still look good.

(Sir Thomas Sharpe from Crimson Peak. Photos by @multiverseandchapsticks )





Apart from that awesome encounter :D I got to see a lot of cool cosplays and events and truly thank you to my friend for being kind enough to take me and paying for me :3 ALSO I SAW A YONDU FANART AND LITTERALLY SCREAMED “OMG MY BAAAAEEEE!” EVERYONE LOOKED AT ME WEIRD AGAIN XD AND JUST CONTINUED TO MY FRIEND “LIKE SORRY GUYS I HAVE TO BUY THIS CAUSE MY POSSI NEEDS HIS FACE IN MY ROOM!” AND MY OTHER FRIEND WAS LIKE “oOOOH I GET YOU WANNA SMASH HIM!!” XD AND SO YEEEEAHHH I GOT IT!!!

Author : Mel
A/N : I told @bigdaddymongoose I wanted to try writing drabbles based on gifs again. She sent me this one to get me started.

You started to giggle again before turning to Sam who laid next to you on the bed. “What?” He furrowed his brow, his eyes leaving the ceiling and turning to you. “What’s so funny now?”

“Dean’s going to flip when he comes back.” You chuckled. “But hey, at least he’s bringing food, right? I’m starving. I’ll gladly let him yell at me if he brings me a burger.”

Sam laughed, his eyes shining. “He won’t yell at you.”

“He will! Or he’ll do the dad thing and be ‘disappointed’. We’re high as fuck, Sam.”

“Hey, all we did was eat some brownies..” He was grinning. “Some really fucking good brownies, by the way.”

“Thank you, Sir.” You smiled and looked back up at the ceiling fan, watching it spin. His compliment warmed you, and you licked your lips.

“Besides. Why do you think Dean eats so much fucking pie.” He laughed.

Your eyes went wide, and you turned back to him. “No!”

“Oh yeah.”

“That little fucking hypocrite!” You laughed. “He’ll still do the dad thing, though. We both know it. The whole ‘do as I say, not as I do’ bullshit.”

“Then let’s buy ourselves some time.” His hazel eyes locking on yours.

“And how do you propose we do that Sammy? Barricade the door so he can’t get in?”

“Make it so he doesn’t want to.” You raised an eyebrow, and Sam rolled to his side and kissed you, both of you moaning gently into it.

“Genius plan.” You mumbled against his lips before your arms went around his neck and he moved over you.

Your obedient servant

Request: Ella Enchanted au

Pairing: John Laurens x reader

Warnings: minor character death, a brief life-threatening situation

Word count: 3,641

A/N: Day three of the @hamwriters writeathon- well, today is day four I’m not doing day four so… Today is Literature day and I’m introducing you to Gail Carson Levine’s “Ella Enchanted” (guys read it the book it’s better than the movie). This is a fantasy au 

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On the day of your birth, as the midwife left the room and your mother, tired and holding you, closed her eyes a fairy materialised in the room. Your mother exclaimed her surprise and her maid Theodosia came running, stunned at the sight of a mythical being in the bedroom.

“What a cute child,” the fairy cooed, taking you from your mother’s arms. “It’s nice to meet you! My name is Lucas and I am here to give you a gift”

“You cried and cried,” your mother always laughed when she told you the story.

Lucas frowned at your tears and decided the gift he would bestow on you would be that of obedience. “It’s perfect!” he smiled, pressing a fingertip to your forehead, “A blessing to you.” You bawled harder. “Stop crying!” he commanded, and you did.

Then he handed you back to your mother and disappeared.

Your mother told you to keep your curse- for that’s what it truly was- a secret and, since you were bound to do as told, you never let a soul know. Most people put you down as a goody two shoes and let you be, but some people figured it out.

When you were six and playing in the street with your friends, a little boy stole your ball and told you to “Eat dirt”. So you did. You watched him figure it out and smirk, dropping the ball. “Steal an apple from the grocer’s,” he commanded, so you did.

The grocer caught you and brought you home to your mother. She apologised and told you to give the apple back.

After that, you were homeschooled.

You were twelve when your mother died. At the funeral you felt stiff and isolated, despite the people all giving their condolences. When someone stood up to give a speech you couldn’t take it and ran outside. None of them knew your mother like you did. 

Leaning against the stone wall of the building, you sobbed. It was raining and your dress was quickly soaked through, but you didn’t care. After a little while, you heard steps approaching. You guessed it was your father and wished he would go away.

“I liked your mother,” someone said, and you paused. It wasn’t a voice you recognised, “she was kind to me when I tried to run away from home.”

You sniffed and stood up. A guy about your age was looking out over the graveyard. He had curly hair, freckles, and a gentle smile. You recognised his face with surprise- Prince John. 

You gave a wobbly curtsy and wiped your eyes with your sleeve. “I didn’t realise you knew her, your highness,” you said quietly.

“John, please,” he said. “I ran away from home when I was about six- brought my stuffed turtle, and my wooden sword.”

Despite yourself, you cracked a smile at the image- you could easily imagine a younger John with a mop of unruly curls traipsing through the kingdom with his turtle and his sword. Encouraged by your smile, John kept going. “I stopped in your garden,” he remembered,  “you were inside, baking. Your mother let me have a cookie and a nap and I went home again. She didn’t tell.”

You looked at the stained-glass windows of the church, “That sounds like her.”

John offered you his hand. “Do you want to go back inside?”

You shook your head. “I’ll just stay here,” you gestured vaguely to the graveyard outside of the church, “it’s too much to be in there.”

“Do you mind if I stay?” You looked up, surprised. John had dropped his hand but he still looked hopeful.

“I don’t mind,” you said quietly. John beamed and fell into step beside you. 

You walked up and down the rows of gravestones, pausing occasionally to decipher a weathered name or put back flowers that had blown away. By the time everyone left the funeral and got ready to go home, you were almost smiling again.

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Imagine surprising Robb Stark with your strong sense of strategy.

You waited until you were pretty sure that everyone was asleep and snuck into Robb’s tent. You didn’t care about Robb himself, you had no intention of waking him up, but you had heard some things that had bothered you earlier. Laid out before you was a map of the Seven Kingdoms, and the last known whereabouts of different important people and enemies. Some of the figures were in different spaces because of Robb’s strategies.

You licked your lips and picked up the little wolf figure, which meant Robb Stark. You were about to put it down when you heard his voice behind you. “Why are you interfering?” He asked. You turned around and slowly put the figure down.

“Because you’re making a mistake.”

“How so?”

You beckoned him over to the table. He looked at you incredulously, but stepped forward anyway. “It would be easier for the Lannisters to head this way, that’s true, but they don’t always take the easy path. They’ll most likely come from this way, to try to bring about a surprise ambush and get Jaime back. If I’m right, then we’re in danger if we proceed as we are. We need to take a little risk and assume that they are doing the same, and head to where they may be coming through. Surprise them as they intended to do to us. No offense meant Sir, you do have a good plan.”

Robb looked a little surprised, and then reassessed the map. “I think you may just be right, Y/N.”