you silly potato

Seán seriously you do not need to apologize.

There was no way you would’ve had enough time to be able to make enough videos to cover the whole tour with The Grumps and that’s fine. Please don’t make yourself feel bad or guilty over that, you tried your best and that seriously is enough! Like I keep telling you over and over again, you’re a person before you are a Youtuber and not a video making machine. I seriously care about you Seán and I just want to see you be happy, I don’t want to see you stress yourself out over this because you need and deserve this break. 
So please, go have an absolute blast on this tour and let yourself enjoy your break. Go out there and make those new memories and experiences for yourself my friend! :D 
We’ll all be here when you come back, I’ll be here when you come back and I’ll be cheering you on while you’re gone too. :) 

Have fun traveling Arin and Danny you silly green haired potato! ;D 


shadows-surge  asked:

xed you silly potato :3 letting people answer your questions... for you? IT'S BRILLIANT!

Hahahaha!! Well I dunno about brilliant but we’ve been laughing our butts off about all of our shenanigans and honestly I’m having the best time ever

Thanks in advance for y'all putting up with our silliness!

~ Xedra (potato mod with no ragrets)
~ CP and Pidge (honorary ask-answerers)
~ Poke (witness to the madness)

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You shouldn't save your images as JPGs. JPGs degrade the quality of images to get smaller file sizes. Your artwork would look better if you saved it as PNGs. And resaving a JPG as a PNG doesn't reverse it; it has to be saved as a PNG from the beginning. Also, they don't scale up or down very well.

Thanks for suggesting though!



To give you context for this:

maharielvhen‘s post [here] is one of my favourite Awakening things, but it lacked Justice so I decided to add him myself. This whole discussion about Justice’s sense of humour being extremely dry reminded me about it.

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psst. I'm addicted to your art. halp. sz (atirahc aqui, leia de trás pra frente. Q)

waitwotSQUEEEEEEE—— AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW I MISSED YOU, YOU SILLY POTATO AAAAAA!! 💞💕💞💕💞💕💞💕 (omg sua arte está ainda mais maravilhosa, você progrediu tanto….. REBLOG TIMEEEE)

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Summary: After a long night editing, Dan is too tired to concentrate properly. Something bad is bound to happen, it’s just that this time it’s not only him it effects.

(based off this prompt)

Genre: fluff, prompt

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: swearing

When I woke up on that far too sunny Tuesday morning, it was fair to say I was tired. I really should have learned from my multiple experiences that staying up until 5 am editing was not good for me, or other people around me.

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I think I'm kinda stalking your blog... sooorrry...

(( ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ ))

How dare you anon so I cannot love you back

why do you even sorry me you little potato

Just wait till I find out who you are anon

jk Ily 

PLEASE STALK ME ( ´థ,_‥థ`)