you silly boys

“Anti, glitch bitches CAN’T die. you silly. don’t touch that.”

Guys, I made a Danti comic and it’s 3:30 in the morning! what am I doing with my life ;0 If you have Danti ideas you should message me and maybe I’ll draw it :0 !!! OH And hey, check out more of my artwork on YouTube!

i woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t sleep until i finished this


he definitely likes you
  • Draco: *wanking in his bed* Potterrrrr
  • Harry: What?
  • Draco: *jumps* OH MY GOD WHAT?!!?
  • Harry: *taking off the invisibility cloak* How did you know I was here??? I was so quiet???
  • Draco: *furiously scrambling to protect his modesty* I- I didn't know you were there!?
  • Harry: Oh... so you didn't notice me?
  • Draco:
  • Harry: Whew, good. Alright then, please carry on *slips back under the cloak*
  • Draco: *confusedly resumes wanking*
  • Draco in his head: I wonder if Potter likes me
  • Harry in his head: I wonder if Malfoy likes me

me: i want to draw some self-indulgent pastel goth garbage

my goblin brain: make it mika

Your lie in April (2017)

I met this boy under silver falling stars 
and my fate has begun to change.


Jesse! You silly, boy! If Gabe would know what you wanna do..

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About “rice eaters” remark:

I got messages accusing me/Jesse of racism because of the moment when Jesse called his opponents from Hanamura “Rice eaters”. I want you all to know, like I also did through a separate post, that I didn’t mean it to sound racist in any way. McCree didn’t see much until he joined Over/Blackwatch, reason for which he might be slightly narrow minded when it came to other cultures. Not because he disrespected them, but because he knew little. He was young and still learning. And I, by no means, am a racist. I love the Japanese culture and don’t have anything against any other culture or race. (and if you check my blog you will see that I truly have no limits or reasons to lie about this). I am sorry if some of you found it offensive/racist, but I had a reason for which I made the remark. 

More about this HERE.


~ This comic will present the events that happened about 20 years before those from Rendezvous comic(linked below). Not to mention that this will reveal how Hanzo and Jesse met!~

Rendezvous comic:

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Something Worth While

The Samwell legacy is continued when Jack and Bitty’s son attends Samwell University after a horrible accident, in hopes their son will find something worth while like Jack did all those years ago. A tale of stolen recipes, fire extinguishers, and of course- the SMH feud with the lacrosse team

(Angsty and containing a character with bipolar disorder.)


It was a frat house, and not even a good one. It looked about one hundred years old, the steps creaked with the horrifying idea of collapsing under each step, and the yard contained rusty old lawn chairs. Even if Jeremy Zimmermann did go to college, he would definitely not live in a frat house that looks like this.

“You cannot be serious.” Jeremy hisses, hitching his bag higher on his shoulder, but not turning around to face his parents.

“One-hundred percent serious, honey.” His Dad says, and the passive-aggressive southern hitch to his voice makes Jeremy to shut up about his current position.

“Why can’t I just live in a dorm or something?” Jeremy tries a different approach, finally turning around and looking at his Papa, specifically not his other dad. You would think Jack Zimmermann, NHL superstar, would be the hard ass. 

“Because this is better.” His Papa shifts his feet from side to side, looking extremely nervous. Either because his son was about to live in a death trap, or because he would be forced to go to Samwell, Jeremy didn’t know.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we didn’t think it was best.” His Papa adds, and his hopeful and still worried eyes broke Jeremy’s heart a little than it already has, because he always hated disappointing his parents and goddamn did he screw up this time.

“I’m an adult. You can’t force me to stay here.” Jeremy argues, and he sees his older sister bristle a little from behind their dad.

“You sure ain’t actin’ like an adult, Jeremy.” His Dad pipes in, his voice more firm. “And you’re right, we can’t keep you here. But you told us in the hospital you wanted our help and that you were trying to get better, but you felt alone. And honey, we never wanted you to feel like that. Ever” His Dad takes a deep breath, and his tone holds no malice. Just a tremor of fear for what their son was going through. This was Jack’s idea after all.

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Oh, well thank you so much! I’m super glad you’re interested! Since I haven’t done a recent master post of them all, here’s a new one! I’ll be sure to put all their tags in, so you can check them out. Thanks again!

dont get me wrong i love how otabek is all scrunched and cute af like this but now im like more random thoughts going through beka’s mind

1. i just need to last a little bit longer in the top ranks to get to see yuri again ; n  ;

2. i cant believe i get to sit next to the ever so gorgeous victor again or is that just me, i mean what (also swoons two of my top fav boys lasdjfl)

3. im so hungry rn i still can’t believe i made it here but i cant wait till this is over so i get to eat

4. im so tired maybe they wont notice if i just close my eyes for a bit rest well my sweet prince