you silly


Jaal would totally adore cats and nothing you can say will ever convince me otherwise. End of discussion.

Having said that, I’m sitting sick at home and when I’m sick my brain comes up with weird art ideas, so here you go. AND I STILL HAVEN’T PLAYED THE GAME. *SCREAMS* I’m waiting for all the patch work to be done, I’d like for it to be May now plz.

I’ll get u all the cats, Jaal, buddy <3333

30 day otp challenge | day 2: on a date


I had this idea for awhile, that Star tapes (Ok maybe not tape but connects) feather wings to her mewberty wings and she can actually fly. Not for long In distance and height since the feather wings are heavy but the more she practices the better she gets.

Art by me, Gif made by- @svtfoevalhalla 

bless this Guy

ratings of every type of pikmin

red pikmin are always your first friends!! from the moment you begin your adventures you’ve always got these trustworthy pals by your side! they’re so very strong too, and a little heat doesn’t bother them at all! truly your best fire-forged friends. 10/10

yellow pikmin sure do like to fly high! they feel at home peeking down at you atop a tiny tree, so they can get stuff down for you that’s much too high for anyone else to get on their own! they sure are pretty sparky and like to carry bomb rocks, though, so handle with care!! 10/10

what cute little aquatic friends!! blue pikmin the best swimmers in the world, they’d win the gold in the 100m freestyle no problem. and look at those cute little mouths! who better to have around when you’re traversing the watery depths? you always feel safe with these piks by your side!! 10/10

such big, chubby buddies!! purple pikmin are super strong and great at lifting up heavy objects that the other pikmin can’t handle!! and their weight is very good for stunning monsters so that other pikmin have an opening to safely attack!! what admirable strength!! 10/10

they’re so tiny, you might miss them! but you’re bound to see their big, cute red eyes from miles away. white pikmin are very mischievous, but they’re still your helpful pals, through thick and thin. and they’re so speedy! just watch out for their poison!! 10/10

imagine if your pet rock was even cuter!! rock pikmin are great at smashing those pesky crystal formations that get in your way! how else would you have freed that sunseed berry from its crystally prison if not for these little guys? and have you ever heard their wobbly little voices?? truly shaped like a friend. 10/10

winged pikmin are like little pink bees!! what innocent, big blue eyes, what a lovely pink colour, and what sweet little voices! and how cute are they when they go carrying your treasures across the terrain, without a care in the world? water? pssh, we can fly right over that. possibly the most helpful little pikmin ever!! 10/10

sometimes you find friends in the most unlikely of places! the lonely little bulbmin are here for you to help in the darkest and spookiest of caverns, and they can survive almost anything that comes their way. how adorable and versatile!! i wish i could bring them back home with me, it feels so awful to abandon them! 10/10 

this little guy is a bit confused, but he’s still your friend. if you can defeat that big bad puffstool in time then he’ll come back to you! he doesn’t really want to hurt you! he still believes in you, all the way! just give him a little bit of time and don’t worry! 10/10

The Zodiac Signs While Waiting for You to Text Back

Aries is too busy to care. 

Taurus likely fell asleep. 

Gemini keeps trying hard not to look at their phone.

Cancer hides their phone away. 

Leo gets annoyed. 

Virgo goes back and rereads your old messages. 

Libra secretly dies inside. 

Scorpio imagines the worst. 

Sagittarius moved on with their life. 

Capricorn sends a “?”. 

Aquarius likely lost their phone. 

Pisces got lost in a movie, show, or game.