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BTS as Kingsman (Seokjin)

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-Literally a whole dad. Like super supportive of new trainees and then always becomes a mentor to the newest member. Hes kinda good at judging people

-Its gotten to the point where whenever they have a new batch of trainess he can basically guess whos in and whos going to be out. AND HES NEVER WRONG

-Like ‘ that one is too confident i think he’ll be out when we toss him out of a plane and make him work with the others. Next’

-‘That one just busted DOWN A DOOR WITH HIS SHOULDER FUCK YEAH KID YOURE IN’ (good job lancelot!!)

-Codename: Galahad

-Jin really likes being more of a tech guy instead of being in the field.

-Like yeah i can hack into the any security system and delete anything theyve got or obtain top secret government files without being detected on their system but dont ask me to punch a guy in his throat

-Like i will if i HAVE TO but ask lancelot first he’ll punch anyones throat so leave me here

-So basically one day arthur is like ‘hey galahad we kinda need you to hack into the United States Governments files’ and jin just

-‘Okay sure’

-So jin gets to it and hes typing at the speed of light and there are a bunch of numbers and letters on the screen and jins just chilling because of course hes got this in the bag hes done this like a hundred times

-And he finally pushes enter (dramatically might i add) because that always gets him right in and he turns in his swivel chair and hes like ‘what do you need arthur’

-But arthur is like ‘umm bro’ and hes pointing at the computer and jin turns around and HIS EYES ALMOST POP OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS

-He! Has! Been! Detected! And! Blocked! Out! Of! The! Archives! And! Databases!

-How did this happen@@@@@@@

-Jin just kind of gets this determined look in his face and suddenly hes typing faster than before (if thats even possible)

-‘Galahad whats going on?’

-‘Something is keeping me out but that should be impossible because…because…well just because i know what im doing and they shouldnt be able to trace anything back to me and what is going on’

-Jin is like working overtime on his computer like how does he type that fast how is he even reading the things that come up on screen if they disappear in .2 seconds what is this

-‘Okay okay no need to panic its probably just like a firewall or something’

-Jin stops everything and glares at arthur

-‘Are you kidding me? You think of all things a measly firewall will stop me. This sint a firewall.Its not even some bot system either because its too slow. This is like human speed blocking.’

-Suddenly jins screen goes completely black.

-Both men are confused bc umm whats going on

-A loading bar appears at the top of the screen and suddenly some kind of I.M. window pops up.

-Jin tries to click the x in the top right corner to close the window but nothing happens.

-Instead in the bottom left corner there are three dots and the words

-‘Y/N’ is typing…’

-The message that pops up leaves jin red in the face

-‘Is someone being a bad boy?’

-Arthur is laughing because ‘did your computer really get some kind of freaky virus from waching porn’


-‘I really need you…’

-Jin frantically pushes the x but it still doesnt work


-Both arthur and galahad stop what theyre doing umm this is a little too real

-‘Are you going to respond?’

-‘I know youre reading these’

-‘I can see you right now’

-There is literally no way you can see them because theyre in hq which is a mansion in the middle of nowhere

-Another window pops up on the screen and its jin like in real time and he realizes its the image from the camera on his computer and oh my gosh someone is hacking into the hackers computer what the heck

-‘This is a warning. Don’t try to hack the government again because I will find you. Have fun.’

-The screen goes black again and when it light up lo and behold its on A PORN SITE lol arthur is dying in the background bc galahad just got out hacked.

-Jin is still shocked by the fact that someone was capable of doing this to him. Like there is someone out there that can really get into their system despite jin taking every precaution and making it nearly impossible to hack

-Jin shuts off his computer and just kinda flops onto the ground because what the heck


-Sure enough  jin still cant get into the database and the I.M. window pops up again

-‘I literally warned you’

-Jin kinda hesitates a little because should he respond or…

-‘How did you know it was the same person’

-‘I told you. I can see you’


-‘I dont hack and tell baby.’

-Jin is taken back?? Um baby? Hes no baby. Hes not your baby. Is he your baby?!?!?! Mom???????

-This goes on for like a while. Like jin tries to get into the files but hes always stopped by you and then you guys have  a lil conversation and jin starts trying to hack more often just becuase…

-He wants to talk to you a little bit?

-Like he genuinely begins to worry about himself because does he like someone thats preventing him from doing his job? Have you become a part of his daily routine? Can he separate himself from you?? Its like a criminal falling in love with a cop basically.

-You also let your guard down a little bit like he already knows your name and birthday and about your dog. You dont tell anyone about your dog. Bc hes yours. Your! Dog! But this guy trying to hack into the US government knows about him what have you done.

-You decide its time for a break from this whole hacker blocking thing so you tell your boss and he assigns someone else to this case.

-Yeah its a case.

-The gov. has been trying to figure out who is getting into their files and you were put in charge but clearly its proving more difficult than you thought bc you have grown attached and if he gets caughts then you wont be able to talk to him anymore

-Youve figured out for the most part where he is located but you havent reported it to your boss because…because you cant…

-So now theyve got someone else trying to figure out what you already know

-The day you decide to take your break jin also decided he wants to talk to you and there he goes trying to hack again. He pushes anter and waits for the screen to go black like it has for the last few weeks.

-But it doesnt??

-Hes suddenly in the governments files…?

-Jin is kind of of worried like umm where is Y/N and why didnt she stop me from doing this.

-So jin has no idea what to do now because for the next week he keeps getting into the files and its like you disappeared from the internet and all of a sudden he gets an idea

-Like hes got these government files so if you work for the government they must have some information on you right???

-He searches your first name and a few different people pop up then he narrows it down to one by looking at the birthday and there you are in all your glory.

A picture of you that makes jin’s heart skip a few beats followed by 

Name: L/N, F/N 

Age: 24

Department: Cybersecurity 

and right there…your address…

-Seokjin swallows hard before he scribbles the address down on a piece of paper.

-Hes out of his chair before he knows it and nobody has time to question him when he says hes going out into the field to gain some valuable information

-AND THATS HOW HE ENDS UP on an airplane to your location at 9 pm.

-One five hour flight and a one hour taxi drive later jin is standing outside what he assumes is your house at 3 in the morning

-He hesitantly knocks on the door and waits.

-You are woken up from your good night of sleep by a knock on the door and when you look at the time youre like umm who is here at 3 am and why, oh wait you think you know why

-You shuffle downstairs slowly

-You swallow hard and open the door. The person you see on the other side doesnt startle you bc oh my gosh this is the hacker man ive possible fallen in love with even though technically im supposed to be throwing him in jail oh my gosh

-And you deliberately let him find out your location in hopes that he’d show up but you didnt think he’d be here so soon

-Maybe this was a bad idea


-Your mind is nearly blank but somehow you manage to play it cool

-‘I wasn’t expecting you so soon’

-Jin is ??????? you were expecting him???

-‘I didnt think you’d let your guard down long enough that i would figure out your address.’ jin plays it off cool with a little smirk that makes you want to pounce on him

-‘Oh baby…its so cute you think you could have actually found me.’

-Jin raises an eyebrow in confusion

-‘Don’t try to fool yourself. I let you find me.’ the way your bottom lip juts out slightly is enough to make jin lose it

-he is impossibly entranced by you bc not only can you out hack him but you also outsmart him and out-hot(?) him and everything in between.

-He literally cannot hold himself back he just kinda goes for it like a full on dizzying, heated, passionate, swollen lips and flushed faces type of kiss.

-And that is how you managed to get yourself a kingsman boyfriend.

A/N: Sorry if this one is a little bad its just kind of what comes out of my mind. 

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• Lovino and Antonio only know each other as fanfiction writers and not in real life. They were friends as writers but strangers in reality. So how things will go if one day Antonio catch a glimpse of what his favorite customer (he is a waiter in a café) writing about and it turns out it is the new chapter of his friend’s ongoing story? (Thank you again!)

This is essentially a text-fic! I didn’t know they could be so hard to write, but they are, man. With all that formatting. *Shudder*. But it was still fun and I’ve been meaning to write a text fic for AGES. 

tomato-turtles: Antonio
lovirage: Lovino
actual-prussian-badass: Gilbert
fancy-fucking-francis: Francis
actualsunshine: Feliciano

EDIT: I forgot to add, for the sake of this fic, let’s assume the two are writers in the Harry Potter fandom, mostly because Harry Potter is a well-known universe and it won’t confuse anyone. Also, let’s assume that they’re both Remus/Sirius shippers, because that pairing is cool. 

Antonio always dropped in his customary ‘good morning’ in the Tumblr chat. Lovi used to get super annoyed initially, but now he just played along. Antonio suspected Lovi looked forward to his good mornings. 

tomato-turtles: hi lovi!! how are ya

lovirage: hey tt. 

He always called Antonio ‘tt’, short for Tomato Turtles: his name on AO3,, and of course, Tumblr. 

tomato-turtles: i reread your new chapter after you told me you were worried about it
tomato-turtles: and it’s so cute!! really youre such a good writer <3 

lovirage: thanks. 

tomato-turtles: why were you so worried about it anyway

lovirage: i got a fucking flame comment saying i needed to get hit by a bus and stop writing 

tomato-turtles: WHAT NO 
tomato-turtles: WHO IS THIS 

lovirage: relax tt. i don’t really care, i deleted the review
but it still made me worried that maybe the new update for my fic sucked

tomato-turtles: IT DOES NOT. IT’S SO CUTE

lovirage: good to know
lovirage: hows your morning going

tomato-turtles: mmh the same really. getting ready for work
tomato-turtles: im putting in a couple of extra hours this week because i want to go on a roadtrip with gil and francis over the weekend

lovirage: these friends of yours, they seem crazy. theyre the same ones that got drunk and spray painted moustaches onto every fashion hoarding they could reach?                                                                                                           

tomato-turtles: they never got caught for that lol
tomato-turtles: what are you gonna be doing today? 

lovirage: idk it’s a saturday so i’ll probably just sleep some more
lovirage: maybe write the new update

tomato-turtles: A NEW UPDATE ALREADY? YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!

lovirage: calm down tt 
lovirage: i’m just keen to add a plot twist

tomato-turtles: oh god no

lovirage: what?

tomato-turtles: your “plot twists” always involve someone dying 

lovirage: that is not true


 lovirage: BUT I CURED HIM


lovirage: *sends gif with evil laugh*
lovirage: …and my cute fic is going to become…dark

tomato-turtles: ughhhhh i hate you

lovirage: really now? 

tomato-turtles: ok no i love you tbh but like
tomato-turtles: can you let my children live in peace

lovirage: HELLO EXCUSE ME, but YOU wrote that fic “SPEAKING OF SUNFLOWERS” and you fucking tortured remus with crucio until he lost his mind and I was screaming and crying 

tomato-turtles: we write such dark fics
tomato-turtles: we should collab on something funny!! fluffy!! 

lovirage: good idea. maybe soon

tomato-turtles: anyway i gotta go to work! bye lovi have a nice day :D <3

lovirage: bye tt 

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boom boom; no one asked but here is my perceptive on the ‘i want to be mare but i am white- what should i do/ would i get the role?’ topic.

please no hate, i’m allowed to state my opinion.

The answer to the question (for me) is very simple: no. personally, i do not think you would get the role. you might be the best actor in the whole world, but pale as hell, and i don’t feel as if you should get the roll. there are so many different reasons why (here are a few):

1. the casting/ directors would get a TON of backlash. Mare is latina, and if they were to cast a white person in her role it would be whitewashing. some people might refuse to go see the movie which could make it drop in popularity, and income, which would all in all be terrible. it could be taken out of theaters sooner, and ruin jobs for the casting, and director. 

2. there needs to be more representation in the media. red queen has a huge following, and if everyone in the fandom tells all there friends and families to see the rq movie (when it comes out) who have no previous reading experience to the books, it will get more population, thus more ads on tv. more people will see it. and the best part would be– that there would be a non-white lead!!! i mean think of how big that would be, i know there have been leads in the past who have not been white, but i mean a latina lead would be amazing! it would make people see past race and say (or think) ‘hey not every white person is the hero, heros can be anyone, any race.’ And for people who havent read the book think back on the movie think mare is white, remember her as white– which she isnt. it would also open peoples eyes to different races in big screen media.

3. In book one, mare’s skin is paled to fit into silver life. think logically here guys, if mare was cast as a white person how would they do this? throughout the series mare struggles as who she is always saying ‘im not Marena (idk how to spell it give me a break)’ what would happen for this scene? honestly? would they just take it out of the movie? its half of the red queen book! and even if you got a ‘spray tan’ to try and not be pale, or make yourself look more ‘latina’…… dont. dont even think about doing that. one, you shouldnt try and change your damn race for a role its not appropriate at all. two, just dont. seriously.

4. If a younger generation saw the movie, it could make them looking up to mare. i mean hell, who doesnt look up to mare? shes a badass. but it would influence the younger kids (or something) to look up to different people of different races, expanding there line of intrest.

some additional mini-rants/ points:

- acting is just the half of it, looking the role is also looked upon at casting calls and is still very important.

Now for the answer for ‘what should i do’: I think you could still try out if you are white. you CAN try out for mare, i am not stopping you at all, just be remembering my points. if you dont get mare just dont be salty. dont let race stop you from living your dreams, 

add what u guys think!! (if u want im not forcing u)

Hell and Back

Caution before reading!!!


Abuse, murder, blood, men that beats women and children.
If you have ever been or are going threw a similar circumstance, you are brave. If you ever need to talk or just want to vent. I am always here. NO JUDGMENT ZONE. Love SJ

You’ve been dating Kozik for ten months now. It was going great until your past came knocking at your front door.
“Hey sweet heart, aren’t you going to invite me in”. Your  step father asked
“What the hell are you doing here”?
“I came to see you sugar”. His nic names made your skin crawl.
“Hey Babe who’s at the door”? You heard Kozik yell.
“Its no one”.
“I’m not just no one, I raised you”. He shook his head. “No respect”. Thats when he slapped you across the face.
Kozik heard the commotion and ran to your side. You held your stinging cheek.
“You dont fucking hit my girlfriend”. Kozik threw a punch.. “Who the hell are you”. He threw another and another, your step father tried shielding his face from the blows.
“Kozik stop… STOP”. You screamed.
He turned around. “You okay, lets get you inside and I’ll call Tara”. He helped you inside and sat you on the couch.
Looking out your glass door, you saw your step father stubble to get up. You smiled. He was hurt and it made you feel good.
Kozik called Tara, she was there in no time.
“Who did this”. She asked
“Its no one”. You hissed at her touching your face.
“Who was it Y/N” Kozik demanded to know.
“It was my step dad okay”.
“That son of a bitch,I’m going to kill him”. Kozik angrily said.
“No your not, just let him leave”.
“Let him leave, he must have hit your pretty hard”. “You better check her for a concussion”. He said to Tara.
“Kozik I dont want him near us, so leave him alone”. “You dont know him like I do, he will stir  shit up”. Yelling at him.
Kozik stormed off, leaving you in tears. Not from pain but from seeing your old self.
Kozik called Juice and asked him to get everything he could on your step dad. Juice reported back quickly.
“He was a ex cop, army trained, been reported for domestic violence on wife and kids” “Every time the police came, he would say its a miss understanding and would be let off with a warning”. “He was dishonorable discharged from the army for hitting a woman Sargent”. “His words were "Women shouldnt be running the country, they should be at a mans beck and call for anything they want or need and for the fun of it”. Juice said over the phone. Kozik ran his hand down his face
“Shit, thats why she told me to let him go”.
“So what do you want to do brother, all of us are here wanting for your word”. “Happys even picked out a place to bury”.
“Someone follow him, dont touch him until I get there”. We are going to settle this soldier to soldier". “I’m going to teach him not to hit a woman, my woman”. Kozik hung up, walking in side. You saw Y/N watching TV with Tara.
“I got club shit, you alright to be alone”?
“Yeah, be careful”. You kissed him.
“I’ll stay with her until you get back”.
“Thanks Tara, I’ll let Jax know”. You walked out ready for a killing.
You arrived at the club house. All the guys were in a huddle in the garrage. They got him.
“That was fast, where was he”. You walked up and took of your kute.
“Bar, drinking away”. Juice said.
You looked at him, old drunk, a wannabe soldier and a fucking coward. “Hey you still alive”.
He spat at you.“ Fuck you, she was my bitch first”. He laughed.
Kozik swung his right hook. Busted his lip and eye open. “Shes not yours anymore, that person is free now”. “You are a pussy for hitting a woman”. You threw another punch. He fell to the floor.
“Come on old man, get up”. “Fight someone your own size, that can defend their selfs”. “I thought you are soldier”. You spat on him.
“I’m going to teach you like I tought her”. “To respect me boy”. He slowly got up.
Fist raised high he came at you. You move, he fell to the floor. “I dont respect people that hit women and children”. You kicked him in the gut.
He coughed. “They deserved it”.
“Then you deserve everything you’re about to get”. You hammered his head in the concrete. Over and over again.
“This is what you get for ever laying a finger on Y/N”. “For the first month she was scared to get close to me because on you”. “I couldnt even hold her hand , she flenched every time”.
You kicked him over and over. Throwing left hook, right hook, left hook. repeartly stomping his head.
“I hate you for what you did to her”. You had lost control. Beating and kick him.
“We should stop this”. Chibs said worried.
“No, let him get his anger out”. Happy said with a smile.
Juice, Jax and Chibs looked at each other. Nodding that it was time to stop this.
They tried pulling you off, you pushed them away continuing the attack on a life less body.
“It over, Kozik stop”. Juice said.
“You got him, he will never hurt Y/N again”.
You heard Y/N’s name and you stopped.
You wiped you face. Blood was all over you. “I have to get home”. You grabbed your kute and slid it on, walking to your bike. You heard gun shots, you looked back Happy hovered the body and shooting.
Driving home, you thought what Y/N might say or if she would be mad or happy. Pulling in your drive way. You took a a deep breath.
You turned the knob.. Seeing her try to laugh with Tara, made it all worth it.
“Hey babe..Oh my god, what happen”. “Are you hurt”? Y/N checked you over.
“No I’m good, its not my blood”. “Thanks Tara for staying”. Tara grabbed her things and waved goodbye.
“Whos is it then”?
“Sit down and I’ll tell you”. She sat down grabbed your blood cover hands.
“Its your step dads, I killed him”.
Tears ran down your face. Shocked and confused. “What”? “Why”?
“I couldnt let him come in and hurt you like he did, in the past I wasnt there, I couldnt save you but I was not about to let you live threw that again”. You said as you wiped away a tear form her face.
“Where is he”?
“Happy found a place for him”. “Close to hell where he belongs”.
Y/N laughed. “They’d welcome him there”. She said as she sniffled.
“Thank you”.
“Its my job and pleasure to defend your honor”. You kissed her deeply.
With you foreheads together’ I love you Kozik".
“I love you Y/N, I will always watch over you and I will never lay a hand on you”.
“Your not that kind of guy, thats why I found you”.
“You found me its more I found you”. “Before this I was just a guy that jumped from girl to girl, but then I saw you, everything changed, my heart beat, my soul and how I felt about you”.                                   “Now I cant see my life with out you in it”. “Your not going anywhere”. He smiled.
“Your never geting rid of me’. You kissed him

the-lavender-pearl  asked:

Omfg tell me more about the kidnapping story

ALriGHty then FriEnd. Here we go. So I live in California generally by San Francisco, but this summer I flew to Montana (If you’re not from the US, it’s about 2000 miles away, right below Canada) by myself to spend 6 weeks with my extended family that I rarely get to see. So It was like August 1st or whatever, it was a tuesday. And let me clarify, Montana is like the 3rd biggest state or some shit but it is literally Cowboy™Hell™. Their capital city Helena (where we were might I add) only has a population of  31,169. Now, I cant speak for all of y’all reading this, but that is small as fuck. I’m not gonna tell you where I live, but the population of my SMALL city is  84,950. AND MY CITY IS TINY. Like binch get some people. Anyways,,, so I was staying with my cousin Mackenzie and we told her literal trash piece of a mom that we were going to stay the night at her friend Olivia’s house. So we went to Olivia’s and did our makeup and fucked around and decided we wanted to go out. So where do you go when you’re in  Cowboy™Hell™ with population of 31,169? Walmart. So at this point when we are done fucking around and gettin ready and shit, its like 10pm. No matter where you are in the world, all Walmarts are the same. e v e r y w h e r e. When you step into a Walmart you get that feeling and it’s what keeps the world together. So when we go to Walmart, we literally fuck around there for like an hour, and we get some Rockstar energy drinks bc what’s more suspicious than 3 teenagers,, one with bright ass dyed red hair (me,,),,, buying a bottle of chemicals to consume at 11pm,, :)) So let me clarify, there is a “city”-wide curfew from 11pm to 5:30am,, and my cousins terrible excuse of a mom doesnt know we are out. So we leave walmart and we just chill in Mackenzie’s (cousin) car deciding wtf we should do. And then we remember, we know someone with a cute ass dog. This dog is literally the cutest dog anyone has ever seen, not even exaggerating. She is like a 6 week old Australian shepherd mix and she looks like the physical embodiment of if Trump got impeached (the literal best thing in the world). So this chick who owns this dog let’s us come meet her so we can like pet sit the dog for the night. So obviously, we go get this dog,, i mean,,,,, who wouldn’t want to be with the cutest dog  e v e r. So we go get this dog and we were just chillin and talking to the girl for a while so now its like 12am. So now there’s just 3 suspicious looking teenagers with literally nothing to do in  Cowboy™Hell™. And now we have a dog. So let me tell you about Olivia real quick. She has been living off energy drinks for the last 3 years, she’s not the BIGGEST fan of the dog (for some reason..), and her life goal is to go take pictures on all of the statues in  Cowboy™Hell™ with a population of 31,169. And thats what we go to do. We drive downtown and take this cute ass puppy who is no bigger than a football and we start walking around downtown. Now,, as much as I love this dog, I said we probably shouldn’t take it because she can’t walk for that long,, but no,, Kenzie wanted to take her,, So we did. So we walk around with this cute ass dog downtown at like 1am with no one else there and no form of protection,, i know,,,,, smart. In Cowboy™Hell™, there’s a large statue of a propeller on top of a small hill in like the middle of downtown. So we all start walking up this hill so Olivia can achieve her life goal,, well the dog was getting tired or something because it kept like stopping on it’s way up. So Olivia and I went up the hill to the propeller while Kenzie stayed with the dog and tried to get it to come. About 2 minutes after we went up the hill,, Kenzie came running up to the top holding the dog and saying “dude there’s a guy coming up the hill”,, none of us actually thought this was fucking terrifying bc there’s just some random ass guy at 1am,,, but we are all antisocial fucks so obviously talking to him was what we were worried about. But just as Kenzie told us, we saw the guy which freaked tf out of her because she said he would have had to RUN,,,, to be that close to us that soon. So you know when you’re chasing your sibling and theres one of you on each side of the table or the couch or whatever? yeah,,,, that’s what we did with this guy,.. We attempted to ‘hide’ behind the propeller (it was literally the most pathetic thing i’ve ever done, we were all laughing and joking like “oh fucc he’s probably a murderer lmao” (as we needed to be fucking quiet) and as he walked by he said something but none of us know what he said. it was really short but idk. So he went into this tunnel that’s filled with graffiti that’s literally right behind the propeller statue and then we actually had some logic and were like o shit we should probably go,,,,,, so we all like ran down the other side of this hill,, and let me remind you,, we are still holding this goddamn dog,, that i said we shouldn’t take.. We were all laughing like omg we are gonna get raped lmfao (which we shouldnt joke about but some creepy ass dude just walked by us at 1:30 am like tf). So we were just chillin and then we notice, this guy started walking down the hill. Towards us. Now we are actually creeped the fuck out and we starting to think like oh shit is this guy actually following us,, so we start walking away, making sure to keep looking at him to see if hes still following us. Okay, sidenote; I currently have a balloon tied to my wrist (i found it while climbing statues earlier), I am holding a book that we also found, Olivia is holding the dog because the puppy can’t run with us, and Kenzie is holding a book and Olivia’s energy drink. It’s 1:30 am in the middle of  Cowboy™Hell™ population 31,169 and some guy is now following us. But we wanted to make sure he was following us, so we went around a building and he also went around us, confirming that he is indeed,, a complete psychopath. So we run around the building to the other side and we check to see if he’s still there. Also,, this  e n t i r e  time, we only ever saw him walk. He never ran. Which lowkey made it even MORE fucking terrifying. So me, having common sense, think O SHIT, THERE’S SOME RANDOM ASS GUY FOLLOWING US IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,, WE SHOULD PROBABLY CALL THE COPS,,,,, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,,,,,,,,, nah.. that idea was shut down immediately when Olivia brought up, the curfew. Hmmmmm,,,,, face parents or get raped/murdered????,,,,, obviously the latter. So now it’s probably 2am. At this point, we start to worry a bit, and by ‘worry a bit i mean start freaking the fuck out. Like, we could legitimately die depending on what this guy’s intentions were. Without Kenzie or I even noticing, Olivia picks up a rock in case she needs a weapon,,, like a rock would protect against a gun or knife or some shitt,,, but its okay. And while all of this is happening,,,,,,,,,, we are still holding this cute ass dog. So we decided we need to GO. But the guy is between us and the car. So we run across the street and hide in this little area in the trees. He sees us and starts walking down the MIDDLe of the street.  Creepy as FUCK. So we start running,, with my balloon, two books, an energy drink and a puppy. We ran to this old walking street thing that goes uphill, and they have a bunch of historical buildings or something. We can see the first building has like a back yard so we hop the stone fence and hide back there. I put my balloon on the doorknob to the building so that it wouldn’t fly away, and the guy couldn’t see where we were (ik,, smart af). We set the dog down and take a few moments to chill and breathe and think about what we are gonna do. This building is right on the street and right across from a park, so olivia tries to go look and see if the guy is still there, and she accidentally hit a huge metal thing which made the LOUDEST sound ever. So take a moment to ask yourself, what the fuck would you do if some creepy ass dude was following you at 2am in the middle of a “city” that you dont live in? Well shitt just die apparently. So we started talking and we were like fuck, we need to get the hell out of here, now. At this point, our car is like .7 miles away and we are all lazy ass motherfuckers who don’t run,, e v e r. But I guess it’s our only option. So we have to run this, while carrying two books, an energy drink, and a dog. You might ask you might ask yourself, why still carry the books and energy drink?? Are they really that important??? Yes. We sneak out onto the street to see if he’s even still there, and then we see this dicknugget stand up. He was sitting in the park, waiting for us. And then we started running. Now, running back to our car was a whole other adventure just by itself. We are running slightly downhill, which makes us go faster. We don’t even bother looking to see this guy because  nyoom nyoom gotta go fast  – We start sprinting down this road,, and then we hear a car coming. It’s gotta be going like 60 mph down this goddamn road at 2am and they see 3 teenage girls sprinting. Just a normal day in  Cowboy™Hell™ apparently because if you see three people running as fast as they can down a road in the middle of the night, you might stop to see if they’re okay? nahhhh. guess nott. Not to mention, Olivia and I almost got ran over by this goddamn car because we are running in the middle of the street. Meanwhile, we still have 2 books, an energy drink, and a puppy (who at this point is probably traumatized just like the rest of us).. So we just keep running for what seemed like forever (it was probably like 2 minutes), and then,, I drop my book. And me,, being the dumbass that I am,,, i stop to pick it up. Don’t ask me why I risked my life to pick up a book that we randomly found,, a book that i dont need,, a book that later we found out to be erotica,, because i do. not. know. Ya know, I always had this mental picture that if, for some reason, I had to run for my life, my body would trade in my out-of-shape, asthma-stricken lungs for super-lungs from the adrenaline or something– BOI WAS I WRONG. My lungs felt like they were on fire. Like actually burning. So what do I do? I’m literally being chased by a murderer but I really dont wan’t to run.. Well fuck, guess i’ll just die. I start walking because FUCK IT, my out of shape ass needs to chill. Then Kenzie see’s that I am walking she was like THANK GOD i’m tired too. Meanwhile Olivia is way ahead of us, and she looks back to see us,,, and we are walking, and she was like “what the fuCk are you DoiNG ??”. So kenzie and I work up the strength to start running again; and then we see it,,, our car. We unlock the car and just sit. All of us out of breath, scared shitless, apparently Olivia still had her rock, and my first thought after this was all done? I want my balloon. While all these events were occurring, Kenzie was texting her friend what was happening. We went and picked up Kenzie’s friend and his friend who was staying with him. Now it’s like 3am. We almost just got murdered/raped/kidnapped/whatever, the cute ass dog is sleeping in the car, and now we have two guys with us. weLL HEy, I haVe A gREat iDeA; LET’s GO GET MY BALLOON. So we drove the car for another 20 minutes and went back to the same place we almost died; I know, smart. Just a quick reminder that Cowboy™Hell™’s “city”-wide curfew is 11pm… and its 3am,,,. So we park in the same exact spot we were parked 2 hours earlier when we were being stalked by some creepy motherfucker and we got out. We showed the guys what happened place by place, we got my balloon, and then we were just chillin on the street. We saw some car down the street driving towards us and Kenzie made some tdumbass joke like “lmao watch that be the sheriff”, Well GUESS WHO THE FUCK IT WAS??? YOU GuESseD rIGhT mY FrIENd. the sheriff. Quick reminder: curfew. If that sheriff stops, not only do we look fuckin suspicious af just chillin in the middle of downtown on a tuesday at 3am, they will call our parents. And we cant have that.. So what do you do when you’re in  Cowboy™Hell™ and can’t get caught by the cops? Run. We all get off our asses and book it, and hide in some bushes for about 10 minutes until the coast was clear,, well we thot anyways,,,, we were walking down the street and he came around again and guess what? We all run for like 20 minutes back to our damn car and drive. BYE BITCH. None of our parents know we are out, so where tf do we go now? Can’t go home. My home is 2000 miles away. Well what perfect place to be in  Cowboy™Hell™ then the CHURCH. We legitimately spent a good 3 hours in the church parking lot because where else we gonna go? back to Walmart? Probably,,, then its about 7am and we drove to some park. Welllllll,, since its  Cowboy™Hell™ with a population of 31,169, EVERYONE FUCKING KNOWS EACH OTHER. My cousin’s neighbor came jogging by at 7 in the goddamn morning (who does that, get a life, sleep in, just stahp,,) and recognizes our car and guess what happens now? He calls our parents :))))))) Thanks for being a snitching ass little bitch,, because then my cousin’s mom drives up and says heyyyyyy, get your asses home :)) Well guess where we didn’t go? home. Guess where we went instead? Of all the places in  Cowboy™Hell™ with a population of 31,169, we went to Walmart

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Nakkachiii i want to request a scenario please ^.^ one with kuroo oikawa and bokuto on how they cheer up their smol s/o whose starting to close herself in( like she had the worst week and just felt like a complete burden) I hope what i requested is fine i just had a messy week and reading your scenarios help me go to sleep at night ;A; (your scenarios are my bed time story ❤️❤️❤️)

Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry I hadn’t gotten to your request during the time you requested it! To make it up to you, I am going to make this as fluffly as possible! I need to cheer you up for that week you were struggling! I hope this bed time story makes it up to you, Anon-chan (๑╹ڡ╹)╭ ~ ♡ And here is to also hoping you had better days because you deserve to be happy, idc what anyone says! Hope this is good for you, Anon-chan  ❤️


“Kitten?” Kuroo called out as he heard you groan from the room.

Kuroo walked into your shared room to find you head down against the desk. Your laptop showed a screen of a word document with no words. Kuroo frowned. He walked over to you and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Do you want to talk about it?” Kuroo asked kind heartedly. He was always so good to you. He held you up. Was there anything you could do for him?

You shook your head, rubbing your forehead against the desk. Kuroo frowned as he felt useless. He reached over to place a hand on your back. He lightly rubbed your back in circles, hoping this would comfort you a little.

“Honey, it’s only a slump. Its not the end of the world,” Kuroo said sympathetically.

“Yes it is,” you said into the desk.

“Honey, no its not.”

“Yes it is.”

“No its not.”

“Yes, it is,” you said more frustrated now. You looked up to him with irritation. Kuroo took back his hand shocked. Had he done something wrong?

“___, I’m sorry, I was just-”

“Dont apologize, please? I should be apologizing, I’m just being a burden to you,” you said quietly. Kuroo looked at you astonished. How could you ever be a burden to him? He loved you, you could never hold him back or burden him in any way.

“Honey, what are you talking about?” Kuroo asked concerned. The way you looked down to the floor, it broke his heart.

“I’m just a burden,” you began. A lump in your throat began to form. Your voice was about to break. “I havent written a single good story that publishers want to publish. I cant write anything to help us with payments. You’re practically paying everything all just to support my dream!”

Tears were rolling down your face. Kuroo couldn’t handle it. The way you looked to him with frustration and how upset you were with yourself, Kuroo only wanted to make it go away.

“Hey, hey, come here,” Kuroo grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the chair. You sat in his lap, both knees on the side of Kuroo and on the bed. You tried to wipe the tears away but they kept falling. Kuroo held your face as they continued to fall and wiped the away with his thumbs. He tried looking into your eyes but you would look away. You couldnt handle his sympathy, you just wanted to make him proud.

It had been a hard week. Your land lord was asking for last months and this months pay excessively so Kuroo had been working over time at his job to abide. You told him that it was time you needed to get a job and hold off on your dreams to write novels and books. It was more important to you that there be a roof over the both of your heads, with food in the fridge, and enough clothes on your backs than to follow your dreams. You thought why chase a dream if you couldnt live happily with your boyfriend? But Kuroo convinced you not to. He wanted you to follow your dream and be happy doing it.

But it had been even harder this week when publishers wouldnt even read your material. The ones that did would not call back for another interview or decline you easily. It broke your heart each and every time. But now it was all crashing down on you. You would see Kuroo walk around so tired around the house. He would come home exhausted and put on a smile just for you. Kuroo knew you needed him to be happy to feel okay with this decision. But you knew.

You knew Kuroo was tired. You knew Kuroo deserved better. You knew Kuroo didnt have to do any of this alone. He shouldnt have to.

“Kitten, look at me,” Kuroo begged quietly. You slowly looked to Kuroo. The way he looked to you made your heart hurt. There was that smile again. A tired smile. Tears fell down more, feeling the heartbreak.

“Testu, I-”

“___. I love you,” Kuroo said slowly. His voice was firm yet so soft. You listened carefully to his words even though you were sniffling every now and then. “Dont think you’re disappointing me. I could not be any more proud than you. You are the most amazing person to me, you could never fail me. Its hard now, I know. But I believe in you.”

“But you deserve better,” you said as the tears fell from your face. You broke away from Kuroo’s hold, wiping away more tears. Your heart felt so heavy. You didnt want to burden him anymore. “Testu, you pay for this house all by yourself. You always buy so much food to keep our fridge and cabinets full. And all I’ve done is sit here with a blank page.”

Kuroo didnt say a word. He listened carefully as he stared at you with each word he said. When you finished talking, he still said nothing. Kuroo only pulled you in closer to him and wrapped his arms around you. You sank into his shoulder.

“___, I do all these things because I have my dream. I have you,” your eyes widened with surprise. “I didnt know it then, but you were my dream. Up until I met you, I felt like I did everything just for me. And nothings wrong with that. I was happy. But I wanted to share that happiness with someone. I wanted to give happiness to someone and feel that I could be there for someone no matter what. It was only my team that I felt that happiness with. They depended on my guidance and no matter what, those guys made me proud.”

You couldnt control the tears. This was the last thing you expected from Kuroo.

“But after high school, I had no one,” Kuroo continued with a smile. “I just did everything for myself. Then I started thinking, ‘What am I going to do when I’m old?’ I realized I wanted to fall in love.”

You held back your laugh. You couldnt help it. Kuroo always said the most cheesy things but it was so natural to him. He looked down to you with a pout.

“Dont be like Kenma, let me finish,” Kuroo said embarrassed. “But anyway, you already know. The girls before you were nothing like I wanted or needed. Not one hundred percent actually. But I met you and… It just happened. Everything fell into place. ___, money comes and goes. I work for you to keep you happy because you make me happy. I work hard for you because you already gave me my dream and more. I work hard for you because I want you to achieve your dream now. I love you.”

You lifted yourself up from Kuroo’s shoulder and stared at each other. He held your face again. Kuroo swept away the tears and smiled at you. His smile was so kind, so happy for you. It wasnt tired. Kuroo slowly brought your head down and kissed your forehead.

“You are my treasure, my love. I believe in you,” Kuroo said quietly. And in that moment your heart felt relaxed. There was no torn pieces, it wasn’t broken. Kuroo always brought you down to Earth. You smiled, believing in Kuroo’s words like he believed in you.


You sat down at your desk, staring at the study guides laid out across. Just as you were about to turn the page of your text book, you felt your phone vibrate within your pocket. As you pulled out your phone, you noticed your boyfriend’s name pop up on the caller ID.

“Yes, Toruu?” you answered a little tense.

“___-chan, can you open the door please? I brought you something!” Oikawa said happily. You could just picture his cheerful smile. It made you smile a little. But you would only be happier if there wasn’t so much work to be done.

You hung up the phone and walked to the front door. As you opened the front door, you saw a kind smile from Oikawa and him holding up a plastic bag full of food. You tiredly smiled to him. He noticed your smile and gave you a worried look. All you needed was Oikawa’s touch right now. It would be nice to relieve some of your stress feeling the comfort from his arms. You walked up and wrapped your arms around him. He held you with the plastic bags still in his hand.

“Cmon, I’ll cook this food for you while you study, okay sweetie?” Oikawa asked with a soft voice. You slowly nodded your face into Oikawa’s chest. He looked down to you curious. He heard you sniffling.

“I just want to stay like this longer,” you said muffled. Oikawa looked down to you with a frown. But his frown transitioned into a smile as he understood.

Oikawa leaned back to place the bags on the floor. You held onto him and still held your face into his chest. Oikawa regained his balance and held you inside his grasp. He held a hand behind your head and held you tightly around the waist. Oikawa felt your arms around him tighten.

“I got you, sweetie, don’t worry,” Oikawa comforted with a smile.

Oikawa knew his words werent always going to help. Especially with you. You were too emotional and needed the perfect words to keep you less stressed. But you learned that Oikawa’s touch was the best thing for you rather than his words. Knowing he was there for you, it was all you needed.

But this time was different. You felt the stress getting to you. School had piled more and more work onto your free time. Your time was taken away with school, studying, then work. It had been awhile since Oikawa and you had real time to spend together.

“Toruu,” you began. Oikawa looked down to you with a smile. “I think we should break up.”

Oikawa’s eyes widened at your words. He looked down to you surprised.


You couldnt say a word. Just saying that sentence made a lump in your throat. Even with those words, your hold onto Oikawa didnt loosen. You didnt want to let go. He was everything you needed.

But thats all you have been thinking about lately besides your school work. Oikawa didnt need you. He was the rock in your world when needed. But Oikawa didnt need you. He was strong enough with you. He was what you wanted to be. Determined. Strong willed. A leader. But you werent.

Oikawa grabbed your chin and brought your look to him. You saw the worry in his eyes. No, the desperation. This shocked you. You have never seen this look from Oikawa.

“___, what’re you talking about?” he asked. Oikawa had a little panic in his voice. What was this?

“Toruu, you don’t need me. I’m just holding you back,” you explained, sniffling. “All I have been doing is studying and not even getting good scores. Toruu, you don’t need-”

“And you think that means we need to break up?” Oikawa asked with frustration and confusion.

“Toruu, I’m holding you back, there’s nothing good about me!”

“You’re wrong! I do need you!”

“No!” you two were talking louder. It surprised you that you two were still holding each other, desperately. You didnt want to let go, but you felt you needed to if you wanted Oikawa to be truly happy. “I’m holding you back!”

“No youre not!”

“I havent been to one game in months!”

Oikawa froze. He couldnt meet you in the eyes now. His hand let go of your chin and dropped to hold you again. You knew. You could tell with the way his voice sounded on the phone after he would call you after a game. He wanted you there. He was disappointed every time you couldnt come, even though he knew you couldnt.

A long pause between you two kept on longer. It made your heart hurt. Oikawa’s as well. He met your eyes now, more firmly.

“That doesnt mean I don’t need you,” Oikawa started calmly now. “You’re stupid, ___-chan. You’re not holding me back. I know you’re working hard, and you know I am also. We’re not holding each other back. We’re working on our dreams and goals. Just because we dont see each other as often, doesnt mean we dont belong together.”

Your eyes widened at Oikawa. Did he just say… We belong together?

Oikawa leaned down and hugged you tighter. He buried his face into your neck, breathing in your scent. “___, I love you. I know you’re working hard. Don’t stop, and don’t leave me. I still need you. Even when I don’t need you, I’ll want you around. I love you.”

In that moment, you heard Oikawa say the exact words you needed to hear.


“Kou, can you give me water?” you asked frustrated. Bokuto looked to you with a straight face. He noticed the anger in your eyes.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Bokuto asked with a raised eyebrow.

You looked over to Bokuto with a confused look. You felt the cold wind from outside the gym dance on your sweat that covered your neck. A chill went down your spine.

“Sorry, I think I just got a little cold from outside,” you answered Bokuto with a nervous laugh. The tension in your body hadnt quite left you.

“No, you look stressed out,” Bokuto corrected. He tosses you the water bottle from his sports bag. You caught the water bottle in your hands.

You thought to Bokuto’s words as you stood still in the gym with volleyballs scattered across. Bokuto and you were the only ones left. Bokuto had agreed with help better your skills in hitting. But after two hours of practicing with Bokuto, you felt no better. You felt your skills hadnt improved enough. You wanted to be an outside hitter that your team could depend on. But you felt your skills werent enough.

“You’re so amazing, Kou,” you said quietly. Bokuto tilted his head to you in confusion. “You’re a part of the top five aces.”

Bokuto slowly understood what you meant. You were dating a great outside hitter. But no one acknowledged your skills. Your skills werent worth acknowledging, or so how you felt. You could feel the looks of other players when they saw you and Bokuto together.

She dates one of the top five aces, is she good?

No, she doesnt really play much.

Oh really? I wonder why Bokuto-san dates her. He should date a better outside hitter.

The words arent always said to your face. But you knew what they were saying when people looked to you and Bokuto with their judging eyes. You hadnt talked to Bokuto about it. You already knew his response was to laugh it off like it didnt matter. It didnt matter to him because words like those didnt matter to him. He knew you were working hard so he believed in you. But this was beginning to tell you differently.

“Sweetie, you’re amazing too,” Bokuto began with a smile. You prepared yourself for his laughter. But he surprised you. “You work harder than anyone I’ve ever met.”

“But I’m no where as close to you. I’m far behind,” you replied disappointed.

“You’ll get there,” Bokuto said with a smile. He noticed your glum look. “Hey, hey, hey, dont look like that!”

Bokuto ran to you and took you into his arms. He wrapped his arms around your waist and lifted you off the ground. You yelped at the sudden gesture. Your eyes looked down to Bokuto’s smile. It brought you back to the world. You questioned how his simple smile could get you to calm down.

“But Kou, I feel like your reputation gets ruined because of me,” you said quietly. Bokuto looked at you with intense eyes. He set you down and looked at you confused.

“No it doesnt,” Bokuto said calmly. But the look in his eyes felt something else. “If anyone talks bad about you, I’ll talk to them.”

There. The look in his eyes. It was a threat. He was being protective over you. It clicked in your heart. You could feel it. Bokuto didnt care about what other people said as long as you werent hurt. And you knew only Bokuto could fix the ache in your heart about your securities. You smiled to him.

“You’re so good to me, Kou,” you said softly. His eyes softened and looked to you. “Helping me with practice and making me feel better. What would I do without you?”

Bokuto smiled, feeling on top of the world. Bokuto didnt have to say alot to make you feel better. It was all in the his eyes. His smile. How Bokuto looked. You were his world. He’d do anything for you, and the same to you. You could never disappoint him as long as you worked hard. His eyes always told you that. His love for you always told you that. Bokuto was amazing.

Okay so! Ive got a LOTTA bit to tell you guys.. (and maybe to Jack and Mark too if they see this at all.. highly doubt it..)

Ive added the keep reading so i dont think you guys can take a peek of it on mobile. Its fairly long, so i wanna spare you guys the agony of scrolling through my opinion once more..

My heart is going to be poured out.. so this will be sad.. read with caution.


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♥ hi guys~i recently hit a new batch of followers so i thought i should do something for you all lovely humans.  (♦ŐωŐ♦)

so i decided to do a fanart giveaway ୧(๑❛ั⌔❛ั๑)୨  (bc i’m too poor for actual merchandise giveaways and bc if i actually bought it, i’d want to keep it for myself orz)  

anyways, for one winner, i will draw their otp (or just member/person of their choosing) in the watercolor style as above! it doesn’t necessarily have to be EXO, it can be other groups or non-kpop. of course, the doodle will still be chibi. (in the case of you choosing non-exo, you’re just going to have to send me a bunch of pics of whatever it is you want me to draw,, or videos whatever will help)

ok, so you guys can like/reblog this and i’ll pick a winner by june 4th (bc that’s yoochun’s birthday and i couldnt decide on a different date) and if no one reblogs this i understand i’ll just cry in a corner  ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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i dont really get where princess rover is coming from when wilberle is clearly there

i will not deny that wilberle is there. but imo the writing is no where near as good as princess rover. wilberle is like “boy saves girl. girl falls in love with boy.” there was like no build up in their relationship it was literally that?? what’s the fun in shipping something when it happens in 2 episodes? princess rover is, in my opinon, much more realistic & better bc its a slow build & subtle (y’know the way falling in love actually is??) 

ANYWAY you say you can’t see princess rover so let me open ur eyes under a read more

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ok, so first of all, i never know what to say in those things?? but i think i should start thanking you guys for following me??? cause like, i know how annoying i can be most of the times(especially if one of my faves do something) and like, a lot of you dont even like 1d and have to put up with me being extra about liam and zayn a lot, so you know haha thank you!! 2015 was kind of a roller coaster in both fandoms and idk i guess i should just thank you for still following me and for making my dash a nice place(not everytime tho theres been a few times that i got annoyed with a few things but you know… happens). To the people that have been putting up with me even more( i mean the people that i constantly annoy…you probably know who you are),  thank you for listening to me when i want to be extra about something(cause like its not surprising that i’m extremely annoying sorry) and for just making me laugh even when i wanted to cry about some stupid things, y’all made some of my days better ok? And to all of you, thank you for sometimes reblogging funny things and like, i honestly laugh reading your tags about your faves, because its really cute how you guys get happy because of picture or a video. If thats not obvious, of course i dont have a nice way with expressing what i want to say, but just, thank you for reblogging my stuff and just being nice to me, it means a lot(like, i honestly dont know why some of you still follow me so). I hope y’all have a nice christmas and a blessed new year ok? I hope 2016 surprise everyone and end up being a better year(and hopefully it will be):

 @zayniepaynie: listen here dummy, thank you for listening to me ranting about so many things(and we both know how annoying i can be), for giving me advice, and you’re so funny when you’re annoyed pls i honestly laugh really hard, and like, you’re one of the few that understand how i feel about some stuff and allow me to talk to you about it without judging me, and i honestly love hearing your fic ideas ok(hopefully you’ll end up posting one of these someday who knows). ily a lot and i’m so glad we have so many things in common and that we can always be bitter about stuff together lol ily ali
@camilajauregui: amy, i know you’re not that active on here anymore and i dont even know if you’re gonna see this, but you’re one of the few people that always talked to me and you were always so nice and like, i truly miss seeing you on my dash a lot :(( hope you’re okay tho come backkkk
@zainschevron: lets hope that in 2016 youre not posting anything gross liam related?? just accept its not happening ok, otherwise im gonna get tumblr to delete ur blog????? hope you’re aware of that. but honestly lex, i love seeing ur posts cause i laugh a lot and everytime i tell you something and you reply, you make me laugh when i shouldnt be laughing lol its really nice to go off to you about something cause we always ending up talking about liam(idk how this happens but im glad it does)
@ziamasf i’m not sure what to say about you since you’re always cheating on me but!!!!! thank you for supporting me and for being funny without trying idk talking to you makes me want to make you laugh too and thank you for doing posts whenever i ask(its nice to know i got you whipped) i honestly dont know why i didnt follow you before but im glad i did
@ziamhell: you’re honestly so so so so sos os os soos ososofdsofos talented okay and always so sweet to me whenever i annoy you on your asks and i just wanna thank you for this
@snakeliam: thank you for being patient with me?? and for being really nice, like, ever since we kind of started talking and ily okay its nice to know liam has a stan like you <3
@ziamsbatman: elif!!! thank you for always talking to me okay i really hope next time you’ll get 5h tickets and i’ll freak out a lot cause i’m gonna be really happy for you(and it’ll be soon hopefully) just thank you really you’re amazing
@bows-n-beanies: sam, i just wanna say that im so happy for what you’ve accomplished this year and i’m so happy you’ll finally have a chance of seeing the girls next year okay you’re always ALWAYS so cute whenever we send asks to each other(even tho its not that often) and i just with you the best

so i wanted to write something for everyone but i dont think that would be possible??(and it’ll probably take a lot of time so) my fave blogs are in bold(cause like i wanted to write a cute message for you but i would probably be really embarrassing and just repeat the same things cause my vocabulary its not that great but) and idk thank you <3(some of these are non mutuals but like, thank you for reblogging people that i like seeing on my dash)

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Amber Love *Liam Dunbar Imagine*

“Can you do an imagine with Liam from teen wolf? Like (y/n)’s good friends with the pack & Liam’s girlfriend so they get her to invite him to the ‘party’ instead of Kira. And she has to help deal with him wolfing out? Please”

I have to say this was fun to write and I didn’t realize until I read it over just how much I typed. Sorry it took so long I had to re-watch Teen Wolf’s last two episodes. I hope you enjoy and I’m sorry for making it so long. It was 5 pages O.o

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I have to be honest, I wasn’t going to write this. I spent most of today considering if I should or if I shouldnt. Ultimately I decided to write this. Now I’m not sure what warranted all the anon last night, I’m not sure if it were a bunch of people from booklr, if it was one person from booklr, or  if it was someone who doesn’t even Identify as booklr. I don’t care at this point. I’m writing this now so it doesn’t matter. At first, I was going to write about the problem (Which I am) But I want to focus more on solutions. So here is the problem:  The lack of diversity in Novels (Gonna Focus my attention to YA because that is what so many of you guys like)  Simple.  If you can’t see that then I am sorry. There are a lot of novels out there that focus exclusively on cis white hetero relationships. Often with the one side character who happens to be gay in theory. Or the one friend of color who becomes a martyr to unlock the white savior in the main character. I’m not going to call out any books, or authors. I’m over that. We have this call-out culture that seems…on the surface to do something, but in actually if it isn’t followed with a solution then it doesn’t do much. This lack of diversity doesn’t just stop at race or sexual orientation. Books seriously lack ANYTHING that’s not deemed the normative in our culture. From size to disability; These people exist and they deserve to have representation. Now, am I saying books with these main characters don’t exist? Of course not, because they do. But, the plots are often about the person being black/ or being gay/ or having size issues. Which I am ALL. HERE. FOR. Dont think Im not. I love a good coming of age novel where the main character is coming out or discovering themself. However, that tends to be the go-to representation for marginalized people. The stock character. There are exceptions to this. But for the most part we are stock characters. Badges for the main character to parade around. It gets…annoying…after awhile of reading an author over and over again and book after book without a single person of color in it. Like People of color don’t exist in dystopian novels (Or movies). So like I said earlier I’m not going to focus too much of my attention on the problem, but rather on solutions. How we, collectively can use our platforms to promote diversity books. One of the biggest things we can do is actually take time and explore local bookstores. Don’t just grab books that are on the best-seller list, or books you’ve seen reblogged a lot. Actually take time and just pick up books by authors you’ve never heard of. The library near me has a section for African American writers, Asian American writers and so fourth. Explore these areas. There are so many great books out there. We just have to open our minds. Another thing we can do, as bloggers and booktubers is promote more diverse books. Especially for people with a large fanbase. They’re watching. They’re reading what you’re reading. They look up to you and want to know your feels. We can also recommend more diverse books. Take a look at your most recent recommendation list you made for someone. How white was it? How male dominate were the authors. Challenge yourself: Take a week, or month, or year and only read books that have a protagonist that isnt white. Or that isn’t written by a male. Diversify your library. Not only does this help you, it helps the author. It helps the representation. If someone ask you about books with diverse representation: like LGBT characters (Which I saw this done on my dash earlier this week and I applaud them) And you really only know like maybe two books. Pass the conversation to someone who will probably know a bunch more. Its fine to NOT KNOW, it’s not okay however, to ignore the question. Tag someone else in or Use one of the best things we have known to man. ; As Authors and writers we can do one important thing. Write more diverse characters. If you, like most writers don’t really know how to describe certain “types” of people. Or fear you might be offensive with your descriptions. There are four things you can do. Number one:  Number two: (Language is beautiful)  Number three: Find blogs and pictures that show the diversity.  Number four: You can *Cough* Read *cough* more *cough* diverse *cough* books. This is only a small portion of what I could have said. I wrote this in five minutes so it’s riddled with typos. I would go more in detail but I’m not allowing you(s) to have all that power. Anything else, my ask is always open. And so is  And just to circle it all together.  The publishing world is a business. If we read more diverse books, more diverse books will be on best-sellers then We’ll get a lot more diverse books. That is all. I drop the mic. Goodnight.

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okay so about the "you shouldnt be afraid to approach me" thing, i still kind of am because youre like, super popular and junk..! you really are a head of the class, type of things, that its like "Woah theyre so spectacular i could never compensate or bring much to the field compared to them" so you just kind of admire from a distance, type thing. heheh.. 'BI

Ok I’m gonna get real down to earth on this post so I’m putting the entire thing under a read more and I’m also going to insert a…



Also my blog text is really small so if you press CRTL and the + key you can zoom in to read it better and press CRTL and the - key to zoom back out.

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Weeks-end Chance

Request:Anonymous; I was wondering if you would do something where the reader wins a contest to go on the set of SPN and Jensen is attracted to her and the reader is very flustered and nervous about it since she’s attracted to him too? You can make it either single Jensen, him being divorced wish th Danneel, or still married to her for angst, I don’t mind :) Thank you so much, hon! (And yes i’m the anon from earlier ;) )

Word count: 1,680
Warning: None (yet)
Summery: Could Jensen like you, I mean not to be childish or anything but…like like you? But he’s married to Daneel, he shouldnt have these feeling should he?!

A/n: So I’m planning on making this a mini series based on this request. Also, I hope you enjoy it, I’m sorry it took so long but it’s been a long holiday week. Smiles will be out a bit later then expected. Sorry again. But yeah enjoy. :)

You looked at the paper, excitement in your eyes. Your cheeks going a bright red. You couldn’t believe it. You made it, you won a day on set. A scream escaped your mouth, as it did your friend y/f/n came shuffling in “What’s wrong, are you hurt” she asked seriously. You stuttered briefly.

“I’m going” you quickly exclaimed. Her eyebrows furried as her head tilted as she was flummoxed . “I won the day on set” you shuffled over to the corner of the wall where she leaned against. You put the paper in her hands as she skimmed the words. Her lips curling into a joyful curve.

“I’m so happy for you” she hugged you tightly. She knew how much you liked Supernatural and how you wished to go to one of the cons yet you never had the money for it.

When the producers opened up a day for a fan to come for free to Vancouver, you firstly assumed that you weren’t going to get it though y/f/n convinced you to at least fill in the form and take your chances.

You had imagined meeting them a thousand times or more. Being short compared to Jared, Jensen, and Misha, literally looking up to them. You’d imagine laughing along side boys, or pranking Misha with Jared and Jensen. You giggled at that, but mostly you were excited to meet Jensen. Seeing if those beautiful forest green eyes were all so pretty up close, his smile, but mostly listening to his voice.

You had walked past y/f/n to your room to pack for next mornings plane ride. You had packed warm since it was the beginning of fall. You sighed heavenly at the happiness in your heart which seemingly never went away after reading the letter. Or would never go away.

The day went on as usual for you other than packing the rest of your stuff, and trying to get wholesum rest.


You woke up happily seeing the time was 10 o'clock, approximately 4 hours before your flight. You giddily got up from bed, and walked to the kitchen grabbing some breakfast. After that you made sure you had everything including your ticket, obviously.

Soon enough you were on your way to the airport. Your breathing was heavy, your nerves were becoming more aware with each mile, step, and we’re sort of settling once you sat in your seat. You smiled at the People though internally screaming loudly in your head. You were going to meet the boys who had changed your life, who made it better.

You stared out the plane window, viewing the clouds and the stray blue sky. It was beautiful, a view for a perfect day. Perfect feeling. It reminded you of when Sam and Dean went to heaven and Dean saw the fireworks as his heaven. It made you smile every time. Though you knew Jensen or Jared and defiantly Misha weren’t alike their characters.

You soon drifted off only to be awoken by a flight attendant saying the plane had landed. Your heart glowed with happiness. Your feet couldn’t carry you faster, then seeing your name on a board made it glow brighter inside. “Y/n?” The man asked. You nodded and he smiled brightly. He guided you to the car out front. “So, I heard I’m taking you to meet the boys” he chuckled.

“Oh yes I am” you laughed with the happy ol’ man.

“Well I drive Jensen everyday, he’s a real killjoy ya know” he smirked into the rearview for a sec “I’m kidding but he’s a real good guy” he finished.

“Oh well, we’ll see then I guess” your smile now visibly growing cheek to cheek. He had nodded. The car ride was quiet from then on. The car was only stuffy from the anticipation.

Pulling up to the set, gates opened allowing the car drive through. Your heart was beating faster then before. This was it. This was the chance to meet them. ‘Not a time to screw it up’ you thought to yourself.

The driver man opened the door for you, letting you know he’d have your bags for now until he brought you to the hotel that night. You nodded at him, and thanking him as well.

You began to walk following the map, you saw that they were filming in 28C and hurried as well.

Finally getting there, turning the knob slowly. As you swallowed the thick lump in your throat, then sighing once again harshly. It was nerve wracking. After a lot of self motivation, you opened the door quickly and walked in. You saw Jensen and Jared with Misha in Bobby’s set. It was so weird to see it not together like a house, and alarming that everyone stopped staring at you. Especially Jensen, his eyes matched up on yours. He was just as perfect as you imagined. Even his bow legs were showing, you giggled at yourself for that one.

“Is this her” Misha said with a smile, the man at the side of the director smiled “It is, HOLD THE SHOT” he yelled as he began to run towards you. You began to feel your eyes water as his arms wrapped around you in a huge hug. You returned it. It was a tight hug at first which softened at the end. He pulled back and took ahold of your arm dragging you closer to the others in the room. “Meet our friend for the week…” He looked at you basically asking for a name.

“It um Y/n” you gently smirked.

“Hiya Y/n” Jared said giving you a hug alike Misha.

Jensen just stared at you like he couldn’t move. He was stuck on you, but it had ended when Jared had waved a hand in front of him waking him from his staring. “Oh um, hi” he gave you a smirk. Your heart began to have that glowing feeling again.

“So I think I’ll show her around set if you don’t mind” Misha put his arm around yours though Jensen had other plans.

“Um excuse me” Jensen slithered around your other arm “I think I’ll take from here” Misha was refusing at first but let you go soon after some bickering.

“So where you from” Jensen asked after you two had walked out of set.

“I’m from y/ht” you let out a slight laugh. It was amazing. He had you wrapped around his finger instantaneously. All day they held that shot for your arrival. You and Jensen had spent most of the day together taking about the silliest things. He was a real big sweetheart, and a damb teddy bear. You heart beated faster when there was nothing to say so he’d just stare at you, observing your features. Yet the day was coming to a close, so the man would have to drive you a separate way from Jensen.

When it came time Jensen got into his car home, Misha and Jared as well as you. You felt a slight sore in your stomach even though you’d see him the next day or even if decided to text you, like he said he wails when you two estates numbers that night.

You had gotten to your hotel room, and heated up a microwave dinner you had bought from the lunch shack that afternoon. For the rest of the night you didn’t hear a peep from your phone till you were about to go to bed.

‘Sorry, I got busy at home. Lines and all that’
Jensen sent 10:34pm

‘That’s alright, I can relate. Haha’
Y/N sent 10:35pm

For the rest of the night you got to know eachother better and better till about 1 in the morning. You had learned he loves dogs, and his favorite color was blue, also that one day he’d want to settle down and have a family. You had smiled at his whole heart. He was beautiful creature.

For 3 more days Jensen was busy with directing which was okay. You understood it was probably a time consuming job.

“Boo” Jensen yelped when he scared you jumping out behind the trailer. You had put a hand over your chest.

“Jeez, ya scared me” you let out a harsh breath.

“Isn’t that what in here for” he let out a chuckle while bending back a bit.

“Well, we’ll see-” you were interrupted by one of the assistants around set.

“Mr.Ackles, sir your need on set” Jensen’s face dropped, the corners of his eyes smoothed out as his lips turned into a frown. He mouth an apology for him having to leave. Your heart felt like it was stabbed in the heart even though you only knew the real Jensen behind the camera for four days. He had started to walk away with the assistant scratching the back of his neck for second as he did so.

~Jensen’s POV~
‘I knew I only have known her for a day, but it was some sort of connection. I don’t know, maybe I shouldn’t look too far into it. She’s a fan, what would people say. I only had about two more day right, might as well ask her to hang out…see where it goes. I-I don’t think I have the guts for this but I’m gonna do it.’ I thought to my self. I began to walk behind the trailers, eyeing. I saw her began to walk this way. I jumped out in front of her, y/n jumped a bit making me smile brightly.

“Jeez ya scared me” she had said putting a hand over chest catching her breath. I felt bad about it now. God, I’m idiot. So much for that idea.

“Well isn’t that what I’m here for” i began to laugh a bit, a sting of awkward in my voice.

“Well, we’ll see–” she was interrupted by Carl, who need my assistance. I had mouthed “I’m sorry” to her quickly before waking off to set. I felt internally horrible.

Part 2